The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 16, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 16, 1933
Page 6
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<'I»AGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) POUBffiK LEMFtRS PLOT Hooks Slides Bill Braucher SATURDAY, DECEMBER 16, 1933 Joe Klfkwood On HeClS of '"In Opinionated Form PI n L P \\' r>A clarl: f-ri'f 111 )- 't seems to this Ulen UaK iro; «OC<J department, made no very seilous Mnnpv Winner crror wllcn hc lc ' 1 aoost; Cl0s| i" t'<> money Hmm.i. for Johlmy Slolle _ a(K , u> RV vpcn 11*11 FV haying uasMfd his iieak and Stone, B» »KfcU UA1I.I-.1 j, |sl beginning to reach his. I '•cmCAG^ (UP -Wta^'p^es Gnlml M ''«"<" nl ">' E ™> 5 ° f umi/Auu vurj—«ncn pruii.;. ^ ]e Clcvclnnd JnclLnns would I*- n slonal golfing records for 1933 were „,„„,. lra(|(!1 . |f n[ ; wom<t t ., k , compiled, Harrj-Cnoper Chicago,' n)0rc cl|il] , , like Abou Ben Adhen,, led all tl)e,, lls , y( . s llpon „ ,„,„, 1|J;t , ^^ r st - jasid decides he wanl.s him. It would Although Cooper won but two| 0( , ]I10R . Hppruprlntc 11 he offered 'tournaments, he fuiishcrt with thc|t] u . Browns sninrthlny In return best average for the year's play, according to (inures by J. r. Hlass, who annually ranks golfers on (he year's averages. ' Based on 62 rounds of play in competition, the little Glen Ellyn stylist had an average of T2 3-31. the best figure compiled by any ,professional. Cooper is prorcj-slon- al at the C.len Oak Club. Surprising Feature The surprising feature of the year's average was [lint seven golfers averaged better than T3 lor. the year's play—a remarkable feat when oiie considers Hie type of competition and the courses played. 1 Joe Kirkwood, who had otic of his very best years, was next in line with an average of 12 4-23 lor <G rounds of tournament play. Craig Wood, one of the big money winners of the year, ranked third, with an average of 12 23-TJ for 17 rounds. \Vlllin Mc' -Htinc. winner of the British Onen Championship, was fourth, with ari average of 72 18-J7. Denny Shutc, another big money win- meanness to 'scare ritjht out of their wius all those neat little fll- llt-s like Mala Ilsn-l who were .so good this yenr. On the basis of form shown by oilier sons of Man o' War. the bcjt handicap horse of 1034 I:; (joing to lie War Glory ... it being the usual thing for sons of Bi« Red lo come up like Ihe dick- performer hi h^flrs, year of coin-.!-; f |- ^L^^^ £ v,aj into tuc (]nul)1 nljniil Wnr 01 R ihicc _ ner. placed lifth. with an aTCrasc ol 72 8-15. Revolla Amoni Select 10 Jhonny Revollii, n consistent GIFTS for Her •?/*'. : ','-^-r more valuable than ir«l JKMI |K)llltS. .The Boston Red Sox Infield of 1934 will be extraordinarily quick on Ihe rf-llexes . . . with Eddie Morgan at llrsl. .Max Uishou ut iccoiul. Illll CKsell ui .shori anil liill Wallers on third , . . and If Bucky Harris can kc>cp Messrs. Morgan and Clssetl away from .'iirprlsi the Ihat Inncld somber should with tl'.<> number of ground lilts sroo]>ed up. As for Horses The Greenlreff stable has next year's Kentucky Derby In the bag . with a horse named First Mmslrct the In-ceding by Royal Minstrel out of TJnlidy lugs. a line noln« back to Hnst- which Indicates enough petition, shot his way into the nrst select ten with an average of 7240-73. Paul Runyon whs next In line, with 72 79-90 'for 80 ymI . M , , c ylllr ol " supremacy averages of any of the players among the first ten. Olin Dutra, Gene Sarazcn and Horton Smith won the next three places on the list of the first ten pro Rollers or the season. Walter Hageh was out of the favored ten -bya very small fraction. Cooncr, sixth In 1932, forced to . Ihe front this year* despile Ihe fact he won In only two minor , tournaments, the Illinois P. G. A. i cnn bop-de-bop-bop Prlriio Camera | wilh a right hand serves slnvnly to conform . the belief of Mils cle- partaient llial Bacr will slap 'ihc blij monkey down If they . ever turn him loose 'at da Preein . . . and lhat this department