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The Potter Enterprise from Coudersport, Pennsylvania • Page 2

The Potter Enterprise from Coudersport, Pennsylvania • Page 2

Coudersport, Pennsylvania
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Kimball the Fhntntrranh Artist, will RAYMOND WHIM8. The Potter Enterprise. A GREAT GAME. For tlie Second Time Coudersport. Defeats Roulette. BURNED A CHILD AT THE STAKE. Horrible Cruelty Praotioed by a Mother and Her Paramour. -OUR- H0PKIN8' AMBITION. Is Potter County to Have No Say In This? WHARTONJELANGE. 7b the Editor oftf Enterprise: Berry picker now be BBen In every nook and corit ftdjn The FarmtiAinoHitfince Is beronilng very popular in tliiK pit Mr. M. T. Gently hed a handsome railing placed around his front porch. Mr. J. B. COULSTON, Has passed an examination before the Both in Pennsylvania and New York. State Board of Pharmacy, This is something no otuor Druggist in Potter County has done, and is the best evidence as to who is best qualified to put up your Family receipts and to fill your Fhysicians Prescriptions. Medicines will be delivered Free any part of Potter County, from either stores. Send your Receipts or Prescriptions by Mail and we will fill thorn and deliver promptly. JOHN B. COULSTON B. COULSTON. JOHN Coudersport, Pa Austin, Pa. Wagon i Repaif Shop THOS. CRAFT, Proprietor. Benj. Rennells' old stand, Coudersport Pa. I am fully equipped to furnish buggies, wagons, carts, etc. of my make. Also all kinds of repairing promptly and satisfactorily done. I employ only competent workmen and use only the BEST material. I am agent for the Lancing Wagon and the Buckeye Road Cart the best in the world. I am prepared to do the best and most durable job of painting, having secured the services of one of the most experience men in State. Give me a trial order. The Roulette nine came to Coudersport last Saturday with "blood in their eye." They were reinforced by four Port Allegany players Dolley, Kin ney, Page aud Card who played very fine ball. First Baseman Hlevens be ing disabled, did not play, Devall tak- iug his place at flrst. Larrabeeand Cole were In the points for the home team, but as their work was not of a first-class order, they retired at the end of the seventh iu favor of Davenport ana uevau, who did much belter, Page and Gustwick did the battery work for Roulette up to the eighth, when Page'B arm save out and they were replaced by Dolley and Kinney, the Port Allegany battery. the game, Mr. Quick, Cou deraport's leadiug jeweler, placed i handsomely engraved Bllver cup in his display window to be iven to the winner of the game. A happier base ball nine than the Roulettes after their half of the ninth, with the score 15 to 11 in their lavor, would be hard to tiud. Their hopes of winning, however, were soon blighted. They had evidently forgotten that Dolley was in the box, and, oh, what a Bnap. This is the way it was won In the ninth: Klein made a clean base hit. Peek, with a base on balls, advanced Klein to second. With Cole at bat, the slow and easy-going Klein proved himself to be a "Flying Dutchman" by steal ing third. Cole reached first safely ou au error by Fessenden. Lar- rabee then bit a long fly to left that looked like a safe hit, but It was captured by Seymour. Devall made a base bit, on which Klein and Peck scored, Cole going to third. Davenport made a short hit to Dollev aud was thrown out at first, Devall goiug to second and Cole scoring on a wild pitch. With two men out and one score needed to tie, Bently smashed out a beautiful single, Deval tleing the score amid great excitement. The "veteran" Allen thought It was time to do business. Oh, for one of those old-time "swipes." The crowd did not have to wait long. Biff! Bang! The ball went sailing out into left field for a two-bagger, bringing in Bently witb tbe winning run. Stevens made a good umpire and his decisions were not questioned in the entire game. The score: COUDERSPORT. A B. R. IB. P.O. A. E. Devall, lb, Davenport, Bently. cf. lb Allen, 2b Mage Klein n. It .8 3 1 Peck. rf Cole, LaiTabee, si 46 10 13 27 25 10 ROULETTE. A.B. R. IB. P.O. A. E. Gustwick, ss 0 11 2 JJolley, lb, C. Fessenden, as, 3b ebb, cf' Page, 2b Card. 3b. Ib O. Fessenden, rf isuj uiour, ii 47 15 12 26 15 'Two men out wheu winning run was made. 123456789 Coudersport l3lfi00u 516 Roulette lottoioaJo 1 lo Two-base hits Bentley, Allen, Klein, Jebb. Page, Card 2. Three-base hit Pace. stolen bases Devall 8, Davenport, Allen, Wild pitches Page 2. Dolley I. Balk La rabee. Passed balls Cole 5. Gustwick fl. Kinney 1. Left on bases Coudersport 7. Roulette 6. Time of game 2:30. Umpire Stevens. The celebrated Emporium team will be here Saturday. August 4, and play a Kanie with tbe home niDe. This will ut daub ted ly be tbe finest game uf the season, as the Emporiums are the strongest team in Northern Pennsylvania. Estray Notice, Came to my premises, on the Knox Farm, on or about the 2uth of July, one buy horse, with white stripe in face and two white hind feet. Owner can have ame by calling at above place and paying charges, MBS. WELLS. August 1, 1894. U-3w Administrator's Notice. Whereas, Letters of Administration on the estate of Miranda Ayers, deceased, have been granted to the undersigned, to whom all persons Indebted to said estate are requested to make navment. and those bavin claims or demands will make them known without ueiay. JOHN BLOOMER, Administrator, lKJw Coudersport, Pa. Administrator's