The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1943 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 17, 1943
Page 5
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._SATURDAY, APRIL'17, 19(3 (KKK.J; COURIKR HUW1 IMPORTANT NOTICE! Classified 'Advertising In The Courier News Will Be CASH ONLY Except to Established Biulnesj firms, Because tbe low cost of classified *<Ss doti not Justify {Ue expense of bookkeeping and collections, ire have adapted tli'u policy rather llian a raise- In rat*. No Exceptions to this Policy! Front bedroom adjoining ball). Couple preferred. Phone 2192. lU-pk-20 lioom, two employed women. Twin beds. Adjoins hath. Phone 24'JS. Small room, single bod. convenient to ball). 310 W. Wnlmit. 12-Dk-20 Parker rooms. ICfi K. Main. 4-3-pk-3 Nicely furnished bedroom, sleam Deal., gentlemen. Phnnc 320-1. 3-27-pk-27 Good grocery store building and fixtures, an \v, Ash. Phone 2552 3-18-ck-tr Comfortable uedroonr. Twin beds. Sleam heat. Chlckflsawlm & 10th 1'lione 2-113. ii- ck _tr Comfortable bedroani. 1017 Walnut Phone 2516. 11-7-ck-tf CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line for consecutive Insertions; Minimum Clmi'gc 50c 1 time per line 15c 2 limes per line per clay 12c 3 limes per line per i!:iy ilc 0 times per line per day ? c 12 Limes per line per day Tic 1 Month ucr line 90c Ads ordered for three or six limes and slopped before expiration will be charged for the number of limes the ad appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside of the city must be accompanied l>y cash. Hates may be easily computed from the above table. Advertising ordered for irregular insertions takes the one time rate No responslbilily will be taken for more than one incorrect insertion of any classified ad. For Sale E-flat alto and A-snprauo saxo- phoiie. rtlso Masonic ring with diamond. 212 Kentucky. lG-pk-23 Berkshire boars ready for service. Open gills, world's champion bloodlines. Select from the bcsl herd in the Tri-Slales. Dowii in Dixie we breed and sell Hie best. M. L. Soulhnll & Sons, Covington, Tenn. 4-10-]>k-2;) 'G OI J)FI SIT ' MINNOWS—"Wappic'S favorites."- G. C. Hawks, 300 E Main. Ph. M2. ' 4-13-ck-J3 19.17 Sclmltz Hoiisetrailcr for safe cheap. Clarence Hawkins, cooler, 13-pk-20 Mo. Wanted To Buy Cash for g ;) o ( t rlectrlc wasiier Write Mrs. ir. p. Worslpy. Rl. 1 Litxora, Ark. 4-\!i-ik-2'> Modern homo with l wo bedrooms Cull 28BO after 0 o'clock or 202C during day. 14-ck- 1 !! Lale model car. Will pay cash. II. W. Wilde, Liwora, Ark'. 2 mites east of Biu-delle. 4-2-pk5-2 Will pay cash for $10,000 worth of good used furniture. JVatle Furniture Co. 1-20-ck-tf Will jmy 20c per doz. for wire coal hangers. Hudson Cleaners. 