The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 22, 1950 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 22, 1950
Page 15
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THURSDAY, JUNE n., isso BLTTRETTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams ' HOLY SMOKES.' IF YOU LET A THIN& LIKE . THAT &E.T ALL. TH 1 fl n R V WA Y TO SECONP BASE DUO) YOU'D BETTER DROP TH' SUBJECT RIGHT . MOW AN' MOT CRAW AST/ rAORE ATTEMTION g|&aa& ..^ir'^"" - $sW%^ (T7. =iSc*S!5 = 5<--^ ^ISST" THE COMTMUrrY Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople ESAD, MR.6KINOA'VJ& AW& 6U6HTLY APART ON OUR. IDEAS OP gURKe'6 VALUE.' I'M GROOMING WM. FOR THE TITLE, you BUT OOM'T TELL f WOULD A KeA6OMA,BU& AMOOMT < — 6A.V *5,000.' >. VC-AH, WE'D BAD MEWS BURKE TO FI6HT FOR TUB CAM 5KIWCH SHOSWS.' I'LL GNE VOL) *IOO FOR HIS FIGURE Me RIPe TO BOY 1Ue ZEBRAS OUT AT THe CITY ZOO/ . ^ s.:3 FIGURE ALMOST KAVoes FRECKLES AND HIS FHIENDS—BY MERRILL BLOSSEl Worse and Worse WMCT Television on Thursday 1:30 p.m.—Headlines 1:10—News VA-aildSoulh News 2:ou—Movir Matinee 2:30—I-'ashlon I'arailp 2:15— Household Hinls 3:00—Hci-l OIswaiiRCr 3:30—Howdy Doocly 4:00—Cactus Jim 4:30—Spins it Needles 5:IHJ—Kuklii, Fran 4- Ollio 5:30—Spinning Images 5:45—Xcws Caraviui 6:00—S(op Hie Music 7:00—Kay Kyser 8:00—Martin Kane 8:30—Alan Young fl-.OU—Morcy Amsterdam 3:30—Garroway At Larse 10:00— Ncivs TElfVISION&RAPIO WE: MAINSr SlWHESlfi^ ARK, British to Entertain SALISBURY, England — ( (A'i — mF*kan'Tvbrkers and their families .Hjl^^S England "will he nnter- lii%,- In the homes of British workers under a scheme introduced by the-Salisbiiry trades council. The council has iLs own "personal ambassador" to the United States. He VouMJ Love Our Kluwcrsl iSLYTHEVILLE FLOWER MART Mrmnhl? lllwa; l*h<mt G002 15 OFF On Your FLOOR FURNACE |{ You Install It Before July 31st D« It Now! Save money, b& ready for • winter before the rush. And gel the famous Cole- niau Uiat gives you Automatic Heat—Clean Heal—Warm- Floor Heat. S^> A Demonstration Todoy Chas. S, Lemons Furniture HJUONES By Grace Nies Fletcher XX JUST saying Lofty Gordon's "' name under her breath made the sweat break out all over Gloria, Her legs felt like walcr. no longer able lo hold her up. Ken- ben was tall enough to be called "Lofty" and he scorned to know Aplenty about the Be-no n is. Lofty once had been a member of the gang- There was safety now only in lights and people. Her teeth chal- lered as she looked about desuer- alely, saw above her a great lighted window with a red neon sign, Klla Mac's Beauty Shoppe. Gloria whirled, ran up the shallow brownslone slops, her breath coming in great gasps. Would Lofty follow? / "It's n o'clock, Miss," the girl in the .soiled while uniform standing behind the said as Gloria shot inside like something hurled out o[ a gun. "We close in MO minutes. We can't do nothing for you tonight, denrie." She yawned, revealing two golc teeth and the fact she was chewing gum. Gloria's eyes were frantically ransacking the place for the back door. She slid her sha hand into her bag, extricated a S5 bill and dropped it onto th scratched wooden counter. "Not even a quick shampoo? Gloria murmured. "Of course, expect to pay extra this time o nigh I." No more was necessary Ella Mae's hand swept out and tin bill was no longer there. "Last booth," she said, resign edly. How long did she have? Alayb she (MI it Id slip out the back doo while Elln Mae was getting th shampoo, Gloria planned. He hands were jerking and sh perched on the extreme edge the big leather chair with th stuffing leaking out the bottom longing to make a dash for tl: door behind the curtain but m daring because Blla Mae w; standing nearby, QUing a bolt ith nauseous-looking gray liquid. As she came back, Gloria could nly settle back into the big chair, ith her precious pic box and the mdbiig