The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1943 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 26, 1943
Page 6
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BLYTHEVILLE ARlY AIR CORPS NEWS VOLUME 1—NO. 242. AUKANSAS, WKDNKSUAY,'MAY 20,-1943 TBX BLTTHXVILLI ARUT AIR COHP8 NEWS PnUWied dally ezeepi Sundayi in the intenst ot the personnel • of tbe Army Air Forces Ad- •' nuoMd T»o Inflne Flying School. oT Blythevllle, by tbe Blytbertlle Courier Newi. It contain* the new of the Alt' Bate. Service Men Abroad To Receive \ , Popular Volumes Without Cost ,The-.authors,' booksellers, librarians, and • publishers of America, Corking through the medium'of the i Council on- Books :lii Wartime, announced a -plan, today whereby men in Ihe Armed Services of the United States abroad:will receive approximately 35 million copies of the finest books of fiction-mill nonfiction, present ann. past. In the course ol Hie next yeai, without any cost to them whatever The plan has been worked out wllh the full cooperation of tho Army, Navy, arid -Maruie-.Corps, and a first group of 5SOOO copies, each of Uentj-flvc selected lilies '. In .specially designed format is expected lo be ready for distribution late in June. Tho new distribution plan was worked out jointly: by representatives ot the Arm> and Navy, and a committee ap|X>inted by the Council on Books, in Wartime consisting of Malcolm Johnson of Ooubleday, Doran & Co, John Farrar of Parrar & Rlnehait, and William Slonne of Henry Roll & Co. New Format Devised AT) entirely new format has devised for these Anned : Service Editions,.as they will be called. The books will have a paper binding, bound along the short edge, two columns .to the'page, type designed for easy reading, and be of a size to fit the pocket of any uniform The': covers will carry colored picture) designs', • wherever possible based upon Ihe Jackets used foi the publishers' original editions of tho books. According, to the present plan, the minimum edition o any .title'brought out in this special form will be 50,000 copies. The av-' erage edition'is expected . to approximate 100,000 copies, 80 per cent of this' total going to the Army, the remaining 20 per cent to toe divided among the other services. It-is.expected lhat a new list of lilies will be Issued every month. Each -list will contain from 25 to EO books, about evenly'divided between fiction and .non-fiction and, wherever,."possible, including a few time-honored- classics anil ,5 first- rate mystery' and western stories Tlie first list, for Instance, Includes such current best: sellers as Franz Werfel's "Song of Beriiotlette", Heive> Allen's "Die Forest and Ihe Fort", William Saroyan's "The Human Comedy"; and Captain Ted Law-son's forthcoming "Thirty Seconds ; Over Tokyo".'The two,classics on the first list are "Tom Sawyer" and "Green Mansions" Margaret Carpenter's ."Experiment Perilous' is the mystery story on the first list. .Technical Books Ont Tlie Council makes' It clear In Its announcement that in this new' educational or .technical books are included or contemplated It'also points out that the plan is not intended to supersede in any way ;.the Victory Book Campaign which since the beginning of Ihe jear'has collected and ••distributed almost -5,000,000 books Intended primarily for service and Merchan Marine men .and whicll will continue its successful drive. Thi Armed Services Editions will be distributed exclusively in overseas areas,.military hospitals, and.train- ing areas in this country where no camp libraries arc available. The Army and Navy will continue to buy regular editions of • books for use Stereo.