The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 19, 1943 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 19, 1943
Page 5
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MONDAY, APRIL 19, 1943 fLmilVILLB, '(XRK.JF IMPORTANT NOTICE! Classified Advertising In The Courier Newt Will Be O4S// OJVLF Except to Established Business Hrau. Retiasr the low cost of clusl- fied adj do« not Justify the expense of bookkeeping and col- kttlons, we have adopted tills policy rather than a raise In rat*. No Exceptions to thla Policy 1 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line for consecutive insertions: Minimum Chnrgc 50c 1 time per line ISc 2 times per line per day I2c 3 times per line per clay Do 0 times per line per dny 7c 12 Limes per line per day 5c 1 Month per line 90c Ads ordered for three or six limes nnd stopped before oxulrntlon will be charged for the number of times the ncl appeared and adjustment of bill made. AD Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside of the city must be accompanied by cash. Kates may be easily computed from the above table. Advertising ordered for irregular insertions takes the one lime rate. No responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. For Rent Nice bedroom convenient to bath. For three men. 715 West Ash. l!)-pk-22 Front bedroom ndjolntng bath" Couple preferred. Phone 2132. 13-pk-20 Room, two employed women. Twin beds. Adjoins biilh. Phone 2425. 13-pk-20 Small room, single bed. Convenient to bath. 310 W. Walnut. 12-pk-20 Parker rooms. 100 E. Main. 4-3-pk-3 Nicely furnished bedroom, steam I heat, gentlemen, phone 32S4. I 3-27-pk-27 i For Sale Bedroom furnUuru far sale. I'hone 2475. 1103 Hcnni. lQ-pk-22 Arksoy Scctl Menus (Hecloaned) $2.50. A, H. Webb. Ihvy. til. Stale IJne. I'hoiio lilytlievllle 1H. Dirt. Cinders—$1.25 loud. Cook wood. $300 liiiul. Tomato, benn sticks '>c each, I'hone 20!)H. E-flat atto and A-sopvnno .saxophone. Also Masonic ring wllli dinntond. 212 West Kentucky. Berkshire boars ready for service. Open gilts, world's champion bloodlines. Select from the best herd In the Tri-SUites. Down in Dixie v. p e breed nnd sell the best, M. L. Soiithull & Sons, Covington. Tcnn. 4-llj-pk-2'3 OOIJ3FI8H MIN N OWS^CrapTiTe^ favorites." C 1 .. c. Hawks. 300 is. Alain. Ph. y2S->. -i-U-ck-13 1037 ScliultK llousclrallcr for snlc Clarence Hawkins, Cooler, Used Sewing Machines bought and soli!. Singer Sevvint; center, 114 South Broadway. Call 2182. 7ck1 Buy Cash lor i;ooil electric washer. Write Mrs. H, p. Worslcy, IU. 1 I.uxora, Ark. -l-15-pk-22 Modern home with two bedrooms Call 2880 lifter c o'clock or 202fi during day. ^ 14-ck-21 [ate model car. will pay cash. R W. Wade, Luxorn, Ark. 2 miles east of Burdctle. •l-2-|)k5-3 Will pay cash for 510,000 worth of good used furniture. Wade Furniture Co. 1-20-ck-lf Will pay 20c per do/,, for wire coat, hangers. Hudson Cleaners. 10--0-ck-ti Services April Special—Pci inanents two for $5.00. Lnndys' Beauty Shop, Main and 21st. Phone 3333. 