Notice. Whereas, Letters of Administration on the estate ot Walter Wells, deceased, late of OBwayo township, have been grunted to the undersigned, to whom ail persons Indebted to said estate are requested to make payment, and thoBe having claims or demands will make them known without delay. AltTHUR WELLS, Administrator, Oswayo, Pa. Or to J. Walter Wells, Coudersport, Pa. Administrator's Notice- dersport. have been granted to tue undersigned, to whom ail persons indebted to Hiiid nrf reuuested to make navment. and those having claims or demands wUJ matte uiem Known wmiom ueiuy. EDGAR VELIB, Administrator, Coudersport, Pa. c. 4f gc, Mg.c; Thos. Graft. We are Headquarters for the most complete line of Agricultural Implements Also best asortment of Builders' Hardware to be found in Potter County. The following, from the Renova Record, is a bit tough on this sec tion of the sixteenth, isn't it 1 Is this county forevermore to remain cipher in the district "Four years ago, when A. C. Hopkins secured the nomination in the sixteenth district, after a deadlock in the conference that lasted a number of weeks, and that came near costing the Republicans the loss of a member iu a section that gave Henry Clay McCormick 3,654 plurality in 1888, the agreement was ma le that Hopkins should retire at the end of two terms in favor of the candidate from Tioga, but this is something Hopkins does not proprose to do. "Alter silence of months, during which time ex-Senator Horace B. Packer has gone ahead and secured the conferrees from Tioga and Ly coming, Hopkins announces that ue will contest for the nomination, aud a large fight is on in the four coun ties. McCormick has had or ders from Mr. Quay to take the Hopkins contest in charge, and in return he is to be the next Attor ney General. The tip is out in that way iu any event, and the Ly coming conferrees are, strangely enough, out in support of Hopkins. "Mr. McCormick is the leader in Lycoming and has able assistants in Max Mitchell, Emerson Collins, x-Postmaster Emery and other sub leaders. It is easy to make the change and Packers chances are demoralized. Iu fact, bis friends, like -Jerome B. Niles and Walter B. Merrick, are up in arms over the new game. Niles was defeated iu 1880 by what was eonsidered a steal of the Potter connty confer rees, and has never recovered from what his friends set down as an outrage. Now that Tioga is in the field again to meet the agreement the Republicans do not propose that Packer shall meet the same fate aud a bitter struggle is among the prospects. "McCormick is ambitious. He was named for governor in the State Convention of 1890 by Emerson Collins and has always had an eye that way. "Speaking abont the matter last week a Williamsport city worker said What McCormick lacks is an acquaintance. He feels that he is not known over the state and is auxions to be on the popular side. It is understood np our way that McCormick is to bo the next At torney General, an office that will enable him to build up a campaign and Quay wants Hopkins in otlii in preference to Horace Packer, who was too independent in the Stewart year to suit him, and the trade just made means that Mc Cormick has Quays indorsement for future use, no matter what hap pens in the meantime. Our people put that construction on the movement and accept the fact that Hop kins will be nominated lor a tli'id term, no matter how long it takes to get him sate out oi tne comer euce "McCormick has not been down among the prospective memberships in the next Governor's cabi net, while Gen. Heaver, Lyman Gilbert and George B. Oilady have all had their turn in the general canvass. It appears to be settled upon in the West Brauch country, however, that McCormick will have the portfolio." HIT THE JUDGE- A Tramp Attacked Judge Treble at Fort Erie Tuesday And Sets The Worst of The Battle. Fort Erie people are talking about a lively hght that occured in the Court Mouse last Tuesday be tween Squire Treble aud Chief ol Foil ce O'Malley on one side ana a tramp on the other. Fort Erie has been bothered with tramps lor several days and the police decided to swoop down aud clean them out Constable McLaughlin arrested five hoboes Monday night They were tried Tuesday morning. All were convicted and sentenced to five days in the jail, or to pay a fiue of $5 each. Three of the tramps had friends at Amigari, who raised $15 and got their com panions out. When the other two tramps saw the prison bars staring them in the face they were augry. Squire Treble told them they would have to go to jaii it toey am not pay their fines. "I won't go to jail fur you or any other Canadian," said one of them who gave his name as John Burns Atttiesame. time Burns smashed Squire Treole in the jaw. The Judge got down from his ben eh aud attacked the tiamp. Chief of Pulitie O'Malley reached Bums at tilt same time. Judge Treble hit tbu tramp in the nose and sent mm nnunuering ou the floor. The tramp jumped to his feet and Chief O'Malley gave him another blow that sent hi snrawling. That took all the fight out ol tne cramp, "nave you got enough 1" asked. Squire Trebel "1 guess 1 nave," repiieu tne tramp. 