The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 20, 1943 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 20, 1943
Page 6
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BLYTBEVILLE, (ARK.)] COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, APRIL 20, 19.13 A (Ikins Proclaims 'Better Homes Week' Stressing that (he spiritual nud moral value of a better home arc the Nation's safeguards against ju- ivenile delinquency, Governor Ari- klns-Saiiirday proclaimed April 25 through May I as "Better Honie.s Week" iu co-operation will) (he National Belter Homes Movement, and spriealcd to 'nil citizens of Arkansas . to participate actively in Hie program. The proclnninlioii snlri, "Die home the very foundation of society, Ims become 'n war casualty in nntipii after nation, as each has fallen Under tho yoke of conquerors recognizing teltlior llic. t;.ujotily or mar riogo nor of the home." 'and lh;i "many" Ai'kniisai sons arc flglilfiii only widely scattered battle from to secure the future safety am sanctity of llicir own home am lliose of their children." Governor Ailkbis tailed iittmliui lo tho morale bulletin,, factor o soldiers knowing they \vlll rclun to comfortable, miniclive lioine.s and iwlnlecl out lhat "plauiiins now to use war sjivjiifc'.s to Jimkf Imni'ovemeul.s thai imusl wait mill the end of Ihe war offers evidence that Arkatisac' lioiw arc fighting for 'u heller world, and promises limncdlale occupation for ihrm in tltcir return." A victorious Viclory Garden requires careful attention. It needs cultivation, weeding and 8iiflirient 'wuler. { Examine the soil frequently for drynrsn. Water it when it needs moisture. And iniike sure this water gels lo the roots, ^ fiuy U. ,S. B'W Honili ami Slumps V, Blytheville Water Co. Hcrnard Allen, Manager "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity" fORYOURMOfe 'Build Homes,' Dahlberg Urges In Formula For Post-War-World While statesmen mxl polilidan.s Host people guoi Iho nrlc» ol Bubarofc Asptali ShlngUs (,!&« lh°n it loally is. They aio suio lhat mich »upj;b colors, to.xlurss and slyloj... such durabilityami lireiesUtanco... must bo cosily. But when you gel our ligmes cm Ruborotd Asphalt Shingle, for le.toolmg . .or for new conslFuc- lion,..yoii will Icarj, lhat lh( , r oller you more IQI your Bioaey... cost leu DELTA LUMBER CO. • Blylhcville's Only Home Oivned Lumber Company 20.4 N. Second rh()nc 4 «/ 7 prorraci-jj are dhiwlnif up i for n po-st-wnr world, Hror berg, famed Industrialist and recognized ns n imllonttl nulliorlly on hfliislnj!, puts Ills, proposal in two words: "fiulld homes," "K, iiioslrlenl of The Celo,, - oration .nnd ' clintrmim of Hie bonrd or Ccrlnln-k'eil Products Corporation, e.xplnined hi:- pltm In the following manner: "After the war, millions of met vlll be coming home from ihc prm- •d .services, enjjer to gel bnck Into civilian We, civllintt joljs find homes intend of bin-racks or tents. '•Millions of war workers, now Ivlng under crowded mill unsal- sfnclory conrllllonp In (lie arais . tho Brent war factories where hey hiivo assembled, from nil purls of (lie counlry, wjll be scattering nlo more ilcsirahlp IgcnUons, and I'f'.v will waul home. 1 ). '•These returning .soldiers and filloi-s and lliese war workers, the I'eunl need for (heir services erul- <l us the demands of war 'stop will 'mil Jobs, "The building Industry can pro- ide both homes and jobs." declared ihril two- nrds of the nation's people are ow living in.