The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 22, 1950 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 22, 1950
Page 13
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THURSDAY, JUNE 22, 1950 (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THIRTEEN Beat the Heat with fruit Salad Strawberry Alaska Is Cool Summer Dessert Containing Protein, Calcium and Riboflavin lxx>klng lor an exciting summer crop for some really mouth-watcr- ;ssert? Then here's a cool answer, nc desserts. Here's another oiu FOB HEAT-WILTED APPETITES try a LieM l>owl «t chilled fnlil salad Inppcil with molasses cheese sauce. tablespoons light New Or- type molasses. Spiii*!^ '" Fresh Jruit salad with nn unusual dressing is Ihe kind of novelty up hot weather appe- that iwrks tites Here's an unusual molasses cheese sauce for your fruit salad. Molasses Cheese Sauce fur Fruit Salail Beat together one square cream cheese. 3 tablespoons lemon juice and 3 k'ans chopped nuts. Serve with fruit salads. For the sahid. use melon cherries, grapes, ornm;e and grapefruit sections, arranged in tndivid ual bowls, garnished with tende greens. Pass sauce in separate bowl t's good nutrition, too, for all the amtly. Ice cream Is an Important lalry fogd, remember, containing irotein, calciutn and rlboflavin. Quick Strawberry Alaska (Servc.1 C) One quart suawuerry Ice cream (UultO, 6 large site cuji cakes, 3 egg whites, 6 tablespoons sugar, 1 teaspoon lemon Juice, '/i cup strawberry jam. Place ice cream In freezing com- pnvtment of refrigerator until ready for use. Cut the centers from the cup cakes, leaving a hollow large enough for a scoop of ice cream. Hescrve the centers for another dessert. Beat egg whites unt'i stiff enough to stand in peaks. Fold in sugar a tablespoon at n time, beating after each addition. Add raon juice. Just before serving, place the ip cakes on n bread board. Put tcaspootiftil of jam in hollow of ich cake and top with !ce cream, omplctely cover the ice cream nd cake with a thick layer of icringue. Bake in preheated hot ven (450 degrees F.) for 5 min- tes. Place on serving plates and erve immediately. To u:;e leftover cup cake een- Ptmi/y Style Tea Sandwiches Make Attractive Luncheon Dish Oversized copies of dainty teatime sandwiches provide the homemaker with an attractive Hmcn- time treat. To complete this summer's menu they nre served with a hot vegetable, a tossed green salad and dessert. Reba Staggs, home economist, juggests ready-to-serve meats for the sandwiches. Slices of bread mav be cut In large rounds (save crusts for scalloped dishes), spread with parsley butter and topped with round slices of bologna. HaV hamburger buns may be used vlilch utilizes, red raspberries: Ilasiibery Ceam Cornucopias (Makes aliout \'A to 1 dozen cookies) Cookies: One-quarter cup butter k cup powdered sugar, VJ cup milk. 1 cup cake flour, sifted teaspoon vanilla extract. Cream butter, add sugar gradu ally. Stir in milk a little at a time Add flour and vanilla extras Spread very thin with » broad long-bladed knife on a well-butter ed Inverted dripping pan. Hake i moderate oven (350 degrees P. until delicately browned (about 1 to 12 minutes). Remove from oven, and quick' cut Into 3-inch squares. Roll lie shape of a cornucopia, cookies become too crisp to ro return "*to oven to soften. It is in ijorunt to work quickly to get tl ;st results, Filling: l'/i pints heavy crea (whipped). 