The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1941 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1941
Page 9
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THURSDAY, JANUARYS, 1041 COUNTER NEWS The President Calls Me Bill" Suits cause Bein Defense Chief He Can Go Production M Be- On an be By TOM WOLF Production to some :ncn can a minor but ever-demanding KUU —a g-cct co.sturued in a shoal' of order blanks, with a .spur gear lor a head a Diesel engine for a trunk, and pistons for arms and legs. Such o god has William S Knudsen—for which Uu- country should give thank.s. PRODUCTION must; be the Ji'iuding force th.-it; commands Kmiriscn .from the moment hr renchc-r his polisiio'i and propor c'.ei-k in Washington and lights into hi.s "real tash,-. n.s Dirs'jto-.- General of. the O'fice of ProduY- tion Management. As evidence— 11' you had walked into Kmu.(- -sen.'s cilice one day fall, you would have been greeted by "the incongruous sight of a group ol workmen assembling there a fui!- sizod airplane engine. That, was because Bill Knuclsen. master mechanic, simply wanted to see ihe 'steps involved. This unorthodox incident Ls typical of the man—rest, last and always a production «v,an. Pie has been a production man over since, as Signitm Wilhehn Poul Knudsen. he came to America in 1900. (Years later, when he huo. risen in the world, he was often annoyed by a yarn to the effect that the immigration officials had yelled at him. as he lettered on the gangplank: "Hurry"—and that he has been in a .hurry ever .since.) NICKEL WORDS GOOD ENOUGH Knudsen vas born in Copenhagen on March 25, 1879—not. as he later remarked, in a log cabin. for while "log cabins were fine a generation or two ago. nowadays yen don't get one until you ye; rich." His father. L: customs inspector, .sent all .his children through high school. When young Wilhelm graduated he wore a "silver watch—a prize for high marks in mathematics. It was his nimbleness with figures that was to give him his biggest boost in America. His first job in America wi\s as a-reamer at S1.75 per day en torpedo iboats . at Morris Heights. N—-J. -He 'goon found his school knowledge -bi English, was. 'not enough. "I- used, tc" sit on. r.he stoop of my boarding house and talk to the youngsters," he relates 'Kids haven't a big vocabulary —small words, nickel words. But , I djcin't need two-clcllar words." ' _ To this day Bill Knudsen is i likely to use nickel words. Whan | recently asked of his relations 1 with President Roosevelt, he an- ' swered: "Swell." Prom torpedo boats. " Knudsen went tc a railroad, repair shop, then to a bicycle parts manufacturer. Autos were knocking the bike market, so the firm was trying to get contracts to make automobile parts. One day in 1905 hi.s boss came to Knudsen, who was dcing all the company's estimating, with an order that changed his whole career. The boss said: "You have to go to Detroit and see a man named Ford." Knudsen went and returned with a contract for 375.000 worth of parts. And. six years Inter. Knudsen started working for Ford. :>y 1913 he was in charge of the company's 27 assembling • plants. HASN'T GOTTEN fHS DOLLAR In 1921 came the one mystery in Bill Knudsen'S career. He nnri Ford, who once called him "a prcduclion genius." parted company. It has been said that Knudsen is the anlv man Ford ever fired and tried to rehiri. But no outsider knows that he was fired. All that, is known is that Knudsen became president of typed either William S. Kmidsen al a picture posed especially for NF.A Service. bounded from 7G.OOO to 240.000. And before he left Chevrolet u.s president to become executive vice .president of CM. Chevrolet was the leader in the low price field. In 1937 Knuclsen became president .of the billion-dollar GM corporation, an . office he held until last 1 September when 'he resigned to devote all his productive energy to national defense. Asked by cronies about his federal job, he made two characteristic observations: "The President calls me Bill"—and— "I am one of Uncle Sam's dollur-a-year men, but by heck I haven't v bcen given that dollar." As president of Genera! Motors, Kmidsen did not maintain a luxurious office. It