further Arizona Open. Dutra from first- in J032 to and the dropped eighth this year. For tlu flr.H time hi many years Leo Dl?cl was not among the first ten. Close Avfraffs Too show how close the pros average day In and day out, Cooper led the list with 1i 3-31 and George Von Elm was Ulteenth with. 73 19-22—a mere mntler of a. bit -better than n stroke per round. > Among the amateurs, who do not play enough medal competition to permit a sound average on their play, Johnny Goodnun, the open .champion, led the Hit. His averave, far better than Cooper's was 11 H-51. holds lhat Prccm, after the fun he had wllh Max In Ihc movies, will be completely disarmed . . . ond bop\xHl before he expects. it. Notre Dame will come back undo-..Elmer Layden, making Hunk Anderson look bad . . . 'mil ihq credit will not all be- Layden's. for Hunk hid finally worked a nice locking ball club together, with brilliant prospects for "34, before he left South Bend ... a view unaffected by the fact that Laydcn b one of our very good friends, and the fact that Hunk was one of this department's severest critics. Trims A New Permanent Add to her happiness at Christmas by giving her a new Permanent at our modern shop. Margart'1 Dfi-n Ileuuty Shuppe KOK MKM ON!,Y! ! ! U you u-anL to make your wife love you the year round give her n nxly or Plymouth automobile. Ut'a.sunahly priced and cc|nlp]x?d with all (he conveniences dear to a woman's heart. HAKNKTT AUTO SALKS CilVK HER JEWELRY You will have no trouble In selecting a suitable gift, for her from our lar«e and complete stock of Jewehy and yllt gcods. AI.DRIDOE JEWELRY STORE S1I-K NEtiLKiKES Hnlnllly iallore:! of Flat Crepe in Hlii". Poach, Pink and niack A glfi she'll r.npreclate. $2.08. J. C. 1'KNNEY CO. (live Somethlrff She will appreciate n plft she can wear. We ruggest Scnrf Sets, lioslery. Purses Gloves. Hats, mouses. Sweater Sulk, Dresses and Sweaters and SklrUi. Till; INDIES TOGGERY A KKAUTlFUf. 1 WATCH Would make her. most happy. The new styles as created by Omen Bnlnvn and Eluln. RIIAKD-S JKWELRY STORE Cooler Sweeps Double Bill .With Steele Quints Mo., Dec. 16 — Cootrr Camera and Loughran Agree to Meet at Miami NEW YORK. Dec. Ifr—Prlmo Camera, world heavyweight cham_ | r.'on. and Tommy Loughran, Phlla- nclphia boxing master, have been Hatched to fijj'.'l al Miami, Feb. 22. The verbal agreements of both Loughran atxl Camera are for the usual percentage of challenger high .school basketball .teams toot both ends of a double header wit's the Steele^ boys and girls teams on the : local court lost night. " Both games were hard fought ihroughout. The Cooler gtrli maintained t'r.eir record of no defeats this cir.'son, turning tack Ihe vlsito.s .ia-'(o ' 17. Mirr Sloan of the Steels team neeo'.mted for ten points '-'and was the high scorer o>: the cvenin". Miss Rushing scored nine points for Cooler for c cond honors. In the boys game Barber of Cooler and Campbell of Sleele each scored six points, with Cooler finally emerging victorious 15 to 13. The Cooler girls have one of their .strongest learns this year. having defeated- Hayti, Holland, Steele and Ltlbcurn :>nd champion, 3T.5 for Primo and for Tommy Ed Sherman Is Named Henderson Co-Captain LITTLE ROCK. Ark.—Ed Sheridan and Elwood Meadows, star quarterback ard iackle respectively of -the 1!)33 championship Henderson college eleven, were i:amed caplalus nf the 193-1 clever ;il a banquet here last night. Sherman, a ycnnger brother of Coach "Eo" -Sherman, \vas nam_ cci on this yoai's all-state college eleven. He is a former Blylhc- vllle and Bali<,vllle high schoo luminary. 