'Well go to the jail for 30 days." Jealous Pole'B Dual Murder. Scranton, Fa, July 30 Filled with drink and tired with jealousy, Joe-Kobiewski, a Pole who lived in the Connelton section of Duryea, this county, this afternoon empt ied one barrel ot a shotgun into hit wife's body, causing latal won uds. A little child, whom sue cameo in her arms, was also uadly injured, The maddened husband tium turned the weapon on hiuubi'lf, poking the muzzle into his mouth aud pushing th nigger with his toes. The shot almost tore hi- head to slut da. The woman can scarcely Hti the evening tlirougu. know an itld soldier who hail chronic! diarrhoea of lmg standing to have been per- manentljure1 by takhtg Chamberlain Colic. Cholera and Ifiarrlnwa Remedy," say in I leave here Oct. 1, lmi. Go and get your photograph while you oan save money. HHIH. nEl'OUT OF THE CONDITION OF THIS I-'IILST NATIuNAIj HANK. At Coudersport, In the Htiite of Pennsylvania, ut tne ciose oi uuHiness, juiy ip, wt. RESOURCES. 2 Overdrafts, secured and unsecured iViiio uu nouns in secure circuiauon, Premiums on U. H. Bonds. Stocks, securities, 1,170 50 imUKing iioiisu, iuruHUiu aim natures. Current expenses paid, Due from National Banks (not Reserve Agents), Due from hanks and bankers Due from upproved reserve ngents Checks and other cuhIi items. Notes of other National Banks, Fractional puper currency, nickels and cents, 4,7111 15 1 12U8 01 s-2 as 1,822 00 112 (10 Lawfo Money Rrbhrvb in Bank, viz: Specie 05 Legal-tender notes 00 Redemption fund with U.S. Treasurer (5 per cent of circulation) 50 Total 8150,705 00 LIABILITIES. Capital stock paid In Undivided prolltn, National bank notes outstanding, Individual poults subjncl to check Demand certificates of deposit Cashier's checks outotundiug Protest account, Total 00 15 K7 00 90.SI0 IU 00 1,001 45 2K 74 1150 705 00 State of Pennxjlvania, Comity of Putter, xt: hunb Hn Hnlorniilv HWcnr Uuil, the above statement Is true to the bast ot my knowledge and belief. N. A. PINN KY, Subscribed and sworn to before me this 27th day of July, AUiuun u. hiaw. Notary Public. Correct Attest: W. I. TTCWTS. M. S. THOMPSON, Directors, ID) FRED U. LEON AUD Orphans' Court Sale. Pursnant to the order of the Orphans' Court of Potter County, there will be sold at public sale, on the premises, in Uouenee nsinp, in saiu county, on iiiesuny, scribed rel estate, late of Charles Judge, deceased, to wit: All that certain lot oi janu siumtuu inwnHhln ol Genesee, bounded and described as follows: lieglnning at the southeast cor ner OI lOl nUlllUer IllIlUtJ'-BIA, Ul UlCttMUUUCUl of lands of the Bingham estate. In (Jenesee township, conveyed to James Wiles; tlieuce ulong the south line of said lot north eighty- twelve (fa,) east one hundred (100) perches; south thirty and seven-tenths (80.7) perches and east sixty-three (l-!) perches: thence along the west line ot lot number thirty (3m conveyed by P. Peraberton Morris, Adminis trator oi lUHijiau)UiJUUii auiuMi, north two 121 degrees east, lour M) perches; then along the west line of tot number twelve (1), north eighty-four and seven-tenths (2i71 contracted to he sold to Jaraes Wiles, aforesaid, and the south lines ot lot number four teen (14) convoyeti to irnniei union, west one hundred and thirty-seven perches aud nine-tenth, ( and thence along the west line of int. nilmher fourteen (14) aforesaid, north ten perches and flve-tenth to tbe place of beginning- containing seventy ana six-tenth (70.0) acres strict measure, be the same more or less, It being lot number eighty-nine xm of t.lio nllotment of Bluj-'iiaru lauds in Genesee Township, aforesaid, and part ol warrant number one thousand two hundred and eightv-three being the same lot ol land couveyed tosald Charles Judpe.deueiiRed, by the Bingham listata Trustees, by deed datetfjanuary 12th, A. 1). 18S7, and recorded in Potter Deed Book page four Hundred and seventy-eight, and theimprove-mentR consisting of one frame dwel1 iug house and some fruits trees. JOHN COULHTON, Administrator Mansfield State Normal School. An effective training school for teachers. Special attention given to Post Graduate work and preparing sLuileuts tor entering college. Expenses very moderate. Graduates from higher courses enter advanced Aliitmaa In enllrxm. KrniluntOH Irom lie Kle- mentary course are equipped for ihe practical work ot teacuing an urancnen in tneeinimum unlinrilQ diolntline' rnwi ntr ami nil vsielll cu I- ture. Prospective teachers receive maletial am irom inc siaie, rjiiuiuB l-aiuscb nn mi tlon, board, light, steam heat aud washing (IU weeks) in the Junior year lo jfitis, aud ii the Senior year to 8U. Four large buildings, all heated by nLoam flue athletic grounds; bosltlilul locution ample accommodations; thorough disci pliiuj Fall term opens August 1, WJl. For catulogue and information address SAMUEL H. ALUHO, A. Ph. Jy25-iw Principal, Manslleld. Pa, Administrator's Sale. LANDS OF MATILDA GEFFEKT. All niece or tract of land sitiv ot lirinLr mwi iiplnv in liiwnslilu of Kwe den, county of Potter and State of Pennsyl vania, nounaeu anu uesurioeu aa juiimwh, Wit: Hoirinninirnn tlifl pnst line ot the old farm lot of H. L. Bird, deceased, and tlie west lino of lot belonging to Edwin Lyman, ten feet norm oi tne lane or roau lemuuB irom uiy Ttim mini in the A. ll. Lvman saw mill: thence north twenty rods to the creek: thence down said creek south llfty-one and one-hair degrees west twelve and eight-tenths rods to a post; thence south eighteen rods to the road above mentioned; thence along the lower Htm of snirt road north llltv-eijiht and one lulf ilnumtiB ruhI. al(veii and seven-tenths rods to the place of beginning. Containing an acre and eighteen square rods, more or less, and being same lot of land conveyed to Matilda GelJert