The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 19, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 19, 1933
Page 3
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 19, 1933 HL.VTHEVILLR, (ARK.) COURIER NUWfl i Good Distribution, Good Play for Lack of High Cards Former Relief Beneficiaries Must Have First Chance at Jobs. CWA payrolls in this and other Arkaasas counties are to be subjected to careful scrutiny to determine whether the primary purpose o[ the program—the ])rovid- ing of employment for persons p:evlously on federal emergency relief lists—Is being fulfilled. In response lo complaints Irani many parls of tile state tiial persons who had not previously applied for relief were yetting Job.", huendcd for beneficiaries of ' relief program, wo:'d u p as «em 0111 from headquarters at Little Rock tiiat Ihis situation would be thoroughly cl'.ec-kcd. Al the present time there are 1.- 9Q2 men and 413 women on CWA payroll in Ihis county. For the mosi part, ii is believed, persons from Ihe relief lists have teen given first call on Ihe available jobs. In cases where ii is found Uial this is i:ot the case changes will be in order. The same will be true in instances where it is found that • more lhan one member of a family is en Ihe CWA payroll. Some complaint .-as developed Jo- eally in recent days because of dismissal from various CWA projects of (he FERA relict men assigned to Ihem. In most cases Ihis ap- parenlly has been the result of weather conditions delaying work, failure of materials to arrive on schedule, or inability of the man lo qualify for the class of work available, but whatever the cause the rcsuli is that a number of familic. face the Christmas season with- a prospect less bright than was theirs a fe«- days ago. ji ; s contrary to regulations to restore CWA workers to the relief rolls, and such help as they may receive from the Gowlfellows is therefore about all Ihat is in sight for such cases. Tlie speed with which thousands of men have been put, to work on hastily conceived projects is blamed for most of t!ic difficulties that have developed in ihe CWA pro- Kram, and authorities, locally as well as at Little Rock, express confidence that the next few weeks will see rhr-se troubles ironed on and ctuses for complaint removed The Gordfellows report, that pro- press of their campaign continue- slow. The fiolden Hu!c Sundaj school class of the First Chrislia.' church and ihe Ladies B;Ke clas. n( the First. Methodist church have each volunteered to provide Christ .mas for a family. Contributions aK. ^ 'kn acknowledged of clothing from H. L. Harp and family and of gro ceries left, over from the rccen football banr-uet. Jurors Summoned for - Osceola Civil Cour OSCEOLA. Ark. -Tlie sheriff office has summoned (he followin jurors to serve at the civil divh ion o! circuit cnurt which vcnes here January 1: " con R. E. Fletcher," J. J. Hubbar C. D. Ayers, Geo. Balloue. Brax ton Bragg, J. w. Carlwright Jr Richard Cromer, Hugh Dillahunty .T. Driver jr.. Powell Hale. Gordo Hampton and Louis Lapides of Os ceola: R. j. oillespie jr., R. :> Forbes, Louis George, Gco' Dugar W. V. Cole. Waller Denton, Oil Holland. J. C. Huffman, Sa Meadows. Ligc Sexton and Twecc. Forsylhe. of Luxora; Walter PCI menter of Rosa: H. C. Melloi Auiuisl Hughes. Don Fletcher. Fred Saliba. J. D. Terror. G. C. Bennett of Joiner; Joe W. Miller and A. S. Catchings of Bassett: .Tack U77C1I and R. C. Branch, Pecan Point: Pat Speck nnd L. R. Olark, Frenchman's Bayou. Alternates are Nathan Wein- berR..Osceo!a: Emmy Harrison and O. C. Farmer of Joiner and C. W. McDaniels of l.nxora. Today's Contract Problem South has It (or tour spades. West opens the king of clubs. How should South play the, hand In make tlio maximum number of tricks'? * 492 VAQJ 4 AQ2 * 87 C 5 t v * V V , inilmi) w E I Blind) 1 UMler * 4 K Q J 1 0 6 4 V 76 4 K S.G + A3 f;oiuiiou in uext Jtsue. 