The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 18, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 18, 1933
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Served bu the United Press BLYTHEVILCE GDUKIEK THt DOMINANT HIWBPAPni OP NOimn|»BT ARKANSAS AND 6ODTK»AJST MI8SODRI f HOME VOL. XXX—NO. 234 ( SSa! BIATHKVILLE, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, DKCKMBIW 18, 1033 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS HIT-RUN DRIVER KILLS AGED MAN AT STEELE SEEK fiFlER ME BITTEN HERE Bcr* Duoan and George Means Attacked liyj Animal F.arly Today. • A large cur doa. believed to be infected with rabies, which ni- ttickcil Wo men mi the streets of this city ccirly this morning, was the object of an extensive search h." rwlice today. Tlie victims of the supposed mad ! COR were Bert Dugaii, cafe clief r.nd former policeman. and George Means, packing company salesman. 40 r ' Delmar avenue. Ducjan was attacked by the do 1 : on fiocond street. a half block off Main. aim lei n ei to take anti-rabies serum which was enroule here this morning. The cafe eninhive told police he walking norlh on Second street when a large black ' do?. running alon? the walk, snapped at the leg of his trousers. Dinan kicked at, the dog and instead of retreating the animal sprung at him. biting him on the arm and leg and tearing his coat, and prints. Diigan. attempting to fi?ht the dog off, beat a. hnstv retreat mto Jlmtnie O'Brien's cafe. A dog, similar in appearance and certain to have been the same, j according to police, showed no on Delmar. several blocks from Main ! and Second, later in the morning, j Means said lie saw (lie dog ap- m caching as he stepped out of his house. The canine acted strangely. Means said, and staggered about the street. Nearint? Means Pardon Pledged Lynch Suspect Smith Gives Roosevelt , Full Credit for Repeal NEW YORK, Dec. 18 IU1')—An address in which former Governor Alfred E. Smith praised President Uco'-cvelt'.s !>3i'l in re|x>al SS'ILS token today as indicating Smith's disagreement with the udiniMislrnlion) was over matters of principal and j in no way Involved |>ersonar is-j sues. Speaking at the Manhattan club. Smith commended Dr. Nicholas Murray IJutlcr and otlii'rs for their eftorts in behalf of repeal and added: "The one man who put over re- Iieal is now president of the Unlt- cd Slates," ,T — - ' » I B to reiteration ol GOT f James Rolpli, Jr. Cataldl, celt- i styled courier of the mob that ; slew tlie kidnapers of Brooke ") Han. was arrested after ha boasted ot his etploit and -was freed OB |10,00« bond. Left Here December 9 to Inspect Timber South of Bi" Lake. Interruption of T h e Not Necessary to Establish Rule by Technicians Says Scott's Foes. The opposing schools qf Trch literary, thrlr agreements aud llrHr dl'-HKrfenienls, arc described In the following artlclr, the last of IHU written fur'this r»wh|ia.»r. BY PAUL 'HARBISON NEA Service Staff Corretpondtnt NEW YORK, Dec. 18.—Tlie two t Technocratic organizations which . emerged from the skyrocket | and disruption of the movement a year ago now find themselves variance mostly In matters of policy rather than essential concepts. Each Is convinced that the fundamentals of Technocracy some day will bring about a new era of prosperity. That's their 'story, and they're stuck with it. Technocracy Inc.. under the leadership of Howard Scott, maintains something of Ills original revolutionary defiance toward the ByoByc, Bachelor Days •fomwavd Flight From Florida Is Unexpected. CHARLESTON, S. C.. Dec. 18 (UP)—Col. arid Mrs. Charles A. i 'pdbergh landed their red and black monoplane at 2:35 p. m. eastern standard time today. Lindbergh landed his plane at th e r . a vy yards on the Cooper existing governmental and social river /nere. Reason for tlie landing here was not given. The famous flying colonel-would not Indicate whether he intended to spend the night. MIAMI, Fla., Dec IB. (UP)—Col. nnd Mrs. Charles A. Lindbergh tcok off at 9:54 a.m. eastern, standard time today en what was expected fo be the last of an extended flight lhat has carried incm to four continents and across the North aiid South Atlantic oceans. Colonel Lindbergh was pursued '- by a plane piloted by Karl Boel- who. like p,]]Ran. is a husfcv man fought "of i the infuriated cur but " •; Johnson In an effort to solve the! tier, whose plans was chartered by j. disappearance of her husband, 38, the Miami city pjblicity bureau to ^^^^^•^^^S^£^3 p ™ ° f !L ^ h -"' 13 smaller cuts nbon't the iiands !"'