containing the gun piled n her lap. "Relax, dearie," Klla Mae urged, uucled. "Don't you want to put our bundles down? What you got them anyway, the Crown ool s?" "Sure. An emerald necklace," loria told her, grinning sickly. * » • -T/"ILLE[l-DILLEIt, ain't you?" Klla Mae smeared gray goo II over Gloria's rigid head and water ran down into I he nampoo basin like something inking to death. The things wom- n sufTer to be beautiful! Was hat the outside door opening? "Relax," Ella Mao urged again. How'in I gonna—" "There's someone outside!" Gloia gasped. She froze lo Ihe chuir, Ler head sltll dripping water and loo as Ella Mne went out lo see vho it was, drawing the curtain lecorously. "Good evening." It was I-ofly, nil right. Gloria grabbed a towel, nopped madly ut her hair, ami {ripping her precious bundles, tip- occl with agonizing slowness be- rl her own curtain toward the jack door, as he asked Ella Mae 'A girl in a dark-blue slack sui come in here, Sister?" "What's it to you?" Ella Mac asked sullenly. Thank goodncs for the S5 bill! If Ella Mae could just hold him a Tew seconds more Gloria had her hand on the door knob when she heard Ella Ma gasp. "He pulled a knife on herl Gloria knew wildly, "Like Sal! She ought to bluy, help the poo kid, but . . . How Gloria actually got Ihroug the door, out into the alley, sh never could remember later, hi all at once she was running crazil down the dark alley, cry in; bumping into things, mingled teai and goo running into her pantin mouth. This alley loo was full of overflowing garbage pails, She slid thankfully into a dark rectangle. This must be the door- p ay—a n y w n y she'd have to hancc U. When she tried the knob moved inward under her shak- g fingers, and she slid inside just s EUa Mac's scream echoed down ic dark alley and there was the and of footsteps running. "Help her get away," Gloria rayed and leaned weakly back gainst the closed door, shaking lere in the darkness, letting the wful pounding of her heart die own, wishing she eould have elped Klla Mae and knowing she ouldn'l. Lofty would just have illed both women before Gloria ouEd get the gun out of. her bag. • * * I ^LOUIA'S eyes were stinging n.s ; * If someone had poured salt ito them—that awful shampoo. he yanked oft her scarf from round her neck where Ella Mae ad put it, and rubbed vigorously ill her hair stopped dripping and •y this time she could sec a litllu n the room where she was. Jt was a store room, filled with ruil crates, and lhat rim of light long the Iloor must be a door. She was about to move toward it vhen she heard voices. "She ain't coming," a man's 'oice grumbled. "It's 9:30 and no igns of her, Sadie." "Sure, she's coming," Mrs. Be- notii's voice said and Gloria drew breath of relief. This was the right place, after all. Hut the rc- ief didn't last long because Mrs. Benoni said, "1 wish you didn't ":iave to konk her, Benny. 1 don't like the idea of tying her up and leaving her. Suppose she chokes? She hasn't done us any harm. If I'd been alone that morning, Gar- Ion wou Id prohably have coine right into the apartment, and then it'd been me.-instcad of Jack the Cork!" "Aw, I won't iiurt her—much," Mr. Benoni growled, "We'll get the necklace and then hike— what's that noise?" Gloria, trying panicky to get back lo the outside door, had bumped into an orange crate which came tumbling down, (To Be Continued) Is Reginald A. 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TlV OLP SUPEK BKMN IS COASULftTIW AN IPBA/ ; .PUFF;...THIS MACJCHIN' AN' BLOWiN' AT TH' SAME TIME TOO MUCH.' I'M ALL OUTA, WIMP/ BY V. T. IIAMLIN Kverylxi(l.v'n Worried IJOOTC AND HKtt BUHJMKS It \5! ruTTiored lhat L'aona cqurrtm,g the secofid& 1\tt her la\« , Brad Barry, lo Hollywood.... .,..,ymm-mTT>— • ThrV '\a\ee.\ gos^p ulonc? plo.ce Is 1he WuV\grin,9 Tomance bglween

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