The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1943 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 27, 1943
Page 6
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BLYTHEVILLE ARMY Affi CORPS NEWS VOLUME 1—NO. 243. HI,YTHKVILLtt, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, MAY 27, 1941! SUBSCRIPTION RATIOS ON RRCJUEST .TUB BLYTHEVILLE ARMY Alii CORE'S NEWS Published dally except Sundays In the Interest or the personnel of the • Army Air Forces Advanced Two Engine Flying School of Blylhevtlle, by the Blytheville Courier News. It contains the news of the Air Base. , , Johnny Doughboy's Taste Acids Cookbook \. Hire* of Lord Woollen's "blue ribbon tlrls" examine the English Version ot Boston brown bread, nude in the British Food Ministry's experimental kitchen. —-- —-— • ———^——_ By ROSETTE HARGROVE NEA Staff Correspondent LONDON.— British cooks are readily learning' to make Yankee cole .slaw, chowder, hamburgers, Boston baked beans, .shortcake, Johnnycake, lioston brown bread and pies that, If not quite as good as mother, used lo bake, can rate right along with the product of Nick Poppadonpolus' Main Street diner. • ' Britons can thank the culinary isolationism of Johnny Doughboy and his AEP buddies, who cling to their hometown appetites tor American dishes. Thai— plus Ihe skill ami. zeal of^lne British Food Ministry's four "blue --'ribbon- girls.' The. latter arc* food czar lard Woolton's experts on dietetics, cooking anil general nutritional quc.s- llons. The high standard of health maintained throughout the Britlsl Isles after more than three years of total' war Is largely credited to their work in making the nation's wartime fare, as palatable and nutritious as supplies have uermitted Their most recent project, just completed, was adapting recipes for foine of the most popular and simpler American specialties for the guidance of cooks :in services anc other 'canteens in centers where American troops are stationed They did very well, loo. despite the handicap of finding substitutes for some Ingredients, such ns mapli syrup, sweet cream, onions, re< peppers, fresh eggs and other ings" for cakes and breads, ninlfins and "flx- vives. Their recipes were tested undci lie siitnc conditions housewives nee—an average-sized kitchen, will vcrhgc stove and cooking ntcn- ils. When-completed, the recipe:, e given nationwide publicit hrough press nnd radio as an< vhen various various essential feuds •ame under rationing, along will nstructions to housewives on how o mnke the most of wluil "the' iad. Records A vailable Of 40 Language* Languagcs-the .10 languages mi< dialects of the countries, region and islands lo which officers an enlisted men may be sent lo wn duty, can be learned from phono graph records. The Special Service Office o the Blylheville Army Air Field a! ready has French, German an Spanish on hand in record forn supplemented by lesson sheets. An Ueut. Oscar L. Benson, special cf ficer. caii obtain the others fro: the Special Service Division- of tl War Department, The material Is divided into Ihn parts—hints on pronunciation, list of useful words and phrase and a glossary of words and phrase not included on the records. The records and lessons are intended primarily to give Ihe sol- governor To Be Met 3y Escort Governor Homer M. Adklns will c met by nn escort of honor mill ic band til (he gnle of the Bly- cvillc Army Air Field when he -rives nl noon tomorrow to be lest of honor nnd s]Xruker of the ly for cadet graduation exreclses. He will have luncheon at the Offers' Mess with Col. Km! M. indcii, coiiiiiHindlni! officer, nnd n). William I,. Hall, director of iiliilng and the members of their lift. Governor Adkins will be iiitio- iced to the members of the grad- iliiij; class nnd the audience, lit le I'ost ni'cienlion Hall, by Col. jindon. With tliem on the singe 111 bt! Chaplain Julian A, Uhdsey, ho will e!vc«t)ic Invocation and cnedlction; Major Hall; Mnj; Clcne , LiinBan, director of flying Cnpt.