The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1943 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 26, 1943
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 20, 19-13 BLYTHEVILLH '< COURIER NEWS Present Annual Class Play Tonight; Miss Betsy Buchanan Class Queen Tile iiiiminl senior class play will lie presented by members of Ihe 1043 high school graduating class tonight nl 7:30 o'clock at Ihe jjiijU School Auditorium. Miss Mary Kclchel tsill have Ihe IcadUiK feminine role In "Where Boy Friends Meet," a one-act comedy. .Tlienic of Ihc play centers on llie confused situation which ileveloi>s upon the Ill-limed arrival of her three boy friends, played by Hob Herri-man, Earl p u.iiiiclson and Charles ingi'ii'm. IJoing Ihcli 1 best o help her arc her roommates, vhosc roles are luken by Miss Ouil iicli, mill Miss ijiiVomic licdiiinn. The part of the ever-present and house mother Is taken by Noritiiuullnc Kaviiiituigh. Originally, the play was scheduled to begin nt 8:15 o'clock, b«l ncmbers of the class decided to make the time earlier in order to comply with blackout regulations which 'will be effective 'beginning at 8:51 p. in. In addition (o the play, the following seniors will present "The Ghost Story," a novelette by nooih Tarklngton: Joyce Walls, Mary Alice McDcrmoti. Katherine mid- son. Martha Jolliff, Louise G'lius- tnin, Earl Daniolson. T. 11. Caraway, and MSLSUD Day. After the novelette, Miss Betsy Uuchiman be crowned queen of Ihc 1943 Seniors by Llnyd Sinool I Hlomeycr, present. Maids altcnd- .hif; Ihc queen and their escorl I will be Joyce Walls. Mason Day; Mary Jo Newcotnb, !,. E. Stafford; lla l-'iclds, Jack Hood; Kalhvyn Cleveland, Billy Drown; Ernestine Hnlsell, T. II. Ciiruway; Mary Wcl- slions. Dob Hcrrymrin. Train beavers will be Sue and \M\ Owens; Mnrllia Ann White will serve as (lower Kirl and Danny Slorvers as crown bearcv. There will be no advance sale of tickets. Scabies Is Highly Contagions And Common Itching Disease Noble. Gill-Will- Address Members Of Graduating Class Thursday Noble Gilt w'lll,'deliver the commencement address before 112 members of'the Junior 'HUjh School gnuluntliiB class at exercises to be held tomorrow afternoon at G;30 o'clock at Haley Field, The subject of his address. will be "You're On Ihe Spot." • Invocation by the Hcv. O. J. Cliasliiln .pastor of First Haptist Church, w'lll follow Ihe processional number, '.'War.March of the I'riests." Mendelssohn., Tile chorus will sine "'rhc Kerry D-.ince," Mol- C. G .Hcilmiin and L. c. present awards after FROM THE WAR-FRONT TO THE HOME-FRONT /*/«!/ Tournament To lie Held Friday • When you ic.-vli/e tint n.lTamti onr oilier in*cctit-iilca kill ni;iny uf of nerves 1 ' on our soldiers cm many liaUle fronts—it's easy to sec \vll:it FI.1T. will ilo to common honsc- tioltl |iests! One deep \vlnlT anil '.licv're stiff! KMT INH llie j\A Kilting ... tlic lii»licst established for lionseliolil inseclienles liy thu rational Bureau of Slanilurxk. Ask for Fl.lT... ilia knock-out killer The annual 4-11 Club I'lay Tour- lament will be held Friday at Clubs e.xpeet- nurdcttc. The to put on plays arc Gosnell. loy, Mrs. Sanders which Miss Hosa Hardy will present each member of the class a.;ccrtlflcate of graduation. The Rev. Hates Sturdy, pastor of Lake Street Methodist Church, will pronounce Ihe benediction. "I'll- grlm's chorus," Wagner, as Ihc recessional number will close the program. Miss Carolyn Haley will direct Ihc band and Miss Wanda liarham will serve as accompanist. HY I)It. THOMAS It. MASl'KKS Wrlllrn fur NKA Even Hie best regulated of families may at some time acquire Ihe Itch. Scabies Is highly contagious, very common, and In no way a disgrace. It Is carried directly or through mediate objects such as bus scats and clothing, and usually occurs when children are thrown together, as In school. They, In lurn, cany It back Into Ihclr homes and frequently more than one member of a family will complain simultaneously. 