The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 25, 1943 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 25, 1943
Page 8
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F4GE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK,) COURIER NEWS Vance Violent Pitcher And Fans Yelled 'Woo-o' As He Let Ball Fly TUKSDAY,'.i\IAY,25, 19-13 .' B> IIAKKY OllAVSON NBA Spoils EilUor When Ailhur Charles Vnncc checked In with Ihe Brooklyns In the spring of 1022, he remarked that if he was sent hack to Ihe minors he would know slmcbody In nny league (hey senl him lo. It was his way of saying thut he had kicked nrouml In Ihe minors tor nine campaigns. Dazzy Vance "aimed" laic, bill made nj> for lost lime once he got there. A more violent pitcher never threw a baseball. A big man— l;c slood six feet one, weighed 200 (.pounds—Vance hud an elaborate ' "' dup. kicked his leg hlsh in Ihe " Flic mciediblc I latbnsh •lilb- elled ' Woo o-o-o" as lie lined llic plate. i much into his work i imKh as 11 on He ^""fmtHf^, »»' " I'ower pitcher, bi4fiii5ft « crncklin: drop curie,' triMjEtlth the same overhand mollonjffwhith enabled him to lead the "Rational League In strikeouts toi the first seven years of his service at Ebbcla Field. Pitching five cemplclc games in a week for the St. Joseph club Ii 1015 retarded Vance, lie sat around for the next five years wailing fui a remarkable arm lo come back It was thai sart experience »»<' fliv attack of boils suffered in tlic Southern Association in "20 wlilcl prompted Vance to insist u|>oi lour days' rest between starl.i. Kcp out of the Memphis llneii]i by Ihe boils, Vance never pitched better wheii lie relumed, attributed it to the rial. CONCENTRATED ON RATTER At his peak, Vance refused io do relief work. He rushed to the rescue only once in his outstanding year, '24, when he won 28 and lost 6 with an earned run average of 2.16. Hank Denerry, who caught him, asserts lhat with any kind of breaks Vance would have bagged four more games. Once he wns beaten, 1-0. He never failed to finish. Vance, who because of previous failures Charley Ebbcls took from New Orleans aaainst his better judgment, won 18 games eacli in his first two campaigns in Flat- hush, and followed his great campaign of '24 with 22 In '25. He bogged clown the next two seasons bill came back in '28 with 22 decisions and an earned run mark of 2.09 Many of his games are still recalled. Following fi one-hit victory he pitched n no-hiltcr against the Phillies, Sept. 13, '25. lie fanncc 16 Cubs, scyen in succession, lo lit the record,'Aug. 1, '24. He struck out 17 Cardinals in 10 Innings h '25 , No pitcher \vfts easier lo slen on than Vance. He found thn concentrating on a base-runne f Saves"" Gos7 "M'otors, r Spi I Is i'< <tV ! '>i l J* > " t , ^frffy"} Dazzy .Vance iiilton lo runners. "It's only [i l«ai\," the Round obin would say when someone lole a bnse on Vance. "They won't core, anyway. Yen can't steal rst base." No pitcher was tougher on plnch- iHlers. Earl Smith, then of the Braves, was the only ninch-hil- cr to hit Vance safely over a Irclch of three or (our years. 'OUN' SWKAT illlRT SLKKVE As UiDiigh things weren't dlltl- :ult enough for the batter, Vance's ilnglng swift one and death drop came out of the fluttering 1 of a orn sweat shirt sleeve, Opponents squawked, but there was nothing 'hey could do about il nt Ihe time Vance wasn't called Dazxy because ho dazzled batters. It was the way he pronounced daisy'- as i kid. He had tremendous shoulder.' and small arms. Vance was—and Is—a homcspin lownn, an albino, with ; a' tomati fncc mid blue eyes. He has iuillv Intelligence, Is a potential ' Wi: Rogers, an entertaining • teller o disconcerted him as i\ pilcher, so | tall slorics. He Ls addicted : lo west Uncle Wilbert Robinson advised ern magadncs and crass him lo pay not. .llic ..slightest at-'word puzzles. As n pitcher he wa Iso addicted Lo menus, the latter rcquciilly the cause of overweight rolilc'ms. He shoots golf in the Os, swats the ball like a rlght- andcd Babe Ruth, Vnhcc did not get In a Wrjrld icries utHIl he wound np with he Cardinals in '31. but was well Old King Cad Knocked Out ol The Box Sunday By St. Louis Cards NKW YORK, May 25 <U,P.) — Home 35.0CO baseball fans who crowded tticlr way Into llic Polo Grounds last .Sunday may have wllncssed Ihe end of nn era. And It's an end thai no real baseball fan wants to see. A bunch of fighting, scrapping