-plates oil pre&es not normal- employed in the printing of jooks. ThLs process will enable the looks to be produced at the low- si cost In the history of the in- lustry, The- immediate support- that has >een given to the plan by authors, rade, book'publishers; libraries, and looksellers .throughout the country In;part a'patriotic gesture and u part a keen ^realization of the 'act that distribution of some , 000,000 books* In the'course of the icxl yeai bj ,1116 Ooveinment Is mund to .stimulate the reading of books. Armed . Services Editions will be •strictly-'expendable. They: will be distributed to military and navn units in 'packages contnlnlni; copies of each title published in a given nonth, with the idea that service men can exchange the • dlfferen titles among themselves. Wives of Cadets Meet For Luncheon SUBSCRIPTION RATES ON REQUEST Wives of aviatjon cadets at' the Blythevllle -Army; Air Field had luncheon meeting (Monday at the Noble Hotel, the new officers.tak- ing over, to succeed those who will be leaving soon'as their husbands graduate as pilots and commissioned officers, to move on lo their new assignment. 1 :. Mrs. ' Barbara •' Conn succeeded Mrs. Kay Arnold as president. Mrs. Margie FalrchUd became secretary In the place of Mrs. Connie Anderon. Mrs.'Jean Doughty Ls the new Ice president. Plans were 1 made lo welcome the Ives; of- the;members of the next lass of cadets, who will be ar- ivlng soon to commence their ad- anced training, and to help .them o find places to live durlng-thclr stay In Blythevllle. The Soldiers Friend . . . Friend and Samaritan in time of distress, (lie American Red Cross, as the volunteer 'agency created and supported by the dollitrs and goodwill of the American people, extends a helping hand to the man In the Service who happens to be In tough luck. A field director is on duty at many Army stations. He can gel prompt Information and action anywhere In the country through the nationwide organization of county chapters of the Red Cross. In this column, the',', field'di- rector at the Blythevllle • Army Air Field discusses examples, of his work with full -protection of the confidence'of'those who consult him. ' ' HV FRKD I,. SWAN, Mf Id. Director Ammon Red Crau Does your family know. what, to do in the event'of Illness; at home so that you miiy proceed home oh emergency furlough a<i soon as' possible? ,, '..••' Sergt. John Doe cnme _to,the;Red Class ofllcc with tile telegram'from his father, inform 1 Ing'him. that his sister • was undergoing ,' a' • serious operation and his presence,'at home was desired.. He had been, to his commanding officer and was referred to us for verification of tills emergency situation' .before his furlough could be grunted. We immediately tele-. • ' graphed the Red' Mr. Swan Cross Chaper In Sergt. Doe's home own requesting an official sUite- Silhouette of at Fighter Party Is Planned By 326th Squadron The monthly party of the 320th Sciundron will be held Saturday night at the Blylhevllle Armory with music for dancing by the orchestra of the 351st, Army Air Forces Band, and specialty entertainment, numbers by members of the squadron.. Buffet luncheon will IM> served. Married men of the squadron have been urged to bring not only their wives bill friends of their wives, so that there will be dancing partners for the single men, Capt. John P. Mead, squadron commander, and Second Ueut. Francis X. Foley, adjutant, promise that there will be never a dull moment, Arrangements are being completed by a committee headed by First Soi'fl. O. L>. Tucker. Noncoms' Wives Meet Wives ot noncommissioned officers will meet Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the Noiiconi- nlssioned Officers Olub, on the naln .floor of the Glencoc Hotel 'It nn organization meeting. Wives of noncommissioned of- 'Icers uf the Blylheville Army Air Field arc urged to attend whether or not their husbands are mehiucrb of the club;: Officers will be elected and plans will be made for fu- ture'activities. Darkening Tcxns skies' bring no ' from droning engines', and'future fighter pilots, Impatient for • Ihcir chance at the Axis, flick on navigation lights anil continue practice flights fur liito the night These are advanced training planes, lust step before fighter craft, silhouetted against an evening sky at "••' ' ;, ' an'advunced flying school In the Army Air Forces Ghlf Coast