The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1943 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 17, 1943
Page 6
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flam SIX BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.); COURIER NKWS Chicks Trim Alumni Gridders, 14-6 SATURDAY, AI'IUL 17, 1!M:{ Scores Bolh Toiichdowiis Against Veterans; Losers Strong On Defense The 1943 Wylhcville Chicks won n .hard-fougjil decision from their farmer teammates at Haley Field yesterday by a score of 14 to 0. The game was a defensive show due to tlie silvery condition of tlie field aflci- yesterday's nil-day rain. While Capt. Jimmy Allen's Seniors looked as if they could hold their own 'with any team in the state on defense, (hey could never ect enough down-field blocking to shake any back loose for a gain. On the Chick squad, ihc tnptnlii and ro-ca|)laiii were particularly outstanding. Capl. Harold Thompson broke llnoi]:ih the Senior line repeatedly (o spill ptays several yards behind the line of scrimmage. On the ball-carrying side of the ledger Monroe Dc- Eharsc led both teams in yards gained and points scored, as he garnered both touchdowns. Muff Scoring Chance In Ihc first quarter, Bcsliarsc kicked olT to the seniors' Bob Hicr- man who ran the ball back to Ihc 20. Two plays later they fumbled nnd the Chicks recovered, on [he 13. Then, owing to n five-yard penally and to the defensive work of James Anderson, Capt. Allen and Edward "Sivishcr" McGregor, the quarter ended with the Chicks still n good 15 yards from touchdown's door. These stalwarts came to the Seniors' rescue more than once during the game. In the second quarter the Seniors again held for downs on the 15. After running several plays without success Gregory Atkins dropped back from his end position to kick out lo the 50. Hay Gill, Chick quarterback, gathered the punt In at midficld and scampered back to the ,30. 'Be. shnrsc made his first touchdown after Fullback Cotton I'dguc had phirfgcd doivn lo aboiil the 20. Gill added 'the extra point on a pass into 1 the, end zone from Beslinrse. The remainder ot the quarter was .expended by punt exchanges, with the Seniors' Atkins and Allen getting of! long booming punts behind the excellent, protection of IheiY line. The second half found the Chicks forever threatening to cross into the six point payoff zone but never : quite making !l. The Seniors line always held whenever the white . ! jerseys menaced the goal line. Shine on Defense In the second half Capt. Haroli' Thompson and his cohorts showed that the Seniors were definite! j iiot the only defense men , on the field.- Thompson, along with Jim .•' Smart and Bcsharse stood out in keeping the opposition's bnckficld bottled up. Afte'r' ; exchanging several kicks, the Chicks set to' work with Pogue and Besharse carrying i on a 50 yard march that ended - by seeing Eesharse . disappear over the nlti- male'slripe. Once again Bcsharsc passed for the • extrn point. This time it was to End Allen Moody. ' The' Senior line fought, on, but . could hardly keep the organized attack of Bcsbarse and his white jerseyed boys from gelling inside the 30 •• which is where the ball stayed most of the lime. In the final minutes of the game the Chicks fought, down to the two yard line. Afler several tries, punctuated »y resounding smacks in the Anderson-McGregor sector of the 'line, the game ended with the Chicks still several inches away from the glory rceion. Coach Praises Team Big Chief Arvil Price Grecr emerged from the royal wigwnir after the game and snid, "If we could field the two teams thai put oii this game this afternoon, next year I feel confident that we could give any high school learn in the SouiJ fits." Those who braved yesterday's rain and wind, know just exactly what the chief meant. Lineups: SENIORS CHICKS Atkins ........... LE ..... Moody Wilson .......... LT . . . Connally B\omeyer ........ LO . . - Wclshons Stafford .......... .C . . . S. Hood 3. Hood .......... RG . . . Ratclift Anderson ........ RT . . Thompson McGregor ....... RG ..... Stacy Allen ............ QB ..... Gill Bicrman ......... LH . . . Beshnrsc C. Hood ......... RH .... Smart Dugan ........... FB ..... Pogue Touchdowns: Chicks, Besharsc Not Even Cobb Took Extra Base On Hooper, Speaker and Lewis By IIAKKY GKAVSON NBA SIMM-IS- Kililor When great ontflelding Is mcn- loned, there is only one Hint's enlly discussed as a combination, "hat is the Hoopcr-Lewls-Speuk- r trio of the Boston lied Box Hint .hrillcd American League' crowds from 1009 to 1D15. Inclusive. John J. Taylor brought '1'rlsli'ntn Speaker from the cactus-frondcd stale of Texas, Harry Hooper ami George Edward Lewis from Hie ;olden sands of California. All were topnolchers in every vespect. There was a premium on throwing in that era of the ileutl ball nnd scientific baseball, nnd each had nn arm thai had Ihc accuracy and ixjwcr of a Springfield rifle. Like the Imlclier in the famous old ballad. "Did He Ramble?" they sptciulr/ed in cutting down. They didn't bounce the ball 'into the catcher's hands. Thcy threiv .strikes. FEW POINTS BEHIND CO1SB Assists tell the story. Tris Speaker, miilchless center fielder, had 461 in 20 full American Lcnguc seasons. Hooper had 2tiC In a do^en years with the Red Sox, Duffy Lewis 180 in eight. Speaker sported the fattest baiting average, broke Tyms Hay- inonrt Cobb's league-leading skein at nine with .380 in 1310, his first year as plcvelaiul manager. H was Spoke's misfortune to rim contemporary to Tyrus Cobb, who usually managed to beat (lie Cray Enyle for the baiting champion- ship, although the margin was Ifjht nl limes, as the.' Inllcr's life- .ime mark, .3-15. makes plain. Speaker, n left - handed bauer, stood parallel lo the plate, affected it luilf crunch, but swung on in even plant 1 . lie ivns HII e-'xcci)- .ionai baserimner. Homier was Ihc leadoff man. A left-hand batter, he spread mil'to such nn extent that it looked as though lie couldn't hit the ball >ast the pitcher. His theory was that the wide- open stance shortened Hie strike <:onc. He drew many n walk, had a happy faculty for getting on base. lie was a corking hitler without smacking the ball for magnificent distances and was very fast. JOHNSON' IU:SI:CTI:I> LKWIS Lewis baited behind Speaker. They always passed Spoke in n pinch to gel at Lewis, whose batting average wus not as heavy. That was where lliey usually made a grcvlous error, because that is when Lewis generally got his damaging base knock. Walter Johnson admitted that he would rather face any other bailer in a clutch. Lewis, a right-hand batter, held his club close lo the end, wiggled it around on a little rotund tummy before giving the ball the ride. Speaker nnd Lewis got Hopper around often enough to score more runs than the other side, as attested by Hie Hcd Sox' American League! and world championships of 1912 and '15. With Speaker Points after touchdowns: Chicks. Gill (pass from Bcslwrso; Moody '(pass from Besharse). Substitutions: Chicks, J. Stafford, Green, McDonald. Kooncc, Layson Seniirs: Gee, Hay. Referee. Blackard. Head linesman, Moslcy. Timekeeper, Parks, Field judge— Ford. By IIAHItY OliAYSON UNA Sports Kililur NEW YORK.