The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, December 20, 1933
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Served by the United Press BLITHE VILCE conraEK THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHXA8T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXX—NO. 230 HiyilitnUe. Dully Kcwi. Blythevilta Oourfcr. «u>«l£jilpul Wiley Lrider. BlvKwvm- Hcr.M K, AUKANSAS, \VK1)NM«1)AV, DKCHMHKK :>0, I!M SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS TO DFFrln HUB I DEFENSE IN DEITJ CASE Witnesses Will Testify He- Was In Blytheville at Time of Accident. AlUm "Froa" Hardy, niyihpvllle car -salesmai], \vho, as the allowed eiiivrr of a hil-r. i< c;:r lhal fatally injured E. E. Phillips at Heckle Sunday, is chai^etl with niurele: 1 , v.Jll probably b" :. ivc-n a pri;limin- 21 y hearing at Caruthersulk- Friday. Claude F. Ceaper. counsel for i'.atdy, said tljif morning that he had r^ae-bcel :i tentative ajircrc- i:it-nt with H r /je-rl llav.'kins. Peim- i.'col cnunly i>ror-r-culor, for Ihe c;.se lo be heard before a C:iv- ulhersville maokstialo alle-r taking a change of venue from Justice eif the Pi.-acv Max L. Kclley's cnurl al filevle. IJ^fore the a^ivc- mi-iil was IT:, -hed Missouri officials hall (hroiitcjncd lo histiluu- extradition nrocce-dines when Barely refused to 20 to Missouri LiHil a elate Ine- e.xiiniiiialion was set. Claim-. Alibi Hardy was held in the county jail here today and will remain l:ehind the bars until delivered to Missouri officers for the prejim- inary hearing, no bone! being allowed in a murder case. In Ihe meantime emphatic elenial of the charge was forthcoming from liaidy's allo'ne;- and friends, several whom ar-: expected to b? alibi wUnt-sse.s lor Hardy. It wns staled today that not only was Ihe locj-.l salesman deny- :ii(j implie-atio'i in. the Sleele accident but lhat he would he able lei show lhat I-r- was in Blylhc 1 - ^ille at/ Ihe lirrr tlic ac'cielcnt was .supposed to ha'* 1 ? occurred, aroune t':30 o'clock Suid5y night. Dr. W A..Grimmett, physician attached la tho'Blythevi!! 1 : hospital,.Charlie Klfr.-ink. Hardy's brother. Alvii Hardy, ami Inn hitter's, wife, and ethers were iv'th Hardy at the Lome of Clarer.ce Kolwyck on Ash street from lour o'clock P M. to after seven o'clock P. M. the defense has revealed in support of Hardy's elenial. Identified liy Witnesses Al Slrele oJfic'als believed the} l.ael a strong case against ttie lilylheviltc salesman, pointing to v hat they believed to. be absolute identification nf Hardy by motor- i-:Ls who ehafc'l the hil-run L fi-oui Stcele 10 (he Arkansas slate line, where Ihc driver stoppi-d his car and declined lei return lei Eleele. Huwe/vr a possible weak poinl in tlic de-velopment ol a murder case against Ihe car diiv- ir lay in tho statement by one of the stale's principal witnesses that the hit--;m car swerved al- irost off of the pavement, apparently in a desperate effort to avoid striking object at the 1'lace where Phillips. 73-year-old le'lireel farmer, was struck. No actual eye witness to the acci- eluit has been revealed. A Bly- llirvillc cafe employe. J. T. Hcy- i-iilds. also •nitorins in Missouri was the first jwtson to discover Ilio iivjiiri'il mini. H few niuim-,u: alter he was struck. A car ownert by Harely fits tiie ^' description of tin: eleath car, of- lictrs declare, Lut -facts surrounding idcntificaiton of the machine sic confllctl.!.;. Motorists who chased the hit-ran car and obtained the license number, said they copied the number from ?. nar license plale. On the other hand fellow employes of Hardy nt a local motor company say t!.at there has ticn only one license plate on Harely's ear for .'uicral months a;d lhat the lone '•*S was attac.iivl to the front ot Ihe car. No taj was on the car vheii it was viewed by the parties who said Harly was the driver ol the death c:u. Officers said Hardy told tlii-n he did not know v.-lmt had berime of the plate. T WALL STREET PLUNGER, MISSING Observations - by C. R. K.= Elder Ladies Who Still Hold Stellar Role [ think the pi'ople of Arkansas gem-rally will bo found'In hearty nsrt:'!iie-iu with Governor l-'ulrcll's declaration Unit' ! t!ic program lor rc-Iundin.'