The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 18, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 18, 1933
Page 5
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J MONDAY, DECEMBER 18, 1933 BLYTHBVUU, TAML) OOPMK HlWl rm CiAssiriED SECTION .- CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate |>er line ror consecu- '.l\e Insertions: (Five average words to a line) One time per line 10e Two times per line per day .. CSc 1 nrec times per HUP, per day .. 06c fais times per line per day ... ilouth rate per line 60c Minimum charge Me Ads ordered for three or si* limes and slopped before expiration will be' charged lor the number of times tl'e ad appeared and aojiatment ol bill made. All Classified Advertising copy iUtmilted by persoas residing out EicJe ol the city must be accom lanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above table No responsibility will be taken lor more than one incorrect ill scUlon ol auv classified ad. Advertising trdcrcd for irregu Uir insertions take the one tun rate. Phone 306 or ,307 DIRECTORY O. M. C. Truck did Nabors trailer. Cheap. J. C. Ellis, Uarfleld. Call 15IH.K!. 16p k20 FOR SALE: 40 acres, all In cultivation. One mile south of Gosell. Roland Green. Connecticut Finds New Bootlegging Weapon AUSTIN COUPE, perfect running condition. O. M. Morgan, phone 03-J. 4c kit REAL^ESTATB Gckl-0 Come In, list yow KM c<iat« 8« what we hare to «fll E. M. Terry Ucewed Dealer Tcrrj-Worihia{t«n Tttk Co. HAKTFOUD, Conn. lUM — A new weapon against, speak and bootlceeeis has been onrthcd here by Ihc Stule Tax miait niumtlllos. and dealers have expressed fnii-s the speakeasies, dispensing linuor by the drink, wculd KCI nil ihc business. Hacked, however, plans to lake mi-j Ihc coml records 01 nil Commissioner, William H. Hack- ctt, which lie bclleres will far toward putting them out. ot business. The Connecticut liquor law prohibits sale of liquor in less limn | statement llackeU says Hie and owners o[ s|>eakeiisic.s, sub- IHJCirn (hem lo llinlford and then dumiiui they stale the iiinomit of iheii 1 sjross profit!-. They wilt be ordered to pay the state thai sum in luxes. If they refuse lo make a empowers him lo estimate ihelr receipts, and hi event they refuse to iuy, send them to jail on body vvrli.1. K made effective Hie law undoubtedly would BO far toward wiping out illegal liquor sales. H iilfo was |H)lnU'cl nut Hint Iv-isHl- inuK 1 dealers, trying lot prolec llu'ir market, would ulil the nun- paiiiu by InformliiK the nulhoil- lies \\hcn they hud knowledge of violators. OUR BOARDING HOUSE Blytheville none 611. 23pkl2-23 1'OULTRY & EGGS I'resli efgs dai'y, direct from hen nery. rirkard's grocery, 1014 Cliickaxitrba. 6c kl-b CHRISTMAS PRODUCE Special price en all frail, nuts, produce. & flr Xmas (rtes. (i. - Huwks Cor. Main & Lake. DOGS, PETS FOR SALE— Roston Terrier Pup pies, little beauties. Mrs. W. E McCullongli, ;>?21 Carolyn Ave Pride Add'n. FOR RENT NEW DEAL TRADING POST Furniture, Totils, Clothes, Etc. Let's trade. 