The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1941 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1941
Page 8
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/"AGE EIGHT BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JANUARY 23, 1941 fl * ? j , •-- . /Tf.. ..../».' Prifidy Soil Three Scientists Carry On Experiments: Hoping To Discover A Cure MALVERN, Pa. (UP)—Miles from the Philadelphia industrial center, on a Uny v peaceful farm, three scientists are conducting experiments which; : -some day may produce a curt? for cancer. Div"Leonard G. Rowntree. formerly professor of; medicine at the University of Minnesota and direc- w>- of clinical investigation at the . Mayo CHnic, Rochester. Minn.. Is directing the experiments on cancer, which annually causes more deaths in America than any other ailment except, heart dteuasH. The project.„ wa.s started three 'yeare ago. when members of the Philadelphia 'Jn.sLiuio for Medical Research, in expt-riments with Vi- tmin B, discovered that wheat t?erni oil produced cancer in rats. Tm- research workers lht»n dR- viseii a plan by v.'hlch ruts were treated with the oil to produce cancer for purposes of study. During the experiments, two explosive fires occurred in open stills where ether .was used as a fat solvent in. distilling the crude oil. The scientists decided to distill the oil In closed vats, but, much to their astonishment, the rats no longer developed the disease under this method. Last spring, they went back to the old method of. distilling the product. They rented the Malvern farm and continued the work where no outside persons would be endangered by possible explosions. , Whether the group has been suc- .cessful again in producing the disease in the rodents has not been revealed. Dr. Rowntree announced that at the present no report would be made public. [ •""> • ' "'":,'. """* " ,_ ''.'•'," " ' ' — • - . , -~ • I H aw i i ans Play; Gro w Ta Slay Young Through Sports i Fellow Captives Boeing Plant Now Operating 24 Hours A Day; Doubles Production HONOLULU. Jan. 22.—Kawaiians devote 'more tim<; to .sports than iiny other people. The result l.s stalwart men av- six font in height and yo'jIhVnl vigor to an ad- voiced tv-je. You see 60-year-old Hawaiian* with snow-white hair and Uui smooth, supple skin or a man in his .Ws. Get a load of Kahanamoku. At 51, his Gerald Prlddy, left, the Yankees' second base prospect, and Lou Stringer, second base candidate with the Chicago Cubs, are pictured in distortogroph relaxing at home ot Stringer's mother in Los Angeles. They played together jn high school. Priddy gained recognition with Kansas City: Stringer with Los Angeles Angels. Three Plants Closed dfm ™ and Camp Granfc IU J lilt «. I I If II 1-5 * •Jl'l/lH.'l I' , 1, ,.,.,,, f,.oit»!.Wv ™,^^>.,, .,.,,1 „. .!,„ \ OROVTLLE, Gal. (UP) — Andy Andeison. prospector, 'had Forest Ranger Pike Bohme stumped when he asked the outcome of the elec- -tion. "Whaj,' election?" Boehme ''asked.•' "Who was elected Presi- fdent?". Anderson replied. He had just returned from a five-months •mining trip in the Yub;\ river canyon. (Continued from Page i) hour for men with four months' experience. The Ryan workers had demanded a 75 cents an hour minimum and the company offered 5tt cents when negotiations were deadlocked and the union prepared to form picket lines. The settlement was reached tiller the strike had been* .postponed twice by union leaders. The American Federation of Labor carpenters' union Local 91 at i army training centers, and at the |..Great Lakes (111.) Naval Training Station. Caruthersville Kiwanis Club Hears Wid Matthews CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.. Jan. 23.