The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 28, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 28, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOLUME XXXIV—NO. 2-11. Blythevllle Courier BJythevllle Herald Ouachita ,0ut of Banks, Other Streams Neaving Flood Stage LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 28 (UP) — Continual rains' during the past 72 hours sent the Ouachita river raging out of Its banks toduy between Camden and El Dorado. Smackover creek, near El Dorado, also overflowed, flooding the surrounding bottom lands. The Ouachita stood at 29.9 feet at Camden, where flood stage is 27. Highways south of that city were Impassable as other bayous and creeks left their banks. Tile White River at 'Clarendon rose lo feet at noon ami was expected to reach flood stage of 20 tonight. The St. Francis river In t!ie extreme northeast section of the stale also was Hearing flood stage but no immediate danger was forecast for persons living along its banks.-"" The weather bureau here re- liorted more rain was expected tinight and warned persons living in Hie lowlands lo be ready to evacuate on short notice. • Brave Rain To Marry Beside Davis Monument MANILA, Ark,, Dec. 27.—Krlpnd.1 of Floyd Spencer and Mary Jane Hea,rd planned "big doings" after they heard the two were to l:e married in the projection boolh of the theater here where Spencer is employed. The news of the planned charivari leaked oul and the bride and her nance outwitted their friends by slipping off to the-:Herman Davis Memorial park, where they were married In a downpour of rain Sunday night. The Rev. Morris Howell pcr- fprmed the rites with Mr. and Mrs. need Durham as attendants. The bride is the daughter of Mr and Mrs. Groyer Heard, of' Pu- laskl, tenn., Where she lived before coming here three months .W *° -.bOtopteed^, in & -cafe. ",, The ^ i * groon V is "the'.^-son of Mrs. Leona Spencer. Find Portion Of Negro Woman's Severed Body HELENA, Ark., Dec. 28 (TJPI- qnieers. today found the upn»r portion of a negro woman's body '•« ashal low.grave, near Cypert 25 miles west of here ,^? b ° ys ' who were hun'u^ rabbits, found the lower portion r-iM*'! 2 y yesterda i'- Officers said the body apparently had be°n severed by a sharp knite There was no clue to the woman s identity. She had been dead seven or eight days. Narrowly Escape Death In Tupelo Hotel Fire TUPELO, Miss., Dec. 23 (UP)A dozen persons escaped death early today by jumping from second story windows of lh e Southern hotel when the structure was destroyed by fire. Damage was estimated at $60,000 Herman Humphrey, nesjro porter risked his life when he rushed through the hotel and warned the sleeping guests of the fire. Several of those who were forced to jump were clad only In night clothes. Cause of the fire was not kno«-n. ^ fllLT€LL I was out in my backyard today throwin' some mile hunks of bread to a bunch of blackbirds and I couldn't help noticln' how much alike these birds were. They all seemed;to have the same amount of intelligence and I couldn't tell one from the other and their success In gettln' a nice hunk of bread was Jest a mailer of gcltin' there first. People are a whole lot the same way and many a successful man owes It alt to the fact that he got. the "jump" on the other fella. I had tivo cousins down home who were In love with the same girl and both, of 'em were tryln' their best to marry her. One night one of 'em was slttln' on the sofa with her and he put his arm around her and lie says "Mllly, you're the first thing I think of when I get up in the morning." she says "Well, your brother told me the same thing-." "'And he say* "Yeah, but I tet up ft hall hour before h« dots ~ Want Funds Earmarked For "Small" Farmers WASHINGTON, Dec. 23. (UP) — Euiate-housc conferee.'; on Ihe farm bill will be asked to >>ar- mark 550,000,000 of available funds lo Increase benefit payments loj "small" farmers, Senator James) P. Pope (Den;,, Ida.) said today.' Pope revealed the schedule of payments by which sponsors ,-,f p. Ihe bill hope to meet (lie de-.Uf monds for aid to "small" farmers without placing a definite ceil- ; nir on payments to larger producers. THE DOMINANT HTW8PAP« OP HQKTHjAST ARKANSAS AND 8OOTHEAOT MISSOURI D«lly Nem ~ r ~~~. ~ rr " ~~~~~i?. ' : — ~— BLYTHRVILLB,: ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, DECBMUKH 28, 10M7 w. GUIS ! A J!