The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 27, 1943
Page 3
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THURSDAY, MAY 27, 1943 BLYTHETltLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE 'I ' - -•- j*-~~ ' ^ ' r " • '' Nazi Captives^-SquFjand Sweet ^ SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON Study in contrasts is seen in thste rictwxs of-two Germans'taken.", prisoner in the.Tunisian tiBhtin«. Haughty Nazi in helmet haj I lust found out the master race ^s'rr.ct, its pia-ter. Grinning Ger' j man at right seems pleased to be a prisoner. Demonstration • : -i». Club Newt Notes WOMEN UNDAUNTED HY WINDSTORM -. ! 1 In .spite of the windslovm and rain, 11 ulufo women 'from Brown Home Demonstration Club met at tile home of Mrs. Sid fJichols on Wednesday, Miiy 10. Mrs. Graver Love presided at the business session and Mrs. Arthur Hill led the croup in community singing, noil call was answered by giving a quotation about mother. Mrs. Craig told the group about the garden contest. Each member lias a victory garden and these will he judged In.June. A round table discussion was held on Ridding the Garden of Insects ami Things Thai Could Be Done Now in Ihe Garden. Mrs. Nichols assisted by Mrs. Fleeman gave a demonstration in canning strawberries. Miss Coleman told the group of the Council Meeting and school of conservation which will be held soon. The next meeting will be held at the school house June 2. DEMONSTRATIONS AT! cum aiKETiNG f Mr.s. A.. C. Owens demonstrate! the Bunking of bins itajxv the Mocking of a sweater and liislructec the group in how lo clean a while belt when the Yarbro Home Dem- onstration Club met last .Thursday nfttrnooii nt (lie club house. Dnriiii; Die business session committees were-, appointed |o- serve at Hie USD Iliesp were selected among the ; mothers who-have sons in .service. -Also committees were appointed lo. attend the county council meetings, each month. 'Tlio devotional was given by Mrs. J. D. Litlleficld and the creed wa-s repealed in unison, , led by'Mrs. Lewis Uitugher. The hostesses were Mrs. Boll Vea'ch. Mrs. J. n. Lllllejohn and Mrs.- tiaydo Vench.. Refreshments verc served. BV U'U.U.VM I-:, (ill,HOY, 1>, )). Killlur of Advance Tlic words of Jesas lo I'elei- Luke 22:31-32) should never be for- gollen; "Simon, Simon, Satan hath desired lo hiive you that In. 1 may sift you as wheat, but • I Jmvo prayed for thec llml> thy fnl'.li fall not; and when Ihou are cun- verlod slrenjjthen thy brethren." The prayei- o.' Ji'.sus was effee- tuiil. Weak, impulsive, Impetuous Peter, who did nol know either Ids weakness or his slrenijlli bn-nmu the Bloat leader hi the newly established church, Hero In our lesson lv> Is giving helpful counsel in the Christliins who Iwvc now be- conie scattered widely In various parts of the anclenl world. These Christinas found themselves In a ix'fulliu 1 filiation. Believers In God: they wens suUJerl lo the charge of being athelsls lie- cause they did not worship lln> lieallien deities of lircnr nnd Koine. n>llowi>rs of the way or righteousness nnd believers in a gospel of love, they stood out in contrast with those whose lives were In acccmliinte with Iliu II- •enlioas surroundings hi which they lived, and the lax and HITII- tious pracliccs llml Iheir pagan