—Wid c. Matthews, of this city, n member of the St. Louis Cardinals farms club system and scout, was the orincipal speaker at the Kiwanis Club Tuesday night meeting, speaking on the highlights SEATTLE, Wash. (UP) — The Boeing Aircraft Co., builders of the world's first four-motored bomb- . .. , 'ntf planes, the army air corps'! . . . . . • famous "flying fortresses." has en-| sp , In ' swlm 8 50 yards wouSd lered its most significant year in j • sur ! v '' ls(> >' ou its quarter-century history. ' i Nothing To It With employment already at u Swimming comes to Hawalians record level of 9,000 men,. Liu; coin- a: ' : naturally as walking". They tie- puny is preparing space for more j vi-loped a distinctive stroke, an than 15,000 workers who will be on , adaptation of which i.s called the 'lie job by summer. Boeing r-m- •. Australian. Kahanamoku, now sher- ployed Jess thsui 3,000 nion iwo i iff of Honolulu county, employing years ago. : the Hawaiian six-beat stroke, broke The piant operates 24 hours u Olympic sprint records in 1912 . . . day and turns out one"flyJhg fort- tociimc- the world's greatest swlm- r«:ss" every two days. The produc- ! mfir - Afler nim ^' aijie die Kealoha, 'ion rate was only one every four i Harris, Pung- and Kalili brothers, clays a year ago. ' j Busier Crabbc and Johnny Wood. By the latter part of the year | Booming Honolulu now has ire- Boeing hopes to be delivering- -five i meiidous athletic programs, with or six bombers a day. • U5.&00 soldiers and 15,000 sailors The plant soon will start, deliv- i carrying out schedules resembling sring .smaller iwln-englne Iwinb- ; lhc - so 01 ' major universities. ers for Great Britftia. miinufacliur- ' Football Popular ing ihem under a license agree- j Football ha.s been men I. with the Douglas Aircraft | j S | aiK j s s ^ no ; took It up In the '80s increase, j plant expansion has been under way almost continually the past seven months. A year ago. Plant li had A total floor space of 166,000 j square feet. Early last fall this was! increased to 832.000. Still too small, it will be increased to more than 1.000,000 square feet by ' March. Total floor space of three plants will then comprise nearly 2,500,000 square feet. The enlarged Plant 2 will be a continuous structure . approximately one-foiuih mile long and one- lifth mile wide. making_it one of the most impressive production HawaU t Hawaii team u outfits from v the states, as well as two island club teams. Honolulu has the Hawaii Senior League, an intoi'seholastic league, an intermediate school and numerous other circuits. Other islands have their ovn loops. Peculiar to Hawaii Ls barefoot football, not a. ragged game played by urchins, but a betier-thftn- nvernge game played without regulation uniforms. Alexander Joy Cartwright, the rwsebull pioneer, came to Honolulu in Jfl49, and lost no time in organizing Learns. The Hawaii League is now tops in Honolulu, with teams representing nationality groups. There are six: leagues in the city composed of representatives of business houses, and a" 1 dozen other circuits. Sugar plantations encourage baseball. They Miss Nothing There has been a championship soccer series in Honolulu every seasin since 1900 with the exception of the World War I years. There.Is hardly any community of more than 100 families that does not have a tennis court. The Islands are one of the hottest beds of amateur boxing in the world. Professional boxing and wrestling are doing well. Golf, next to swimming and Tins Italian soldier is on his way out of the war, but his mule isn't An Australian photographic unit with British