- allies S. Wentlierby, illrector of •oiiiid training;• dipt. Norman A. iivflniuiijli, Cadet Hchool secre- iry; Cnpt. Frederick • E. Volker, •oup coimiiandci'; Lieut, ncghmld . Augustine, iidjulunt, who will lininlsler tht; oath of office;' and lent. lialpli w. Howard, com- nndunt of cndcUi. Colonel Lnnilon will present the Ivor wings to the cadets'as they le onto the staye to the roll call !• Lieutenant Howard. .; The orchestra of the 351st Army ir Forces Hand will -provide the uslc for the unuhmtlun dance,in ID evening :tt the Officers' Cliib. Policing The Grounds "Congratulations on the success f your grand opening," .wrote one f his admirers to Corp. Abner Zoolsuit) Yocum, a war'dmaster t the Station Hospital. Yocum is cciiucrntlng from a major opera- ion. Scrgt. Mortimer I. KnssewiU Xay technician al the Hospital, 1: iliinnlng a |»litlcal career. Reaming to Staff Serai. Anthony A )upes, chief clerk In the Sick and Voundcd Office, who bases his jicdlclion upon the observation hat Knssewll?, Is becoming quite mixer, engaging in a baby-klss- ng campaign. Kassewiln, hi defense, declares he kisses only babies over 10. Bombing Olympic Held In Chilclress, Texas MERHERE ISIPINI Soldier Transferred From Blytheville To Really Cold Ciimate At bombing. Olympic held 111 Tcxns, where various tennis from Army Plying .schools competed, this photo shows n bomb bouncing MnoiiKli the top of the 20-foot Iniijct. Hlroldlo's heiul (jets a close slnu'e. The bomb pictured heading for Ibu water for a second .skip'innilc a total of four before losing Its-speed and diving under the water. The AT-ll boniblng training "plane is pulling ii|) after releasing the bomb. iArmy Air Corps pholo from NEA lelepholo). If the Army should draft Chee- InVi, Sergeant Dapies' pet monkey, as they did his dog, Rags, it would leave him, says Dnples, practically without, a family, cheetah, native of South America, likes spaghetti. Is 2 1-2 years old, was given to Dapies when she was a baby. She Is brown, has a white ' sixit between her eyes, and Is n kleptomaniac. Back In Utlca, N. Y., she swiped Dapies' new automobile license plates and wouldn't tell where she bad hid them. He had to buy another set. Newport Boxers Meet Blytheville At Arena Friday Soldier pugilists of the Blythcvillo and Newport Army Air Fields will light it out tomorrow night at the American Legion Arena beginning at S o'clock. There will he eight bouts. The lights are open to the public. Corj). Robert Morgan, technical supply clerk of the 70<tth Squadron and State AAU 138-pound boxing champ, takes an the toughest assignment of his fi.stic career when he neets an opponent who was narrowly defeated in a bid for he national title last year. Me is Private Guerra, of the, Newport Field. Morgan nnd Guerrn saw each ther fight at the Slate AAU meet ecently nt Little Rock, where Mor-.' mi won Ids Ullc by defeating Pvt. loc LaScalla, a leamniate, in a ipiritcd engagement which was de- icrlbcd by n capital cily news- writer as "one of the best bonls of he tournament," Gnerra lost, nt the tournament, o one of Liltlc Rock's best via (he TKO route, but snowed talent and vas said lo have gone down because he was in poor condition. The main bout of the evening already appeared on British tea- tables when Yanks are being entertained. Altogether there arc some 20 "American" recipes available to British cooks. Explanatory notes IMjint out that American biscuits arc In reality small muffins and arc served at breakfast, dinner or supper and that the English bis- jdicr n working knowledge of the and phrases he will to make himself im- pies. Yankee | simple words biscuits have I' in order derstood.