The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 27, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 27, 1937
Page 3
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MONDAY, DECEMBER 27, 193? BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK,) COURIER NEWS Assume Lodge Duties Tonight LITMMCE Says Administration Attack Makes Successful Fjforl Very Unlikely .V.Y RODNEY DTJTCHF.R Courier News Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON, Dec. 27.—The proposed Ludlow amendment to prevent Congress from declaring •war without a permissive papular referendum is more than likely to ke killed' by the amlnlstralion's recent nvass attack upon It. Nevertheless, some 218 congressmen have signed a petition to bring H up for a vote against the wishes of both. the White House and the conservative House leadership, and the fight is by no I Mrs. Raleigh S.vlmter Mrs. II. H. Wilson means over. Jan. 10 is the date I,-. when Ludlow's resolution to' Iriltl-! Raleigh Sylvester will be installed tonight ns Worthy Matron n! ate the referendum conies to the lllp Hlylhevlllc chapter of Order o[ Eastern Star, and Mrs. n. D. Wil- House floor, and It may be a good j :on, outgoing Worthy Matron, will be installed tonight us Adah when TO^ved^re^lrjTls" 118 ' "^ ' SS " e '" I Ule Mas0115 aml °' E - s chapters have Confusion arises from tlie Presi- " dent's assertion that a referendum Congress on war is not consistent -with "representative government," and the fact that the Ludlow amend ment as now written is not as clear as it will be when amended. The issue involved is simply whether Congress wants to tie the hands of tlie President and Secretary of State when they play international politics, or whether the President shall continue to have the privilege of getting the nation into war -without tlie specific consent of tlie people. It's No New Trick The Constitution says the power to declare war shall reside only with Congress, but every student and authority on the question knows—and most of them have pointed out- that a President can create a war situation and actually wage .war without congressional consent. Fighting a war without declaring war Is no new Japanese or Italian trick. Various Latin American republics learned about It from .Uncle Sam long ago. A declaration of war by Con- 'gress without presidential approval Is unthinkable. So is the is one swift action to 'set up a military dictatorship, send millions of men. to death in foreign lands, open the sluice- gates io billions of war loans to other nations and burden down the nation with more than double Ihe present national cleat." H is designed to "preserve democracy." But there's only a chance in a hundred that the LaFollette, Clark or Ludlow amendment will get into the Constitution. Dijess Personals Mrs. Sam Haggard, of Helena, Hid son are visiting Mr. and Mrs. limmie Bass. Miss Katherinc Echols Is visiting relatives and friends In Dei-- mott and .PnrMole. Miss Louise Ward of Batesville has returned home after visiting ; u Ibe home of her sister, Mrs. Mrs. Jack McDonald .Jeff Kelly. Mr. a ml of WBSCO, Calif., are spending the Christmas holidays in the home of Mrs. McDonald's parents,' Mr. and Mrs. R. s. Hinggenbcrg J'-.UTU.* L?, ujibtjiiifiuLMt;. ou is inti ,. oo-«*"«-»b- Idea of congressional refusal to "'• m> " Mrs - E - s - D »">y are declare war wlipn rpnii>«»«H in *~ visiting in Little nock, at the declare war when requested to do so by a President who already has taken the nation's armed forces into war. As commander-ln-'chlef 'of the army and navy, "the President can"order*'them about at.will.- Hence the i war- power actually resides with- 'the President rather than with Congress. There Is no reason to suppose that Roosevelt plans to take the country Into war. But there's every- reason- to- suppose that he seeks to massage the public mind into a state where it would be receptive if he considered warlike gestures "necessary." 'Also, even persons who trust Roosevelt implicitly must concede the. fact that there win be other presidents; Favor LaFollette Amendment .The Ludlow amendment simply would require a favorable referendum vote in advance of a con- 'gressional declaration of war, except in case of invasion. Ludlow promises to propose amendments The-present version takes no account . of the presidential power to get us into .undeclared, wars. It would require a' referendum even In fate "of n fascist .levolulioii in nock, at the home of their son and daughter Mr. and Mrs. J. L p'eleis. Miss Helen Shaw is spending ihe holiday season with her nep- liciv, P. JJ. Taylor, and family, In Jefferson, City Mo. • The Rev. Harvey Gray and family are visiting relatives in Mississippi during the Christmas season. Hiss Irene Barnwell Is spending the holidays in Batesville with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. c. M. Barnwell home by Stroud. Mrs. A. B. She was accompanied her faiher and J. B Williamson, of Toledo, O., and son, O. H. Bryant, of Licking, Mo., ore visiting- Mrs. Williamson's sister, Mrs. Paul Wiggins. A son ivns born December 22 to Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Rogers at their home. The baby, who weighed eight pounds at birth, has been named William Victor. Lower Hudson River Mecca for Anglers ALBAXT, .