The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 24, 1941 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 24, 1941
Page 2
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BLYTHEViLLiE COURIER NEWS ifcrtfSs •'H^Beli : . j^rre :.fuest$ycS ft&gtiam&t&f "-'-.toe'.;Tin! •Mrs., Thursday W. ••"'•••£•••' •• •• Si^iSW -'-, -....< ."- . 'Horner wa's hostess v i ": 'iclufc '"ana '••• one 'giiest,; Kirs. *Jl*trt V*: < *-'-'-» I »I- 1 " f* >S>* ?**.V> *V L-t-f. Taylor, for a party 'at her ' i»6rie'pri2ein*'tfie gajnes whtch followed r iuncb.' Mrs. Taylor was also Resented a ;gift. •,;: '••' V.-. -- • ':• - /.' '••.' ^A : ;Valenfcine scheme was carried .put in the decorations for the party ;bf ^; the ;;:Thursday;' Contract club at ^the^home of vMrs; Edgar Borum. ff Besides the: club ^members, guests ' Hoyd ' A\ White- Mr?. akfcr^ Mrs:, Tted, Child, .^lber-'"-- isfrs: ' M. : ' A." ? Isaatis rand Mrs; iviarvtn «obihson. J:;gjF6lIo i wing lunch, bridgie was play- I^CIub prize went ^to^Mrs. . Rod- li. Bannister and : "' . . . :>. Graf ton : '-eri- -;v ' tflfe-: vThirreday Afternoon "Mrs. JCreshinente "v.were''.- served after s^ih' ,M^h : 'Mrs;; 'Eddie wss hig|: luid; Mrs. i*. T C. " ' • Mrs. V, ; .played cards;, Vith tee" 1 - TMr»3ay ^1-1^6 -horrie' ; ;0f 'Mrs. George dessert Raines, ffigh 'priaie clufe'/ niernbers; wen t : to ' " second . ^received : tine Biiest ; ;pri2e: M^AJl^; member?;^ of "^ . the^ ,Tnursda.y ' , Dessert i^cHb'; ;"were p^esenV for the tyv: .at • the • home : .' of Mrs. 'Jess ' ' ' '' , •..-., .. - 'color-'sclieme car-: 'the 1 ,' : Mr s •: /^ ^Srmth ', . . . F.;_ ?°ttea:,. '.'"for" a party : "a t ' : ~" " '• :v ^- ; ^ f^A: r sal^L C^late .'^Jis ''seVverd 1at;'the ~;c^|c!V^Dfn L ; ;^ ; ^r^":tarnes, J j>:; ' $h (ch high ; the . :|;onlyj;giie£t . of ^Miss ^Mauvine • -Br ari - i:; "' " wlien "'she had •Bridgfe ^ club. party 'al -her '''' Kifhner . "0^55 "Jane Me Aflairis : ''' ' '' ' the Young ' :S'c- Thur_sday night ''at. 'the ' - " . Byie"e. y6t^al ^period was pipen- "•prayer % Mrs; /; Bob Ty- from tfrfc ;22nd was rcari' ^b : ; Mrs. Tied • Stev ••.-' ' iai ^oun' games : :';.-TB. '• dessert '-plate ' ; coffee' was j*ar^.^For'"ciab.'.'• ;: -• Feaiherstbu, ,.-,,.-,. - ,---2n..mth the Thiirs -Gay -Rook 'club ^members, entertain i party for the -club affernobn at 'frer home : ;.In? addition to the club- in embers ^"•-^Idv^s her guests, Mrs. G. E ij.->Mrs.;W; F. Brewer, Mrs Simpson and 'Mrs". Nathan This winged coiffure is;"described ns''."hairo-dynamic". by Bootz PoweJl, Fwt Worth,^ Tex., hairdresser who created it. It^s called We ''•spiwn^/-' and, albnf with its companion hair-do, •the "HurrVcnhe,'' Is deciicatea to the Royal Air Force. . ... SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON A Rfeligicni ttf RMfeinptioii Must B ving Text: Luke -15:1-10 BY WiLLlASl E. GILROY/ D. D. Editor of Advance A person's conoepUon of Christianity '.-depends ...very', much upon .vhat* he conceives to be its na- ;ure ; ahcl mission in the World. If "hri.stiam;ty is just; n 'good religion, a • bond for 'keeping society 'together,'/ and. .concerhe'd ;chicfiy with civilized • ^and rcspectabie people, fe qutieach may easily be limited. and/tiiere 'rieed;l5e/np, 'great H^oUght ibotit ^ the Xoutchsl; t ,'tn'e underprr?