rc- " slonB encouraged. In i very way these Christians were 1 marked as different from their non-cinisllan eiivironinenl, mill they were subject lo the enmity of evildoers If they were faithful lo their Christian proleis- sion. Hence It Is Hint Peter stresses the imporlarce of their coiidui-linc selves well. 1'e.ler, who iiad assured his own persecutors llial he- must obey Clod rather than men when I hey Iried to stop him from preaching the Gospel, urges these Christians to obey every rightful ordinance of man.' If they arc huffoled, let .it rsnl be for their sins • and faults, bnl because they have acted honorably and wisely; To. suffer because of wrongdoing is ignoble, lint lo suffer wrongfully is lo find the true glory of Ihe CliristiMi and to have fellowship -with the sufferings of Christ H Is Christ, I'clcr reminds these Christians, who Is our great ex- lli'. and I'cler calls iiltcnton lo Ihe way (he MasUjr lived among Hl.s enemies. His putlence and goodness when lie was reviled, and tlnvalcncd, and crucified, t'eler cites as an Inspiration to these disciples as they bear witness to their faith under trying conditions They may be true and sleadfast In spite of all that would weaken their wills or corrupt (he strenylh unit purity of (heir daily lives. , And It Is all good counsel even loday when so many Christian* arc again living In Ihe midst of evil anil hoslllc environments, and vhen temptations of various sorts issail us, just because, the times rir.-uid lilgh chanvcter and action, u such a lime we must vise to he hi'lishls of line, courageous "v- Mrs. in> Gray. Uui'nran, explulnmi Hie nintiy values of liooks and lold llu'iu how (lie Itbravy Is .stipixirlcd, Aflor selecllin! books lo tako Ihelr teachers ttUciuk'd Hie hU- lorlcal movie "TenneMcn Johnson". Mist urcdtc-lyiie dam wus con- If you uro ex]>crl»n«lng.- more), mufller nfter-fli'o tlmti usual, It Li u gentle hint, liml Ilia carburetor mlxturu la , too; Iran or lha.1 (ho lunne wllh them the elilUlren wllli strui'lcd In moo at t.oulsn, Ky. valvcw lire'not .sealing well. Yarbro News When so students from Hie Yarbro school vlslled the niytheVllli' liublic library Insl Friday ftfter- iioon, It was I lie first trip to n II- bniry for luany i)f those clildren. CAN'T KEEP GRANDMA IN HER CHAIR She'* a* Lively at a Young* t«r— ' Now her B»ck«ch* U b*tt*r Many, luflerera relieve n»u!uE bfttfciKli* (juttkly, euro llicy dUcovor |lmt tb» real ruus'O of IKi'ir (rulible any bfl tired kitiiwj-p. 'I'hi- U'lmje^r,. N'.-itnrL-' fl cliVf way of taking tliii i>su-t',s3 IK-MA nml wnslu nut of itm liKwxi. TiH-y Iif1[> most i>coplo I>^M about !t jjiula atltiy. Wlicn tUaonler of Viilncy fiiucttou perruld pmscmoiis malljrr lo u'liiain in your blood, it imyrimMmnKijuitf Lru'kiu-Iio, ilivuciuitta pain*, K'i; |i:iiii!i, (O*K of iK'p oml uuCrty, gclliliK Ul> ni^hla, nvvolllritj, inirTineea unilcr ,th» *>'i'«, Lenihchid nncl diniricM, Ki«]LKKt or Kanty jiassriEi's ivi.Ui Binarling unJ buming 10111*- tiirn-a hhows thi'to la eomuttuiitf wrong with your Uslm-ya or Madilcr. llori't \vaill Aslc jour drutix^L (or Ponu'* I'iEls, used fiiic<ruful]y by millioiia for ovVr •10ycnm/nivyulvvlniiipvivllut itml wilt bctii t!ie 15 miles of LKlney tub*-* iU»U oiLl poUon- OUB \v:i(to Iroui your blood. Uet !