The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1943 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 26, 1943
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.); COUR1EU NEWS •WEDNESDAY,: MAY 2C ) -104.1 , Uiiharvested Potato Racket n i..BX, PlllE EM ON CMtfcr Nem WMhincton •f • \ *>•»» Wp««»^BB* Ce'rtaV smart ! CaUfornla dealers are 'credited with a new cute tricicUo be«t the maximum celling price onpotitoes' but they may not <get away with it. The' case Is interesting though because if unchecked, the racket' might have spread to other lood commodities. It shows the .Ingenuity of some of Hiese operators in evading price regulations, and 1 it's a'good example of thy all bureaucrats: are gradual fr going huts. try ing:: to keep ahead of the chiselers, ttve story begins with Maximum • Price Regulation No. 271, covering potatoes and dry onions. The 011- .ionJjarc just for' seasoning: as far :as the story goes, potatoes being IheV'p'rincipal dish under discus- Eiorf/ MPB 271 sets specified dol- ;arsYjind cents celling prices on po- taKfes at the country shipper level packed and loaded on a carrier pluS: specified fixed markups foi transportation to ,. market, plus wholesalers' and ..retailers', profits : giving in the end's maximum price •forConsumers.--But' at the • beginning;" the celling,is an F/ B. price at uic growers' shipping point. out in the California potato country, certain;'slick, citizens rcac ovcsi this regulation and they say ••Hrrnnm! What's to prevent u. frorif buying potatoes . in In ground? There Isn't any cellln: pri«i on ]X)tatoes In tlie grounc I So -we could buy the potatoes be 1 , fore".' they're dug, before they're i sacis^d, Ijcfore they're loaded on a truck or freight car at the country slui»per's F. O. B. po!nl. : We could pay"the fanner above-the celling pric'i which will make him happy. We'll be happy because we'll have iwtiloes to sell. We can bypass the whifesalers' markup,' sell directly to Jlie consumer "At:.exiling' prices if use have to,-'or,at, black, market prices if we can, and l>oy how' tlie inority will roll;in." LEGALLY SJOHT, MOKALLfoWRONG Afc a smart- dodge to bent the pricj! ceilings, t thls is about as neat a Irjck as'the Office of. Price Ad- miiM^tratioh enforcement officials havj* rm'into-yet: It Isn't legally wnJ)gJ3>erriaps,' a technical Evasion of the OPA rcgula- tioife'•prompted only by greed, and the*inost v 'vic!ous kind of war prof: iteettiig at'lhe expense of tne po- tal<j 7 consuining .public. It is dirts poqljin war-time, but what can 1)0 dm* about it? l^w consider part two of the slbiy, or what happens next. O*A enforcement officials hear abojjl this slick evasion of their ordHr 271. They decide to issue an "In^ii'pretalion" of the order which wllkVstop further sales of polaloes in the ground at higher .than ccil- ' " ' Hooking up their 118 regional offices on a teletype clr- ruit, they send out from Wasli- ngton their lnteri»etatlon to Hie ffcct that sales of tinhnrvcsted potatoes 'above the country Ghip- MI-'S • celling price violate the Icier as well ns the spirit of Ml'ft 71 and should be 'prosecuted be- ause such 1 buyers arc In effect ountry shippers selling to lliem- elves as Intermediate sellers, nnd hercforc their net costs may not exceed (he country shljiper's mux- mum price pins the cost of trnns- )ortatlon to the customary recelv- ug point. Just to play safe, OPA decides lo ssue a revision of MI'R 271 to .ighten up liiLs and other loopholes n the original |>oUit<> order, and ,o Incorporute tlie Interpretation. They even put in an example lo show how potatoes In tlie ground nay be 'legally sold by the acre, providing Uia contract, spccllU'X lliat the ultimate scllinir pvli'c will be the pcr-acre price, or ih'i ccll- Inii price per Imndredwi'lglst, whichever is lower. I1UKEAUCKATS 1 lIKAIIACIli: OPA lawyers .send this revised draft over lo the J^noil Dlslrllmlimi Admlnislraliot) for their checkup. FDA potato experts keep it a couple of days, then send It biii-k with a lot of reasons why the revised order is no good, too, and » lot (if suggestions ns lo what will have to be done lo make UIK ovitw wivk- nble. Eventually, a revised iwtato order will be issued which will con- rol these smart guys who lire- .so lever at [hiding ways to cviul<> irice regulations. Hut hero you mvc a perfect example ot just one f tlie headaches which dally con- rohl the much-iuallgned hurenu- rals \vlu> on the one hand are tvy- ng to keep prices 'under control and prevent inflation; TJtev may lever be entirely successful but liey think H's fun trying. It they' can just control the less-llmn-flvo «r cent of clilslers, a good slail will have been made. I 117 Continuoas Shows E?ery Day Box Office Opens 1:45 Show Starts 2:00 LISTEN TO KLCN S:M a.m. 12:45 p.m. 4:30 p.m. B. Lester $ Buried At Denton Last Time Today 'Dr. Gillespie's Assistant' with I.iniiel anil Vai HOLLAND, Mo., May 2G.