(imii-lcr.'i,thai, nrc In- ucquntc, out-of-diitc, in need of modeling or complete, rcrjlace- icnl. ' Purl of Hits, he -iald, Is dttc to ic fuel Hint home (mllcllng lias een halted clurlnt' the war exi-cpt or tltc essential cnitstruction, hich, by necessity, has been of- cti done on the regimented pat- eni of }ioiis!ng projects. Rcmod- IIIR, the Installation of Improved ving facilities, even repairs unless icy arc Imperative, have been vlr- inlly impossible. "Jn the meantime," he satd he building industry has made mnendous strides. We have lenrn- d more about building houses in |e past two years limn we learned In the preceding livo decades. \Ve have been forced lo develop new nntetlals, new methods of construction, because accustomed materials have been impossible to !Pl nnd old methods of construc- llon have been too slow. "AD this wealth of development (he prople who occupy them, even llinugh they are buili of (he materials. sumo "Already tin. m-clillncls and designers arc devclnpiny hundreds of ;K>IV (Jet-igns for private homes using exactly Ihe jaimi materials thai are going ..inlo rcefniwitcd housing iirojccls, hut turnbi" oiil as many (iitfcrenl I hero ore . , "A •machine house' need nut be a ftlatidardlxed house, it | s umj, Ing more nor less Ihun a house In which Ihe essential elements ore mnss-ptwltioed instead of ing laboriously put together each job and can be suit individual lu.ste." Right Wallimne Helps To Dime ' NEW WASHABLE OVER WAUPAPEB GOES ON' ; ETC. 7 No need lo sctopt off Iho old pop.r.T.chld, B, a y be applied itghl over it. Add woJer — . then uie. Htm'i.conomy.Tolgollon cf Txdid. ,ii 11 9 ollon cf wcle,. Mak«> cncugl, painl for cvctcge room. 'V • Now cut tho time and expense of rcdccoratinga room ih hall! Do your repainting the streamlined, modern \\ ay-with Pittsburgh • Tbchi'de. It's entirely different from old-style wall painls. Quick to dry and easy to apply, Tcchide makes it possible to do over a room in 3 hours -2 for painting -1 for drying. Ask us • about Tbchide. PITTSBURGH PAINTS An occaiional wattling vvilh toap and \velir brings bask that now ready to apply to the A'lll be sliding of private homes when llic \rar u over." New materials and new construction methods, Dahlbci-R said have brought wltii them economy not only of lime bin. of cost. This will prove a mailer of vital importance to the servicemen re- lurnlns from Ihe ware, he iioinled ut. because they will need an conomical market in homes in or- lpr lo be able lo aiford the kind of residences lliey and their families arc entitled to. "The home of Ihe futuvc will nol only i>« more modern, more attractive and more efficient Ilian Ihe home ol the present, bul it will cost less." lie OT id. The dynamic industrialist and practical dreamer, who in his (lay bus been railroad man, lumberman and builder, visualized more ilian 1.000,800 new homes a year iiii; up nil over America when (he war ends, and sees thai build- in? rate continue for at least 10 years. ' ' "Every element necessary to make this possible will exist "Dahl- bcrg declared. "We will have the demand for licmes— that is assured. We will have the wherewithal to curry out Hie program; Ihe Increased' skill ol architect* ami designers, Hie materials that arc now being channeled into war-time construction and developed to inert war-lime needs. "We will have nn ample stiniily of labor. "All lhat will be needed will be for .some force to slarl the ball rolling: probably Ihe government tliroiigh initial financing, although countless prospective home owners will huve n new home fund of their .own through their present pnr- iclm-rs of war bonds. "Once the building wave stark rolling, it will carry u.self along. Men rinding jobs in tre construction industries will in (heir turn , build homes, which will mean more work for mare workers, and more homes for H IMC workers, so thai home building will become a self- nourishing activity." i Although DahHiiTg sees the home of the future bum from (ire-fabricated materials, which are daily proving ihdr wor( |, iu w . nr . limc construction, he emphatically disapproves legimenlnlioii in desien or planning. ' B "A home will always be an Individual rmmer," he Mi(| ,. what arc _ building now in the housing projcc ,s Mirroundins our war plants .