^ OFF GUFIO'S SUPPLY SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENli •'Bluebeard' Jodie Nnbers Discovers Giimore Smith In Unconscious Condition'' Apparently the victim of a hit- and-run driver, Giimore Smith, Mexico. Mo., youth, was found in an unconscious condition on Highway Gl n short distance south' or Blytheville last night by Jodie Waters, local grocer. Attendants at the Blyihcvilte hospital where he was brought* said this morning that Smith's condition was improved. He has head Injury. of 600,000 Hnnclicanvecl Ry plosion, Five Ex- J3UFFAM), N. Y., Dec. 28. (UP) —An explosion, followed by fire In a Buffalo Electric compniiv plant, cut off electric power hi this city today, plungln;; several IVspilnls into momentary darkness and forcing miuiy Industrial plants to suspend operations'. Stores and office buildings not equipped with emergency power plants were forcecj to, The electric company reoorted that nearly all of the residential power In this city of nearly 600,000 was cut off. Only one of the city's five radio stations was operating. Many downtown department stores were forced to close. Others remained open through operation of their emergency plants. • Hospitals reported that prompt use of auxiliary equipment had forestalled serious consequences. An appendicitis operation was underway In Columbus hospital. When the power failed It -was co tuple led with auxiliary power. At Central Park clinic one oper- - ators said he noticed Smith's I ation was completed iimlnr similar body lying partly on the highway as tie drove toward his home on Hifilnvay 01 about 8..o'clock last 'felil. He stopped, and with the aid of passing motorists, put the J'onth In his car. Smith began £lnifeliiis and Nabers went to, the wine of zm n. Harrison and the Iwo brought him to the hospital. This morning he had regained consciousness nnd told hospital at- ciid.mts that he had been to Dyess to visit his uncle. Prank Tyler. He said he was walking along the liifliway enroule home and remembers nothing of the accident. Mr. Nabers said that he and Mr. Harrison carefully examined *e spot where Smith was lying and that his footprints indicated he was walking about two feet off the pavement on the shoulder of the road. The tracks of a car that, apparently struck him were seen; on the shoulder. Mr. Nabers stateti;~an<rU' "aplSeared" that Vihe driver applied the brakes, then drove back on to the pavement ind continued without, stopping. Police Protect Victim Who "Takes It" Heavily PHILADELPHIA (UP)—Here's a man who was jailed because he could "take it" too well. He appeared at Hnhneinann Hospital to have four stitches taken hi a cut over his right eye. "Fight with a friend," he explained. "I'm going back." Later he h.iil six more stitches :aken in the same wound, but when he Insisted he was "going back." again,' hospital attaches railed police. He was locked up for the night. circumstances. Others were postponed until electric power Is re. slored. The Buffalo News was unable to got out an edition during the forenoon. Street cars were not affected nor were police coniimmlcnl'fm lines and fire alarm systems. , Confesses Slaving Of Negro Christmas Eve Phil Smith, 38-year-old negro, confessed to officers late yesterday that he killed Bus Turner, 50. negro laborer. Christmas Eve before he robbed him of eight dollars. He will be given a hearing in municipal court tomorrow morning. Time 1ms made the title or "Bluebeard II" more lippronilatc tor Eugene George Weldmann, confessed sluycr of sis persons, including Jean DC Koven of Brooklyn, N, Y. A clean-shaven Lothario when arrested, weeks In a Purls Jail have given him n heavy growth ol whiskers that threaten to become u beard. Weldmann. linnets shackled behind him, Is pictured uuslmvtm and dejected. Is Removed From China Clipper af Alameda Under Armed Guard ALAMEDA, Calif., Dec. 28. (UP) —The China Clipper arrived from orimig. ' Hongkong todav carrvlncr 