Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on April 22, 1955 · 47
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · 47

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 22, 1955
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A:arr.eia. t . -.?.!; ri W , t- t'l i. rr l a or.:-.;4 .rt Tl m I 1-JUT : ino-rcuHD I " "-D Crtar tep'?d. 5 12 t'Ofi'l o d. tC!rii'l f'a , iOCtA- . f)i .. I.i"; t . ; it L ;! r r r.1 t ierr.a.t It-' . Air I I I I" rerre l-"-41. ttr.AI, NOT1CF. -rTI' E; TO rfiNTR T'r. 4.i K? -jra ? i n tit "ty v a 1 f fijMt-l i- ' . ' i ttrhv ra!is fr l-lflK T I t,fd I., ft- ..flrre f iry " I f;. arl m t lt -ffi- in 1 1 ! ti .- ' anon I' ti'l'- r.f ,f!r : ... l . ! . Il.tk. r .1 ''j!t'...:( turf! Ti- V. lite . .(. ..f ,V ,s. at I . ii . at f ii jti-'l t.i e j.aid l i ( I . ..neit for 11 ftiriiihin "t ' r. r:al. iji jnr nt . -r 'i.i v fir I. r? rt - r 1 1, tratt- r I " d . o I- llrd i i . in-ta '' ! aj-ni Pin r' I i"ll C'n-Link ( a 'id wn'n I'.re I- ih j. r f i l 4 t"f r I ' i . 4L Si. ! '-!. I'll ' r ! i.jmj-i.I I ...f.f.l j. hi-l I r p r-f AUiv. . ! 'in . i J l-d - ihj'1 .a rrewcrted in v. nuljuir ntti and riifi- ;-. 'r t'l ni'ik hi. h are .., f.i.- io aid .r'i. e.f the - ('4' of id H.Trrl t f Krl'lr. : f, .fr,J - n mm d -tt t'. H t.f'u f'1 I Iiir. i r h iii-,! 'i-al aivl I c r r in -'it. ;, l' jki) in .-i'1 .lnntrs- tJiitf, a. above-men ; . .f. --ii p'-ni and r- i f la t Ions . .al bv nv n"'jp''tH( r..j.)r ''T l worV a,T ltKed - a ;.f.l ir a t to til I'lrr-. tr r.f r. !.. tijral an'l I ismri-ritie rirv tt h'V (!' e li rr nubov ..f..nd. and in c.-h c.- taii rtr'i"l witbin ft'e t I dav f?vr ,vjrirta am In ftid I.! r rf Ar- bMecl'sral .-nd r.nfl- . . rif-r Sir!-, tr bil is ftlb i ttrl in ih hiiidi r 'n f f'-r 1 1 -r,rrtiie? iin of tj wfirV, r Tifil 'rr tha-i Iko l.'l flavn frni anr . r IU' iate .f Mibntitt iric th 'd. i a "1 is submitted in the 'l'i-lr nam. - I"i.' mil! be tiiad fn f.rn ob- it at tl.e miI off ne tbe r .f Xrclittii. I 'ir, I and n .nit c 1 1. and mtift be bv I h biibl-T dltd acru!' :. , i.v a bid bi-i'd m the f'-nn m . d bv lb biil'I'r nrln- and a rr.rjoraUcn ithcrued ' o d" bus!-ef in th S'a'e "f a ?ii nrnta finlv, narninz th r-jKUnd rnfid School Putrict of ! . d i ''otiritv phlitee. or ny rashiar chck or certified s-'k certified M,ithou 0'ialifica ir drawn on a injifnt rartK or i- .-n of ra'ifornia or on a na-flr 4i hanK d-i-ifc bitnr in.tbe tit rf t-... in th anmint ' "NC TIK'1 ..NP ANT' XOIM f. ".ars M.",""1. aJ r-:ad rT- b In tbr '!! I'nifld School f .!a"'la Coiintv ShO'i"d firiy or nrMe to w b"n ie t!iraf ; br.iibi b aitai il'd fall nir i-ii. tbc r "tr.i'l aftr e aa"! .H I " f'N t! c r. 'i i'iod (. ihc i-- f-ai-l cern- , or , .. r r iieck or lb -i-iint r.it. bv ti blddr or ht-'ii i .- ..", t ' the nrni if ..i-.1 I.n! i...rKi. litl-ir x 'iptri 1 v r i - - : t t ; :! nt ren . . I. Ih' .oust . v a-ion iv!-?::rf Ihirfi.rt i itl I. rlallifl v -i'-f CmIjI'I I i ifird Si hii i ii t n arecl and hquidaled i .- st 1 hi i - a - ' r ,--d aM rifbcon- tr ' i! !" r.i. l-v ai' i?inii'. t--rjii-ii a nJ iii bit rrt'J- n it:. r v pri Ib.rerf ' T t- :. the ;'"r! r-ai. i rf r r d i naaTT. and - t- if -t tin irra! rr-a'i- - f I' -f rr d't, . -is fir t-..rst.' ad rtv'T'i't' n aV ' .f a jf't't" " f 4 r tr - -t-- in -r,i-? work I . . . a' t-. i O1 'J"'! f S - r'ir-.-t of Aii''di . . ' . v t H p ' d- ni'il i"n! fiot he than r tir'i-.- iiia i ,..id t-i A ; .. J, d i ' ..? -- . bn a . - rt a I rt ! -d ii'i'rrtii'l b" ati I"rd of .!j . af. --. a-hnh Hunt on : IN r't-i of said . -! of .t-... ... n d hv rfer-. - ir- i-- a t d ai "rectfied ," ad -d a fart beroof. - I V-. b .l pnuhiri -, ..f r d:er- tri-.. lure ni. itiii r 1 1 I t and a!-:-n d f"r eft or tt-r-e f firkman or . f- r i,' iif'.i l li''M tb -tra -J. IT iTtfl , i 1 f I d a I all -on w .t-.t-n n.T i:i itt V - NOTLt rirr-nRTVpL.' iirnt.T ! " U A'it-KATL I r . r irna ....... .. L' r' - I'". r"i anJ Gnra! Laborers J-WraTr ir'retofj ad hand!r of t!ur attc too!? i ... r is Ati kr.'.ed !4or not otker-ntfe " r,tiAr,1 f-hl'l b r4!d at the r ef at leat $? rer boor If.. "Ti. nr djv rta'I be ""j- tj-'i.5 ctbre f- rc'f!ed n t ware '!. Tb r' itlem -i. h"t b th hourly rt m ijl-tr'ied by the rurr.ber of houm in ' orkir.(- div. When tet than r fiumber of hour coni-ttt'jttrte; -h. orkirr itiT. a harem aiated. worked. he wage to h raid ai be the h--tjr!v rate mutttpid . v the pijr t r of hour actuallr w .rV d s All certtme and work on tbe ing- day jhall be at the rate t not than time and a h!f: jttirrl vi. Suiida. New Tear' l"av. t'ecoralton Par. Fourth of JiiSv. Labor dr. AdmisKton Pay. ArmiMice Day. Than ksgi vmff Dv. and rhrtntmn. For leaal holidays not mentioned all work may be at the rate for ainj-le time. it ehall be mandatory upon eon tractor to whom a contract Isiless than the general prevailing County Turns To Suspend Hog Ranch Permit '; Alameda County, has refused demand that a permit be re voked for the operation of a San Lorenzo hog ranch because Dakland Scavenger Company is not abiding by regulations. ; The Board of Supervisors turned down a petition from the San Lorenzo Homes Association, which cited instances of the firm permitting