The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 18, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 18, 1933
Page 3
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MONDAY DECEMBER 18, 1933 HLYTHEVILLP!, (AKK.) COUBIER NEWS 'AGE THREE iCoJUlnucd f-'cm Page One) of choice sirloin might represent the same amount of productive energy, yet they'd have to be would be priced much ns they arc totiny, Technocracy Inc., which figures that a well-polished statistic Is worth n thousand speculative words. Is still collecting all manner of Industrial nnd economic dnln throughout the country. It is iw.v engaged In a survey of purchasing power, and lias been checking up on the rate c{ mo- chanl/allon of industrv. Snld Dr. | M. King Hubberl, Scoil's rlcht ' bower: "in the manufacluiin!; field we find the index of productivity ix>r man hour has jumped since 1020 from 80 to 159. Accord- Conventional No Trump Opener Sometimes Makes Game Sure priced differently or no one would U 'K (o 0. S. Government reiwrts. buy the less desirable cuts ! llalr tllif; Increase has occurred What the Committee proposes) 5 '"™ mo - Tnkl " g , ollr totnl ""- t« do. if and when it has am-! C ' 1 " 1)lo ^ ln i'"' ± ' rs •"!>""'»"". thine to .sav in Ihe matter. Is es-1 rl ™ " ld , l ^ w> - m .- wc ^ }° sentiallv this: Calculate as nearly' '" , 9 D l>™duction and work- as noMlblp how much goods ifi-om in , S ''"'",'? d M1 IliU ' C al lf ™ 1 automobiles (o flour to toothbrush- 12 ' (KK) ' W) f Jobless.^ (.<•) r-"n b" prcdiired in a nerlod of. rav two years. Set Inflexible prices > ''" Jl " le ' I933 ' l»irehasliiB l»w- prntablv based on pre.scm prices'! rv t ' sl "" ilttli nt Ihe rntc of opera™ nnr>, ,om.Mlilv. Total the sell-'!' OJ1 was ^.000.000.000 per year Ing prices of all B oo<ls to be pro- : 1je1 ™'. I'™"" 011 "' 1 . nHhoush the jluwd. IVrhaos the amount will be.' ™' 1Killl °" "»» improved some since JGWI.CCO.COO.OOn. All right- •=im»lv the!1 - At Uial tlm<! Technocracy Hi Int SQCO.OCO.000,000 worth of ""'- nude n l mblie l>«<lictlon that purchasini! certificates Thai makes lhc 1><irik ° r P™lucllou would be miichasing power equal to praluc-! '<*<;lwd between September 1 and Ho,, I Snpteralir-i- is. and that thereafu-i 1 would follow an industrial shiil- iwssibly yrcntcr than auj elofore. The production w to distribute the purchasing; t!o'«-!i I. . \. „ n ,1 ... r. - .' JjClCIO Now powe: which the 1m, „,.„, Co » tl " e » t! " Commiuccj was ..c.,,.,,^, 1)oU , ceil Au|J1]St , Ims preuarccl, this supucstmn Is made: "It mnv IK ailvisaljlc- dm-- Tl!r! organiyatlon has clcclclct intins'.iinl advifflble during the transition iwriod to mnin- l»ui flifft'iontial incomes in order not (o uiiset existing industrial methods and institutions. Consuming habits will alter gradually (he i"l Septemlier 15." has , !lat inii,,s.,inl qrowlh in th ,.„,,„, ry is ,., idlv lcvellin? o£f duB mostly to continued dcvulop- ,,,,. n t of more efficient machines aml p attly to a ra!lrket sllluraUo , of both necessities rattier Ihan too radicallv. As gnnl of Technocracy—plenty nil—is approached, the need differential spending powers disappear and money will emirolv [ Evcn if mn , lsy were cnu;1 , lv (]is , cease to be the symbol of success." hi United, according to the Social ,. „ . * * isls' ideal. ; r>r. Hubbert declare •If Technocracy were to come Into power, the Committee would like to take over all basic Indus- trier, hy paying for (hem