. the .state.- highway eie'bl .should nui involve lurttier increase in the- gasoline tax. Km only Is Ihe present slate tax ol .six cents i>er gallcn a .sultie-ienl burden upon Ihe automobile drivers of t!:o state, but lueic is great iL'a^xjn It) doubt lhal raisin-; the las: would produce any maicrlnl nere-asir in revenue. 11 weiulcl discourage Ihe purchase and nsi- of aulomcbilc-s and II would encourage out 01' stale gasoline purcha':- ii-i and Ihe activities ol gasoline bootleggers, which already are a 'oils problem in counties adjacent lo stales where lower lases prevail. Tile highway bond refunding tgreoMKjnt In it* presi-nl form calls or an increase of nearly S1.5CU.030 n highway revenues. Business is ;e:ting better and there should be some natural yain In gasoline anel into license revenues. There are -evetal possible ways of making up Ihe balance of/.er than boosting axes. One would be lo abolish Ihe county tumback, which waa set up| contingent upon other highway revenues being adequate lo meet bond obligations. It has also been suggested that Ihe basic schedule of •Uilo license fees as applied to new cars be extended to aid cars, which o\v enjoy a 50 per cent reduction, and lhat exemption from state tax of gasoline used for industrial purposes be ended.. The problem, as the governor has' said. Is one for the legislature to work out as best it can. But Ihe |>eoplc, recognizing lhat some solmlon of tfic bond problem must be found, will hope that it can be- worked out without a further boost in the already high gasoline tax. HE 1MB Murdered Singer in Rage When She Rejected Matrimony for Career. SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, IVc. CUP)—Mob passions were Inflamed today by Ihe slaylnn of an at- Iractlve young radio singer whoss rejected loix-r, snatched once (rum an angry crowd, was placed In a stroni-ly i;uiirdc<l prison to await 12,356,769 Bales Ginned Prior to December 13 WASHINGTON. Uec, 20 <UI>> — 'I lie rt-nslis blir.'IMl lodliy rcpulleMl i:':iSS.Wa ninu<ii". lull's ot e'ollun l.mne'd (or I9IH f\tat lu IX'iTintiiT 13. us compared «lth I2.vui.40-i l.a!is fur llu> e'oiii'.spumlhiij per- :ul in ia;«. 'flic' i(>;iir.>:; included MH.IWI) im.iiil bal.'.s Jo.' HIM ceimimrtel with (i22.VIB for I1III2, mill !i,!M ul Amrrlrun Ktyptiiiii cotton com- lii.uil with li.iiiic bales In IU32. Goodyear Head Promises Pacigic Dirigible Line I.OS, Dec. 20. (UP) —A Irans-l'aclnc. dirigible line will IK Inaugurated us soon us con- passes necessary legislation, arraignment on murder charges, j ''an! Lllchlleld, president ol Ooeiil- Mnll;riiiKS against Ilumbtrlii'year Tire ami Rubber company, Olustl. 35. Sim l-'miicitico, echoed In this suburban community whole Ihc musical progress of Emilia dn Prnlh. 2G, was [i mutter ot local pride. iimmunced here today. Lltchlleld said he hoped permissive- legislation would be adopted ul Ihe congressional session opcn- Cllusll was accused of killing herl in B January '.i. The proixxscd line oOo Charges of nchtical jobbery ana d.'rcrmiinallon against the CWA can be heard every day oil every street corner. I suspect some of them arc well founded. It would be fuipy if there were hoi a ' lew thi'ng.-i ization ss willi an organ- and as hastily conceived and put together as this. Bui the good that the CWA .s doing is so jjreat as to make negligible such evils and Inequities as hnv; appeared in it. And as the work goes ahead it is to be expected that evils will be corrected and (he organization sircngih- e>cd so lhat present causes for complaint may be greatly lessened. Your editor was not among those, if any, who acclaimed the appointment of W; R. of this county as state elircctor as a tiiumph of siHt^rmanship. The only .special qualification that I coulel see liiai lie ixxssesscd was the dubious one of being an active political sufiiorter cf the ctir- lent stale administration. H is ret time yet to pass the tina! if relict, but it seems to me that results so far Ii;.vc been good. U is possibly true there have Members of Ihe older theatrical (mention who an still iloinp very well, thank you, 01; Broadway and on the eve of her departure for New Vork. There she was to re-j celve a try out witti