Hattiesburg American from Hattiesburg, Mississippi on September 18, 1989 · 10
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Hattiesburg American from Hattiesburg, Mississippi · 10

Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Monday, September 18, 1989
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1 0A Monday, September 18, 1989 Hattlesburg AMERICAN TTTTT Up-to-the-minute weather hotline American readers may obtain complete, current weather data for Hattiesburg or Any- uihara IIC& Ku Tallinn rtnr natiAnal Wonthor eatiher IHII'H milln i iiejeji IIIWlliliiIMIIBWBBWWaalBMWMMaM " sunset ( Ltoday sunrise tomorrow to wm) 1 Fun 'y y Track hotline at 1-900-370-8111. Calls cost 7:06 6:47 75 cents for the first minute; 50 cents for each additional minute. 921 929 107 1014- Mississiooi -M M. M. b orecast Oxford 1 i r Tupelo 1 : t ' XT ir''SsV- ' yf-.. i" north MisslSSlPPIana will if couple more fair daya. Highs today will be In the mid 80a, Tuesday In the upper 80s. Tonight's low will be near 60. r j n ureenvuie -; r CENTRAL MISSISSIPPI another beautv: Hiah todav mid to upper 80a. low tonight 55 to 60s. Tuesday should bit same. rvA. Jackson iKSDurg 'Natchei r XT 7 - Laurer y . - ! to SOUTH MISSISSIPPI will ha lust nice today as on the weekend. Hlgha ' win d in ine mia to upper bob. I Tonlaht'a low will be 55 to 60. Tub. iiw:u... davlookamuchthaum. nau.eawury i ! Y7 South Central North 8660 8660 8460 Police report By JANET BR AS WELL AMERICAN Senior Writer Louisiana authorities are holding a Bogalusa man today on a Forrest County murder charge filed last week after the victim of a March 1988 shooting incident died. Hattiesburg Police Capt. Rickey Rawls said extradition is pending for Joel D. Lewis, 32, of Route 3, Box 279, Bogalusa. He is accused of causing the death of Curtis Smith, 34, who died Sept. 9 in Huntsville, Ala. "He'd been on life support since the shooting," Rawls said. He said Smith was shot during an argument at Johnny's Place in the 100 block of Magnolia Avenue on March 12, 1988. "Smith was shot one time in the back of the head," Rawls said. "They were arguing over some money. Lewis was charged with aggravated assault back then and made bond." In other police matters : Operators of Dixie Gas at the corner of Scooba and West Pine streets reported the station was burglarized twice during the weekend. Early Saturday morning, they discovered the front door was broken out and 50 Bic lighters and 20 packs of cigarettes were stolen. Early today, they discovered the repaired door was broken again and 40 cartons of cigarettes were gone. Employees of the Amoco station at West Pine Street and U.S. 49 South reported early today the theft of an undetermined amount of cigarettes. Harvey Warren reported the theft of assorted candy and chips from vending machines at the Forrest County Co-op Service Station Sunday night or early today. Passersby reported seeing two juveniles running in the area, carrying chips. Ann James reported the theft Saturday night or Sunday of an electric clock, a General Electric radio, a G.E. iron and drawers from a mahogony vanity table from 515 Court St. She estimated the value at $125. John Dudley reported Saturday the theft of the metal top for an air breather from a 1984 Chevrolet parked in the lot at Westminster Presbyterian Church on North 25th Avenue. He said the top is worth $250. Milton Barnes Sr. reported the theft Friday night or Saturday morning of $150 in assorted checks and an unknown amount of cash from Barnes Cleaners, 409 Manning Ave. Roger Felts reported Friday afternoon the theft of an Alpine stereo, Crown Vega speakers and a Custic amplifier from his car while it was parked at Hattiesburg High School. He estimated the value at $875. Evelyn D. Cooper, 28, of Route 1 Box 230, Moselle was arrested Sunday on a grand larceny warrant accusing her of the theft of $480 in cash from Francis Flowers on Sept. 5. CRIME From page 1 A identify serious and habitual juvenile offenders," McPhail said. "We identify the kids that give the schools, law enforcement and the courts a problem and keep track of them." Kirksey said there are about 35-50 juveniles who fit the habitual serious offender category. Police, school officials and youth court officials will communicate daily. An example of information the schools will provide the police and youth court is daily attendance rolls. "It