Trainini! Center. fflSJLDIEflS Cakes, Pics and Sandwiches Too Plentiful For 75 Ehlisted Men "Dr. Brown slates sister oper- for gall bladder. Condition .lent from the attending- physician' s to Hit 1 condition of the sister and he necessity of John's presence at ionic. Six hours later came the reily: itcd erious. Advises soldier's immediate .ircsence." Furlough papers we f c Irawn up and John finally left at nice for home. Sergt. Doe wna to have n long rip home—an uncomfortable and mxlous trip, and, If there was no delay 111 verification, he would be that much nearer home and his sister. This is what should have been done to facilitate and expedite all 5tu]!x. s lending lo r his emergency furlough: Sergt. Doc should have written in \fainlng areas States. in the.-United Armed Services Fxli lions will be manufactured by various printing phnts throughout the country, and will then be delivered to Army and Navy depots, which will distribute them to our fighting units in every part .0! the world. Not one copy of these special editions will be available lo-civilians, either now or hereafter.'The paper necessary for the "plan will be supplied from armed services requirements anc will be of such a nature that each volume will weight less lhanl-5 ol a normal book. Armed Services Editions will be printed from curvet Fried Now At Yale Corp. Robsrt Fried, who among the early arrivals at Blythevllle Army Air Fiejd Summer and who wns ft i phologra pher here, fa in his eighth week o a 13-weeks course at Yale Uiiivcr-! sity, as an aviation cadet in pho-; tography, .During eight weeks at Boca Raton, Pin'., he received intensive military - training .with special drill in pistol, rifle and submaclilnegun: Liberty Ship for Carver RICHMOND, Cnl (UP) — The Liberty ship George Washington :aryer, the'second Liberty ship to e.^ named niter an outstanding American Negro—Uie first 'having been the Booker T. Washington'— nas just been launched.. Mtss Lena Home, movie lead of "Cauin in Uie Sky," christened the ship,: while Miss Beatrice Turner, first. Negro woman welder hi the yards acted as matron of honor. Then to show her appreciation of the part played by the 6,112 Negro workers who helped build the vessel and were present at the ceremony, Mtss Homo planted a re-sounding kiss on the face of the nearest Negro ship- worker.' to his family, long before there wns any Illness, Unit, In case, someone should become sick at home, warranting his presence, they should conlact Uie Hed Cross Chaplcr in Ihclr town. This Chapter would then send us-a wire siinilar,.,to.fhat quoted above; we would report It to John's squadron, and he would be on the way home without delay. If this isn't donej'We-may'expect a waiting period of 6 to 8 hours, and possibly a" longer period. It lakes two hours for our wire to be delivered lo the. .Chapter, at least two hours for an Investigation, ami two hours for their wire to reach this office. Army regulations prevent ° the led'Cross from', asking for a fur- ough for a serviceman. Any such equest mint come from the man to ils commanding officer; The commanding- officer usually asks the Red Cross lo verify the need for he. leave. Your family can speed ip action on a furlough if It will notify the Red Cross Chapter in our home town of an emergency nt the same time that it notifies ,'ou. TliIs. makes it possible. for your liomo town Red Cross to verify the facts and wire us. If the facls have already been verified by the time yon ask for the furlough, there Is little lime lost in getting you on your way! , Educate your family as to the procedure of Red Cross—tell them of Red Cross service. Tills service is available regardless of financial need. Remember It. Use 111 .Seventy-five soldiers, IS of theni joined by their wlve.s, did the best :hcy could to eal 42 sandwiches, 52 cupcakes, mid a quantity of cakes and pics, at the Sunday afternoon hospitality hour at the USD Center, biil there was plenty left lo send to the Negro USO. "Women of the Lost Cane Home Demonstration Group were the hostesses, The sandwiches were brought by Miss Ilah Hhca Arnold, who also contributed a taffy cake. The cupcakes were the contribution of Mrs. J. 1C. IJttlejohn and Mrs. Bob Veacli. Mrs. T. A. Bourland, president, brought an orange cake Two. lemon pies were from Mrs. Ruby Veach, vice president, and'a pineapple cake by" Mrs. C. A. 