The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 19, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 19, 1943
Page 3
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BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS VOLUMK I—NO. THE BLYl'HEVIU.F, AUMY AIR CORPS NEWS Published dally except Smulnys In the interest ot Hie personnel of the Army Air Forces Advanced Two Engine Mylng School of nlythevllle, by the Blytlicville Courier News. It contains the news of the Air Base. Colonel Preuss Will Fly Big Fortresses; Hall His Successor Lieut. Col. I'aul T. I'rciisH, <li- boon an mstriicliir anil admitilstra- rector of training at (lie Blyllie- jtive ottim al various fields dunlin ville Army Air Field since last. Ihc |:wi<:d ihal am Air Forces m.YTUKVH.LK, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, A1>UIL 1!), I'M;! June when Ihc present busy school for pilots of bomber aircraft was undeveloped, cotton land and corn field, has completed his tour of duty here and gone on to oilier responsibilities. He is succeeded by Mnj. William TJ. Hall, who at 25 lakes over the responsibility of supervising (lie training program of aviatioif cndet.s in the final stages of their preparation for the stalus oi commissioned officers In the Army Air Carps with the rating of pilots. Major Hall has been here for ^ two months, familiarizing himself with his duties, and working into the job which makes him second in authority under the commanding officer. Col. Kurt M. Landon. In tlie little more than three years since he completed his training as an aviation cadet, Major Hall has progressed with lli c rapid development of the war-seared- fighting forces of the United Slates, holding administrative positions ; a Kelly Field, Maxwell Field and Turner Field, and gaining a reputation as a brilliant and highly qualified military pilot. Colonel Prims left today for a two weeks leave al absence, following which he will report at a tactical training field in Florida for highly specialized training and ex- ]>eriencc in the operation of the giant" flying fortresses which today are delivering tons of destruction to objectives in Germany The colonel and Mrs. Pmiss will spend the vacation period at San Antonio, Texas, Mrs. Preuss' girl- were growing up. Coimnemlnl by high authority for Ihe program which he developed 1 directed al (he Urylhevllle Firld, Colonel Puiiiss often expressed pride- in the '.raining staff which t Ijcc-n loscmblcd and coordinated here. The vast ijiittcrn of concrete rim- ways callable of handling any ship now ill use, with full load, aiid Ihc several thousand acres of over-all fields for practice landings and take-offs, have been his special de- Usiit. Colonel Preuss found, al lilylhe- ville, what he believed an ideal opportunity—practically limitless cx- imnsps ol pcilcclly level land, with few trees or other obstructions, and with rich aluvinl river bottomland so fertile that a .solid turf developed in a matter of days by the simple uci of scattering ' Bermuda cuttings in the ..harrowed soil which 1,'rous the mast "luxuriant Potion and soybean crops of the world. lie and Col. S. SlraniUhnn. the lirn commanding officer, lak- ing every advantage of the ideal ccmiitKii.s. in less than three months completed the field so thai, training operations wire started Abo Provides I'or Increase In AinouiU Of Insurance National Service Life Insurance may be taken out in the future by members of the aimed forces oil active duty without n incdlrnl ex- aminatlon und without a medical | history statement. legislation to I hat effect was passed recently Ijy Congress. The new law also 'provides for increasing the amount of Insurance previously applied for. without taking n medical examination, upon payment of premiums. Applications for new Insurance or for an increase of present Insurance niusl be made In writing within 120 days from April 12. The maximum amount of $10,000 remains unchanged. With the passage of the new law, a campaign will be made al the lilylheville Army Air Field to insure men who have not yet Inken out any insurance under the special low rales offered by the government. Efforts will be made also to cncoui-aec the men to