The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1943 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 26, 1943
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 26, 1943 BLITHEV1LLH (A11J COURIER NEWS i rw»- I SALE •PBB. A City's Wants Classified For Your Benef it FAGE.BBVW IMPORTANT NOTICE! Classified 'Advertising In The Courier Newt Will Be CASH ONLY, Eictpt to E«UblUb** Buftatu Firm. Btoue the few (**t •! Bed tit tot* not Justify the ex- ptnie of bookkeeping *nd eol lecUou, we have adopted lli policy ntber than a rabe In rate. No Eic*pHons to this Policy I For Sale Hurley-Davidson Cycle, '39 model, 80 cubic inch displacement (In excellent condition) Phone 4C4. Room 128.' ' ' 24-pk-'27 iolpoinl 1 . electric rnngc, oil clrcil- InlliiB heater. In excellent condition, phone 2500. . 24-lik-27 U. S. WARPLANE CoiiUncnlnl bell dlstrlb^tar system, equipped with ball bearings, nnrt )«K. 1 Continental metal 6 drum inclined cleaner, with bypass nml steel supports. 1 Continental revolving drum metal cepuratcr. 1 4 80 Continental lint ' flue. 1 wood 4 80 Continental- condenser. Address Box 391, ;Dermott, Ark. 5-19-]*-28 224 ucre. farm. Rich Little River bottom land, nbout ID miles N\V of Sikeston, Mo. $20,000—terms. C. CLARENCE SCOTT Slkeslon, Mo. 5-17pk-17 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dnlly rate per line for consccu- e Insertions: ilmum Charge 50c Imc per litie 15c Imcs per line per day t2c imes per line per day 9c lines per line per day 7c iu's per line per day 6c Month per line —90c Ads ordered for three or six times d stopped before expiration will charged for the number of times e ad appeared mid adjustment of 1 made. All Classified Advertising copy jmltted by persons residing out!e of the city miLSt be aecom- nled by cash. Rates may lie easl- compulcd from the above table. Advertising ordered Cor irregular fiertiuns takes the one Urnu rate. No responsibility v.'ill be taken r more than one incorrect Inser- on of any classified ad. Corn, Alfalta Hay, Oats, Chops & Wheat, lilytheville Grain & Elevator Co. Phone 2112." ' 5/10-ck-l Will pay 2Cc per doz. for wire coat hangers. Hudson Cleaners. I0--0-ck-tf For Rent room furnished house, 115 E Ash, mylheville. Mrs. K. O Smith, Joiner, Ark., Phone 2155 5-22-ck-2f urnished apai'tmenls. One 2-roon apartment, one 3. 914 Hearn. 22-pk-2! 'avker's Rooms 105 East Main. 5-22-pk7-Z ir conditioned rooms $5 weekl Peahody Hotel, Dial 3QD8. 5-18-pk-l OLDFISH MINNOWS—"Grapple's favorites." G. C. Hawks, 300 fi. Main. I'll. 3202. . •• 5-13-ck-13 ; HORIZONTAL' 1,8 Depicted , famous U. S. '" i>arplane ' 15 Be indebted HItisuwd extensively by U.S.;—. Cyers 15W« . 16 Individual J7 Fillip ' 19 Grain 20yat. ' i:-U\ 22 Cerium f (symbol) ( .23 Literary . composition ' S5 Seniors. (abbr.) 27 Adjudged . 29 God of love 31 Easy 33 Exclamation •' 35 Taverns Ahivirr to Previoiu Fiiitle Wanted To Buy Vill pay cash for $10,000 worth of good used furniture. Wade Furniture Co. 1-20-ck-tf 47 Sodium carbonate 51 Passageway 53 Three (prefix) 55 The same 58 Registered nurse (nbbr.) 59 Lick up €1 Coin . 