Ihe Melropoll-' j tan OjK-ra company, ire goal of Ihe Italian girl whose singing had won icr an audience with the president of Ihc United Slales. scholarships. prizes, iinel u niello contract. After the snooting In the- back yard of the da Prato home, Qliistl was taken to the local police station. A mob quickly formed with Prestco da Pralo, her brother,-in Its forefront. "I'll see you swing." shouted the Infuriated brother. Cries ol "lynch him" arbse-as determined peace authorities, swing- Ing heavy clubs, fought their, way to Gliisll's iL-sciie. Augry crowds snatched at the frightened - prisoner us he was led in HcllyH'uud, are .Mae West [upper left), Mary Fjckfon! (lawrr and Aim Tennir>;ton (rijht). left), (illiia Grey (lower Cfliler) BY PAUL HARRISON acting for. 35 years, will act again,. alumna of the Follies class ot NEW YORK.—On the stage or land probably in the role of a ,n the movies, age doesn't seem to be any handicap to success. A'or dcos it impose a .very, strict' limitation* on roles. Look at Mary Pickford's face; look at Ann Pennington's leys; look at Oilda Gray — anywhere. Yet Miss Pickford, at 40, has been 1910. doing burlesques of a burlesque-show "strip number" i and a Penning ton—she's 41, and a vet T Sally Hand fan the Fol- young girl. As for the- sinuous of the Zlegfeld Follies "of 33.'. And Mae West, 1913. Following her last Broadway who has become the voluptuous show last season, Ann has been symbol of the new deal In sex enlivening vaudeville and , night | appeal, also was appearing In club revues a : Ziegfetd show In 1910— a musical ' Here's Fannie Brlce,- 42-year-old comedy called "Papa's Wife."' Dempsey Shows Grappier Hij Right Is Still Good LOS ANGELES, Dec. 20. (UP)— Jack Dempsey's once fumed right Is still.In working order. He brought it out of retirement last night to subdue a wrestler. Dempscy, refereeing, cautioned Tex Wright against certain holds. Angered. Wright swung, nempscy swung back, connecting a right cross to the jaw and knocking 1 Wright out. NEW ORLEANS. Dec. M. (UP)— Dempsey awarded the decision to New Orleans Organization Refuses to Accept Senator's Candidate. been instances of politico! ,favor- ilism in the approval of projects ;-nd in (he assignment of jobs, bul it is also evident that they car be no more than a small minoritj ol the total. The main thing is thousand; nf Arkansas men and women have been put to work in short order anel that the jobs they are doitis. with very few ex- (c-i. lions, are of a sound public enaracler. Bandits Get Cash New York Cotton NEW YORK, Dec. 20 (UP) — Cotton closed barely steady. ope i high low close 3S7 991 97G 983 092 993 980 03G 1003 1011 D91 1002 I'm 1039 1027 1030 1057 1058 10-15 1050 Dec J.iti March July Oct Spots closed qulot nt 1005. of New Orleans Cotton ST. LOUIS. fVc. 20 (UP)—Two 'rrndit.s. hiding in the Creve Cocur held up R. I'. Bloom, cashier, when he op.Med the Institution oday and escaped with between 84,000 and $0,000. Price* 13 3-8 Anaconda Copi>cr Hcthleli;m 5U-e; Chrysler • Cities Service Coca Cola General American Tank General Electric General Mot on International Harvester Middlewest Utilities .... Montgomery Word New York CenUal Packard Phillips Petroleum Radio Corp 03-4 Simmons Beds 15 1-: St. Louis-San Francisco 1 7-8 Standard of N. J 44 3-4 Trxa.1 Co 24 1-2 U. S. Steel 45 5-8 34 1-8 43 5-e 1 \-l 93 32 1-2 17 3-4 32 1-4 37 1-1 1-B 20 3-4 32 1-4 3 5-8 Senator Huey P. Long today faced a political crisis after the "old regular" cily organiration of New Orleans, termed the "Tammany Hall of the south." last nl?ht refused to endorse his candidate for district attorney in the city election next month. The old regulars, controlling the vote in New Orleans, which holds about one third of the entire Louisiana vote, have been one of the most powerful affiliated groups in the Long machine. Permanent loss of old regulars suppwt would split the powerful political empire with which Long has controlled the state. Senator Lonj had asked that State Senator Charles E. Byrne be endorsed by the old regulars for district attorney instead or the Incumbent. Eugene Stanley. The re- ouest came as a compromise after the organization hod refused lo