is important to the school system that we know if a student has been involved in an activity that could impact the school such as gang activity or an arrest for burglary," Walker said. "Likewise the police department needs to know if a student is involved in a fight at school." Oubre said since the team began working on the policy he has seen an impact on the number of youth arrests. "I think it will make a tremendous impact," Oubre said. "There has already been an increase in juvenile arrests that can be attributed to additional information sharing." "It will help us tremendously when we prosecute the cases in youth court," McPhail said. "We are able to pinpoint aspects of handling the cases that will allow for much more suitable disposition, some possibly harsher. Some we will be able to help more when we know the problems they are having." eniov a Starkville j I enjoyi in me much the STRONG THUNDERSTORMS can be seen off the East Coast from North Carolina to Florida in this satellite picture taken at 3 a.m. today. The storms are developing ahead of a slow-moving cold front. Hattiesburg Forecast H'l bo a btt warmer today but tlll Mr and pleasant. The high will b ki the mid to upper SOt. Tonight will bo fair, low SS to 60. Tuesday a high will b kith! uppw SOt. Three-day Outlook Partly cloudy ekles will return to th atata Wadnatday through Friday. Thart'a chanca ot thunder-atorma In tha aouth on Friday. Hlgha will ba In tha (Oa, Iowa In tha SOt. "Meridian Gulf Coast Forecast Pensacoia to Guflport: Today's winds will be northeast 15 to 20 knots diminishing to near 15 knots by afternoon. Seas will be 3 to 4 feet, choppy In protected waters. Small craft should exercise caution. Tonight and Tuesday: Northeast winds near 15 knots tonight becoming easterly Tuesday. HUGO From page 1A with 100 mph winds and rains that reportedly caused heavy flooding. The French island of Guadeloupe appeared hit hardest through this morning, with five people reported killed, 80 injured and more than 10,000 homeless, relief officials said. Corrugated steel roofs were torn off, power lines ripped free and crops were destroyed. The airport's control tower was knocked out of commission, permitting only visual landings by relief planes. Two people were killed in Antigua and one in Montserrat, according to Beacon Radio in Anguilla. Police said a man was electrocuted in Puerto Rico when he touched a power line while removing a TV antenna from his roof in preparing for the storm. At 8 a.m., Hugo's center was near latitude 18.4 degrees north and longitude 65.6 west on the eastern tip of Puerto Rico, said the National Hurricane Center in Coral Gables, Fla. Storm watches were in effect for parts of the Dominican Republic, and a hurricane warning was issued for the southern Bahamas, including the Turks and Caicos islands. Hugo was moving at 10 mph west-northwest through Puerto Rico, a U.S. commonwealth with 3.3 million people. Hurricane-force winds extended up to 60 miles from its center. The weather service said winds ripped the roof off a baseball stadium on the offshore island of Vieques, about 10 miles to the east with about 7,000 residents. High winds Sunday blew roofs off six houses in the offshore island of Culebra. AUTO B From page 1 A and you're also talking about what we call physical damage coverage collision, comprehensive," Stevens said. "... I'm sure you've seen the replacement costs of an automobile if you had to buy it part-for-part and labor ... and that can be quite high." "With respect to physical damage, we're talking about the value of your car and you're protecting your exposure to loss with respect to your vehicle," Galey said. Rising sticker prices mean there's more to insure, he said. "You used to pay an average of $2,500 to $3,000 for an automobile," Galey said. "... The average cost now is somewhere between $10,000 and $20,000." Galey said a $10,000 automobile could cost twice that to fix if it was "damaged sufficiently so as to affect all parts." LAUREL FROM page 1 A followed step-by-step its duties outlined in an Attorney General's opinion. "We have opposing opinions. What would you do?" Norman said. The Roberts ruling confirms Bucklew's appointments of Franklin C. McKenzie as city attorney, Jeannene Pacific as municipal judge, Thomas L. Casey as judge pro tern and Charles G. Blackwell as public defender. The ruling voided