Increase their present insurance to the maximum amount of $10,000. aheiul of schedule. the urigfiu'nlly IN TUB PROBATE COURT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ' ARKANSAS, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT. In Re: The Estate of S. II. Kast- burn, Deceased. NOTICE Notice Is hereby given thai I, Ihe undersigned, duly appointed, qualified and acting adnilnislra- ior of Ihc estate of S. H. Easl- burn, deceased, will, on the 2Cth day ot April, 1943, file a petition us Administrator nforesnid, In Ihe office of the Probate Clerk in mid . for Mississippi County, Arkansas, i Chickasawba District, praying for an order of the Probate Court to sell, for the purpose of securing money or funds with which to pay indebtedness probated against ,sf 'Ihc landing field iva.s ready, ivilh estate—the personal property be- firm sod. several weeks before the!'"B exhausted, which real estate runways and hangars and buildings u-ere completed, and the resourceful young director of t mining set up an airfield under combat condi- hood home, and the locality in' (ions, with classrooms and offices which Colonel Preuss had his;under canvas and repair and scrv- schpoling as an aviation cadet, i ice facilities in the open Runways from 1938 to l!HO. |v,erc created by (lie expedient of colonel Prciiss came to this see- spraying asphaltie oil on the tlon as a major and was advanced i grass to keep down the dust, to the rank of lieutenant colon"! nt'l "Every -Saturday litght;" declared Ihe age of 2(1. He has the rating of, Colcnci Preuss in reminiscence "I senior pilot, and is recognized as declare a violent. Ibitmlerstorm one of the most, skilful and capable came and blsw down our tents So fliers of the Army. Before coming lier e he was director of pilot training at Turner Field, Gu., and had we spent all Sunday morning put- lins ihem mi iifjain, gathering tip cur records and papers, and get- American Rifleman In "I unisla Among the pnlms and sanci dunes of Tunisia, nn American soldier draws a bead nn tiis larccl with his Garoncl rillo "Privalc Dobbs got himself a waterproof bed for th< . rainy Benson]"... _ described as: West 108 feet of Lot One (I) in Block'Five (5) of Ileavn's Addition to Blythcville, Arkansas. The s'ame being or lying within Ihc Southeast Quarter HE l-4i of the Southeast Quarter (SB 1-4) of Section Nine (9) Township Fifteen (15) North, Range Eleven (11) East, of the 5lh Principal Meridian. Dated this the 5th day of April, VD., 1941 Dr. W. H. Bastburn Administrator of the Estate ol B. II. Kastbtirn, 4/5-12-10-2G ing things in order once more." Young pilot instructors, recently ran tho rigorous physical condi- ioning of cadet, training and nol ; away from college football itul track \vhcrc many of Ihcm I'ere famous, .swung the heavy ledges such as are used by circus oustabouts to drive the great lakes thai anchor the circus tenl.s. And the youthful major, now icntemmt Colonel Preuss, with his taff. often worked the clock around their earnest determination to ct neither weather nor olhcr obstacle interfere with the training program. During his nearly ten months ure, Colonel Preuss presented Ihc H-izett silver wings of the pilot, to icw second lieutenants ol .three graduating classes of avition cadels, tending them on their way with a cheerful grin and a quick salute. "Hope Lo .-ice you, sir, where Ihe var is," many of them were apt .o say as they left for training at other fields, "r could :iavc no better luck than to serve indcr you where things arc happening." SUBSCRIPTION RATKS'ON REQUEST". High Flight Aviation cadets at one of the Sini;!c-Un|.