\ 7 . Alaska's Girl MiisherinU.S. UHjEI THE Bitter A. F. of L. - C. I. 0. Fight On For Control Of Workers By NBA Smlce PORTLAND, Ore., Dec. 27.—For nearly five months, "labor trouble" has paralyzed the lumber Industry of the Columbia basin. Now it is beginning to alarm the entire Pacific northwest, In fear (lint him- wr markets will be permanently ost to British Columbia or other regions which can produce. This Is no ordinary "labor trouble." There Is no crucial dispute ""h emnloycrs. It Is not even an old-fashioned "Jurkdletional dis- nite." Tt Is simply a knock-down, Irag-out fight between C. I. O. and A. p. of L, unions as to who shall mve the lumber-mill workers. This Is one of the crucial Bltu- itlons. failure to adjust which :aused collapse of the effort nt Washington to reconcile the A. P. of L. and the C, I. O, And while this paralyzing slrug- 3le goes Into Its fifth month, thousands of loggers are forced on re- let and public costs are increased 135,000 a month for relief and ex- :ra policing. More than 2000 lumber workers and thousands more ndependent Industries are idle. A .ong series of window-smashing. 1 !, beatings, and violence are recorded, for a time an ancient curfew aw was Invoked, with polcle halt- .ng and questioning anyone seen Fur-clad and smiling, Mary I Joyce, above, 29-year-old proprietor of an inn at .Juneau, Alaska,-Is pictured above as she arrived at Seattle, Wash., on one of her rare visits to the states. Miss Joyce aroused admiration of even hardened Alaskan sourdoughs last year when she made a 1000-mile dog-sled, trek from Taku to • Fairbanks with the mercury at 60 degrees .below zero. The trip took three months. ace to American security. Senator Robert M. proposed referendum LaFollette's amendment men- at several points, the lower Hudson river watershed continues to Is much more to the point, and if Congress adopts any such amendment it will follow the lines of LaFtollette's or that of Senator Bennett Champ Clark, which is similar. LaFollette's proposal would forbid the President to "wage war- without a declaration by Congress. Except in case of Invasion or u military expedition against the United States or its possessions, or against any North American or Caribbean nation, the LaFWlette amendment would require a referendum in the question of a declaration of war. The referendum also would decide whether Congress should be authorized to conscript men for military service overseas. Only a Bare Chance LaFollette's amendment Is aimed at "the almost unrestricted power of any executive to create a war situation which Congress must accept," and the power of be a mecca for spori.5 and commercial fishermen, a state Conservation Department survey has disclosed. Sturgeon and shad were found in virtually all sections of the river, while below Poughkeepsie striped bass were found in such numbers that the section was considered an important spawning ground for the prized angling and commercial fish. A plentiful supply of food was cited as the principal reason for the abundancy of fish. Snails, clams, worms, and midge larvae thickly populate the coves north of Poughkeepsie. In the brackish waler section of the river, crustaceans are the food supply. Fancy Boxes Collected AUSTIN, Tex. (UP)—Mrs. Connie Oarza Brockettc, University of Texas language professor from Fort Worth, has nn \musual hobby —the collecting of bo.ves. She has traveled extensively, and each city has aided to her collection of odds' shnpcd and decorated boxes. A Three Days' Cough Is Your Danger Signal t - & COmmOn COUrfl. & P.hpsfc tret a rBntrtntrnnrrrnmltr.nElna/vhwnnsf Just-6 common cough, a chest cold, or B bronchial Irritation of today may lead to serious trouble tomorrow. They may be relieved now with Creomulsion, an emulsified Creosote lhat Is pleasant to take. Creomulsion Is a medicinal combination designed to aid nature in soothing and healing infected mucous membranes by allaying Irritation and inflammation nnd by aiding In loosening and expelling the-gerrri-Iaden phlegm. »The Medical Profession has for many years recognized the beneficial effect of Beechwood Creosote In tlie treatment of coughs, chest colds, and bronchial Irritations. A special process was worked out by a chemist, lor