accept other candidates advanced by Senator Long. Following tr.e caucus Mayor T. Spumes Walmsey made a brief announcement stating the old regulars would soon endorse a ticket coni]}o?rd wholly of members of heir organization. Although the group .did not endorse Stanley the possibility remained that he ml'hl be included Ihe old regular ticket. Senator -ong hael previously stated that he could defeat the old regulars. Wright's opponent, Myron Cox. LOCI IITRESS behind a wedge of Hailing clubs to an automobile to be whisked away Sobbing, Glustl tokl of his rage and Jealousy following the girl's decision lo choose a career In preference to matrimony. vou kl link California with the hlllppllle Islands. SEIZED iS Arrested by French Secret Agents in Drive to Break Huge Plot. DF HUGE FIRE Shot Down in Crossfire at Arrest of Escaped Indiana Convict. M -i -ivmp ayme Rnmar DOmar PARIS, III. Dec. 20. (UP)—Eugene Tea^ue, Tiuliana state policeman, was believed fatally wounded today in a gun battle which resulted in capture of Edward Shouse. escaped Indiana convict, and two female companions. The women salel they were Ruth Spencer, 24, San Diego, Oat., and Frances Brcnian, W, fart, Wayne. Ind. Shouse. one ot ten convicts who escn P«i fro:tl ths penitentiary at Michigan City .Ind., lourt of Appeals Decision Would Cancel All Pros : eculions. PARIS, Dec:. 20. UP)—An American man and woman were arrested toelay on Ihc charge of possessing military documents anel photographs as secret i>ollce agents sought to break what they lielieve lo be Ihe greatest spy plot since the world war. The Americans were described as Robert Gordon. Swllz of East Orange and Miss Marjorlo TUley, 32 of New York city. V. -v Benjamin BcrkowlU^i42, »" naturalized Canadian boiiriu Uunuiiln was under arrest and held to bi the master mind of the plot, al legtd to be 'aimed at obtaining secrets ol France's defenses. E^rko wltz' wife.-Clara, was held also. Shi was known on the left bank, thi arlisls colony, as a painter. Almost a score of persons were arrested after secret police agents had investigated reports of a sny plot since last June. Wife Rc|x>rts Disappearance of Man Who Made and Lost Millions. NEW YORK, Dec. 20, (UP)—A high police official announced to- elay ttiat autliorlllcs believed Jesse Liveimore, famous .Wall street plunger, was in the hands of kidnapers. Llvcnuorc's third wife, In report- Ing her husband missing to police, said che believed her husband had been kidnaped, the officials said. Llvermore was last seen after the close ot the market yesterday. He telephoned his wife at 4 p.m. After that he vanished. He'was-under.-., stood to have had some fntimaOoh hat he had been marked by crlm- nala. He telephoned his wile at ir Intervals while away from !omc. When he did not telephone Mrs. t.lvermoic lie'camii Increaslng- y nliiiincd and finally telephoned mllce. What iwsseel between Mrs, Llv- crmorc and detectives in a two hour reiun was not revealed but It was understood lhat she had given nforinallon which caused police to iccepl kidnaping as the most likely explanation of LWermore's disappearance. Contrary to reports, police hod information that Llvermore had been making money In his market Derations. He hael made and lost many forumts In his long career but reccnlly had l«en understood lo be near the bottom of hLs purse. In 1329 kidnapers threatened to seize Llvermore's two sons and they were under heavy guard for months. In the samb year Arthur Barry, notorious Jeyel UUef,- $roke Into tho Llvermore Long Islaixl palace and stol". k fortune in Jewels. Friends s> i 'to broker,' while in- - - - Liincd Is jgllu/B thvoatenhic letters, recognized lhat because ot his reputed wealth he was a likely victim for kidnapers. ' . . - Reputed HeiV to FoUl'tll nn<i Il!lve liarrasscrl police of three c ii-7C nrin r states since, was trapped by 20 of- Ot .p/JjUUU Lstale. illcers acllng on information lhat ! '.lie gang headed by John Dlllln- Nfayme Crawford Bomar, comely ger planned to rob a Paris bank. 28 year o!d waitress at a local With his car suddenly surround- cafe, was reputed today to be one ed. Shouse drew a revolver. Offl- of four heirs u. a $75,000 estate, t cers opened rtre