Star-Gazette from Elmira, New York on March 24, 1965 · 34
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Star-Gazette from Elmira, New York · 34

Elmira, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 24, 1965
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"STAR-GAZETTE Elmtro, N. Y. Wednesday, Mar. 24, 196S 34 GRENADE WOUNDS ENVOY ADEN (AP) A hand gre-.ade hurled at West German vConsul Wilhelm H. Lemke wounded him in the leg as he Tat on the porch of his home ; in Aden's Crater Town Tues-day. Lemke was hospitalized .tor treatment. Bi i:uWtJ SHOWS AT 6:45 & 9:00 THE LAND...SKY...HEART r ORCH. 75c CHILD. 40c SMOKING LOGE 85c TOMORROW rTYafal ..5 .w-e ..v t m - s. m n M a fl Ml f f1"iVYQtbs ft WE OPENED UST WEEKEND I PMAAlWiMG r FOR THE SEASON VrX&SSSZ&Jril I " AY TUB WPaTMP. WM JimmaWy g BUT WE'll BE OPEN 'V - cAfr5" I THIS FRIDAY AGAIN TO TRY '' ""Lte. V AND WE'll BE lOOKIN' mm, ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATION FOR "BEST PICTURE" ! Peter Sellers f p-j ULU.WwJ IVUUIIUA 5 r' Dr. Strangelove v Or. Ha I Learned DOORS OPEN va And Love 4:30 GLEN.I A MARTM MANOUS ftoductwa s, I Best AND , Award SL at the Tiki rriSJ c2Snes f&gfcA v&riMa mam ; mr. 3.. a. w m OStvnni KtCHAa ANDERSON. JR BARBARA NICHOLS iMTRica BWWf -ChariES DRAW 4 swHflNWNWJCINI scnwbyTAO M0SEL ho MARTIN MANUUS II LAW MR. ED (7:30 p. m., Chan nels 4-5-12-22) "Ed's Contact Lenses." When someone pokes fun at Ed's eyeglasses, he in sists that Wilbur buy him contact lenses. Ther's a visit to an optometrist who can't be lieve nis eyes wnen ne sees his patient LAST DAY I "MARRIAGE ITALIAN STYLE" George C. Scott To Stop Worrying Strangelove" at 4:45 1D:M The Bomb ACADEMY AWARD NOMINEE "BEST ACTRESS" T1 Anne -r Peter Bancroft-Finch p "Mason Ectcr Evenings at 8:15 j O FOR YOU-I O HOPE YOUll DROP BYI ' JO 1 STARTS TODAY! They don't know each other, yet. ..the people with the circles around them. One circle is Evie who makes up the names of men in her life. The other is Harry who has to shell out for everything he gets. They meet at a convention in New York in the most unconventional love affair in years. f OH GEI.nLD.UE PAGE in Warner Bros! HEAR THE GREAT TITLE SONG NOMINATED FOR AN ACADEMY AWARD! fa5 -.AJ ISDIL THE VTRGIMAN. (7:30 p.m., Channels 18-28-40) -"Farewell to Honesty." The Virginian battles the forces of corruption as exemplified by a town boss (Richard Carlson). Color. DICK VAN DYKE SHOW (9 p. m., Channels 4-5-1.2-22) "Not Now, Anthony Stone." Rob has to find out who and what Sally's mysterious new boyfriend is. The whole adventure becomes a grave undertaking as Rob not only learns who he is, but unearths a discon certing fact about him which he's afraid to tell Sally. WEDNESDAY NIGHT I MOVIE (9 p. m., Channels 18- 28-40) "The Last voyage. Suspense at sea when a liner, making its last trip, is rocked by an explosion. Starred are: Rob- bert Stack, Dorothy Malone, George Sanders. Color. BURKE'S LAW (9:30 p. m., Channels 7-9) -"Who Killed Cop Robin?" Burke loses his emotional detachment when his old friend and teacher is murdered. Starred are: Hal