4<;nn tivt His wife Beulah Smith, who of newsreel film showing ti* Jat has also been held in Jail since SaUirdaj'j denies nartlclpatlau P ;iiV "the crime' but- v acfn'iltj' "that','slic knew her husband was planning the robbery and told her of it after the crime. She will probably also be given a hearing on a charge of accessory after the fact tomorrow. Smith confessed to Arch Lindsey, deputy sheriff, dine Dobbs, constable at Armorel near where the body was found, and Eugene Dickinson, state policeman. He told the officers he did Inot mean to kill the negro but intended to strike him over the head with a stick to render S.IIUK 10 render niin and then to rob him. unconscious Beauty to Marry Lehman's Son Supreme Court Acts On 400 Appeals Within Year LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 28. — The Arkansas supreme court disposed of 400 appeals during the 12-month period ending December 1, handing down 380 decisions and granting 20 dismissals upon petition of the appellants. The seven justices wrote an average of a fraction more than 54 opinions each. The average time elapsing between the nilno of an appeal and the (handing down of a decision was slightly more than four and a half months. New York Cotton NEW YORK, Dec. 28. (UP) — Cotton closed steady. open high low close Jan 823 823 815 320n Mar 834 835 825 330 May 840 840 830 835 July 844 845 83R 840 Oct 851 852 841 845 Dec 855 855 845 S51n Spots closed sleady at 840, off 2. New Orleans Cotton anese boniblhg of the U.S. gunboat Pan '.'•'••. . . • ' -. ;. • Panay. ' , at the dock as a ' precautionary' measure, demonstrating the government's Interest In IhR film, which Is exnected to give an accurate pictorial account of the Panay incident, which provoked serious diplomatic tension between the United States and Japan. Norman Alley, Universal Newsreel cameraman, who stood on the deck of the bombarded Panay and took pictures of the Japanese aerlnl attack, isembarked .from the clip- pel, surrounded by ; armed guards. After Alley entered the air depot to greet Ills wife anil three children the cans of film were taken off the ship and guards transferred them to nn armored car. Carl Bailey Jr. Is Named To State Post 1 LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 28,-Rcve- mic Commissioner 2. M. McCarroll has announced temporary appointment of Carl E. Bailey Jr., son of Governor Bailey, as auditor in tho stale revenue department. The i»- sitlon pays $1,800 annually. The slate personnel division has not yet prepared a list of ellglbles for auditorial Jobs. Under civil service regulations temporary appointments for GO-day jwrlotls may be made to fill vacancies wiiere no eligible lists are available. Henri of Gigantic Company Blames Business Recession for Action DETROIT, Dec. 28. <I]f>)-a«ll- cvnl Motors corporation nnnoimced today n reduction In Us working force by approximately M.OOO men, olloclive January 1. The anounte- nii'iil W>M made by WIHInm 8. Kiuidsen, president. "The corporation regrets to an- iiomu'o Dint i-tccsslou In business makes a reailjustment of Its work- Inn force necessary,",KniKl»en nalil. Thcimjitetlon Iseiruotlyo thrmiijh- oul. Hie United Stales! Approxl- mnlcly 20,000 of the 3(1,000 to be laid off, however, will Ixj In Michigan. '•The corporation 1ms kcpl Its men employed up lo very recently by reducing hoiire for oocli mini In order to help Ihc general economic RlUiallon," Knudscn continued. "Invcntorle.'i lx>lh In Ilio Held and at tho plant, accumulated throuvh this )X)lli!V. have renchcd a fetal wliero adjustment must take place. Therefore on or about January I the working force will be reduced in order that people who will continue at work will have rensonahle Income for their needs. "'Ilils may affect a considerable number of men In nil locutions but thcro sflll remain on General Motors payrolls In the United States more than 205,000 men mid Ihe monthly payroll will exceed $2V 000.000. "The corporation regrets circumstances which mnkc thin necessary hnl. sincerely hones Unit the conUl- llon Is temporary and spring will see return of normal employment." Knudscn described tho layoff ns "larger Ilinn