The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 20, 1943 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 20, 1943
Page 7
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TUESDAY, APRIL 20, 19-13 ' IMPORTANT NOTICE! Classified 'Advertising In The Courier Newt Will Be CASH ONLY Ei<*pt lo Esiabllshwl Business Firm I. • Becinxe Itai to* cost of cluat- Bed ids dou not justify the expense of bookkeeping- and collections, we have adopted tlih policy ratter than * raise In rate. No Exceptions to this Policy 1 Bedroom furniture fov siilc. Phone 415. 110:1 West llearn. l'J-pk-22 CLASSIFIED N AD^RTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line lor consecutive insertions: Minimum Charge ,.50c 1 time per line 15c 2 times per line per ctay I2c 3 times pel 1 line per diiy 9c C limes per line per tiny 1c '12 times per line per clay 5c 1 Month per line 90c Ms ordered for three cir six times niul-stopped before expiration will be charged for the number of times the atl appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside of the city must be -accompanied by cash. Hates may be easily computed from the above table. Advertising ordered for irregular insertions lakes the one lime rate No responsibility will lie taken for more than one incorrect insertion of any clussified ad. For Rent Three room furnished apartment. No children. 901 Lilly Street. 20-pk-M Nice bedroom convenient to bath. For.three men. 715 West Ash. 19-pk-22 Parker rooms, 106 E. Main. 4-3-|ik-3 Nicely furnished bedroom, steam •heat, gentlemen. Phono. .32M.^, 3-27-pk-27 Good grocery store building and fixtures. 517 W. Ash. Phone 2552. a-18-ck-tf Comfortable bedroom. TAvln beds. Steam Iieat. ChlcSjunwha & 10th Phone 2413. 11-ck-U Comfortable bedroom. 1017 W.nlnut J^llone 2516. 11-7-ck-tf S25 Stuileiits Won't Wait BERKELEY, Sal. (UP)—SlBtiug Ibcy do not want to wait to do their part in the war. 323 young men on the campus of the University of California have asked to he indoctrinated immediately in training for the Navy. A course has been arranged for them. Fur trimmed cloth com, $5. silver l"ox Fur. 55. Chapman's Service Station. Main & Division. Aiksoy Seed HMIDS (Reelraned) $2.50. A. H. Webb. Ihvy. (il. Stale Line. I'hone ISIythcvllte 714. 4-lS)-pk-22 Dirt, ChwlorK—$l.2C> load. Cook wood. $3.00 loud. Tomato, bean slicks 2c each. 1'lione 2038. lfl-pk-2. 1 ' K-flat sillo ami A-soprano saxophone. Also Masonic rlntJ wlih (Ihuiiotut. 212 West Kentucky. ]ii-pk-23 llerkshire hours ready for service. Open (jilts, world's rlinnipion bloodlines. Select from the best herd in ilie Tri-staies. Down In Dixie we breed and sell the best. M. L. Southall & Sons, CoviiiR- lon, Trail. 4-lS-pk-23 OOLD^ISH MINNOWS—"Crapjiic's favorites." <.;. c. Hawks, 300 E. Main. I'll, :i2!)2. 4-l'J-ek-13 Us«l Sewing Machines luni"lil nnd sold, shiner Hewing Center, 11-1 Kouth Broadway. Call 2782. 7ck7 Wanted To Bun Cash for snoil electric waslier. Write Mrs. II. P. Worslcy. fit. I, Luxora. Arl:. 