the ranch to become a public nuisance. But at the same time the supervisors served notice that they don't intend to allow Oak land Scavenger to continue maintenance of the r?nch after a deadline of July 1. That is the deadline of an extension given the company during which it is to relocate the ranch. Oakland Scavenger has applied for a permit to operate a ranch on Vallecitos Roao, south of Sunol but strong opposition is growing there and from Pleasan-ton and Livcrmore residents. M. L. Sanford, manager of the San Lorenzo association, said Church to Celebrate Ninth Anniversary Dr. Francis Bouquet of the San Franciico Theological Semi- nary in San Anselmo will be.and supervisor of the Univer- thc guest speaker for the ninth anniversary celebration of the Faith Presbyterian. Church. Sunday at 11 am. The highlight of the celebration will be the move of the congregation from the former Dlace of worship at 13th and Market Streets to its new building at 1051 55th St. The Kccton Memorial Chorus will present a recital at 3:30 p.m. At 7:30 p.m., the Rev. Wesley Hawes of San Francisco will preach. H i. tV i h i: award'd. and utu"j any r-'jbeon-ra to-, unda r tb'f. to P-t y than the, said p' tfied rates r. all laborer. ivortintT, and !"- . b-t.i--s einptovrrj bv iheni in the Jie'Ut!on of the c-.i.trj. t . Properlv Indentured apprtnitr'S -ray be at-iploytd gj"n tbi- nurk n accordance n-itb the njti law. s.jrt artrentiie- .hall be properly indentured t ai:d f"r bv la Mi be paid n..t than the standard Mai. t-iid to apprentices md r Ibe trade at ivbi- li Ihfv ?r( einpo4eif. An a i'prent . fhall. be eni.toed only at the work of the ira-I to n hii b be Ik indent ur il. 1 be imiia' vi.i;c 1 1 be prid an sp-nr'titi.e r)i be not l-ss than twetitv-fixe jt cent I ;."".) of the joiirtu- men', ivast br ins paid and ball be inrea-.fi each six month n an amo'itit mi legs than fifteen pee -n i ( I .'' I. Helper ebaU be paid Ibe iHtid- ard Aa-e for b pel t t a blishcd miler the res u ia 1 ion, of the trade At whi. Ii thev are ctnp'ved The ard reere the ricrit lo nit am- and ail bid. Bv order of the p.oard of Kdu-a- tli.ii April 1?. 1 . istsnedi sr.LMKR H r:i:r:ij. Secretarv ot the ti"nrn ot Kdiiial'on of the t'ltv of Oakland and of Oakland I'tiified School Pi'triit of Alameda I'outttv. California. No :.A . April 'cr - ?l ) MTICK THAT COFJfOS OK Ct;i!- TA1N PROPOSALS TO AMEND THE CHARTER Or THE CITY OE MK!-ASn PRINTED IN PAM PHLET FORM MAT BE HAD CPOV APPLICATION THERFFOR T THE OFFICE OF THti CI I X CLERK. NOTICE it hereby Riven, pursu ant to Resolution .No. 3295 CM S.. passed bv the Counctl of tha city of Oakland March 15, 1955. thai copies of certain proposals to tnend the Charter of the City or Oakland, printed in pamphfet form. which proposals are to be sub mitted t" the qualified electors of i-ald City, at a Special Municipal Election to be he la on i uct-u.ty, May 1.. ,135.i. may be bad upon application therefor at the office of the City Clerk In the City Hall of fa Id Citv. ULADTS II. JH'KFHT. City Clerk- No 4? - April fi to May 1? - Hit) NOfl' E TO CONTRACTORS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Board of Education of the City of Oaklapd and of Oakland t rifled School District of Alamed" Count v hereby rails for sealed bids to be deliver-d to the Secre tary of said Board at bit. office In the' Administration Euildtnz of -a'd I't trnt. lflli S'cond - A venue. Oakland. California, until Tties-day the lth dav of ?Iav. 1 ,. at 4 p rn . at winch time and plai e paid bid.-- wiil be opened for the Dir. ninbinc of all labor, materials. e-'Uipp.ent. mechanical workmanship. tranp"rtation. and servii-p I . be used in the 1 n " ' A 1 1 a t ion and i ti'ii!? It"n of Siaie Hancinps and tiiapes in the Auditorium at the Oakland Junior I'ollece. Merrill l.ii-uir? S. -biiol. .r..ll lirove Mrcet. 'a k la ml. i itf-irnia, for the t'ak- !and I'ntOrd School District of lame da i on n iv Tbi-e bid 'baM be prrs-cntcd in i.-i-irda ne with plans and ipeiifi. jii..nv f..r s.nl work which are on tiie at Ibe j-aid "ffi't Of the r-retarv of j-aid Board of. Education in, j 1.1) a above-mentioned, and n the of flee of the Director of r bitectiiral and Ens ineenng Services, located in id Adnimi-. ttation Building as above mcn-tl. red Said p'ms and r pecif tea t ions rri be iia'l r-v any prospective jv-Hir for th wirl apoxe li.-t.ed. or, application to the Director of r hiier-t ui-a! -."d Encineerln; rii'-. at Ins (fi-e ;efAinaboe ni pi i- d. Tl'd f each .ae t-hall tie returned within five t,M d;t after securing same to -aid In- innAf of .Architectural and En- ii-i'n-t Service.-, ir no tid is. -ibmitted In the bidder's name for the tomplelton of the w-ork. or not a ier than two dav- from and after the date .if .nbmittinf the bid. i' a bid is submitted in the bidIr'v name Hid", must be piade on form obtained at the -.aid office of ibe I.,r.. lt of Architectural and En s iieerinc S' rv-e and must be iiir.nl bv lb bidder and accom-i , d by a bid bond In the frm .ro. y red from said of fn c. duly e-e. uteit bv lb bidder a - Hrllli'l pal and a "corporation autborired .