March, Whitmore, Terry Moore, and Susan Strasberg. THE DANNY KAYE SHOW (10 p. m., Channels 4-5-12-22) In the opening skit, Jason Robards and Danny are two expectant fathers who make their wait bearable by getting drunk. Miss Bacall then does a takeoff on "Password." Other music is provided by singer Danny Cox. CHANNEL 12 MOVIE (11:25 p. m.) - "No Way Out." (1950) Sidney Poitier, Richard Wid-mark, Linda Darnell. CHANNEL 5 MOVIE (11:30 p. m.) - "Carson City" (1952) Randolph Scott, Lucille Nor man. CHANNEL 22 MOVIE (11:35 p. m.) "No Down Payment" (1957) Joanne Woodward. Tony Randall, Sheree North. CHANNEL 22 MOVIE (1:15 a. m.) "From Hell to Texas" (1958) Don Murray, Diane Var- si, Chill Wills. mi ill of fhe MOVIES llllliiiHiiin Elmlra "Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte" at 1:55, 4:20, 6:50 and 9:20. Colonial "Dear Heart" at 2:15, 4:35, 6:55 and 9:20. Capitol "Marriage Italian Style" at 7:25 and 9:25. Heights "Those Calloways" at 6:45 and 9. EAR IIEHRT hi HULLH Lll lUUUl I rbDLBERT MANN i nn i i iiinnnnw (Th tv stations r responsible for th accuracy of these schedules which are printed in accordance with informa tion provided oy me siaiioni mcnocira.i WBEN-4 WHEN $ WKBW 7 WNYS WPIX-11 WNBF-12 WSYE II WDAU 22 WBRE 28 . WINR 40 MARCH 24 tVENING 6 a -IIM. n.w :00 tChtyenne 11-U:I5 Newt 6 OA 4-1MB-22-2B News :OU U Superman 7 Cheyenne 7rt 4 Honeymoenera :UVI S-M2-40 News 12 Many Happy Returns Rifleman 11-Peter Potamiw IMft-Ooath valley Days Wn II Clay Cola :OU ;--Ome Harriet 4-S--22-Mr. Ed. IMMtt-VlrginiaB - 7-f Patty Duke 0:UU 5-11-22-My Living Doll 7 Shindig 8.a 11 Thriller 1-t Shindig :JU 4-5-12-22-Beverly Hillbillies 900 11"28"44 Mov' 4-5-1 2-22 Dick van Dyke 9tn 4-V12-22 - cara William :JU 7-f Burka'i Law 11 One Step Beyond In nn 4-5-12-22 oannv Kaya U:UU u Richard Diamond 1 Detectives IU.OU 11 Bioqraphy Detectives 7-M-Squad 1 1 .nn 4-5-IM2-l-22-2M0-NWS I i:UU f77 Sunset Strip 11 (11:15) The Best of Grouch 4-5-12-22-MovieS 11:30 tb? 18-28-40 Johnny Carson -(12:05) TV Hour of Start 11 (11:50) star Theater 1.1ft 22 News, Movie I. IV 7-Nwt MARCH 25 7.nft l-28-40-Today :UU 12-RPD 7 Showcas 22 Movie Museum; Bill Bennett 5 Teleschool 7 o 12 Cartoon Carnival l-iJ 4 Sunrise Semester S-Teleschool; Calendar; sharing 11 Pair 7-Rockt Ship a-Elactrnic 8:00 4-5-12-22-Capt. Kangaroo 11 Jack LeLann 8:30 11 Cartoons o.nn lt-Ladies Day t;w s-Toy Shop 12 Gloria 7 Dialing for Dollar liJatb LeLanna 28 Ann sotnern 44 Cartoons 4 Mike's Carnival 22-Jack Benny f ITU Classroom 9 on 12 Educational TV :JU ia.;aPntva 40 Cartoons -Charlie's Plac 11 Racket Squad 7 Girl Talk 10:00 KSSi ia-tt-40 Make Room for Daddy 7 Dialing for Dollars 9 Romper 22-4 Mike waiiace 11 eoucaiioiw i In. on 7-9 Trailmaster U:OU nstar Theater 4-12-221 Love Lucy 18-28-40 What's This Songr 1 1 .nn 11-Cartoon; Bou; Rocky I I : W 4-12-22 Andy of Mavberry 18-28-40 Concentration 1 1 ."irt 2-9 Pric is Right I I :OU 5 Movie 18-28-40-Jeopirdy (C) 11 Mighty Hercules 4-12-22-Th Real McCoy AFTERNOON 11. nn 18-28-40 Say When lx:UU ;- Donna Reed 4 News 4-5-12-22-Lov Of Life II Cartoons 12:15 11 Rocky lO on 18-Denny