The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 20, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 20, 1931
Page 6
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£' ;> PAGli .SIX J V COUR1KK NKWS uigway! Hoslon Skipper Rounds Out Impressive Array of Baiters. : And. BY WILLIAM UKAlTHKlt NUA Srrvlcr Sports l-itil-jr r. PETERSBURG. Fin. M-irch -Bill McKeclmio fays 'Up." i out bays, here ):? rumfj. •.e manager of the Hosts:) /es is net D '.vnsier ol dU-tion. conveys his iiifiininys slmnly I ! directly. his favorite sperctosi Utlng of "No." "Yf?." n:i:l' ybc." iinlly ho is rli-lit. Thus, wh?n 1 \1 him last ycftr in ll:c spiiii 1 ! iing camp ut Waterfront Park Thum ,|. •e Braves \vcre colng anywlicr: I ,,, J .,| 1- - -.. I J ..»,_ .. .*•!._..( IHIU Red Sox .hi Outburst by Poet (VGool'ly nv jor. OX.OOFTV Formi-r V.'if [.r»ti:r I'llrlirr (With ni-olcglfi to Jl: Wolfe Hopper, Cawy, (I al.i J The unlock i«n't billjlam for ihe Hcd ti'K nine i!;!s year.' 'li * Iniicrs Kilt lin [Hipplni; up, is what I inoMly ff'ir. Fcr, lliQuvh tlir pl'.rliers tubor til! theJr anus driiii mil n'. near I Uic grocery fiiigrvf'a'icn was lead-1 • Ins! II to 0. Tin- Merchants walch- • c<l lliclr lead ;;radu.illy dwindle In ! the test hiilf os the inllltln sprlnl- i •id tinil fo:ind themselves t^lilin? | 'i'i )..<;> t!i I-M'I: itrms when the i • a-coiicl half i-u.lcd. In the extra I • pi-rlcil Mt-llrniy aia! Cols'.on add-} foul ; Standings • -" !llallvc:; f r°m ?'*M o.iicr high mass Jioiijing^ k ^ ..chools will tn:<= the part of dele-;^^ ^IDAY, MAKCH 20, 1931 acale J.osc II: Cclhr, to Sol- Wins. U H t:\kc-.s a lul (.1 tun 1 1:1 uin a bail ' uf Oas (articular, he said manage to finis was better than clgtih, v.-lrre Kail \Vvbb tan so:-k ':-in in a hundred dilirrenl wnys, An:l Sweeney known juM how | l.icc n line- Llinl will raise, ; Thc other Kfil i*« bailer:; swing l!ie slkk ai. in a daze, i HI MacFayden i.s a wonder Ed Miirrln Is a wow, fllnfi Ym past I'll nl!nw; . • i nun i.ll inuiiiji i.s a -No, They - Al . ( | UsmbfK ,.„„ ,| '", I 1 * 11 '- ™' J n,n Mackmeti. I'll bv n !:h; 'vi-r wllh Ihe c!i 1 l itn'ixiu;,' from ll.t 1 10 ! pil<r victory n-.i r | An r\;ra |n-rlo:l \\ns neu^xn !H' forr the rcnii:;!nv M s^nail L-: , .subdue U:' Mrrchnnta' ([iiinlcl : Ihrilll])).' cnmiinliM 1 The IMxi:' Flli-i:, nnd tiip III- .!i;ikci:; wiuam^ ^ff In Ihc Inllla! i;air.i-of (ix-i irifHii; will) Hi,' i-'ll- HiL'lr cplhir pi)!:t DV rr-llai 1 In a MI.- the Frlsnn live-. us necc'r-ary b:>- ' In inie. ;? other day 11U1'5 answer IT ; -Mne question w^s "Ui>." And i mnkes it look tail for son!' teams who finished aheid i;f ! F-rave: !:>!'. s?asDn. Wh?n liill ; • "Up" somebody else will hav_- : vne "Down." Baseball and III? i iike tlvat. ! The~celiiir Is the only place Sixteen rilcliors on Hosier ! team cm) ever light. •Eked Bill what !ID needed mn.". ; •I. ' | • itchcrs," he replied. "That's | v we've got 1C of 'cm on the ros- : And innelders. There's 10 in- ! :rs out there nnd soaie of 'em j • pretty (jood. too. \ cm of the new fellows have •. '. up before. Earl Shesly was up I -. the White Sox and Plrai-'s. i licr llald was up with ths Car- 1 •ils. Bool caught for Wnshinj- i and Bill McAfee got a tryotit ' Sing for the Cnls." !ie newcomers to the Jiravc.s this MRS \r- !u;v.rvcr '.hey Mice innl:e<l only after ii iipirm-l Lal'.lr, 'c.spfc-lally !n Ihc Iii:;l 'ililf. At Ihe •••nil of tin- fli-M half the ft-.ive s'luxi lied al H nil with lln- Fliers .siio.vlnj; :i murv aggressive Myleol jiluy tlinn In their -last fi".v fiolil i;.ial:, ami Wrlalil i:"cil I'.r the Kolciu-r; \Uiile Van-' 7-nl vns (he only Merchant to add . M wn I'oinl 1 : ! 