Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on April 13, 1954 · 23
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · 23

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 13, 1954
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Bess Deal CURTAIN CALLS Porgy and S.F.; Movie By WOOD SOANES There Is talk that the members of the cast of "Porgy and Bess" which is due for a four weeks engagement at the Curran starting June 14 will proceed back to Hollywood and be photographed and recorded, along with the production- " This is the same sort of thing that happened with Top Banana" and "New Faces," neither of which worked, according to preliminary reports. If the movie deal doesnt cab to take him from one bistro jell, however, it is planned tojto another, have the cast, now headed byf whether or not you who read Cab Calloway, to use its spare Wlll iRtemxtd m the distress tun durtf the Coast prt-ter.U- irg, spectacle of the Messrs. Wait tjoes vrt 'Lr Ar;e and San Baptist. Jack LaLanne and rranctsco to rehear, a new , Clancy R a .two-time "Mister , ... . , America" Hexing their biceps, musical er.tit.ed Fre and you milh, intrigued by the Ea.y ' presence of Mrs. Magana Bap-Th.Li mnuld b a HaroJd Arlen- tate. a pretty cute trick who was Jriny Mercer musical by Bier- Arlene Dahl in the film. ins Daru and Rojert Breen, us-: r.ai tunes ana piayea Azun ins sorr. r( the tune f the Desert Son" at Wood- Arlen- Mercer "S t. Louis minster as well as Adah in Woman" of m44 vintage wHh'.fly Marietta" last season. Billed Talked in " ) - . , V ! I J ! h "Cod Geary ro present 'Sabrina Fair' Matyana Baptist who will ba on of th nltrtccinars at the "Body Baautiful Ba-tu" at Marinas Memorial Thaatar m San Francisco on Friday arantna. a new fcok rep!actrx the Coun ts: Culn adaptation Send Sunday." in the evert the new must- eal wrkj out, the intent is to end th present company on a -Sabrina Fair." the comedy European tur usmx both shows. wh!ch cpnj a four-we-ks en- fakement at the Geary Theater TWtXTT SEASONS on Monday nifht, April 19, was AGO TODAY written by Samuel Taylor, who The Nmth Guest' U beir.j calls San Francisco his home .!- verdi S.1 in presented at the Rvet theat thoujh he now reside, in Newjgjjjj" has be er. frrrerly the Panta,es. bv . York. .Born in Chic.fo, Taylor I J ft? iran!ir ttn-v rr,mninv r!!H uvea nere since cruianooo ana. - . . . r- The RoosevtU Players. graduated from the Univer- - sitr of California. . , i Taylor was established as a Time Marches en Department: pjaywrllM wilh his dramatiia-It seems to me that it was only ofJ cf Rob,rt ronUlne.g -7 a month or so agobut it cer- Happy Time" which lasted two tainty mut have been fcner . in vrk Opera Festival Date Changed Date of the Berkeley Opera I. a n fcw J aT I. f Tv , Tne west Coast company. llJ,u 7 uun;'K " which will present the the fox vest Coast, and pub-.here hlJ prodl ttciy. an ancieni enemy oi rninr.'R(1MCii Lew,, and Howard conununwatea w,m me oy r. Younr Thf ,Ur, ,rt Wendell Ameches device of the devil to rv ry.,.. r.t!l report that h brother Paul, the ,w,nwood. while Morton DaCosU h a r t m m a AKaTAawA and that the he-child was to be Scenes from "La Traviata" and "Aida" and excerpt from other Verdi operas will be presented. sunder direction of Marsden Ar-Irsll. j Appearance of Jean Leon Des-j tine's Haitian dancers at San iFrincisco Veterans auditorium t I w . j . . i . .a m a. a j . comedy ''Jlr ured by Uler " ine earner craphical error. rarr.ed Paul. It thus somewhat startling the fther day to have the phone at No. 204 jinxle at 2:22 pa a.nd hear a somewhat familiar voice say: "Muter Sar.