Sullivan I2:o0 7--Faiher Knows Best 40-28-Truth or Consequences 4-S02-22 Search tor Tomorrow 1 nn 12-Ralph Carroll 1 :UU (Mr D. A. 22 Nancy Dolphin la Match oam Y-Emi. fVo1" """"I 1 Oft 4-5-1 2-22-As the World Turn I :oU 28-40 Let's Mak Deal 9 Country Music ftft 28-40 Moment of Truth :UU 9-Flame in the Wind 4-5-1 2-22 Password 2 on 7-9 Day In Court !OU 18-28-40 Doctors 4-5-12-22 House Party 11 wonderful World 3 4-5-12-22-Tell the Truth :UU 7-9-Genral Hospital II Drama 18-28-40 Another World 3 .On 18-28-40-You Don't Say :3U 7-9 Young Married 4-5-t2-22-Edge of Night 11 Superman 11 Chuck McCann 4-5-12-22 Secret Storm 9 Baron Daemon 18-40 Match Game i 28 Lloyd Thaxton 7 Flame In the Wind 4 On cnuck Mccann :OU 22 Nancy Dolphin Show 4-7 Movie 40 Lone Ranger 28 Bachelor Father 12 Cartoon IS Let's Make Deal 1:554:206:509:20 COMING FRIDAY i emirs jwt Aw McEir Ch Bram- Jcm (TBan ii ruADimre Jrr ib WMmmmmnmmam m turn m i I I 1l 'I I - Tl - ' I-1''''111' 3 I'l'l I H .1 11 m 1 11 n 11 1 hi n j f tfunm I4WM4I WmM Ttunaey A4mlnf RAIN IS EXPECTED tonight from the southern Plains through the southern Gulf coast and snow in the Rockies and central Plains. Colder temperatures are likely in the southern Plains and from the Mississippi through the Ohio valley into the mid Atlantic states. The Weather Report Much Colder Elmira and Vicinity Fair and much colder tonight, in creasing clouds and continued cold Thursday. LOCAL TEMPERATURES Overnight low, 22. Tuesday high, 34. . Snow, 3 inches to 7 a. m. ' LOCAL FORECAST Expected low tonight, near zero. Expected high Thursday, 20- 25. Winds northerly, 10-15 miles per hour. SUN TABLE Sunset tonight, 6:24. Sunrise Thursday, 6:03. U.S. TEMPERATURES ALBANY (AP) - U.S. Weather Bureau temperatures: High Low Albany 37 23 Widow of Former Gity Pastor Dies Mrs. Grace Pierce, widow of a former pastor of Pennsylvania Ave. Methodist Church, died Monday in a Wayland nursing home. The Rev. Bruce E. Pierce, who died in 1958, was pastor of Pennsylvania Ave. Church from 1941 until 1949, when he retired. After his retirement Mr. and Mrs. Pierce moved to Ithaca, Breesport Man Dies At Wheel Maxwell Struble, 64, of Brees port. an emnlove of the State Department of Public Works at norseneaas, aiea oi natural causes Tuesday afternoon at 3:30 on Kt. 17, just east of the Pennsylvania Railroad. Mr. Struble was taken to St. Joseph's Hospital in an Erway ambulance and was pronounced dead on arrival. Dr. M. Eugene Pittman, Che mung County medical examin er, said Mr. Struble died of natural causes, and that he had been treated for a heart condi tion. Horseheads police said Mr. Struble was driving a 1963 Fal con east on Rt. 17 when the car veered across the passing lane, through the man and across both westbound lanes before crashing into guard rails on the north side of the highway. ' Cartoons 9 Bud Ballon ll-Three Stooges EVENING 6.nn 4-ii-i8-2-Nws :UU chynn 22-(4:15) News 6.1ft 4-5-12-18-22-21-New :JU 7-Maverick 1I-S Superman 7.nn 7-22-5-40-News 11-Yogl Bear UU 12 Deem vallav 4 Bit Masterson 9 Rifleman II Littlest Hobo 28 sea Hunt 7. in 28-18-40 Daniel Boon 