forces in Libya found the pair trudging through the desert. The soldier prisoner went to an internment camp. British put the mule to work for' them baseball, Ls enjoyed by more players than any other spore. There are 24 courses, on the four largest Islands, one of Lanal Island. Yachting, polo and deep-sea fishing all have bands of enthusiasts. As for hunting, most of the birds have become rare. Deer, boars and goais defy extermina- i lion. World's Deepest Ho:r. An oil-well in San Joaqiun valley, Calif.? is the world's deepest hole. in the ground. It is drilled .down,15,004 feot. or 2.«u miles. Racine, Wis., announced members j and behind-the-scenes work of a ind voted a voluntary five-hour [ big-league baseball scout. Matth- extension of their working week i c-ws, who resides here during the without increases in pay rates in j winter season where he has busi- tho Interest of national defense. I n es* interests, has' been affiliated This was believed to be the first such voluntary action was .ak : -»n by a union anywhere in the country. William - E Nornwolf. president I of the .union, said the extension ft-ould be effective immediately and with the •Cardinas for several years. He was formerly a big- league oiufielder in the American League. would increase the working hours of members from 35 to 40 hours a week at the: prevailing $1.30 per hour rate. Thirty ( members of the union are employed "at Fort Sheri- Crusader Law By an English act of 1189. any robber voyaging with the Crusaders was liable to "have his head vShaved, boiling pitch poured over it. - and then a feather cushion emptied on v it." - • "" '• layouts of any manufacturing industry in the United States. Amnesia Causes \ A • mounting tendency^ of • the mind to shut out disagreeable realities, or mental shock resulting i'rom physical ''• in juries, are . : the main causes ; of"'amnesia, or loss of memory. OLD at 40.50.60? Men and Women! Get Pep;-ViiT; Feel Youngei Pep up as Mr. Shaw did. Ho writes: "I'm 71. Feli OLD, so exhausted, ruadown. But Ostrex proved I could (?et pep, feel younger."—Edward Shaw, OairfiS Tonic ,Tablets ccmialn tonics, stliT.ulanti often needed aticr -40—by'bodies lacklng^Jroa calcium, phosphorus, vlcamln Bi. Introductory 3r>a jlte now only 29o. Start to got new pep TODAY for Si'ili 1 - in Kirfoy I^ros. ^prug vri Sinre ftnfl nil ' other ifhoil •ilrnj;' 1 BtoV'ijs? GiAPEFRUiT JUICE, Texas Packed 46 oz. can 16c PEAS May Day Garden Fresh Small Variety No. 2 Can ASPARAGUS Polk's Best Green Picnic Can PEACHES Libby's Deluxe in Heavy Syrup No. l\ Can , MILK Swift's None Better 3 Large or 6 Small Cans Ea. 12<£ Ea. 15c Ea. 17c 21c fen's Grade A Milk, Pasteurized Pure § Wholesome Thf: CAB 'Ls planning to recruit, and train 100 men as experts in aviation weather service at. government expense this year, for defense purposes. The training Is a joint, undertaking of the CAA Civilian Pilot Training program. MUSTARD Prepared Full Quarts SALMON Alaska Chum Tall Can SOAP P and G Large White Bars MATCHES Searchlight Large Boxes .... Ea. 9c . Ea. 13c 3 for lie . 3 for 9c BEANS, Blythevilie Fancy Whole . Ho. 2 can 12c COFFEE Maxwell House Reg. or Drip CORN N1BLETS Fresh Off Cob 12 Oz. Can CATSUP Heinz Pare 14 Oz. Bottle CHERRIES Red Pitted Sour No. 2 Can 1 Lb. Tin 28c 2 Cans 25c Ea. 19c ........ Ea, 10k POTATOES. Selected U. $ jfo.1 Red , 19c ,,^' Visit the ODDS & ENDS TABLE An assortment of various articles from each department! EACH ONE has been DRASTIr CALLY REDUCED for immediate selling! First come.. first served! Be here "pul-lenty"' early! ••sS c ' tV . o. e \&e* x \\' .<«?.