The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1941 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1941
Page 7
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 23, 1941 OFFICE mm Presidential Letter of Introduction BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS [Rotation By Tno Becomes Custom As Alabama Laws Ban Reelection MONTGOMERY, Ala. (UP)[Alabama has its own "merry-go| round." It is composed of the slate ryidi- | tor, the secretary of state and the '.ate treasurer. And with the new year these [officers are beginning to plan anew I for the 1942 state elections. Capitol observers, however, re- I port there will be slight controversy. The three constitutional [officers, u'ho are forbidden to suc- ecl themselves, merely trade of- fficcs, hence the "merry-go-round." Here's the way it goes "round": In 1938, Alabama voters named John Brandon as secretary of state; Charles E. McCall as state treasurer; and How-ell Turner a.s [state auditor. Service Be^an in l'.)2fi Brandon previously .served a.s I follows: In 1926, secretary cl state: Jin 1930, state auditor; in 1934. [state treasurer; In 1938. .secretary ]oi state once more. Turner in 1934 was elected sec|'rotary of state. McCall in 1934 was named state | treasurer. These two officers merely traded [posts in 1938. fcince another trade all around I is necessary, the question now is [which office will each one decide to lake. Due to the long careers of emciem- public service, of all three onicers. it is taken for granted by R. A. F. HitsfDerna as San dstorrri Covers City PAGE SEVEH Naturai Color Film | Is Shown Free Here office seeker and Mr Roosevelt see p,«t much eye to eye on bc • V '"' e S . ails for London with lh ' longhand note - pictured reading, above, in ' Envoy From Nippon Also Knows Difficulty Of U. S. Relations By NKA Sri-vice Admiral Kichlsaburo Nom'um. now on his way to Washington to take up his new job a.s Japanese ambassador, is a man who knows he United.Stales well and is fully <uvare of the dynamite in u. S.- Japanese iclnlions. But. says he: "There are few, if any. Japiv- I nese who want war with the Unit- L. cd States. I sec no issue between my country and the United States that cannot, be solved without recourse to war." Admiral Nomura's acquaintance with Ampi'lcnns began when lie attended the Naval Academy in the last century. Ho made a long- , - - •-.-. «,«,.,. ,,, : „,..-, the las c-entury. He- made a long- | to .,t-he Paris peace conference In cr stay as naval attache to the ! ] 9 19 - Later he w»s advanced slrnd- Japanese embassy in Washington | Hy "nUl he bccitinc an aclmiril •from 1915 to 1918. j and served as vice ehtof of HIP Japan was an ally of Britain in lu ]i):<U. while commanding tho Japanese fleet in Chint-w waters, he landed ni Shanghai (o take clouds that immobilized Italian around U oops at H ,» . • u - i Bl j llsh air torcc «nashed at the city. Briton* ^ l £^I^^&.tolSj^«.J&D < ncU5, there. »»«w»» An Interesting two- hour movie, 'This Land Of Ours", was present-'', td free by the BJytheville Machine . Shop, Minneapolls-Mollne dealer in ' Blytheville. this afternoon at two o'clock. The film, in natural color shown at Blytheville Machine Shop on South Second street. The movie takes the .spectator on u "visit" to beautiful national parks, mountains, lakes and waterfalls, the World's Fair, large Industrial cities and the great iron mines of northern Minnesota and also gives an insight into farming methods in all parts of the county, Couple, 70, iVccJ to Start Year CHEYENNE, Wyo. (UP;—In Wyoming. 11 sccnis, it's -never too late for love. Cheyenne's first marriage Hcen«« in 1941 went to a 70-year- old icouplc, Jennie A. Walker and Theodore Taylor. / . stor lo m lo l » .After his service a.s mivul at- tache In Washington, hr WHS soul. "I am » plain suitor und a com- j NEWPORT, R,, I. (UP)-Setv gulls pleto stranaer lu ck>«mil .society, i habitually carry oystcv« und clums Holnu nwtmi of thni ignownco, 1 i uloft, drop them on rock* to smiuih nt first dt'clhu-d the oiTei- of the ; the shells, rind then swoon down fl 1\1 MM uvtil ftf\ MM! •. l » »' i L it . . c thr World War. President Roose in «n "' , _ . •—- ••*- " f '«-••"• v.v.4 iv,uuiijg, clUUVC, in WaSnmCl'JH .. alter President Roosevelt gave it to him in their recent conference ' to Wellington, this time as dcle- Its addressed: "To a certain naval, person. Kindness of W. Willkie." ! g{ltR to the disarmament, confer- i to feaHl on the succulent contents. Hut Washington officials ure not i A Kull f.hnt. got fooled was tho one >inji lo fake that deolnral.lon nt j thnt;stole colored bulbs from Mnyor nice vHlun. They know Nomura j Henry 8. Wheeler's Christmas as a polished n.slutc mun of Iho! tlw . •• Builder 1st for 3(ilh Ytrur Aulimioblta Muter round , NEW ORLEANS (UP)—Ed Miu SAN FRANCISCO <UP)~Le Roy! kcl. u contractor, obtained the part in n celebration of the Mi-• „ I'UANOl&CO <UP)—Lo Roy! kcl. H contmctor. obtiilned the kado's birthday. A Korean throw 5 ™' n - 4a - ^"camc « "hnler" of; first building permit Issued in a bomb. JraumeiH. of which COM i! , llwi bectuif * iu> lost ll leg I Now Orleans in 19-11 to maintain Nomura an eye. ' i m n hit-and-run automobile uccl- his record of holding the llrst per- fifMlt T-li* r»n>^ frkccj^^l IIA «»^<t»*i J*-» k ^ilt -.»