The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 1, 1968 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 1, 1968
Page 4
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N NO DEBATEJ,«NE..HOWABOUT'A LITTLE TOUCH FOOTBALL?' Your J wo For some time now nothing has been in the news about the ship Pueblo. It seems nothing is being done about it. After months hava IA/6rtn — Please gone by with no apparent results, what do you think of- the Pueblo in, cident? "The United States could have gotten it back by force, but they were hesitant at first and I'm glad they didn't use force. They tried diplomatic means and that didn't work so now I think we should use force." —Danny AkK/nion, Osceo/o "They should sit down and negotiate this thing at the conference table. Then it nothing Is accomplished we should make some sort of threat so we can get our ship and men back, particularly the men ."-jCharles L Wilks, Osceo/o "They should try to 9«* *&• w e « out •$ of then. Negotiation it possible but not lore*."-- J. *. Looney, Oscoota 'Take Heed, Abby, Mother Knows Best ! DEAR ABBY: I am 16 and am going with a guy who is 18. We plan to get married as soon as I graduate from high school. I have a part- time job after school and on Saturdays, and here is our problem: We don't want to start our married life with nothing, so we started a joint savings account at the bank. My mother found out about it and said it wasn't "right" for us to have a joint account. Why not? My mother says that she believes in saving, but he should have his and I should' have mine, and she has never heard of a 16-year- old having a joint savings account with a guy before they get married. Abby, I don't see what's wrong with it. My mother listens to you, so please put your answer in the paper. UPSET DEAR UPSET: I am pleased to learn that your mother listens to me, but since you wrote to me, I hope you will, too. I agree with your mother. Send me your name and address and I'll explain more fully in a personal letter. DEAR ABBY: What is your opinion of a man, 42, dropping his bride of JO months off at the hospital to have their first baby, and then driving over to play 18 holes during the event? On the following week-ends- he was also out playing golf when friends drove from distant cities to see the baby. He said having this baby made him the happiest man alive. Sign me... WONDERING IN HOUSTON DEAR WONDERING: You have a right to be teed off, trapped by a hacker like that. I'd say that your husband's conduct was below par, especially while the baby was being born. DEAR ABBY: Please help me. I am so depressed. I am 66 years old and have always thought I had average intelligence, but now I am beginning to have my doubts. For years I wanted to learn how to drive an automobile, but my husband strongly objected to paying for a driver's course. Well, three years ago I saved up my own money and secretly took a driver's course, but I failed the driving tests three times! My instructor told me that I was a very good driver, but Abby, for some reason every time I sit down before an examining officer to take, that written test I can't seem to come up with the right answers. I can't confide in my chil-. dren (the youngest is 19) as they would think their mother is a first class idiot. (They all got then- drivers' licenses on the first try.) Abby, do you think there are some people who just shouldn't drive an automobile? DEAR DEPRESSED! Yes, but you may not be one of them. Try again. Ask your husband to drill you on the written material that most motor vehicle departments provide. Don't ' be ashamed that you failed three times. Lots of drivers (and good ones, too) freeze on the paper work. ^'CONFIDENTIAL TO MRS. J.: The child who is adopted because a couple had one of ''their own," and wanted a "playmate for Johnny", or "a sister for Mary", is casting their adopted child in a most difficult role. Adopt a child her cause you want a child. Everybody has a .problem. What's yours? For a personal reply write to Abby, Box 69700, 'Los Angeles, Cal., 90069 and enclose a stamped, self- addressed envelope.' ' For Abby's new b o o k 1 e.t "What Teen-Agers Want To Know," send $1.00 .to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, OIL 90069. Elytbeville (Ark.) Courier Newi Page 4 Saturday, June 1, 1968 ran BI cotinosR THE COURIER NEWS CO. BAKU* P w"jlAlNEg. 1928-el HARRY A. HAINEB Editor-Publisher GEHE AUS'lTN Advertising Managw le National Advertlilnc Seconfi-cHM postage paid at BUttMTllIe, *«• -. Uembe. of oa luuxtoMj. ftu* SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In tbe city of •# SS p wi r tmn° B .\diu. o, * miles. 18:00 per yeal. »5.M for M months. !3.0ff tot thrta njontnB. M mall. ouXde 5.. mile* radtu. HIM oer year payable in • *o»*nco. ; v lli'l subscriptions are -not accented in towns and cities- wher« Tbe Courlft News carrier service Is maintaWa »«<' »ub»crlptloni •» payible in adranca. NOTE': The Courier News •« IBU11 y' no responslbim?' for photograph* mnmicrlDt engravings • or mat* ffit Stthlt lor possible publication. SOMETIME* I SET SO DEPRES5EP A-GOOPOMTOFORSLTA 'LOVE AFFAIR \<5 TO EAT A ; LOT OF SOOPi Poling on Religon David Polinft - by david poling - e';' The Christian church In Ame> lea has a drinking problem. It may vary from denomination to denomination but there is no • clear decision on what the church should say concerning alcoholic beverages. In fact, the Christian church has not been saying much of anything when you compare the present liour to the temperance sermons, the abstinence pledge of many communicants and the intenss proclamation of the Prohibition Era. Long before the noble experiment, Baptists, Methodists and Presbyterians had substituted grape juice for communion salt, lemon juice and a few wine The Episcopal, Lutheran and Roman Catholic Churches never endorsed this moralism _ either on sociological or Biblical grounds. The failure of prohibition was the beginning of the confusion and uncertainty that afflicted the Christian church — most especially conservative Protestant denominations. Church members or not, the American community has never been with out liquor, wine or beer. Today, our people seem to be drinking more and enjoying it less, if we can believe the reports on the dramatic rise in alcoholism. Alcoholism seems to flourish In the moralistic mood Of our culture. Has the public preaching and denunciation of any use Of alcoholic beverage been the spark for rebellious teenagers who get defiantly plastered? Has the church inad- vertantly been the reason for the development of a subculture that thrives in a cocktail lounge - barrooom atmosphere that is far removed from home, family and pulpit scoldings? From many indications, most main line denominations are eager and ready for a whole new approach to the question of liquor and the problems of alcoholism. What can only help in this discussion is the timely book, "Alcohol Problems, A Report to the Nation" (Oxford Press $4.75). This thoughtful study by Thomas F. A. Plaut couldn't come at a more receptive period for concerned people. Plaut brings together a wealth of information related to American drinking habits, incidence of alcoholism and some suggestions • | itratagy for Uw «* Son In many ways a daring graphy as well as biochemis- do not seem to relate drinking - tsSveredthatProtestants -by william lawrence, d.d.s. - Lawrence DEAR DR. LAWRENCE: My teeth have always given me trouble. Every time I went to the dentist, he found new cavities and it cost me lots of money. About three years ago, I decided not to spend another cent on them and, when the time came. I'd have them pulled out. and false teeth made. But now I'm not so sure about this, because I hear so many people complain about their dentures. What should I do? ANSWER: Save your teeth. With the money it will cost you to, have your teeth extracted and dentures made, you'll have enough to take care of your teeth for many years. Save your teeth. It's a heck of a nuisance to wear full upper and lower dentures. Let's assume you are fortunate enough to get the perfect dentures: they fit precisely, they make you look like Liz Taylor and enable you to bite the head <6 mi kf MM, lie, "Maybt we shouW rtcall How'man «nrf Vonet ai\4 and off steel spikes. • Save your teeth. The fact is, there are no such perfect dentures, This doesn't mean that millions of people aren't getting on well with dentures. A cynical old professor once said that people will even get used to wearing clam shells. Save your teeth. Even with so called perfect dentures, patients must contend with: tremendous loss of chewing power (from 200 pounds per square inch to less than 50); more rapid changes in facial contours than occur in a natural aging process; removing teeth many times a day for cleaning and sometimes just for resting the tissue; not infrequent breakage, usually at awkward moments; and not infrequent pain. Save your teeth. Dentures wobble and slide because they rest on soft tissue. They limit one's diet to denture - chewable foods. Many denture wearers claim they can eat anything. What they mean is that their desires in food have been limited by natural selection to what they can chew. Save your teeth. If they loosen, periodontal treatment may save them; if they abscess, nerves can be removed and abscesses drained) if they, break, they can be crowned; if they decay, they can be filled; If they're crooked, they can be straightened; if they discolor or are ugly looking, they can be capped. Save your, teeth. Please send your questions about dentil health to Dr. L»w- renee in cara of this papw. \Vlill« he cannot answer each letter personally, letters of general interest will be answered la tbli column. survey in Italy that showed only -one per cent of that country's drinking was other than mealtime. Plaut believes that we must see alcohol as part of the patterns of the home.— not the beer bust or cocktail party blast. He writes, "The nature of Chinese, Jewish and Italian drinking patterns suggests that drinking alcoholie beverages primarily in association with other activities creates certain safeguards against destructive and dangerous types of drinking." This certainly comes as a shock to many religious groups that counsel total abstinence. They are not being cornered into acceptance of someone else's drinking option. Rather, they are invited to support ways that can : reduce the wild, irresponsible liquor binges .that are part of our Bonnie and Clyde heritage. New statistics reveal that about 70 per cent of adult Americans drink — around 40 per cent said they drank at least once a month. What is surprising — : and worrisome — is the fact that more than 75 per cent of high school students report they have had alcohol prior to graduation. Drinking abounds in American life. So does alcoholisiri and that is why every night of the week there are 85 men in the dormitory of New York's Bowery Mission. For too many adults, liquor is a death sentence and we must seek new ways of controlling the shocking rise of alcoholics. The Christian community, really needs to evaluate its success in controlling drunkenness , through the .old standard of total abstinence. This month the United Methodist Church changed its ministerial requirements — no longer does a clergyman sign a pledge that he will not use tobacco or liquor. The law was changed — but higher standards of integrity were .called for. Lost 1st Round DECATUR, HI. (AP) - Mayor James H. Rupp was upset Thursday In a nonpolltical battle with City Manager W. Robert Sample. Sample topped Rupp in a canoe jousting conUsI on Lake Decatur, part of a M» mortal Day celebration.

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