The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 28, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 28, 1937
Page 3
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TVESDAY, DECEMBER,28, 1937 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Latest Hollywood Merger Country United On Policy; Four Year Economic Crisis Passes BY M. C. BUURMAN United Press Stall Correspondent AMSTERDAM, Dec. 20. IUP) — I This year was one of the brightest for Holland since the Armistice. After four years the economic crisis came to an end. Genera.l. ejectioiis,-.showed, lhat the country was behind the uolicy of economy inaugurated by Doctor Colljn. . The country's trade balance became increasingly favorable. The succession to the throne was assured by the man-Inge of nopti- lar Princess Juliana, only daughter of Queen Wilhelmina. to Prince Bernhard von Uppe-Bietci-feld on , Jan. 7. Princess .; Juliana announced over the radio that she was expecting the birth of a child Army Needs ModeriilKilion The black spot In the year was • the need for the modernization of the army as n result of the re- ] armament of the major European powers. The building of the J French frontier and the line of Belgian fortresses right up to the most southeastern point' of the Dutch frontier exposed Holland to the danger of being the country through which uiiy invader might march. To strengthen this tiny country of 12,781 square miles against, any possibility of invasion, the army was' reorganized and the air force decentralized. Forty two stron? casemates were built along the eastern frontier and 70.000 men. forming part of the "J^lit Brl- ,pade", were stationed for the immediate defense of the eastern frontier. The air force was strengthened bv the addition of the --latest Fokker fighters.-while the ground force was equipped with Vickers- Armstrong anti-aircraft, guns. The infantry was fitted out with antitank -gups. . ' Dikes Are Protection In addition to- its conscript army of 1,680,000 men, Holland has superb natural defenses in the low- lying coastline and maze-of cnnals. The dikes once cut, Holland easily could be flooded if threatened with Invasion. The narrow slrip outside the water barriers has been protected by strengthening of the arrny./.^ ." v ' v ,. ---«- time' policy*rwas: given -when $ki-J era! -warships and,: submarines were sent to convoy' Dutch merchantmen, following" attacks on neutral AND REA4CDEL Home kCONSTRUCTION'EQUIPMENT REMODELING Plug In A* You tteue H comes to houses should nowhere be "Get it-plenty while you're getting," Is an old American maxim of the practical-minded, and when this tnaxini given more earnest application Uian In the provision of electric outlets. This Is equally true whether one Is building n new liouse or rewiring an old one. 'Hie use of electric lamps and appliances Is steadily growing and Ilie latest star and movie director to meitje their domestic interests ire glamorous Virginia Bruce and successful J. Walter Ruben, who were married quietly at their temporary home' In Beverly Hills Cal. Pictured after the ceremony are the bride and groom, with Mrs. Ruben's four-year-old daughter, Susan Ann Gilbert, whose father was the late John Gilbert. •Miss, Liberty To Undergo Thorough , And Expensive Beauty Treatment from the house. Aren ways Mid «l.lar window boxes should have ili'fttimge. Look at the roof ,nml make sure that It hixs corrosion resisting metal (liishliigs nml (lua downsixwts do not discharge next to the foundation. If the house passes injection on thfsu points It .Is |K)ssibly nil- right otherwise. * . • . ,Why Endure llrlj), Drip, Drip? Not long «go a New York City Is Impossible to tell what hew ^>\ will come woinun got into legal dltllciillles landlord she- ppllnnces will come along. U smashed a window, gloss anil sash, tn't safe for the householder to I Askt '' 1 "' court Why she did it, she (jure on only enough outlets' to s*''' "'"I she couldn't stand tlie nke care of what lamps and ap- endless drip, drip of n leaking Mlances he has at the time he fallc <-' any longer. Anyone who ..„ _ «ver listened to the Irritating inured tliat a safe rule for living I 1 " 1 !' ° r ft leaking faucet can sym- builds or rewires. It has been oams, bedrooms and recreation coins Is to have outlets with hi'i', nlthoiiuh out may wonder why she did not re- _ _ enough I o that no point along a' wall un- lKort to u 'o simple expedient of iroken by a doorwuy is more thnn' W 11 *.' " wish cloth, or ntiy slrlp of Ix feet from an outlet and no,* 1011 ', about .t»o faucet so thu vail space of three feel or more 0 " e t '" 1 ' of ^ 1L ' cloth reached Hit acts at least one outlet. Ami, (Ai slnlt or lx)wl - Tlicii Hie wntet courst tliere should be celling out-1 * olltl1 l' av u run noiselessly dowi cts for lights In number propor- 'ionate to the size of the room. In the kitchen every work space should huve Its outlet and, of course, nil standing electric eppll- ras fun is Smoke Mouse For Farm 1 o u s i n g Administrator Its Importance In Loan Field WASHINGTON, D. C, - The •£functions of the i-vdornl Housing Administration Is