blending Creosote with other In- «T«dl«nU»ndnowInCre<imu!4ionyou get a real dose of genuine Beechwood Creosote which is palatable and can even be taken frequently and continuously by both adults and children. Creomulsion is one preparation that goes to the very seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel the germ-laden phlegm. When coughs, chest colds and bronchial troubles- due to common colds—hang on, get a bottle of Creomulsion from your druggist, use Jt as directed and If you are not satisfied with the relief obtained, the druggist is authorized to refund every cent ot your money. Creomulsion Is one word—not two, and it has no hyphen in it. Ask for It plainly, see that the name on the bottle Is Creomulsion, and you'll get the genuine product and the relief that you want. (Adv.) Mayor Rossi Pinch Hits For London Lord Mayor SAN FRANCISCO. (UP) — I: London .Britishers like to be mnv ried ill the Lord Mayor's offic with (ill the pomp and ceremor. tlmt goes with that dignified rep rescntatlve. So when Philip Ashley Waller, representative of Lloyds of Ix>n don, wanted to marry Miss Ger nldine Lenore Brooks, stenosra pher, he was at a loss for a plac for the ceremony. Mayor Angel J. RO.-.SI of Sun Francisco obllg ingly lent his office so the Eng lishman could be wed with i least a touch of the old air. Superior Judge John J. Va Nostrand, wigless, but austere read the ceremony. OUR COMPLETE SERVICE Insures Your Satisfaction * PRESTONE * RADIOS * HEATERS * DEFROSTERS * TIRE CHAINS PROTECT YOUR CAR AGAINST WINTER 24 Hour Service TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Call 633 PAGE THBEE Faces Trouble OUR HOUSE Gov. Charles H. Murtln of Oregon, above, stepped into the nnllon's biggest C. I. 0,-A. P. of L brawl when the federal government machinery failed to settle Die pnm- lyzli>K 20-week lumber fight. cil tried to mediate, In vain, Then Governor Martin step|>e<l aggressively Into the picture. "We won't stand by and sec the economic structure state ruined." he suid. 'Till* fight sim ply cannot go on any longer." So Martin arranged an election -' ------- '" "lie. as has Gov. Charles H. Martin. But at the end of the fourth month 1 the cpnflict Is still In progress, with result undetermined. Needed the "Rei Card" There Is a long background of turbulence -jehind the present strife. During and directly afler the World War, the I. w. W. had such a grip on the logging 'and timber industry in the northwest that In many sections It was unsafe to try to work without the "red card." When NRA came along, he A. P. of L. revived Its Sawmill and Timber Workers' Union In a big wav, and staged many strikes In .1935. Opposition to tills organizing wave was provided by the Loyal Legion of Lumbermen and Loggers, an independent outfit. Then in 193G. when the c. I. O. began organizing on a broad scale It started the International Woodworkers. Last August 3000 sawmill workers bolted the A. P. of L. union I and went over to the c. T. o. It I was a "raid," cried A. P. of L.I officials. It was a free change-over responded the c. I. o. . Declared a Boycott Tlie A. p. of L. lumber nnd log- eing unions are closely allied to the Brotherhood of Carpenters and •Mners and to the Teamsters' Union. These promptly declared a boycott of the mills, the teamsters refusing to haul lumber to. or products from, c, I. O.-maimed mills. The carpenters refused to work on c. r. O.-produced lumber. Portland, 45 per cent of whose payrolls are directly dependent on lumber, felt the shock Tlie A. P of L. leaders insisted that the boycott would remain effective until the sawmill workers returned to them. Trying to settle the dispute, the National Lacr Relations Board !:<••!;! or?! Vrv.rinrs In OcrohT and doclircd the c. I. o. unions the accredited bargaining agent for the sawmill workers. The A. p of L ignored th e decision, continuing to boycott the mills, wnfch could not operate because teamsters refused to cross picket lines oul.slde the mills. Nor would carpenters use their products. Can't Go On Longer As the dogged deadlock conlin- U !£'.J"}? the Dusln( Ks recession added its contribution to shutdowns, more and more innocent bystanders began to be affected. Ministers of the Inter-Faith coua- won by a 2-1 majority. Many of '"'» "iiployes marched to the polls at the courthouse in formation from their union headquarters. Martin, depending on public opinion to keep down ttic boycott, plans no further election Immediately. But Martin now plans to Investigate grave charges that the NI.RB exerted "undue Influence" on even the election the governor sponsored Two Mills Reopen On Dec. 13, the rnnuui mill reopened without violence. But the A. P. of L. pickets remained out- 'slde, and the boycott remained in effect. The West Oregon Lumber Co. also defied the boycott by reopening, and plans are under was to ship lumber by water after Jan 1, thus avoiding dependence on teamsters. ''Ben T. Oscorne, secretary of the Oregon state labor federation (A F*. of L.) has given no sign o yielding. "They can open the mills but they can't open Ihe markets. 