- - ' t , legecl. ^aWd^the f -Sinful,; ... -.', / : i; ' • .. ., :.^BUt- : - if : 'Christlnnjty, be a , •religion r • red^m^t'ionr''^n;d the ;: G6spel -ft- essa^iB ^ of ^G'od's grate arid'. redeeming' -love, ; jts chief pbncern Tfay _•. well: /be with ^ those, who /have frever :' .•'•found . ;6r felt its saving- p'6^yer-^thos l c whom we comniohly i; -" . . .. be the Bion . of ;Tn'odbrn 'Ghri'stians, in ac- timljty too many "of us take the former • view, 6V 'we L should' be "more aroused f abont the ' v rcdemp^ Hdil i"';6f humanity than .wo are. But there Is no : .doubt : about what the Gospel .meant to Jesus and about His mission and the religion that He brought to : m'an. If there .were any doubt., this lesson .would ... make everything plain. ;It,is,_pb\1qus_ that the sin- fur cannot be saved. without some contact Avitli /the saints. The Gospel is; : uot^ just; a.; fine principle, or a pleasant? theoiy, or a' rcfinhig at,- movsphere. It is .a..message that has' to be declared. It is a power of love and;;gracc that has to be expressed, it Is. a "salvation that, having changed Hyes,' changes other lives through contact and contagion. .If .you -want to save sinners you must;. . go . where sinners are. Jesus knew' this and practiced it. He /qiackly /made contact with ''publicans; ^and , siVmers';— the. cle- • , ollectors of . Roman t .taxes ^ and the, people whose lives tind ways did not c'orresp/pnd with the strict ideas of the cbnventipn 1 iaUy ^religious. As a. matter of fact, mo ny of th'em were '..• riot a^s bad as they were/ painted./ Some . of 'them indeed were genuinely "good, "or had latent good in. . tlVern. ;Is. .there ... hot the^sp'ark of God in- pvety -.manVv .;.; ... -*".•/* •*'• " v Tl\e Pharisees \nd/, ..the. scribes .rnuhnui ; ed abpUt '''• th!s. ' They drew 'their "skif't^ back from ^ohtadt wrth- any thing ; ; unclean/ 1 and they, 'could not understand.-, thn fc a good man, -with love and; the passion for. re- 'demption in /his heart, ,'cpuld 'become the friend of "publicans and sinners." ,., Do.. nob-; condemn them too hastily. They were the conyenLionally correct "and : proper _ people of their 'day. But \their religion was con- .ven.t'iqnal; It did not go deep into human Reeling and the sense, of brotherhood toward men wham t.hey did not like. or whose conduct they 'did not approve. Arc wo better" than they? That is the question to ask ourselves. Jesus rep! fed to • 'their murmuring in two vtotable parables— the Parable of t'hc Lost, Sheep, ^ahd !the Parable of "(he Lost Piece , of 'Silver.". They are 'so plain and im- mlstakablc that it" we Vend them ariglit they require no explanation. The one- was glorified for the last generation in Snnk'ey's great soiVg, "The Ninety aiid Nine." One may wish that it migh't be heard of tenet; over the radio or in our churches. It was true to the very heart and spirit of the Gospel. Keiser News Has Birthday Tarty. ......".'• Inez Miles, wnrij complimented with a party given by her grand mother. Mrs. P. M. Miles, on her 13tb '.birthday. 