63 Dress shirt 37 Compass point button 38 Biscuits 64 Dined 40 Not 'sleeping CO Symbol for 41 Honey maker samarium 42 Dessert 67 Reward 43 Street (abbr.) 69 Indiana 44Enclosed by a. (abbr.) 71 General name for "Good Neighbor" countries VERTICAL 1 Be defeated, 1 2 Possesses .3 Slop 4 Laughter sound 5 Make a. mistake C Genus of turtles 7Colorers 70 This airship Is 8 Cabin 9 Grab tulhority 10 Therefore, 11 One time 12 Require 18 French city 21 Balance. "-< (abbr.) "® 24 Yonder (poet, 1 2C Subsides 28 Tellurium (symbol) 30 Slow-moving mollusk 32 Kncounters 33 Recede 34 Tint - 3C Saccharine, 39 Tidings •. .' 42 Gratify • • 45 Everything ; 40 Serious play 48 Alleged force. ' 49 Roman god nOGarrcl. : 51 Arabian • . ',' . 52 In 54 News notice 5C Fish • 57 Inequalities 00 Standard of value j 02 Golf device •, 05 Print measure .68 Doctor (abbr.) WALLPAPER EXCELLENT DESIGNS 331 DISCOUNT E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. 31» W. Ash Ph. 551 NEW TIRES F»r C'»r», Truclu, Trttcton T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 W. Ash I'lione 2122 I EXl | REI Wayne CUU'k ami IVuillry Feed* Farm JMeeds Bring us your poultry, hog and .Etcck health problems. We carry a complete fresh stock ol Lederle serums, vaccines, Dr. Hess Tonics and disinfectants. Woods Drug Store, Main & Railroad. 3-16-ck-tf Help Wanted ;olmcct maid for general housework, no cooking. Dr. Riser's Clinic, 1214 Chickasnwba. 2Gpk29 Experienced retail saleslady for permanent job. Prefer jewelry experience. Salary $100 and up. Write fully. Box J.G. Courier. 5-14-ck-14 Wnnt office manager and hook-keeper. Either man or lady. Permanent position. Good salary. Tom Lil(le Hardware Co. 5-17-ck-tf li'sisl mi Wuyite i|iullly who iMiyhiK f rails ol all kind*. HAYS STORE lien d quarter* In Blylhertlto A H»Mtto- REFRIGERATION and ELECTRIC MOTOR SERVICE! V- \V. Tiitum, Jr. [>h. 557 Blyilicvllle, Ark, TOR SAI13 Hrvrr»l snmll lllytli«vlll« H«nv I'lnsi- In. JiMO („ j]ii«(j, 'ivrii 1C KVIlll.llllc. , THOMAS 1.AN1) Cd. CONCItKTK STOKM SKWKK l'\ir Hull' AU, Sl/.HS Osceola Tile & Culvert Co. I'hum- <)scc'(il;i, Ark. EXPERT AUTO REPAIR WORK Block •! rut*. HARRISON I Auto Carte & Uwafe _ I Oliver Firm Kqulptxat I I 517 W. A»b n. UU I 1— M! 24 HOUR TIRE SERVICE Vckanlilac—lire tad Tote Repalrinf. All Work GuranUr*! WADE COAL CO. Alabama Red Ash CoaL N. llwjr. « Pfc. WK NEED USED CARS •ni TRUCKS Top |irlee.i for lair. Model* *S« Se.tjr Before. You Hell." T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. New rivntnlli.s i (;hry«lfr» 121 W, Ash . Vh. zm DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter M»n" HOYAL, SMITH, conoNA, AND REMINGTON TYPEWRITERS llil N. 2nd STREET PHONE 3383 ] (Every Tninsncllon Must He Satisfactory) HO Carefully Selected Late Model USED CARS inn cintvsi.r.u NIJW YOU- in-ti 4-noon Kl'lt <!Alll(l()l,KT. l!..uillfnl SIM»AN. I'lnlsli Uiirk, rmlln, wllltC Hllll'KUll lllCS, i I'M ihilsli, |;rcvn li'iillii-r Kiwtlljjil, r, ^iiiiil w.s. Thrs. A K'lil liny! Illll) HOICK Kl'lXM.U, 1IHSI- NKSS Cdliri:. librk. f, Ki.inl llri'K * l!H:l Alk. Ilii'llsr. lilll I ()ltl> TIlDOIl. i;-i A irally i-lcitn cur, 1(MI rONIIAC 4-DOOK SKI»AN. Klnrk Hiihli. liinllii, liciilri ami nriiiy ullirr t\- h'UK, J'hN rur lins only IMH^II dilvi'ii i fvu Ihiiusniid mlli-s, in-ii <;III;VKOI,I-:T .TOWN • vi rj oiinumlnil rur In up- SI-HtAN. lll:ii'k linlsli. Lots of ••riitr. «;xlrit!>. HHU'ICT YOIJK'S NOW! MANY OTHI'lllS TO CH.