seasonable." South Africa Prepares ' Bush Country'Defense CAPE TOWN (UP)—The South African Defense Department panning to make the biLshveld— the tracts of land covered with low bushes typical of Ihe 6r part of the country—nn ally Instead of an enemy In case of invasion. A specially military unit capable of operating easily in the bush- velt is being developed, the department announces, pointing out that should South Africa ever Le involved In a war It would expect to do 90 per cent of Its fighting In bush country. Fireman Killed When Mail Train Wrecks MONROE, Wash., Dec. 28. (UP) —A large earth slide derailed a Great Northern railway mail train, three miles east or here, today. Fireman EUvood L. Tucker was killed when Ihe locomotive, tender nnd a coach tumbled into the Skykomtsh river. Stock Prices NEW YORK, Dec. 28. <UP>— Liquidation of accounts today sent the slock market down to near the lowest levels since 1835. Trirt- ing Increased. There was some year-end evening up nnd lax selling but most orders came from longs who dumped their holdings nnd planned to remain on Hie sideline pending • more definite measurement of business conditions. A T- & T 144 1-2 Anaconda Copper ........ 281-2 NEW ORLEANS Dec. 28. (UP) —Cotton futures closed down four to nine points on a ket. open high low close .. 827 827 .. 841 841 .. 851 851 ..854 854 .. 862 862 . 8Mb ... Jan. ! Mar. 1 May 1 July Oct. Dec. Associated D. G G 1-8 Beth, steel 54 Boeing Air 23 3-4 Chrysler 48 3-8 Cities Service 2 Coca Cola 107 1-2 steady mar-i General Electric -.. 401-8 General Motors 301-8 Int. Harvester 61 1-2 827 834 839 843 850 82Sb 839 843 847 853 355b The montlis until school lets out next Summer will hold many excitements for Peggy Rosenbaum, above, pretty daughter of Mme. Hulda Lashanska, famous concert artist, for besides preparing for examinations there will ba all the wedding preliminaries to attend to. She will become llic bride of Peter a. Lehman, son of. Governor Herbert H. Lehman of New York, Spots closed steady at 849, off 4. Livestock Montgomery -.Ward 303-8 EAST ST. LOUIS 111.. Dec. (UP)—Hogs: receipts, 6,500. Top. 8.85. Heavy weights, 8.60-8.85. Light weights, 8.00-8.CO. Bulk sows, 6.35-6.75. Caltle: receipts, 1,800. Steers, 6.40-0,00. Slaughter steers, 5.75-12.25. Mixed yearlings, heifers, 7.50. Slavighler heifers, 5.15-9.50. Beef cows, 5.00-6.00. Cullers and low, 3.75-4,50, 28. N. Y. Central ............. 161-2 Packard .. ............... 41-8 Phillips Pet ............... 37 Radio .................... 6 Simmons ................ 225-8 Schenley DIst ............. 185-8 Socony Vacuum .......... 15 1-8 Standard of N. J ......... 44 1-4 Texas Corp. .............. 381-8 U. S. Smelting ............ 57 1-3 U.S. Steel ............... 521-8 6.00- Chicaffo Wheat Dec. May Dec. May open high 955-8 90 921-8 023-4 low close D2 92 01 3-8 91 1-2 Chicago Corn Wins Nnlty Title Exonerate Heireis In Staying Of Her Mother WAHHUN, O.. Dec. 28. (UP) — nlso Campbell. 28-year-old Heiress to steel millions, was exonerated .oday In Ihu Christmas Day shooing of her mother, Coroner J. 0. Ilcnshaw returned ( vcrdlcl of "iicclilfiHnl ilealli." Freeing of Miss Campbell ended » self Imposed "hunger nlrlko" nho ha.i staged wlill 0 helil In Jnll, she steadfastly re fused foml for three ;lnya. mm. RENE open. 601-2 high GI low c'ose 59 1-4 59 1-4 61 1-8 61 5-8 60 7-8 61 1-4 thought up next, but you've gel Suits Charge Seduction, Personal, Property Injury Three damage suits, ono charging seduction, another asking compensation for personal Injuries and the third reimbursement for damage to an automobile have been flletl recently In circuit court here. •-J. W.::Brill.