1 cup raspbcrrlc crushed, \\ cup powdered sugar. Mix whipped cream, sugar a raspberries. Fill cooled cookies wi raspberry whipped cream rcpared mustard, 1|2 teaspoon alt, 1|2 teaspoon Worce.stershlrc auce, 3 tablespoons sweet pickle elish, 1|4 cup mayonnaise. Carefully cut eggs in hall length•Ise and remove yolks. Ma-sh • yolks 'llh a fork. Add remaining Injre- ients and mix well. Pile yolk mlx- ure Into halves o( egg white. diir- nish wltli thin slices of sweet pickle Here's another luncheon mull dish perked up to gourmet flavor vlth pickle rcltsh. ers: Cut cake Into cubes and toast Piquant Deviled Eggs Tile heads of Moore barley, i lew strain, stay on when ripe, thn allowing the farmer to wait untl he whole crop is ready to harve* 1 bes and toast !.!,.,. • "", n a moderate oven (350 degrees I Ada Y anety to Luncheon FJ for about 10 minutes or until For a meatless luncheon mnm dish salad, use eggs (they are on the economy list) made piquant with pickle relish. I>Ii|uiinl Deviled Kfgs golden brown. E J iace on serving lishes and top with pistachio ice cream and crushed sweetened berries. With the berry season In full swing, it's only sensible to lake advantage of this year's luscious Six hard-cooked eggs, 1 tcas|>oon Hunt's 14 oz. bottles TO CATSUP 2'« Del Monte, No. 2'/a cans Forbes these sandwiches too. Or bologna may be ground, sea soned with horseradish and mois ened with mayonnaise, then sprc.i on bread diamonds, strips or li angular halves. For more variation for the serving plntter, rye bread may be spread with liver sausage and decorated with thill bits of mustard pickle. Or luncheon meat may be mixed with chopped peanuts (or grated carrot) and mayonnaise. For a finished look, the open-faced sandwiches arc garnish ed with stuffed olive slices, swee I pickle silvers or parsley bits. Chicken on Sunday? Try Casserole Serving—It's One of Best Buys Here's chicken again lor Sunday. But it's one of the best meat buys today, Is ea5y to ccclt and most people enjoy It. Casserole of Chicken With Vegetables BUwIng chicken, 3 to 4 pounds ready to cook (4 to 5',4 pounds dre««d weight), salt, pepper, flour, 2 iifcs-spoons fat, 2 cups hot water, 2 Sriium-sizcd carrots, sliced, IVj cups chopped celery, 1 small onion, . chopped, 1 small grccii pepper chopped. . Cut chicken In serving pieces. Season with salt and pepper, sprinkle with flour. Heat fat in a heavy pan and brown the chicken In It Remove chicken to a casserole, or leave in the pan if it is suitable for oven use. Add hot water and 14 teaspoon salt. Cover closely. Cook: In tne oven at 325 degrees F. fslow) until almost tender—about 3 Si hours. Add water as needed dur- ' ing cooking to keep liquid at original level. Add vegetables and cook SO minutes longer. Mix 2 table- upoons flour with » little cold water. Add several spoonfuls o( hot liquid from the casserole. Stir mixture into liquid casserole. Cook 10 to IS minutes longer. That recipe is from "Family Fare" published by the United States Department of Agriculture. It's one of the best gifts any June bride can get. Tt costs only 25 cents, from the United States Government Printing Oifice, ^Vashington 25, D.C. Here's a luncheon or Sunday supper suggestion, also from "Family Fare." Creamed Chicken (•I servings) Two tablespoons table fat, H cup chopped celery, lit teaspoons chopped onion. I tablespoon -chopped green pepper, li cup flour, IVi cups chicken broth. \~ cup milk or cream, i I',4 cups diced cooked chicken, salt to taste. [ Heat the fat and cook the celery, onion and green pepper In it until tender. Blend the flour into the fat and vegetable mixture. Stir in the chicken broth and milk or cream and cook to a smooth sauce, stirring constantly. Add chicken to sauce and season with salt. Heat the mixture thoroughly and serve on riee, toast, or biscuits. 