hall players wearing the uniform of the St. Louis Cardinals were pluy- ing the Giants. And they slammed Carl llubhcll out of the box. These Cards arc good players, understand, but It's doubtful if they could have carried Hub's glove In the days wn:n his fast one was zipping in there atul Ills screwball was every batter In the league. lint Sunday when the end came, Hub just stood there with lib; head down, staring at n lltllc mound of dirt he had scraped with hls> toe. Finally — almost unwillingly It seemed—he raised his head' and looked out toward the right field bull pen. There, another, younger pitcher had thrown his Jacket over his arm and was ambling toward the diamond to take over for old King Carl. The Hub squared his shoulder's, hitched np his pants and shuffled out across center field toward the dressing room. The big crowd had been silent— sort of sharing Carl's misery. But now the applause crackled and swelled and rolled at his heels. Old Hub never turned his head. He plodded on, swinging Ills glove. And then he stepped llirough the little green door at the top of the stalls deep in cculcr field. The Baseball Standings SOUTHERN LKAOUK W. L. 1'ct. xNashylllo . 19 10 xUinmiighnin . , 20 11 Little Rock 1C 11 Chattanooga IS 11 xNew Orleans 14 17 Atlanta 12 Hi xKnoxville a 18 Memphis a 19 NATIONAL l.KAGUK W, L. Brooklyn 21 9 (•'I. Ixims 17 10 Boston 14 10 Philadelphia if, ja Cincinnati 12 111 Pittsburgh 10 15 New York Chicago 10 13 9 13 .055 .045 .59!) .577 .452 .280 .100 .ii:ill ,5s;i .55V .400 .370 .321 aid. Fie $50,000 in salary Minnesota fishennen tic canoes together \\-Hh saplings, making one oulbonrd motor do work •£'?:'. I?-" 0 .. t .. a . l .'?. t l r _ 0 .{.V 1 '?.'! 1 ? °.™'.\ v .'!*".-* llo !!P' n S b'8 ones arc pulled in, either: AMERICAN LEAUUE W. L Pct.| 'Cleveland . ...'-.; 16 II .593 (New York 14 II .560 Washington 15 13 ,SDG Detroit 13 12, .520 Philadelphia 14 15 ,48'i Chicago v 10 12- .455 SI. Louis 10 12 .455 Boston 11 17 :m PERFECTGROOMING Jackie Byrd And His Manager Return Home Prom California Jackie liyrd. Blythcville welter- been campaigning for several weight, and Ills boss man, Joe * months. Martin Van Burcn was the first president of the United states to be born an American citizen. PERHC1 (.ROOMING-^ • • ill BT MORQUM Craig, arc back at home for a coii|ilc of weeks before they return to Hie '.Vest Coast where Byrd lias Manager Craig plans to take his family to California soon after school is out here and they will make their home there. Craig revealed that his fighter has been getting plenty of competition on the coast where there arc plenty of good mHtineii, but com- thc plains that welterweights are vc- scarce, forcing Bytd to slop into Lanning Reclassified By United 1'rcss Pitcher John Lanning of Pittsburgh Pirates has been classified from 3-A lo 1-A. Lan- the higher weight division and nine's draft board granted him per- mingle with the middlcweights. mission to take his second physical' This is not so good for the rcc- door swung shut on his number 11 ami maybe, as we sfild before, il swung shut on an era, too. This was the same llubbcll who had faced Uic best of them. Remember llic lime in tlic < nil-star) In Pittsburgh. He has been with ort j sometimes because a good game in St, Louis, when he struck the Pirates since 1040 and is mar- middleweHit can beat a good welter, but Ihe purses are worthwhile out Babe Ruth, Jimmy "Double X" r ried but, childless. Limning was rc- Foxx and Lou Gehrig, one right Jecled by the'Navy some time ago or tlic three years following his miner season of '24, $20,000 In 28, $25,000 In '29. $20.000 In '30. 23,000 In Ml, $17,000 111 '32. Vance dropped considerable mon- :y In Ihe Florida real estate crash, but oul of it salvaged Ihe Homosassa Hotel ill amazing Homosassa Springs, on the Homosassa Uiver, which empties inlo the Gulf, 100 iiillcs' north of St. Petersburg. There he makes his home with charming Mrs. Vance and thclr daiighler, Dorothy. In association with Dernic Nois. Ihe old outfielder, Vance rents fishing boats. He also manufactures artificial baits while enjoying to the fullest what he likes to do best—hunt and fish. He is a crack shot, with rifle arid pistol, an expert at casting. Whcti on the wcsl coast of Florida, old friends travel miles io see Da/.zy Vance. He Isn't a man you soon forget. after the oilier? Mister, that was a pitching feat that never will be because of hay