-. d'i business in ti e State .f Ca'i- nrnia a suretv. nammjr th " Ma-nd I'mfied School Dirtrict of Alameda Conntv as obligee, or by A , ab.r's check or certified check . vilified without qualification drawn on a solvent bank of the -tit of California or on a national bank doinf busineas in the State or Ca'ifornn. In the amount of ONE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND NO 10) Dollar til..' '- and made payable to the Oakland Cnified School District of Alamda County. Should the party or parties to whom the contract ir."im i-e warded fail to enter into tne con tract after the award and to file th required ponds., the proceeds "f said certified or cashiers ,-hck or the amount paid by the bidder or his suretv pursuant to the term of said bid bond, either voluntarily or pursuant to the judgment rendered by the court in any action brought thereon, wiil e retained bv said Oakland Unified School District as agreed and liquidated: damages. The contractor and all subcontractors under him must ray all laborers, workmen i and mechanics on said work, or any part tnereor, no less than the eneral prevail- in rata of or diem ma res and not Down Petition ajaftcr the board voted tc deny his request lhat he was with drawing it until the supervisors had considered the Sunol application. Then he may or may not ask for a hearing. Vice Chairman Francis Bunn said the board should reaffirm its position that it expects , the company to live up to the terms of the permit and vacate the Bockman site by July 1. Assist. Dist. Atty. Douglas Dunning said if the ranch is not moved the company would be in violation of the law and subject to misdemeanor prosecution, should there be no second extension of time. Charles Ruegnitz, county san- ilrtliaw, itpwicu uioi in-- iowv.. operators had followed most of the cleanup orders but still are not complying with provisions there be no odors offensive to the neighborhood. Dunn ob-seived that there is nothing much can be done about the smell U.C. Students Cite Rifle Team Coach BERKELEY. Arril 22. MS3. William P. Elliott, coach sity of California's men- and women's rifle trams, ha? received an award of merit from the university's student organization. Elliott was cited by the Associated Students for his guidance of the varsity rifle team, which this year took first and second places in a national collegiate tournament, and the university girls' team which placed secord in another national competition. Rev. Ronald Adams To Take Over Pulpit The Rev. Ronald K. Adams, formerly of the First Baptist Church of North Adams, Mass., will begin his ministry at the First Baptist Church. 22nd and Telegraph Ave., Sunday. He will preach on "Not By Faith" at the 11 a.m. service. The pastor and his family will be introduced to the congregation at this service. lie will be officially installed as pastor at the 7:30 p.m. service. Sweden Baptist Leader to Speak Dr. Erik Ruden. general secre tary of the Baptist Union of Sweden, will be the guest speaker at the Lakeside Bap tist -Church, 1515 Third Ave., at 11 a.m. Sunday. At 3:30 p.m. he will conduct a service in Swedish. Dr. Ruden is visiting in the area to observe and study methods of administration and evangelism employed by the various Baptist groups. I.FCAb NOTICE eeeeeee-eeaeeeaee. rate of per d'cni wastes for lesal holiday and ottime work, for work of a sinflar character in the locality in fhich the -work, is performed, t"0': Oakland unified School Pi-iit of Alameda County. whicb.JMir chem w a jes shall not be Irs than the stipu lated iHtcs oontained in a schedule thereof which has been .it-ccrta i lie 'I and dciciiniped bv vaid Board of Educatif.n, and which is now on file with the Secretary of said Board of Education and by reference incorporated and s-peificij herein and made a part hereof, jand which -aid C'neral prevailine late of per diem waees. as hereinabove referred to and adopted tor eacn craft or type of workman or me hanic needed to execute this con tract, is herein specified as fol lows- ALL FOR AN. S-HOUR DAT EXCEPT AS NOTED DRAFTS OR TYF.ES HOURLY OF WORKMEN - WAGE RATE "arpenters 12. (0 Li3 borers : i.eneral Laborers 2 .05 All skilled labor not otherwise mentioned shall be paid at the rate of at leat 52 "o per hour. The rkin2 day thall be 8 lours unlet-s otherwise, fpecified in the wase scale. The per diem rate shall be the hourly rate multiplied bv the number of hours in the workitic day. When less than 1 he number 01 hours cinstltiitina the working: day. as herein stated. is worked, the wact! to-be paid hall be ihe hourly rate multiplied by the number of hours actually worked. All overtime and work on the following davs shall be at the rate of not less than time and a half: -a t urd-i vs. Sundays. New Years Dav. Decoration Dav, Fourth of July. Labor Dav. Admission Day, Armistice Da . . Thankszivmg Pay, and Christmas. For legal lmhdavs not mentioned all work may be at the rate for single time. It rhall be mandatory upon con tractors to whom a contract is sw-Jrdd. and upon any sucon-tra'tor under them, to pay not less than the jaid ;pei-ified rates to all laborers. workmn. and me- chanic-- employed hv them In the execution of the contracts. Properly indentured apprentices may be employed upon this work in accordance witn ine state law. Such apprentices shall be properly- indentured as- called tor by law and shall be paid not less than the standard wase paid to apprentices under tbe trade at which tnev arc employed. An apprentice shall be employed only at the work of the trade to which he is indentured. The initial wase to be paid an apprentice shall be not less than twenty-five per cent C.ie-.) eif the ji.iirtie vmen's wace beintr paid and shall be increased each six months In an amount not less than fifteen ner rent ( 1 ). Helpers shall be paid the standard wage for helpers estnblished under the regulations of the trade at which thev are employed, The Board reserves the right to reject any and all bid;. By order of the Board of Educa. tion April 13. 