was • simply fvir- nished, the main articles being a flat-top desk before which he, sat and a roll-top desk in back of hihi. Most times he wore his hat arid smoked a cigar. He said he could think better under his hat. There was only one phone in the rooin. When he wanted to speak to.sojiie one he called the number himself ! and -without-* famava-saifl; ."Hello This is Knudsen." . He wrote important letters by hand on a pad of yellow foolscap and when his secretary tnom he signed them "Kmui.sMi" or simply "K." Unless nn important conference detained him. ho left for home by >'i::W, .saying it was a poor man who foukin'( dean up his by that time. After that he loved 'to be nay. was seen everywhere — at theater, concerts, opera, or on the uoli links (whore he played in- ,1ii ion-lit !y wdi). His Detroit home out on Balmoral road is hn>c, but no p.\l:ur. H is. essentially a place to bo lived in. Merc In- lias a music room whr-re he play.s both the violin and xylophone, lion-, loo. Ls hi.s pride iind joy: au immense library. In addition he has a roumry farmhouse l»»mo on Gnxsw llo in !h<- Del roil rivor.'s sumvy and bonus have' often run close to the half billion mark, lie ha.s frequently f.iven a iurye part, of his income to char- i Ity. saying IhuL "1'rk'iul.siiip |. s mi) n> : important than money " A KNIGHT, ' i WHAT NIGHT? | H is lypiciil of uie man thai ! when IK- recently yontribmorl lu-tiv- ' ily to tin- Salvation Army Fund he ] n-mnrkod: "I have always liked i the way the Salvation Army About doinu J4oncl. It. hns a ovf-rlu-ud and wlu-n you ( <ivc dollar, the dollar j.;oc!s to tlic ,)i! 1 who need it." Always the .'iK'iion man. Au ardent Lutheran, chief ol Denmark, he annually contrlb- I'los lu-avily to the " Lufht'rnn Ghurch-for he keeps in Danish wcllare groups. F ;l or this reason ihe Dani.sJj kl» K kuiglit.-d him a low years a[-o. When he told his family he was a knight, his son asked: "What night? To-' night? tomorrow night? or Saturday night?" So fond is he of his native land that, till hough he has been an American citizen .since 19M, many cronies call him the Great Dane. He Ls, they say, the Dane who'll make Hitler sorry he ever invaded Dumiark. NKXT: Knudsen in iscHion av Sonic Sources S; son's Brolhor-fn-| In Line For Job Robin- -avv Is Ll'ITLE HOCK, Jan. :>'J With nunor.s .aljroad Unit Johu K. Miller would j.«t. poinnnctit to thi> tcdi-nil court bench in Foil Ihe ix'xi. two week his iip- dernl district. Kmilh wiiniu .siK-culaion to (o arises within Ihe st;ite n.s will ut't the appointment out (he nnexpired term, While various names have been -simye.stefl close .sLudenl:; of politics believe the lo»i<:«l iippoimmmjf would be thnl oi Gr;u!y Miller. brothcr-in-liiw ol the lale Senator Joe T, fiobio.sDn. whose lerm Miller was elected to fill out in 1M7, nurinj.; RobinsonV. llle lime Grndy Miller' M-rveit him :us a contact man a.s well ;i.s ;1 secretary and became luniilhu- with Ihe .senittorial •Intlcs. Al tin 1 time of Robinson's death Governor Carl K, Bnil<:y refusal to lake the cnun.sel of ' the late stmaiov.s trii-nds und name Mrs Robinson to fill out the term, instead ho had the Slntc Democratic Central Committee mime himself «s UK.' party's candidate for the vacant post. Tin- result of Governor Bailey's rcUisa! io take thj. s advice was seen in his defeat for the post by John E. Miller, I hen serving n.s a !connTcssniiin from the second district, Lntf-r fiovern'or Bailey told friends that had lie accepted (his advice, his political career mii'.ht hnvo ended differently, The? new j.'.ovi>rnor was an aide of the late senator nnci his elt-c- t.ion last .summer WOK due In part to tho work aceonmlLshod for him by the. remain.'; of (Jus Robinson machine. AUkin.s, ii was .suit!, could wipe out lils debt to thle Robinson family as well as the machine by nmninr, Grudy MHJor to Mie post Mint Senator ,/ohn E, Miner va- cales. Aside from tho political advantage?; of .such an appointment frlenilN of (irmly Miller insist that, he could .step into the .senatorial past without boltift- considered u stnuilU'r to mast of that body's meinber.shif.). and a;> .such could jjot tlie .sup])ort of other members to ijct Komelhln!', done for the state! of his relations with UIR lalt 1 JSenalor Robin.son. Adkin.s in his press conferences hius declined u> comment on who lie .inigia name should the vacancy occur. Suit Recovered on Oie. Person HARTFORD, Conn. (UP) — It would he putting if mildly to say thai Walter Baddington was surprised when he saw a stranger '•vatk into • a taveiTi wearing the suit lie lost a week before. With the aid of police he retrieved his clothing. WB M A K E CONCRETE STORM SEWER — Aj ,L SIZES Osceola Culvert Co. IMiones" .253 <k CO 0. S. l.