by J. M. Snall'ord et ai. by deed daled December flrst; one thousand eight hundred aud ninety, recorded In Deed tained thereon a two-story Irame dwelling bouse, stable ana iruit trees, i ue sunt us uu iintriprl.v r.1 Urn ol Matilda GcllCI't Ol Friday, August twenty-fourth, one thousand eight hundred and ninety-lour, at one o'-jlock p.m., at the Court louse, uouuerspon, Terms: Cash on confirmation of sale. FRANK BUCK, Administrator. OF School District for the fiscal year ending June imH TREASURER'S ACCOUNT MONEY RE CEIVED. Rnlnntvn nn band from last, venr 81237 "IT loopivcd from SLale aDuronriation IIU2 01 From collectors tw YHint.v Treasurer, unseated lauds, Jtc. From all other sources i hi SI0W 7-1 For purchasing grounds For building houses For teachers' wages For rent and repairs For fuel and contingencies Fees ol Tretwmrer Salary of Secretary, postage, For school books Total resources IK The above account has been duly audited ijy tlie auditors oi tuis uisii icl aim iuuuu them to be correct. C. H. HAXTON, A. W. CLINTON, Secretary. President. Jf k'cV ciu'tl (Lh'ti ch'tl I JQERG, gfii it if 2 in P- 1 4 f3 if 3 tf b- 14 in 9 .5 "a Agents for 7b Ihe Kttltor of the fitntentrtte Mrs. lsaio Kidney In visiting friend! in Ulysses. Tlie shower Hunday allemoon was very ao ceptauie. Tij r. icos In Sweden Saturday, Iss Ida lMinon. of Beaver Datii, is vlBltlng her oousln, Miss Matie Kidney. Elder ee delivered a very good sermon at the school house Sunday evening. CLARA NEWS. To the Editor of the Enterprise Many of this place made Coudersport a call laHt week. Mrs. J. M. Tyler visited her son, L. Ty ler last week. Otis Moffat bad the nifsfortuue to cut Lb leg a few days ago. Airs. George Bliss Is visiting with her mother, Mrs, Cole. There Is hope of having the second ball team In this place. The ball team has been reorganized. A few changes were made. Mrs. Hay Is again around the house, after a few weeks' sickness. Almeron Ferguson had business In Roulette one day last week. Mr. O. Beatman has been haying at his lather's place, near Shingle House. Many of tills place have hung up their bark spudB aud have taken up the occupation ol farming, haying being the order ol the day. ROULETTE NEWS. To th' Editor of the Enterprise: John Tenbrook 1b home from Ohio. Horn, to Mr. and Mrs. George Elmer, a son. Pointer While was home from Cross Forks a few days. Mr. Sherman Is digging the cellar for his new house. D. E. Boylngton and Master Guy Regan were In Oleau Friday. Several from here went on the excursion to Niagara Falls Tuesday. Clllt Johnson and Roy Fessenden apent two days at Gaines last week. Mr. and Mrs. Miles Marsh and Mr. aod Mrs. Boylngton attended the ptcnlc at Gardeau last Tuesday. The Baptist pulpit was filled last Sunday morning and evening by the new minister, who gave a very able sermon. Rev. Feathers gave one ol his most excel lent and Impressive sermons last Sunday morning, and the M. E. churcn Is to be con gratulated on having such a minister. ELEVEN JHILE NEW8. To the Editor of the Enterprise More wedding bells will soon ring. Jack O'Hara is working for Thomas Coyle. Beth Lyman of Mt. Vernon is home on a short vacation. Mrs. Ella Walker 1b visiting relatives at Os- wayo this week. Myra Healey and sister, Anna, vlBlted Ellis- bur last Tuesday. Mellaril Butter 11 eld and Eber Ferguson are working for Charles Walker. Johnnie O'Donne'l and Lawrence McNulty made a flying trip to Yankton Sunday. James Me Hale and family, of Irish Settle ment, went through this place Sunday, Kd Ferguson and family visited Mr. aud Irs. Walter Healey, ol" (Jhrystal last Sunday Miss Maud Ferguson, who was on the sick list last week, we are glad to say has recov ered. Married, at Wellsville, 23d instant, Mr. Ed- iu R. Thomas and Miss Edna E. GofT, both or this place, by Rev. Cowmau ol the Metho dist GENESEE ITEMS. To the Editor of the Enterprise Miss Eva Rodgers is visiting friends here. Miss Hettie Slanson Is very ill at her moth er's. Mrs. Vernon Monroe has returned from visiting her parents. Mrs. Edith Alexander is back again Irom Bullalo visiting Irlends. Mr. Williams, of Sweden Valley, has moved in over McGlnnis' store. Rev. C. E. Odell delivered a very Interest ing discourse lost Sunday. A number ol our young people went to El llsburg to witness the Gold Medal contest. Mrs. Kobblns and daughter, of Wellsville, were the guests of Mrs. Frank Sherman last week. The Kpworth League Group meeting watt held at Wellsville July 18. Some of the Ep- worthians from this place attended. Floyd Casey, lately a resident ol Wellsville, has Just completed the plastering of Frank Htngley's store and Is now employed In the same work for Wallace Hawks. He Is a nat ural mechanic, and the chimnles that he has built in this place give evidence of that fact. SWEDEN VALLEY. the Editor of tlie Enterprise O. W. Rossinan Is visiting friends at Mills. Born, to William Franklin and boy, Mrs. Owen Charles visited Eldred last week. Wm. Dodd, of IjHdred, Is visiting bis parents on ury Run. H. K. Dean Is cutting steak at Ed Frank1 meat market. Mrs. T. M. Hlnsabaugh visited her sister in Clinton county. Andrew Wagner, of Ulysses, is vlBltlng friends in Kweden Valley. Mrs. Thomas Man nab, ut Sweden Valley, visited friends in Roulette over Sunday last. There was a supper In the M. church given for the benefit of Elder Denuia. A good time and well attended. The Sweden Valley mill shut down for few days last week, and some of the boys took a trip