'Evans secretary. Mrs. J. A. Stattlcr anc Mrs; Virginia Powers gave sugai for the coffee. There were four other lemoi pies,- by Mrs: Stanley Tradenburgu Mrs. Mary May and anbthoi pineapple cake, by Mrs. C. M. Towels. There were three devllsfood cakes, by Mrs. Opid Rougher, Mrs. A. C. Evans and Mrs. Hazel Ore- gory; and angelsfoort cake by Mrs. W. A. Stattler; two coconut cakes, by Mrs, yum Fincher and Mrs. W. D. Vashbonder; a pecan pie, by Mrs. Hulet Morgan, and a chocolate pic by Mrs. Jess Morgan; a chocolate cake, by Mrs. Calvin Smith; a cramel cake, by Mrs, E. II. Danrland; a banana cake, by Mrs. Estclle Baurland, anil a whole egg cake, by Mrs. G. L. Reed. 'inspection- Honors AyainGoTo702nd . Tlie 702nd Squadron Is at Uie top if the list again In the weekly ih- ipecllon of squadron area, bulld- ngs. equipment and personnel, sharing honor* with the' VMth Squadron. The two squadrons each ind a .standing of 93. Close behind the winning sqund- •oiis was the 101st with a mark of mid third honors went to the 007th Quartermaster Detachment and Hie 945th Quartermaster Platoon, each with a standing of 91. Ciipl. Henry E. Well Is commanding officer of the 702nd; his top kick Ls First Sergt. Joseph A. Ledoux. The 704th Is under the leadership of Capt. Irving I). and First Sergt. Joseph A. Nlchoclcmus. Among (^residential stamp collectors was President Benjamin Harrison. FUNNY BUSINESS MIND YOUR MANNERS ». M, W, •. HOLLYWOOD, Cal. (UP) — An all-time high wns reached by Hollywood slars and entertainers during the month of April In contributing their services to USO Camp tours. During the 30-dny period 86 players appeared In 189 shows and 34 Hollywood l»rsonalitles de- pnrlcd on tours of camp shows. They Included about all (he big names and many others. tfteyer twin, «irP. Merchant's Luncheon 55c Daily 12 O'Clwck Til 2 at the Coffee Shop Test your knowledge of correct soclnl usngc by answering the following questions, then'checking against the authoritative answers below: h Docs n person have to be a good listener lo qualify as a good lonversationallst? 2. Mny you n* personal questions of a, good friend? 3. Is it correct to use a nickname on Bone's visiting cards? 4. How should a servant.address the daughter of the if she is at least thirteen or fourteen years old? 5. What should a bridge player do If his partner unintentionally gives some information about his hand? What; would you do if— ' You are playing bridge with players who know more about the game hall you do— (a) Play the best you can and let t go at lhal? (b) Keep apologizing for Ihe way •on play your hands and for your bidding. Answer* 1. Yes. 2. No. 3. NO. 4. "Miss Rlllh." B. Make no use of it in the way ic plays his hand. Belter "Whrvt Would You Do" •olutlon—(n). Noncoms Awarded Free Calls Three lucky members of the Non- commissiomd Officers Club will make free telephone calls lo any point in the United States Saturday night, it was announced by First Sergl. Paul.L. Vast, president of! the organization. All members Who enter the'club between the Hours of 1 and 10 o'clock will have their .name placed In a. hat, and three names will be drawn for the long distance call. Saturday will be a gala occasion. An informal dance will be held to celebrate the opening of a new dining hull. The large adjoining room formerly occupied by the Blythevllle Board of Trade has been redecorated and will be used as the main dining room of the club. The present dining room will be converted into a play room, with booths and tables. The present dance room and lap room will remain unchanged. Sergt. Donald L. Scrlbner wIV play request tunes on his electric organ. The sergeant Is arranging program of entertainment featuring talent from Hie Air Case. The lonji distance calls haye been arranged'Ihrongii Uie courtesy of the Glencoc llolt-l. where the club is located. Winners Will Receive Prizes; Old - Fashioned Dances On Program Apple bobbing winners at the barn - dance tonight in the Post Recreation Hall will get prizes, a necktie for Uie men, a belt for the girls. 