>oaa • PUk WHO DUNNIT? THEY $CBAM HHEH Wit 2.J!) Values WOMEN'S SLIPS Pine crepes and satins. Lace trimmed und tailored. (i!lc iinu 'Jar, WOMEN'S UNDIES 59c PniHies, briefs, slcp-lns, lace trimmed 01' liiilored. PRICED Below NEW GOVERNMENT CEILING.PRICES! Perfect Quality Fine Gauge Full Fashioned Sheer Rayon HOSIERY 3 Pairs 2.25 Here is ;i cliancn lo save generously on tine quality hose. All are perfect, quality, clear and flawlesx. They've sheer'and have an ex Ira dull finish and are run-resistant. "/Is beautiful «,s the sheerest Silks or Nylons and almost as scarce' 1 NEW SHADES —SUN-GAY AND SKY-GLO. / We advise you to stock up at tliis Ion price, for values like this ran not lie duplicated later on! BUY ON GRADER'S IAY-AWAY PLAN! MIHuft SKIN IBS.'fi' M8KBMH1 THESE JED MAMtt Will MONDAY., MAY 31 USE IY Sink your teeth Into llic juiciest, lasfi- f at beef you ever olc— KUOGKK QUALITY. BREF! Cut from selected cuttle, «vcry plecc'ls guurnntccd teiuler, juicy, aml-niio-llnvoml. Don't ttiUe. clmnceu with precious -ration polnlu. He mire your next "beef ljii)'"j3Hr<>(>< < vQ"!illlyl KROGER Sirloin Steak * ;SSST CALL FOR CASH THEM FOR KROGER VALUES BEFORE JUNE 7 GET MORE Satisfaction FROM STAMP NUMBER 23 REDEEM FOR KRONER'S HOT-DATED COFFEE •M SATURDAY! STAMP EXPIRES SUNDAY, MAY 30 Hol-Dnltd wllhin \ hour of voant- Ing.., full fluvor genled in llio bean until you buy...s^ro groiiml to suit your coffee pot, FRENCH BRAND 97 «ICH, VIGOROUS 81END Of Itjl WOUlD'i CIIOICESt COFfEES 11 " CLOCK BREAD , S £L 15c SUGAR 2 Loaves For Canning 5 Pounds 32c TOMATO PRODUCT' JATSUI*, Sictks- i\v's, 14 m. 1UICH, S ili o/,. 24 TOMATOBS -t«i Nn. 2 Klii 10 lOpts: 22 pH Ifi pts. FRUITS & GKAI'KinUJIT .IULCK, 4(5o7.. .... I'INIOAITU; JU1CK, No. 2 can (JKAl'K ,HJ[(>; Welch's, Ql 18' 42 10 pts. 3 pts. Green Corn = Ear 5c BEETS ONIOHS 1IOMK CiKOWN, I.AIMJK UUNCHKS : Kth 5c 19c Grapefruit - 5 Ibs 27c I.AK(JK, JUICY SUNKIST LEMUNS round LETIUvt CALIKOKN1A lOKltKKC, 1,1).. T nm of A AC K r'"''" i omatoes ' i APPI F^ HXTHA PANCY WINKSAI'.S SNAP BEANS i> 0 un<i ORANGES (;Ai ;";r iA 12c 15c Ib. 17c 23c 15c 49 c ASI'AKAfiDS «r c Sloktloy's, No. 2,03 CAHKOTS, Hcoll -IAc Co., If!!/, m. jiir.. IW I'KAS, Avomlitle, AA C No. 'i cun, 'i for.. 00 CU'I' 1IKANS -I Of Krn/fcr, No. '.>. ran 10 1'UIINKS Kvnp. Hi 12 COKN, Slokclcy's No. 2 win ........ l)I(IICI) HICANK -lAc 1 II). cello ........ IU CAMPI5KIJAS -IJc SOIU'S .......... 1*1 PKAS, (irecn (iiiint, No. :i(Ki van I1UTTKH, C. C. H). I.HO, All Amcri- lit ills. 11 pis. 14 pts. .0 pts. 14 pts. 4 pis. 1,'! pts. » Red FoInU 5 Rtd Points HAMS SWII'TS IMIKMIUM Vi or Whole 39 COTTAGE CHEESE Lh. PICNICS Swift's Circle S, 4 lo (i Ih. Avg. 33 KITCHEN KNIVES 8 INCH Each 59 POAST I'OKK S!IOU1J)ER 1,1). 38 PURE LARD IN 1!UI,K Lb. . PORK SAUSAGE OUR OWN MAKE Lb. 33 PICKLES KOSHER DILL Each BOLOGNA TRIPLE TEST SLICED 25 BLUE RIBBON COD Lb. 39° BACON SKINS TOR SEASONING Lb. 10° CATFISH HOMELESS DRESSED Lb. 49 FATBACKS I'lNE FOR SEASONING LI). • 17J PORK BRAINS Lb. 25' KROGER PIGGLY WIGGLY .v^'>\ DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE 1 n«K«ooii«iooD/ l3u y * n V Kroger brand item, like it u well M or better any other, or return unused portion in original container and we will'give you double your mon«y, I

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