1?55. -(Signed 1 SELMER H BERG. Secretary of the Board of Education of the City of Oakland and of Oakland Unified School District of Alameda County. California. No 547 - April 22. 21 - f2P NOTICF. OFHEA ING APPLICA TION TO OPERATE A CABARET. Notice, is hereby eiven that uer- trude Young and Madeline Correia have filed an application for permission to operate a Cabaret at 5421 San Pablo Avenue. Oakland. Notice is hereby further Riven that a hearifts on said application will be held bv the city Manager -it his office. Room 309. City Hall. Oakland. California, on Monday the 25th dav of April. 19oo. at the hour of 1":00 o'clock a.m.. at which time and place any pertons interested may appear and file their objections If any they have. uiiAUia 41. aunrni, City Clerk. No. S4. - April ?t - I3t Violet Barnert Rebuiem Mass bJrKELEY, 'April 22. Re Iquicfr Mass will be celebrated at 9 a.m. Monday at St. Ambrose Church, Cornell Ave. and Gil manjSt., for Mrs. Violet Cecilia Barrfett, 52, wife of Lt. Gerald W Etarnett of the Berkeley Fire Department. 3 Mrs. Harnett, born in New York? City, had been a Berkeley resiaent for 43 years, the daugh ter M the late Mr, and Mrs Joseh E. Scarry. She died on weaaesaay at a local nospita af tec a . Ions ulLross Her home was at 1361 Hopkins St A graduate of St. Joseph s Convent, Berkeley, Mrs. Bar-nett had been active in Catholic circles, as well as in the P-TA child5 welfare work and the - t ; :;n a'..!,, . ;-T-;eJ wtich Amoriar. War Veterans Besides her husband she is survived by twin daughters Mrs.-! Betty Moore, Albany, and Mrs. Barbara Beatty, Redwood City as well as four grandchil drcjirj. I Rotary will b recietd at 8 p.m. Sunday at the McNary-Berg: Chapel, 1936 University Ave.j ' whence funeral services will 'start at 8:30 a. m.s Monday Intefment will be in Golden Gate! National Cemetery. Gertrude Myers BERKELEY. - April 22. Last rites; were held in Albany to day for Mrs. Gertrude G. Myers, 63, pead cook at the Garfield Junior High; School cafeteria, who; died in an Oakland hos pitat Wednesday. A president of Berkeley since 1947, Mrs. Myers lived at 755 lNielson St. She had been em ployed by the school depart menj caietena service since 19481 ... Surviving are ithree sons and a daughter. Orlo L. Mvers of Los Altos, Ellis H. Myers of Ber keley, Wayne I. Myers of San Francisco, and Mrs. Myrna West of San Mateo, five grandchil- arens, ana iwo sisters in L.anaaa She was a member of the Firs Baptist. Church of Albany and k native of Ontario, Canada. The Rev. A. O. Odegaard con ductpd services at the Ellis Olsojh Mortuary, 272 San Pablo Ave4 Albany. Burial took place in Gulden Gate National Cemetery! San Bruno. Robert P. Hansen BERKELEY, April 22. Fu neral services for Robert P. Hanlen. 54. oO 1248 Carlotta Avei will t held at 2:30 p.m. ivionciay at ; lrumans Chapel, Telegraph Ave. and 30th St., Oakland. ' Mf. Hansen, who died Thurs day 1 in Sacramento, was- ' an official of the Anglo-California National Bank. A native of San Francisco, he had lived in Berkeley for more than 30 years. Ilqwas a 'member of Excelsior Lodge 166, F &AM, San Fran- ciscoj . : Mr. Hansen is survived by his wife Dorothy; a son, Robert P. Hansen Jr. ' of San Bruno; a daughter, Mrs. Phyllis N. Mot- senbpeker of Berkeley; seven grandchildren, and two sisters, E. Louise Hansen and Mabel Hansen, both of Oakland. Birial will be in Mountain Vievy Cemetery. Friday's Crossword Puzzle 4 ACROSS 1 Spare. I 4 Louisiana creek. 9-lBundation. 14 J4tand. coin 15 Turn aside. 16 Member of Qra vidian rce. 17 rlarrates. 19 Degree. ACROSS 23 Dry. as w-jne. 24 Quivering. '6 Head man. 27 Superior. 23 Disapproving sounds. 29 Wind from south. ' 31 Constellation. 32 Over. 33 Attacked suddenly. 2. Selves. 22 Tune. t mm mm mmm M f mm mm mm h mmm ip a mm 2 3 4 5 7 8 m9 10 1 1 1 13 13 S "." -" 17 IS S 20 i ': ' : i WW- V . 5"" " " ; w i ili.ilti '-- , . .ill. 11 4 3S T 36 P f 27 , , r an "' i -" mm w W 30 -M $7" " f 33 , , TT 33 34 35 36 m 7 3a IS " J0 " " " " " 4 I T", 43 " . ' '.: mwm m, ... kk ' 47 48 " 49 ! 50 "" "" V m m, ti r-rt -i'.rr- 7-7 ti- jr-' TT.tr : rST-rs- i ':. vv?.J -fj:. -if4; ' . DOWN 1 Negative. 2 Before. 3 Invented' -by Don Ameche? 4 Wand. 5?The birds. 6 Agreement. 7lternative. 8 Extreme ' limit. J- 9 Deer. DOWN 25 Division of a drama. 26 To kick. 27 Kind of cheese. 29 Ships officers. 30 Direction. 32 Winglike. - 34 Large insect. 35 Jewish month: PI. 36 Embankments. 33 Employs. 