'l'in li:i:il |-a:no of th*. 1 evening iv.-is i >.jj:ci"(i '.•. iirn\r ijie i;cst f:i-'F) ' .-tiL^iur.i'iil ol tin instil bin, fi'il.t; !aj l .yA:.v; cx]>-f:i.Lui<i:i:i. T!iit'r' re'4- , ! j , ii!;.v.', v.i'::- UK: •••In); from ;he ranks . »l the (ias U'.ilnd-;. fiihl 'nnlf' i']!iin)|': ; . Mid tin Lr [>!;icrs v.T'i'c talc- i loruilclablc !Ii:hh:ir(l Uoujx; had ]»t!r trnubic ::i v.inniii-', over )li:s -i i"l;!iiall(ii). '.<•'. I : li. . 'lilt: Hti'.IluK v.'.i.' cxilO'.'Led la. i!S ,' |)i]'i> p i<rful !.'!.|-.t:iii('" lo Ihe I l.'U'MJi' Ic-ack-!.-. Inil in Hie libs cf ll:i> :iccs c,! (I:.- (ins IL.IIII. tviino wu:i a 'yall'-away for ::-..d-HIV Ij'jy!,. Ineliteiilnlly Iho c. nl'.'xl failc'f] lo jtio'.UIr any basin f»r tlo;:in:! ihp probalile winner of the p!:iv-cff li'-tv.L'.u the cliaiuc.s «! the Ih'sl urn! wi-tind lialf. The ]!tinri:lK us \vlnn'. l rii ul Ihe first half in • certain lo bv in the play-off '.vHiir il-.c I1ul;h:inl live Is |ji'!ie)i)lly': (•c'.i'-i'di'd the :;ec(ind balf race. IIiiblMiil loyed ttllli Ihc <i;\si liiv. lo'idiiiK 17 lo '> at Hit half. | llubtaid ......... 4 Hl-Jtcksrs ........ 3 FrLreo ............ 2 Gas Hounds ...... •> Morcliiints ........ 2 Company M r • - Q.J."- Morns, former Amljutsador to !SM I ls "-'- in ' v: "' ] Preside. Mt\ - »:xic Pliers , PillLADEI.PHIA. cUI-J -Till! la'.'• *• •'-•; CM innovallon In cluirch recica- 1 3 -<!>J|i>cnal ;::tivitii':i is under way nt ° •» .UOO; toe f. '-iiieiieni I're ., , I Cl-urch. A y'O'.ip 0 [ ^g. -M011M. LEAGUE OF NATION a-ai'im have TO-'-i-etd a mini- pilILADELI'HIA, iUI'j--A mod- ''..iau 13-liole aolf couric in Ihc. a.^i.'iiibly cf tl'j- I.cuuiK' of Na-• !.•>•;• IIUNI of ilv clinrc!; under u:n will ix; held In iht William; <i:r;i.;xn cf )):<.• lit'V. Wilham MID Ilii'!i School for Girls. Rtpif- • the I the! In Hie ln:.l hall li'O hardmire boys j ::fciuci! conlcnl lo pass tl:c ball; iirr.u:i'.l with takiuij any exlraj shuts. Michael led the scorers wllh. riijlil jiolnls." Every player en Hie - nnUhed In ,029. tart lwo ,,l,,c-: Wl! ™ ^^^^l^l '-"'•« - !l L » '~> '" """ "^ '» n't much in Ihe life of Bill Me- ,.,.,,,, R( , (1 ^ IK hu :, U(I ,, ,. i(ty (1 J,,. blc piny, and liow! IV Oh, KOnicwhi-rc in tlii. c , liitui of ours Hi; sun is shining IjrlKlit; The Sem'.tcis ntul Indlini.s nnd Mucks arc In the flyhl— Hill 1 funs of dear old IlraiHown B :\M upou a yloomy sl B hl._ , n ^ ^^ ^^ w]lf) •„,--„;; Di!cl( , nicrs , 20) ,, es Fll^ra. "llooslor" accountc'il for IU Bible 1 points during llic fray. The lowly Apes, .slill \vlilioiit Ib sei-vircs of Ibeir ace forward. V/oolcy, turned In by far the blv- Msl upset of the cvcnini;. in Irounclnc Mie Fritco tinlnl In :\ c^aniL 1 of fc\v scores. 