()OS15 FIIOM—?7f> up. Knsy C.M.A.C. Payment I'lan We Never Close Suits Ikpt. Open Until <) p.m. Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. • Phone; 578 WASH TUBUS ilcely furiiishpd froiu bedroom, dc liglitriilly cool. Gentlemen. Phone 32(J4. • , 4-iik-fi-4 Services Rooms for men. Harry Atkins. •l-28-i>k-28 A most complete line of notions and gifts. HemsUtcliing'nntt but- loiiliolcs expertly done. War Bivil get sewing le.ssons, $1.50 for Iwu- Iioitr sessions. Complete course 3ood grocery store. building nnd' ?">• Classes now forming. Singer .Seville Center or call 2782 for an Appointment. 18-ck-G-18 . 517 W. Ash. Phone 2552.1 3-18-ck-tf Comfortable bedroom. Twin beds. Eteurh lient. clilckasawba & 10th. Plione 2413. U-ck-tf CJmfortable bedroom. 1017 Walnut. Phone 2516. 11-7-ck-W Ed's Fish Market, 318 East Main Street. We have plenty of fresh •fish at all times! Come by and see us. 20-pk-27 Lost or Strayed Jlack horse mule, weight atxml 1400 pounds, age S years. Wearing glass hnller. One young mare mule. wci;;lH about HOO pounds, .smooth month. Can notify owner—call O. M. Hill. Wilson or write J. R. Middleton, TH. 1. Box 122, Osceola. 2G-pk-G-3 Black mare. White spot on forehead, branded light hip. Last seen Burden t: vicinity. Reward. Write MnLlic Wilson, Osccola. Ark., or phone 614. 5-24pk-30 Wanted One or two families to sharecrop. Each family 40 acres. 11',-i acres cotton, rest in corn, all laid by. Cullivalcd once. A. Herdivre nives, Mo., 1 mile east of store 24-pk-27 Wanted To Rent Two Or v lhrec bedroom house with large living room. C. A. nind- mim, Phone 2283. 25-pk-28 Furnished house or apartment, desired by 1,1.. wife and baby. Call 521. (ixlenson 42-1, or 3110 after 5 •, I.ioul. Pollak. 25-pfc-2 Personal RATION CALENDAR June 15: Shoe BUmp 11 Expire*. We want to boy HMD«. We have purchuen (or all kinds of home*. If JOB want to acll quick, Me THOMAS LAND COMPANY B, C. Campbell. BaJeuou WALTER HENSEN PLUMBING & HEATING fh. 2M2 1115 If you want to buy more War Bonils SKI-L US THE KDRNITURK YOU AKK NOT USING for eash! Also liberal trade-in allowance for old furniture on new. Alvin Hardy Furn. Co. 301 E. Main I'hone 230! WARNING ORDER Esther Prcuss is hereby warned to appear in the Chancery Court for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, within thirty days from this date, to answer a complaint filed against her by Lawrence Preuss. Dated this llth day of May, 1943 HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk, By Eldora Neal, Deputy Reid & Evrard, Attorneys for Plaintiff Walter L. Pope. Attorney an Litem. (Seal) 5/12-19-2C-C/2 •Fraf Houses for Soldiers LOS ANGELES, Cai. (UP) —The controversial presence of "frat" houses on university campuses has at last come into It's own. Seven fraternity houses at the University of California are now being used, as dormitories by 400 soldiers who are taking spccinlized training. Dr. W. F. Brewer Dentist Blylbetille, Arkamu SPECIALS extractions ji.oo Kull Up'r A lower Plales ?3fi up 1912 Blythevllle 1943 Defoe Furniture Co. 126 E. Main Dial 3221 Wanted: Used Font (tore. Alia you can trade your oU furniture In on new. Wlio (Joes There? !!v HOY CUANK IF IT WEBEN T R3R ME, PENNV WOULDN'T HAVE 60NE ^ TO AFRICA. SHE WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN OM THAT 6HIP THAT WAS SUNK. SHE'D BE HEPE IH EN6LAVJO, / ALN6ANP1AU6HIN6 J. E. JOHNSON Fire, Life and Casualty INSURANCE U:; N. 2nd Street "Better Safe Than Sorry" Spend Your Precious Points For The Better Brands! —Get More and Keller Food Tor your ration books. 