-. this Spser junior. I thou; is :ht Starting this Friday, the name of the Telenewa Theater in Osk-land will be changed to Globe Theater, it was announced today by John Parsons, managing be. director of the West Coast Di- Paul presented by Oakland Commu-j vision of the circuit The policy you nit y Forum Thursday evening of the theater will be the presen- Philippine Film Is Due at Paris Philip Walker, who will Telenews Theater To Become Globe 'Beachhead . ... - Drama of War, Opens at T &'D "Beachhead, a saga of Marine gallantry in a suicidal mission a few days prior to the Bougainville battle, is told with dramatic imagery in the wide-screen color film which opened today at the T & D Theater. Filmed on location at Kauai, northernmost and most picturesque of the Hawaiian group it has been duplocated in realistic effect on the terrain which the Marines captured and defended in World War IL Starred in "Beachhead are Tony Curtis, Frank Lovejoy and Mary Murphy, with a supporting cast headed by Skip Homeier and Alan Wells. Completing the double bill is "Drums of Tahiti." a new South Sea Island adventure drama also in color, starring Dennis OTCeefe and Patricia Medina and featuring Francis L. Sullivan. 'Heidi' at Telenews And Elmwood Armchair travellers who delight in the lure of distant places can do a generous share of vicarious voyaging when they see "Heidi" at the Telenews and Elmwood theaters, for this motion picture version of Johanna Spyri's story was filmed in the actual locales, high in the Swiss Alps, as described by the author Elsbeth Sigmund is seen in the title role as "Heidi," in this Laza Wechsler production. "White Mane," a featurette which tells the story of a small boy's longing" to own a great white stallion is coupled with ji color cartoon to complete the bill. Murder Thriller At Fox Oakland A bizarre murder guaranteed to pound .the pulses of even a police reporter is perpetrated in "Phantom of the Rue Morgue," the current 3-D thriller at the Fox-Oakland, starring Karl Maiden. Claude Dauphin and Patricia Medina. Dolores Dorn is the victim of this particular killing, one of the many in the story which was based on the Edgar Allan Poe shocker "Murders in the, -Rue Morgue." When this murder is committed, the fiend disposes of the shapely Dolores by stuffing her body up a fireplace flue. Second feature on the screen is tne Korean war drama, "Dragonfly Squadron," with John Hodiak. Barbara Britton and Bruce Bennett heading the cast - Starting Times Today rOX OAKLAND "Phantom of th Rue Morfu." 11:40. . 1:2i, 10:45 p.m. FAAMOCNT "Princ Valiant," 12:43. 1:13. 9:40. :05. 10:30 p.m. BOXIC "Act of Iuove. 1:15. 4:27. T:3fl. 10:55 P.m. T D "Beachhead." 1:90. 4:35. 7:35. TILSNEWS "HekJi." 11:42. 3:17. 4:52. 7:24. 9:51 p.m. TOWE "Livinc Deaert." 2:25. 4:30. 6:35. 0:40, 10:45 p.m. Prince Valiant At Paramount Production problems can be corkers. Producer Robert Jacks continues to learn. He received an odd item on the expense reports for "Prince Valiant," the CinemaScope swashbuckler now on the Paramount screen, with James Mason, Robert Wagner, Janet Leigh, Sterling Hayden and Debra Paget in leading roles. The charged item was for the services of a horse hired to haul a Viking ship which figures importantly in the film story. The highlight "prop" had been brought from the coast of England to Loch Dornie in the Scottish Highlands and part of the 350-mile trek the ship had to be tugged through locks by a small drifter. Halfway through the locks, the skipper called "quits' and told the Viking master target a horse to finish the trip. It was the Sabbath and nobody in the area worked. Also on the Paramount bill is a CinemaScope featurette about the Roger Wagner Men's Choir. riizh! h tn kn--w that I am at 8.15 in the Paris Theater withjtation of one or two feature pic ti father of R.ar.na. eight his