-A'word or phrase is given on the record and repented, so that the soldier can get the correct pronunciation and can drill himself. . Y.ouhouse Assigned Second Llcul. Michael Youhousc Jr., a recent graduate of Officer Pvt. Richard E. Spencer is called Rip Van Winkle by Ids fellow soldiers in the Medics..They explain: Silencer's wife got him onL of bcc: nodded him into dressing, and tailed him down the stairs. Mrs ;., after watting In vain at the ircakfast table, found he had gone back to bed. Slie got him up again and guided him to the corner There a friend found him asleep iropped against a ]X)st. The frlenc jut him on the bus and woke hi" at Hie gate to show his pass, thei woke him again when the bus reach cd the Station Hospital. "Goodby dear." said Spencer, nnd kissed hi friend sleepily. cuit is known lo, Americans as n Candidate School, has been as"crackers." 'fhcre is some talk about bringing; out n booklet of American recipes for use by the General public. Lord . Woollen's ' "blue ribbon girls" ' work In e.\i«rimcnlal and practical kitchens tucked away on the sixth floor of what was once • a luxurious apartment house. Here they work out war's complex problems of feeding over 42,000,000 people at home, phis hundreds of thousands of troops overseas, and translating the answers Inlo practical ' recipes for British house- signed lo duty as assistant post engineering officer at the Blytheville Army Air Field. Read Courier News want Ms. The Modern Ice Box COOE,KRATOK 'For Economy and Sen-ice. Tom Little Hwde. Co. Phone ill FUNNY BUSINESS Kaypces of Consolidated Mcs. No. 2 now realize they were short sighted when they built a neatly painted picket fence around the patch of lawn. It has grown so that now It has to be mowed. li a T |ul materlil for war usage. Save It by baring your shoes rebuilt here and help tbe. war eftoil ami save money. H-flLTCRS QUHL1TY SHOC SHOP 121 W. MAIN ST. ealures Sergt. A. J. (Cherokee) rlendricks. tough IM-poundcr of .he Blylheville Field, and Private Bricovlez, n hardboilcd slugger from Newport. Tall, lanky and in good condition, Cherokee will be fighting doubly hard to make up for the beating he took in the finals tit the Arkansas AAU meet, when he lost by a narrow margin. Sergt. Don Brandon, n conscientious nnd promising lightweight, will Irade blows with Private Starti of Newport. Brandon has been a member of the niythcville team since it was organized and took, pail ir Ihe Golden Gloves Tournament a Memphis, nnd the AAU meet al Little Rock. He failed lo gnin title but impressed the fans will his nbllily as n capable and dangerous fighter. Pfc. Fred Saenger, novice middleweight, who had his first ring ex perience in (lie AAU tournament will meet Private Beagle of Newport,. In olher bouts the fnns will stc four new members of the Blythe ville Field in nction. Promising novices trained by the boxing in struclors of the Post, they are Pvt. Leonar<i Todlno, 142-nouiul slugger of the 701sl; Scrgl. f. n. strong, 40-ppunder of Ins 704th; and Pvt jcslie L. Hofman and Corp. James McClendon. botli heavyweights o: lie 704th. Sergt. Jessie Clements, Sergt. Garion Donahue, and Pfc. Donald Buron are in charge of boxing at the "'ost. Burton is a well known Bly- So you don't like the Arkansas weather Well, listen to Hie experience of Sergt. Roscoe E. (Slick) Vilander, formerly a clerk in Hie 704t)i Squadron orderly room, who was transferred from this Field several months ago. Up In Oswego, N. Y., where he is on duty with the Air Crew Training Detachment of the Sln'.e Teachers' College, he's wondering If the winter will ever end. When he arrived there March 2 it was 10 degrees above zero, and thai night it dropixul to 5 below. And snow! He never saw so much snow In his life, and he's been up 'n (lie high Sierras, too. On May llicrc was a beautiful crust of runchy snow on the ground, anil hen there were four days of ruin, ,nc day of sunshine, five days of •ain, and a hall-day cf sunshine. Sergeant Vilander had fun play- ng a famous pipe organ in St. 