|ne Adva need Mylm; Fields In Ihc AAV (lull Coast Training Center demonstrate llu! type of Iralnlnij Ihey recul veil in .stmunlinod AT-Us Hint led (hem toward graduation and silver wings. They'll suon swop Ihelr training sht]is for lighter plnnes and their tiicr- onyh mTliil educations for combat|<imu>ii(.';. Dramatic Story Behind Composed By Soldier Musician Hold Everything Tin.' clarinet pluyer .stcpiM'd forward at the USO soldier dunce aiut snug in a husky tenor n new «HU; of his own composition: Heavy, heavy, what hangs over, What hangs over me? Your uucss is true When you say it's you. So come and pay your penalty, Heavy, heavy, what hangs over? Fine or superfine? You're all of that, So I'll stand pat Until the day- that, you nrc mine. llumply Dumpty .sal on a wall; liumply Dumpty had a |;reat full; Why he fell nobody knew, , But I know why I fell for you. Heavy, heavy, What hangs over! What hangs over me! "It's n silly Hung," said the composer. Private Waller Maxwell l.enkc, who plays the clarinet nmt 'saxophone in llir; dance orchestra ol the 3Slsl Army Air Forces Band of the lilylheville Army Air Field, and the first clarinet in the conceit und marching band. "But the boys in the hand like it. And it seems to please the people. I got a kick out uf loniiiusmij it." It didn't start out silly. Lenkc's restless finucrs were groping over the piano keys seeking comfort (or a troubled soul and escape from til burden of grief and .suspense. His' eyes scniijlit u snapshot of a blond young woman and a blond litlle G-ycar old boy. "My wife and son arc in lliim- unrf;." he explained. "Ever? time I read of an air raid over Germany, I think 'Good; it will help win the war and bring peace'. And (hen 1 wonder. 'My wife and child; are llley still alive?' "I hnvcn'l heard a word In eight mouths, not since 1 left them. I could have brought the hoy along. But my wife is stateless, under our laws, since .she married me." Le-nkc lived through 200 air raids on Hamburg, 20 in one month, all through the seven'or eight long hours of night. Sometlmrs SO, 01), 100 casualties resulted, if people were careless or, late in running to the jiir raid shelters. Lcnku returned to the United Stales lust July after 1-1 years in Europe roving the continent with his band, presenting dance music American .style lo pleasure seekers in pre-war Paris, Rotterdam, Amsterdam. Berlin, on a tour of Czechoslovakia, lour months at Krakow in what then was Poland, in Florence, Naples and San Remi). San Rcmo whoso famous gambling casino would cover any wager yen laid on the roulette table, at Monlo Carlo which he remembers us one of (he most fascinating places In Ihc world; Nice, through Spain, In I'oiliigul. Then war drove him back to Hamburg where he had established a home for his Gcnuan-boni wife ami son. He had an orchestra there unlil he was ordered u> .slop—no mere American music; no more music by Americans. Alter many months t.cnkt! av- rjiJigpil pa.yiiiKO on the HS Dr«Uhi|;- holiu when It sailed wllh members ol American diplomatic post.s. lie p/umlscd to hiiny (o Washington where, an American citizen, would anaiiKC passage for his wife and sou to follow him to the Land of Liberly. lint there was no next voyage. Later sailings never occurred. There In Hamburg UMike had preserved his American viewpoint, llcii-lskcd'his neck to. listen at his contraband .shortwave radio received to war news broadcast from the United Slates and DrUtiln. "I had lo come bank," he said. He stood In line for his weekly i nil Ion of 12 ounces of meat, He [was limited to three clgarcl.s n day, not good, but. they, smoked. They ale carrol.s ami potatoes, when they could gel them. With luck one got one-clglh of a pound of cheese a month. "Ciod. this Is a wonderful cotin- Iry." said Private Lenke. "In Germany 1 was down to 112 pounds. Now I weight l-lll. People gel enough to slay alive, Hull's all. i wonder, sometimes, when I hear people (jrlpc about food rationing, Ka.fHlltic shortage, and shoe rallonlng. "How can they complain! No people hi the world arc so well olf. No nalioii bus so much to fight for. No land on earth has so much reason to suffer any hardship or facrifice that will help to win Ihe war." Music Pleases Soldiers mic! Girls _ At USO Ccnlcr Last I'Yiclay As flni! an orchestra u.s could :e assembled fm- an evening on he waxed Moor pln.vrd for Hie vcekly dunce n| the USO Soldier Jonlcr In the Clly all Friday nlglu. Sclcclod from nmojiu tin. t i cm -. y SO musicians who hn\'e \ xen ns _ ncd to the lilylheville Army Air Field for duly an.I fur training us Army band men, the nrcheslia of he 3!