10 Solution to Previous Contract Problem M» » A 10 S * A K Q 7 2 4. A KG 3 A A K 107, -— ,*Q6 '» ... N ,. V J 7 4 V K 5 " '• » J 1 0 0 J » » S 4 s + Q S 7 5 ^ J i n •) Deal, r AJ S 4 3 2 VQS 6 1 2 » U '.+ <2 Duiillcalo— All Vul. Opi-ulng lead — 4 J. Sonlh West N'orlh Knst Pas« Puss 1 4 Pass 1 4 Pu»3 2 4 J' 2 V ''"•" 4 V 1J - 5S IB and with BCO<| strength. South thows his second suit and North takes the strain off the hand by jumping to four. The I'lay I ? AGE THREE Ilayti Society — Persona! Miss Daphne Gardner shopped In Memphis Saturday. The licv. A. C. Kudlloff ol Per- ryvllle, Mo., spent Saturday Iwre visiting Use Rev. niul Mrs. J. S. Compere. Misses Marlnn nml liutli Unnkln spem tl:c week-end in C.iiw OI- rai'deau visiting in the home ot Mr. niul Mrs. T. p. Russell. Mrs. II. (i. Hannon mid dnu;h- tcr, Gradti Mnl. and Mrs. l\. L. 1'uplmm and daughter, Mildred, shopped In Memphis Saturday. I Miss Pauline Comlil, 11 student :U Southeast Missouri 'Teachers col- Ic-ge, ami r.i-i- guest. Jclin li'.nton spent the weekend here visiting Hie (iiriner's mother, Mrs. Ltnurii Con- dll. i Miss I/ouisc Golden, student a |Ccnlrnl college, Fayctte, Mo., ar Miss Louise Witt was called to Ciirutr.mvl]k> the latter part tcretary, American llridje I,eaeuC: nf c , l]1)s aer pa o West's opening load was Ilic jacket week mi iiccount ol the dcatl , 0 nmedialely would become dtscour- Red wilh their poor cards. But hand of this pattern is not a iscourayiiig type. hile it is lacking in high cards, winning with ihe ten and returning the ten of clubs, won in dummy wilh ihe king. | 'Hie six of cluds WAS returned i I from dummy. Souih trumping with •of hearts. A snn dummy with Hie of her uncle. Uulpli Clalnes. Misses Anna lieth Llmbaugli, and lajor. And if you can find a fit in our. partner's hand, it Isn't going i take a lot to make game. Of course, the South player Is ortunalc in catching his partner five high card tricks, and A small club was returned. South trumping with the three of hearts and West overtrumping with, the five of hearts. West returned a diamond, which Miss Ora Kelly, who allend colleg. at Payette, arrived Sunday lo spcm Hie holidays with their parents. Mrs. Blair liiicklcy is confined f her roDrn on account of illness. Sh is siilfcring from erysipelas. S. P. Oales drove to MemphL Thursday and was • accompanlc. homc by fcts wife and daughter. Miirrell McCumber, who has bee ir. Paragould visiting friends, lia returnd home. The Stilch and Chatter club me at Ihe home of Mrs. Fred Kcnsa properly passes. Over North's dia- nond bid. South pro[)erly shows he higher ranking of his iwo suits of equal length. When North bids two clubs over South's hid of one spade, this is i constructive bid and also con- Irms the fact that the diamond bici was constructive. He now really is showing a tecond suit— was returned. Scuth trumping with the eight of hearts and then lending the Jack of spades, which was trumiMd in dummy wilh the ten of hearts. Esst, of course, overlrumped wllh Ihe Jack and South won the last trick with the queen of hearts. Read Courier News Want Ads. ccntive meeting of the . Mlssou Haptist Genera! association, returned home. TOO I.ATi: TO CLASSIFY KEY niNO containing ten kei two of them Yale keys. Owm may have same by Identifying an paying for this nd. for