'nul's Catholic Church ul Oswc- go. installed in 1071, the organ lias been added to through the years .intil it now has 78 stops and is valued at $100,000. In spite of the weather and Sun- Jay details, Sergeant Vilander likes Oswego fine. And- he looks back 'onilly upon the times lie had al Qlyllievlllc. It's a lovely spot, al Oswego, and he finds Lake Ontario beautiful. Sergt. Robert Tubbs Will Manage Post Team; Game Slated Friday The Post Baseball Team will play its first gnmc of the season tomorrow afternoon when il meets the 32Glh nine in a contest beginning at 3 o'clock on the newly constructed diamond across from the Base Hospital. Sergt. Robert Tubbs, a Little Rock sporling goods years, nnd now salesman for 10 a member -of the Athletic Department, has been named manager of the Post Team and lias carefully picked a team of enlisted men and officers which he will send on the field against the 32(ith. He plans on making fre- QUent changes in the lineup an effort to determine the ability of each player and his regular team will probably be picked largely upon the basis of the showing o'f vario\is candidates in tomorrow's Blytheville boy. Mike Meroney, ve game. The "varsity" squad will 2ran Blytheville promoter, is aiding,then lie sent into action against oilier teams in the newly-organ- ed "Flier League" which gets un- whcn the Junesboro n -Hie arrangements. New tungsten ore deposit* have been found in Kwantung Province, China, according to the U. S. Detriment of Commerce. Hold Everything '.Who shall I say is calling?" PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Slock Guar.intced Best 'Prices Kirby Dng Stoics He'« wtkowiM bis first radish ^ Try our "Own Made" Ice Cream |0le Hickory lnn| ACTOM fr«m Hl«h BchMl Complete Stock Steel and Elastic TRUSSES Save 50% STEWART'S Dr«i St«rt Main A lake Phon« 2S22 Office r s* Uniforms Compare the fabric ami workmanship of lliese line garments Itffurc buying! Heller Ktimses :i7.75 Kliisliijue Trousers 13.75 I'inks 13.7;-, .Snnimcr Trousers 7.00 Hummer Shirls 8.90 for the past envay nexl Thursday, ost Team meets the ine in Ihe season opener, lo be iaycd here. Starting lineup cum will be: ickers, 70411), ss. "ravis, 701sl, 3rd. haplain Lindsay, if IcWhorler, 320th, 1st. errario, 326th, cf haplnin Hogan or while, 701st, 2nd. rane, 702nd. rf. dams or Davis, c. arncll, 703rd. Yarewick, 103rd, or Hutb, 704lh, pitcher. Other members o! the team who ill probably see aclion in the con- cst include Lieut. Ralph Howard, 'apt. Lewis Partridge, and Manger Tubbs. They Just Wouldn't Fit, So Texan Wears Boots With Uniform SECOND ARMY MANEUVER HEADQUARTERS, SOMEWHERE IN TENNESSEE, May 27.—''Bool training" is recruit training to gobs and marines, and now Private William B. Cooper, a soldier with an infantry outfit on Second Army maneuvers in Middle Tennessee, is trying to have Ihe term applied to the Army. Cooper wears a regulation U. S. 'Army uniform—plus boots, cowlioy boots. No, lie isn't a showoff, and technically, he's not out of uniform. A former San Antonio, Tex., cowhand, he soon discovered that his feet would never become accustomed to G. I. shoes. He applied to the Medical Corps and his Company Commander for permission to wear bis cowboy boots. "But you'll never be able to make a hike in them," he was told. "I'll make those hikes," he said determinedly. , He wore the boots . . . nnd he made the hikes. The Company Commander and the Medical Corps acquiesced. If you look closely at the thou- ands of pairs of soldiers' feet that troll through Lebanon Tcnn. diir- ig the week-end "break" between roblems you may spot a single oldier with a pair of honest-to- oodnes-s Deep- in- the- heart- of- Texas boots. That will be Private Cooper. The barn swallow is the only .mcrican swallow that iias a swallow tail". FITTED RY Dtcton J. L. «J J. C, GUARD OPTOMETRISTS IN BLYTHF.VIU.C SINCE 1JK On May 8. 