0 In a. The Frisco leiin. rated «•> one of ; UK strongest In Hie entire clrttill., , us , tva.'i an ov'rwIiMinlng fnvorlie lo j westbvooK lake the Ajie.s In its stride. With' It was really Wnrriiicluii. l''ain conntoil al inM one palnl. ] crack Hl-Jackcr forwurd, playing 1 l'" lr;1 ' '!ame - , ' —. ... m-jackcrs 28' Wn:i'h)i!lni) in Alken 2 i Medljn 4' 'Dg the pllchers arc Uob Jjrown. '. the Springfield Three-Eve; J and McAfee; George Peery". a BaltinK Slylos nf Joe McCnrttiy won't iry lo change :-ihc styles of any of his players. Tlv.' Yankee pilot claims he Is not Instructor. He prefers lo IK 1' F Dames 4 C fiaustc 1 G Lewis 1 C; lx> SiibstUutitius—I r hers. T'uiner lli-J:!Ckers. I Stewart C Clnmc 10) tsvo i ! "!"" al tin- :,iail o[ ' Q l Ial11s called a dcv:lopcr of baseball play- .erfi. "They can'l all lilt liic wny Ih? I'lcnly RI K lil-iranilc:l Hitlers I '.Yom the rank's ol those men ' st come two or three to s!iare the j stance years ago but Al seems to Tdens of Zachary. Sberjel, Sel- | have been pc'.Hny along right well ' T | |cy svo ., ]d i, 11vc i ln[ | A j s| inm on<> abandon his fncl-ln-thc-buck?t with It uecnus; It's natural tor him. Ihc came Ihc rallrouders were forced lo open wllh a makeshift lln?-- iip. The nml half of [he K:iinc was n levclalion in "how not to scnrc." wilh tlis half llndln'j the Ape:; buastini; two poinls nnd Hie Frh- ct) noiit 1 . Wllh only one regular missli'.B In IV.; lust half the Frisco still cenUI t'.n: mikiicr Its muni consistent play and tlic .a-.ik'vard Aps eii.viubtc bntllcd Ihc rnilnni!;rs all the way.!-' Merchants. W Ison 1'os F F C C. O fftibslHiilloiis—Apes. '1, Frisco Carman. Third f.anic Ccnnunv M CJDI'ns. Wriglil 5 F Melfcnrv F Wlgijins 2 Craig S Coistni) 7 C O C, Frisco (81 Sccoy Chapin Mosley 2 j Holland C Uroiidon HoaUvriaht [ i ei'c'liants 18 j Van/nnt C Hullon 1 Bnker 4 Isaacs. E. 1' Isaacs. P. 0| Substitutions— Company M, Bone ! , '. 'd, Brandt. Frnnkhouse. Cunnlivj- '' ni and Cantwell. =1 don't reinen)!!!^ having seen any . "How about left-banders?" I ask- c-lhcrr. who successfully copied Sim• . ,\ BUI. i mcns' form." : ' 'Yes, I got- enough left-handers," ! Roger I'ccklnpatu;!). head man In , ".> replied. ,11)0 Indians' wigwam, lias come over "I mcnn how about beating led- i l(1 McCarthy's way of rcisonl:)-;. . '.nders?" • ;Pcck tried to make -Jonah Goldnnn .- "We'll beat some left-handers this ! shorten his held en t!ie tat mrJ • :nr. I can put a learn on tnc neld i poke the tall. Jonah followed l:i- ght )iow with every man luttln? ; slriictlons bat his l;llii:)sj boom:' Ihe right side nf (he plat^. ''wars;. Finally, (he cud cf "Al the catchers in camp here '. last season, Goldmen resorled to at right-handed— Spohrer." liocl. | his old style of holding the bat nt - .read well. Bill Cronin, LuetL-e nnci-'ho curt. Tl)ere was a noticeable /eltnian. Take Slieely at fir:'., Ma- l.hnprovemenl. .. .ulre at second. Mnronvlile at! "One reason there nr; nos morr hort and Chatham al third, j Ko^ 1 golfers." snys McCarthy, "is .Chere's a right-handed baiting in- ' because practically all of the pr> I .. .leld. • j fesslannl iraehers try to make cv.'ry "In the outfield there arc Ber- • pupil a duplicate cf themselves. l ier. Schulmerich, Worthinston r.n:I ! couldn't be n Hagcn and I'm mill? ! 2arl Clark— all righf-hnncied bil-.'we Ihe llaig couldn't do some of : cers. Richbourg and Randy Moore : ll 'e things I do with a gelt club." •are left-handed batters. ! . . . "Charley Wilson, from Roc'r.cs'.er. j So the ynimg Yankees are fDllow- .bats either way and looks pientv j '"' tllsl ' r ov.n iiDlnral slyl?5, with 'premising to me some where in th; i McCarthy lendin? Instruction only infield. He camc'up via the Carcil- i vhm ll '-e (orm Is entirely wrong. Jial farm, and we grabbed him i Many critics have voiced their . irom Rochester this year. The Cards [disapproval of the butting s:ylc of don't need a