• " "'"™?' "I.?," 1 "^!' l ™' '," and arms. Three Inches of Rain Here Since Friday V the nig Lake section, Foul play fcarr-d. Johnson left here December 9, more than a week ago, apparent- to check a tract of timber be- sald to belong to | the Sin»cr Sewing Machine com- Hainfall during the 24 hour per-i pany. He was last seen Tuesday, led ending at 7 a. m. today nrr. 12. nt R. M. Sain's store at amounted to 1.53 inches, bringing . T!ij Lake and is understood at that (lie total since Friday afternoon otjtime ot have been inquiring about 323 inches, the greatest amount I roads in • that vicinity. Johnson lii a similar period for several wore a lumberjack aiid had on | lake flight. Lindbergh fraud no difficulty in eluding him in Ihe speedy monoplane, .howevc-r und no spectacular Krial duel occurred as-did Saturday when Lindbergh dueled -with a ncws'rccl plane, for-20 minutes. Although Lindbergh refused to say definitely, what was his ,'des. l inatloii as he speeded northward months. overall;! over his trousers and also morning as tinned. a steady rain con- The heavy precipitation caused considerable damage count ry That the (our inch mark would | wore a brov.-n hat. He had only a be reached appeared likely this small amount of cash hut was carrying a cashier's check for about S90. He was driving a Ford coupe with l/juislana license number 1CC-1G5. It is understood that the John- foils were stopping at Billie's Tourist camp on South Division street where Mrs. Johnson is now await, ing word from her husband. This Again Heads • morning she visited the sheriff's office, after other efforts to locate her husband had failed, seeking a description of the property Johnson was to inspect. A check of 'he records in the sheriff and collector's office failed to reveal any roads, maklns trafflcc over dirt roads very difficult, atid causing gravel roads to become rough. Local Masonic Lodge n. E. Blaylock has been reelected worshipful master of the local Masonic chapter for the coming year. Oiher officers nam- tract of land in this district of the The Continental Committee on Technocracy, representing n more conservative element, does not be^ lleve lhat a technical dictatorship is neceysarv.for the gallon's salvation. It, hnlds that. Technocracy could function under" our demo- CTitlc Frticme 'just as easily as a slncle industry, snch as the mil- roods, could he put .under centralized technical control. * * * Both croups agree on Hhe following ideas: '• ,'• The condition: M*ny " beople Against Poverty Ends in Double Killing I'ASKAIO, N. J.. I>CC, IB (UI'l- Inmtlaailon '.inlay revealed a \ui;th's .sunj'.»tt; [Kjverty lln, illy lid him to kill his :.illii« mother mil himself Ivcunv hi' bL'llt-vi'd It the best thing to IID." was oni' at "i.-i) chlldi.'ti. lie wiw the eliliillD 1 W pa i]. 01 . •npliorl of tin.- fumlly bin hndj lJ<KI ""- dl »<-l to Long List .of Lesser Accidents.. l.nn unable to Und work f<ir stv- 1 months T'sri-e was no lomi mimry In th.' huiisu y-esiiTiluy nnd h'h i:ii)iln-r was ;,litti-i in^ flunl ;,Mhm;i. Thi' yiuith iirrun(]i i d for ill.' IjlUtllL-IS ,11'li. Motorlsl.s and pedestrians found to leave i tvuvi'l dangerous over the week- . lln: hoir.u. 'llii'h ns his mother,! uid In the bad weather of Mrs. Aiinii IXiliV mt at the kit-1 the winter. A. number of road tiil>L' ren-Jiii; u blbli;. he 11;-- accidents occurred In tlie Blytlie- The films' most-sought-after bachelor Ls a linclit'cr no longer A measured march to the altar In New York ended al, that fur Gary Coci|>er. thrlll-Bivini; hero of ninny a celluloid romance, with Veronica B;iHe. of New York and Hollywood, as the brlJo. Here they are, gioivlng with happiness, after taking their vows It was the first marriage for both. Gary's 31; his bri'le. 20. .hol Into her liciui. Uolak li'i-ni'd the RUM (.n himself but the :!.ot WHS nut Immediately fulul. lie wns (ur.eii ifi til. Mury's hcs. whcn: In: told police "moth. •-•]• «us -In mlsiM-v and hud nothing lu i':ll ;;o-l lV>i]c,hl tliki wns the lo fin." ICE MOCK Missotinans Demand Action, on -School Aid and Utilities Bills First. JEFPEDSON CITY, Mo., Dec. !8 'Ul'> — I'he cry of a determined have «one while food'stiiffs ^jere belrjir destroyed and allowed fp rot. Mnny have worn rags Vhlle cows of «oti<>n wtit-'btln a plowed nndeV/Many' have' Slept ''on nark benches while vacant buildings were everywhere. to join his son, John Morrow, .for our old e'condi Christmas, It'wv; believed he. was price' control r headed for .New York" city 'and - "' ' would land at College'Point.