stabilising tho home mortgage market, during |ie- •v-ds when Increased bullillug activity lends mortgage lenders to conV- jx'le for new iiiortgdgo lunns. were emphusked today by StawuH Mc- Uoimltl, l-'cilcral Housing Adinluh- the cloth. Most faucets ore of the compression type In which a Hut washer bears down on the HUB, or ground seat, that surrounds the ances like refrigerators, ranges, flow "P" 1 ' 1 "!!. Generally when such clocks, fans and dishwashers 1" ' ullt '' ! ' leaks It needs n new should have outlets behind them,' w . ftKner ailu tlle cnreful house- In Uie dhiliig room at least two ""der will keep a supply on hand floor outlets should be provided' fo . r bo11 ' llat " IId col <i *'"ter lines. In addition to celling light outlets *" tlle tlx)l!i 'ciiulred are a nion- and wall outlets for electric ap- y wrcllcl > and u screwdriver, pllances or lights on sideboards or So'"""""' 'he scat t>ccouies mi- serving tables. The 'bathroom ,*" ll>le '« corrosion and It must BY GEORGE ROSS NEW YORK, Dec. 27. — New ships in the Mediterranean. Hoi- 1 Ynrt Harbor's first lady, statue of land took this step independently and before any of the powers decided to; protect their merchant shipping in a similar manner. The outbreak of the war between Liberty, is about to undergo a beau- policy and not suitable for pacts. Holland tool; the initiative in Japan and' China led to an in- ' callin s the Oslo conference where crease of the Dutch defense forces i Holland, the Scandinavian coun- In-the.East indies. It is recalled ' tries ' Belgium and Luxembourg that Holland has a colonial e: pledged themselves to the greatest that is the third largest in ' the ' possible fucodom in commercial in- world. The Dutch East Indies • willi j tercoursc. Dutch trade missions also 60,OOf>,OM inhabitahts and 'enor-1 visited the various South American 1 countries, preparing- the way for closer commercial relations. The position ot the Netherlands Bank remained strong and the Hold holdings now approach 1,500.- mous • resources, are' the backbone of this empire. Hitler Answered on Neutrality On Feb. '16 the Dutch foreten minister replied to Adolf Hitler's speech in the Reichstag in which 000,000 guilders. Gold coverage for he expressed readiness to guaran-i banknotes was 150^4.per cent and tee Holland's neutrality. The'gold coverage for note circulation Dutch foreign minister expressed j and' deposits was 84.12 per cent, appreciation but said that Holland The youth of the world sampled would never be willing to conclude the hospitality of the Dutch In July a pact with any foreign power over] and August when the Boy Scouts' inviolability of its territory because this was axiomatic of itolland's World Jamboree was held at Vogelenzang. VETERAN OF VODVIL. , SCREEN** CHARLIE CKAPUN WlTATlON CONTeSTtVT SIX. f>AUI-)NE\ViTr1 PEAf?U w«rre. i New \ORH-CITY . JULY 12,19O8. HEIGHT) POUNDS. MOTHER wis CONSTANT COMPANION THROUGHOUT HIS CAREER. NOW Sue MOVC CARD-TRICKS, Si-ElCSHT-OF-HANO ty treatment such as she never has enjoyed before. No mere sandblast Ill's time for Madamoiselle. Nor will she emerge from this masseuse's mauling will] the tonic effect of a mudpack. This Is to be a • general overhaulins for the lady who carries the torch for Liberty. The National park Service Is the good angel who will bear' the burden of the expense which Is no miserly figure. For $158,328 Is the exact sum required to restore the uroud lady to her natural beauty. Tliere are to be no compromises this trin. Nothing is to be spared in-a gallant gesture toward a gallant belle who hns held an arm "loft unflinchingly in the behalf of liberty. The First Lady will receive , the equivalent of a super-Turkish bath to counteract the ef ects of wind and rain on her sturdy figure, and well she deserves It; for It has been lonelv out there on Bedloe's Island with only the ferries plod- dinsr by and an occasional liner crawling In the distance snubbing her completely. Maybe It will be different when the lustre of old is buck in her eyes and her complex- Ion acquires a glamorous tinge and her fingertips are manicured and hur coiffure gone over. A girl needs n beauty treatment now and then. Tliev l vc reckoned Miss Liberty's rehabilitation to the last dollar, not havinz counted upon a lady's vanity, but you must admit that for a :avaller. the National Park Service has been pretty generous. In approximate figures, this is how the total Is going to be spent: $20,000 are going into a reinforced stair- ease around the elevator shaft and $20.000 Is the price of a thorough dry-cleaning and masonry repair. Miss Liberty's torch will not be neglected, for It will be entirely refurbished and two fresh coats of paint will be-applied to the stays on Miss Liberty's flowing garment at a cost of five thousand dollars. $60,000 Is the estimate on changing the mounds that surround Miss Liberty's foundation base and the 15 mammoth bulbs that are beacons for shipping and aircraft will be rewired at. 1 a cost of another five thousand dollars. For besides serving as a symbol of unfettered mankind, Miss Liberty also is utilitarian