-hfluld not be taken as the com- plclc patiern for ihc future When you hav,- ,p build 1COD dwellings I" the greatest possible baste, the only way w set them done is lo use a standard rlc-sign. "But when homes are built In- dlvidua y a , u i wilh less need of 1'nslc. tliey can be as dltlerent as "Knnd-inc-dDH'iui" me quite the accepted thing these days, from shoes for the baby to furniture for lie bride, in fact, many a bride of today starts her career of IIOUKC- Kcoiilng in a single room, siir- •ounded by a motley array of this-'' ind-thfits passed along to her from Mother and Aunt Sue and hat dear little lady down the •trccl. They nil want her lo be omfortable. even Ihouyh site Isn't eady yet to buy her own furni- tiro. The smart little bride accepts lie hand-me-downs graciously niicl sets about to create as unified a home as ,slic can will) what she ins. If she's really smart s ) lc knows that one of the best ways to knit together the ragged assortment of mismatched furniture is to select n suitable wall paper as background. Some wallpapers seem mnrlo lo smooth over the tautis of them In a harmonious lyholc Scenic designs and unitizcrl all over florals are particularly adept- able for iliis purpose, as tiicy provide sufficient interest to divert " congressional committees about attention from the white elephants l " ''"'esUgnlc government housing yet not so bold as to intrude upon ~ ~ — the general ensemble. " Color is important, loo, in piecing together the puzzle of your room. The cooler colors — yellow, Best Houses World Has Ever Seen, Promised In Post-War Period. CHICAGO.—A private enterprise plan to build a million houses a .ve;i]' soon after war's end was outlined yesterday by .Joseph )]. Mason, editor of Amecicnii Builder magazine, who declared: "This is the way lo bridge the gap from war to peace. Private builders can provide homes as well as jobs far soldiers without government subsidies. The two keys are a liberal national financing pluti and an improved building technique, llial will bring about lower costs. "Out- slimy of leading residential builders shows that large numbers have ihe land and experience and the plans already drawn, for early post-war start. Home building Is OIK Industry (hat will cMime quickly and will become an •noniious factor in providing employment. Private builders have real tilings in .store for the public Jlicy are preparing lo build (lie best houses the world has ever seen." '['lie American XJulldcr Million rentes a Year program as outlined >y Mason calls for a post-war home financing plan with low initial payments and 25-year amortized uortgaBe loans, These would bs insured under a National Mutual Mortgage rimiivtncc fund administered by tlte present Federal Housing Administration. The plan would enable private builders lo either rent or sell the louses built.. Families unable to aise a down payment could move n under a five-year lease with rplton lo buy. They would acc-timu- ale an eqiiity while living in Ihe Already approved by building in- luslry leaders, the Million Homes Vcnr program will be presented congressional committees about green, light blue -will make your furniture more conspicuous and floor piece sore thumb. But Ihe warm gravs and laupes, rising to a new hiJh in popularity this spring. o r (he floral reils nnd pinks, will provide a glowing background of support- to blend with (he furniture and nfjenclf.s and post-war building. "Jn effect, {lie builder.-; of Ihe country arc asking for an Improved, liberalised post-war HfA financing • plan, Incorporating some of Ihc i successful. idras developed In war licuslUB," Mason said. ".Sucti a postwar FHA plan should be drawn up in the near future. Legislation will lie needed to expand and revllalize FHA, which has Ihe confidence and .support of private builders because it has aidqd private enterprise rather (ban competed wilh it, a.s other BOVfrnment agencies have. "Wiilt u .satisfactory post-war finance plan available, private builders will be able to erect a million houses n year at 'prices ranging from $2800 lo $8800-lhus serving all classes of people without costly government subsidies. "Planned garden communities,! belter architecture, better construe- i tioir methods could be secured A! national finance plan of this kind i could bc used lo raise the whole level of home finality. "The need for costly public lious- g would be diminished and could be largely confined to reconstruction of