- • He had loaded his plane .with enough gasoline to-carry hirri'l,- GOO miles. ' ' " : Jefferson Caffery," personal • "representative of President Roosevelt in Cuba, succeeding Ambassador Funnier Welles, left for. Havana a!so this niormojj and he chatted vtth Lindbergh tefore he boarded his own plane. After Lindbergh had lifted his plane from the water he circled over the jea bjse, dipped his •..-ings slightly !r. salute, and roar- td northward up the coast. Legion Members Urged To Attend Meeting Important matters will be taken ed are: Ivy V.'. Crawford, senior! comity owned by the Singer Sew-1 llp a t n meeting of the Dud Cavvardm: Warren Wright, junior) ins Machine company but It was'con post of tlir:' American Legion considered probable lhat the «mi-| lon | slu it was announced today oanv coi.ld have timber rights to I b} Nt . m Rced . collllllBllder . warden: J. W. Whitworlh. senior ceacon; Horace V/alpole, junior deacon; L. A. Waters, secretary; J. O. Barnes, treasurer; Harry Weidman, senio- master of ceremonies: C. h. Rnmsey, junior mas- trr of ceremonies; Tommy Reed. Tyler; U. W. Mullins. chaplain. being recorded In its Tlle member. ttle Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T 110 1-2 Anaconda 135-8 Bethlehem Steel 34 3-4 Chrysler 501-8 Cities Service 17-8 Coca Coin 93 1-2 General American Tank 33 General Eleoiric 18 "r-5 General Motors 351.2 International Harvester 38 1-8 Middlewest Utilities 1-8 Montgomery Wcril 21 7-8 New York Ccnlral .... 33 6-8 Packard 33-4 Phillips PolrcHim .... 15 3-4 Radio 07-8 Simmons n-d"- IG 3-8 St. Louis-San iTanclsco 2 \A Standard of N. J 44 3-4 Texas Co 25 1-4 U. S. Slcel 46 1-8 lows dub will be discussed. — I ,. __ - mr • I "-no tlUW «1IJ LTC UULUAdCU. Lhlles Mayor 01 KeiSCr ! He Is asking that all members OSCEOI.A, Ark. — J. K. Chiles tvas ole*'*' 1 ^ "iavo-- of Keiser at a cent election following Incorpor- R. H. Robinson. John Walls. Harry •Uion of the town, W. M. Tavlor. Dunavant and E. C. Cook were elected aldermen. attend. RICHMOND. Tex. <UP) - Fori the. first time In 95 years the Fort Bend County grand jury adjourned recently without returning a murder indictment. New York Cotton NEW YORK. Dec. 18. (UP) — Cotton closed barely steady. open high low close Dfc 993 M6 98fi 986 Jan !W4 DSD 986 980 Mar. ... 1013 1017 1005 1005 May ... 1028 1031 1018 1018 July ... 101Z 1044 1032 1032 Oct. ... 1000 1062 1048 1048 Ei»ts closed Quiet at 1005, off 5. Chicago Wheat open hli>h Dec. 82 1-2 93 ^_4 May 85 85 7-8 low close K2 3-B i« 484 84 3-4 Chicago Corn own high low close nroblems of: production obviously have been''solved.'Tp' put these Foods and services Into. : the hands of Individuals. .: -' : The "solution: To realize that imic system, with its • based on, an assumo- tlon of : -scarcity; Is. outmoded bv the fact that "actual - scarcity no loncer-exists.. To replace . tliis by h . new economic system based on,' the-fact.of nlehty. with purchasing power equalling production.' * ' * • Of. course there are almost innumerable, other aspects. You may recall that the early Technocrats calculated that If all persons between the ages of 20 and 40 were I'i't Info constructive occupations, rach would have to work only 16 hours a week to provide himself with a standard of. living equlval- "it tn that provided today by a $10.000 Income. All monetary- trans- pclions would be abolished. Pur- chasine rcrtlncnte.s. non-nepotla- hlc between Individuals, would be Issued in a quantity sufficient to hny all goods produced. These certificates would be distributed equally among all persons. The thcorv behind such a communistic idea was that, since everyone could buy everything he wanted anvway, It would be too much trouble to divide the certificates according to cuch individual's importance In the Technocratic state. Prices would be governed not by supply and i demand. us today, but by the amount of energy required to produce each article of goods. Now emerge some of the dlf- POLICE RE1BI PUT Deposit Insurance and Security Acts Gel Little Encouragement. .WASHINGTON, Dec. 10. tUP) — A double- bairclrd attack .oil administration tanking policies was developing todiy on the eve of the v;li|U'f~ session of congress.. •j cdrhnicrcial, h.nkcrs .