The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 12, 1955 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 12, 1955
Page 11
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MONDAY, SEPTEMBER If, 1«M (ASK.) OOUS1M NZWI PAGE BLETEl* OUft SOARDINC HOUSI — wMi M*j«r HM^to OUT OUR WAY |y J. R. WHftoM sextet*,tun ^Ki'i •foi »«*.« HOY* TO.*HJFT-5^*Jlr:^«-J jj$J OFF WITH PR1>*N' •"-•"* T'M ABOUT, 1Mi V00NSSTSR* TACKLW* y V<X) WArtT Mfe 1t> YOU— It TriAT TM» IDEA, COACH f LIFE'StONeeST MIMUTE MARROW GALJ6E/ YOU'RE ABOUT A FRIDAY NIGHf? T«l«vnion — Tonight, Tomorrow — WMCT Channel 5, t, WHIQ Channel 13 inter Cbau*) I 6:00 Csewr Prewnui 7-00 UeAic 7 JO Robert Montgomery piecenU 8-M BofiWm Blackle p:00 TV Reader's Dlgwt 9 30 News Reporter 9:43 Ble Pl»yb*cK 10-00 WrwtHng 10:» Weither A Newi He&dlince 10:36 Tonight 11:00 Mystery Thwt» li:30 Sign CMI Titn4*r. S«pt. II 6:50 Meditation . 7 ;00 Today 7:25 News—Memphis arc* 7-30 Today 7:55 Weather—Memphis •re* 8:00 DlnK Dong School 8:M Putt-nt*' time 8:45 Stt»ry)«nd 9.W Home Sho*.-—color segment lti-30 tenncsa** Ernie rord 10.30 Feather Tout Wr«t jl;00 Shopping Rt Home 11:1$ ' Program li:*5 Charra with cnhy 12:00 News 12:15 Farm Neva 12:30 TV Movie Matinee 1:00 Ted Macfc Matlne* 1:30 U Pays To B* Married 2.00 War °* the World 2:30 World 01 Mr. Sweeney 2:45 Modern Romance *3;00 Pinky'l*e Show 3:30 Howdy Doodjr Ttm* 4:00 Morio Time 5:00 Cartoon Carnival 5:15 Interesting Perton 5:35 Weatherman 5:30 Dinah Shore S:iS Jfe*8 CaraTftB 5;OQ Plnce The Face 6:30 Arthur Murray Party 1.00 Jane Wym*n'» 7:j0 Hollywood's Best 11:00 Truth or Cons*quence« 8:30 Grand Ole Opry 9.00 Victory- at Sen 9:30 Nexra Reporter 9;<S Cnrtoon Time »:55 Weather & News Headlines JO-.OO Star Stage 10:30 Tonight 11:00 Mystery Theatre 11:30 Sign Ott WRBtf Cftuuel U (S:00 Burns and Allen 8-M Talent Scoute 7:00 Those WhiUnp OUll 7:30 Medical Horizons 8:00 Summer Theatre 9:00 Pull Mall Theater 8:30 Do You Know Why 9:35 TEA 10:05 News 10:15 Weather 10:20 L3te Show 11:30 Weather Tue»d«j-, Sept. J3 6:55 Farm News 7:00 Morning Show 7:25 Mid South News 7:30 Morning Show 7:55 Memphis News 8:00 Garry Moore S:30 Arthur Godfrey 8:30 Strike It Rich 10:00 V&ltRnt Lady 10:15 Love of Life 10:30 Search lor Tomorrow 10:45 Guiding Light Jl:00 Jack Parr 11:30 Welcome Traveler! 12:00 News 12:05 Lunchllme with Hal 12:30 House Party 1:00 Big Paroir 1:30 Lady of the Hous« 1:45 Bob Crosby 2 :t>0 Brighter I>ay 2:15 Secret Storm 2:30 On Tour Account 3:00 Robert Q. Lewi* 3:15 Early Show 4:30 Mars Patrol 5:00 Western Theatre 5:15 Weather 5:20 News 5:30 Douglas Edw&rdB 5:45 Up Beat 6:00 TBA 6:25 Do You Know Why 6:30 Warner Bros. Presents 7:30 Wyatt Earp 8:00 $64.000 Question 8:30 Mark Saber 9:00 Danny Thomas 8:30 Auto Show 3:45 Pattl Page 10:00 News 10:10 Weather 10:15 Late Show 11:30 Weather I CERAMIC TILE For Bathroom Walls * Floors FREE ESTIMATES F.H.A. Terms WALKER TILE CO. 1M E. D«»i» Ph. 3-6933 EXPERT WATER PUMP REPAIR Hubbard Hardware PkMt 2-ZtlS Johnson Grass Killer Ckl*r>l« 700 Nb Drum 12" WeMi Culvert Tile Co. Hlfhwi; H »l Stale Lkn MOM OSborxt S-M14 RENT MOVIE CAMERAS FLASH CAMERAS Complete Selection of Flash Bulbt, Polaroid Film, Color Film, Movie Film BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main Ph. 3-3647 THE HTORYi SoMronr h»» *e- loHMlr iMJnrcd IlrltxlK. wAtch. im nfcOMr^ VIKffo 9«nd'« ylirhl. trlraH I.rMrlk »n< Roh«n >?