their Christmas J*. T. A. News Move interest is being shown rnd there arc more children lak- ing cod liver oil this year than ever before nt Centrnl school, school. There is evidence ot much benefit being derived from lhi.s proect which is sponsored by the P. T. A. The reenlar monthly meetings of ' irqe nnrl Central schools have N-en rostnonecl until the week af- ^er Clirislinns holidays. Bolh junior and senior hiRh fchool P. T. A.'s have ordered 150 r&ns books for each school. •limlor hteh school P. T. A. hns adopted a family for Christmas find will send a basket of food, clothing and toys. T'e junior high P. T. A. met li'l Tuesday at Ihe school. A Ynletide uagcant was given, directed by Miss Vclda Adcock. There was a Mothers' chorus, under the direction of M rs . Roland Wolfort. mid Miss Mary Emma Hood, mn- rlc teacher, u was decided to adopt a Ooodfellows' family and &> was allowed for the basket. This -,-ou will snnnsnr a pie stiopcr after Clirlstmas. ihe proceeds to be wrd for basket ball equipment. It was announced the P. . A. has finished paying for the American Educator, recently purchased, anil ys a premium was given a large Vllctlonnry for the school. The New FORD V-8 for 1943 America's Mrist Beautiful Car Greater power at still lower cost through new Dual fVburction Increased motoring comfort because of simplified Clear- Vision Ventilation . . . Kasier riding through more flexible springs, deeper scat ciishion= and sol tor cushion springs . . . Distinctive new appearance ' And many other features. PUT IT TO -nun rnriri I U I 1 ; I I'j S Read Courier News Want Ads. Hi<l " in llli " " cw For<1 V - 8 fr;l ' 1!> 3'» ami liml Olll -l wrso »»"y-«'hal it can «io. H is one " m ' C "''"' to (iml OI|L which efl1 ' Kives you Die most for your money. As « Christmas Gijt the New Ford V-8 will off ma Your Family More Pleasure lhan anu other Gift PHONE 811 FOR DEMONSTRATION Phillips Motor Co. epanto Legion Auxiliary Plans "Sanla^ This Year LEPANTO, Ark.—The American glon mixlllary of Lep-into will »y "Snnla" this year to scores of illdron of needy families. 0!d oys galliei'd from families Ilim- ul ll-.c town ore being iv-piilntcd id IIsod, iindi'i- Iho Mi|x:rvislon ol Irs. M. o. Wliiiynv. prrsldenl, niul III 1)- uulrlbiiivtt 10 iin> ctilldren Cnrlstmas. Leachville v Society — Personal Mi 1 , and Mrs. I.. O. Byerley on- Will Probe Attempts to Extort Commitiiont WASHINGTON, Dec. 19. (UP)— The Home Owners Loan corporation today asked the department, of jusllce to Investigate wllh a view of passible prowcullon activities of pers-iiM all-Bed to huve attempted tenaiiK'd wllh a I o'clock luncheon u , Sunday for Mr. ami Mrs C. l..| w u,, ^lu.^^ Smith, Miss l-'nince.s Smith. JJr.t[j lL . CO r|K)i'atlo mid Mis. A. K. Robinson, and Mlb-s| Til( . b ,, L1 ',. (1 - s ' chairman Hardy Baby Dies Uovothy liobinson. Mis. A. K. Robinson and Mrs. L. I Cj. liyerK'y entertained at the club- |l:ousi' Monday wllh a hawlkerdilel Isliowei- honoring Mrs. K. 11. Tuber, j .'..:i commission.-, In connection lor loans from John )i. tinrijr of itiranfjc-moiits. Tlu> Imhy is ulso Min-lvcd by .six roXlin.s and sisters. The iiaby Is n\xo survival bv six -nilhi-:.-! 11 ml .sisters. Cottier Infant Dies Func-r;il services were held SiU- irday at Oak Grove, Mo.. fur the . nfaiu Mm of Mr. and Mrs. Curl Colm-r iv ho died early Saturday at biiill. The I/?ndivllte P. T. A. met today for a Christmas program. Mrs. JIIIIH-S Lacy spenl I lie wtck In I'iii-agtmld us ['lie guesl ol her diniijlUcr, MI-O. S. Smith. Ur. and Mrs. A. E. liobinson ami daughlc-r. Miss ijorolhy, will spend the Christum holidays In Mempnls wllh Mrs. kublnson'.s mother, Mrs. Fiinuy, announced also that he had iim poslinjislcr general to cotiduci similar Investigations to di'tiTinlne whether the malls have rvcn u.sed In iitteinpls to defraud ji tsjagiTS and morlgagors. 