1 he said. "This is a fight to a finish The C. I. O. has chosen (his area • as' the battleground, and we ac cept the challenge." Tlie boycott ring is still drawi around the reopened mill, and it remains to be seen whether it cai operate successfully. The A. P. o L, has thus far considered no terms of peace that does not Include re turn of Its lost members. C. I. O. Demands Recognition The c. I. O., having won th< election, Is satisfied, and demand! recognition of Its victory, with the Tnman vote as n vindication of the previous NLRB decision. E. B O'Orady, slute c, I. O. leader, In slsts that. "The A. P. if L. boycot is the only thing preventing peace It Is remarkable that people hav submitted to these long." As certain conditions so eastern cities wcr< QUALITY FOODS MEATS GROCERIES We' pay highest prices on poultry at all times. $ SAVE » MONEY AT V GAMES MKT. 118 W. 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WITH poyvw YOU'D PICK OFF ' THAT FLOCK, OF BIRPSf - UST A SLIGHT OVERSIGHT— nade laboratories In experiments concerned with "bitter-end" bat- les between management und or-, ganlzcd labor leaders, so Portland seems to be the unwilling luboia- oiy of experiment ID u purely In- er-milon dispute that has oeim no ess disastrous. At the Hoipitab Miss Tennle Hemphlll underwent in emergency appendectomy, ut the Blythevllle hospital Christmas morning. June Wade Stevens, of Manila, ihtered the Blythevillc hospital Saturday morning.. Mrs. Elmer Crow was taken :rom the lilythevllle hospital to icr home on Cherry street yesterday In 11 Cobb ambulance. Mrs, J. L, dough, of Osceolu, Is n the Memphis Buptlst hospital. NOTICE OF INTENTION TO HLK A PETITION FOR 1'HK XCFUNDINCi OF THU INDEBTEDNESS OF BLYTHEVIU,K MAINTENANCE DISTRICT NO. 5, OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. . Notice 1« hereby given that the undersigned, for and on behalf of himself and till other owners of real estate situated within the Blytheville Hoad hfalntenance District No. & of Mississippi County Arkansas, on the 31 day o( January, 1938. will ( flle ; with the County Cout for tlie 'ciilc'kasawb'i District of Mississippi Couiity, Arkansas, a petition-'signed by tlie owners of fifty-one' p/tr cent (61 ty) or more, In assessed value, \ as shown by the assessment books of said County, of the real estate In the district, ,petitioning..' said County Court to i ejitef an 'or'd<! directing Iho Board of Commissioners of suld district to eltett the refunding of the present out- htundliii! bonded luiliibti'dness of Kuld district amounting In 184,- WO.OO, uud lo prescrilxj (Hit t«pus 'nml conditions under which said Indebtedness shall be refunded. Given this a7 day. of Dec., 1937, C. P, TUCKER, a?-3-10-17 uury, 1938, NOTICE OF INTENTION TO FILE A PETITION FOK THK OK THK INUKB'r. KDNKSH OF BI.VHIKVU.l.l, ROAD 1MPROVKMHNT |>18- TKT.CT NO. 5, OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Notice Is.hereby'given that the undersigned, for and on behalf n'l himself and all other owners of real c.rtnle sllimted within the Blytlieville Road Improvement Dls- trict No. 5 of Mississippi ''County,' Arkansas, on the 31 day of Jun- flle with Coiinty court for the'Ohlckiuwb.1. District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, n petition ntgiied by the owners of (Ifty-orie per cent (51% > or more, in assessed value, as shown by the assessment, books of said County, of the real estate In the district, petitioning said County Court to enter an order directing the Soard of Commh- sloncrs-of said district-to effect Ihe refunding ot Ihe present 'out- Hkuullng bonded Indebtedness ot said district amounting to $29,000.00, and to prescribe the terms and conditions under which said Indebtedness shall be refunded, Given this 27 day of December, 1837. O. P. TUCKER. 37-3-10-17 Hubert Utley's Service Station and Gate 24 HOUR SERVICE Phillips "66" Gas 101_ Tax lt>2C Paid All Uadlrif Brand, of B«r, Liquor, Wine, Cln and CordUU, Cigarettes*:2 Pkgs. 25c, $1.15 Carton Highway 61—Holland, Mo. Plan now for next Christmas. Systematic saving will help you give the things, you want to give without the worries of Christmas bills. A small amount deposited weekly, from 50c to $5, will assure you a substantial check for your next holiday shopping. Our savings club is now forming. 'The Institution of Better Banking" * National Bank Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

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