and Teag;;c fell, aid lo have beer, left by an uncle i apparenlU/shot by one of his corn- it whom she had not heard ol i panlons. [or many years. | The car In which Shouse and the Word of the .supposed fortune i two women were riding was pur- was contained in a telegram re- j chased recently under a flcllllous eeiveeV by Mrs. Bomar, former name. NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 20 IUP) — An opinion h.tniled down by the U. S. fifth district court of ap- ls here in u ''exas case will annul all pendln-; prohibition cases If it Ls upheld by the supreme' court of Ihe Upilcd Stales. ' The court rcvfiscil and annulled Lhe judgment In the case of Edwin M. Emall'vocx;, who was sentenced to serve two years in Ihe penitentiary a:;' 1 pay n S500 fine Ly file wtia'ern Texas d.Wrict courl for mnirifacliirlne whisky. "A result of the repeal of the )8lh amendment being that a judgment of cMivictlon on the charges made In Ihe indictment Is unauthorized by Ihe laws now In existence, the judgment Is reversed and .inniilled." Ihe court .said. U. S. M»y Act WASHINGTON Dec. 20 CUP)— The department of justice was'of- ficially notified I'xlay of the disappearance of Jesse Llvcrmori; prominent Wall Slre-cl oi»rator, and began an immediate study 't6 eietermlne whether federal autlior- ilie.'; should enter the search for him. Chicago Wheat NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 20 (UP)— Cotton closed rie-aciy. Dec Jan March May July Ocl Spritr. o.x-i 3fl3 'JSfl 100-3 10!9 1031 1051 hi?h low Ml 980 938 980 1007 905 1023 1010 1037 1025 1052 I04S 984 085 1003 1018 1033 1048 7,1 ay Dec open 81 84 1-4 lurh low close 32 f-8 79 1-4 19 8-1 i-8 81 1-2 81 1-2 sliflrty nt OM. off S. Mav Chicago Corn open lii'-h low cto 42 3-4 13 ;)-•! 11 3-4 41 7-: SO 1-8 SO f,-R 47 B-8 47 3- Stillman Farmer Freed in Assault to Kill Case OSCEOLA, Arir.—Elmer Brown 2C. tenant farmer from Stlllman was released nno charges of assault to kill hl<; aged father-ln- Ir.vv, C. P. White, were dtsmlssed following trial in magistrate's coi<rt here yesterday. Brown, who shot Ihe older man about three weeks ago, Inflicting r. wound In White's leg. testifies he shot when Brown came at hln with n knife ofler the two had had Iroubh when White inter- wife of naymoi.'d Bomar, local deputy constable, yesterday afternoon. She was working at Jlm- nie O'Brien's cafe on South Second street at the time. Today Mrs. Bomar was not behind the counter but the cafe proprietor said she had gone to Missouri to confer with a brother over the eslate. It Is understood hat Mrs. Eomar and three bro- IVers and sislers are heirs to the 'State of tholr mother's brother, v;ho Is said, to have died recently at Jackson. Tenn. Mrs. Bomar's .-.hare of the estate would probably amount to $18.000 or properly of equal value, it was stated. Mrs Eomar has a dstphter several years old by her first husband. Shouse was the fourth member >f Hie Dillinger gang lo be arrest- id or killed since the prison break September 26. fered in an argument Brown and his tdfe. Witnesses Will Tell Jury About Lynching NASHVILLE, Tenn., Dec. 20 (U P)—Ei?ht Mau-v county witnesses, Including the sheriff, a community postmajler, a constable ar.d a former stole legislator, were ordered before the Davidson county grand Jury today lo tell what thev know aroul the abdiiclloi between and lynching if Cordle Cheek, 17- I ytar-old negro. Earl Magcrs Asks $16,750 From Mathis Bus Lines Faris Dhajrcr? ST. LOUIS, Dec. 20 lUPI-U. S. llstrlct Judge, G. 13. Faris of StJ xuils asserted In a statement here loe'ny lhat n"i?a! of the 18th amendment "elcos not cancel prosecution of prohibition cases In which Indictments or convictions occurred prior to actual repeal." Judge Faris cuoted title one. section 25 of the U. S. corte lo bear out his contention that repeal of a statute 'does not release or extinguish" prosecution of cases prior to such lopenl, "unless the repealing act s' ail so provide." Enrl ^Tagcrs, well known Del! I lanter, has fi'rel a personal injury action 1 n circuit com! here asking $10,750 from the ^falhls Bus Lines and Herbert Wilson bus driver. Mr. Magcrs arks damages for injuries sustains! when a Mathis bus and his car collided on Highway 18 between Blytheville and Dell on April 18. 