in newly printed currency. Naturally these eld-fashioned dollars soon would 1)0 greatly devaluated: bill they'd tide over the nation imlil lhc purchasing certificate plan could be PW into operation. The nation also would continue to use dollars for Corals Intrinsically scarce, such as paintings, jewelry, antiques and the like. Such goods connot be evaluated in scientific terms, so luxuries for|. rhis , ast 0 , cmlrsc ls (lirecll , f°r counter to economists' ideas Ilia" will i, limall dcrf , PS nre | nr ,,,lte. there would be no assurance tha purchasing iiower would equal pro duction. "Money as we know i now fails on two counts." he said !! is a physical measure of any tinny, there being no way to tel advance hnw much goods a dnllar will buy. And. unlike (he purchasing certificates proposed by Today's Contract Problem I Wh»t It th« correct bidding on (Ills baud; if Nordi «ud South have Hie contract lu hearis, how should llio hand lie played with a club '.\4u- tiifi lu produce Hit; Krciiltut number of irk-ks? * J S V Q S C 3 '• :;,-.hitlun In n«l Is.suo. Ill Solution to Previous Contract Problem DuiiUculc—All Vul. OiiviilHK lead—« 10. Sciulh \\>;,( Xiirlh Kast 1 » Duulilo Pass 1 N. T. 24 2X.T. Pass 3 N. T. Pass I'ii5» Puss . )N BY Wm. E. McKKNXKV Secretary, American llridse I.e:icuc Is (lie foin-ih Ix'si ol your long- 1 * m>f smt - nnd slrmiGi'.st suit Dip correct ntliick against u no trump at con- ii:'«? Of course, most UriclM books tell you to lead your fourth best, fiom auction. You can learn n lo c alHjut.lhe hand from the bidding Generally you should allnck n trump euntract with your long suit, if you have re-entries in you hund. but when the bidding clearl> has indicatetl to you that it u^ to attempt to e.slabllsl it might be advlsabl for you to consider oi>ening shui't huit, hoping thnt may be your partner's suit and hat. In this you may break down the I erab'.c, that East hold nt least our hearts to the king-ten and josslbly five hearts. He reasoned it would be useless o open his heart suit, as the op- onenls probably held diamonds nit 'clubs, nnd perhaps a heart •ad would bo Just the thing that 'OUld (jive them the extrn (rick iccded for game. Thcielor.e. when this linml was ilayeil. South opened his sinek'- ou li'ii of diamonds, which Kast ran uitli the jiick. A diamond Im- luX'ly was ri'iurned, Smith ills- unllsv; the seven of lirarLs. The ten of chilis was played rum dummy, North covered with |H> j:iok, Kabt played the qui'en, uul J-'.mlli won the trlek with the Hnu. lie liKiiicdinlcly retuined Ihe iCven of i-lubs, which the .declarer von wiiii tin 1 nliK' In dummy. Declarer then cashed his ihrcc dlaniii:ids In dummy. On the Urst dtiiini'iul South discarded the scv- «f spades. On the second dia- mond h« realised thnt, If he ills- curded the deuce of spade*, the eclnrer would be able to throw him In nnd force him to lend n heart— and, ns East had not played spades, lie reasoned thnt his parlner, 'North, must hold the Jai'k of spades. South, therefore, let go his queen of spades. On Ihe seven of diamonds Kast discarded a spade nnd Soulh dropped the throe of heart. 