7-pk-7 •owing machines repaired. Singer offers E war-time .service specials to suit your machine and its condition. Prom $1.50 up. Singer Sewing Center, 114 South Broadway. Call 2782. 7-nk-7 Painter & Paper Hanger. Highway fil north, j. B. Ficeman. Call Good groccrj' store building and fixtures. 517 W. Ash. Phone 2552. 3-13-ck-tt Comfortable bedroom. Twin beds Steam heat. ChlcEasawba & loth Phone 2413. ll-ck-tf Comfortable bedroom. 1017 Walnut Phone Z5I8. 11-7-ek-tf Part time hook-keeping by experienced book-keeper. 320 Chick Phone 2808. 20-pk-4-20 Culis HirUuliiy Mvslcry SAN FRANCISCO, i UP)—Four new B riaily cubs at the San I-Yau,Cisco Zoo never will be able to net their birth certificates straightened out. Mama bear went into hibernation for the winter and when .••he came out, three inontlis' later the cubs came with her. No one knows the date of their birth ZOD officials opine it might have been about Jan. 1, but birth certificate officials demand more exact information. MARINE AUXILIARY | HORIZONTAL 1,5 Pictured U. S. Marine auxiliary head, Maj. Cheney 112 Continent 13 Foot digit j 14 Era 115 Type measure ]'16 Thin metal ! plate • IS 3.141(5 119 Fashion i21 Insect ' 22 Piece of wood 49 Sprite j 24 Moved swiftly 51 Sailor ' I n Half an em 53 Her group Answer to Previous Fuizle> _.Aj L b S|T lib b K K N AH /t UiN RE h t t V T '^ D 1 B I 1 — f?A U N 1 •i u i N O S A U R S *f A C H o £^ O w L Si U R b r|bi 1 U f£ U \ R b S Cl 1 L Ki INltMO USA» AVTATIC CADE T *l -i -t H FA T bSl o N A r- 0 N E r W IN T A N T 1 C 1, f- p H A ! S CD :*> F N A c^ S 1 M O A •V D T R "1 D ff: S T R A N 3 p_ R S ^ r F n H i T ¥• A T 0 F T A F. T MF *i N 1 1 N A S S 1 T S S 20 Collection or sayings' " ' 21 Charge I 23 Become gummy 25 Busllc / 26 Neither, 28 Incline v 30 Heathen 33 Edge 35 Piece of wort 38 Witness ', 39 Long fish. 40 Hen product'] 41 Origin 3 Nickname for 42 Courtesy title [31 Perform :' measure . .55 Married : H MS a 56 Behold! '' moth 58 \Voociy plants i3 8 The" R farln e s' l 6?S±e r ! motto is" 63 Talent' -Fidelis' 64 Dispatched ; 42 Sword 66 Reduces : 45 Early English 67 Being (comb, (abbr.) f orm ) VERTICAL Vithm i gun god i 48 Us 2 Made use o£ Timothy: 4 Laughter sound 5 Remain 6 Child 7 Staggers 8 And (Latin) 9 Tilt 10 Prince 11 Music note 16 Frolic 17 Negative 19 Her group _ vu \vas organized G2 Milliliter in the month (abbr.) of 64 Therefore (abbr.) 65 Toward 43 Female sheep 44 Crimson 50 Run away, from 52 Contemptible' , child : '. 53 Moistens "s 54 Like ' / 55 Necessity ' 57 Dolt 59Before 60 Males.. J 61 "Coyote ^ > Slate" (abbr.) : FOR SALE Dependable Used Cars 1941 Ford Super Deluxe Convertible Club Coupe Original lilack Color with Khaki Top; Genuine Tonl IMilin- fjljottlijhl; hauler; excellent In apiicaranw and nu'chaukMl coii- illllon; very good Ihvs; leather si'pls fof ,1 imswnern. j_942 Chevrolet Special Deluxe Sport Sedan Tmi-Toni- Color; low mileage; A-l 'J'iros; faduiy-lnsdillnl !(•)Hio, 11,-ai,.,. al ,ii SmUlisht. THK pnnllrally Hfw car, siilili-rl In lallOllllli;, U il| 8 i vi , y <m . "just ||| l(> „,.