-16 plaintiff- against O. P. Scrape In HID seduction cnsc, asking tlO.OCO actual and $10,000 punitive divintigos for the alleged seduction of his 10-year-ol<l daughter by Scra|)«. Brltl Is a former day laborer on Scrape's farm. The men are also principals In another suit, Involving business difficulties which is on'appeal to circuit court from municipal court, Partlow and Bradley represent Brltt. Phillip Smith, a minor, by his next friend, Is seeking $1,600 from v. w. Waggoner, charging that the defendant failed to instruct him proiicrly In the operation of a lumber mill saw, causltig him to Injure his right hand. I'm I low nnd Bradley [ire his attorneys. Boyd Romlnes has filed suit against Teddlo Green asking $160 for damage to his car In a highway accident on Highway 18, which he charges was due to negligence ol the defendant. His attorney Is Zal B, Harrison. Arkansas, Tennessee , Groups To Urge Hos- pitulizaliou Bill Passage. MEMPHIS, Dec. ail. <UI>)—Officials of Ihc Arkansas nnd Tcn- « tuberculosis nssoclaUons lo- cluy iiimoiiiiml (hoy would work iicllvt'ly for rmssniio or n bill, now pondlmt In coiiBrcss, which would pYovldo federal funds for liosrjllallmllon of liibcmilnr pii- tlenls. Tho bill asks $5,000,000 iinmnlly for four yours lo provide nnd maintain hospital beds. Miss .Krle Chnmta'd of Lltl'.e Rock, who nltoiulcd Kin meeting hero as a ri'prcsunlallve from Arkansas, stilled that more adequate use of existing hospitals for tubercular pallmls should bu miide. "There are many rural hos. (als where (he average dally occupancy Is not over 25 per will of cupnelly,' 1 Miss Chambers mild 3he Raid Isolation of tuberculin |uitli»)L<i In prlviito hosiillnlH Is simple nuillcr anil would not on- danger other pntlcnls. Miss ChambCT.i told Ihc confer- erico. tlml Arkansas hail IKI donths from tuberculosis per 100,000 population In 1930—nn Increasu over lhe prevloiu'i j-enr, Sho nlfrlbutoi the to the low slaiulan of relief In the stiite, ilechirlnj Hint $12 per family was the maximum now. Mrs. Alice Hester, 77, Dies At Her Home Here Mrs. Alice Bell Hester, 17-ycar- olit native of Greene county, who luul lived here" for several ycais, died at -her home, 309 South First street, yesterday afternoon. She had been in 111 health since she fractured her shoulder In n fail several months ago and her condition became critical less than a week ago. Funeral services were held at lie Finch church, near I'aragoutd, his nflernoon with the Rev. Sam Wilcoxson, pastor at Paragould, officiating and burial was made at the cemetery there. Mrs. Hester was a member of a pioneer family of Greene county and lived at i'nragould for many years before she came to Blythe- vllle. She Is survived by five sons, Joe and H. S. Hester of here, Jeff Hester of Greenwood, Miss., and Charles Hester of 'ITTjiclo. Miss., and Jasper Brown of Jonesboro. A number of relatives came here yesterday and accompanied tbe remains to near Paragould today. They plan to return home tomorrow. Holt Funeral home was in charge of funeral arrangements. Former Helena Merchant Dies In Memphis Today MEMPHIS. Dee. 38. (UP)—Andrew Bush.' one time merchant of Helena, Ark., died today of a heart attack at the Catholic club, where he made his residence. Bush was born at Mar veil, Ark. For the past three years he had lo admit that results are all Ihey bee n j lca( ) O f the fur department at Three Hurt In Road Accident; Fog Blamed Three men worp'ilnirl; none ssrl- ously, when tlic(r''.6ar rqh' o'ff the hlpliwnv near Oscrala last nlirltl and overturned three 'times. The driver, Gun Ix>ggelt of St. Louis became confused In heavy for that enveloped the road imil failed to negotiate n sharp curve on Highway 01. Elbert Hartley, 26, an employe of the Mcsker Bros. Iron Co. In St. Louis, was brought to the Blylhe- Vlllc hospital with n severe scalp wound but his condition was not regarded as serious. Leggctt and another companion, Coldle Stanford, also of St. Louis, • received minor cul.s mid bruises. Their car was bndly Hartley said the three men had been on a holiday trip lo Memphis nnd were returning lo their home.! In St, ixiuts lust night when the accident occurred. Cut Out Diplomatic Formalities mnsh Into Shantung Defenders As Japanese Mills Are Destroyed SHANGHAI, Wednesday, Dec.' 23 U)P(— Infnrlnled'se armies drovn Into Blinuliing nlong (nice routes today ilelei mined lr> smash Chinese nimlci, climated at 300,COO wtillci-H, In riwcngo for Chl< i's ilf'Mnirthm of Japneoso col- Ion mills, nilneii and other properly osllmntcil lo bo vnlueil ,-it more thill) $ 1 25,000,000. The great Cli'imnn-buUt clly of filnglno, normally one of chlni'/t hn.ilost (.eapoils, WHS