39 Bog. 41 A dance. 44 Day's close. lOpance step. 11 'Entertain. 12 Wearies. ; 13 Choose. ' 18Periods of jtime'. 20 Make sacred. 45 Algerian 22 Dinner city. 46 Particles. 47 Artificial waterway. course. 24 Book erf naps. BAY COUNTIES VITAL Bay Area Births Born to the wife of: MANN. James B girl OSEGUEDA. Eugene W., girl PRUYN. John F.. boy VERCELLl. Anthony P.. boy QUERIN. Guho G., girl SHEETS. Kenneth H.. girl WHITLEY. Robert M., rl FONS WORTH, Bennett Y., girl SARINANA. Alfred, girl ! CLARK. Othel D. Jr.. girl NELSON. David E., girl FITZPATRICK, John G., boy WALLMANN. James C, boy OVERSTREET. Johnnie, boy VAN AMBURG. Fred L.. boy WILLIAMS, Moses F., twin girls WILLIAMS. Virgil L . boy PAGE. William 5., girl MARTIN, William T. Jr.. girl ; BADGER, Ronald D.. girl . VEGA. Trinidad, boy CAPRA. Elmo F.. boy MITCHELL. Jerry B , girl McKENNtE. Thomas E.. girl DIETDERtCH, Rex. boy i WEATHEROY. Leamon, gii-1 CHRISTIANSEN. Svcn. boy CARPENTER. Forrest E., boy. GARRETT, Jack C-. boy V1LLAGRAN. Alfred, boy MONGER. James M.. girl SCHAFFER. Philip G., sir! JENKS. Arthur R., gill BROWN. Lloyd M.. boy . BUCK. Jack R.. Sirl SEABROOK. Earl, girl KIRK, Ernest, boy BELL. Vollie Jr.. boy HARBUSTAN. George .T . boy MURPHY. John M.. girl GONSALVES. George C. boy HUIZAR. John, hoy MAGNANO. Paul J., boy : RFITF.R. F.dward D.. bov , ASTURIAS. Ralph. Eirl SWISHER. Victor, boy DEV1NE. Michael E.. boy DARIA. Dominic A., boy FITZGERALD.. Leland W., girl RUDY. George J . boy SANCHEZ. Loiiis. boy FRICKSON, Paul R . bo" HASTINGS. Flliot J . HtrnsON. Robert E.. bov COPENHAGEN. Kenneth W . boy STAFFORD. Charles R.', girl ANZTLOTTI. Vincent J. Jr.. girl LANDRUM, Earl D . boy .JOHNSON. .Timmie L.. boy HAMMER. Thomas J. Jr.. girl MARTIN. Ressic E.. boy CAHILL. John P.. bov MARTINEZ. Jose. Birl HUISH, Bruce A., bny Licenses Issued PECK-ROCKS William John Trek. 3. and Margaret Rocks, 21, rtotn ; san Francisco. ' : : GALLOWAY - GALLOWAY Wrnricil Colmatv Galloway, fin. and Dorothy Kelly Galloway. 4fi. both Modesto RANDOLPH -GREEN Don Everett Ran dolph, 19, Oakland, and DoroUiy.Mae Green. 15. Berkeley. POLI-O'BERTO Joseph Anselmo .poll. .54. Oakland, and Doris Patricia O'Berto. 30, Albany. BUTI-B1ALE Fioravante Joseph Bull. 23. and Jacqueline Irene Biaie, z. both Niles. i SPICER -TURNER Raymond Leon Spi- cer, 21. and Gwendolyn taye Turner. 20. both Oakland. ENOS-H AMILTON Manuel Louie Enos. 24. and Mary Alice Hamilton, 31. both Tulare. KEEFER -MORROW Noel Leon Keefer Jr.. 21, Hayward. and Patricia Ann Morrow. 20, Mercer Island, Wash.: VALENTINE - THOMPSON Cleophus Waiter Valentine. 30. and Wanda Lee Thompson. 30, both Berkeley. SCOTT-MOSLEY Willie Wilson Scott. 38. Oakland, and Annie Lee Mosley. 38. Berkeley. KOHLS - VAN HOUSEN Winfrird Adolph Kohls. 2). and Alice Ruth Van Housen. 32, both Berkflry, PHILIS-COST A Robert Spiro Philis, 20 and Beverly June Costa, 17, both Hayward. SANTIAGO - COMBER Clifford Loui Santiatro. 1", and Patricia Ann Com ber. 18. both Oakland. SATMARY - RUSSELL William F.Ui Satmary, 20. Walnut Creek, and Adele Loraine Russell. 18. Berkeley. VAN DF.R WYK-DRAGONETTE Jack Alex Van der Wyk. 2,i, Pasadena, and Anne Bandel Dragonette, 19, Berkeley EGLI-P ARSONS Linden Paul EguVJ!! and Ann Stewart Parsons. 19, boln Oakland. - SMITH-KIRSCH Virgil Sterling Smith 40. and Rrrmce Amanda Kirsch, Ao both Oakland. CARLSON-OLSON -Leslie Allied Carl son. 3fl, Concord, and Betty Jane Oi son, 23, Oakland. FREAIS - WOLFE William Clifford Freais. i'O. Oakland, and L013 Pauline Wolfe, 19, San Leandro. DEMING-YOUNG Don :Jamrs Deming 2.i. El Cerrito. and Janet Lestine Young. 22, Albany. FOX-DUNCAN Peter York Fox Jr.. 24. and Rose Marie Duncan, 20. both Oak land, j ' ACROSS 37 Little ring. ACROSS 53 Lament: 54 Unity. 56 Fattened on grain: J 59 Mansion.fl 60 Antelope. 62 Caustic. 5 63 In a tricky manner. 64 Tropical plants. 65 Yearning. 39 Stingy. 40 Playground gear. 41 Intimation. 42 Diving bird. 43 Obliteration. 4-3 Leer, 46 Performs. 49 Govern. 50 Rood. . 51 To: Scot. 52 Girl's name. 42293 DOWN gal abbr. 56 Vehicle. L ' 57 Needle part. 53 Lair. 61 Fr. article. DOWN 43 Very, small. 50 Strings. 52 Spooky. 53 One: Prefix. 55 pros.: Le- Solution to Yeiterday's Puzzle H 1 In Id Ii c Id rjD Ii hi e il - mil c e Bp s o EI . LL L 3 L " i L L !i L LLL M3s olio JT i s T D D ME D C I 101 0 T Hit t M w 'ttW Oakland Tribune Friday, Contra Costa County MARRIAGE LICENSES IS St ED WILLIAMS-SUSKE Dotiald Larhsr Williams. 18. Richmond. ;'nd Phyllis Ann Siirke. 17. San Francisco. SWIFT-QUIRK Jack Edwad Swift. 20. El Cerrito. and Alice Louise Quirk 17. Richmond. t NORMAN-JARMAN JirrirtSy Norman. 