*re . urging major''amendment of the bank deposit insurance bill which becomes effective Jumiaiy 1. Investment backers arc organized In a campaign to obtain relaxation of the securities act. Both efforts hove received abrupt discouragement at the White House. President Roosevelt has recommended.. <\n examination of the securities !>cl to determine If there is justice in the Investment bankers complaints. But he Is uuthorilatively represented as in- on relrntion of provisions Fail to Tran Sender of Letter Threatening Golf Star's Son. CHICAGO, Dec. 10 [UP)—An attempt to extort $10,000 from Robert A. Gardner, former nnlloiml amateur golf champion, on thn 'hrcat of kidnaping his Il-ycar-old son. was revealed bv police lodav. A trap for the extortionists failed when a dummv package left at a place designated In. a letter was not picked Federal authori- When the Wise Men heard the *. , f, ,, words ot the king, they departed; I\CW Orleans I'OttOn and they >a w with txceedlns loy I tiAt above them tbe star glowctt NEW ORLFANS, Dec. 18. (UP) | ^galn and guided them toward (he —Cotton closed bsrely steady. | flace which they eagerly tics working on the case believed the letter was the work of amateurs. It was written In pencil and mailed In an envelope addressed in rjurplc Ink. The letter, recelvfd last Friday, directed the, $10.000 In S100 bills to be placed In a can at the en- Irancc of the J. Ogden Armour drive. "If you don't we will take your liiile bov. Henry for a ride." the outla-.i-lng securities practices which letter warned, l.avc cost ARUM lean investors Ml- A nollce'guard was placed about iions of dollars In the last ten! Ihe Oartlner home and several years. " ' . detectives assigned to Ihe case. Mr. has suggested that tliL deposit guarantee experiment be tried before its provisions are materially changed. . He prefers lhat amendments shall be written ir the light of experience. If at all. Problems of liability are arous- . u „„ ...__. mp bankin? opposition to both : ,j- "laxpayers""that'"lhe"'''ii'mV'Vn Invcslnuin bankers complain, W hi cn thpy mnv i nke Advantage it is neither prnrticable nor just' of an act of the legislature re- to hold thenv-clvcs and directors neving them of all but one year's of corporations civilly and crim. delinquent taxes is drawing to a unqualifiedly liable for ma, 1 close, lerial misslatemcnts and u|icn .saloons," tied the Missouri legislature in H snarl over liipior control lr<lay. A block of GO house members aligned itself .sijiinrcly behind Oov. Guy D. Park and ngiilnst the wm- iitc with tin-cuts It would halt passage ot a prohibition repeal nnd control b'll until the executive's salts tux nnd municipal utility bills • are . pun on - !J"? floor of'the' upper btdy. " • •--••" • : r "We're ready to slay here lill Aiimmer if net:! be." said Repre- antatlve Jain_'s Armstrong, Pu- nski county, leader of the group. . "We won't let the liquor bill through the hniifc with an emergency clause 'mill Ihe governor's bills for unemoloyment nnd school relief ure out cf senate committees." Meanwhile llv> special sesslor labored Into It? ninth week with Ihe most Important problems still unsolved. Conference '•ommlttees from the rrnate and hc-u?c proceeded can, t:ously with their liquor bill, pass, ed dripping wet in tin: senate anil dried up In the house with (17 imendmcnts. Indications were the ri'iwrt would no', be forthcoming] i-'.HIl Wednesday or Thursday. 1 ville section' wilh one resulting I.Ually wlien a 73-ye»f-old retired liirmer was struct'.' at 'Steele by a hit-run car early last night.