1933. The plantei charges lhat Ihe bus slruck his car after he driven his machine entirely oif the pavcmenl lo avoid a colll.-,!on. Permanent injuries and a large hospital bill resulted, Mr. Magers Indicted by Indiana Grand Jury After Utility Company ,Probe. Grocer Fined Under '::. Fireworks Ordinance Definite assurance that enforce"-'I ment of an ordinance prohibiting" sale or display of fireworks will be- enforced litre was given local merchants this morning when J. F. Livingston, East Main grocer, was fined five dollars on his plea of guilty to a charge of violating the ordinance. Livingston was arrested by police after tie had allegedly displayed and sold fireworks at his store. When arrested Livingston. U Is understood, said he did not plan to sell fireworks In open violation of tl:c law but only intended to find- CROWN POINT. Ind., Dec. 20 (UP)—Samuel Instill, Jr., and six fuse-elate directors of Ihe Northern Indiana PubHc Cervicc company were disclosed '.oday as named In 11! Indictment charging irregularities In management of the utility. The names of those Indicted on charges of coi.sriiracy to commit a felony, embe^lcmenl. and grand jei]foTO (IH . OTd , lmnce wlllch ^ s^S^TK-iSSsaS-JS- Murray when he ordered warrants) f>enslon .. W0[l|d ^ mad( , ^ ^ The Indiana defendants in the case were cxijec'cd to surrender this afternoon. The complete details of the grand jury investigation of the utility'.' aflairs were not made public. Telephorte Box Looted A telephone pay station In a booth at the Greyhound Bus Lines station. 121 West Ash street, was looted last night. Tiie' booth is located at Ihe RS- rage entrance and is easily accessible n.1 all hours The :noney box In the telephone was broken open The nniouiit inken was unknown. alleges, staling thai is still required to wear a metal brace for spinal injuries sustained. The plafntlfT t: represented by Harrison, Smith and Taylor, Blytheville law fitri. Seeks Unification of Recovery Machinery WASHINGTON. Dec. 20. (UP) — Unlficalioti of the government's vast recovery machinery was sought tcday by President Roosevelt. The task Involves not only coordination but In many cases abolition, of duplicating agencies. It was hoped to have the reorganization well underway within 30 days. The new national emergency council headed by Frank C. Walker was entrusted with fre Job. The groundwork was laid In a two hour conference between Ihe President and Walker. Mrs. Taylor Moore Dies at Tupelo, Miss. Mrs. Taylor Moore, mother of George Moore and Mrs. Chester , Nabers of this city, died at her home at Tupelo, Miss., last night. Funeral services were lo bo held this morning. Among those from here attending v were Mr. and Mrs. George Mocre: Mertls and Boyce Moore and Mr. and Mrs. Nabers. Besides her children living here the deceased is survived by four sens living In Mississippi, Earl, Ruff, John and Kobert Moore. Hearing for Boiling Will Be.Held Thursday ^mZ™*™£ Preliminary examination of S. P. Boiling, slayer of Paul Coday. on a cl.arge of murder has been tentatively set for tomorrow in municipal court here. Boiling Is held in the county Jail here. He surrendered to officers several hours after fatally shooting Coday on Ihe streets of Manila Monday. An argument ove rthe possession of a pistol and a physical clash prececfcel the shooting several day.:. under one unit and thus bring about coordination." Probe Stock Purchase WASHINGTON. Dec. 20 (UP) —S Senate Investigators agreed today lo inquire Into circumstances imtlcr which Sewell L. Avery president of Montgomery Ward and com- pruiy. Chicago, obtained an option on 100,000 shares of.common stock eif the company at ill per share: Returns From Viewing 1934 Model Chevrolet J. W. Shouse will return tonight from Mllford, Mich., where he was a member of the party of Chevrolet dealers from all over the United States who viewed the new 1934 Chevrolet at the proving ground. The special train for this section left Memphis Monday. WEATHER Arkansas—Generally fair tonight and Thursday. Memphis and vicinity—Fair to- nleht and Thursday.

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