Casa Grande Dispatch from Casa Grande, Arizona on September 4, 1942 · Page 7
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Casa Grande Dispatch from Casa Grande, Arizona · Page 7

Casa Grande, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, September 4, 1942
Page 7
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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 4. IMS THE CASA GRANDE; ISPATCH Activities At Sacaton lira. LENORE HOOPES, Correspondent Mrs. Bretherton Succumbs Friends of Mrs. Gloria Bretherton will regret to learn of her death in Los Angeles on August 25. Mrs. Bretherton had been in ill health for several weeks previous to her death. The funeral was held at the Strother Memorial Parlors on Sunday. August 30. Mrs. Bretherton was born in Montana and resided there until her marriage to George Bretherton, a mining engineer. His mining interests brought him to the southwest and the early years of their married life were spent in Arizona and New Mexico. Later they went to Los Angeles. For many years Mrs. Bretherton had conducted a studio for voice culture ha Los Angeles. She had also had studios in Ketchikan, .Alaska, and Tucson, Arizona. One of her earliest pupils was Myrna Loy. Mrs. Bretherton was known u having: a very fine soprano voice. Mrs. Bretherton Is survived by one son. Van H., who is chief wireless operator in the U. a Navy, and a brother. Van H. Fisk, of Wrangle. Alaska, Mrs. Bretherton has spent many winters in Sacaton as a guest -of Mrs. Emll Lundberg and has taken music pupils as her health would permit She left a large number of friends in this- community. A farewell party honoring Mr. Victor A. Gale, who was recently drafted into the U. S. Army, was given in the reception room of the girls' dormitory on Thursday evening, August 27. An evening of games and dancing was enjoyed bv a large group of young people. Victor left on Monday - morning, August 31, for Fort MacArthur, Calif. Mrs. Frances Ramsey of San Antonio. Texas, arrived on Friday morning at the home of Mr. and Mrs. S. I. Martin She will visit here for a short time. Mrs. Ramsey is a sister of Mr. S. I. Martin. Mrs. Nan Small of Letts, Iowa, arrived on Friday evening for an indefinite stay at the home of her niece and family, Mr. and Mrs. H. M Mosley. Mr and Mrs. O. D. Childers and children, who have spent the nast month vacationing at the Floyd Pvle Ranch near Payson. Arizona, retTirned to Sacaton on Friday. Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Parker ac- f-omnanied Mr and Mrs Jack Moo- fv of Phoenix, on a trin to Saora- m°nto. OUif. this weekend. Thev left on Thursday and returned on Monday. Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Lamoreaux left on Saturdav mornlne for a short vacation trip into the Gfla WOMEN IN AIRCRAFT INDUSTRY hi Odobw, 1941, ttwnt w«r« .1900 productive woman •mpbyMS in aircraft plants. hi July, 1942, only 9 months later, this numb»r had grown to 39,000—nearly a 2000% increase. Drive Snocem Th° Sale of Postal Saving Bonds at the Sacaton Post Office is re- i mainmg about the same. For the month of August the sales are few. For July they were $56250 and for June 1600 Sales at this offi-^ are expected to dron. beginning next month, however, due to the fart that most purchasers of bonds here are Indian Service employees anl the government has asked for at least a ten oer- rent pledge from each employee. This sum will be taken from the pay check before the check is received by them. Thus Durchanes bv this community will not decrease but the Sacaton oost office will not be credited bv the sales. It w reported bv Mr. W. C. Straka. Chairman of the Bon* Drive here that 72 percent of the employees here have signed for at least 10 percent of their gross earnings each month to be used in the purchase of war bonds. 