council's appointment of Jon Swartsfager as city attorney and their reappointments of other officials appointed to office during former Mayor Sam Lindsey's term. The ruling also voids a freeze on hiring imposed by the council and a freeze on salaries amd wages as well as dividing the administrative functions among seven departments and making Regional Temps City High Low Prac. Mmusjppi Biknl M 67 .00 GrMnwood 78 60 .00 Jackson 62 60 .00 McComb 81 57 00 Martian 61 57 .00 Louisiana Alaxandrli 84 67 .00 Bm Rouge 83 60 00 National Temps Ntuny.N.Y. Atlanta Birmingham Boston Chicago Cincinnati Dallas Denver Detroit Honolulu IMnnapolil Kansas City Little Rock Los Angeles Mplt-St Paul New York City PMadelphia St Lout San Francisco Seattle Topeka Tucson Tulsa wasft.D.C Wichita WHket-Barre Vnmngtn.Del. 87 Monroe NewOrleana Snreveport 63 50 .00 85 67 00 61 54 .00 82 Climate Readings Monday's figures: Humidity, 9 a.m 68 Sunday's high 83 24 hour low 59 Wind, 9 S.m NE S B'metrlc preaa... 30.03 24 hour rain 0.00 Luis Munoz Marin International Airport, by far the region's biggest, was closed, as were schools, banks, courts and government offices. The National Guard had been mobilized in both the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, and Puerto Rican officials had evacuated many of the thousands of people who live in flimsy structures along the coast. Meteorologist Jesse Moore at the National Hurricane Center said it was too early to tell whether Hugo would strike the U.S. mainland. He said the storm was expected to be off the southeastern Bahamas by. Wednesday and "after that, it's anybody's guess." The weather service in San Juan said Hugo could cut "a 50-mile wide path of extensive to extreme damage," with up to 10 inches of rain expected, raising the threat of heavy flooding and mudslides. Residents of hilly areas where flash floods are a danger were urged to evacuate, and Social Services Secretary Carmen Sonia Zayas said 11,300 people were moved from flood-prone coastal areas to rescue shelters. The Port Authority also said cruise ships scheduled to arrive in San Juan, where one-third of the island population lives, had been routed elswhere. Late Sunday, Hugo battered St. Croix and St. Thomas, where most of the Virgin Islands' 106,000 people live, with 100 mph winds. Officials said stores in the St. Croix town of Christiansted were heavily damaged, and there were reports of looting. Police Chief Delroy Richards went on radio to warn would-be looters that police were patrolling the streets. Increased competition in the auto parts business may bring replacement costs down in the future, Stevens said, but physical damage costs are only part of the story. "Medical costs (and) ... uninsured motorist costs push automobile insurance up," Stevens said. Galey said advances in medical technology have increased the cost of healthcare. "Now they can fix us, but it sure does cost," he said. That's one reason the liability portion of a car insurance policy has increased. "It's important to recognize that's what we're talking about when we talk about liability insurance; it's paying for bodily injury," Galey said. appointments for six of the departments created. The ruling said the council has the specific authority to : Appoint the clerk of council, deputy clerks and an accountant to conduct the annual examination of records. Elect a president and vice president from its members. Appoint one of its members as acting mayor when the mayor is unable to attend his duties for 60 days. Confirm or reject the mayor's appointment of department directors, chief administrative officer or members of muncipal boards, authorities and commissions. Overide the mayor's veto of council action by a two thirds majority vote. Fix the salary and compensation of National forecast fori EJE3 -0 0-10 11-20 20s 30s i m HI Lo Pre 60 67 .01 83 63 .00 81 55 00 63 60 .00 p.m. loaav i i V I.J SHOWERt TPtJNOCRSTORUS RAIN 52 .00 75 51 .00 63 .00 67 .00 73 51 .00 90 75 .00 75 50 00 .00 80 56 .00 73 83 00 62 .00 63 00 61 00 75 77 79 59 .00 65 58 .15 49 .22 82 53 .00 97 84 70 00 61 .00 60 00 84 70 00 National forecast for 8 a.m. tomorrow 56 .04 77 59 0my- vT" "'J Jacksonville Tampa Cape Canaveral . . X W. Palm Seech. ....',' .. . - . . ' ' aXai"?