'Guests included 14 of. her school : .''After the-games B dessert rniVr^P u -- . sv, »wi .mows. Maurice. #&• setVed by!! r^S ^ - ^ rs - JW ^ te . onfi R "^ 11 , Memphis -,.,. ?*f eu DJ uie nostesb.. Mijes • "assisted in entertaining the 1 " : - •children with sex'eral game5, after •- -v ••-•,- ,'i...- which refreshments were served. !•£/provided Hhe , the Rev. j. W. Wat.son. and Tvlrs, WaUon last week. Mrs.' Walter. .Parker and -son, Walter Jr.. returned Friday from England. Ark., where (hey hud been visiting Mrs. Parker's "brother, Mr. .Gwyn. Mrs. 'Maurice Litlte and .son, Maurice.'Jr., who have been m hospital for the past three weeks, returned home Wediiesday.. ij. emoonjat her home,. st Ira Crawford. Mrs. Sid » Miss tfuanlce Walpole played •'"the members Were •.•served afterT . . ._, ?. High score prize went l&- Mrs. •m;:H. : :Bradberry. "lo^ to "' s. Beiiard ; McFarland. bunco to visiting VIi-s. S. S. WocHums, was . Russell Miles hss been ill of in fluenza /hi his home this week. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Sharp at ? f - faglnaw, I tended "The Philadelplna Stoh* ^" ' " " n Ruth Tiftcrrioon. s. O f Blytheville ccm P'f ^ te ^7 lthT 5 ? how ^ e^M spent, th, week end hern with her Mr. and Mrs. J. K. - Myers ^ . . Aviaaugftter ; ,was born : auest to " r, 'and ; ; , KJass-thisV-morning at ||;-;.W.sdls.>;hoEpital: V The i baby, who her home at Womack Lateral. '*.,».« . •" Kichard Batcher had as her guest lost week Ucr sister. 'Miss Jackie \Vooi<ird. .of Hamburg. Edwin Bruc.e. of Memphis, came Friday., to :.pttcnd . the ; -funeral . of,' his micle. Dewitt jc. 'Chandler. He was .the 'guest of. his parents. Mr. and;Mi-s. I. G. Bruce, while here. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnson, and .Miss Outmita Johnson, ot Mernph5s. : were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Lowe and Miss Christine Turner last week end. .,'Charles Ellison Went to Memphis Monday to.... attend..; the Memphis Air'cralt Training School. The Rev. and Mrs. J. W. Watson had, as their guests Tuesday Dr. E. W, Potter. Methodist District Superintendent, and the Rev. M. ; A. BicVbaum, pastor ot ' the first' Methodist church of Luxora. ,Mr5.i,rTed' Lock -of Se{- L";;\vere:'the guests of Mrs. W. : r.-.Pegg Sunday. -.-- ,. •.•'!.'?£gsy\ Brinidey- as.,111. .'o£->influen2a at; her -librae .'this' : week.- i\ and Mrs. John TjTon'c and sons, Hugh a ; nd Jimmy Lynn, have returned .. to ttteir home; in ieba'- noh,, Tenn.v .after speiVding ,5i weeks; .here, with their' parents; jyif and •Jvjrs. jbu'ther , Tyrone and Mr M. Eath. .. . . ..-Mar]jr } 'jq Cfa'ftwi, f <X -pon- ,,.. } way, is eKpected, .|to arrive ' , . for. a _ vjsl't with Mrs s. P. Ciratton and ^family. , Vj Mrs, Ware .WasiSn bf'. . .., ., . boro, "came today to 'tfe. th'e pver- night :. guest, of -Mr. and Mrs. W. L Horner and . famil.. Cj^uthersville Miss : Imogen'^ is in Hol- c'omb this ';wc*fc ; 'teac^ng in the . . .schcTp] ^ege .in the place 'of her; sister, Riiss _j[neip, wjio /Lsjll. •^.Mtss tioutse . Specie, daughter of Mrs. H.;c. Stejeie, 8r,, of Steele, has . .. , ,, , accepted ;,a p jfJcfeitio'n m ^fecity^, p ^, .;, Neal Helhi , is in Wayiihgton D. C., on a t busin'ess. tHp. Mr. and W. N. Rankih of .