-CIycle Franklin Klutz is the reason old Dob Quinn and Casey Stengel of the Braves listened to the Giants' propositions for the contract of Eriiic Lombard!, recalcitrant. Nntionnl League batting champion of ISM2. Early last season Manager Slcn- Btl predicted that Clyde KIulv. would become one of the greatest catchers. "He's as smart as a whip," ob- rvcd Ol- Case, "is a good recievcr 10 throws well and moves ra|>''J- enouyh, but it's his hilling that rces me to climb out on the limb.' Klutz, the clutch hitter, lias been urdcring the opposition with men bases this spring, and should right on mowcing 'cm down, bailed .267 In 72 engagements si season, Is definitely on the np- ade. Handsome, raven-haired, 24-ycar- d Klutz, a product of Catuwba College of his native Salisbury, C., where he still makes his ome, is built, for Ihc wearing part e plays—stands an even six feet, eighs 193 pounds. No one Ls o run over him at the plate. Klutz is out. of the Cardinal fnrni '•stem, which ordinarily would be othlng in die W ay of rccomincncia- on. Refugees from the St. Ix)u« bain gang generally are culls— nless peddled tor a lot of moncj 'Swift Swedes Await Seats In Airplane By NBA Service NEW YORK.—Guilder Hagg, wlv broke seven world records last year has been Invited to this countr .for a scries of one, two and three 'mile races against Gregory Rfo 1 Gilbert Dodds, et al. Hagg has ac copied along with his Swcdls shadow, ; Arne Anderson, 4:06 niiler, and Hakan Lindman, hare Icr They a»ait allolment of sea in a plane out of London. Variou agencies, including the Atnbassa dor from SK dden, seek fo enlist th : cooperation of Army officials London. ! rich prices. Tinoinshout the many years thai Branch Rickey was at its head everyone associated the Red Bird empire knew ;i bull player when he saw one. Samuel Breardon & Co. neglected to protect Klultz from the draft n the fall of 1941. however, when he was baiting 33(5 for the Scrn- mento branch. Uireclor Rickey believed the Brown.s- would have /list choice, ind knew they would take Hccond Baseman Don Gntterinuc, uul as turned out, the Brnvcs had Ihe initial selection and grabbed Khiiu. was then sold to the gone, Hopper, and Lewis helped the Red Sox to another world title in '1C, and lloop'er was alone when they went oh to still another In '18. Hooper was remarkable in coming in on low line; drives, sliding on one knee for lo yards or more in order to make the catch. Ifc appeared lo be pulling Ihc shol when he threw, but it was always a bull's-eye, lie played Mile right- or sun field at Fenway Hark, the most difficult of all big league fields. Speaker was a left - handed thrower. On a throw to the plate, he generally aimed It half-way between third and home, nnd Ihc natural out - shoot on the ball would zoom It into Bil ICanigan's hands. UN'ASSISTKI) DOUBLE FLAYS Sneaker played the shortest center field and could travel back farther Ihan any man who ever lived. ; . He is the. -.only . outfielder who ever made two- unassisted double plays in a season, the only one to make one in iv World Series .— against the.New York Giants in 1B12. It was nolhing short of suicide for a baserimner lo Iry for nn cx- (nt base or to attempt to score from third after Harry Hooper, Unfty Lewis or Tris Speaker had made a catch. Not even- the venturesome Ty Cobb would run Ihc risk. Period. nilk of Cincinnati's catching. Meuller gels another chance as a reward for helping Pepper Martin lo the Coast League pennant by catching 164 giimes, 102 in a row. He batted .2G7, drove in 102 runs. Turner, who pitched to Mueller In Boston, can't fathom his failure in Pittsburgh unless Ule burden of being told that he was cspcctcd to cntcli the Pirates to Die top proved loo much, Anyway, here's another highly regarded player shaking Ihc shackles of the Cardinal chain. Ami Jim Turner is not alone in expressing the opinion that Ray Mueller will demonstrate lhal he is eoiisder.ibly more Ihan n cull. Mike Chacoma, Mat Champion, To Wrestle Canny Here Monday IJlyUiuvillu wrcslliiiK lovers will have an opportunity to sec- OIK; of llio nation's liig-limo wrestlers in netion here Momliiy night when Promoter Mike Jleroney presents Mike ^ia'o™Jiii^e<U.s tli(Mvorld'.s light hctivyweiglii champion. ' ' Uhaccina will appear on the I3ravos ({.micd Out .hi Kirsl Visii To Yankee Sladium NIvW YORK.