shortstop with Char- j J'omg Myrll Ilo.ig, tlie hlgli-prier.l •- He Gelbert playing there. m -'-- leaguer, lie has a peculiar "I may switch Wilson to Ihird, wav of bending knees and ss nobody can keep Rabbit Maran- 1 knc:khig them logclhcr as Ihc ball - vilte ofl the tepjn if he goes like ' nc ^ r - s Ihe plnle. But Hoag takes a [ ' he did last year. Wilson hit .303 i ' L '" c "'- an(l v.'hen he connects (he last year. Johnny Neun, first base- ' bM takes n ri; ' c man. can bat either way, too. i "Personally, 1 don't like Hoas's "No, I guess the Braves won't b2 '-'ance at ihc.platc." McCarthy says • any Eslup for left-handed pitch-:' 11 commenting on this particular ers any longer. Look up your aver- '' >' c 'Hh's slylc. "hut Ihc Pncifir Coast Holland, Triscu fniwi'.nl. playiu'-[: a guard position v/ns the only 'nil-:' reader who could hit Ihc bnsket will) any rlesivc of .success. A foul ?0!il In Ihc lasl miniile of play by Elevens gave the Apes victory. Holliuul led the scorers wllh six points while Wcr-lbrnok of the Apes cctmlcd four. H loal; an extra throe minute period to dPcriuine Ihe winner of O 1 .? Company M.-Mci'clnnls i;an;e. Vnurth Cianic HoiuidK (G) I'os. IluWrarcl (31) Elkins F Tntun) 01 nmr.nt F K'inzham, J. 1 Cbiistlan 2 C fv'insimm. A. 3 Rushing ' CS Henry 2 DIIS'JV -I O Michael 0 Snbstitiillons—Gns Hr,unds. Cav- Ut; Ifubbard Blankcnship 1. Biirgc •I. Rcfcrcj—"Tulfy" Uushii).?. giinies one and Uvo; Thomas Ivy, ensues .... mililia ::ovs nnlslied nlieail all'l'"? 1 - 1 aml fm:v ' TnncKfe|:.?r. Kyle.] Hie end cf the iivrr-tim.- period,! Sccr?r, Sudbuiy. 21-10 At ll;e ilnlsh n! the ' half Hie scove v/as knotted., al 10 points. Tlie merchants' live got off to a comfortable lead in the fust half. Whan the halfway whlslle sounded Tiie-cuciimuer usually has a :erii-1 peralure oi'.e degree lovv^r than I lhat ol Ihe surrounding almos-1 phere. Hence Ihe expression "cool -. as a cucumber." ,i-ages and see what so:ne of thsse , League averages of Inst ycrr show I ^oiumw boys tat, too." ! he hll .337 so he must b; I gathered from that the inter-''P rctt - v B°cd- It's the results he RCU view uas over. And, jusl lo be 1n- • " nt interest me. I suppose, tho'jjh, quisitive, I peered into a Braves ! tllat lr ' le docsu'l hit for us I'll have zoster to see whal Ihe balttng fig- lo tr >' lo straighten him out. Hew- , ures were. " ccvr. I won't ask him to do anv- Among the outfielders, Wes-' th '"£ tllnt <ronlt 1" "atural fcr Schuimerich.' former Oregon Siale llim -" fcolball Elar, purchased from Lo. I ^ ' " " , „ Angeles this year, hit .377 in the ! Dabe .',4 Coast League last Mason. Bob Wor- i bal1 &'• tningtcn. purcnaftd from Ro-ches- s ' )r ' n S- Rogers Hornsby vetoes polt ier, hit .376 In the International ^ nml saj ' 5 tllat ll; ncver wiil *' llcc ll Of the Braves' regular outrield^rs • "" whilc llc ' s V'^ in ^ baseball. last year Berger hit 310- Rich- ' (Hcr nsby played his firsl game of ^"'g, .304; Clark. .298, and'Moore : gcit tilk s P rln S ) - Thc Bab - Ruth u f ucv ra tllnl Jvory should play golf In the -«>' ' gclfifing develops his legs and him to keep his wrists supple. Rootie Wilson May Fil In Sheely, firsl baseman, caught in Hcnish >' lws unusually s'.ronj the draft from San Francisco hit ' wrists Dut lle Doesn't v,-aii! onyj -403, and Bill Drcesen. infiekhr : P cif bcC9II5;! ° r tae dagger o: mix- ] drafted from Springfield hit 144 ' insr " lc flal sw i"5 of a baf;b,il! bat I i Neun led the four regular InficU-' wltl1 "'" rmilld - upright swln» of nj ~ ers held over from last year 'lili- ecl[ C '" D - ' ' ting J25, and Ihe others ta'fd 1 • Th(1 ' rc vou Ilnvc ttt '0 Srcat hHU:; •«e)?alham. 