„... solv | ( .,,_ 1940 Plymouth Deluxe Coupe UMiillfiil Bluc-Clreni Cnlnr. eu-cllnit Tires, tonk-i ami inns like nfiv. I'riocil lo sell. 19^9 Dodge J Ton Pickup Nciily iiiiliilctl, mechanically soinul, nind-i;rl|i HITS on n-.r sfn'IJ' ' y< ""' '""'""S I' r " l 'lfi"s. will tnidf lor l.Uo inoild i>:is- Universttl—C. 1. T. Terms, if desired 25 Oilier Latc.Model Cars and Trucks Phillips Motor Co. 'JH .1153 Open al Farm Needs Bring us your poultry, hog and stock health problems. We carry a complete fresh stock of Lederle scrums, vaccines, Dr. Hess Tonics and disinfectants. Woods Drug Store, Main & Railroad. 3-lG-ck-U Help Wanted iVailressps wanted. Apply Hotel Noble. 15-ck-tI J. E. JOHNSON Fire, Life, and Casualty INSURANCE UZ N. 2ml Street "Belter Safe Than Sorry" Defoe Furniture Co. 12G i;. Main ninl 3321 Wanted: Used Furniture Also you can trade your old furniture in on ne / ' ol * WALLPAPER EXCELLENT DESIGNS 33.',^ DISCOUNT E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. W. Ash I'll. SSI Wayne Cluck anil Voiillry Feeds Insist oi» Wayne quality when buying feeds of all kinds. HAYS STORE 'Tarmtr's ne»diin»rt«» In Blytheville & MooetU" Spend Ynur Precious Points For The Better Brands! —Get More and Better Fond for-your ration books. 3 Deliveries Dally C. L. HABERS Grocery & Market 104 8. Division St. Phone 501 DRS. NIES & NIES Osteopathic Physicians RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 am] 1:30-5:30 Clinic 514 Main Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2921 SPECIAL SPRING 10 POINT TUNEUP 40 (' nc ' U(]o s Lalmr Only— _ No replacement parts * costs. 1. Tighten CVUNDER HEAD and MANIFOLDS, check COMPRESSION. Adjust HEAT VALVE. 2. Clean and Test SPARK PLUGS. Adjust Spark Cap. 3. Thoroughly inspect GEN- EKATOK, COII,, CON- DKNSEK, VOLTAGE REGULATOR, WIRING and SPARK CONTUOI,. Tishl- cn all connections. 4. Clean and Adjust DISTRIBUTOR Adjiai En- Sine TinihiB for maximum wartime performance, S. Check and adjust CAIi- BUKETOK for best K as economy. 6. Adjust VAI.VK TAPPIiTS. 7. Clean anil service AHt CLlMN'Klt. 8. Thoroughly Inspect COOI.- IXG SYSTEM. Tighttu Hose Connections. Adjust Kan Hell. S. Tcsl anil Son-ice UAT- TEHV. Cleat, and lighten connections. 10. rune MOTOR for hesl wartime Performance and Gas mileage. LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. ffcwrt •«*» K Aliril Mny V Mrc.v. Ituie •if, ATION CALENDAR"" ">: Cotr« Stamp 2(1 Kxplrra. 1 (lasollna Coupon 5 I'.v- 15: Slioe Stamp 17 Kii>1r*». WALTER HBNSKN PLUM KING & HEATING - 28 « , JUS Main FOR SALE e corner store :unl 4 collates •close lii-l'ilri- 517SO.OO (or nil vc. THOMAS I-AND CO. J}o want to (mj noniM. Wo hilve pur< ,t l)wnl f or ''I! klmls ,,f linmos. if TOU want In sell quick, , ra THOMAS LAND COMPANY "• ('• CumplxU, Salruuu »r. W. V. ... Di-iiUst icvllli', Arknniai SI'KCIAI.S ructions « l-'ull iV ,v- Lower l'lnli«i'$:ts II,) Ulytliovllle io,|3 lf to -i. HK SHU, us Tin; FUllNITlliu; ,n U ' ! , t f° T " SIi " ! fl)r '•"•"-' <> Hhrrm 1, allow:,,,,,, f,,,- - 1 ' urn - ( '°' NEW TIRES I'or Cum, Trucks, Tractors TJ. SEAY MOTOR CO. Swearengen & Co. SPOT