cut off ,ind Us fall to Iho Jnpanecc .setncil certain, .lanrne Routs SHANQHAI, me, 28. (OP)-Dari? Chlney Rrcnndleis bombed a imtiL'SO army iniinoh In Sooclw Creek loOoy for the second time In 24 hours. Three men wnltcd on the Cheklr aiig rond bridge acrass the creek wlilch runs thvoiigh the center of Sbnnghal nnd bombect Hie launch ns It )>asseil. Then they quickly lost themselves In the crowds along the, cicrtc side. Japanese soldiers In the launch fiieil vainly at them. It was reported Hint ono Japanese soldier lind been wounded, The attacks on Japanese nrmy launches, It was noted, started almost at (ho hour of the piomurga- tlon by Japanese nulhorltles of new drastic- regiilaUrmi prcscrlWr!g_lhe— <tciitli iwnulty for anyone, Including Amoilenns nml olher foreign- era, who molested tho Jaiwiuese army or navy In occupied territory. It seemed evident'that the Chinese had added another method to the Imiasblng ladles with which Ihcy hnvo tormented tho Japanese for months In sector nfter sector. Japai^cso 'army nuthqrttlcs admitted today that, though they had penetrated China beyonil Nanking, actually the country between here iinU the capital was honeycombed with strong bandt of guerilla fighters. An aimy spokesman said that Hie hands numbered usually between 100 and 200 men and confess eil they were causing couslder- nt)lo;aniioy.ance,^r}ot'only are they clotted over the countryside, but are roaming about to attack Isolated' Japanese foiies anil then disappear, but are even operating In the sil- burbs of SUangh'ni Itself. Machine gun firing was heard plainly from the, Hniif?Juo 8'uburU yesterday. ' Plane Freight Gets Greatest Use In Canada v MONTREAL (UP)r--Canada now leads the world In the transport of freight by air, according to latest figures from Ottawa. Operating chiefly In the mining areas, Canadian lines last year transported 33,047,000 pounds of freight, • consisting largely of machinery, fuel oil and supplies, compared with slightly more than 2,300,000 pounds In 1931.'"..••' Although the volume of air mail carried under contract, in 1935, which was 1.107.0CO. pounds, was slightly under .tho 1935 fl;m» 1t '."is two nnd n half .times larger Ihtin nlr mall carried in 1931. Total commercial mileage flown In Canada last year was 7,101,401 miles, nnd passengers carried numbered 109,723; gross operaling revenues tolaled $2,501,242 and operating expenses $2,390,019, according to the report. are cracked up to be. when a curvaceous damsel Cocoanut Queen Vivian Team oC Goldsmith's department store in Memphis. r t nP roduce rea l Miami emerges with the crown r»ln clouds over the burning are*. Drfl Don Leon de Bayle, new minister from Nicaragua, and President Roosevelt set something of a diplomatic precedent when tlioy dispensed with formality in presentation of his credentials. Instead of formal attire Dr. de Bayle, as pictured, wore business clothes and was greeted In Roosevelt's office. Mistaken Identity Gains Honor Place in Museum • COLORADO ISPRINOS, coio." (UP)—Mistaken identity gained a place If honor In the New Pioneer museum here for Miss'Del-Helm, now Mrs. Marsh, and a member ot the Royal Academy. A picture believed, to bo that of Mrs. Queer! Palmer, .wife of the late Gen. William J. Palmer, founder, from England advised the builder of the Denver & Rio Grande western railroad, wns accorded a place of honor In the museum. A. letter from Miss Dorolhy Palmer, daughter of the city's founder, from' England advised tlic museum officials of their error. The paihtlmj hiing In the halls of Glen Eyrie, the million-dollar castle built by General palmer in Queen's Canyon near here, for many years. The portrait was given to a friend ot a recent owner ot the castle. The friend lent It to the nnisenm in lhe belief that it was Mrs. Palmer. > Pink Is the favorite color for flowers In the markets of Great Britain. WEATHER Arkansas—Cloudy tonight MKt Wednesday, occasional rains, sltght- ly colder in extreme: west central porMpu tonight, Memphis and vicinity— Probably occasional light rains tonight and tomorrow; colder tonight, Unrest 1 temperature 36'» 40.

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