^ have gone to Paragould to reside. Mr, Rhodes is to be connected with 'the Roland Motor 'Coinpany of that "city. .Mr|. George A. Hamilton is /able 'to Be out after having been ill of Influenza for several days. . ^ . . nea r Hay ti , moved iii . the , L. ,S Sh'adn resideiVce 6iV l'8th .stree thijs week. Their home iiear. Hayti will be .'occupied . by j. '6. 'Ran kin of. .Steelc. ; v v ,, Mr. .'and Mrs. . Nqrbert Sp'ald'ing left Tuesday . fo); .Sh'fffleld, Ala where they will .make, th'eir home. ; Joe Parkinson _. . £n!d v daughter M"ar5'. are in Corning, Ark:, . yJsi'Ung with M'r ; s. Parkinson's parents foi severfil days. : - ... j Mi's. Cha.rles G, Ross and Mrs J. L. James, /acciompahied by I^.rs Fred Williams, have gone to Greenville, Miss., where Mrs. Boss and Mrs. James visit : the formers ^ "daughler, Mfss Mary,. Tiptoh' until Thursday, while Mrs. .Williams will visit with h'er daughter Mrs. Sam .Dicjjerson and family. Charles" "G. Ross, Sr. t left Tue's x ... -•>„.„.„ ----- .- ----- ... . , . t Ml5s Peggj' Jon'ns went to 'St.i'day for Columbia,; Mo., where he Loins Thursday afternoon to visit, will remain until Thursday on busi for a- few days. , B. G. West is ill of influenza this week. -Mr. and Mrs. Walfcer Robertsoi - and son. ..Walter, III, have left fo - . H - C.,^Blankcnship .has returned Richmond, Mo.-, where they wil from Memphis Baptist .hospital make their residence Iii "the . ' where he /underwent an j opera B6n ture. c j for c a ruptured disc, of the .spine. He .is at the home of Mr. and Mrs.; Markey, R; ;M. P v ierc'e, J." W. Tip- R- M wa^n • r £fa gj.,.. ^p LycUa EVenson were in ;' PortageYUle;{'to 'attecd ' thp in- ^t'o*}i<i i inv^i' '/^f r\tiA*in,C^i' fnV t'lVt* PnVt — Eaton. Mildred Peggy Buries and Charles Kinny» 66J ,-. .uvuiw «in.i v/iutiica rvmuj'- s,wnuuun ui omcers ior tne fort- Norman Tyler Leroy Piersb'n'' ana more are spending today in. Mem- a'geVille^{chapter of. .•fche. Order of Kenneth Cox, members orthe'j'uri- p1 ?^;. x--. - • ,;.-.< : . ,,•..*. •..;•;• M Eastern Star. jSirsi.T. ^3. Markey; tor Class .who are fea\'ihir .iSiferihv 'George . Koester, of Litlle Roclt, is at'teh'din'g to Business here io;r two days. ..While, .here, 'he is the guest of Pat O'Bryant. Mr. and Mrs. Charles . Crigger •Jr.. and C. E. 'C'ngger Sr. \yerc in Muaford, Te'nh., Tliursday "for the funeral of Thorrias-^j. McCree, who died Tuesday {from injuries received in an, automobile accident night. .Young iVJj^Gree was a cousin,.of the Mr. Criggers- B. C. Walker Jr.. of Denver, "Colo.', will-arrive today for a visjit with Mr. and Mrs.. Samuel ;'>'.' Norris and Mrs. Hugh Nelson. Thompson and families. The er family were formerly prominent i-esidents of. this city, 6ut mo'yed to Denver when ' the elder Mr. : Walkers health became 1 impaired •ab'out' 2d year's ajgo:' Mi-. WalkeH will spend the week "end. th'e Eastern^ S'tar.MrSvT. i -J. Ma'rkey acted as initallin| oAcer an^ Mi-'s;. Bonnie Mar key as :rn stalling • mar - • shall. ' The tjaru&e&yille -ladies.' were united. to : attend by Mrs. 1 Inicy Letter, 'the 'b^oinig Matron: Mrs. Lester was -a .former resident , o'f {this 'city arid -the ' ; sister.: of 'Mis's Essie Johnson^ •; . .