upon the bleak waters. To correct the atmospheric conditions within the statue, another $20,000 and the residue will b'e spent wisely In other phases of the rejuvenation of the lady with the torch. Terminate The Termite Peril It Is reported that a small boy, coming from a- southern home that liad recently been infested by termites and visiting New York City | for the first time, asked to be shown the Grand Central Termite. Unfortunately there is no grand central termite: It would, be 'easy to deal with it If there were. The pestiferous Insect Is widely spread and works In dark and devious ways to eat the heart out of sills ndy joists and studs. there isn't'any reason to be ittery about termites, They have always been with us, and most icmes escape their ravages. On he other hand, the person who Is julldlng a new house does well to make it termite-proof'. He does hat automatically if. he builds with steel and concrete, brick and atone. But he can build with wood ind still make his house safe from termitas by taking simple and Inexpensive precautions. The tiling to bear In mind'about ;he termite Is that it can't stand exposure. It must .have darkness and dampness —especially dampness. The only permanent reservoir of moisture Is the ground. Hence the termite has to maintain contact with the ground and this t does by maintaining runways In cracks In foundation masonry or by building, earthlike shelter ;ubes from the ground over the 'oundations to the woodwork of a ' ouse. By shielding all wood from the ground with inexpensive metal shields the termites can be prevented getting into it either directly or by building tunnels to it. Additional safety can be obtained by using wood treated with a preservative, or wood of a termite resistant species, In danger places. Termites that get into buildings quickly die when their obviate, ' or |»stpone for u long time, the purcliusu of a new faucet. N«w Members Enrolled In Lions Club Today Two new members were Inducted into the Lions club today at Its regular luncheon at the Hotel Noble They are Chris Thompkins and A R, BUltry. Miss Elizabeth McLean read a dramatic monologue for the pro gram. Tliere were 30 members and one guest, Miss Laura Half, present, . . , . Hobo Requests Court Bar On Daylight Time SHERIDAN, \vyo. (UP)—J. Leon Lazitrowitz addressed a request to Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes of the U. S. Supreme Court that he be named a frleiul of the court and be permitted to plead before the tribunal his petition for the abolishment of daylight saving time. r>-. Lnzurowltz made the. request, 'as "one chief Justice'to another." , • The president of the Rambling Hoboes of America, Inc., chie Justice of the supreme hobo kangaroo court of America, doctor of gratis .touring and professor o; milestone Inspection, was en route north for the winter when lie announced his request to the chief justice. "I work north In the winter and south In the summer to avoid competition," he explained. The hobo went Into detail with officers .and reporters concerning his daylight saving case, while checking out of the city Jail where he had applied for lodging overnight. '.'I'm petitioning in behalf of the transient public in asking daylight saving time be declared unconstitutional," he said and displayed a prepared brief. The petllion sets forth, among other tilings, that Dr. Labarowltz was once caused to miss a freight train because of daylight saving time and was deprived of an hour's sleep. Mr. McDonald pointed out that while competition is u healthy and normal development In Die mortgage lending Hold, under certain conditions, past history has ilem- onslratei) both Uie weaknesses Inherent In the nylon and Uie,need for some method of checking the growth of unsound mortgage lending practices during |«rlods of competitive activity. "It Is Important to keep In mind Always the basic fact that the Federal Housing Adiiiliilstrntloii Is nn Insuring agency which docs not In uny way compete with any private enterprise and jxutlciilurly such ending institutions which enjoy he benefit-? of dealing In Insured nortgages," Administrator McDou- Id pointed but. "The very purpose UK! functions laid down In the National Housing Act prevent It rom being In any senso n competitor 'with private business. . "Mortgage lending -Is entering upon one of the perlotlla cycles luring which lending agencies will actually compete for sound mortgage loans. The collapse .of Uio real estnlemarket In the early days of .lie 1930s brought to light the fact that during the lust building boom competition for business led mort- gagees to nmkc many doubtful loans. "The Insured Mortgage System was established to prevent the recurrence of the mortgage IcmUng practices which resulted In the crash ot real estate values during the depression. Lending agencies cau benefit both from the protection which the Insurance offers and from Uie better understanding ot the worth of their new loans which Federal Housing Administration appraisal will bring. "Too often, during post booms lending agencies neglected to check will) sufficient care