—When the Boston Braves dropped in for an exhibition BIHUC it nmrked their first, visit to Yankee Stadium since the j arena was opened in 1022. And then it rained. The Yankees have been in no tower Ilirni 11 World Swie.s In SO years, but the llriives haven't been In any of them, and there was no occasion for their playiny at the .stadium when the clubs trained in the south. Feel Whip'$500 Is Poker Fine By XKA Service OKTIiOlT.—Steve Kteve O'Neill mis;lii have been loo KohiK when he managed the Cleveland Indium, but the Detroit. Tigers aren't finding him thai way. O'Neill announced (hat any player found playing poki-r would be fined $500. The old catcher has forbidden the drinking of beer or soda pop and the eating of .sandwiches, hot dogs or anything of the sort in the clubhouse before games. ppear on the v.cfkly wmfliirs iiroeram at, (he Amciiciin Legion In an Individual niatch against one of Meroney's Hnvnl perlf.rincTS, Hill Canny. H will nut, be Cha'-oma's first appearance in the Htytheville arena, but il will be his first in ninny months ai:d fans who saw him on his previous trip lo this tcclion probably will he ciiyiT lo gel another chance to watch a champion at work. And work il will ho, loo, because Meroncy has selected one of Ihe best oiHxmenls available to match grips willi the title-holder. Canny is big. fast and smart. He Ls mcr- dlcts as lie recently proved in a mulch against the Welch brothers when ho almott sent Joe Welch to the hospital with his mililem Incite. Whelhoi- Cniiny is good enough lo llalton the champion is a question yet to be decided, but Canny certainly .should prove a worthy opponent for Chacoma or anyone In Ihc game. The Ohaccma-Canny match will be a f,0-miiuite time limit, alfalr, Iwo nut of ilircc falls, Meroney annnunccd today. SiiDjjorllng the feature event will be a knock-down-and-dras-out be- twccn a gent known us Charlie Kcene fliiri Catlos Rodr!t|iicx, burly Mexican star who has been ;;een several limes here recently in good mulches. Keene will have to be plenty keen to handle Ihe performer from the Borderland, but Ital- riquez has been beaten before and perhaps it will he Charlie's night. The Mexican has proved his ability and will he dilucull to subdue. K o the issue is up to Keene. The quality of liis performance probably will determine' to what .degree the fans arc pleased.- Can't Kci-ii Him Out TOLEDO, O. (U.I*.)—Harry J. Mumper of Lima is a lud you can't deter when he wants to set into the Navy. He was discharged from the Navy last December when it was learned he was only 1C. He's 17 Following comeback in •!--•••><; League, Piuil Dean tries big time ngain as member ol ,si. i.,, ., Browns. Although nil, hard in """-- hibition. Brother Dizzy says Daf- fcy will be holiest pitcher m AIIM- l-lcan Lcayuc by July 4. Independents To Play Kress Nine Tomorrow The Blytheville Independenl baseball team is scheduled to meet the S. H. Kress team tomorrow afternoon at the Fairgrounds baseball field. Herman Tinker is due lo pitch for the Independents and Manager James Loiig has indicated that cither himself of Fred Perry 1 start on Ihe mound for Kress. Short Work S7KNKISS IS OHFOF FCV/ FOOTBALL PlMfffS If'.'fo Savold Scores Kaijo Arkansas Trackmen Over Lent Franklin It)- 1,'nilril frets Heavyweight Lee Snvoiil cf I'ai- crson, N. J., came up ofr the cun- Viis to knock out Lem Franklin of Cleveland in the eighth ionnr( of their fight last night at Chicago Stadium. A crowd of 13,000 saw Franklin flatten Eavcki in the first nntl second