>'• mmm Itayon Covered COMFORTERS 4.00 Seme are filled with all wool bfttus. some with tanners' wool and some with wool and cotton! All are covered with lustrous raycn in lovely colors! Reduced to clear! I0fl''r WOO! AUTOMOBILE ROBES Girls' VELVET DRESSES Si?.e 4 to M. in beautifully tailored and full styles. Rich, luxurious colors make these the ideal "dress-up" garment. Save appreciably nt this LOW PRICE! ONE ON I> V MI3SES' COAT Dark green, tailored, velvet collar. size 10 ON T K ONLY MISSES' COAT Size 16. plaid with fur collar! Bolted 17, style! jj Reduced to Clear; GIRLS' COATS •J.Z J and One group of dressy, cloth coa>:s in tweeds aud - ^olid colors. If you have been accustomed ,to paying from five to seven dollars for a girl's ccat. you will D'-nr-fciate these VALUES! SNOWSUHS 1.44 2.44 4.44 One group reduced from our regular lines! Sizes 2 to 14. Each has been drastically reduced for quick selling! Be sure to fee them i 1.00 Many people have noted the gro\v- ing resemblance between President Rocsevelt and his third .son, Franklin. Junior. The latter's latest- picture .appears at top, where he is seen starting his new S1200-per- year job with the Wall Street law firm of Wright. Gordon. Zachry and Parlin. • Tne striking likeness is apparent when Franklin. Junior's picture Ls compared with that cf his father, below, who also started his career a.s a lawyer. HOMINY Folk's Best Old Fashioned No. 2 Can SPAGHETTI Franco-American Open and Serve No. 1 Can TOMATOES Standard Hand Packed No. 2 Can Ea. 7c Ea. 9c, Ea. 7c COCOA, Our Mothers ..;.'... 2 pound box 15c Sij;e 36"x54.- Attractive Scotch plaids with self-fringed ends. A REAL BARGAIN! Men's WORK SHOES 1.49 pp. Black retan uppers, plain toe! All leather insoles! Composition outsoles! COFFEE Chase and Sanborn Drip or Reg, PUMPKIN Ferndell or Delmonte No. 2 Can PORK & BEANS Campbell's 1 Lb. Pkg. 21c Ea. lOc 16 Oz. Can 8c CAKE SPECIAL Almond Toffee Cake each 29 Raspberry Jelly Roll. .. .• each \()c Normandie Coffee Cake each l",c BLYTHEVILLK BAKERY <»<*• ^ ,^ \S* RIBS Fresh Pork Lb 15c SAUSAGE Wilson's Link Lb. 28c STEW MEAT Fresh Brisket . Lb. 15c SAUSAGE Fresh "Country" Lb. 20c CHEESE Wisconsin Hoop Lb. 23c ****^ . HAMS Fresh Whole or Half Lb. 22c SAUSAGE Mixed Fresh Lb. 5c W.EO Dixie 19c; Gem Lb. 12c BEEF ROAST Chuck Lb. 23c LARD Pure "Loose" Lb. 8c V X s -s^' £v*« We Deliver 104 S. Division Street Phone 184 ^ C. L. NABERS Friday, Saturday, Monday, Jan. 24, 25, 27 ^ ^ «s ^ Men's All Wool MELTON JACKETS 2.44 Reduced to clear! 32-ounce. ALL WOOL, hombre plaids! Talon fastener front. Cossack style—sizes 36 to 46. Get in on this bargain—SAVE! Men's TROUSERS Dress patterns in a good serviceable cotton worsted! Well tailored! Here's a TOP VALUE in a good utility pant. HERE'S YOUR CHANCE TO SAVE and we do mean "SAVE." If you are accustomed to paying from twenty to thirty dollars for a suit, you will be well pleased with any one of these. This GROUP r.f suits has been reduced from our regular line of Town- clad Suits, tailored expertly from Dtmbury Worsteds and Gabardines—and a few are tailored from imported, ail wool Shetland Tweeds! The following is an npproKiniato list of the sizes, colors, styles, etc.: STYLE COLOR A- MATERIAL SIZKJS Double Breast Tea! Rim- Ga?>ardine 3G. 37. 38. 3fl. JO Doi'hlr Breast Green Gabardine 37 Double Green Worsted—SLIMS.. .35, 38. 39, 40 Double Breast Brown Worsted ^ 37, 38. 40 3-Buttrn Coal Brown Shetland Tweed 37 Dcublc Breast Gre.en Worsted—SUMS 36, 37. 38, 39, 4» Double Breast Bhie. Worsted 36, 37, 38. 3». 12 3-Bnllon Coat Grey Diagonal Tweeds 37 Double Breast Blue Worsted 38 3-ButtoM Coat Shetland Tweeds .-...38, 38, 39

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