4-ls-pk-22 Modern home with (wo bedrooms. Call 2880 after C o'clock or 2026 during day. H-el:-21 Late model ear. Will pay cash. R. W. Wade, Luxora, Ark. 2 miles east of Burdellc. i l-2-i>l:5-2 Will pay cash for 510,000 worth of gnoil used furniture. Wnde Furniture Co. 1-20-ck-tf Will pay 2Dc per doz. for wire coat bangers. Hudson C!eni;ers. ld-0-ck-tI Services April Special—Permanent two for $5.00. Lantlys' Beauty'Shop, MnliV and 21st. Phone 3333. 7-pk-7 Sewing machines repaired. Singer ofiei-.s 8 war-time service specials to .suit your machine and its condition. From $150 up. Singer Sewing center, 1H South Broad- v.-ay. Call 2782. 7-cV:-'f Painter & Paper Hunger. Highway Cl north. J. U. Freeman. Cull 213-1. 32-pk-4-22 FOR SALE Dependable Used Cars 12.11 £21^ Sii])cr Deluxe Convertible Club Coupe Oiiftinal Klack Color wllli Kliakl Tan; GYnulitc I'md Itiiillo' fjliolliKhl; heal,-,-; fvcrlleiil In appearance and tnccliai.leal coii- ilillou; vtiy f.oiul lires; leather soals for r, n;iwci>Kers. HM2 Chevrolet Special Deluxe Sport Sedan 1 'IVo-Tom- col,,,.; ll)M . ,,,11,,.^,. A ., Tlr( , s fadovy. In '"". Ural,-,- :unl SimlllKlit. This |,r ; ,,-ll,.;,]|.v „,,„• ,•;„•, .. - "illomiiK, »ili Kivi , yull .. 1940 Plymouth Deluxe Coupe '•""' r "" s Jili " 1939 Dodge \ Ton Pickup Nfwly |i:iii>(wl, nwlijinirally s ...... ,1, imirl-i;ri|> li.rv ,m ,•„,• ready fur y<mi- luiul!,.* i,rol,l™,s. Will f,,,- Ml,. moLh'l , 1L ,,!' ' Uiiivemtl—C. I. T. Terms, if desired 25 Other Late Model. Cam and Trucks Phillips Motor Co. Tel. -Ir>.'i Open a I Niglil Farm Needs f! us your poultry, hog and stock health problems. We enrry a complete fresh stock of Lcderle serums, vaccines, Dr. Hess Tonics and disinfectant. 1 ;. Woods Drug Ktore, Mnln <fc Railroad. 3-16-ck-tf Wanted Help Wanted SALESMAN WANTED Man for Industrial Insurance deljil. Salary and Commission. £ee f,. E. Wiiitcsidc, Supt. at Mrs. Merrill's. 120 East Ash After 7 P.M. 20-]*-23 Share expense passengers to Little Rock anri FaycUevtllo. Friday or Saturday, Call 238C. 20-pV:-23 Waitresses Noble. wanted. Apply Hotel 15-ck-tf SANTA ROSA. Cal. (UP)—Dogs in tills city now have a Pets Meat Market of their own. It was opened by Bruno Iloltz. who will endcavoi to see that all d:>;;.s in the city BCt their ndeqnntc supply of meat from horseflesh, which he will cater only for that clientele. SCENIC WONDER HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured scenic winder, • the 13 Provided food 14 Freebooters 16 Upward 17 Father .#/< 18 Bolt •$%'' 19 Behold! *" 20 Writing tool 22 Fold 24 Legal point • 25 Snake 26 Mystic t$\. syllable "'' "^ 25 African river •iO Rupees j (abbr.) -^ Jl Language. 34 Negative word 35 Document :38 Girl's najne •39 Inspirit ;40 Pertaining to ' dower '41 Ocean .42 Ventilated .43 Half-em •55 From 46 Dance step '48 Written form of Mister Answer lo Previous Puzzle IR [A 1- A LN HA SIE tt LL 5 U 5 r D 'V R 1 M & L E. DE. 1 M '.-'= k O P t .','• O A ^ H A 'f,- F t. t; ~~?