'I'iii 1 Investigation is a result of .sltiialluii arising In Illinois. The ward today announced the np- vihUrnent o( Henry Cl Mmler Jr. <i succeed Wllllinn G. Donne as II- inois slate manager. he family home, liesldes his par- ills tin- deceased is survlu'd by brfiihev. Moss Undertaking company was i; cliiu-ge of arrangements. J. L. llratton. Mkis Durclliy Robinson will be Ihe giicsi u[ Miss Marlha Ann Lynch in lilyincvllle Wednesday and Tmuiday and will allend Iht dance al the lllylheville clubliouse Wednesday nlglit at which Miss I'alty grume and Miss Lynch will entertain tin- younger set. D,,,.;,_, CL' D I' J ! Ml '- 11IHI Mrs - E H - Tabcr nnd KUSSian Ship Believed (daughter, Geneva, and son, Eu^ne in Distress Off Siberia I 1 ;" ^ , Ior ' 1 '^]: ° kl "- to s ' : "'" Christmas holidays Texas Bloodhounds Ended Nudist Plot SAN IIKNITO. Tex. (UP)—Blood - liumiils chased Hie midlsin fad from Oils Hlu drniide valley town. Olllcere set tho baying hounds on trail after women of llin vicin- lly had complained o( n nude man si-en near Hip highways. illliiiel Angel. K, wus brought lo bay.' Although tnlly clullKd when UlU-L-r.s arrived to tall oil the dogs. | Hangd pleaded milky as the mid- 1st advocate and was fined $100 and costs. Snakei ot Indiana Caused Britiib Tommy to Steal LONDON. (UP)-A 'British soldier stole a bicycle because he was afraid o[ snakes, He stole some otter things too, but the nasty ser- psnts are to blame. 'Hie Tommy's regiment was due to sail for India where the reptiles abound, and ralher lhan fac« this prospect the soldier commit-' ted the thefts, so thai lie would bo prevented from malting the trip. The dceiicsl salt mine In the world Is said lo IM near Berlin, Germany, and is -U75 Icct deep. Ask for a 1884 Ladies Birthday ALMANAC Tht reirest dnifilst »1!1 b« tl»d lo »lvt you one of IBtw 'l.r Vlmuici II J°'J >1U (or ".ixf thty irt ill jO G. G. Caudill General Insurance IOC N. Hrudmy Phone 197 SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 19 (UP) —The const guard cutler Itasca notified headquarters here today that it had Intercepted a message Indicating a Russian ship was in distress near Siberia. The Ilasca messaire said that the Japanese ship Kashin Marn had radioed a UrllLsh Columbia station of the Russian ship's trouble. Tuber's parents. Mrs 666 JUST Liquid, Tablets, Salve, Nose Drops Checks Malaria In 3 day*. Cold* first dny, IIradich» or Neuralgia In 30 mlnults. Fine l.axtstivc uml Tonic Mcst Sprcdy Itemedles Known Authorized Ford Deali r. Opposite Hospital ins you WANT 76 GIVE KKK are two kim!^ of Clivislinns srii'i-'— those yon h;ivc to give and those you want to give. Bnv those you have to jjivc anywhere; their iiuaiity doesn't matter. Conic here for those; you w;m( to five. Whether you pay much or little, you'll find everything lie v e .selected with taste, slylcil cnncctly ami iksinncil lo itivc lasting pleiisurc. A few suggestions ' GLOVES Tnkc o look and sec If ho isn't -.willing lust season's leftovers He'll appreciate new ones. 81.50 [o §3.50 Enr-.i ?.nd Manhattan SHIRTS He'll cr.Joy having 50:112 In the new patterns, or possibly he clings lo white. S1.3f> lo 82.50 ROBES Evening.-, nl homc are more frrqiicnt these dav.s. Thai's where a good robe .shinos. $5 lo 822.50 Tnlerwoveii ITOSR No" nv,n ever hnd enough. 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