-. (Location at 8 a.m. today) " T . ") , Kay Waat , Bahama Wanda Havana .KDc-CubaVv. Nicaragua San Andrea . . . . . CoetaRlea . . . , A Venezuela (Vend Cayman ' ' ' Dominican Republic . et iaia aa w4e "a est Jamaica Hard 5. r-trJ r ' t" ' ' ' Puerto co 'CepeOreclee ' ......... ( . . - .... e .... e e HURRICANE HUGO smacked the Virgin Islands and battered Puerto, Rico today, leaving mass destruction. The National Weather Service said ' at 8 a.m. today Hugo was at latitude 18.4 degrees north and longitude -65.6 west on the eastern tip of Puerto Rico. National Guard Adjutant Gen. Robert Moorehead said 1,000 people were evacuated to rescue shelters in St. Croix. Electricity was cut to both St. Croix and St. Thomas, and telephone service to the U.S. territory was erratic. Hugo uprooted trees and knocked out power in the British Virgin Islands, but there were no immediate reports of injuries. The Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico were last hit by a major hurricane in 1956, when Betsy caused extensive damage and killed 11 people in Puerto Rico. Communications were still out today Stevens said it is required under Mississippi law that a car insurance policy include a provision for uninsured motorists or that the policy holder sign a waiver stating he decided not to buy uninsured motorist coverage. Uninsured motorists and assigned risk motorists those drivers who have high numbers of traffic violations including but not restricted to DUI also help increase the cost of car insurance for those who buy, he said. Galey said motorists with bad driving records usually can't find insurance in the standard market but statutes require that these drivers be allowed to buy insurance in the assigned risk market. These statutes put the burden of cost for risky drivers on the in the mayor, council and employees. The opinion gives the mayor the specific power to: Appoint a member of council to serve as acting mayor in his absence. Veto ordinances adopted by council. Supervise all of the departments of municipal government. Appoint and remove department directors and the chief actainistrative officer. Appoint members of municipal boards, authorities and commissions. Appoint police, justice and ail other employees of municipal government. The judge said state statutes specifically restrict the city council from having offices at city hall and from directing the appointment or ! 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s 90 s National foracaatt by Waathar Sarvlcaa Corp . Bextford, Maaa Hurricane Huao St. Vincent sam Qrenarfa 3 Trinidad in several of the islands hit by the; -storm, and damage reports were sketchy. Officials in Guadeloupe said many, buildings were damaged. ' The mayor of St. Francois, a village... on the island's eastern end, told Radio Caraibe Internationale that there was nothing left of it. "Aside from a few houses, almost all j the rest were destroyed," said Mayor" Ernest Moutoussamy. He said several hotels suffered serious damage. Hugo is the fourth hurricane of the"' Atlantic hurricane season, which runs from June 1 to Nov. 30. surance company, and costs eventually are passed on to other consumers, he .' said. "... It's important to recognize that all those companies furnishing insurance in ' a voluntary market are required to sub-' sidize this involuntary market," Galey' said. "Your dollars and mine solve this problem. "So you and I are not just paying for"' the increased cost of our automobile and the increased cost of medical care. When we buy automobile insurance, we're being called upon to furnish:!" enough dollars into the system to sub-", sidize those persons who have, by their performance, disqualified themselves as standard risks. So that is a very large part of the problem." removal of persons from city jobs. IU directs the council to deal with municipal employees solely through the , mayor and says the council has no -authority to give orders to city-employees. "In the opinion of this court, the prin-,-ciple of separation of powers is intwined in this litigation," the judge said. "This court is of the opinion that the legislative power is limited to the power" to make law, but does not include the power to enforce it or appoint the agent to enforce it." The opinion noted that while Laurel may be in difficult financial straits, any expenditures by the mayor beyond the approved city budget will make the mayor answerable to the court and the-public. i

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