>lfil Army Air Forces Hand ilcusi'd (hi! •(•> members of the :mmiiunHy Hervlcit Corps girls und 1110-odd soldiers who luvned out r Ihe program. Kven the blind miiiilrr. Warrant Officer lUrnlmril nl. Kiisdid, ucl- eel us Ihouiih he could find nothing to complain of In the pcrform- aiico of his men. Among the guosls were Mrs. W, II. Weaver of New Orleans, and her duiiKlilers, Myrtle und Cinmc- lllo. here to visit Corp. W. II. Weaver Jr. Mr. mid Mrs. Hmvu Ciuflon and Mrs, Ciralmm J. Stid- biiry tided us rluipcvom's. The u.swil fiillhliil slandbys assisted Miss Ck'iicvluve Whalen and Mm. Maiijiioi llo lUuthi'i-loii of the USO Klnl'f, chcoklnij In the dance partners, handling tlic wardrobe, 'siding ul the pmith cotmler, malting chatiKc for Ihe cuke ills- pcnser, und itiisweilnn the telephone. Lieutenant llrooks ASM fined To Duly Second Lieut. Albert 11. llrooks Jr., recently commissioned follow- ng coinplellon of a course at Ihc Army vomintmlcatloii.s School at Yule University, has been assigned lo duty as assistant communications officer nl the Hlylhevlllo \irny Air FH'Jil. Lieutenant Brooks cnilslcd In 0-11. He Is a graduate of the Sioux •'nils Radio School mid .studied nd- 'anccd communications ul Valley He iiUeiidod Ihc University of (cnlui'ky. Ills father was nil cn- ,lsn In the Navy during the first World War. Operations Officer a n cl St|u;ulron ConiiiiaiRlci' Win Boost In Rank I'irsl Unit, l.udus Ci. lli'o.s, <>p- erutdiis ol fleer, and rlrsl l.leul Ima I-', Amli'i':;on, u s(]Undroii com- uiandcr at the Ulylhcvllle Army ! Air Held, have been promoted U: • captain. I Captain Hcef, was one of the first officers to be nsslgned ID tills Held comhn; here in .July us b:ise npcrn- tltins officer. A viitcriin of two wins, hi- ii'un hl.s wings (liu-liiK the i first World Win mid before lielus | commissioned Mar. ;tl. l!M2. was n civilian flight Instructor at the Einbry lilddlc FlyhiK fjchool, Miami. In Illythcvlllo, Captain and Mis. Kiics reside ill 1-101 w. Main SI. ., Captain Anderson received his wbi|;s and commission Oct. Ill, 1011 and has been sliitlnni.'d here as n fli;;ht Inslniclnr .since July, c is a iniia Ki-aduiilk ul Yn/oo city Illuh School und attended Mcm- lililt, 1 State Teachers College. 20 Teams Kntered In Softball Lea fine Play slarl.s loulghl at the Post Gym In the Inter - wiuadron :iofl- ball Icaiiui! loiirnamcnl. Twenty learns are cnlcivd. If Ihe name has any significance, Ihi! Miihlllon.s mid Money ;,-(|iiad should be n winner. H Is composed of men of the Ordnance Section ii i id the Flniuici! Department, Other new learns have entered lo represent the Medical Detachment the 3Mh and the atllh Groups, llu: Hand, und. the Ciimrd Stinadron, Stork la Promoted To Staff Seryeant Hci'iil, Oem-ge J. stork, pffl/cr lieismmel clerk at I'fist Jleadqufir- Icr.s of the Hlylhevllli! Army Air I'McId, has been promolccl to staff icrticiint. A vi'loi'nn of the Royal Canadian Air Force as an aircraft mechanic.' for ten months, he was transferred o the u. s. Army Air Forces lasl May JUKI wan u,'wii;ned lo the Oly- Ihc-ville Field hi July, from tho Greenville iMIss.) Air Field. He Is 10-10 iifddtiulc of the C'urlls- Wrlljlil Aeronaulical School tit Glemlali', Cal, Sci'iji'iint Stork Is married and lives on Ighway 01. Is wife U the former Miss Jennno Shcpardsoii of Ullca. N. Y. The sergeant Is a Ifl-Kl graduate of the Dronsvllle (N. Y.) High School. ItllCOItl) N N .— A tolnl of 258,1100, » record, attended home football, basketball mid boxing events In \Visconsln, easily l ran be machined more when It contains sulphur. The average price of u Jeep Is $11(10, which means -111 people urns! buy $K war bonds to pay lor one. Trv our "Own Muilc" Ice Cream Ole Hickory Inn Acron from lllih School Puhiic Seder Tonight The Public Seder which the Jewish community of Illyllicvilli! Is havlui; for enlisted men, officers and their families of the Jewish faith, will be held tonight nl 7 o'clock, at Ihc Women's Club on West Main St. VAXDKK MKKICS I'lllST Tltir llloomlngton. Hid.—Training wllb the Cincinnati Reds at Indiana University constituted Johnny Vantier Mcer's first visit to ,-i college campus, To build a heavy bomber like the riylnj! l-'orlress or IJberntor. it lakes asoi) 5100 war bonds, which cost (lie purchasers only $1f> each. think you make the best contacts!" 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