new film The Philippines tures plus the latest newsreels. - p-ur. rn rwnce. and every Today." is a San Franciscan Opening bill at the Globe will thifg ti fine " I who received his training on na- feature a new laugh-propelled The con versa! ion I pattern tional radio and television net-thn harre the sam. Ai I re- works in the field of production. ealE. Uncle R.chard. having de- A world traveler. Iivered the mimentout news pro- knows the Philippine Islands eedd tt advi me that the intimately, and has traveled in rew f;!n at the Paramount or' Australia, New Caledonia and the Tot Oakland or the Grand New Guinea in recent year. Lae or the State which I was Tickets art available at Sher-due to rrview would be the man. Clay box office. grratrit I had ever seen. Nephew Paul. m has aban- d-red t theater in favor c British color comedy called "Genevieve," dealing with fast Walker, women and not-so-fast automo biles. Current and final attraction at i the Telenews is "Heidi." Jj The Living Desert' the etothtrx proceeded Holdf it the Tower to lr.fr-n rre that he tt now Gross's eran in Walnut Creek Or w! Disney's four a--d prepared to aell m a suit- Otcar award films of the year. aSi suit f-e riU werk. ."The Living Desert." continues -Shifkk;n u -hat )ru reed." - hold the tcrttn at the Tower, he cood. The priie winning documentary rn.-.kl. 1 cVn't know whether of desert wild life in color has to fc i!jultd rr gt ere. Shark- received international acclaim Stumptown Players Offer 'Mice and Men1 "Of Mice and Men," by John Stenbeck, will be the premiere stage offering of the Stumptown Players, Inc., in Marin County the last two weekends In April at Park elementary school in Mill Valley. ;. raehte After .aa.: O0PENS 5:45 P.M.P 50, E5;i CO a,.. Fox Easter Matinee For Children Slated A special Easter kiddie matinee will be held at the Fox-Oakland at 9:30 this Saturday morning. The entertainment package will consist of such fare as the science-fiction thriller, "When Worlds Collide," the comedy hit "Bonro Goes to College," and a Duney cartoon. Free tickets for the kiddie kameval way be obtained aow FORTT SEASONS AGO TODAY Cur beat Smith, wr Id's heavy weijM rftiRiptm, r appearing ' at the Tsfltsifs Theater thu U t f'"t. t. week. for its cinematography. The in the Boys Department ef Roos trafi-comic daily existence of Brothers, the Sporting Goods De-such animals as the kangaroo partment of the Maxwell Hard-rati, king snakes, tarantulas. tor-Jware Company, and at the Pay- totses and wild bobcats are ex-less Grocery in Montclair. ity cj inr camera icr.i ioi Supplementary attractions are Dtiney's animated story, "Ben and Me" and "Winter Paradise." BATTLI OF THE EUELESQUE QUEENS Lsawtirss?fal 7 "aft ANT J Wbl M ta antar ' 'MANT0M "ROM UACtT I bat Way M ke eaeMf STARTS FRIDAY! JUDY HOLLIDAY in "IT SHOULD IIAPPEfl TO YOU" On Tndty ruxht I m invited trt atterd the 10th annual "Body . Ca a. A J Beautihil Revue' which i to be VIOVie ifarS TO Alfl held at the Marines Memorial Theater in San Francisco ari I have half an ide. to g. Not, mrrd yu, because I 'Newspaper Frolic' Bob Hope. Gloria De Haven. am Dick Contino and Allen Jones Interested m rr.u.Ie men but be- tar in the one - night revue cau.ie I have scanned the tut cf "Newspaper Frolic" at the Civic iudiet a.-d diKvered that one Auditorium. Saturday, April 24. ef them m Herb Caen, vho ti The big three-hour program is prfctly tne Ui;t columrust of sponsored by the members of the all time with IM prble ex- working press in the Bay Area. rept;r ef rad commentator General admission tickets are BU Weaver, and this ink-tamed on sale, along with reserved seats wretch ar.d whre idea cf a t Crane Box Office. 