1 !. The three of clubs next was p'.uy- ed. Kast won wlih the ace and South completed his neat unblocking play by dropping tho kins of There now was no play that I?asl could make which would allow him to mnkf his contract, as North was bound to get In with the jiick of spades. Thus, North nnd South cashed three hearl.s and u spade, together with tho klnv( of clubs-enough to defeat Ihe con tract. Texas Seeks New Field Of Helium Gat WIMBERLEY, Tex. (UP>-T«sUl o discover helium gas In commercial cuiruitllles In Hnyes County beini; inndc under direction of J. C. Crowtter, Siui Antonio, who 'ins leased 0.000 acres of ranch lan I near here. 1 ' A u-.v. imulc In 1930 two miles from [lie slu- of ihi> present drill- ng, resulted In a How of gas that usicd ii'2 per cent helium. The I caved nnd u;is lost, The new le:,t Is bt'itnj made with equipment lu guard nxatnst similar difficulty. 'I'll! 1 iion-Jnllatnnmble gas bj in at demand for balloons nnd<l courier News Wnnt Ads. but contract Is a different game Technocracy, money . can ue saved, lost, given away nnd stolen. Thus if purchasing power were granted and the following hand Is one In terms of dollars, on any lypc ' tl^i;. I '^fcnse of the opponents. 1 Sonic players, however, like to 0|ien short suits agninst a no trump. This Is not ailvisaUlc. since it will work only 'hi rare cases, of of salary scale, it wouldn't ue long before a few people again would accumulate a lar^e part of the incomes of the many! 1 ' TRADE IN YOUR OLD RADIO toward a new 1931 PHI LCD l/i« radio that outttlli all others Fur a limited time wo offer in e&tra- allowance fur your old radiol Trails it in now—Ret a new 1'llll.CO and enjoy unexcelled tone and supremo ptTformanrv! A complete helection uf miHlvlb with ill the lit'st feiturei. PH1LCOS $00 UP— EASIEST TERMS When East arrived at a three no innnp contract, South had cv-1 cry right to believe, due to lhc fact that East and West were vnl- ' Itead Courier N«ws Want Ads. Head COLDS PHI M^ntlwUlum In tint wxlrlli to rtlltv* MENTHOLATUM NOTICE Tho Woiulov City Conl Co. is plearod to announce that Anln'cy Conwuy is now lissociatetl with this company and In? will npr-i'tc-iatc any coal Inisiniifs you nii^'lit'sec lit to KU'i this company-. Phone .177 Wonder City Coal Co. K. V. Vry Aubrey Conway Hubbard Furniture Co. ROXY Sunday - Monday Malince Nite 2:30—1 Oc - 25c fi:-l5. 10-25c ' last Time Todav in Gordon . piYb;'f!rif ; Nition'o! ca;t Paramount News Charlie Chase Comedy Tuesday - Weds. Mat. 2:30, 10-25c Ni-;ht (i:<if—Iflc - 35c gig^n^—. A MAN of.the present — looking Backward A GIRL of the past- lookinp Forward v ,~-«.~—. A LOVE STORY ;? that spam time *& I'h live through \ ~*t, eternity. FOX FILM Presents A JESSE L. LASKY Production Constance Bennett n the story of a beautifu Russian spy in glittering war-mad Vienna. 'AFTER TONIGHT' . . . with ^""6'ffajKhT ROLAND NOVELTY REEL COMEDY Tues.-Wed.-Thurs. MAT. & NITE—Klc - 25c BERKELEY SQUARE LESLIE HOWARD HEATHER ANGEL Valerie Taylor «•.,!«« I r< . ne Browne Beryl Mercer DimleJt) Frank Uoyd From che p!«y by John L. Blldtrstot A f o u r - ;imrm frolic of furious fun. America's favorite comedian in Iiis greatest entertainment! Intensify Home Attachment With One of These GIFT ROBES SOFT FLANNELS WARM MM:ONS They're in -fine llaimcls, anM blanket clolliK in plain colors, lilenilcd i(i'i|H's and small checks" with contract lapels, jwckets and jrirdle. Heal values at d^C HC 1 5.95 up t " .V.V^' ;.'* •* GIFT PAJAMAS Very rich, deep cHnrs with contrast trims on cnlV'!, lapel, pocket, and K'ii'dlc; niili'.-.iro or middy models at 81.50 up The Pet feet Fool "CHIEF CHARLES "CHIC" SALE DOROTHY MACKAILL WILLIAM HOYD EFFIE El.LSLER Directed by CHAKI.KS F. 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