16. Richmond, and Cnarjotte vtoia Jarman, 15, San Pablo. DIVORCES FILED MORALES. Mary Ann v. Frank RAINEY, Freda Mi) vs. Jdseph E, LOWRIE. Verna D v. Marvin W. DIVORCES GRANTED INTERLOCUTORY DECREES RAINEY. FYeda Mae from Joseph' E. FITCH. Mary from Chloral: H. M. Divorces Granted FINAL DECREES J HO.TFDA. Mark R. from Stella RiCHTSTEIG. Gaila P. From Richard R TEMPLETON. Etta R. frranJohn C. SOUZA, Adeline from Manilel. FREEMAN. Ruth H. from: Dan R SCHULER. Margaret frorrt Fvrank L. PENDLETON, Sarah E. from Harry A. MARTINEZ, Ramona R. from Joe V. i ADAMS, Eliz Alma from HoVrd J. INTERLOCUTORY DECREES SALES. Eufemio S. lromsEh J. GATES. Mary Eleanor f roiii'Andre C. WALTER. Mary Eliz fron? Conrad. PONCHIONE. Helen from! Charles. , HANNAFORD. John R. fconl Ida Wyatt BEASKOU. Bemice E. from- Gust A. NELSON. Mary P. from W. Pale. GREENE, Helen Marie from Thomas. VEGAS, Martin C. Jr. frOrir Mary V. DRAKE. Ruby L. from Marty R. CIRIMELE. Elavne M. frem Frank A. JOHNSON. Ernia Mae from '-Jessie. BABNETT In a local hosriital, April 20 1953 Violet Cecelia, of. f3r . Hopkins Court. Berkelev. beo ed m-ife of Gerald W, Bamett of Berkeley; loving mother of Mrs. Bettv MoolF of Albany and Mrs. Barbara Bea.tty rof Redwood City: dear sister of Haratd J; Scarry of Oakland and Gerald Scarry of Albany. Also survived by -four grandchildren. A native of "New York City, aged 52 years, A nvrmhecf of -St. Ambrose Catholic Church. Berkeley. Friends are Invited to attend funeral services Monday, April';;?.!, t 8:30 o'clock a.m. from McNafy-Bcrg Chapel. 11136 University Avenue ,jie.ar Grove Street, Berkeley, thence io St. Ambrose Church. Gilman iind' Cornell Streets. Berkeley, whcrr.ra Mars will be said for the repose ;:of her soul commencing at 9 o'clock. Recitation of the Holy Rosary Sunday?, evening at R o'clock. Interment. Goldf n Gate National Cemetery, San Bruho. CANOVA In Oakland, Aprit 22, 1935. Bertha A , I loving mother of I. mil Schuster and stepmother, of Phyllis Callos; daughter' of Frankand 'the late Bertha Neglcy: sister .of Richard D. and Frank Newton NeiMfV of ,Keno. Ore.: John ; Ross artd George 'Harold Neglcy. Mis. Gladys Shay of Isletoh and Mrs. Kizziah Sau'iovich; Mrs. Canoa a!o: leaves five grandchildren; a native of California; .aged 49 years. Friends are invited ?t-j attend the funeral services Monday; April 23. at 1 p.m. from the Horn Chapel of Andker-Petersen, 5th Avenue, corner of Ea-t, isth Street. Oakland. Interment, Evergreen Cemeter-f. CARDOZA In Concord.' April 20, 1935, Mary Clara, loving motir of Mrs. Emily L. de Brum of Concord, Mrs. Agnes Butzbach of Cupertino. Mrs. Ann Mecca and Mrs. Margaret Marion of Oakland: sister of MaiHiel Costa of Oakland; also survived. by two grand children and two great-(frandchildren; a native of San Leandro-; aged 80 years. A niember Of S.P.R.S.i ih Friends are invited .10 attend funeral services Saturday, April :2:i, at 8 a.m. from the .MacFarlanc-Bfcy ant Chapel. Concord, thence , to 'Queen of All Saints Church, where. JiIa- will be celebrated for the repose;-of her soul, commencing at 8:30 "o'clock. Inter ment. St. Stephens Ceinetery. ! Con cord. .Recitation of the Rosary Friday at 8 p.m. i I For further? information please call MU Iberry 5-.7227 I C ORNELL On the Higk Sea, I April 3, 1953, Julius J., devoted father of Rachel Ann and Da vid.;sI.ornelI: lov ing brother of Mrs. Bhirna. Edelstein of Miami Beach, Fla., antj'i Mrs. Charles Wilkins of Syracuse. Niy. Services Monday. Aoiil 25. at n.m. in the: chaDel at Home of Peace Memorial Park on fhi El Camino Real at Colma, San Mwteo County, i Sinai Memorial Chapel, Divisadero Street at Geary, San Irancisco ,di reeling. I i ; ECKHARDT In Oaklshd. April 20. 19.33. Billte Gene, bclaved wife of George C. i Eckhardt.; AI.D.; loving mother of Carl C. and Gloria C. Eck hardt; loving daughter erf..' Sidney and Gene Otcnslein; a native .of Springfield. Mo.; aged 36 ?aia(. ' Private services weie; held i today 1 Friday, April 22 at' Jhe Telegraph Avenue chapei of errant-; fvimer filortu-ai ics, 2350 Telegraph Avfnue. ! roRIl Iti Oaklanal. Apnl.21.1 19"ij; Ella Mae. loving mothrr-,of '.Mrs). Mae Tomlin of Oakland andrCarl Fj Ford of Lakeland, Fid., sister. io' A. Q. Far-rer of Oakland and Heiviv Lisjon of Omaha. Neb.; crandmofticr of Vcr- dinc Tomlin. Caroline aitd Carl lord Jr.: a native oi Nebraska, aged. 7S years. : if. Friend, are invited -lojattend terv-ices Monday, April IS.'iat I, o'clock p m. At Truman ; Chanel. Telegraph Avenue at 30th 5treet, Oakland GONSALVES In Felton, j,pril 21. 1953. Pofehne Frances, wife ot Msnuei H. Gonc-alves of Felton. mdther of Wel- don Brown of Ben Lomond; sifter of Amelia De Rose of Hanford. Mary V'ierna of Oakley and John. V. Mi-chado cf Hanford: agedi 65 years; a native of Portugal. A-i niember of SPR.Sl No. 6 of OaRiand. Friend? are respectfully invited to attend the funeral front; Wessendorf Chapel. 223 Church s treet. - Santa Cruz. Saturday, April 23,- at 8:15 a.m.. thence to St. John's Catholic Church at Felton. where at 9 afit. a Requiem Mass will be celehrated.S'Recitation of the Rosary In the morturv rha.pel this evening at o clock. . Jtwerment, oiy Sepulchre Cemetery, Hayward. HANSEN In SacramertJo. ADril 20 IfiS.i. Roberit P.. beloveij . husband of Dorothy L.j Hansen; long ' father of Robert P. lHansen Jri. f San Bruno and Phyllis N. Motsenbocker of Berke ley; brother of E. Loutee and Mabel Hansen of; Oakland;! Jjandfather of Karl, Gregg and Scott WTMotsenbockrr and ivancy. KODert lit,; jjaniei ano Theodore Hansen: a native 6f San Francisco: aged 5 yiutf. A member of Excelsior Lodge Hetf 188, F. and A. M. of San Francisco.' Friends are Invited to t'tten-d services Monday. April 53-. at 2 39 o clock p.m. at Truman's Chapel. ITtSiegraph AveT nue at 30th Street. Oakland.. Dr. w P. Teaford officiating . - Interment Mountain View Cemetery. HEN AS Of i 1S349 rooth'ill Boulevard San-Leandro. Aoril 20.' 