267, Maguire .267, Ma- • with wltlel i' thflerent views. The ranvllle .281. The fact lhal Rookie : ^^ at * vice at IIlls r 'P^ ! seems lo'. Wilson from Rochester hit 300 last ! me lo ^ McCattl 'y's ... Be nnl- ! year makes it appear that he is go- uril1 ' Comparison is the way to judge quality ... If you have not used Bud wciscr Barley-Malt Syrup, give it a trial. Superior quality of raw materials—expert knowledge in the manufacturing —the largest nnd best equipped plant —qualify us to say that iiudwciscr Barley-Malt Syrup is "the best money can buy." In the big red cau. Sold everywhere. NEW ind out at fhe price ordinary 6asQlin * 59 • INSTANT STARTINQ QUICK PICK-UP PHILLIPS 66 is made by the world's largest producers of natural high gravity gasoline DELIVERED $1019 | 2 - .DOOK SEDAN •'ACTORY KQUII'- EI) IN RLYTHK- 1LLE Ing to nt Into the Br lineup, g u lg lo nc mto the Braves' , ulcup , „ i rf f!,? y ; , pr * a "y at th "-d. iHorsa Understands • BUI, at least, has found what ho i • T u- t • i , p L was after-some rlghl-handcd «lue- • ' raiilC Light System gers. 5 SALT LAKE CJTY, Utah. (UP) —"Dick." tr.e horse cf Philip Sch=- nert, has defied the machine ng; and relained his usefulness by the And, from a fellow like Bill the .word. "Up" means a great deal. COPS TO ATTEND SCHOOL . PHILADELPHIA, (UP) — Police exercise of horse sense. | Inspectors and captains of the Schoncrt hr.s an automobile bu! ; Philadelphia force will go to school 'actually prefers his horse and again as a result of a recent order buggy. issued by Direclor of Publl: Safety . "And why nof?" he asked. "Mv . BchofieW. Two months ago. Inspjc- .horse knows that IV.e red IrafTlc -..tor Edward Kubbs, a major in ihc ! light means stop and that t h i> :.. National Guard, was sent lo Kew i gieen or.e means go ahead H v s : York to sludy police methods. He i absolutely safe-n bomb wocl-i ••will bo the Instruclor. j hardly dislurb his equanimity.- Barley-Malt Syrup LIGHT 01! DARK-K1CH IN IIOI1Y « — FLAVOR JUST UICIIT If pays to buy ilic the House of ANHEUSER-BUSCH ST. LOUIS „,,.,„ Give your modern iDotor u real chance to show what's in it! Fill your tank with Phillips 66 ... the greater gasoline. It is the latest development of the refiner's art. A sensational performing gasoline that delivers on every count from short-time starting to long mileage. You can actually feel the difference ... in pick-up, getaway, and smooth running. Phillips 66 is honest high test, with a controlled gravity of 65.3° to 69.6°, to match your weather. At no increase in price. Hence, the demand is so great that we can supply it only in fourteen states. And it is famous in every one of them as the gasoline which gives greatest value for the money. The 5,91 8 members of the Phillips organization invite yotir critical test. Compare Phillips 66 performance. Remember it costs nothing extra. And you will never again need to be reminded to look for the Orange and Black 66 shield, 2 - IX $784.50 ^ 2 - DOOR SKOAN FACTORY KQlill 1 IN BLYTHK- Also Phillips 66 Ethyl at the regular price of Ethyl gasoline Mips LEE MOTOR CO- I OS E. Main St. Hlylhevillc, Ark.

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