-uiey Kd Wiseman Os'ceola, Ark. W. F, Brewer Dentist I'tlydicyiijc. Arkansas Specials! Extractions - - - $1.00 Eull (Jppcr and viewer Plates- - . --.$25.00 'Included): ' Driving us Serious Job Stressed PECRIA, 111. (UP) - Arthur W. Schllchcnmnicr. whose book on the causes of automobile accidents will be published .soon, .says that every motorist .should consider driving just us serious a job as his regular occupation. He concludes that most accidents are caused by lack of concentration. winter, some salt water fresh water regions. DANCE VEKV SAT. N1ODT Blue Room HOTEL NOBLE PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. U» * Walnut Phone Rib GREYHOUND NOW OPERATES New 1941 SUPER COACHES ON ALL SCHEDULES ST. LOUIS and MEMPHIS VIA CAPE GIRARDEAU Four of these new Luxury liners each way daily! Save money! Enjoy 1941 riding ease, speed and convenience of America's newest, finest way of highway travel. Greyhound Bus Terminal 109 No. f>(h St. Phone 000 GO GREYHOUND.SUPEKCOACH: AWBRICA'S OUT-O F-TO WN-CA1? ^••••••••••••••••^•••^••••••^^^ : 'X • ^.^^ ^m^ 9 ^VilHam S. Knudsen at play . . . pounding the xylophone. Holly Gn the Ireland and Matthews Company cf Detroit and that less than a year Inter he joined General Motors, soon to become vice presi- ient ol" Chevrolet. There he made his famous on> semencc speech to salesmen: "Beys, we arc going to make one for one." His audience knew he meant to catch Ford. In his first year company sales Y I FARM WITH TERMS interest- to the WMFfl ?3reSgvE03& i s a Hi PARMS FROM 80 ACRES Good Improvements as low as 20',; down—10 yeans to pav—5'A -priced to sell. Phone—CaJI—Write at" once Mo, UP W LAND COMPANY M. T. Mint on. General Agent, Dextei Riuck SUPER. Sedan, $1185* O ^cft ii^s! RDINARILY we don't testimonials. in for owner- But every now and then, along comes a letter that so perfectly portrays the way Buick owners feel about their cars that we haven't the heart to keep it from you. Here, for example, we quote from Mr. Ambrose Brownell, English holly grower of Milwaukie, Ore. ". . . When f drove that '41 SUPER out of Flint... and started a circle trip home I jotted down each gas purchase and mileage to sort pf figure my expenses '*It wasn't long before I got suspicious of something wrong The gas gauge needle just didn't go down fast enough ... "But, Roy;'all ihe way home it was the same story. The Buick wormed through miles of city traffic... mudc numberless stops to inquire directions, purred along in sizzling heat that made my feet feel like two fried eggs, breezed over the Rockies at 9,000 elevation ... and finally fairly slole home through the sinuous Columbia Gorge. "Statistics? .Of course: 3,200 miles; 165 gallons ... Ethyl gas; 19.51 miles per gallon; gas cxpensc-r/W per mile; total out-of- pocket expense—l 2 "/i,,«jt pc r mile. ". . . Roy, I'm glad 1 bought a Buick." Mr. Browne!! has other nice things- to sjiy about hisComrmuml Cnrburetion-eqiupned I9-U SUPKR. But the point is that everywhere Buick is running up such astonishing records for thrift tluit letters like lliis arc commonplace. Wliy not drop in on your iocnl dealer and try out the thrifty traveler that brings us orchids from a holly grower? h^g EXEMPIAR OF GENERAL MOTORS VALUE Phone 1004-5 LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Walnut ana Broadway Blyttievllie 90 Proof • Geo. A, DIckcl Distilling Co., Inc., Lexington, Ky. *++••**++*»*••»* WHEN BETTER AUTOMOBILES>ARE BUILT BUICK WILL BUILD THEM BUICK PRICES BEGIN AT for the COUPE tit Flint, A fief:. State /V;A-, optional tqtitfiment accessories — s suljftt tO C/i<1H£i IL'ff/lQHt notice.

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