1926, Dallas. Tex., had $2,000,030 aerial bombing—from tail. . ; | The, Soldier's Friend . . . Friend and Samaritan In lime of distress, Ihe American Hed Cross, ns the volunteer agency created and supported by the dollars and goodwill of Ihe American people, extends n helping hand to Ihe mnn In the Service who happens lo be In tough hick. A field director is nn duly at many Army stations. He can K>1 prompt information and ac- llon .anywhere ill Ihc country through th« nationwide organization of county chapters of the lied Cross. In (his column the field dl- rcctoi- al the IHyllieville Army Air Pit-Id discusses cxainplc-s of '. his work with full protection of the confidence of who consult him. I!V |.'!U-:i) I,. SWAN, I ii'1,1 Director Anii-iiriin licit Cross Among the unusual problems Ihc Red Cross .sometimes is asked lo handle is protecting :i servire- :ian from being reported AWOL. Pfc. Joe Brown was reported as being away from camp 19 days after Ihe last day of his furlough., This case was referred to our office so that an a I tempt might be made lo get this soldier lo rcluVii to his station before lie would be listed as a deserter. We wired the Chapter in his I home town to I visit his wife I other relatives, (establish his [presence and Im- l press upon him' I the consequences III he did not re- |liira to camp im- I mediately. In- 1 formation also I was asked as to I family difficulties I that might ex r (plain the soldier's motive for over- Mr. Swan staying Ins furlough. The Chapter visited Private Brown's home nnd (omul that lie :nid not, returned lo camp because 'ie was worried about his wife's condition. His wife needed an emergency operation and there was no one to care for his three small children. He had been making tiie necessary, arrangements and preparations for her operation, and had arranged for a relative to stay with the children. Brown's attitude was that he was not actually AWOL since he had written Ids commanding officer of his reason for his absence. After the Chapter explained in detail the difficulties he would be involv-- ed in if he did nol return to camp, Brown said lie would start back the following day. Upon Ins return, we wrote to Ills commanding officer, enclosing copy of the letlcr from the Chapter which gave his full reason for being AWOL. As a result, the soldier was punished less seriously. Similar cases occur. Pew AWOL cases arc deliberate and many of Ihe AWOL reports could be prevented if tht serviceman only knew what lo do. If Brown had contacted his Red Cross chapter before tiie expiration of his furlough, requesting an extension, this Chapter would have wired us their verification of the emergency silua- ion at home. We then would have eported this lo the man's com- nandtng officer to aid him in de- ermiuing whether an extension ihould be granted. Be sure thai you avail yourself of the services the Red Cross Is •eady to give you. 24-HOUR SERVICE Expert Repair Work on General Motors Cars. IANGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY B'dw»y « Walnnt Ph. 555 SMALL LOANS Om tartUa* •< VIJML East Main Loan Co. WE FILL ALL UOCTOES' PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVE YOn MONKX STEWART'S Drug Store Main & Lake Phone 2822 Flowers For Kvcry Occasion . . . Funeral designs, wedding: Rowers, cor- THE FLOWER SHOP WE DELIVER GLF.NCOE HOTEL BLBO. Phone, 401 Auto Repairs Expert Mechanics on All Makes anrt Models. Also Truck and Tractor Repairs. Lee Motor Sales Ph. 519 Karl Slonc, Shop Foreman 301 E. M»ln BPTICRL STORE 209 W. Main St. Phone 2912 TIRE RKCAPPING SERVICE . SflticrliiiK Factory Method. Orlificole Retired On r.ijscngfi' Cars. Quick, Dependable Service. , Nn LOT EICH m ROBINSON'S "THE RELIABLE DKUG STORE" Theie's no wider selection of shuvlng reeds, cosmetics, novellle*, tie., In Blylheville limn at Robinson's. Latest M«gailne«-Poun- Uln tervlce—»»ndwtch«*l Service Men! Meet Your Friends at Robinwn'»l HUDSON TAILORS Expert Alterations Prompt, efficient service at reasonable cost! Garriion Caps — Acceworiei — Inh SOUTHEAST AIR CORPS INSIGNIA

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