'I he disease Is thuracleitad by Intense Itching which occurs chiefly at night, after going lo bed and warming lha body. The disease Is due lo Ihc Invasion of Ihc skin by a small parasite or mile. The organism burrows like a mole along tho skin, and Its truck forms galleys, Indicated on the surface ot Ihc skin by a faint thread like trail associated with one or two minute blisters. These arc usually surrounded<by scratch marks fi'Oin the nnlLs of the sufferciv who tries to relieve the- llchlni;, -which becomes unbearable as he warms The following receive cer- Vnrbio, Deece, I!ox Elder, Promised Land. Brown, and Shady Grove, defense stamps will lie winning club anri a prize will je given to the outstanding actor ind actrer.s. The tournament is bcln» sponsored by the 4-11 Council. Jim-ing the noon hour council officers will lie elected in the Uurdelle auditorium. Also there will be six plays given by the Home Demonstration Clubs, These will be held Friday and tlierc will be separate judges and dilFcrent, .score curds. Home Demonstration plays will be put on by Las'. Cane. Yarbro, Flat Lake. Gosnell, Box Elder, and Skklwny. tiflcatc.s: Charles L. Adams, Wanda Adams, Odell Arlington, lictty Lou Alkins. Margaret Hakcr, Wanda Barham, Thomas A. Bell Jr., Gerald Hlomeycr, Peggy Bralchcr, Du- Icnc mown, Earlinc Brown, Billy given to O. Biir.n, Ncmn Burks, Dau 11. Cald- Ira Lee C'nldwell, Joanne both Rogers, Jack Sallha Jr. Jcannine McOhcc Schurer, Ruth Virginia Scay, Billlc Morclta Shanks, Dick Shanks ;jp Ann Shanks, Esther Sharp, Jewell Joan Shepherd, Frances Smith, Mary Evelyn Smith, Jlinmlo ' Stafford, Uroy Stanbcrry, Hetty 'Ju Stiles, Ocorge Ann Stilwcll, James Walton Stlnson. Laura Ellen Spain. n bed. The parts of (hi) body most 'oimuouly affected are tho areas of kln between the fingers, the wrbil.s, he bullocks and Ihe. cnllro Inmk, SCA»li:s Graduates Keceive l)i|il(nnas In Sunday OSCKUIiA. Alk,, Muy W.~ Tilt! lev. llnmlil II. Tlllintin, nii.slor of 3sccola lliipiLst Clnircli, WIIH thu siK'tiker nt llie combined ,,, , ,, Bl'iuliiullon cxerclscH and recotjnlllon of .scabt os _ can , llm . ( ,, iu . K ,,,, noll , lt (hc Dacca" be made on several grounds of ch 1 - ciniisiiintlal evidence. Tlie HclihiK occurs most notably nt lucinbcr of tho family distinctly The locution of begins to 1 Ihe time 11 us Church .Sunday morning. ot years the dlplomus have been iH'i'scnli'il by chiirlcs H. Bulleiiijer, . Mr. a son In Hams, Cnrcy Uiwicncc ;J. F'. Smith Ji 1 ,, I'aniiBlcc Hall, Ell/abclli Rose, Oollfen Banister, Mary Klltt Hlioe- mucr, BtHy Ann airl^ton, TYnnees Ann ooiiuh, Kvelyn Flelclier, jo Ann Wi\tson. aladys I'lilllliw, Carolyn Rhodes Twelve members of the class have, spent their entire school life In Osceola schools. They ure . Ben F. Bullcr, Mary Florence mii'ch, Billy Joe KdrliiBlon, Billy Fain 3lied<lmi, June Welborn, Lincoln f'nlrley, J. F, smith Jr., Kltonbolh nose, Char- lint Massoy, Ruth Pane, Frances OoiiRh and Uvclyu He teller. The Oficcola Cllee. Club under t|i« illrccllon of Herbert Dougherty fiirnlsbed the music, with Maxlnc Hart, and Mrs, Gilbert Muslin »s accompanist:;. tho Itching In the wrlsls, trunks anil between llio lluueis Is also an Important cine, mill Ihc appenrancu of scratches tlic fine IliiTalllkt! galleys bc- U'ci-n the fingers brings final rcc-' % Usually .some relief Is sotiuhl nt ihU MIIBC of (he Invasion, bill If It Is iwrnilllcd (o go further, the bllslers become larger and moru tllsllucl, the scratch murks usually Income Infected and covered with scabs, and the Uclilng both inoi'O ccnrrallxed and more : Intense. •nilvVl'MF.NT OK 1'1'C'H The treatment ot thu Itch cius- lemarlly relies on an olnlmenl i:on- llie senior duss Ibis lioiloi' wus extended him. lien !