- .' Authorities had apparently-run up 11 "blind • allev" today In their uiu-ch for the driver of the death car which knocked down' E. - E. "Uncle Elm" Phillips on Highway HI within the 'own limits of Steele. Other motorists gave chaw to tie hit-run car, following tlie machine lo Arkansas, but were -forced 1 -to blve up tho chase when the driver suddenly slopped and threat, entd. violence to his pursuers, they ' reported. An Arkansas license, number, taid ti> have been • displayed • on the death cor, checked at ultle :icck today, was shown to have l*cn Issued to an El Dorado rn'an, owner of a Dodi;e machine, • while he car ivas a Ford Tudor :edan, ig}9 mo<U>l, ..-; . , Sittlt Ygnlh Injured i Vosslbly the fecond most serious accident also occurred at Steele about 7 o'clock last night. leas than a half hqur after Phillips LUtl* Time Left for Clearing Up Old Taxes County Judsc Zal B. Harrison is airain wnrnlni; Mississippi coun- ' ferences between the right' and f ," lmss 'at™«»'-'' " r omissions j "Taxpayers cnn put thrir prop- left wing Technocrats. The Scott m !mlritl( ' s announce- ' crty In good condition as far as eroun has confined its efforts ncnts - Irlate and county taxes arc con: ccrncd by the payaient of one n . ivr-ar's taxes, even though It might Services Held at Steele I b 0 delinquent for a number of largely to seeking proof that our present economic system has failed, and that Technocracy is capable of carrying on. The continental Committee, on the other hand. Li Inclined to assume those propositions at the start, and Is concerning itself with the ticklish were held'here-yesterday for "Au-| cxtclltlon " lldcr thc lavv '' details of a plan to put Techno-1 tiorn Ktherage Moore. 28. of Pop-! ^ny^ tnx|m-ers^ have _failed for Auborn E. Moore a years," Mr. Harrison points out in communication to Ihe Courier ! News. "But this must be done bc- STEELE, Mo.-Funeral sen-ices '. tm , c January 1. Tlicre can be no Chicago Reds Attack Marching Ukrainians CHICAGO. Doc. 18. (UP)—Ten men and one vorann were held loday as a result of a mass at- tfick by communist sympathizers on a parade o:' 3.000 Ukrainians, .Marching In p-ctfst, against Soviet Russian "atroc'iles." More thnn 100 iwrsons were injured when bricks, clubs and esgs ucrc rained on the marchers from an elevated n.luay station. Brass knuckles, bbckj.icks, and rifle butts vere used In the battle which ended soon after arrival of n half drzcn squads of |X)Hce. Nineteen pcr.r.:is were taken to I'.ospllals airl Inter to a police slction. Eight later were released end the others 'held on charges cf rioting. TIVO were booked on additional charges of carrying concealed wca|»ixi "Atrocity" clu'rges made against Soviet Russia by the Relief Com- millcc for Starving Urkalne. which is spmrori'd by tlie United Ukrainian orgr.nlTallon of Chicago, !ircci|;iiiHed the clash. The com- rr.ltlee chargfd several million Ukrainians wcio allowed to starve lo death. cracy actually into effect. H would be willing to make several compromises with our present scheme of living. It doesn't want to wait for chaos before trying Its hand at restoring prosperity. It proposes ... . _.. .. Poplar Bluff, formerly of here, who „„„.,„., died at a Memphis, Tenn., hos-, port " nlly ' pltal Saturday. He had been 111 for several weeks. The Rev. Mr. Massey, pastor of Ihe Methodist church, officiated at Hie services. Pallbearers were New- Dr. I. R. Johnson Will Take Course in New York "bv education, Organization and berry Johnson, Dewart Smith, Roy effective social pressure to Induce,, Harper. L. G. Wilson of Portage- If possible, the President and thelvlUe, Oscar Bailey of Blythevillc Congress to take the measures It' and Charles Guthrlc of Poplar Dec. Jan. j Mar. I May July Dec. 433-8 433-4 421-8 4*1-2'Oct. .. May M> 1.4 M 5.B 40 1-4 SI) 1-B 1 Spots ctnsrd open liijh low close | 931 - 992 085 986 902 M2 985 985 1012 1013 1003 1003 1027 1027 1010 1017 1040 1040 1032 1031b 1055 1055 1048 1048b advocates. This action falling to assume leadership of the American people and obtain a backing i of sufficient numbers lo force the issue." nt 993, nfT 5. SHOPPING- DAYS until' Bluff. The German undertaking company was In charge of funeral arrangements. The deceased Is survived by his widow, Mrs. Helen Kellett Moore The Committee has thrown ov- ?" d a " v<M! "': oW so "' Janlos A "' erboard Scott's )>et "theor" of energy determinants." believing