10-0-ck-tr Taken Up Black and K-lillc Poland china ho° weight 200. Raymond Koehler Blyllicvillc Ht. 3, west of Half Moon. lO-pk-19 Services April Siwcial—Pei mancnls two for $5.00. Landys' Beauty Shop Main and 21sl. Plinue 3333. 7-pk-l Seivinj inachfncs repaired. Singer offers C war-lime service specials to suit your machine and its condition. Prom $1.50 uji. Singer Sewing Center, 1H South Broadway. Call 2782. 7-ck-7 Painter & Paper Hanger. Highway 01 north. J. n. Freeman, call 2l)34 - 22-pk-4-22 Part time book-kceplnc hy experi- cncctl hook-keeper. 320 Chick Phone 2808. 20-pk-4-20 Farm Needs Used Sewing Machines bought and sold. Singer Sewing Center, 11-1 South Broadway. Call 2782. 7ck7 Help Wanted Wailresscs wanted. Apply Holel Noble. 15-ck-tf flood all nrnund snlesinan for Kcneral slore work. L. K. HARWAHC The Slore for Lad and Uatl Osccola, Ark. ' -l-13-pk-18 Brill" us ynur. iioiiltrj', hog and slock health proKcms. We carry a complete fresh stock of Lederle scrums, vaccines, Dr. iicss Tonics and disinfectants. Woods Drug store, Main & Railroad. 3-lC-ck-tf FOR SALE Dependable Used Cars 1211 Ford £«Per Deluxe Convertible Club Coupe ^iS,. 1! S,, c :"!^^!!; tK " :lkI '''">" <io "" il> " '•'"" «"""" ,1 ii, .' ' llei " ( " :l l'l»'->r:i"('c mill nuvlianieal run- rt'lio..! very S oo,l (Ires; l.all.e, «-;,| s f,,,- 5 p,ss,n«,,-s. 1942 Chevrolet Special Deluxe Sport Sedan k,- ,u-u- service. 1940 Plymouth Deluxe Coupe 1939 Dodge i Ton Pickup NViily iKiinlpil, nii-i'liiiiiicallr mini -,. ...... . , t . ^tr 1 '- " ; " ..... * ''™*--. wm sc .iirj,:;, ^ Universal-*!. I. T. Terms, if desired 25 Other Late Model Cars and Trucks Phillips Motor Co. Open ill NATION 'CALENDAR ll r>: Colt™ Stamp 20 K*i,|rf, •'lay 21: (iasullnc ('oiiiicn 1 K«- lilrcs. i»e J5: Sho«'8(«,np Mistakes Waves 1 Uniform .MONTEREY, Cal. <U.P) _ A group of visiting Waves were ac- cidcnlalry mistaken here for gas sliUion attendants. Commented a kindly old lady in .spoiling Hie Irlmly tailored women in blue. "My, Hie gas slatlons arc certainly gel- Ing U]) tlicli- B ln employee™' 1 '' IOM " 'he U. S. government $70,000,000 to Ulllld. Thus is cfuml'lo 933331 jwir bonds of $IQQ ,,, nlm ., ty ,„„„, WALTKK HKNSEN' PLUMBING & UKATING I'll. 2S43 1215 SUtD One cnrnrr stnrn ami 4 ''""' '""''' ic l''OK HALM rr stnrn ami 4 ""''' icc * 17M THOMAS LAND CO. We wmil to boy Blythevttl* "«"'M. We h»v« nureh.m, f or nil klmts of IIOIIIM. if , ou W1I1 . In «!l gulcV, «« THOMAS LAND COMPANY M. t!. CumpbtU, Dr. W. V. Urcwcr Dcntlsl mytlievlllc, ArkaniM • SI'I-CIAI.S l.vlracllons ^ 1(M '•'"II (l|i'r ,«• Lower I'luU-s's'ls JM, i 19 '2 Dlylhcvlllo - .Mow.nce to, furniture on new S^fJ '•'MANClKCO,"cu l |'.' i ( 1 U.l 1 .)- )in™'r u r" ,']'," ,7 S " Sl ' lel ' ol c ' Uh( ''' Im-hi'il "llenvi'ii". Heaven Is Hie "<in e of i, rdiKiun-f colmij' In l)t« !s "" ( " CJi'ii/. luininlalns innlniulncil liei \V. !