60 percent of these hax r «> siirnefl un for 12 percent. Thus to date Sncn- ton has 81 percent of the entire nuota for Sacaton. Due to the fact that several emnlovees are still on vacations, the full auota has not been reached. It is expected in the verv near future that at least 90 per c«nt of pll the emtilovws here will have ple^eed sid that the 100 percent nuota "will have hpen reached. The school princinni* we'e atiTiofated »s "Min"t» M»-" and have preatlv assisted Vr. Strnk* in obtaining these results. northern Arizona. They visited friends at Keams Canyon, attended the Hop! | Snake, dances and motored through the Grand Canyon National Park. They returned to Sacaton on Friday evening. Miss Ruth Rhodes, teacher at the Pima Indian High School, is combining business and pleasure on a trip to Parker, Arizona, and San Francisco, Calif., this week. Miss Retha Breeze spent the weekend at Parker, Arizona, attending ti business. A son wjas born to Mr. and Mrs. Bill Moraeo at the Pima Indian Hospital on Monday evening, August 24. " Miss Ima Belle Ramsey was confined to her home due to illness for several days this week. Mrs. H. R. Patterson left Mon- J ay for points in .California and Washington, where she will spend a few weeks vacationing with relatives and friends. Mrs. J. R. Candy and daughter, returned on Wednesday evening from a vacation trip in northern Arizona. Mr. G. E. Hoopes returned Friday morning from the mountains above Payson, Arizona, where he spent the week enjoying fishing and .cool weather. Miss Mildred King, sister of Mr. C. J. King, who has spent the summer at her home in Lancaster, South Carolina, returned to Sac- (LEGALS No. 6856 SHERIFF'S NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL AND PERSONAL PROPERTY ON EXECUTION AND ORDER OF SALE CALIFORNIA STEEL PRODUCTS COMPANY, and GEORGE F. BONT, for the use and benefit of California Steel Products Com-' pany. Plaintiffs, SUNBEAM GOLD MINING COMPANY, JG. A. eOLLLJNS, S. A-. WESTERMAN, HELEN ABLEMAN^CLARIDGE, and LOUIS U WALLACE. Defendants. UNDER AND BY VIRTUE OF AN EXECUTION AND ORDER OF SALE issued out of and under the seal of the Superior Court of Final County, States of Arizona, on| the 27th day of August, 1942, and to me as sheriff of the said county duly directed and delivered in the above numbered and entitled action, and which said execution was issued by vir-j assay laboratory equipment; mis tue of a judgment duly gi 'en, made and entered in the above entitled 27th day ein and court and cause on the of August. ' 1942; whe whereby it is ordered and decreed that the plaintiff, Cal- Steel Proucts Cor inanv. <J6 cellaneous machinery and equipment, office furniture, fixtures and equipment, mess house furniture fixtures and equipment, ofimp furnishing and ! equipment, com pressors, water pumps, sand pumps vacuum pumps, oil pumps, blowers chemicals and reagents,' and al have" anTrecover"of "Tatd"" from other , P 6 ™" P r °P ertv ° f Sunbeam Gold Minim* "10 following sums and 'o-wjt:' 'a' Sixtv-six Thousar Company ever kind, character or description amounts located upon said .mining claims d Eieht d '27/100 her with te of six the first :tli naid: *T,,«rfVprt Fiftv-three ar '*66.853.27> Dollars, toge • nt».-^t thereon at the !r —«»• rpit npr prnum froir •f-y- of .Tnmiarv. 1941. tin ''M T u 'r*v-thr<><? anr • »•?•> or>> rviii<tr.s. tuxe' an •*~ ^inint'^s' ro"5ts herei: •>- w't«i Interest therepr -••to of six t>"r rent *.^ t j, p riate hereof uitil' pafd: —h'f-h said nmo-i-ts are [now due •bpi-^nn- and said execui "lands that I do, as iforesaid. and pursuant or one or more thereof, or in anj way used or employed upon o about or in connection with the mines and mining cUaims afore said NOW, THEREFORE. PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN thai ' 80/100| on tne 2 8 day of September, 1942 allowed at tne hour of 11:00 o'clock in the togeth- at the e no ution S 'eiiff i »i sell the follpv jnjg de. real anl persona] '«.9 one unit and at situate and located wi hiri '"•onntv of Pinal, State of to-wit: The following- mining] <(aims located in the Pioneer Mining District in said County: Recorded in Bool Page Loredo 25 579 Silver pick 26 65 Flunk Out 28 ! 22 Copper King 28 j 239 Cave • 2S i 237 No. 2 28 237 Cave No. 3 28 . 