3 Dellveriei Dally C. L. NABERS Grocery & Market 1M B. DMiton St. FlMDe Ml I'VE HAD MY EVEN6E,yES. IWELPEPSINK THE 11-7, BUT IT POESW'r BRINd. PENHy BACK. |f POESN'T MAKE A FELLft FEEL LIKE CELE6RATIN6 IF ALL HE CAM THIHK ABOUT IS PENMV ' (16 A LIFE BAFT WITH WEE PEOPLE ABOARD. WARM UP SOME UEO UYDKIl Shu Takes the Hnil PA«DCN, M195. BUT AH PGESUI-E Y/E ^^E J{y I'llRI) HAKMAN, AHM A. OOCT02;..A OOCfOQ Or SCIENCE;.' AH'M BOCVi NO\N TH 60UTHVVU6T AND Ml 6CME . GUQ5,WCVEN OUBIN&TIIE. , 6PAN16K HOOTS AND UKR HU 1)1)1 KS II Won't Ik: l.mur I5y K!)(;AU MARTIN Swearengen & Co. SPOT COTTON BROKERS BIjIbeTine, Artt. PIANO, ORGAN and VOICE Classes annonnced for SPRING Mrs. Dorolliy W. Fowlslon, B.A. M.S.Sfc ORGANIST * TEACHER Minister of Music, First Presbyterian Church Wrilc Sirs. Kowlslon HOI Chickasawba or Phone 2019 DRS. NIES & NIES Osteopathic Physicians RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:30 Clinic 514 Main lilytheville, Ark. Phone 2*21 $8.30 'BIG THREE' Ford Summer Reconditioning CHANGE TO SUMMER WEIGHT UJHRICANT Remove heavy worn-nut lubricant from transmission and differential and front wheel bearings—replacing with New light weiglil Summer Lubricant. CHANGE TO CHAMPION SPARK PLUGS The efficiency of .spark plugs Is small after IO,«N mild CROSS-SWITCH ALL FOUR TIRES Greatly increases lire lite. "Big Three" Summer Special Only $8.30 Drive In Now Tel 453 PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Your Car Wasn't Made to be driven only 35 Renew Your Car The Factory Way OTOWTO \Ki\0 OVit 0? 0V ?\CAOWfA ^"<f'~Y^M sy-;':./.;;-; ALLEY OOP Siiimic mi Him 1. Install New Tiston Kings. 2. Install New Piston rins. 3. Grind Valves and Clean Carbon. 4. Adjust Main anil Connecting Rod Bearings. 5. Ktfacc Valve Rocker Amis. (!. C'lPan OH Screen and Oil Mnes. 7. Tun« Motnr Complete. K. Clean anil Adjust Carburetor. • 9. Clean atnl^ Space Spark I'liigs. 10. Clean anil Spare Ignition Points. It. Adjust Octane Selector. 12. Clean Fuel I'lnnu Screen. 13. IIISNPCI Generator. 14. Inspect .Starling Motor. This includes new rings - piston )>ins - gaskets - oil All for niily $49.95 Chevrolcts only any additional purls extra LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. Blrthevlllc'i Finest Service Dept. MYSELF THIMK HAVE IT STOPPED 0 lly V. T. HAMLIN. ^Q/I'M SORRY, BOOM, BUT "\ VAH.YOIJ BIG- ;X ^-\ I / I. JUST HAD TO SMEE'EE.' \ JUG-HEAD...AND X • I BY GOSH, X SUCE SLOWED! VOU ALSO BLEW >v HI T)-l' HECK OUTA THAT I US RIGHT BEHIMD ) |Bgi K SUlT OF TIGHT ARMOR, / THE EIGHT BALL.'y __T riMrv mrXVl'T T O jf I"--*.^ ^ , . .--^ FRECKLIOS AND HIS 1'IUENDS Ducking Versus Dieting By MERRILL 11LOSSER> SOMEONE TOLD WE JERRY GWC YOU A BLACK EYE - SO 1 BROUGHT TitEM A \SuRE rrvjiLL. 1 FRY PICCE OT- \ IT AND PUT IT WCATWONTl BETWEEN BREAD HELP' /AND I'LL TAKE IT ..'—( INTERNALLY / THE I'M SORRV BIG DROOP NIT VOU.LARO,' 1 FEEL BETTER. AtREADV, . LiNM 8UTWHVISTME JEALOUS RIVAL ALWAVS BIGGER THAN ME?

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