114 East Main, tic kl-to New ?nd Istd Furniture Bough; and Sold Stoves Repaired—Any Make Alvin Hardy 511 W. Asn ;>0p k!2-20 EXPERT TypOATiter and Adding Machine Repairing, U. S. I31ank- eiship, 116 E. Rose. Call 165-J. 21c kl2-21 CLEANERS. TAILORS Look nice for Xmas! Have jo clothes cleaned «; rcttxed bj Unique Cleaning Service. Call 171 20-ck-12-JO Nicely Furnished Bedroom, 300 South Lake Street, Mrs. ueorg Cross. I6ck23 FURNISHED 3 room apartmcn 1315 W. Main. Call 335-W 15ck NEW Unfurnished 4 room apart merit, bath. Close In. Call 130 >15ck BEDROOMS close in, 123 Nor Fifth. See Ross Beavers. 12ck By Ahern Neighbor Cousins Visit For First Time in 50 Years OKLAHOMA CITY, OklR. (Ul'( —Two cousins, who had been wp- aratt-d for 00 yenvs thouBli tlwy lived within 38 mlle.s of cadi other met nguln in uu Oklahonui City; hospital. I M. D. Loullmn, corporation commission iici'oiinliinl, heard lit. cousin, Will Grecian, of' wus In ihc city for medical llon, JUKI wciit 'to find him. : "1 knew you in it minute," snlit l.oulhan us the two sliook hands mill hitnn lalklni; old llinre. ., .'. "All ihLs lime we've been llylni! so near to each other but Jusl, never yol around to visiting or even scehiK each other." Rein! Courier 'News Wnni 'Ads. Ml Class Ian hi Cw OXFORD,' Kan. (UP) --Three onc-hiilf gallon glass Jars, made in 1858, still are in use-here. Mrs. Augusta Ch'jyvront received theiji ill years ogo from her sister. in Memphis. Tumi.' Housekeeping U the lart&st Industry in England; It employe more people 'than any other industry. ALLEY OOP A BOOMERANG! By Hanlin AUTOMOTIVE LOW PRICES on winter car needs, heaters, alcohol, GPA glycerine, Model T tops & side curtains, 5198 up. WOLF ARIAN, 128 E. Main. 22C1U2-Z! Call 308-Keitti Vlact-118 E. Mate For Auto Tainting Body and Fcndtr St^ct 28CJC12-2B NICELY furnished bedroom, men preferred. 1017 W. Walnut. Call after 5 p. m. Mrs. Ed Hardin. . 23ck'tf MODERN Three room Apartment with bath, unfurnished, Phone 7Gt. 27-ck-U. Nice, large BEDROOM. Close in. 319 W. Walnut.- ... .. 13cktf WANTED TO BUY JORDAN airi;*w "8" car, 14 S Motor for repairs. Stan ton A Pepper, Huffman. Ark. 16p k23 WANTED TO BUY—TJsea Electric refrigerators. Must be in good condition. Phone 764. 27-ck-f LARGEST STOCK USED PARTS Between Memphis and St. Louis Also Auto Glass—Phone 66 JACKSON AUTO PARTS Ctt ^ .WANTED AUTO GLASS INSTALLED We install glass in your car -while you vait. Call us for better service. Phone 633. Shouse-Liltle Chevrolet Co. IOC kl-10 We pay more lor pecans, furs hides, brass, copper, radiators aluminum, lead, lotteries. Phon 176, Wolf Arlsr., 1J8 E. Main, -22ckl2-22 LOST Call Us When In Need Ol Guaranteed Merchandise ifcs-natteries - Replacement Parts HUDBAHD HARDWARE CO. Automotive Dept. ic kl-1 Autu Glass All Kinds Installed The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. 12c kl-10 RE\VXRD for return of black and white 'hound. Name "Spot," '6 years o!d. J. W. Pinklcy, Gosnell 15pk22. Frogs Drove Girl Through Windshield WRECKER SERVICE Call us when you need a wrecker, Day and Night Service. Call 633. Shouse-Little Crevrolet Co. lOc kl-10 HATfERTKS liattcry & Radiator Service We guarantee you better battery or radiator work for less money. Any make radiator repaired or re- cored. Get our prices on new and rebuilt batteries. Call 633. Shousc-LitUc Chevrolet Co. lOc kl-10 New Foid Batteries Rental - Rcdiarsins - Repairing Y77 TIRE & BATTERY STATION 25c k!2-25 MAGNA, TJtnh (DP)—No bus Is large enough to hold both Mimic Stewart and frogs. She proved i' when a collection of frogs cscapot from their box in a high school bus. With