• : ,.; Mrs. Jimmy Tipton, Jr.,- arid 'son, Jimmy IIT^^e ah -Kenh'e'tt visiting her parents, Mr. ^ahd Mrs. S. P. Banes. '.:. ;.•.-'.;:_-. - 1 ; •• _ • . _ Mrs, C, JW. vGuriiii ': of : Hickman, Ky., arnved., ''Kere_ 'to spend t'h'e remainder. "*of :;tlie. winter with' her «J. 18., \3raham. : -? ; Mr. ;and rs.: Harry C. IJavis, who live on East! Sixth street, have announcecl ~ 'the ''•. 'arrival of a . 6' ; i been named sL gone 'to JerTcr- . «• «j •*• «-_^— +<ri v > w' • \ ~ - *' • • />---j?i=i-tuJ«^Tl^i^ill":-r''4i|-t''--'' -i l ' '••• Caruthersyille Monday CARUTHERSVlbLB. Mo., .|i7aii. ^.—Representatives' -' from I^reSby- "terian churches in three {South.-east Mis&mri cbimties here riext. Ivlohclay night, Jan. 27, according fo an announcement Thursday^' by the Rev.- WayrVe W-, Grayj local- Presbyterian' minister. Counties /to .have represen'tativos present.; 'are/ fifew Madrid; -Duhklin and Pemiscot. and a ''"dinneE 'and program will be held, beginning- at ^ ' .. .Speakers/on tlic prograVn 'include the Rev. :Roland .Sim's of I'krm'i'hg- tpn. .Hdrhe fission Chairman of tii'e Syn'od 'of Missouri, and the Rev. J. E.. Travis of New Ma'd'rid. fiie meeting is preliminary to Mis r sion Weiek which will 'fee ob' served throughout the nation by Presbyterian churches. February' '2-1. Students From County Active In Schools Two Mississippi County girls now in college are participating- in special activities according to word recen ; ed Here. Th'ey- arc : Miss Doris Djelk, graduate of last year's class of 'the city high school, and Miss Donna Ray Driver,, of Osccola. .Miss Delk,wh6 attends'the Memphis Academy of Arts, ,,was mentioned in a' recent, survey of thcs employment, record o[ the Academy. In .addition,'to. her studies, she also has a part, time job in a Memphis., interior decorating .shop, Miss , Driver, a student, at the University of Arkansas at Fay- ettcville, V,TIS~ one of the directors of "The. Delicate Child, v one act play recently produced at the Uui- vcrsitj-. ' ': '. Childs. Mr. 'and Mrs. Bob Crews Jr. aT- as their guest, for the next several weeks. Mrs. Crews' cousin. Miss Paula Peliticr of New York City. . Commahdery Will Meet Olivet Commandery, No. 1 20. will meet tonight at, 7:30 o'clock »t the Masonic Hall for a School of Instruction. The announcement was made today by R. E. Blayloc-k. E. C. noss . . ,-. . , Mesd.imes '3. "f," IMTarkey,, ii>nnie Dyess Personals Long Shorts " : ""'""" .Horace C, Craword ^entertained with a 5«j^n dinner party |t , jfcl&ir home WeSrtesi day night, in 'ttpno'r of trieir second wedding ai^iy&kry 'and Uie birlh> Say. of- the^Rev. W." E: Haltom, pastor of the Central Baptist Church, Other guests 'were fch'e Rev. and Mrs. HalUbrn an'd Mr. and Mrs.. Johiv Carter._ Mrs: Tom ^ JJran|ford spent the weekend, in I#nok£, will) relatives 'and frierVds. Her niece, Miss SuiM 'G'r'pss, was, .a recent visitor here. ;Mr. and Mi-s. Clarence Smith of Millinp,tori , .; Term. , spent Sunday with the <0.'-. B, Eufranlcs 'family. . The taettaxlist Women's Society 6f. 