to Cross Fork to see the slghta. Hon. Elymus Hackett bas bought a bicycle tie is like the Irishman that tied a log to hi body and set it rolling. Begorra, he 1b on top halt of the time. Messrs. Geo. Koch and Thomas Cantrell Misses Susie Dnnn.Clarle Dunn and Hannah Thompson made a visit to Westfleld last week. All report a good time. ULY88E8. To the Editor of ihe Enterprise: r. Perry Bingham went to Corning, N. Saturday on business. Mr. J. W. Bell, of Williamsport. was in this place the 20tb and 21st. Mr. Wm. Dent, of Brook land, was In this place on business Friday. Mrs. William Nette and children are visit ing her parents in Hector. Mrs Florence Neefe, Sweden, vlBited riends In this place last week. T. Q. Hull, of Brook land, was in this place Friday on bis way to Elinira, N. Y. Arthur Whitney Is very sick with typhoid lever. Dr. Church Ib attending him. Mr. Q. C. Merrlon, ol this place, had business at WestQeld one day last week. The Free Will Baptists will put cedar shingles on their church Id the near future. Mrs. A. J. English, of WestQeld, Tioga connty, visited Mrs. W- C. Griffln Friday. Mr. W.H. Lewis, of North Fork, Is In this place visiting relatives and working on the M. K. Church. We are sorry to learn that John Tripp Lewis, as he is called. Is sick. We hope that he may speedily recover. Mr. Thomas Hi-rat, of Westfleld, la la this place laying stone for tbe foundation wall tor the new M. E. church. Mr. Lewis Buch and sister Kunfce, of Addison, were In this place Saturday and Hunday visiting J. W. Lewis and family. Messrs. Cobb Chase sold 12 horses tn Ab bott and vicinity last week, and It wasn't much of a week lor selling horses, either. District Attorney W. B. Brlgbtman, of Har rison Valley, passed through here on his way to Andrews' Settlement to attend a law suit. Editor Evans, of the Sentinel, has made a decided Improvement in the outside appear ance of his house. He has built on an addition and painted It and nxade Borne other Mrs. William Grid ley, of Bingham township, died Friday night. Tbe deceased was about 70 years old and bad been tn poor health for some time. Her funeral was held Sunday atteruoon. The wall for the M. E. church Is nearly all laid. The corner stone will be laid Monday alternoon. Presiding Elder LAlimer will be present. r. P. C- Button will rush the Job along as fast as possible. Mr. F. C. Letter has tbe finest black cap raspberries. Early Ohio and Uregg varieties. They are on bis father-in-law's hum on the California road. He has one acre ot them. They bring 10 cents a quart. Mr. and Mrs. Griffln and their grand, son went to tbelr old borne in Sylvester, Ti oga county, last Saturday and returned Mon Mr. uriffln said thant had been day, tbe 21. very dry at Sylvester and that grai-shoppers are very thick there. They are destroying oatsand buckwheat, so tnat some tarmem ill lose their entire crops. Corn will be lu- jjured considerably by the grasshoppers. CoiIDERflPOKT, AUO. 1, 1894. STATE DEMOCRATIC TICKET. For Governor. WILLIAM M. B1NGERLY. For Lieutenant Governor, JOHN 8. KILLING. For Auditor General, DAVID F. MAGE IS. For Secretary of Internal Affairs, WALTER W. GHEu-NLAND. For CongresHmen-at-I Jirge, HANNIBAL K. 8 LOAN, J. C.BUCHEtt. The County Committee met today and decided to hold the Convention at Germania, August 28th. It was the almost unanimous sentiment of the Convention, and also of four-fifths of the Democrats of Coudersport, that Seibert should resign They did not want to force hhn out, but they gave him to nn derstand it would be a pleasure to receive his resignation. However, Seibert said no to-Uay. We are disposed to wait a few days longer. What's the use of holding a Con vention if Seibert doesn't resign 1 In his prayer before the Eepubli can Stat Convention of Iowa yes- terday, Rev. J. L. Weaver, of the Christian Church, said "The Dem ocratic party is about to be buried beyond resurrection. I pray that as the clods fall ou its coffin we may remember the good it did with the evil, if indeed, Lord, it has ever been responsible for any good The bigotry of such language from the lips of a professed preacher of the gospel is not astonishing in these days when the pulpit is made the rostrum from which peculiar doctrine 18 preached. It is language similar to this prayer of Rev, Weaver's that is fast emptying the pews in the churches. The Pullman Car Company, although it claimed to be doing such poor business as not to be able to pay its employes living wages, man aged last week to declare a quar terly dividend of 2 per a rate equal to 8 per cent a year. This does not indicate that the order for ears had fallen off a great deal which was given as an excuse for cutting the pay of the workmen. A corporation that is making 8 per cent, dividends ought uot to be compelled by hard times to gouge their employes iu their wages, But. it is evident that however poorly the men may fare, the Ful'man company is careful to maintain it own profits. Ita policy, however, may be to make its profits at the expense of its men. The Entebpuise hopes to see much good come to the working men of Pennsylvania from the im migratiou bill presented by Representative William A. Stone aod passed in the House without opposition or debate. The bill is far reaching in its effect on the system of inspecting immigrants, as the entire inspection is trauferred to foreign ports and placed in the hands of United States Consuls, instead of waiting lor inspection at New York and