'Hie top girl winner will be av;ar<led n silver.Air Corps bracelet Square dancing, old-fashionec dunces mid the latest thing on the ballroom floor have'been arranged to the music of Ihe 351st Army All Forces Band. Sergt. Walter Terrs of the Special Service Office, is in charge of arrangements. Glenn fatigue uniforms will be worn by the men and the girls wil Read Courier News want ads Hold Everything or. overalls. The will assemble- a ! :ome In slacks dance. partners lie USD Center and will be transported lo the Air Base by. rucks. Sandwiches prepared by the home jconomics class of the Blythevill High School under the supervision :if Mrs. Freeman B. Robinson, wil lie served. Casualties Few In Gas Warfare, Officer -Declares Gas warfare isn't as bad as It eems. Soldiers and eiivllans who now what to do if and when licmical warfare slat-Is will find t a nuisance but are likely to lavr, fev; casualties. ThLs was the answer given by .tent. Raymond E. Cobble, chcnil- :al warfare officer of the iBIythe-. 'illc Army Air Field, in a talk at lie regular meeting of the Junior hamber of Commerce Monday light at the Noble Hotel. The prospect of a gas attack wip- ilf mil the population of an entire 'lly Is lantaslic, Lieutenant Cobble aid. It lakes a lot of gas to accomplish worthwhile results,- and a tremendous quantity of raw nia- erlals and manufacturing facilities. Besides that, there, arc technical difficulties in making an effective :us attack. The Allied Nations, however,- are well prepared for a surprise gas attack, which - might be used as a desperate effort by the enemy and to achieve certain results. Lieutenant. Cobble said it was doubted that there is any mysterious all-powerful gas against which present means of protection and decontamination are futile. He named the five princi|>al gases: mustard, of which the nitrogen variety is odorless but detectable by available means; Lewisite, which affects both the lungs and skin as does mustard;, and phosgene and cholorpicrin, which affects Uie lungs He showed of the gas mask and described the means for treating gas patients and decontaminating clothing, equipment and areas. Praises Training Program The United States Army Flying Training Command is commended tor its excellent training program, In a citation of the American Academy of Physical Education, a copy of which lias been forwarded to Col. KUIL M. London, commanding officer of the Ulytheville Army Air Field, with the added commendation of Brig. Gen. W. W. Welsh, commanding the Army Air Forces Southeast Training Center. The citation reads in part as follows: "The necessity of bringing large munbcis'of men quickly to a level of physical illni'ss that will enable Ihcin to fight effectively under the varied conditions encountered on land, In the air, and :it sea in all parts of the world is a task without precedent. . < "In attacking tills problem, several branches of the armed services have already made conimend- ible progress in preparing and ex- •cutlng diversified physical fitness irograms adapted to ti|>eciflc needs ind. in hurinony with available iine and facilities, and ore coh- iniiing with Intelligent experiment o Improve their programs, "liecause nf their ivcnmplish- nents iii these directions the Amer- cim Academy of physical Education lakes pleasure in citing the : )hytical filnes.s organisations and liersonnel of the Untied States Flying Training Command for their excellent physical training pro,ram." To the citation is added the commendation of Maj. Gen. B. K. Yoiint, commanding the Army Air Forces Flying Training Command, as follows: "It gives mo great pleasure to