'Christian Serv/ce nie't Monday aftenicorj "at,Vne church for their regular meeting. Mrs. C. E, Dreary .is the p , MJ-S^M. M. Hinefiley im relum- ed home from Memphis where she was a patient in the Baptist lios- pTtal. ':._.'_ ^ : v ,." , • ./Mi\ and Kfrs. Lester ' Jacobs and children ,'le'f t , Wednesday 'morning for Hermitage, Ark., where they will. make, thfeir future lioirie. . Mr. and Mrs. &6y White and family have returned from Wass- co. Calif.', where they had visited Mr. and, Mrs.. Murphy White. Julian White, who accompa'nTed them, remained there for an indefinite, period. Mr. and Mrs. Ajyin Sullivan and baby daughter, Mary .-Emily of Ar- mbrel are guests at the home ot her. parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Walker., .•;: ,__.•.. : . Miss Loraine Echols left Sunday for Mountain Home, where - she h as _ employment - .in , the Baxter County 'Abstract Office. Mr. any £lrs., Robert • 'CheathYifi of yFriafs ."Point, M^ are here .John Tyler, Millard Pillmore, : i Ah;arew t Johnson, "Ghester,.A; "Ar- j thur. Theodore Roosivell, . an'd i Calvin Coolidge became head of the^ United 2 Btates .; gbyernment ] through. trVe_ y^k'th .of tiie ^re^dent _durlhg their terms a{s .'vice presii Sent. Read 'Courier News want . visiting her /parents, Mr. and Mrs. : Kirk: /Walker. . , . ille; ; Bowls, . Doyne Phillips. Norman Tyler, .Leroy Pierson, and Ptenms; .Frankie son; Barracks near St. Louis, where lie ';•; will^be, ' stationed while for';" 'service ;.;'.'.\n ;. Uie .United S^»te^-Army. He 'iS-iriHhe mumcations dulsion , : of "liiVp , Mrs. ""W/ L. ' Canti-eir and 'son, .Robert, and her sister, Mrs. Hubie Barksdale. arc visiting- in Myrtle Grove, Pla., with Mrs. .Cantrell's daughter, Mrs. Milton- Lowery and Mr. iiowery. C^riitfeersville Agfent Assistant Manager CARUTHERSVILIJE. Mo.. 'Jan. 24.— Clyde. H. Hendrickson, Metropolitan" Life -Insurance Company ngent 'in Caruthersville since August.:. -1939. has been-, promoted .td assistant manager of, the Pine Bluff, Ark.,, district, and will likely be ..assigned to the branch office at E] Dorado. Ark., it was learned here: : ;:Thursday;. Annoimceinent of Hehdricksonjs prom'otioii came from ;Glen -Ji Spahn, •supermtend- cnt of agencies. for Class , wno are^ leaving for a ^ ;CCC" 6arnp in the Rocky Mountain's, were special guests at a party given. Jn .their honor at the ^community building on Mpn- clay night: Mildred. Smith.. Har-; riet Echols and.Eloisc Clapton \vere in charge 'of arrangemerits. Miss Alice Horn,' Eiiglish teacher, is the 'Junior 'Class sponsor. . •"Vf » ' .' f ' • • ,; ", At The Hospitals Wails Hospital Mrs. W. W. Carey, Manila, a mitted..., Ear I-/ 1 Bo Wen. -f^ell. admitted. Bom "to Mr. 1 Mrs. A. t). A Southern - i-esprt play outfit that made an.instant hit when it was brought -over ^from B'ermuda to Miami Beaeh.'features 'smart . ; and highly practical 'Bermu'da '."long" shorts. Of solid color menswear flannel, they are worn, with ^cotton seersucker blouses printed in bright, splashy flower patterns. Read-Courier News want ack>. DANCE EVERY SAT. N^GHT HOTEL NOBLE jU .,. ,. misery, of 'colds.with.ii, "yaj '' cular soreness 'or