other ports when the immigrants arrive in this country. Mr. Stone says that he expects to see the bill taken up by the Senate at an early date and passed, and that already several Senators who recognize the evils of immigration have signified their intention to i ge its speedy passage. Governor Hogg, of Texas, al though uot a quadruped, is a queer animal. He predicted that within six weeks martial law would be declared iu California, Kansas, Col orado and Illinois, and that the an a re his la of Chicago would use dy namite and "bespatter the loffy buildings of the city with the lungs, livers and hearts of the citizens." Hon. Jerry Simpson has been renominated for Congress. Though it was Mr. Simpson's feet which gained him national notoriety, this Kansas populist's level head has won him considerable respect afc the nation's capital. The "President's predicament" is au oft-written alliteration these days, KILLED FOUR. A Los Angles- Ex Policeman Makes A Sensational Record. Los Anoelks, Joly .30. Three people iiJHt.aiitly killed and one fatally wounded was the wholesale murderous record made by Joe Craig, an ex-police officer, lasf night. About 5 o'clock Craig hi ted a horse and buggy uwiil drow to the houso of his divorced wite. Before Craig started he announced that he was going there with the intention of seeing his children, but murder was evidently his intention and he had armed wiih two revolvers and had bteu Uriuking h-avily during the afternoon. When he arrived at the home of his wile he deliberately diew a revolver and shot her dead- Her brother who was some distance Irom the house when the shooting occurred rushed to bis sifter's assistance. Craig shot him, indicting a wound which proved fatal. He then drove rapidly back to Los Angeles. Ar riving at the house ol his father-in-law, William Hunter, he tied up bis horse and, without any cere mony, ran into the house aud shot aud instantly killed his lather aud mother-in law. He then applied the pistol to his own head with (he intention of ending his owu exist ence, bnt only pucceerted in mlliot- inir a slight flesh wound. To neighbors rushed in and disarmed Craig, detaining him until the arrival of the police- He claims that his witt and her family have tre-- quentiy threatened his life and that his shooting anticipated the fulfillment of this threat. As a police oflicer Craig had the reputation of being very quarrelsome anu aggressive. He distinguished himself while on the force by participating iu numerous brawls. a Parkersburg, W. Va July 30. Franklin Valentine, a married I living not iar iroui uiauuBviuc, uaiuouu couuty, uas oeen up au improper intimacy with a widow named Mary Trader, living the same vioinity. On Sunday last Valentine and Mrs Trader de cided to leave the country, the neighbors having made it uncom fortable for them The matter was discussed in the presence of the tour-year old girl of Mrs. Trader, who did not want to go, and ran to Valentine's house, where she told Mrs, Valentine that her mother and Valentine were going to take her away. Mrs. Valentine broke up the in tended elopement, which so en raged Valentine and Mrs. Trader that they tied the little one to a tree in the woods and piled brush around her, then set it on fire aud left the child to its fate. Fortunately, Ira Johnson, who was bunting, heard the child scream, and arrived in time to tear away the blazing wood aod release her, but not until she had been horribly burned from her knees to her head. The child's clothing was burned away, her hair burned off and the skin over her whole body was mis tered. She cannot recover. The country people are aroused and are hunting the guilty couple and will wreak vengeance upon them if they are found. They are supposed to have made their way to the Ohio river. 8T0NED PULLMAM 8 HOUSE. An Anarchist Caught Smashing The Windows. Chicago July 28. George M. Pullman does well in nob coming to this city while the public mind is inflamed by the recent labor troubles. He is jo New Yoik city, and may not return here lor some time. Rightly or wrongly, a certain class hold M. Pullman responsible for all the disasters that have recently betaiien tnem, anu they seek his life. To-day an at tempt was made to wreck Pullman's great mansion by a wild Anar chist, Simon Beskins, a naturalized Russian, lie hurled many stones at the massive building, breaking out ten or a dozen large pi ale-el ass windows. He was arrested, charged with malicious mischief. When questioned he delivered himself oi courses against the United States Government and George Pullman. He said Pull man had thrown him out of work, and this was not the last Pullman would see of him. Later he ad mitted that he was a tailor bj trade and had not been working at any thing tor a ear. JNo weapons more dangerous than stones were tbuml on him. The servants were alone in the house, and they were bad ley scared. Reakios is said to be a well-known Emopeau An archist. The police are investiga ting his record, and his capture thought to be an important one. The Earth Torn Up For Thirty Miles As Though by a Volcano. Coffeyville, Kas, July Shortly after midnight a series of subteranean explosions occured at a natural gas well situated a short distance from this city. People were awakened and found the town briiditU illuminated aud the earth trembling, while showers of rocks could be seen bursting from the gas well. These weie hurled high in the air, and, decending, crashe 1 into