243 Powell tough day's work t signaling for S- S6,m 4SS5S!' - i i am r r r r CeaUaaeaa freaa 11:4 a.aa. Taaslrai' DOORS OPEN al :46 II gg ' OIV OUR GIANT II mm9. 2N Uf. en tii A VI OUR I JUIA ! O WIDE SCREEN 'U'lIAT 1CUHTIS 6UY1 r.lAKE CtcbIiic Tax Inc. the junsiE Steam TONY CURTIS n- en i kit LOVEJOY I . MARY MURPHY a -a? a n . -1 t k . MURPHY i A r (' i a m - - ).N : -OSa(.Ci.ic2j.OTJi - - - l-f-a L. ta "aaj W aV IVmM f Tkaj Mt TkekTaief Seoey f TW MariwM Evw Filmadl 4 ar i rr .. n ' EXCITING COMPANION FEATURE IEFIEVIEVE I )) U51 COD FRIDAY j ft AT THE HEY (LlLOBE TKeatra ) ffWaaarfy fka lUw-m) ' f( Bruiviy at 19!k SL j afaaBrkatawrajMM tmtm Apr S4. Mtim B4. l.i SEATS NOW i ' la Irtsisi WUk ) JBeatiuceulue m Iifiaali Carilasr KnaaiauJ syauf S3 WX'J v. . mm CEARTTOpiBi April I wucsu vujiA irrruf COREr-LYIMA'.DOD Sabrina Fair i tfj irtaussnrt CwM vJtoaaalihBaal 'kaiMMar Kosfrtonas roM rusx. GO! JW inra lsJMiTrKOUPSOH Z I It:: i 't 'tt,:.- II !lllll:ni(li, IN -CAR HEATERS : T.VMt71-4BTi2 1 ; It a, I : VAMDtt KUNTOM 2 Fr:jr:a:.7E I TPtos: Tattlr A rl cqu ! muros mm Saafta Waaataiaft "BEAT THE DEVIL" "csixcx er in uicor CaUr TaaaalaaWri clzh Knici ncir Jama Slawart - June ADraaa "C721TT ai 111 0 OTTO I Paul KaOy - Joanne Dra I M Calar kf Taakalaalart Alas Laaa - Shelter Winter Ptu: Ba4 akaHaa "Crtal Elamtai Issstry" t tavf u wcrum MrptMf aw FRANCtt L SULLIVAN SPECIAL EASTER MATINEE TODAY! 1 1 III If 111: CM i MM mC&A H .KMfliNatUISaL fBMT 1M I IMO p.aw-BJNMT at t S 1 1 0KMS1U tlU-tWCONT IJI 98? taafcrMatlA f9t$ LIA. 1-5000 auTaaa 1 1 wonsat-UT. otaeru imcont si ji - Oh Haft. Kak, Tin. M.) nimi iuts innuu MI If fid mi Man k fcM a ea oe by ma. I MATl fiat. M ! t a. UT.rWw7JSlJ.. eiatias.iM.tiJS sa AatMl PACTUM ) a By Taaanteatort TfCSLD CI ES 1ZJU OrafOfT raafc - Aaa Kyta aa oprrajUL tOTAL AmCAM ti7VXS CCaAwl Ataa ' At rimvAti TUMIUWIIO as tx ataa MAM fltOM CAItO aitararr m-t bat IVV TV ftimWii CSKZ EACZ LITTU XSISA rusgT to ijurasa "LONG LONG TIA1UX MgUWlaO- J FIRST OAKLAND SHOWING ALSO BURLESQUE ON SCREEN ADULTS OUT 1 I I y 0m THE STORY CF A. CHRISTINE JOBSEHSER Oakland Tribune, Tuesday, April 13, 1954 D 21 OPEN 12:15 P.M. DAILY ha lfi.4 a! lia V'Vi aaajHaMHMHBaBJMaBajaa .aaHHBaaaajHiaBnaMHHaBaBBBi a caVSliaiTd: ' STOIMS TMI SCtlfN , CidEfilftSS? in lha woneW nf STEREOPHONIC SOUND TOiER LDGH t!ASC1- PADET-KAYCEM ai i 11 Tf CHNCOtOK aaaaaaas . CINKMAsCOrl - "SOTS' CBO-7llr CtMaiml HalWay" - Dtracy CartMn US . OPEN 12:15 P.M. aCSr3a B AND I I fA4l' 1 IT BE Jaha VI iVri-i rfj BCMAN I BOD1AK J;f " Jfk 2 ACADEMY AWAID WINNIU "To" " -""l nu ii ii I i hiii an I pwiim . frr 1 rLZthtX awaraimm Til P'1 ACADEMY AWARD WINNER BEST FF ATI IB I lUUATlUrieii (Oecumanrsry) A TjJfiTlCTl fiPIN 1 n.m. - ait rial rraaa i.awavn i wb aayawTBaa Ticamroioa WVUlt'ain ana m ywaaa aLT(llL)(Hgij QriEuascoPfc " i" .in in "RIDERS TO THE STARS" -i IS?) SCKATOB ONLY (a;ii.mi opfn ADULTS ONLY DRAMA OF ICSTACY CZ7 ALSO f "SEA OF 1 art - ACADEMY AWARD WINNER YEAR'S BEST PICTURE FROM HERE TO ETERNITYj Alio "THE BRIDE CAME TO YELLOW SKY" Wolf antf Magana Baptltt Again Prfnt 30DY BEAUTIFUL REVUE "BIO MUSCLE SHOW OF 1954" 3 Fabulotif Contasfs In Ona Niaht Mr. Amarica." "MUf oldan Gata" "Mr. San Francisco' fa Parson; Clancy Rou. . wrid' parfact phytiqua Floyd Pag a, Mr. Amarica Jack Lalanna, TV body buildar Walt and Magana Bacrfiita Ovar IN baaufiful qir mod Mta world's nosr oarnct phytiqaa Mask Dancing . Sjinq fartonaltrlat ONK NlGHI ONLT, FRIDAY. APRIL U. 1:11 P.M. MARINES MEMORIAL THEATRE (Suttor at Mao) Ratarvad Saatt: 3X0, 2.50. 2.00 at Shafwan Oay Fr ffiiwM THE OUt AT CHILDREN'S CXASSIO U BECOMES KKKtN MAUIU ( CKIZE ADDED ATTEACTTON8 Jarry Carteaa :sa-l:l!W:a-T:i-:iM raizE add Aaa Taaa JL Faaiaro at 11: MllOillrnlM - L

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