a shriek, Miss Stewart dove directly through the windshield and landed at the side of the road. Although the machine was traveling al a fair rate of s|KCd and ihe winsdhicld was completely shattered, the girl was uninjured. RADIOS All Had:os. including R. C. A., are being closed out at cost lor CASH at Hubbard Hardware Co. Ilckl2-Il SPORTING GOODS Special attention large orders. You win find a complete line of NEW MODEL BICYCLES »t Hubbard Hardware Company. IGc. H2-16 I'HON'E 107 BUCHANAN "Our Coal is Black But We Treat You While" Ic kl-9 Brilliant and Ky. Coal, quality and weight guaranteed. Bartnick Coal Yard, Railroad & Ash. P'-or.o 179. 4ckl-4 FOR SALE MULE. Cheap. Have no use for him. Thomas Land Co. 1533 l-'ord Ti:dor Sedan. Reasonable. .Mileage 4,000, A-l Shape. Box TO, Courier. 15ckl9 'I Fresh Cons with young calves, plenty ot springers that will be ficsli soon. Musi lie sold. Phone 211. 4c-tf BILLIARD EQUIPMENT, chcapl lor cash. Hiishic.v; good, rent rca- iOisaWc. J. I'. ; itlle, Holland, Mo. 5p kl-a LOOK! 4 yds. Kayon; 3 yds. Voile; 3 yds. Percale for only $258. Hush your ord^^ to W. C. Richmond, Box 241, Caruthsrsville, Mo. GOOD COAI, IS THE CHEAPEST COAL A There is no coal, O/* \v«* of the A!le- Bheny Mountains, as high to fieat and .is low in ash as Supcr.He.1t That is a bo til statement, bat it is ethical, fcecaos* it's true. We have anlhoriUUre amtjsfa -on file on all coml ats« 'caa this claim. SUPREME Snper-rwat is th'e only coal of ils kind ani only by this company. 6x3 Medium Siic Lump Ton - SI .56 SUPREME Super Heat A Rich Jliin's Goal at A Poor 'Man's Vrice Superior Ccal Seining Co 304 W. Walnut SOU3 AHY CHR19TMAS TREtS VET.M^CSOR--:^157 T 6OT SOME- NICfc POTATOES BAWN TIRE —THEY'LL -&E TJON& IN A> MINUTE.^ J—A LA.TSY COME MORNINf AN" AST rAt fF ID HER TW S B'RANCWES WUKY WHW OOP DO IN SUCH f\ PINCK? HE WOULDN'T QUIT.TIAT'3 ft CINCH. 1 NOR N.IIA. i, WITHOUT . A VIGUT. 1 I'LL SPOIL THIS LKAHD'S EARLY ,Yryry~ T:HE WILLSTAPTT \N A UrA- "BUT [TREES "- w^^^T£.TO USE EM TOR TtcDRCTisi .BUT SVAE LCXDKED SO T1GW ,TO ^A& 1 USE.'E^ATO OM /X"BROOrA TO lv\A,V<E HER OWN OH ,WELU LETS TRY ONE OF NOLJR CHTOSTMA& WKT'S .' NOW, BY HECK, I'll PIWBLY BREftK^MV PflEClOOS NECK/. By''Marti» Hninimmmni '. \ ! BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES 1 W.VPEO CI«RV OUT \ 6-li-W-E - , W«O 'N OPWX, HOU?*. TVW 1 WMOU '. ' REAL COMKORT! i «o MILES AH HOW, MID \A A COG WARM WTO/«T./5= XMDOOIWG THIS AND THAT. . SPEEO' SPKM LIKE AFTER iiTHE BITTER ARCTIC FLIVVEWS, CROWDS, MOVIES, ELi£URIC LI6HTS. EVEX A RAItROftD •A. "I.lL"^J/— A NICK JO1? FOR SAM! SALESMAN SAM \ THKT ftiM'T nee,R. EWOUOH'. "\TnftUHs ; oun-,«wt ' F6LLP,, TftlCe THIS FN£ SPOT / 3E&T WftD LUUCH « HOWS MUCH DO -ta YOH, «ecur (So POUMD&,) tfee.oki 1 WEI G-H , Sftl^l? &(, IM M^ CH£CK SUIT'. /U)MT TILL. / f - TUPP ftKi'STUFF TILL AVUT CW ft 6 tR 7O POUWDSJ ft HftWO IM OUR. FIMDS OUT CGUXT FRECKLES''ANP HIS FRIENDS /7~ I ( SUT IT ws TH' PRINCIPLE OP THE 'THIWG TWAT ,, r ,^ 1 THE TWl! 'A BE ) T^AT M^D HEY, FU1TY...VWAT D'VtW SAY US KtoS BE FRIEMPS. HUH? KJO8CDY 'DS.lTS \MAOW EVER SOT AHYWHERS BY FIGHT1WG ALL THE TIME'.! SAY THAT A J AMD A LOT OF v.Kf E-{ we... vr-EN You WSSHOUtDNTA J CALLED MY LOT O?.'EM LLIM 1 IH Jf~ - ~, * WK -^^/iS^. Phone 100

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