the cottages in the neighborhood of that pit. As far as known, however, no one was hurt. Daylight disclosed a dismal sight. For thirty acres around th well thf earth was torn up as if by a voicano. Huge boulders lay about while several holes, many uf them fifteen to thirty feet deep, showed whence they came. Hou ses had been shattered, barns toppled over aud masses of earth ap peared where before the ground was level. The pnenomenon is uu accountable. CUT HI8 THROAT. He Tried to Hang Himself. But Failed, Then Used a Knife-Belmont, July 31. Monday John Dodson, a well-to-do farmer, living near Angelica, left his home with out telling the family where he was going. As he failed return that night they began to feel uneasy about him and a searching party was organized. He was found yesterday morning in the woods with his throat cut. It seems that he had first tried to hang himself, but uot succeeding he then made use of the knife. He must have contemplated the act for some time, for it is found that some money which he had in the bank had been trans ferred to his daughter's credit. He (iu years and apparently en joyed bis surroundings. MISTAKEN FOR BURGLARS. An Excited Boy Hills His Father and Sister, Birmingham, July 28. Mistaking his father and sister for burglars early this morning, Willie Collins, aged 12, shot them both. The father, John Collins, who is a gardener, was instantly killed, and the daughter, Maggie, aged lti, will de. Mr. Collins thought he heard thieves i'i the garden, and, with his daughter, went out to investi gate The closing of the door aroused Mrs. Collins, who awoke Willie, telling him burglars were trying to get in. The boy got a Winchester and blazed away, with the above fatal results. A Battle With a Shark. Oyster Bay, July 30. A shark nine teet long has been caught in the Hound ou oyster Kay ana towed ashore. When cut open a child's finder, ttadlv mangled, was found in the stomach. The shark is the longest ever caught in these walei'S- Capt Joe Lock wood and Mr. Thompson were the captors They had a bard struggle, their boat being nearly capsized. After 'towing the shark -some distance they killed it by a shot. Uy bay was taken with a disease resem- bling bloody tinx. The flrnt thing 1 thought of waa chamberlain's 4'ollr, Cholera and Diarrhoea Kemedy. TwodiMes of it settled m. a. iuuummi ufugguu Mr. JackTn, a bjok ngent.of fort Allegany, was In this community a lew days ago. Mrs. Kit Decker, of Logue, was visiting Duval's and Bailey's a lew days this week. Daniel Batron recently moved Into his nw house. Dan has got down now where he can see out. Mrs. Hattle Bailey, ol Lyman Hun, spent Halurday night with Mrs. Ruth Barclay and i Sunday and Sunday night with Harrison Bailey. During the heavy thunder Btorm on last Friday the lightning struck a tree on Halley Narrows, setting it afire. When nightfall name the light of It could be seen in tne valley below. Messrs. Spaflord of Lyinansvllle, While of Roulette, aud Williams of Sweden Valley, with their wives, were at Hon. Sol. Ross' the first oi the week on an eel catching expedition. Their catch was not very Itirge. Pn last Friday night Keth Briggs had rather a rough experience by accidenlulty taking a descent over the dug road near David Card's, The night being very dark, he was feeling his way by the railing and the earth slipped away. He went under the ratling and lauded on the railroad track. He was painfully hurt, but ndt seriously, The School Board met last Saturday In this place, and elected the following teachers for the school year of seven months: Williams. AgnesScholeB; Roots, Angle Moore; Wharton; OmieBerfleld; Nelson Run, L. L. Jack- Bailey's, Mabel Cusb; Berlleld, Muggie Bailey. The uniform salary Is per mouth. School opens Septembur 3. OSWAYG FACTS. To the Editor of the Enterprise: r. and Mrs. Thompson, of Coudersport, are vlBltlng at A. A. Fresno's. Mr. and Mrs. W.W.Crittenden, were In Wellsville Friday and Saturday, B. Payne and wife are entertaining brother and his wife, of Gibson, Pa. Mrs. Bella Streeter, with her children, are visiting her parents, Mr. and rs. C. Karl. A. A. Presho Is back in the tannery office and operates the telegraph machine again. The Tannery Company are about to make very extensive repairs In the tannery here. George Head is putting steam power In his milt to supply the increased demand (or lumber. Charles Day, of Wellsville, was the guest of mine host" McGonlggle the first of the week B. Rumsey aud wife were calling on friends in Spring Ml 11b and Wellsboro this week. Mrs. Effie Harris is very 111. It is reported that her friends are very doubtful as to her recovery. N. Ayres, formerly of this place, but late of Elllsburg. has returned, bag and baggage. We are glad you are back, Nate. The railroad grade will be completed into town this week. There are fourteen carloads of rails at Genesee, Oswayo will soon "ride on a rail." A good many from Urn place attended the baptismal service conducted by the United Brethren minister. Rev. Allen, in Tyler Hol low. Fourteen were baptized by Immersion. An Italian, one of the railroad men, while holding both hands over the wrong end of a gun Sunday, accidentally discharged it, the uan going Miruugu uom uuu. no win iuso the middle finger of each hand. The A. U. heM session Saturday evening and Installed officers for the present term. Ice cream and cake were served lor the good of the order, some outsiders going In to help enjoy It. All report