7-9 Jonny Quest 11 Hawaiian Ey 4-S-1Z-22 Munster 8 .ftft Prry Mason ;UU 7-9-Donn Reed .on l-2--Dr Kildar :JU ll-Momia 7-9 My Thre Sons 9:00 7-9-Bewitched 4-5-12-22-Password 9 .On 18-2-40-Hazef wU 7-9 Pevtan Pl.r. 4-H2-22-Biloy of Balboa lD-flO !? Th Defenders I U.UU Jimmy Dam I Dirk I it-199 suspense Theatre ii naxM city 11.00 ''-'M-22-0-7-New I I .WU 9-77 Sunset Stria 11:15 M-Jonnly Carson I I XU 4-7 MaviM 1 1 .1 C 12 Movi 11 Grouch 11 tft la-Johnny Canon l:JU S-22-Movl 11 (11:50) Star Theater 9 (11:05) TV Hour of Stars 1.00 MM2-NOWS The United States Military Academy at West Point was, for many years, this nation's only engineering school. HELD OVER AT THE POLYNESIAN - ROOM - DOWNTOWN ELMIRA Miss Geene Courtney Star of TV Supper Clubs Movies 3 Shows Nightly Binghamton 38 19 Boston 46 27 Buffalo . 31 22 Charleston," S.C. 68 60 Chicago 27 19 Des Moines 15 4 Detroit . 29 10 Houston 1 85 67 Kansas City 28 14 Los Angeles 64 54 Miami 77 74 Minneapolis 10 -8 New Orleans 76 67 New York 53 35 Philadelphia 61 41 Phoenix 72 44 Pittsburgh 32 2 St. Louis 44 18 San Francisco 56 49 Seattle 52 31 Syracuse 37 13 Washington 67 44 where for several years Mr, Pierce was pastor of Forest Home . Church on the Cornell University campus. Mrs. Pierce is survived by a son, the Rev. Ellis E. Pierce of Harrison City, Pa. Hlieads Project Endorsed The Horseheads Junior Chamber of Commerce direc tors have urged voter approval of the school bond in the referendum to be held Thursday from 1 to 8 p.m. by the Horseheads School District. .District voters will vote on authorization of a 30-year bond issue totaling $1,865,000 to cover construction cost estimates of $1,411,200 for the proposed 29- room Gardner Road school and $450,548 for a 10-classroom ad dition to the Big Flats Elementary School. The Jaycee endorsement fol lowed the special meeting at which school Supt. Harold D. Merry discussed the need for the added construction. The Jaycees said that, after giving the matter serious con sideration, they "wholehearted ly endorse this referendum, as a tribute to the school board, which has worked tirelessly to maintain the excellence of our school system." Rings, Lighter Stolen From Store Theft of two rings and a cig arette lighter valued at $76 was reported to city police Mondav by George Fean, proprietor of jwartnout Jewelry Store at 110 u. water St. Fern said the theft occurred Saturday afternoon about 2. He said three youths came In to the store and one of them asked to look at lighters. Anoth-1 er- of the youths walked to the other side of the store and behind a jewelry case, while the third youth spent some time tune near the front door, be- siae a display window. After the youths left. Fean said, he discovered two diamond set onyx rings were missing from a tray of rings in the jewelry case. The rings, he said, were valued at $42.50 and $30. A cigarette lighter, valued at $3.50 was missing from the display win- aow. GLOOM-BOOM' TOPIC Arthur J. Sutty Jr., Chemung County Chamber of Commerce executive secretary, will speak on "Gloom or Boom A New comer's First Impressions" at the Thursday