•;, Hiker. Tl)o ••"•->• «'".") Tor mi tfe of J5,000, by . rs vog. ly nrier the motor l^ome* ". Oil-it- IK im pnrtlpiilur ,-misi- for <'<mmn. [f It Dwslsl.s, liovv- I'W, sei'l.nis cylinder wcur will iv- CONCRKTB 8TORM SEWE1 Pur Sale ALL SIZES OiceoU Cuhert C«. Of Ihc InlmWtnnls of Novntlii, ',J(15 arc Jiulinns, wlin )„„,.„ ( | mll oiic-lmlf of (Item living lii n'on- rescrvnllon areas. - " n « D. •. *"• Ml * •• ; r4 0»»««l», Ark. WK NKKI) USED C A R TRUCKS Ton |irl«., ; or !,,(„ Models - - "See Stay Ik-fore You Kell." T.I. SEAT MOTOR CO. New 1'lvimiths * Chryslers m w. A«I, , iXPERTAUTO REPAIR WORK ompute giock «f Pttti HARRISON Auto Parts & Garage Oliver F»rm Equipment 517 W. A.ih P(K , !52 24 HOUR \TIRESERVICE Vulcnnlzlnfr-Tlre and Tub* All Work tiu.irantetdt WADE COAL CO. Alabama Keit Ash Coal. DON ED WARDS The Tyiwwrller Man" , ROYAL. SMITH, -CORONA, ANU RBM, H Q TON POUTAUI.F J W^C /?!/// Loan Cotton fieo. H. McFadden & Bros. Arty. 0«r liormu's l.,,, lr store— V. 0 . II,,, M j, B l,Jhevlllr, Ark. E. C.PATTON riinncm BAKER L. WILSON For Sale COTTONSEED Hliiiicvillc 2-1! sov BEANS Ark.sny.H Wild's 12 Wild's n LESLIE E. SPECK, Sr. I-™J.' ou, Ark: . ' Defoe Furniture Co. 120 E. Main Dial 3221 Wanted: Used Furniture. Also you can trade your old furnllure in on new. The dogwood is the stale flower of North Carolina. Swearengen & Co. SPOT COTTON BliOKERS Blytheville, Ark. ' ARMY AIR CADET INSIGNE HORIZONTAL 1 Depicted is sleeve insigne i worn by a/ U. S. Army ;12East (Fr.) '33 Inquisitive 14 Female hare 16Slrcel (abbr.) 17 Doctor (abbr.) 18 Tree i!9Sleamship ' (abbr.) .21 Symbol for I tantalum •22 Prolix 24 Appellation 27 Ireland 28 White frost J29 Symbol for radon 30 Hawaiian , bird |32 Wine vessel '34 Symbol for i tin (SSCompiass point < 36 Electrified : particle 37 Measure of area 39 Indian' mulberry Answer to Previous Puzzle R U AT ME ^M B Mt t A A C 1 H HO ; N ST r E & p E A R i! 1 M P L Y •ft. S E A 1. iV A C r :& A L £. S T E R * 1 N K '#< O N t D E A H "» r> L D 'ft P A D b a A Y •if P A L 3* r i M •4 *? £ H. ^ ^ %. ~ T O J IA R u S E IflLW LOUNT i\m r .1'" K A M & A E H 1 (7 P U f/ a D 5 fc p A R S T O F D "p> u G F R M S tej F 1 S #• P N E S RT F n F A RD R A F M n *p| pq Fi\ A IT 40 Droop 41 Symbol fofl illinium •13 Tnciian bovine 45 Sicilian •" volcano 47 Prevarieallon-1 50 Speech 52Mujic note 53 Senior (abbr } 54 Age 50 Bone 57 That thine- 58 Self 60 One who concedes 63 Onager G4 Diversion VERTICAL V i Aft y 2 Vermont (abbr.) . c Heights . (comb, form) 4 Measure 5 Angers : -'s 6 Lubricant' 7 Alaskan city 8 Cubic (abbr.) , 9Yaupon "• 10 Editor (abbr.) 11 Indian poles of symbols- 12 Compound • ether ' 15 Has been . consumed 17 Prehistoric reptiles 20 Outsiders 23 The gods 25 Commended 26 Exclamation 31 Wise bird 33 Extinct bird 37 Blue 38 Fail to follow suit in cards 41 Bo persistent 42 Endures 44 Bought' ~ (abbr.) v 46 Symbol for tellurium '/ 4 8 Pi-ess / 49 Warmth 50 Counter (prefix) . 