8-oz. From 1900 to 1010, the U.S. population increased more from immigration than from births. 6aV& for Your 8v* lnde>pendenoo Looking for a safe, easy way to save money? Then U.S. Savings Bonds arc just made (or yon. They've got tbe strongest backing in tire world—the U.S. Governmcnl—and in ten ycare they'll pay back four dollars for every three you invest today. Buy bonds today lb rough your Payroll Savings Plan or the Bond A Month club at your hank. Buy U.S. Savings Bonds. ""'"SALAD DM5S1NS Large Angel Food Embassy PEACHES 5 "s« 1.00 ICED TEA Kroger—Sliced or Halves Kroger PRESERVES 2'-35? LIMA BEANS Kroger Peach White and Green VELVEE& £5 7% CORN 3 Kraft Cheese Food Standard Cream Style White JUICE 2 16 ~~ Wt PRESERVES "z 29< Kroger Tomato Hunt's Strawberry MILK ^ 100 STRAW""™ "-• 39tf Kroger Pure Evaporated Winter Garden Fresh Frozen SUGAR 'E 89< BREAD 2 2 Pure Cane Granulated Kroger—New Super Soft VINEGAR «. IH SOAP Gold Dollar Wrisley PICKLES "z 190 CIGARETTES *, 1.87 Harmony Dill All Popular Brands COCKTAIL - - - 31 c 7 Ibs. Niagara, 12 or. box Cardinal, full quart U. S. No. 1 Tea Table, npron bag OB 10 ,„ 490 FLOUR 25 Ita .T H !{cd ripe Clubber Girl, 25 ox. tin : , lh 5$ BAKING POWDER ..250 Calif. Smihisl Lovely No. 2 can No. 303 cans Tasty juicy !£ES ........ ,,o, 370 ICE CREAM MIX 2 te 150 Good finality LElHS .............. ,,,330 MINUTE RICE 2.270 Iceberg, large beads o ...... L heads 0 L for LUX SOAP 100 Bath Bar OXYDOL Lge. Pkg. IVORY SOAP Personal Bar For easy, summertime meals it's 'Reatfy-fo-Scit May rose Hani! i-Ho Crackers shine 300 Sunshine CRISCO It's Digestible 3-Lb. Can 870 410 Tea Table NOODLES Welch pure MlTwvT 1fi^ GRAPE JUICE SVSSLSWS Tall cans SUP . ' ., Oscar Mayer TrT"" WIENERS C'KTAIL S590 • •" Ivy Oscar Mayer, Hnrbccucd Creamy smoofh, Vl pi. fiEEF OR PORK 12 0 ,. 490 & A i ft f^ i^i^c^yif i^ o ocx UHLK!'! Em OI illS L for £3p Nuzest Sweetened Frostcc Ice Cream G FRUIT JUICE No. 2 tin 160 BfllW A AA j |^H| X ^ f ZSC Q u:ilit y> 6 ° 7 " P k s:„,„ NABISCO CREAMS 190 Fine Shortening SWIFTENING 3 lb 760 Fine Cereal f UJJf CORN SOYA 150 I'opular bnintls, large si/c " 650 WASHING POWDER 250 All purpose Wrisley rufriRcrulor bag IGAFLOUR....25, bbl , K T° TOILETSOAP 10ea k e S 590 Swift's Premium ' Tall Cans Hnyal Gnesl UTALOUPES FRYERS Jumbo Vine Ripe 27's Size 1950 Farm Fresh Farm fresh No fuss and bother in a hot kitchen. ..not with tender, sugar-cured Mayrose ham. It's "rtady-to-cat" with a delicious "center-slice" flavor from end-to-cnd. Simply slice and serve. With its fine, smoked-in flavor, it's •wonderful for lunches . . . ideal for picnics. And when you serve Mayrosc, you know it's the finest because only top-quality hams bear the Mayrose braadi vet Mayrose RCADY- TO-EAT Homo Fcenemlll, ST. LOUIS INDEPENDENT PACKING CO. ST. LOUIS, MO. 29c ored irspes - ib. 35c Persian—juicy Full Flavored Seedless—Sweet Ripe Thompson New Crop Tender Lb. Bacon ib Sliced-—Corn King Salt Meat ib Streak 0' Lean whiting ib •* Potatoes U.S. No. 1 Washed Reds K - 9! 49c 25c 15t .57c FRYERS - - - Swift's Oriole, 3-5 lb. pieces Fresh tender LIVER - - - IGA Super Market West Highway 18 Blytrieville, Ark. Phone 6122

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