that goods and services are not reducl-j . ' atl >er. was never 5ec " b >' Moore was the son of J. Ix>n ble, after all, lo terms 'of ergs and Moore of Steele and had lived here ohms and horsepower. For example, 1 most of his life. He moved to Popa pound of beef neck and a pound! lar Bluff about two years ago ns (Continued on Pije 3) I manager of n chain grocery store. was struck. B/:n Seaton Stout, 18>car-old son of Ed Stout of Steefe, was knocked dovi'n by a car and Ills right lej brolun. A 15-year- old youth, Prw"l Alexander"; jori of \V. O. Alexander of St««le, was at the wheel Qf th* car. The victim was rushed to Um UoDinlel clinic at Sleele wid'"sy»a renting fairly well today... . In BlytherlUc two Vieeldehti oc- ' cuned un Chirkatawba avenue, o^er purt of wfikh l<igh».iy si is "•. routed. Mrs. R. L. Creech, wife, 1 , of a Trinity Farms . Construction t . company foreman, and her daiigh-" Icr sustained minor Injuries when" their car collided "with anoUieri, dilven ,by.. George Miller, ' 3531" S limner av«mie, . Memphis', "St"' Tenth and "Cjilckasawba.'Both -cars were considerably damaged. " At about the siinie^ time• cars : drivtn' • by. Rex Carter, jeivlce station em-' ploye, and .»: .Mr. Richardson clashed at Chlckasawrja and Pifth.- streels. Occupik|iU of -both .fcalr^' escaped injury 'but the cars were damaged. Pqlico Car Dam«»«d .-Vt" A Blytheville p<-llce car 'was dcmaged cpiijsldna.bly In a. collL i!on with a car driven by MS^I John Hollnian, 'of Franklin 'tiTU Cherry streets, John Foster, driv. er, and Louts Lenitnnte, palrol- 3&rtner, were Attempting to overtake a carload of drunks who had flashed across the intersection, Ignoring a stop s!r,n. The police car «lso passed the flop ilgn and coT- I'dcd with Mrs. Holiman's 'car,. traveling on Chrrry. The police car was damaged. to the extent ol about J100 ard Mrs. Holimari's" car was also damaged. •- -. Elmer Hall of near Yarbro ran.' L 1 ! car Into the rear of a truck," driven by a man named Robinson, said lo live at Steele, at'a' Highway 61 curve. Both the car ' and truck were damaged. Arch' Llndscy. deputy sheriff, ordered Robinson to appear in municipal court here to answer a charge of driving without proper lights (it" was claimed that no lights were displayed on the rear of the truck) ' and ordered Hall to answer a charge of reckless driving. The incident occurr^rt at Yarbro. Little Ambrose Child Victim of Fatal Fall son* time next eek for Anncll Aintrese, slx.ycar.old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ambrose of Detroit, Mich., for- .llc, was fatally '» « '»« '">» • Missouri's War Time Governor Is Dead ST. LOUIS, Dec. 18 (UP) —.Frederick Doiier Gardner, former governor of Missouri, died here loday after a three weeks Illness from an Infected Jaw. He was 88 years old. Death occurred at 2:45 a. m.'In- Barnes hospital where two opert'-' tions were performed on the state's war time executive In an effort • to prevent the poison from spretd- tng to his brain. . New York city where ho Is to takc l""nHngton, Intl. Friday, relatives a post graduate course In lnttrnnl| he , re h » v * ^- m advised. n | Members of ttir family were c-n medicine and diseases of childre at the New York Polycllntc. He will study under Profes-wr B'isseU L. Cecil and Professor W. Morgan Hartshorn, who rank among the most eminent specialists In the United States. The course is a three months one but Dr. Johnson expects lo complete it In about seven weeks by doubling np the work. He will IK accompanied by Mrs. Johnson. route from Detroit to the home o! Mr. Ambrose's mother in California when the tragedy occurred. The victim died within a short time after the accident happened. She did not regain conscious- i.tss. Word of tho accident was received In a telegram to Mrs. E. A. Hale, sister of Mrs. Ambrose. No details of the accident or funeral anangements <vele given. WEATHER Arkansas—Ra'n tonight and probably Tuesday. Slightly warm- tr In north and central portions Tuesday. Memphis and vicinity—Rain to- nn,ht and protabiy Tuesday. •;. The maximum temperature her* yesterday was 65, minimum 55. cloudy with 153 Inches of rain-fall, according to Samuel P. Norris, offlcltl w«»th»r obserrer.

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