noon meeting of tne Limira Kiwanis Quo at the Mark Twain Hotel It Is estimated that there are some five million persons in the United States today who are trapped in some stage of alcoho lism. DDeaTtlhi Notices Deaths HE IN, Clarence J. Age 71, of 2 Cedar St., Wednesday, March 24, 1965. Body at Ulinor rir neral Home. Calling hours: Wednesday 7 to f and Thursday i to 4 and 7 to p.m. Funeral flier Friday at 11 a.m., the Rev. William B. Wilcox. Woodlawn Cemetery. Survived by sisters, Mrs. Walter Freeman of Elmlra. Mrs. Susan Engle of Watkins Glen and Mrs. Robert Beaumont of Vestal. He was a retired employ of Remington Rand, i f BROWN, Olive L. Age S3, of Hollenback, Pa., Tuesoay, March 23, 1965 at the Robert Packer Hospital. Body at the TiKany Funeral Home, wyekjslng. Pa. Calling hours: Wednesday 7 to p.m. Funeral there Thursday at I P.m., the Rev. Theodore Stone. Burial New Albany Cemetery. Survived by daughters, Mrs. Ralph Lemons of Binghamton, Mrs. Nellie Stevens of Endicott, Mrs. Leon Turner of Sugar Run, Pa.; sons, James Brown of Wyaiuslng, Wood-row Brown, Edwin Brown, Donald Wilcox all of Hollenback, Llewellyn Brown of Elmlra. SILSBEE, Miss Erminda Age 90, formerly of Big Flats, Mon- f MAE MURRAY (As she appeared in 1930) La Belle Murray Dies at 75 HOLLYWOOD (AP) - Mae Murray, 75, once a sultry beau ty billed as "the effervescent blonde vamp of the silver screen," died Tuesday. Prolonged illness resulting from a stroke and a heart ailment brought death at the Mo tion Picture Country Hospital, which she entered last Aug. 7, "The girl with the bee-stung lips," another tag by which she was once known, was a symbol ox the gay and glittering era of the silent movies in the Roaring '20s. She lived glamorously, mar ried four times, made $3 million and spent it all. Her career as a glamorous actress and dancer didn't survive the talkies, but she always considered herself a star. Her most famous role was in "The Merry Widow." She and John Gilbert starred in the si-knt film directed by Erich von Stroheim. Miss Murray's other films, usually gay and frivolous, in cluded "On with the Dance," "Gilded Lily," "The Right to Love," "Peacock Alley," "Fas cination," "Broadway Rose, "Jazz Mania," "Fashion Row," "Idols of Clay" and "Altars of Desire." Smith Seeks Updating of Farm Law Star-Gazette Bureau ALBANY - State Sen. Wil liam T. Smith of Big Flats Tues day called for modernization and recodification of the state's 43-year-old Agriculture a n Markets Law. Republican Smith offered resolution, co-sponsored by As semblyman Edwyn E. Mason, Hobart Republican, calling for a joint legislature committee. "The Agriculture and Markets Law has become a hodge-podge ot ambiguous and inaccurate sections which have had an ad verse effect on New York's farmers," Smith said. Waverlyite Hurt In Elmira Fall Daniel Lenox, 87, of 15 Caldwell Ave., Waverly, was reported in fair condition today at the Arnot-Ogden Hos pital with injuries received when he fell on W. First St. Tuesday morning about 10:20. Mr. Lenox is being treated for a possible right hip injury. City police said Mr. Lenox