•'. under Jr.. Krcil Binllh Jr., and Carey l.invrcnce are Ihree seniors who took iulvaiilai;c oi the eiiiiiient's iicrclei.Ucd piuni'iiui and entered I lie University (if Arkansas three months HBO, Hnllci mill Kmlth rc- tnriicd for the weekend to receive llielv dtiilwvuis iierwiuully. Unw- icnce paslor of Osccola I't'csbyle- ilan Clnii'ch, wns i-.lvcn Ills In nb- scnllu. Oilier incinbcrs ol the cliiss who received ihclr dl[)lotnas In ulismiltii lire Chiiillnt' Massey, tlanuhler of Major and Mrs, 1,. 1). Massey; lloyd ""ille, younger son of , l ..fl,l. , ,~ .. tainlng various amoimU of sulfur. *' l> '"" IK " '"" " r , OmUr( '*; There are several kinds ot llieso w 'e who is In New Orleans and available, »nd they should be. »»'.„•;«;•, *'?.,'" ^W* ol HiHremcnts. Ihe to (lie indlvUlual" US k'l'n «-i llu : f"" "^ c , ll " f " |K ' S '^ lcc - , • Additional seniors are Mary V solulloii of MiUnr can HlliTh iDo/.lci't, Kintly Kile Sllvcv- cause an Irritation of the .skin ipilto . ,«s annoyliiK as scabies, and over-'t" t<) "' ilrcntmcnl miusl bo avoided Deforo ? i.i..,, 1,111.. ,„„ 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' ' ''' " mill, " y llllly Tain Slieddiui. Miir- nlldeld, Doris Holt, Sui'viyot's 01 [)\\\d\ Merchantman Land At Bos- ion; Captain is Lost Ity Iliilin! l'icv< T'ovly-lwo Miaincn tiavc perished In I lid slnklnc ot n slniile Oiilch incrcliant slilp In the North M- laiillc, and one llfr-himl loaded wllh snrvlvois Is sllll inlsslim iif- Ici' 'J8 ot Unlv connndi'S livmlctl ill Uoslon. The ship was sunk curly lust month after the U-lionl hail chased U-|x)Rt menace Is abating jccw- what. ' ' ) .•"<-!'(.' A German Na/1 s'pokesnuin Heln- rich Schmidt Is iiuoted In a Berlin dk)>atch to Stockholm u sty. In?: "llie Allied antl-U-bo«tmeth- ods are growing ^ulroiiger every (lay, Allied »eilal and n»v»j Jorcw are operating over a-wider ere» f " Navy Secretary Khox ; alao Myg lie wai aeahibt tho' fiubm«rin* la 'very, cncomaging" ' Othci Allied bources report Uipt lilp losses for M»y liavfi -bna lower, so far, tii»n In April ,i, , Radio Home < bro»do«it*i«.',iliat ilncc May 1st Italian- /ihlps—pre- sumably Mibmarlnc.v—h»ve sunk 11 tnemy icsseli totaling 10,000 tons I'lil.i clnlin is not confirmed In Ailed fjimtci^, ( ami th6 ^cl«,lms of Italian Mibmnrmc cpmmu'ulers Hive IKCII ludicrously 1 inaccurate ' Another 8(<x,kli9lni, xmrcc' rc- ;iol Us Hint Hired .of , Oerni^aiy s nosl lni|x)rtnnl KhlpyarUs at-8tet- lln on the llaltlc bea liavcnt bu,llt '\ new Aiibii^mlnc in flljtv pic^iUvs It says Ihc Na/,ls have' exhausted Ihelr materials and! arc loo crowded will) U-))Oiih a» nlling rcpilr o e l „ Opal Elolse Sylvester, patsv Ann apnlylnu Ihe ointment It Is neces- ' Hlloulls Wc-lborn, Ann 1'urli-r Tra- IVavis, M,rcclyn Jewel Town.send, '.sary to scrub Ui" &' vls ' Mllx '•'"""" r "'"^' Alk " wl1 ' TE ST Pettnleum Jef/iffhiiH'aif clinU's. ljrul.^.d. ul>rasl:nia ami HMii Inlcatluiu. 5f, i^ijlcslu-, ojily 10^. WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Without Ca!HT*i-/li)J You'll Jump Out of Bed in the Morning Rarin* to Go The liver should pour out nliout 2 nint-i of lijlc juice into your bowclj every <tay. II this bile b not flowing frpcly, your foorl may not digest. It may just decay in the howcls. Then. %ax liloata up your stomach. You net con- stipaterl. You fwl aour, uunk Bad tho vortd looks punh. 7t takes Ihow good, old Carter's Littlo I.lver I'ilLs lo grt these 2 pinta ol hilc. flnw- in|; freely U< make you Icel "up and up." flc't a package; today. Take aa directed^ KITrctivu'tn making hilo flow IreclylfAsk' (or Carter's Little Liver Fills. 