a very pleasant time. ELLIS BURGFADT8 To the Editor of the Enterprise: John Pye 1b selling new potatoes. Mumps are alt the go around here. The slock at tbe Burns mill is nearly sawed. Sunday last KlUnburg was treated to some nice showers. Orson Ellis, of Ohio, visited Elllsburg friends recently. Quite a number went srom around here on the excursion last Sunday Mrs. Gertrude Gllliland won the gold medal In the contest at this place. Crops are looking fine in this section. Berries are not as plentiful as usual. Mr. Jack and Will Kelly, with their wives, visited relatives in Coudersport. Boss Kelly, with his crew oi men, will commence to lay the railroad lrou his week. Mr. Male Ayers has moved his family hack to OBwayo. We miss them very much. Italpb Nelson, while huckleberry lug last week, killed a large rattlesnake. It hud nine rattles. Conductor Kelly, Engineer Judd and Fireman Brizzie went to Oswayo on their wheels Wednesday. We are expecting every moment to hear that another one ol our bachelors has goue and got married. Who, who P. V. Byrnes has been giving away his dollies, they got so small. This is a hoy. We don't know but Pat will have to have a hoop on yet. Frank Smith has moved to Corning, N. Y. Ira Smith has taken tbe house vacated by Frank and Mr. A. Brands the one vacated by r. Ayers. Since the great railroad strike A. J.Skel-He has employed a new clerk. The little fel low only welgas ten pounds, but the papa would tip Ihe Bcales at about two hundred. Elllsburg Is still In a flourishing condition Have not written for Beveral weeks beeause we have bet waiting for more of tbe railroad iron to come, and, like all other gossips, we wanted to be the nrst to tell about it II will be here shortly. The Gold Medal contest, undertlie manage ment of MlssOsIe Snead, held at this pluce luly 21 was a success in every way but one the house was too small for the crowd that wanted to get in. The Judges, Mr. Arthur Perry, of Whitesvllle, and Mrs. W. W. Crittenden and Mrs. David Kumsey, of Oswayo, were competent aud impartial. The contestants, ftligs Edith Webster, Mrs. Maud Keed, Mr. Fred Estes. Mrs, Gertrude Nelson Gllliland, Miss MinnieSherwood, MIhh Esther James, all did credit to themselves and their trainer. The medal was awarded to Mrs. Gerlrudu Nelson Gillilaud. Mlas Edith Webster and Miss Maud Keed also deserve honor able mention. Unfortunately for her, a re cent attack of the mumps had left Miss Sherwood's throat in had condition. MINE OFFICIALS KILLED. Carriage In the Exeter Shaft at Pittston Gives Way. Wilkes Barre, July 30. A number of Lehigh Valley Coal Company officials went on a toui oi inspection i.t tne Jixeter mine, one of the company's collieries at West Pittston. Tne party consisted oi Superintendent Colonel A. Mason, of Ptttaton, KODerc mercer, ot tne Lehigh Valley engineer corps of this city, Pfofessor Burrell of the Lehigh Diversity aud Inside Foreman Wilson. With the party was the foreman, Jacob Gates. While going up the old shaft, which is a second opening for tb Exeter si i alt, the bottom of the carriage gave way and precipitated the men to tbe bottom. Gates, the io i email, wheu he felt the timber si vine way, held on to the side of the bunting until he was rescued. Colonel Mason was killed by the shock; Inside Foreman Wilson was lataliy wjarea ana aieu suortiy after. Mr. Mercer was badly injured and Professor Burrell slightly hurt. He and Mr. Pittston were taken to the Pittston Hospital. The Exeter shaft is one in which in 1870. 27 men and boys met death from suffocation by the burning of the breaker, which was directly over the shaft. Saved From a Snake's Poison- Bristol. Pa July 30. Several applications of Hash cut from a live spring cnicken enaoiea ur., of Pinoville, to save Miss Mary White, of Buckingham Val-lev. from death by a poisonous snake, which had bitten the calf of her leg while she gathered berries The tirst pieces of chicken applied to ihe bite were turued green by the pOlSOn. The leg WitS badly before the applications. r.w wninaii ifi m.w nut. a i OI uaugoi. WOOD STEEL MOWERS. WTA.ED STEEL AND CHILLED PLOWS. THE WELLS RUSTLESS IRON WATER PIPE. THE CONKLIN LUMBER WAGON. Glass, Paints, Oilsr Varnishes, Sash, Doors, Felt Roofing, Steel and Tin. Large stock, fiue assortment and at the lowest Prices. EIMER Roulette, Pa. COOL, E11YIER Costello, Pa. KIES. EIMER i Galeton, Pa. GALE i EIMER. Genesee. Pa. the Celebrated- Pa. Opposite Crowell House you will And Ice Cream Soda at 56., also HOGARTH E. W. R. Co. To make room we will sell all Summer Dress Goods and Shoes at greatly reduced prices. DEALERS- IN DRUGS, Medicines, Perfumes, Toilet Articles, and everything Jound in a Erst-class Drug Stoi-e. e5 to 5f3 63 is STATIONERY, INK, PENS, and all Book Supplies. Sole Agents for the Celebrated Minor Shoes. ff3 Paints, Oils and Varnishes Shellac, Ochre, White Lead and Colors in Oils. E. W. ROBINSON CO. 3 Soda Water and Cigars a Specialty. Coudersport, jo'fl cO iOi cajI Edward HbQinptk, a prominent druggist of )ie mailer and curt-d biin sound and well. Minneapolis, Minn. "I bve sold the rem- heartily recommend this remedy to all per-dy In th city lor over wveii years and con- wMisKufferlng from a like complaint. 1 will elder it superior to any atier medicine now miwer any inuuirie. mmling it wiit-u srs 50 cent buttles ol thin remedy lor sa by M. jTiiimiy, Canipboll Tto. For Bale by 6 7 7 8- Thompson A Druggist.

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