COTTON HH01CKU8 liljllievllle, ,\rk. AU, K1/KK OiceoU Cnhert C«. l». S. ].:iii,'.'y US "'''' f:,|' J Wlsnuii Osmila, Aili. USED CARS nnil TRUCKS Top price-, for I.iilo Models "St:o Stay lltforo You Sell." T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. New rivmoths * Chryslers 121 W. Ash vll> ,,,„ DON EDWARDS' "Tlid Typewriter Man" ( HOYAU SMITH, CORONA, AND REMINGTON PORTAIUF TYPEWRITERa 110 N. 2nd STREET (Every 'lYansactlonMust Be EXPERT AUTO REPAIR WORK Comiilele Stock of Parti,. HARRISON Auto Parts & Garage Oliver Farm K<|iilpnifnt 51? W. Ash Ph. I 24 HOUR TIRE SERVICE Vulcnnlzlnif-Tlrc and Tube, Repairing All Work Guaranteed! WADE COAL CO. Ke,l Ash Coal. N. Hwy. 61 ph. !KM1 e Buy From the Leader anil TliE LEADING BUY Ai'luuistis' Usi-d Car Slock Ifl 11 Chevrolet -I ildor Sdlaii. '1'wii lone (Irny, .S|inl- llBlit, liraler, n'nllo mill ninny nllirr exlrns. lillt Chevrolet Ttulor. lllue. Itiullo, In-aU'r I will eovcrs. Only ,trlivn n fnv Ilinnsaiul mllc-i. ISia Iliilcli Sfdniirdc, Illnrk 'mil (ii'ay Inn Iniic. lln- ill". lleutn-, Seal Covers, .S (,-uoil HICK. 1911 Chrysler 1 ilnor. lilnrk. lllue liroiiileliilli uiiliuls- Icr.v. w hllo slilcn-all Uri's, CII). ihlvrn. 1911 ronlliic •! door, lilack. Owicl rubber anil lots of I'xlrns. 1010 Turd Coupe. Ilndlo, Scut Covers, Ili-aler. .1 K««d •'lean car. l.'Ml fidulfbutter Cninninntlcr f> I'uss. Con|ie. Two lonu «ruy. Itnillo, hralCr, seal covers and while siiie- M'ull llrcs. Ovrnlrlve. lillt Ohevrolcl t! 1'ass. Coupe. Ciretn. Scut covers, lieul- cr nitri S eood Hies. SO ollu'rs In chowe from, iirlcci) 81.1 up, Knsy G.M.A.C. i'ayment I'lun We Never Close Sitlcs Dcpl. Open Unl'll'o p.m. Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. I'hono 678 WASH run us By HOY CKANfi COMES LIFT YOUR JSI6HT W1N6 S ONE Fock'F.WULFAfTER ANOTHER ATTACKS .THE ZI6-/A6 .. WRMATIOM TO AVOID THEIR FIRE, AT THE SAME ATERRIPic FIRE POWER THE HOOTS AND HKR JJUDDIES «y KDGAR MARTIN too >MAJPY- FACED ICAWE MAM IS GO\ IMG TO ME.' i DETERMINED THAT ALLEV OOP l& GO- IMG BACK TO MOO, DOCTOR WONMUG EXOLVED A SCHEME I ...THE EITreMSlVE I RAf-MFICATlOWS OF I WHICH ABE STILL I L1KJKKWWM...EXCEPT 1 FOR THE.OME SK5W IM EFFECT WELL.ELBEkT.T SEE \( LISTEM...X BOW VOUVE BOWED TO THE \ TO MOTI1IMG IMEVITABLE AMD Pur A AMD DOM'T OOP TO WORK S VDLJF5S.I , J3ET IT/ BYT1 : 1E*I«/, AMOS.V, Wl IV,SU»E.,.X S^HEH? MOWTHATT I'VE'l TVJOMDGRIFYOL) \ COU.D DO VJTTH1 GOTTHEM OUTOF < AMO OOOLA VOOULD I A LOOK AT THE / THE WAV,T CAM GO DPIVE 1KVTO 1.EESBID/ BRIGHT U6HTS I OM \\JITH MY CAMPAVSM ...T.VE SOME s(, AGAIM POR A A TO C3BTEID OF ./ HAVE TO BE CHAMGE HV T E ^i — I,- AITS3MDED1O / »»i /^ —~ --- ^ »vS/ OOP.' x\ <,^> ?f '• -ftk 1 . N . ^J^~^. FHKCKlES AND HIS FUIKNDS Hccfor Conies 'r B.ARO AMD THE KIDS HAVF A STORAGE TANK FULL ! BURIED ON OlD MAN scurrtE's LOT, AND — scurae. AMD HI'S B'J'LOiNG A FIRE RIGHT WHERE W6 DU3 TME HOCE' Ity MERRILL BLOSSKH Do YOU KNOW ) WriAT TAMK r ABOUT TUB /I'M DOING TWS !» t TANK. XjUST FOR. THE & * , HECTDRP ( HECK O? n

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