10^ and 25(i Campbell, Jack Chaslain. Dian Cook, Allettn Cor/eland. Pati- la • Covlntjton, .fiosco Evans Crafton. Loy A. Crews. Emily S. Ciiin, Martha S. Grim. Hubert Fenton Dean, Hilly Donglcs Dcen, Marilyn Dccn, Vivian Frances pelmar, Harry Dcskin, Sammy Lou Ferguson, Vivian Flarjg. IJllly Frafcr, June rrceman. Billic Louise Gaincs, Marion Gay, Lehman Godwin, Lou Ella Godwin, Jack King Circcn. T. J Hansard, Owen Harrison, Joe Mack Hester, Stanley Hood. Clco lions- ton. Viva D. Hudton, Virginia Christine Humphrey, Grace Jennings, Mary Lou Ellen Joyncr, En- tjetie Kcmucr, Geneva Maxlnc Kill- abrcw, Billy Koonce.' Noble Lambert, Buddy Layton, Charles Lcggclt.. Johnny Lcndcn- nie, Miirlhn Ann Lliitzeiiich, Frances Marsh, James Martin, Mary Ann Martin, Mildred Mcador, Billy Meek, Winfrcd Miller, Jimmic Clco Million!. 'Neil MiTCll, Lconord Mullins, Richartl McFitll, D. J. McLcod. Peggy Roy McMiiliin. Mary Jo Nnbers. Jordan DOSB Necdham. Jane, Ellen Nicholson, James Wilks Calx, Joaquelittp yirginia Oxford. Frances Marie Palmer, Mary Ann Parks. Charles Austin Partin, Nancy Partlow, James Thomas Pcler^ son, Harvey Pogue, George p. pol- lock lit, Betty Sue Posey, Kenneth Elmer pruitt,, Joe- Neal Radcliffc, Connie I-Yctln Rhodes, Mary Elina- Julla] Clara Walravcn, Ima Oer-nvilh hot water and soap cadi ildtnc White, Vnnuyc Kalhryn bf'nrc reUi'lng Whllley, Martin A. Whllworth, nil-1 Tlic olnlmenl Ls then rubbed all y Marlon Williams Jr., Mae Wll- over tho body, and underwear with inms. Julia Ann Wuodson, Pun a stills fa dory euvcriiuc Is kept on Wr| Blil. I niRiii mill day as lonu as the IrniU- Is coiUkniircl. After thrci; lo (Ion 11 for hours Ililnu shells ill the .slcamer with Us deck uun. The caplfiln iippurciilly drowned while swiminlinj lowards the U-bo:it In n heavy sen on the Mich apiillcnilon.s. a bulli l.s orders of the Gciiimn i ukcn, a simple sixithlnit lo-! This dramatic sinking Is icporlcd in- oil appllcil and the Ircal- while news from several tpiartcrs IhnC on tlic wlioln lUe Na/.l American farms have •'n'tpck'viind machinery toil lolul value'of ;>9,000,000,000 Kill Bed Bugs rqomt, .walli, beds, nuttteiiei, heddlni with, B«e Brand In>«ct Spuy. Kill, fl ics, moiqulto«i r too. Strry, *«r You can spot it every time G RLS arc in training, t(X>.. .at universities, under tlic new prc-graduation program (o fit llicm later for various auxiliaries of the Armed Forces. Ask tlidm if they welcome a chance to pause and enjoy refreshment... the refreshment of ice-cold Coca-Cola. Who wouldn't? . . '^ . -'I Dcliciousncss in every drop. Refreshment in every sip. That's ice-cold Coca-Cola. Enjoy a Coke and you enjoy all the difference between something really refreshing and just something to drink. Jt's nntunil for popular names to accjuirc friendly ahbrcvla- tinns. Thai's why you hear Coca-Cola callcii Coke. Rolli mean tlic same thin)!... "coming from a single source, and well known to (be community". After exercise, what could be more welcome (ban ifie fwusc thm rc/rcsfics with ice-cold Coca-Cola. The best is the better buy! (OTT1ED UNDER AUTHOIITV OF tKf COCA-COIA COMPANY IY BLYTHEVILLE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY were wiling and able i L\ i-ARLY DVKRYBOpY seems lo know tliat the Chrysler Oorporaition makes Army tanks am{ that those tanks give A good account of themselves in battle, throughout the world. For well over a year thcso big figliting machines have hccn produced in ever increasing quantities, but they arc, after all, only a pan of the total war production of this corporation. That final war production includes twenty-one distinctly military products, for "GUNS AND CANNOt) lOt MIACK AND OEftNSt" the use of otir armed services and for llie protection of civilian populations. For llie soldier we not only make lanks in which lie engages the enemy in battle; we also make the trucks and combat vehicles which haul him and his equipment about. We make the siovcs that heat his Icnts anil barracks and the fiefd kitchens on which his meals arc cooked. We make refrigeration units which preserve his food in camp anil in the field. We make tlic ammunition lo defend him and the guns and cannon with