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In addllion to the H players Utters were olro awarded five other players under Ihe designation of reserve letters, one letter vas swarded the football manager f.nd two were given cheer leaders. At a.banquet al the Nobel Hotel la«t ntjht members of the Red Pepper club entertained the grid squad. The lettermen were feasted earlier during the week by the Rotary dub. Ray Beck was chosen captain -'for 'lie past season lasi Fight after captains appointed b> the., coaches. hac 1 scn-ed for each game during the season. His designation is ' as cajtain for the 1633 season. Lettermen ar°: Ra> Beck, J. w Purtle.' Henry Lunsford. Clyd Wilson, Dick 'upton, Elmer, Lind rey, Byron Morse, Hershel Mos ley, .Eugene BIrckwell, Marsha X'her. R. E. Firdler. Alton Hood, -eserve letters were awarded Scott lley, Charli-; Brogdon. ilal loorc, W. J. Willlnsham and V. T. Burns. Bobby Goodrich was ivcn a inaiiag.'r'i letter and Flip cnkins and M. F. Brownlce, yell carter letters. Last nlght'5 piograrh Included: Processional, Vancta Saxe: 1n- roducllon, Anna Mae Jones; Re- 'Ponse, Byron Morse; talks with he first letter of each speaker's ubject taken from the word -Football" as iillovrs: Fun. Eugene [Hack well; Open Road. Anne Tom p. ans; Only. Charlie Brofdon; Truth Hay Beck; Beo'lly. Sara Joe Little; Au Revoir, Marshall Blackard r.ove. Bud Wilson: Laughter, F.liz- abeth McLoln. Football talks were also given; .•y Mks Rosa Hardy, high schoo! principal; Crawford Greene, sup. crlntendenf of schools; R. E. Fendler. Robert Ftehpr and James X. Puckctt, asslst-.'nt coach. A "Farewell" talk w.vs given by the presl- den', of the Red Pepper club. A NSWERS .TIKE CLIESK HALIFAX la the capital of Nova Scotia. France was »n EMPIRE (Louis Napoleon, ern- p«ror) during the Franco-Prussian War. William C. Bullilt is Hie new AMERICAN AMBASSADOR to RUSSIA. Famed Sister Paintings 1 United After Many Years LONDON (UP) - A famou painter did the portraits of Iwo sisters 60 years ago. He labelled Ihe results "Yes" and "No." The palnler was Billals. portrayed by the mfnem arlisl was the \vi: lint Lord Stanley who mail John J. J-'inlcy, So.. 61, who was ror formerly a conductor on horse crs cx ' cc l' t ' l' lc winter. Tticn they DUTCH HARBOR, Alaska. (UP) —Almosl sinuiRaucously with the ruption of Moana Loe in Hawaii. ne grtai Sitkin volcano on Ka- Before and since the <ir-.r;> of .ady Stanley, her sister, has 'l-reii r.vltiR to bring the iwrlr.iit inlo he family. It [oolc Mrs Mvers :he subject of Millais 1 "Yes." GO i-ears to achieve her p;irpo«r Recently the picture came into he market at an auction, and Mrs. Myers was able to srrure it 'or $1.500. Prior to Us appear.ince at the auction the painting was thought to have disappeared The pictures by Millais urcv.urht fame to both sisters: brought them suitors: and eventually husbands, who had first talion in lovi vltli their images. .:c;ors did n't I like the elertric cars when they; ilrst came out. but I'rey soon goti used lo them. Mothers did not allow their children on the streets for :ear they would be run over, some persons even thought they were in d.ingcr of being electrocuted. "It wasn't so bad for the driv- G. G. Caudill General Insurance 106 N. Broadway Phnne "97 First Electric Street Cars Scared Phfladelphians PHILADELPHIA. (UP) - The fright occasioned by the firs; i ro li mTi ^,"1^ lhclr a Pl»»f»nce In PUlladelplOsj ^ rccomMed by BARGAINS IN NEW & USKU FURNITURE R.J.DODSON 3fl.t E. Marn Phone 155 CRADE A Raw Milk Phone 74 Craig's Dairy MOONLIGHT TAVERNCAFE N«t Door lo Nabcrs Grocery PLATE LUNCH - 30c Home JiliSt Pastrir.i Frlnl Cblckrn - Steak* HERT DUGAN, Che Open Day and Night naga Island on the Aleutian chain, erur^cd. Smoke and mud shot up from the mountain 1,000 feet. The island is uninhabited. "BURKE HARDWARE COMPANY" The One Price Store Sells For Less We have the Most Complete Line of Hardware in Eastern Arkansas! Not the Largest, But the Most Complete. Burke Sells For Less Why and How? Our Overhead is Less. We Pay Cash - - We Sell for Cash. We have no delivery. No porters or high powered salesmen. Ohviousiv Why Can't We Sell for Less? It's no secrpl as Jo how and why. Come In and Re Convinced. We Accept the Challange. OUR MOTTO BURKE HARDWARE COMPANY Sells For Less And We Have One I'ricc To All Free let Waler and Rest Room., for M fn , W omrn and Children m a n a *?T; •

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