tfeh .With this more.thoTough treatment, the,pouHic;e-ahd-vapp.r action of. yicks^VapoRub. more effectively PfMFTMTES IrMtatJed air passages with soothing medicinal vapors ... STIMULATES chest and back like a warming poultice or plaster. ... STARTS RELIEVING misery right away I Results delight even old friends of VapoRub. TO GET a "VapoRub Massage" with all its benefits — massage VapoRub for 3 minutes on IM« PpItTANT . RIB-AEEA, OF ^BACK as Well as throat and chest spread a. thick layer on. chest, cover -with a wahrie'd 'cloth. BE SURE to use genuine, time-tested VICKS VAPOBUB. In Memory df H; B. Gaiiipbell Mrs. CaMpbell K-lass; 'City, a girl, weight- six p'ounds, five ounces. Raymond' Hughes, •Anriorel,. dismissed.:.. • . Ruth "Ann James: sVeele, riis -^, . ... .. . , • Mfempliis Baptist HospfifaK 'K. J^,. Crawfor.d; ,. Corner,. ' '' Read Courier Ne\vs want ads. HARRISON'S AUTO PART S & GARAGE SERVICE STATION General Rep«i?iiii5;, WeWInJc from Red Top Gin ' •..' * _*,_.. Spices Fashionable ..••. gentlemen of live 17th! century cah-ied. spices in their . pockets, ever ready for use in flavoring food or drink. WE JVIAKE GONCREI'K STORM SEWER — ALL SIZES Osceola Culvert Co. - • -JPhones 25,^ & 60 D; = S. 'taiTey Ed Wiseman Osceola, Ark. ! Club Meets . Tbwnsen'd club No. Ouc will meet IpnTg'lVt at 7:30 o'clock at the home of Mr." and Mrs. Harry Og!c. Officers 'arc urging ail members to attend this meeting. CALL 372 For Vancy & Staple ai> ! d Fft^t Class, Tender Meats. ..FREE .DELIVERV ANYWHERE IN TOWN. • ' ' ' • _ ff. fcllTY FOOD MARKET Corner Franklin ,*• f»u«^in Harrcn Davis j. p. Lumford MlDAY .., BARGAIN DAT Matinee lOc & 20c Night lOc A 30c Keeping Company with John SheHoti it Ann Kutherford -. w _ - AJ^P-. ^.elected „ SATURDAy 'FistsFIohAs Also cartoon "Fox &. lioiinrts" 'A -. . serf a f.'Thc 'Green Archer" ..shon- .till li : :}o p.m. For More Economical, More Convenient Cooking FLQRE OIL JRANGE CONSOLE OIL RANGE Here is a practical open front rarnge at aih exira low price. H has fiX 7 c burners, three beneath the cooking top arid 1\vo under the oven. Roomy cooking/ top. Accurate oven iherrnoTneter. Phone Or. W. F, Brewer lilyLhevilic. Arkansas Specials! Ektrattions - - - - $1.00 .Full Upper and tower PICKASD'S GROCERY & MARKET FREE PEUYKItY IMtoS'l FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLE AT ALL TIMES WELL 'PEPPERS — BRUSSKI SPROUTS — Phone ROIT ; WSTENi TO KlCN 10:00. «.TBH.^-12:f 5 R O X LAST TOlES TODAY . Bt)N tYON in 'WHO IS GUILTY? . Ak'6. y.o>;clly .Shorts & Comedy ; J>ick"; final chapter. 11:30 Ftorevee TaiMe Tap OH Table Top <HI Range Gn«\ ciant wickles«j btirner* One ard^ burner at each en^ cl cobking: r tcp, th<p e\tra-pow- crfuL jiant bjuVucr. bc'rTcath ,thc ovpn. Fully- insulated oven. Torcciamirt oven linings. A beautiful, low-cost .'unit.'. T.his handsome white.porce- lain me del has red, chromi- nm-trimmed hsudle*. Three «rrface blirners, IFO "Jovcu burners. Us extra big oven v i d e s 'spate: to cook a wnole meal at one tiTnc- Sinooth paneled front, 'fold- back top cover. I^ryc utensil .storage HUBBARD FURNITURE CO,

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