1953. Joseph A.. husband of Nellie Henatft loving father of Edmund, George and: Clarence He- nas of Oakland. Bens Henas of Dan ville and Mrs. LortJEta . Kreatsch. Emily Kaiser, Ruth Rotsey of Oakland: loving brother ' ft Mrs. Joe Brown of San Rafael;. 'amative of Oak land: aged 79 years, s f. Friends are invited to;i'ttend service from the new mortuary p.f C P. Ban-non, 6800 East 14th Street, Oakland. Saturday. April 23. at 9;0 a.m.. thence to St. Louts Bertrand'sjChurch for a Reauiem Mass. commencing at 10 o'clock. Interment, r'Hly -Sepulchre Cemetery, i Recitation;;! the Rosary Fndav: evening at 8 0 dock. For fur ther information pleaserall TR inidad 2-101 1.1 &.': LAFAILLE In OaklandgiApril 21. 1933. Victoria, beloved dfit of the late Marcel Lafaille. lovinf mother of Felix. Louiri. Albert antL the late John Lafaille: grandmother sf Mrs. Phyllis Kuhn. Jack. Leon. Meryin .and Albert Lafatlle Jr.: a native of .France. Notice of funeral later. Remains at the Oakland Chapel, "of rreeman Cox-Roach Ac Leonard." 2630 Tele graph Avenue. Oakland, LA K AMP In OaklandiJ April 19. 19SS. Alice Marklev. beloved fjiother of Ray mond M. Kick of- puntmuir and Phoebe Way of Oaklan-fi loving grandmother of Lloyd GrUfitiB of Richmond; great-grandmother of "t'S"J, G. and Michael Griffith; a ?f)tive of California; aged 13 years. ;iA member of Placer Chapter No. 4, f) E.S. of Dutch Flat, and 'Unity ShnpyNo. 83, Order of White Shrine of Jerusalem of Grais Va'ley. j ir :ff Friends ! are lnviterj ip attend services Saturday. April 23;at 2:30 o'clock p.m. at Truman's Chapel. Telegraph Avenue at 30th Street. 'Oakland. Golden Chain Chapter jSJo. 303, O.E.S., officiating, LATTON la Alameda, . April 21. 193J. Edward L-. beloved husband of the late Clara M. LaytonJ foving father of Mrs. Pearl Lie be I of -Alameda. Ray DEATHS jf April 22, 1955 E '45 STATISTICS DEATHS -Ji 111 a a? Va aw... . iTvr vr . Liymn "i crpmenoii, w am r Vjm T f ..in f .jfu ; -" .T IV.! 4'I VOIIipUin UTt T Ljo4e No. 222, F. and A. M. of RoM.J . .i : I a i . i . u . iiii7i. eiiam-rua cinpirr I-o. iu, rt. ' Aj. M.. and Heber Chapter No. 11, Q E of Roaeville. srnnerai services win e nelfl tn th Broyer Mortuary, Roaeville, at 3 pm.... Saturday. Aorll 23. under the iui. , . plcet of Roaeville Lodge N. 272. r. , andilA. M. Interment, ftoseville C ems taryj (Hagy-Keenen service I LOFTOI S In Kan I .i.an i.nl in 1H33L Mary Louise (a resident of Oak- , Und. beloved wife of the late JirBh . T .ntoi I . ; teivin n.n Ka r I 1-1,. W apdj! the late Joseph Eekman: sister of " '' H'llliam J, Shannon of Ran franclsm. n fiun oi nan rrancisco, agea 68 yeats. j Friends are respectfully Invited tW"l funeral services Saturdav, April 2fl IjBt 8:30 a.m. i from the EJmhurst OhTel of the Clarence N. C'i"nrr Mortuaries, 5(l r.at-t 14tn street. thence St. loill R.rtr.nH'i rhnrrh lflOtti Avenue and East 14th Street -! r-hfre a Requiem Mass will he cele-- braced for the repose of her until ri-irimencing at ( a.m. Interment Holy Oriiss Cemeterv.. Colma. Rec itation of tliei Rosary Friday, 8 p.m. Phon TR nidad 2-4343 or KE Hog 3-4114.) . LOOS In Oakland. April 20. 1933. Ed Aa(id Henry, beloved husband of noanie u. uoos; loving orotner ofe Aldcrt A.. Walter Charles and Genrsa l.oos. Mrs. Etnma M. Beoton. Ollie . K. (Williams and Mrs. Elue A. Siren- , . . . V Mil t r 1. 1 . ..a - . . Ho Hali-tead of Burbank; a native tlyennedy. III. IS'iends are respectfully Invited 1 .. aitttfnd funeral services Saturday. April ' 2f!. jt 1:30 p.m. at the FriJltva'c Chanel ' of jlie Clarence N. Cooper Mortuartet, " ljiSj Fruitvale Avenue Inurnment.'-'T Oailand Crematory. (Thone KE U6 a-4 j . . LVfjAS Of 2407 Bartleif St. Oakland. , AP "I 2n- 1?33 Augusta D T beloved 4'i'" of Jose Francisco Lueas. Loving tfio her of George and Lena A. Lura -tint i of Oakland and Daniel T. Lucas qf f'astro Valley. Loving mother in law Mulietta R. Lucas. Loving sister of -lis Abreti of Ponta do Sol. Ma- J nrna. anan pan n 'l ei.veir or i iini'hai. , Jlai(ieira (and Francisco Gregnrii, " Teijkeira of Coimbra. Portugal. A nattva " f ILugar de Baixn, Ponta do Spl, berfof Holy Rosary Society of Mary. ,., ftefti nt r.,t-ii.iiria r-K,,i-K a 3oHrph's Church. , , I f-n-ieni'lc bi i',-,,-it 1. mil ..a 41,-, lutw-ial from the new mortuary of C. . Janp on Saturday morning. Annl 23," t :30 thence to St. Jarloth's Church " 101 ia rtequiem Mign eommenrmg it I o'elock. Interment, Holy Sepulchre v t'efietery. Recitation of the Rosarv . ' t'njiay evening at 8 o'clock. For further jnffrmation call TR inidad 2-1011. - tlorinHERr In San Francisco. April ' " ku.j J33S; Annie J. beloved wife of . ' o-ph. lovine mother of Mrs. Jo..e. "" bht'e Hahn. Mrs. Nancy Brooker. Mr. Paijricia O'Connor. Lorene and Walter J it n, I, lA,rt. s-.. ,U. ' . Maf.ii-een and Joseph Loughery; Jean ' pni Brooker and Steven Hahn. A na tiv of Cohirciveen County Kerry. Ire- iail. Pat president of St. Mary's His . icijool Mother's Club. - -- t'nds are Invited to attend tha . ' llileral ..l-lir-.. ClnrHair A.i,l 4- -a - ' ' ... .. -. ,' ni'iii i, 8:3p o clock a.m. from the Chapel of lh Oaks. Oakland Mortuary. 