forward this citation. and I desire to add my commendation to yourself and your subordinate:; for this accomplishment. II has brought credit lo not only your Training Center and this Command, hut also to Ihe Army as n whole." General Welsh added the comment: '•The receipt, of this communication and attached citation are a source of grant satisfaction to the undersigned, who desires to extend his hcnvtiest congrululu- lions and appreciation lo those officers and enlisted men concerned with this outstanding physical training program." IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR f THECHICKASAWI1A IJISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AR 1 KANSAS. Myrtle L. Fox, Administratrix of the Estate of F. E. Fox, De vs. No. 8214 rry Perkins, Defendant. WARNING OKDKR he defendant, Harry Perkins, hereby warned lo appear in tills court within thirty [lays and answer the complaint of the above named plaintiff, and upon his failure to do so said, complaint will be taken as confessed. Witness my! hand as clerk of said court and the seal thereof on this 24 day of May. 1943. HAKVEY MORRIS. Clerk liy Doris Muir, Dep. clerk. Kcid & Evrard, Attys. for PHf. Jesse Taylor, Ally, ad Lilem. 5/26-G/2-9-1G ';'.'. Advice on Kooslers ONTARIO. Cal. (UP) - Mayor Taylor M. relerson has received a letter from Las Angeles signed Cock- a- doodle- do" telling him how to cope with Ontario's ever- growing problem of crowing roosters who spoil the sleep of war workers. "Just place a board above his roost so that lie cannot raise his head ,and lie.won't crow," the writer contends. Law Protects rigcnns SACRAMENTO, Cill. (UP) — Pigeons were brought under the protective wing of the stale of California today with final enactment of a inw prohibiting their use as decoys in training hunting falcons. ' • L .. I of HOTEL NOBLE Wholesome food deliriously prepared. Hit nt Home at Front EUGENE, Ore. (UI J )—Sgt. Gvo- ver Klein, former employee ol the Giiistina lumber compuny here felt it wns old home week on the North African war front, when he espied a pile of lumber heaviiij; the Guis- linn stamp. He reported his surprise n a letter to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hurry Cnclore. Try our "Own Made" Ice Cream He Hickory Inn fr»B Hl»h SchMi PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Rest Prices Kirby Drug Stores StJoseph ASPIRllS IMtESr SHIER All* WE HLL ALL DOCTORS' PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVK YOU MONK STEWART'S Drag Store ! Main & take Fhone 2822 The Modern let. Box CQOLERATOR Far Economy and Service. Tom Little Hwde. Co. Phone »I !'We won'l need yon after today, Elmer—our_drycr'a fixed nowl" J Complete Stock Steel and Elastic TRUSSES Save 60 % STEWART'S Drag Store Main A Fake Phone 2822 FITTED BY Doctor* J. L aid J. C GUARD OPTOMETRISTS 24-HOUR SERVICE Expert Repair Work on General Motors Cars. UNGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY Vtnj * WalDBt rb. KJ SMALL LOANS E«* Mam Loin Co. IN BLYTOBVILtK SINCE l*K LesUier Is a viUl material for \iH3gc. Save it hy having your sUocs lebmli here an A \it\y the war effoit .ind sive money. HflLT€RS QUALITY SHOC SHOP , IZI W. MAIN ST. Flowers For Kvery Occasion . . . Funeral designs, wielding flowers, corsages. THE FLOWER SHOP Auto Repairs Expert Mechanics on All Makes and Models. Also Truck and Tractor Repairs. Lee Motor Sales Ph. 519 * Karl stone, Sh»p r»rtm*n 307 K. Main flPTICRL STORE 209 W. MaiiTSt. Phone 2912 Does Your Car NEED THESE?, B*tUt7— S*»t Winner— IUdl« ('OK l.lfthls— Lmk QM Cup A complete line of Follshei LOT EICH ROBINSON'S "THE RELIABLE DRUG STORE" Theie'i no wider selection of sharing needs, cosmetics, novellles, etc., In Blythevllle than at Robinson's. Latest Magazine*—Fountain wrvlce—wndwlcheil Serrke Men! Meet Your Friends it Robinion'i! HUDSON TAILORS Expert Alterations Prompt, efficient service at reasonable cost! Garriion Caps — Accessories — Intifnii SOUTHEAST AIR CORPS INSIGNIA

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