51 College build. ing (colloq.) 55 Indian 59 It is borne" : ', the sleeve, just below the ' shoulder 61 Railroad (abbr.) • 62 Half-cm C3 Any J. E. JOHNSON Fire, Life :iml Casually INSURANCE \IZ N. 2nQ Slrcct "Better Safe Than Sorry" WALLPAPER EXCELLENT DESIGNS 33.-! DISCOUNT ' ' . . i , , , . , E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. 319 \V. Wayne Chick and Poultry Feeds Insist on Wayne quality whrn buyfng feeds of all kinds HAYS STORE; "Fantwr's Hudqoutm In Blythnllle & MowlU" Spend Your Precious Points For The Better Brands! —Get More and Keller Food for j-our ralion books. 3 Deliveries Daily C. L. HABERS Grocery & Market 104 R. Dlvlalon St. Phone £01 DRS. NIES & NIES Osteopathic Physicians RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8iOO-12:00 and 1:30-5:30 Clinic 514 Main Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2921 ••• SPECIAL SPRIM 10 POINT TUNEUP 4 ^ Q(rnclti(lca Lafior Only— A No rejibfcmcnl par Is W PO^Ic costs 1. Tighten CYLINDER HEAD S aid MANIFOLDS. Check COMPRESSION. Ad'^t HEAT VAI.VE. fi 2. Clean and Test SPAUK 7 rU!C,S. AdjuU Spark Gap. 3. Thoroughly inspect GEN- g MtATOR, COir,, CONDENSER. VOLTAGE RFC, Ut.ATOR, WIB , S £ Kf ^ SPARK CONTROL. Tig". a en all conncctinns. •)• Clean and Adjust DIS TUIBIITOK. Adjust eiiic Timine for wartn,, c Check anil adjust KDIiliTOf! firr Ii c s t economy. Ailjusl VA),VI! TAPPETS. . Clean and service All! CI.EANKK. Thoroughly insptcl COOF,- ING SVSTEM. TiRhlrn Hose Connections. Adjust Kan licit. Test and Service IUT- Tl-KV. (Jl ran ani] jiji,!,,,, r-onnccllniis. '. Tune MOTOR fnr hcsl Harlimr, I'crforniaiu-e and Gas mileage. 118 N. 2nd STREET WASH TUHHS WE'RE OUT OF THE ACK-ACK, KEEP YOUR EVES OPEN FOR., -. FROM THE TIME IT OPENED FIRE AT600 YARDS UNTIL ITS PAST BEHIND IT COMES ANOTHER,AWD ANOTHER l."<>!( Who's Hero JJy_JH_EI) HARMAN •••—* > •1"^>."VL."03 ; l\t)J RIS-^.'^TTH^NNOI By EDRAR MARTIJI ^g^a^^ 1 ^ -^° SO YOU'VE GOT A JOB FOR ME, EH? LISTEW, DOC IF 'THIS IS SOME TRICK VOU'VE CCOKUD UP TGET MS BACK. 7C - MOO THIS IS MO TRICK.'IF YOU'RE GOIM& TO STAV IN AMERICA, ' .-". i" ,i!?\y.'; "' " W ' - 1 '"* . .."-'-TJn'^i.- - FHECKI.ES AND HIS FIMUNDS LOY EICH CHEVROLET GO. POP. YOU'RE ON 7WF GAS / --RATIONING 6OARO ' S~^ tcr ME TtltUKl VWAT KINO OF A / I oaievE HE IMS CARD HAS MR. / A *C*CARD. YES. SCUTTLE ? ~U'M GURS HE HAS ' WHEM HE APPUED FOR ir, DID He NO. SOW, NO.' BUT GO AWAY AND OOW7 BOW OR. we; L WANTED Tb HAMD1.E THIS THING MY WAVi HILDA / IT W^S STRICTLY A PERSONAL MATTER AND SCUTRE WAS MY BABy/ NOW t TPlMK ITS 71WE X TORNEO HIM OVER TO THE pouce AOOPTION.% ••'•""SS ,~ f .

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