was crossing W. First St at Foster Ave. from the south to the north curb when he fell. lie told police ne was going to visit a brother in Fancher's Nursing Home at 742 W. First St. EARNS MEMBERSHIP Cadet John O'Leary of 266 W. Henry St has earned mem bership in the Summerall Guards at The Citadel He and 60 other cadets achieved the jrv sr ultimate in military accomplishment recently during Corps Day exercises. , j .. i. w ! Bodv t If m:,jr"zr. mm r bio Fiats. .r"'T-u,;.w 7 to Calling, nour,. f t p.m. a Daif Big ,.,' rrterv. No survivors. Sha was a member of the B.g Har o list Church and Its Hope Circle. MEYERS, Cindy Louise Infant daughter of MJ. "fhnM Paul A. Meyers, of 28 Washington St., Dundee, Tuesday, March i 23, 196 at'penn Yan Hospital. Body at th. Ougherston Funeral Home, Dundee. Calling hours: Wednesday 2 tofand 7 to 9 P.m. Funeral there Thursday it 3 p.m., the Rev. William Thomas. Hillside Cemetery, Dundee Survived by parents; sister, Teressa Lynn; brother, Leon Paul both maternal-grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Leon R- Coon; paternal-grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond H. Mayers of Penn Yan. STRUBLE, Maxwell (Pat) Age 44, of Breesport, Tuesday, March 23, 1945. Friends may call at th Barber Funeral Home, Horseheads, Wednesday 7 to 9 p.m. and Thursday 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Funeral there Friday at 2 p.m., the Rev. Everette L. Duncan. Hilltop Cemetery, Breesport. Survived by wife, Mrs. Mabel Pike Struble; daughter, Miss Barbara Struble at home; son, Maxwell A. of Breesport; sisters, Mrs. Lillian Sullivan, Mrs. Maybelle Kole both of Horseheads; six grandchildren. He was employed by New York Stat Highway Dept. Funerals HURLEY, Mrs. Mary Catherina of 809 W. Water St. Prayer servic was held Wednesday at Mclnerney Funeral Home at 8:30 a.m. followed by Solemn Requiem High Mass t 9 a.m. In Our Lady of Lourdes Church, the Rt. Rev. Msgr. Leo G. Schwab, celebrant; the Rev. Roy Klgglns, deacon; the Rev. Emmett Davis, subdeacon. Pallbearers: Paul W. Szymanskl, Edward T. Lagonegro, Alvln J. Nassar, Elmer Dean, Glenn Mallette, Edward Rose, Edward F. Kelley and Vincent J. Clune. Father Klgglns conducted th committal service at St. Peter and Paul' Cemetery. STRYZINSKI, Raymond J. of 322 W. Lenox Ave., Elmlra Heignt. Prayer service was held at Kalec Fu neral Home, Wednesday at 9:13 a.m. followed by Solemn Requiem Hlghj Mass in St. Casimir's Church at 10 a.m., the Rev. L. J, Szczepanski, celebrant; th Rev. L. P. Kuawskl, deacon; the Rev. Phillip McGhan subdeacon. Pallbearers: Paul Scan-lln, Gordon Ackerman, Robert M. Collins, James Maloney, Louis Sarv full! and Theodore Zaparzynskt. St. Peter and Paul's Cemetery. KISTLER, Kirtsel S. Age 45, of 45 Sunnyslde Or. Tuesday, March 23. 