slum ureas in cities. "Home ownership with all lhat it means lo good citizenship would be encouraged. The building industry's planning the world's finest homes for ihe American public, but in order to provld" them quickly after ihc war steps must be taken now to harness the skill. Inventiveness and drive of private enterprise to the job." Kccmninisls Ho Agree I-OS ANGELES, Cnl. I UP) —The public has got the economists ell wrong, according lo Dr. Dudley P Pcgnim, chairman of the eco' nomlcs department of (he University of California. He says the public believes thai no two economists can agree oil anythin" To the contrary, he says the c-o nomisls arc largely in accord "on all such subjects as the prevention of inflation, the means of its prevention, Iho efficacy of overall price ceilings, llic imperative necessity of giving up wartime expedients when the war i.? over ind (he importance of casing back rather than plunging i rac!i jlllo peacetime economy. A rubber life raft can save at leasl 10 fives. The sale of five $50 tfii.M iv IAW.-J. i iur .-juie ui uve itvy war bunds, at $:17.50 each, will pay for one. Every ahmnn must wear a parachute, which nosls 5150. This means persons must buy"-> !."ti(j\ in.i -JUIL:) illilJiL rJl $25 war bond at $18.75 apiece. DO YOUR DUTYiomiB HOME TOO.,.RE-ROOF NOW Don't wait until leaks bring big repair bills. Now is the time to guard luMltli and home values. When you re-roof with Certain-teed Hexagonal Shingles, you are doing more than stopping leaks and protecting your home from flying sparks—you're assuring yourself of trouble-free service for years to come. Every Certain-teed Shingle is "Millerizcd" for longer life. Let us show you sariv pics .., and give you a free estimate on your, exact requirements; | HEXAGONAL SHltiGLEl E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. One gallon does over" a room MIRACLE WALL FINISH $998 /L GAU ^^^B PflSlE I ORrt 93*QUART One gal. Ktm-Tonc pailc niafcr* I 1 } fi.ali. Keni-Tor.e firuiti. ONf COAT COVERS WALLPAPM,'paint«! walls, wallboard, basement wallt. APPLIES EASILY. 1 GALLON DOES THE AVERAGE ROOM. NO OFFENSIVE PAtHT ODOH. Kern-Tone ROUER-KOATER S9v Rolls Kcm-Tone riglit over your walls cjtnck- Iy, easily, sinoolhly. , Save Money with SWPl MADE It( 8 COLORS AND HHITB HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. Y V)U save when yon paint— nnd long after—with SWP. Its remarkable case of application saves time nnd labor. Us tremendous covering powers save paint. Its well-known durability saves your home front decay; Q-IS expensive rcp.iira. {J (',;\\ SHERWIN-WILUAMS CU/P HOUSE Wir PAi NT WASHES iwiinj 1 —""^ For Kitchens, Bathrooms The ideal finish for kitchen and >-athroom walls nml for wcoit- work throughout your home. Amazingly washable! In many lustrous colors 4 i 7 nnd 1 ' thus. ' fit. SHERIVJN.WH.LMM5 SEMI-LUSTRE XS1& Giant Color Style Guide! ' Yoxus, lo Ixirro'A.'—FREE TP SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINT & COLOR STYLE GU/DE Sec hundreds of lioincs, rooms — nil in beautiful, tnic-lo-lifc color! TOM LITTLE HARDWARE CO. r Complete Ilnrdwnrc Store . Main Phone 515 TRUE-TAGG I Pure PAINTS! . .. Top Quality Paint For Every Purpose Ask Us For Details On the New WALL A One Coal Inside Flat Oil-base Paint. No Primer Is Required. Pawls Over Wallpaper, Plaster, Etc. The ONLY Paint that Will Go Right Over Calsomine Finish- £ O 8EJ UL fs. TRULY Washable—Kasjj to Apply- New 1843 aper Igal. Moraie! lOc Per Single Roll and Up! Do you have In he drafted into hnviug your home repaired to give ils bcs( services war (Jays? A fresh face of wallpaper will go a long May in preserving your home's youth. . . There may come a time when we will not have such a complete selection. Now is the time to put ;\ new dress on your- walls. HeUcr grades of paper in pastel .shades and colors. Stripes, florals and Colonial designs. Prices ynn can afford lo pay. Blytheviilc's Only Exclusive Paint and Wallpaper Store ansas Paint, Glass & Wallpaper Co. PK. 2272 105 E. Main

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