—Fun- Ka£services were conducted Sun- daj£morning at 11 o'clock at Holla nflr Baptist church for Lout; B. I.csjir, age'65, of Poplar Bluff who died- at his home there Saturday aftfr a prolonged illness and a re- ccnf, lieart attack. Tlie deceased, a forsrier. long .time, Poll and resident, nioW(f"f6*'T!tarb"le"Htll, Mo., from here and later to Poplar Bluff where he lias done .extensive farm- Ing.the past 11 years. His body was brought to the home of his sn Mr, and Mrs. Joe Lester. Funeral rites were said by Rev. Walker of Cooler, and .the pallbearers were: Carl Becker of Poplar Bluft; IJoyd Booker, I. li. Fisher, Sam Kenley, Russell Little, and Johnny Slatcn. Burial was made in the Lester family cemetery at Denton. He is survived by his wife, Msr. Gertrude Lester, four dfl^igtt Mrs. Herbert Chunn of Stark City, Mo., Mrs. John Van Hay of Poplar Bluff, Mrs. Lyn Green of Poplar Bluff and Mrs. Lloyd Warren ol St. Louis; one^son, Joe • Lester of here, and lone half-brother 'also named Joe Lester, of Pine Bluff Alk -v Johnson. Selected Shorts Paramount News * Short Subjects Evrard Will Make Commencement Talk ROXY Barpln Night Ever; Nlfhl Eioe|A Saturday. Box Office Opens 0:45 Show Slarts 7:00 CMtlnmw 8ho«« gat. ud Su. Marcus Evrard, local attorney, will be the principal speaker at the Eighth Grade' Commencement Exercises tonight at 8 o'clock at the Yarbro School. After the processional which will be played by Miss Alice Marie Ross, the Rev. D. G Hindman will^make the invocation ' The 4-H Girls Glee Club under the direction" of Mrs. Frank Brine will sing several selections. Miss Winnie Virgil Turner wll present the 1 : certificates as the clos ing featur^'of the evening. MembeTs'.of the class arc: Lc Millard Glass, Charles Little, Fen ler Dee .'Northern, James Ediso Parriih, Peggy Jean Reed, Jerry Grey SheJJon Imogcne Shipp, Buc Swain, Richard Isaac Swain, Sylvi :^y Swain.^Betty Whittle. I^asl Time Todny 'ALIBI 7 with Margaret l.orkwoml Selected Slinrls Thursday and Friday 'Gambling Lady" with ftirbara Slainvjck anil Joel [UeCren Sclcclcd Shoris A UST KNOWN MEDICINE 'PERIODIC' FEMALE PAIN MlbWcik. FttJkgs- Ttk« hMd il »ou, llKe so many wom*n «ad glrll, h>v< Buy 07 all or thm iTtnptoTns: Do TOU on &uch dan Buffer cr»mpi,hf»dachK.bac]<- acne; weak, BCTTOUB fetllngs, dl2- tn« of "tmcolamia" — auc to Tlwn Fl<iUi*m> ooer— tnr LydH E. Oocnpouixl. , tlri to nttw* Nib dMrna bwrnuic ct te — • <Mrt <B*ct on OKI OF ' rarun SKUKI. aut the month . v*natnancc afalnst •uch ijajiliMM TVuxaoflB upon thousands of women wport btnenlsl There arc no harmful opiates In Plnkhnm's Compound—H contftlns nature's own roots and herbs (lortl- ned wllh Vitamin Bi). Also a nne • stomachic tonic I Follow lat«l tll- rectioua. Wortli trylngl' Lytfta C.PM(ham's VEGETABLE COMPOUMD S5?J:. : ^"S THE SSJ /// r^mjvvjs^^ —Jut. Authentic Copies of Early American and Eighteenth Century Styles in SOLID MAHOGANY PIECES I,E|i"r—Chest of drawers as »ic- "lured, except without $"]*] Cfl ClicHt-loilet I liwV RKiHT—Beaut if til dresser, exact' ly as |>ic- \ SQ J CA lured 34.UU Sec Our Complete Assortment Of MIRRORS l'rol:ably no one item brlps to ilress your home more than a braii- lifnl framed luirror . . . we iiavf n complete assortment of siics and slia|ies . . . many with licavy, bevel edge jilate glass. See tliis ciiniplclc assortment today. • NO.1I.31«._:..... NIGHT STAND Identical as IHC : ? lured below ..... ^, LEFT—-H 0 picturcil, % only Poster Bed as S|JA ^r 3D. I 3 'I'f .. i •• ' r A <'• "i • •* " "' >A ,*•, \ n ( o - '-?-.'.'- »*i5 '' BEKOW—Low poster.IJed as pidurcd, SCjl *7C onlv M.lD M1UUOR EXACTLY AS SHOWN ABOVE & NIGHT STAND Rce 11)esc iitul other hraiifil'ul 4in>ri;ntuu')i liiriTS \\u\\- on iHs- ]il;iy In our store. 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