rounds, the last time for a nine count. The Jersey battler came back in the middle sUiu- es of the bout, bill again was nearly-knocked nut in the seventh. Franklin seemed on the road lo victory, but Savold rallied and battered the Clcvclaiuler to ihe floor. Franklin was couhjcd out five seconds before the gon-j ended the eighth. Ail for it Screen nmir NELSONVILLE, O. (U.P.I—The war, with its by-product—priorities on metals—reaches everywhere. Maywood Byers, [nnncr, inserted this aiivertisemcnt In a Nelsonville newspaper: "Will trade slightly used coffee pot and can opened lor ] good screen door." WRESTLING Legion Hut,Monday, 19,8:15 p. m. Lowest Admission of »ny Wrestling Artn« in America. NOTICE! CHANGE IN ADMISSION PRICE-Adult, 30c, tax inc.; Reserved cuts 15c; Children 15c. \ Reserve Seat Tickets on Sale at Schmnck'i Standard Oil Station, Curtice Main and Division. Compete With Tiger* I.lT'lf. E ROCK, April 17. lUP)-'- LitUc licck High Sdioul'S track iqiUKl will piny host to several Ar- kansus tcnms this afternoon at the fust inicV: meet of the season. The Little Hock Bengnls hnve been state diiimps for the past 17 years. Track teams from North Little Hock, ISau.xite, Monliccllo. Malvern, Mansfiold and LiUle nock will compete. Another nciign] invitalional meet will be lield next Saturday. West Main Near 21st St. • ;it. starts 12:-tS; Sun. starts 1:45 NiRhl shows 5:45 Except Monday, opens ZAl Continuous shows Sat. and Son. 1'i.H'hf Heavyweight. World's Champion MIKE CHACOMA VH. BILL CANNY In a !>0-iMinn((! Main Kvenl Second Mulch CHAKLES'KKKNK vs. CARLOS HOmtlQUF//, !,:isl Time Today Double Feature FIKST FliA'J'UJtli: 'The Safe Cowboy' witii Tim Holt , SECOND FEATUKB: : Tie Dead End Kids On Dress Parade 1 Comedy SlilUAL: ".Iniii- (I,asl Chiipler) (Jirl" Sunday & Monday 'The Young Mr. Henry Browns, and the Cardinals' Kecking in a to buy Kluui! buck Ls n high compliment to the young backstop. Severn! clubs wanted him. Kltitt// only baseball fault al the moment is that he has no children. Phil Musi, tin 1 Braves' other catcher who lacks KlutU' authority at Ihc iiisd. is single. Casey Slcngel retires every night [earful tluit lie will wake up without a ditcher. Si>i>;il;iii s of catchers, Jim Turner. the venerable milkman now with ihc Yankees, .says he never could tmder.staml why Bill Mc- Kcclmie ripimitted Hny Mueller to get out of the Niiiionnl. •\ioKccbnii- has now brought MutJU-r back Ironi Sacramento to now, however, and just been sworn I Head Courier News want ads. I I'm Cai-f, Ti neks, Tr;irl»rs T. 1. SEAY MOTOR CO. W. Ash Hume 212'J f™,,, .1 , ' ...*..,i,i .j.itr. mull Oill-iamCIHO 1O frequently when ihcy bring) havo hit. former Hut, hand do the Cash for Your Car Any Make — All Models WE NEED 50 USED CARS ice «s at oner if MIU want lu sell your rar VOlt CASH .No delay-drive In or telephone ami our representative will call at once. Phillips Motoj Co. Tl'J. .153 \Val»Ul Arksoy 2913 Seed Soy Beans Redeemed—In Bulk or Sack $2.75 Per Bushel, F.O.K, Dell, Ark, EARL MAGERS Dell, Ark. Phone 635 Cotton Seed I SAVE MONEY Ncw.s Sinclair Greases save farmers money over a season because they last so long. They help prevent costly breakdowns because they lubricate moving parts safely. You play safe and save money when you use Sinclair Greases. let me deliver to your farm E. J. ALLEN Phone 2005 — Af eni — Blytkeiille, Ark. Open 7:00 p.m. Show Slarls 7::'0 p.m. Adm. Ahvavs lie. and 254 Litst Time Today 'Shost Town Law' SKIllAI. "i'crils of Nyuhii," Chapter 2- Sclcc-lcd Shorts Saturday Midnight Show 'Mystery Ship' with Paul Kelly * Lola Lane Selected Shorts Sunday £ Monday Tho Major and the Minor' with Glnpcr lingers it Hay Alillaml Xnis of Ihe Day Selected SHnrls

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