~ E G t, :^ M i i A Y ~j R O U T V A b T A TIR oft T vie MA RU CUE STR[ i ^ A T '!' E H E F L t: N O 100 TU mv CTffi w c i 5 A E f :< G U M ;,': 5 1 H 5 T P P A (T A N M F O|N E M R J O R W A N T F 1 AN no OR FR wr F R T 0 50 Drunkard 53 Edilor (abbr.) 54 Mine shaft 'hut ." v ' 55 Like 57 Two (prefix) 58 Tastes . : 60 Table -U' 1 . implement •• 62 Men 63 Rabbit ' VERTICAL 1 Back of neck 2 Near _,.. 3 Spread ;w)J 4 Russian '**-'* 23 Languishes 24 Networks .^. . (anat.) "' : 25 Desires v/llh eagerness 27 Italian city 29 Proceed 30 Very swift 31 Young boy 32 Bustle 33 Nothing 35 Psalms (abbr.) 36 Before 37 Color >, . 4 4 Garment *' : 4G Footlike part 47 First man 48 To a greater extent 49 Headstrong 1 51 Musical i instrument ' 52 Valuable •' ] metal I * ss m m f mountain • range i/ v 5 Type of'. '"'•'• fortification 6 Paid notice 7 Birthplace (abbr.) 8 More mature 9 Rainbow 10 Hebrew tribe .....„, . ; 11 Great (abbr.) 54Mountain pa S3 12 Lampreys '^ 56 Mineral 13 Drinking ?/• spring : vessel • 59 It is located '• 15 Make soggy A in the state of •il Puts into ,•/' (abbr ) notation • '' 61 Either m m 10 l| m m •Is IZ m 3* 37 J. E. JOHNSON Fire, Life and Casualty INSURANCE 112 N. 2ml Street "Better Safe Than Sorry" Defoe Furniture Co. >'!<' K. JW.'ii/i Dial :U2I Wantcil: used Furniture. At',« Jn" "" (ra " c y°»r "Id f«rnl(ure in on nr» WALLPAPEB EXCELLENT DESIGNS M i oi -'! (0 -.DISCOUNT .......'.,. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. »9 W. Ash Wayne C.tiick and Poultry Ftcdl Insist on Wayne quality when buying feeds of all kinds. HAYS STORE "F»rm«'§ ncadqnarttn In Btytherille ti llonetWr- Spend Your Precious Points For The Better Brands! —Oct More nnd tidier Food for your ration hooks. 3 Deliveries Dally L. NABERS Grocery & Market 1M 8. Division SI. Phone Ml DRS. NIES & NIES Ostcopathic Physicians RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:30 Clinic 514 Main Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2921 SPECIAL SPRIN-3 10 POINT TUNEUP NATION CALENDAR lirll 21: Coffee Slump 2(j Ks|i|rc». »>' II; dasollno Coupon 6 Kx- ii»o 15: Shoe Slump li KM.UW. WALTKH HKNSEN PLUMBING & HEATING 12l5 »'"'. 2842 I'OIi S A 1,10 line rnriicr sl •--«.|<jv in-i' I IV'i'. rn ;nnl 4 cottasM ,.,. snr.0.0l) for nil TJ10MAX LAND CO. e want tr, hnjr Klythevllle ' »""'.•«. Wo liavo norther, for »» l.l"Js nf liotllf*. If y 011 willll Ui sill ijulck, ere THOMAS I.ANI) COMPANY "i-. W. F. Jjrcwcr Dc'nd'si Blyllievlllc, Arluuun, Sl'KCIALS I-vlraellons '. S] 0() "nil 1'llY .VJ.ou-er I'liilcs Vr, mi lfl '-' lUyllievlllo ' '"- ' 19.13 f >-'>" wun! In |, IIV „„„.,. w •o'l. »• r'v 11 " P| '" E '••"«N« I «IKK H' All i; NOT l).SI.\« f,,,. ,,,»„! « i n-ral („,,,.,„ , 1 |, ( , w . llu , [ , fo| . Ill fninUnrc nn noi. NEW TIRES I "I' Uirs, Trui'lis. Tractors T. 1. SEAY MOTOR €0. Swearengen 8 Co. SPOT COTTON Hlyllievllle, l''oi' Suit- A I,I, SIXI-IK Oiceola Culvert C«. I'limics i!s:i ,v co II. S. Ijiin-y i;,| \visfnian Osoi'tila, ,\ili. • ml TRUCKS I'op lirlrrs for l,a!i! Mmlcln . •- . "Sco Srny Rrfuro V>m Sell." T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. New I'lvimilhs * (;hryjilera 121 W. Ash ,.),. zm DON EDWARDS "Tlic Typewrllcr Jinn nOYAf,, SMITfl, CORONA, AND HEMlNCiTON TORTAllU- TYl'EWniTKKa lia N.' 2ll<l SI'KEET _(Evcry Trnnsncllon M i«l He SatWactory) K '^ gwsstsxa EXPERT AUTO REPAIR WORK C'omuleto Stock of Parli. HARRISON Aulo Paris & Garage Oliver [.'arm Kcjulinnc an w. Ash j.j,. 