238 Good Luck 30 31 Silver Pick No. 2 40 j 438 Silver Pick No. 3 40 438 House* ' 40 405 Oversight 40 j ' 405 Oversight No. 2 40 I 439 Also Silver Bell Patent d Claim. and Together of fractions comprising the [Silver Bell Togeth- . . . urs, and aneles, and also all medals, ores. Martinez Patented Columbia patented Claim, with any and all claims Martinez group of mines er with all the kips, \ts\ gold and silver-bearihf rock and earth therein; it quartz, d all the rights, privileges and '< : ranchises thereto incident, appurtenant, or the: had and enjoyed: and | singular the tenomen ments., and appurtenance belonging, or otherwise t ppertain- aton on Thursday. She will spend a week here before going to Prescott, Arizona, where she will teach in the high school this winter. Dispatch Classified Ads Always Bring Results. j Ing; together with all] and other structures and ments thereon, and all machinery and appartus Buildings improve- slectrical trucks nnd tractors, air receivers and tanks, mill machinery ar ment, back and countei as to said pronerty the Arizona, and usually all and heredita- thereto equip- forenoon of said day at the fron door of the court house of Pina County at the Town of Florence Final County, State of Arizona, I will in obedience to said writ o execution and order of sale sel above described real and persona property in one unit a^ public auction to the highest bidder toi cash, lawful money of the" United States and apply the proceeds thereof to the payment and satisfaction of said judgment, together with the interest that may be due thereon and all costs of suit and accruing costs. Dated this 31 day of August, 1942. JAMES HERRON. JR, Sherif By W. W. COCHRAN Under Sherif First Pub. Sept 4 Last Pub. Sept 25 Public Auction Sale NO. ten State Land Department Phoenix, Arizona . August 17,. 1942 In conformity with the provl sions of Chapter 11, Arizona Code Annotated. 1939, notice la hereby given that the State of Arizona will sell at public auction at 10:00 o'clock A. M., Monday, November 2, 1942, at the front, steps of the Court House, Florence, Arizona, the following improved and unimproved State School and Instltu tionai lands situated in Pina County, Arizona, to wit: Twp. 98, Rng. 8K, SEHSEH; Section 19, containing 40 acres, more or less, appraised at $1800.00. Improvements claimed by Picacho Gin Company appraised at $47,500.00. SWWSWHi; Section 20, containing 40 acres, ' more or less, appraise* at $1800.00. Improvements claimed by Picacho Farms Company, appraised at $7,000.00. Twp. 10&, Rng. WE, SHSH; Section 28, containing 160 acres, more or less, appraise< at $480.00. No improvements. Section 29, containing Th» Tndinn bovs »rp nrac.Hcine for the bi? Rodeo which his been planned for Labor n»v. September 7 at Santan. Softball rmnes. free barbeoue at noon an-J all the (rood Rodeo snorts are planned for the event. Everyone is invited. Mr. and Mrs. A. E Robinson, superintendent of the Pima Aeen- cv, returned home on Friday after a stay of two and one half months in Chicago, 111. Mr. Robinson has had success In havine a cornea grafted on his eye. He will have to return, however. In the near future for a final operation after which time it is hoped "he will be able to see again. Mr. and Mrs. BUI Sorenson and family of Lehi. Arizona, visited at the home of his brother. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Sorenson of Sacaton on . Wednesday and Thursday. . Mrs. William Thomas, daughter) of Mr. an 1! Mrs. R. O. Parker, ar- rivei on Thursday to make an extended visit at the home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Brownlee of Phoenix were weekend guests at ( the home of Mr. and Mrs. Emil Lundberg. Miss Oleta Merry accompanied Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Potts of Bapchule on a short vacation trip to mining machinery and IT IS TRUE! *. JOE HUNT was the first State : Treasurer in the U.S.A. to invest ] State Funds in WAR BONDS. ! > Through his efforts Arizona now i owns $386,000 in WAR BONDS. * JOE HUNT by sound business methods SAVED the State $21,000 in handling State Warrants. * JOE HUNT came to Arizona over thirty yean ago. He is married-.and the father of two children. * JOE HUNT as a member of the Land Board and Farm Loan Board .proved his EXECUTIVE ABILITY: * JOE HUNT and his methods of conducting the State Treasurers' • iff ice were highly PRAISED by the Arizona Tax Research Association. * JOE HUNT will NEVER FORGET that only by EQUAL TAXATION to all can the State of Arizona flourish and prosper. * JOE HUNT is your BEST BET for TAX COMMISSIONER. 