which 10 shoot ihc ammunition. For ihc Air Service we make bomber fuselages for the Army, and major bomber "ovuo.coMfASSts ro* IHt NAVY AMD MtUCHANT WAWNt" lections for the N«vy. We m«ke landing gear for planes. In Chicago we arc just completing a very large plant to make big airplane engines for long ranyi bombers. We make (he bomb racks to carry the bomb loads of the planes. We arc making thousands upon ihoii.suntls of Duralumin forging* and castings for all types of aircraft purposes. For tlic Navy we arc making vital part? of searchlights thai (lie Navy uses la spol ill tiiryct.s. We arc making tbe gyroscopic compasses that Mccr tlic ships of the Navy and Merchant Marine. We make pontoons for, "COMIAT CAHS TO H»tn MEN AMD EQUirMENI INTO lATlU" lighterage and for the raising of ships that liavc been sunk. We make hulli pusher and puller types of tugs which arc used all over tlic world from Iceland to Guadalcanal, on the rivers of South America, India mnd Kussia. We fniikc thousands of marine engines for many purposes—some of them for commando boats ami things of that nature. When we saw llie war coming we knew tint it would be n mechanical war and thai no concern the si/e of the Chrysler Corporation would remain out of the picture. \Vc felt lliat institutions like ours should hold themselves free and in readiness (o "KG AIRflANl [NCINiS fO«tONG«ANGE IOMUI&- i,ikc tough jobs—those things that recjuire intense cooperation on the part of scicnttsts, metallurgists, engineers; the volume jobs that require intimate knowledge of ihc tooling and mechanical processes necessary to make duplicate equipment in large vohimc. Today finds us employing over eight thousand subcontractors. Fifty-eight cents of every dollar we receive for our war effort is passed on to somebody else who supplies us services,'materials or parts. We arc not only pritrjc contractors ourselves, but we arc also subcontractors foe a number of other companies, ranging from such concerns as General Jllcctric and Wcslinghousc, employ- ing great numbers of people, to small and remote outfit! of a few hundred men. . Many people ask "What about your postwar plans?" Our only plan is the prc.lcrt urgent one io win the war and win it quick l-'or every moment that we can shorten 'this war we feel that, as a people, we are lucky, and, as a Nation, fortunate. Of course we think that after the war people will be driving automobiles and cat- ing bananas, washing their clothes, wearing shoes, and (hat the styles of ladies' hats will change. We fed (hut business is an economic thing and that it tends to follow cycles. We think that if we keep our minds on the fact that we arc sailing a boat on an economic sea, and that if we sail it according to the charts and ihc weather, and to the conditions "THE MAtlrtt ENGINES FOI COMIAT AND COMMANDO IOATS" we find, that this Nation can go into its postwar effort with the same enthusiasm and the same desire lo do a service to our 1 3) million people that is now being exhibited in this all-out war effort. WAK ntoDucTs or cNftrstc* TanU...TonV Enfiflti. ..Anli-Arrcraft Cunt... Bombftr Fuialag* S*c1i«ns . . . Bomb*r Wingi . .'. Aircraft bigintt ... Wide Variety of Ammunition .. . Anti-Tank \ Vehicftt... Command R«co*nainanc* Cari .,. Cantofl- mial fvrnocti . . > Troop Motor Trantporli . V,_ Aw ; bulgrtcM .. . Marina Troclon . . . Wwpon Carrf*r« ». . M*rln« otid" fn^tntflvl Engint* •. • Gyro-Compaiw$ . •. Air-Raid Sir*ni and Firs Fighting Equipment . . , Powd«r«d M«tal Parli , , . Navy Pan loom , : . . Field KilcSeni . . . loffib Shock!** . . . Ttnl H«l«n . . . , R«Frifl*ration Coniprtuor* . . . Aircraft landing Gtort and other ImpofltAt^Var Equipment * [WAR BONDS ARE YOUR PERSONAL INVESTMENT IN VICTORY} PLYMOUTH DODGE DE SOTO ^ CHRYSHER 0/vi'ricfli of CHKYSIER COKPOIATIOM sf • I

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