Die character of Hie 1 collateral offered as securlt; for new loans, or failed to evaluate correctly the capacity of ,lhe borrower to repay his obligations. Ii their desire to make new loans, they failed to use the same care In examining the risk Involved in Uy new business which they woult have exercised under more norma conditions. "Regardless of the volume of new business, the Federal Housing Ad ministration must examine carefully ench loan offered for insurance. Because it In unbiased and has no actual stake In the real es late market, It Is able to make sound judgments which are not In fluenccd either by the desire fo gain or the hopeful psychologj which pervades the real estate mar ket during the early days of any boom. Fishermen Get Surprise, Snares 4-Foot Alligator YOUNGSTOWN,CX (UP)-Wlde- „„ ^ u . vn ,j uic wneu meir| p y e d with astonishment, Halph G. access to the ground Is cut off. Stewart and P. D. color, snared Construction Weak Spots Maybe you are buying a house .nstead of building one. If so, do you know how to determine whether or not a house Is well built—especially a new house In which de/ecU have not yet been exposed by time? it is impossible to list briefly all the points on which you should check but some of the more Important can be mentioned. When you are down cellar, note whether Joints in silk and girders have been made over walls or piers as they should be; whether flooring Joints have been made over Joists; and whether framing members have been doubled around the stairwell, the fireplace heartli and under partitions. Note also If bridging has been provided as It should be, between floor Joists, and make sure that fram- ' mg members have not been weakened by excessive cutting by plumbers arid electricians. Also be sure that flrestops have been placed between studs so Uiat there is no chance for updraft in outside walls and partitions. Upstairs, examine floors to see » they are level; note baseboards and trim to see if they are opening at the Joints; try doors »nd windows to m»ke sure they fit and work smoothly. In the attic see If light gets In around the eaves; make sure that framing has been doubled around dormers; that cross beams tying the rafters have been Installed on alternate pairs of ratters; and that no, framing rests on the chimney. Outdoors, see that griding his been dons to cwry w»Ur »w»y an 8-year-old, four-foot alligator In a stream near here. The reptile, they learned, had escaped about a month ago from a goldfish pond at the nearby "In our Insuring activities, w act In much the same capacity a the doctor who approves or reject. the Individual applicant for a 111 insurance policy. We attempt U take 'the same objective view o each mortgage case offered for In surance ns the doctor take.vwll each patient examined for life In Etuancc. "For this reason, tht Federti Housing Administration Is able prevent the ups and downs in th real estate market, own at time when lenders are most anxious t obtain new business." The United States Survey estimates the Ocologlca (levelope water supply of the world fit 454, liome of Dr. Armln Elsaesscr. 000,000 horsepower. RESOLVE To Build Your Own Home In 1938 The most sensible New's resolution you can make is one that will result in your building your own home. Begin now to plan . . . we'll help you arrange the details. Loans are available that can be repaid in small monthly payments no larger than rent. Let Arkmo Help You Secure A FHA Loan for Building THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. PHONE 40 This smoke, liojso can bo constructed almost entirely ot native material, such us sand, rock, gravel, and rough lumber, with expenditure only for nails, cement, uml root covering. The almost universal practice ol homo butchering and the ."hickory curing" of farm meats, -Justifies tha construction of a smoke house wherever several hogs we butchered yearly Tlie plan, No. 7S317, la for the smoke house only, A meat curing box for cooling with Ice during th« salt cure may be obtained by requesting plan No. 7602*. A pl»n for a scalding vat, scraping table, and hanger frame to shown in plan No. 70293. These plans, prepared by th« University ot Arkansas College ot Agriculture, »re especially well adapted for plantation, nelghuorhood, or community use., Working drawings of these plans may b» obtained through your County Agent and Home Demonstration Agent. Of the Ocriiinn wnr sunk 11 Scnpn Flow during -tho World Wni', 25 destroyers and three bat- lleshlns have been raised, TODflY'S H[IDESI FROM AMERICA'S MOST MODERN PtfPAMflON PUNT •• . • . . < The Ultra Modern Fuel for Furnace, Stove or Stoker. . . at the price of ordinary coal. We Guarantee EVERY TON $7.00 ton E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. PHONE 100 We cover your new roof with this (guarantee Certainteed Universal Shingles are Guaranteed to give Universal Satisfaction. They give you more for the price than any other roof. The saving in insurance pays a third of the cost. Time payments if desired. * E.C.ROBINSON LUMBER CO.

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