* *v.. t .._ " ,. .L.. Where They Shop it takes the ordinnrv " rious 'types of stores ^Alabamians that none will be op- i loosed tor whatever posts they [choose in 194:c. Capitol circles point out that there is a remote possibility the [desires of two of the members of j the triumvirate may clash this I time. Turner's Aspirations Seen Since Auditor Turner already Ihas serveci as secretary of state but •never as state treasurer there is a [strong- likelihood he may wish'the j.scai job. Treasurer McCall, with a long . I'career of accounting behind him, i /^ [feels that he should run for audi- j/' [tor instead of secretary of slate. ! ? ' Secretary Brandon must run for : lone of the other two posts so that. | [unless McCall or Turner decides to j trade with: him, he may find him- ' self being opposed by' one of Che! I two : '"m'eiTy-go-TGun'ders." . : ~- : - : \ The capitol.- *-however,'^ -isn't.; I troublaig;j tgelf : ^pvfir-. ,thc qutcome:.. |of thaVclecision." ''-- : ' • •' ' ••"-- s All three officers are old and ! Icordial friends. They will resolve their difficulties 'Without undue trouble, say [those in. the know. United States as- in ! time riRn,.t-ni M dangci It. takes Nomura ment ten, 18,012. part in friendship. In 1921 Nomura once more went iNomurn an eye. mmi who knows Washington i hi' ence. i nnd Paris ns wptl ns lii> k-nnu-<'it ' m « . • . " The new ambassador wa, born in \ Tokio. he 1m, .snid of his new up- ! ^ W ' Ul ^ ^ lllck in ° UC " flei> - I? December. 1877. the son of K " nn old \s adopted by e graduated from nnval H °, confoss "f l in ^urt, to mil of UHMICW year for 30 conscc- » l and five^and- brakes are in perfect condition, tioned ^-^0^^'^^^ 131 feet to stop the car. Berlin and Vienna, then he re- S lic's Canine Control Officer PEORIA, III. -(UP)—The day of I the dog catcher is past in Pe'oria. Health Officer Stunner M; Miller, f Jin an effort to erase the stigma i (attached in the. public mind to j Hhe job. has changed the title of cleg catcher to "Canine Control Officer/' I Be Wise: Buy While Sale Prices Hold Act Quickly if You Want to Save! ONLY 2 DAYS MORE of Prices That Make Our Used Cars Almost Gifts! 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Only <t7Q7 one owner... $397 1-Door.. .. 1S32 Kuick Sedan 'Graham C'onpr. '*I8 Chevrolet Master (.!«•!i. Color black. Radio a n cl .spotlight. Mo- (tQOCT tor & tires A-l. ^J.£«) 1S39 F?>r<l ncLuxr Tudor. Black color, motor <t lire 1 . 5 in A-l condition. Sec drive this car !!).'{(! Pontinr Coupe. Grey color. Ha.s in'aclicnlly nrw W.S.W. <tO*)^ Tlrrs 5>Z^D $446 ALLE.V JEKKTMS • ESTHER RALSTON NICHOLAS BROTHERS BEN CARTER ~ • * ' - -- .._ i.._, Atso ranvmount rvcws & March of Time. FRIDAY BAEGAIN DAT ! Matinee 10c «; 20c Night iOc & HOc ing Company with John SheHon & Ann Rutherford Also Selected Shorts Rig: c Ponttoe Coupe. Equipped with radio and heater. Color black. Has 1941 ' Fcrcl GO Tudor. Color black. Motor & tires hi excellent condition into Ford 8- r > Tudor. Black finish, has heater. Truly 3 clean car from TRUCK BARGAINS 3!)3« Ford t^ Xon Tick-tij). IOS8 Chevrolet "r, Ton Good tires. 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You'll bo delighted with tlio way Moutholutum combats cold mis- cry and helps restore comfort. MENTHOLATUM 6iv,s COMFORT Daily Don't buy this- it's NOT advertised! It's a doubtful product. It bears n^ : '>tiy : e^-nam¥' 4 it^ !; might be any one of the many things you buy or use every day. A refrigerator, perhaps . . . or a radio . nail polish . . .chewinggum . . . kitchen soap . correspondence course. a <* i , . . But the promoter knows its claims couldn't stand I he intense scrutiny of the American buying public. And so he prefers to dispose of it as an unbranded article. That's why you won't find his advertisement here. How different from the other advertisers in this newspaper! Proudly they let you of their latest product or service. Eagerly they announce special values, improvements, new features. These manufacturers and merchants have confidence in what they offer. 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