1965. Friends may call at th Smith & Fudge Funeral Home, Wednesday 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Funeral there Thursday at 2 p.m., the Rev. John Kaercher. Woodlawn Cemetery. SCHENCK, Henry C. Age 73, of Denlson Pkwy. c. cor. nlng, Monday, March 22, 1965. Body at the Poland Funeral Home, Cor. nlng. Calling hours: Tuesday 7 to f p.m. and Wednesday to 4 and 7 ta 9 p.m. Prayer service there 1:30 a.m. Thursday followed by Requiem High Mass at 9 a.m. m St. Patrick' Church, Corning. St. Mary's Cemetery, Corning. MYSLIVECEK. Frank Age 89, of Lowman RD, Sunday, March 21, 1965 In St. Mary's Hospital. Syracuse Body at the Page Jamieson Funeral Home, Wellsburg. Calling hours: Tuesdiy to 9 p m. end Wednesdey 2 to 4 and 7 to f p.m. Funeral there Thursday at 2 p m., the Rev. Gene E. Caillhan. Forest Lawn Memorial Park. WHITE, Irvln T. Age 73, of 178 McConnell Ave., Heights, Sunday March Ji, mi. Bcoy at Ollhof Funeral Home. Calling hours: Tuesday 7 to 9 p.m. and Wednesday 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p m. Funeral there Thursday at 1 p m., the Rev. Kent J. Lattimer. Alder Run Cemetery, Aider Run, Pa. PAULL, Clyde E. of 1160 W. Church St., Monday. March 22, 1965. Friends may call at th Smith (, Fudge Funeral Home, Tuesday 7 to 9 p. m., Wednesday 1 to 4 and 7 to 9 p. m. Funeral tner Thursday at II a. m., the Rev. William B. Wilcox. West Hill Cemetery, Galeton, Pa. MASONIC NOTICE The officers and brethren of Horseheads Lodge No. 364, F&.AM, will meet at the Smith A Fudge Funeral Home, Wednesday, March 24, 1965, at 7:30 p.m. to conduct a Masonic Service for our late brother Clyde E. Paull. Signed: JOHN BAUER, Master EUGENE GARLICK Secretary FLOWERS To Express Your Sympathy IIEMEIIWAY FLORIST 164 lake St. RE 3-6611 LEGALS NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a special meetlne of the ounllfll voter of Central School District No. ui me lowns oi Horseheads, Big Flats and Elmlra, Chemung County. New York, wUl be held In the auditorium of the Thomas A. Edison Junior-Senior High School,. Collesa Avenue. Elmlra Heights, on the 30th aay oi Marcti 1365 at 7:30 P.M., for tha purpose of considering and voting upon the following proposition! Shall the following reanlutinn adopted, to wit: RESOLVED, that th r Education of Central RrhnrA ni.ti... n,a J,ot tne towng of Horseheads. Big Flats and Elmira. Chemung County, New York, is herbv . thorixed to purchase two (2) school buse at a cost not to exceed $7000 each, and to levy a tax upon the taxab e property of said district, to be collected In annual Installments as provided by Section 416 of the Education Law and In anticipation ? uc taxL t0. l83Ue obligations of the said School District in th. f.i l,0.1. 1 "l000- or U(-h Part vuwvwa, m in uc necesfiarv. FRANK F. THOMAS c. Ditrict Clerk SG&Adv. March 3. 10. n. 24. i9fis 4U The Board of Appeals of the Town of Elmira will meet next Thursday April 1st 1965 at 254 Baldwin Street at 1:30 PM to consider the building of a two family dwelling at 915 and 817 West Second Street on lota less than the required number ot square feet in a AAA tone. Cressy Mowrey. chairman b( Adv. Mar. 24. 1965 1TZ The Board of Appeal, of th Baldwin It? fhuTidavin , ? i j. " consider th building of a home at 1518 W Watei St. aaid lot not meeting the re- quired front footage in a AAA Zone AS a Adv. March. 24 1965 ITS

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