••«. who hitre hrcM retain*^ K private •et^ctlvM fcr ** e »cht «*r»«r. hare c«He« • eltnic of MnwenKcra »l*4 MlV"* the lonnn;*. AT tic next. cabin, that of Lily's stepmother, Lynch deigned lo knock. Alter some wguely silken rustling, Mrs. Wyndam opened her door. I was puzzled that at such an hour she had not called "Who fc it?" I bowed w«h all the old-world elegance mj- uncombed hair and rumpled bathrobe and pajamas would permit. "We are sorry to disturb you, Mrs. Wyndam. But this is most important. There has been t disturbing occurrence. A member of the crew has been badly hurt. There is some mystery about it" Mrs. Beth Wyndam treated us lo a sweet and helpless smile. "Oh, what a shame!" But I can't really see wh»t that has to do with me." It « hard to convey the special quality which Mrs. Wyndam imparted to that tiny word "me."' I head with a kind of infinite, half-witted kindness. "I am afraid we can make no exceptions. Mr. Lynch and I are asking everyone to come downstairs to the lounge. At once. It's most important. You won't have to dress." Next on the line was Manfred firaun. I tried the knob. No dice. Lynch knocked, waited a moment, then pounded like a Stormtroopcr making a midnight nrrest. There was > grunt, > shouted; "Wer 1st dort?" After I had announced m? name there wns n shuffling, the sound of » key turning In th« lock, then the sound of the sliding of A bolt. Herr Draun had learned to value hit privacy. , The middle-aged, alert-looking but somehow nondescript German was either a good actor or he had been thoroughly asleep. We told him. Braun looked appropriately worried and agreed to do as he was bid. Reginald Dibble was in bathrobe and Riviera sandals with a soft scarf tied becomingly around his throat. His naturally wavy hair was combed. His smooth cheeks had been lightly powdered. Sand, he said, had called him on the phone and told him what had happened. The cabin adjoining Dibble's was unoccupied. The next door was locked, but at our knock was promptly opened. H there are degrees, of nothingness, we knew even less about Paul Souhani than about the others. 1 had the impression, though I would have been hard put to it to say on what I based it, that the rest of the Victoria's guests, including Sand himself, were almost equally in the dark about him. • • • SOUHANI looked to be somewhere in hfe early fifties, but he w«s deep-chested and, though his hands were soft and well- tended, he looked strong. By keeping his squarish, somewhat swarthy face fixed in a polite, perpetual half-smile, Souhani succeeded in robbing it of any expression whatsoever. He might Nave been a priest in mufti. Or a banker. Or « member of some diplomatic mission. He was in undershirt and trousers. Bits of lather here and there about his face indicated •c had caught him in the midst of shaving. With a polite smile he heard our explanations. With the same smile and an absenting bow h* agreed to come to the lounge M once. Not once had Souhinl opened tho«* «et «nd smi'lne lips. .When 1 iwunf the doot (un-i locked) of the cabin of Herr Seigfricd Meer, I nearly caught him smack in the rump with it I regretted that I hadn't, Siggy, that Nordic god, was doing calisthenics. In white shorts and nothing else. Far from being embarrassed at being caught in that activity, Meer started at once to tell us all about it. We had to interrupt him to explain why we had dropped in on him. \Vc found Sand fully dressed in a faultlessly fitting, sky-blue suit of