3007 . Teteffranh Ave.. Iheni-e In fii.-l , , i Weirt Church, where a Solemn Mas " of Requiem will be offered for th4', fjei o.e of her soul at 9 a.m. Interment. , , fl. Mary's Cemetery. Recitation of the Jlo ary Friday evening at 8 o'clock. MA .KIM In Oakland. April1 21, 1J5. . v ! Giyce S.. beloved wife of the late .1. Rrijs Malkim; loving mother of Viola' 1 1 U,-...,n Cll.l V. - 1 , , , I a,n, , u.mhiiu, uci.'vrn alarm hifthei- of 1 Kenneth M. Keegan Jr.!-" ii-fer of George A. Munro of San Fllnrilm A nativa at U.,inril - til years. A member of Older pfi Eastern. Star of San I'lanrisco. . I f riends are invited to attrnd services 4 tithe Ttl'graph Ave. -Chanel of tha Giant Millsr Mortuaries. 2850 Tele , gr-tiph Aye.. Saturday. April 23. mI," di i iivmifi, a.m. mcmnriai Blli.3 maT k)f made 10 Children's HonUI of tha JEajst Bay. Inurnment private. O'XEILL In Berkeley. April 21, Ji.VV " lAhne Wade, daughter o( the lae Uudge Thomas J. and Mary Wade k O'Neill; beloved sifter of Jeanne V. O'Neill; survived by nephews and Joieces. Jamie, Patricia. Peggv and irt 11.-. ll, I ii. a . . , ..iilll . r U llf III. mrp, UfOril al. Taylor and Mrs. Joseph B. Powers; a ,,-. w: vi .'i i9ein.iijpi. ' i' C ri.ri ltnl... .fl.,HJU,n a . I , v. . . . v j-iunuaj an .ciiiisiiii, imii .JW . t , it 1 2 o'clock in the chapel of Albert Brown Mortuarv.. 3478 piedmont Ae rue. Oakland. Interment, Suiiift View, ; Cemetery. I nnvinavo in 1 astro vauey, vpru .u . ..&. ... ... . .. . . a Norman D., beloved hus-band 'of ' ! Ada A. Rhoades; loving father of Mrt.! ! k. George Martin of Castro Valley, Mr' t Einar Olson of Crannell, and Clarence V. Rhoades of Oakland; dear brother Of Mrs. Etta Foster of Pctaluma. A native Of Fort Wavne. Indiana, aorrt 73 K ears. ' 1 I r.l.na. -. a 1. .... I , I - ; 1 iiimn ic inuirn m Mii.ril'J l-TV rl i Ihe Castro Valley Mortuarv Chapel. ' " 30339 Lake Chabot Road. Saturday, " April 23. at 2:30 o'clock p.m. Inter . , moot private. 1 1 Dt'V-A 1.. LT. L -1.. A . ,11 a..... ,11 lM.lt, 1Jll ltfj.l,., Charirs L.. beloved hujband of Chn-Itne M. Ryno, loving father of Mrs. Richard Horn Of Sacramento, and Mr.. : Louis, Paulo of Sarj Leandro, and the ..' . tale James Ryno. brother of Mr.. , ., Henry Adams of Alameda, George and' Mervyn Ryno of Sacramento; alsa ' itirvived by eight grandchildren : a na rave of Comanche, aged 58 years: a " ' member of ; Emeryville Industrial Po:t , j No. 1010 V F.W, j is Friends are invited to attend erv ices Monday, April '.3 at 11 o'clock,.., a m. at Truman's Chapel, Telegrapit Avenue at 30th Street. Oakland. In . terment. Golden Gate National Ceme (lerv, Memorial services Sunday at 8 (Vclock p.m. under auspice', of K.tu'ry Ville Industrial Post' No. KH0 V I W. SCHMIDT tn Oaklsnd, April 21. 193.' f"onrs(d, beloved husband of Envum , Schmidt; loving father of - Mrs. Mar. . . cella I Ra.smussen, MrsJ Sophie Corder,. 'Mrs. ' Margaret Bradford, Mrs. Agoel Strcli). William and Conrad Schmidt; ' Ifirandfather of elctif orinli-htliiran -. . Pattve of Germany. A member of Holy - - ' jNarpe Society, St. Franci- De S-lei " ' t hutch. Carman s union. Division 19Z, ;S1. Vincent DePaul's Society. Honorary jpierr.ber of the Hermanson'., Knights Ipf Columbus. i F'fiends are Invited to attend tha sifuneral Saturday. April 23, at 9 a in. ifrom the Chapel of the Oaks., Oakland iMortuary, 3007 Telegraph Avenue, thence to St. Franciv De Sales church. Mwhere a Remijem High Mass will b ;(relebrated for the repose cf hu tout, icommencmg at 9:30 a.m. Interment, ;Holy Sepulchre Cemetery. Recitation of the Rot-ary Friday evening at :8 o'clock. Officers and mmber. of rlhe , St. Francis De Sales Holy Narre 5 society are requested to attend reci- lation of tne I(o?ary at 8 p.m. THlBOntAL In San Leandro. Annl 20. ;1933, Miss Mary M.. dear friend of Clara E. Barnes of 3124 Bond Street, Oakland; a native of Nova Scotia: aged 86 jears. A member of the Town-send Plan, Fairfax Club No. St. Fritjnds are invited to attend seiy. ices at the East Oakland chapel of GTant Miller Mortuaries, 2372 East 14th Street, Monday. April 23. 1 at 8 30 o'clock a.m., thence to SI. Io'a Church, where "a Mass will be rele t brated for the repose of her soul, fromniencmg at 9 o'clock a.m. Recita ition of the Rosary Sundav evening at j8 o'clock. Interment, fct. Mary's Cem. ., t VL y . Card of Thanks ALAMEDA COUNT? HEAEI AaSOClAllOM GratefuUy AcKnowte(Tg(3 Memorial gift toward Uii Cght sgiot heart diseaie. , 121 East llth Street. Oakland. HI ghgaU -6401 San Francisco Deaths ALLEN. Dr Herbert WilUanii ALLGOOD. tliMbeth V. BLA'CKMAN, Foy BURKSTED (Kramer, nee Moran', Annie E. -t CASEY. John PalpH. ' F OLEY. Thomas r. 73 year. - FRANK-EL, NeUie GOLDSACK. Emily . HENDPICH. John Otti HEPBURN. William B. . .. HOERCHNEF. Seulah O. KOPERSKI. Stanley 87 years LINDQUIST, Elna 68 jesra LOL'GHERY. Annie J , MANA. Joseph 80 years MERRITT. Dorothy . MEYER. Ante I QUADT, Joseph H. REESE. Walter Jane RUBIOLO. Mary A. 70 years SHAW. William N. . TAYLOR. William R. (Bllhe 22 fin THEIS, Anna c. ' THOMPSON. Ethel ! ta t ,1

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