160 acres, inbre or 1 less; appraised at $480.0ff Ne improvements. Alt Sedtion 32, containing 040 icres, mdre or less, appraised at (1920.00. No improvements. All Section 33, containing 640 acres, more or lesa, appraised at $1920.00. No improvements. NH, N^S*; Section 3* containing 480 acres, more or less, appraised at J1440COO. No improvements. No bidi for less than the appraised valuation will be considered, This Department reserves the right to reject any and all bids. A bid for improved land carries a Sid for improvements thereon at the appraised value, which must be paid in cash. State lands are sold subject to all valid and existing rights, rights of way or other easements; also subject to irrigation and drainage district assessments lawfully levied, if lands are within any such district. Information regarding land and terms of sale may be obtained from the State Land Department, Phoenix, Arizona. STATE LAND DEPARTMENT O. C WILLIAMS State Land Commissioner Aug. 21. 28, Sept-4, 11. 18. 25, Oct 2, 9, 16 and 23, 1942. HtOPEKTr BOB SALE It-is the intention of the common council for and on behalf of the City of Chsa Grande to sell all of the aty>« right. Title and/or interest, in me following described property to wit: Lots 17, is, 19 and 20 in Block G, Original Townslte of Casa Grande. - ; That sealed bids will be received by, said council to be opened by them on the 21st day of September 1942, at 8 o'clock \ p. m, at the council chambers. A0 bids to be addressed to the common council. and delivered to the City Clerk on, or before 8:00 o'clock p. m. on the 21st day of September 1942. } The common council reserves the right to reject i any or all bids. W. O. McNATT „ City Clerk First publication Aug. 21st Last publication Sept llth. IN THE SCPEBIOB OOOBT OF THE STATE OF AUZONA DT AMD FOB THE i COUNTY OF FINAL : In the Matter of the Estate of JONATHAN P. CHANTRY, , Deceased No. 1849 Notice of Hewing Petition Notice: is hereby given that Pi- cacho'School District Number 83, Final County, State of Arizona, has filed in this Court a verified petition praying tb/tt the above entitled Court direct Robert Denton, 'administrator of the above entitled estate, to execute and deliver to the Picacho School District Number 33, Pinal County, Arizona, a good and sufficient quit-claim deed conveying the following described premises, torwit:' Beginning at a point which is the Northwest corner of Block Fourteen (14), Picacho Townsite, thence North 43.0 feet, thence East 300.0 feet, thence North 130.0 feet, thence West 700.0 feet, thence South 433.1 feet more or less, thence Southeast 258.75 feet more or less to the Northwest comer of Block Fifteen (15), Picacho Townsite, thence East 188JJ feet more or less to the Northwest corner of Block Fourteen (14), being the point of beginning, to said school district in accordance with an oral contract entered into by and between the above named decedent and said school district and fulrjr performed by said school district .and that the same win be heard on Monday, the 21st day of September. 1942, at ten (10) o'clock A. M. in Court Room of the Court House at Florence. Pinal County, State of Arizona, and all persona Interested la said estate are notified to then and there appear and show cause, if any they have, why the prayer of said petition should not'be grant-, ed. DATED this 17th day of August, T. J. MARKS. Cterk of the Superior Court By Richard E. Fulton First Pub. August 21, 1942. Last Pub. Sept 18, 1942, HOW ABOUT A CHANGE? 30 Years I* Too Much for One Man ELECT Charles A. Mattmgly Democrat CORPORATION COMMISSIONER A Man Not Controlled by The Corporation, A Man Who Wifl Work For A Reduction In Your Power Rates, LET'S CUT OUT THE GRAFT AND HAVE CHEAP POWER iN ARIZONA Get Into The Fight On The Home Front Dear Folks: We can't all drive tanks, but there are some things we can do right here at/home to help win the war. Here they are: Enroll now in Civilian Defense Give generously to Red Crow Save Precious Rubber and Metafo Serve your family nutritions meals Keep yourself physically tit Take good care of things yon have Be careful of what yon See, Hear, and Say. Waste Nothing and BUY MORE AND MOR£ BONDS AND STAMPS Good Luck. Will write again next week. Your Electrical Servant Reddy Kilowatt Arizona Edison Co., i*

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