soft, dove-like flannel. Though the costume was of the dimensions of a tent, I had to concede that the effect was both original and elegant. When obedient to Lynch 1 * whispered instructions I told him of the assembly I had summoned, I saw Sand's big hands clench once in anger; the instinctive anger of a man who is not accustomed to anyone but himself giving orders. Beneath his mask, however, he was badly worried. * * * LILY WYNDAM, in fluffy, high-heeled bedroom slippers and a becoming negligee which would have invited a chest cold on any less warm a day, was already on hand. So was Mrs. Wyndam. Dibble was wandering around smoking a ctgarel. Meer, looking hideously bright and fit white trousers and a white shirt open at the collar, and Sou- hani, dark and correct u usual, were at our heels. When a sleepy-looking steward carrying a dust cloth and wearing a white mess jacket appeared from the direction of the dining room and stopped in open-mouthed astonishment to discover the lounge populous at so improbable an- hour. Lynch sent him to fetch Captain Carey and Second Mate de Jongh. Dr Lund came in and settled himself with an air of professional detachment In a straight chair Braun. looking worried nnd nlcrt Captain Carey and Mate de Jongh brought up the tail of the procession. Lynch confronted Carey. "Captain? You have brought u* that crew IM»" (T* Bt CwttMWd) rVENTED LETTERS Reputed inventor of letters was Admus, in Greek mythology founder of the city Thebes, who worked out the.system of the 18 letters of the Phoenician alphabet. • ILL WALKER HAKINE INSURANCE ON VOH WITH W. L WALKER INSURANCE AGENCY Glenco Bldj. Phone 3-4360 —WE SELL— L'SED: Refrigerators ........49.95 i up Ran;« 29.95 & op Washers S4.95 A ip Vacnuro cleanrn 15.M & *p T.V Setj-Dryers-Wat«r Heaters —WE REPAIR— Television—Radios- Record players—Ranges Refrigerators—Was* en Water Heaters—li orts A SmalJ Appliances ADAMS APPLIANCE CO. •2*6-18 W. Main —For Rent— 8 MM CARTOON FILM Wcilern-CMMdie*, etc. Kirby Drug Stores NEW WOOLENS Make Clothes With A High Fashion Look, at a Low Fashion Price The Howard Cloth Shop . Ncrth Fnnklln Row! Ph«M l-4!t* The old boy does look worried and thin since the judges gave him second place—he's a poor loser!" "Could I please have my toast rare? TOM IN SIGNS, SIGNALS, THE GEL'S WAmNS,TOM~TW OME-W*/ TICKETS TO SAN FRANCISCO-OS ONE? *U. L5W6WU.BC WCVBV ^ IS IT ALL RIGHT IF JVIY POP HELPED ME WITH THE ARITHMETIC HAVE YOU ALL WRITTEN YOUR THEMES ON 'WHAT I CUD ON MY lYES'M. VACATION 1 ? THERES BEEM ANOTHES BRE,A\R.LE£. ARE HXI SLCE SOUR EWUSHTEP5 OUR OMUV HOPE X..5O JUST W*IT V WY WORD! \ WE THOUGHT IT WOULDM'T TO SB JUPSBD / RIGHT THERE, WOO \GIRLS 1 . WHY | HURT TO LOOK A UITTL.E FAIRLY. Bh66,l5 IH SEND A, SUIT WETHOUfiHTOTR / TOPPED IN A PHONE A 6000 IMPRESSION OW HIM THW HE WON'T I OF MY BROTHERS KECOSUBE 115! V TO YOU W OWCE. CAPTAIN LOOKS LIKE IF SHE GETS RESCUER fLL HAVE/NOW STOP CO IT...AFTER / JAWING AND il, I'M THE ONE RESPONSIBLE FOR HIM BEING SOOOSOSH, NOT SOING TO TRf TO RESCUE HER , -OJR5ELF, ARE YOU? GOTO WORK. NO TIME TO LOSE' THANK VOU FOP WAKINS . ME,GUV'NOI?...I MI6HT HAVE MISSED MV BUS! WHATTSA BIS IPEA ORA6SIN' MV CHAie OUT 10 Tr)' CUBS, 3UM?y HOW'S THAT? IS SOMEONE CALLINS I? OKAY, SUT DON'T CNERPO IT UNLESS VA INTEWOS T ... am. Sfc SYLVESTER'S SOT A LOVELY CHAIR i A\AY I TEST IT4 QUALITIES OP I?E6IU£NCY V ANP COMFOCT?

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