24 HOUR TIRE SERVICE e— Tire and Tulxi All Work ()uaran(«dl WADE COAL CO. Alabama Urd Asli Coal, N. llwjr/01 fh, J» Late Model, .City "Driven USED GARS /?/rtfV Vf> }'OM)- Selection Now r«'« lime (liny. Siml- Hfihi, healer, rudlu .-mil ninny oilier rxlriis. 11)11 Chi'vrolel 'I'mliir, nine. Iliulln, luyirr nnd scat rovers. (Inly drlvn'i i Ten 1 thousand mill's. IUI2 Itulclt Scilunelli', l!lar-|[ inn) (li'iij 1 lu'u lone. Haill", lleaivr, Seal {'HUTS, li Rood (Ires. 1911 Chrysler -7 door. Black. Him: Inoiidcliilh ii|ilio1s- tcry. \Vlilli' slctemill llrcs. Clly ilrlvni. r>0 others lo chouse . ' 4 ilooi'. Ill,\ck, (JiHHl mliher mill ioi s of c.vlrns, 1910 t<'onl Coii|ie. lindlu, Krat. Covers, lli'iilcr. r, ,,„„,! llrcs, An' exceptionally \ I'lcan ear. 111-11 Sluituhniiiir Ciiiiim.'iinlcr (i 1'uss. Coujic. Two lonu tii;iy. llndlo, htater, scut covers unil while side- wnll llrrs, Ovcrilrlvc.' IIUI Clievrdh't 5 i>, lss . Coupe. <lrc«ii. Sent covers, liciil- er ninl (i mind llrcs. from, priced ?7ti up. Knsy O.M.A.C. Payment I'lim We Never Close Sales Dcpt. Open Unlil 9 p.m. Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. Hume 578 4 40 ( Fncluri cs Labor Only— No replace m en 1 ji arts ~ costs. 1. TlRhtcn CYLINDER HEAD and MANIFOLDS. Check COMPRESSION. Adjust HEAT VALVE. 2. (.'lean am! Test SPARK n.TJGS. Adjust Spark Gap. 3. Thoroughly inspect GEN- EKATOK, COIt,, CONDENSER, VOLTAGE RKG- ULATOR, iVIRI.Vfi and SI'ARK CONTROL. Tighten all connections. 4. Clean and Adjust DIS- TRIBUTOK, Adjnsl En- Sine Timing for maximum wartime performance. LOY EICN CHEVROLET CO. TWO MOTORS OUT! CAN'T MAIMTAIW ALTITUDE.' o E \ HER, WOW THATSHE'S A CRIPPLE HEI ' " TO (115 rlANCEE'j ^/fHOUiE FOR DWNEf(l' All Ailtlcd (iroclc-r KOI CUnE.OIIilF. O'JCE. r\ORE--. TH' KOR SCOi Ttl' NEXT BOOTS AND HER lillDDIKS I!y KDfiAR MAKTIN HE'VL DO A\X.-tv\E By V. T. HAMLII < AM 1 5MABT.'/ HAW.' NOT ONLV HMM/VITVMUMS. EH? IF AMYONE \NEED6 VJITVMUM5, IT MWT THi\T' 5PtClN-\ BIG'COPGOOILLA, IT'S MtSTEB ' . . 10 OOP FILING TO G£T 5HOT Wfi°i^ e ? 5 , y ^??^ (; /_ COM E.OlNNEB \ WITH THIS IUiCJftLFS AND HIS FH1KNDS Ilcclor Thinlis of KvoryUiinK «_y MEimiLL HM)SSBK " ' "" I'VE oor ALL Tile YOU MIGHT AS WELL TURM OVER TO THE COPS / IF Twe POLICE WANT THEY'LL HAVE TO LOOK TOP WE / ,. DlO YOU TAKE int i .xw,^.«-—j. MR. OLTTOF MV TWES? J JUST TooKOOT .^ - ^/~b<f VALVE CORES] AIR CAME S. Check am! ndjiisl CARBURETOR for dcst gas economy. G. Adjust VAI.VE TAPPETS. 7. Clean and service AIK CLEANER. 8,•Thoroughly inspecl COOL- 1XG SYSTEM. Tishlcn Hose Coiiiicclions. Adjust Fan Bell. H. Test and Service BATTER V. Clean ami tighten connections. 10. Tune AIOTOR for best wartime Performance and Gas mileage.

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