fcvfcr. y some time ago an(i thal - s t ]ie main tiling when ,-er. Last year he • yoll arc ngliting for your bread eight games. So an(j butter ic has won one T . ,. , _ , ...,;_ won six and lost forgotten. far this season he has won v,.._ ., .. . . Old Crooked Arm or the Meal ami lost one. - Byids most recent match was Ticket, as the Giants called him. The New York Giants have sent ~ ut ,S him Vram ds never complained, never had an I smu ] !p;uv Ton , Sll ,,kel to the Jersey « ct B hl -- wn ° f°"sh(, him 10 i omuls alibi, He just look his lurn uutl|uHy c i u |) O f the Inteniatioiml . T. wt, n TVl kod. y „ tny »!ll !,,<? pnftct 17, S, Traawry Difirtmnt, Yesterday's Results SOUTHERN LEAGUE Memphis at CluUlanuoga, 'posl- xincd. • Lillle Rock at Atlanta, postponed Night Games: Nashville at • Birmingham: Knoxvlllc at, New Orleans., NATIONAL LEAGUE . No games scheduled, ' . AMERICAN LEAGUE No games scheduled. • Today's Games SOUTHERN LEAGUE Memphis til Chattaiioosa. Nashville at Birmingham. Little Hock at Atlanta. Knoxvlllc at New Orleans. NATIONAL LEAGUE No games scheduled., AMERICAN LEAGUB No games scheduled. Triplets In llnlstchi LOS ANGELES. Cal. (U.P.)—No 213, a registered pedigreed G-ycar- old Holslcin belonging to the Roger Jcssup dairy, has permanently carved her niche in the bovine Hall of Fame by giving birth lo t'rlplct calves. Tlic event Is a rare one In the bovine field. 'iiif/ott's Manager Says Sammy Champ CHICAGO, May2g (UP)— Chnr- cy Jones, manager ol Sammy An goll, has his own Ideas about Ihe ightwcight picture. Jones sent a wire to Chairman U-'on rialns of the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission protest- in glhc conlemplalcd recognition of Philadelphia's Bob Montgomery as the lightweight champion. Said the wire: Sammy Angolt has been and sllll is Ihe undefeated world lightweight champion." The Pennsylvania Commission Is scheduled to meet next week and consider whether to recognize Montgomery In view of his lltlc Irlumph over Beau Jack in Madison Square Garden last Friday. Beau Jack had held the New York version of the lightweight crown. Angoll retired last November because ol bad hands and recently started a comeback. Jones points out that his fighter has defeated Montgomery three limes. And he adds: "Angoll demonstrated in his vlc- lory over Willie Pop that he is a legitimate lightweight and undoubtedly the best In the world. pitched the best he knew how and usually it was the best pitching around. Sometimes his arm slipped a little but never his heart. Against the Cards, Hub was trying for his 25th major league victory. Those watching from behind the plale kept hoping that the next one—and then the next one- would have il. But it never did. Hub probably will start again, and maybe he'll loosen up as Ihe season progresses. But it seems unlikely that he'll be able to do much. If. anything, this year or ever ?igath. It's hard to see the old guy'shuf- fle off inlo the twilight, growing dimmer and dimmer until suddenly he's gone. Everyone hopes this isn't the end of the line. But then most everybody concedes 11 Is. And as every fall in Ihe 'Polo Grounds stood cheering for the big boy last Sunday, It was easy to understand why tlic folks In Meeker, Oklahoma put up the big white lettered sign which says: "This is the home ol Carl Hubbell." ^uy clu I League. S Fined for LOS ANGELES. Bitinf (U.P.)— 'the ol< adage used to be to the effect Ilia "If a man biles a dog. lhal's news,' but Mrs. Svelyn Murphy went tha one better. She told Judge" Bei Rosenlhal that, her husband bad a right to bite her. "You sec Judge,' she stated. "I bit him first." Tlv two mayhcm-ers were, rilsmissci upon payment of the $25 that I cost the city to flic the suit. a draw at Las Vegas. Nc\'., last „ , , . . ,, Wednesday night. Byrd's hand Ingue. Sunkcl is on a 24-hour call. j, u . y limv > h , |s |1)en( , 0(1 u|u , hfi is .n fighting trim but Craig figured :lie trip home would give him a nit of resl and he can pickup where lie left off when Ilicy return to Armstrong Kayos Shapiro Ky United Press Hammering Henry Armstrong rtis- ilaycd some of the power that curled him lo three world champion- hlps last night as he knocked out Maxle Shapiro ol New York in the cvcnth round o[ a scheduled len ounder. CHghting In Philadelphia, Annstrong senl Shapiro to the mat for count of nine in the sixth. Referee Matt Adgic intervened after he Pacific Coast. Negro floored Ihe tfcw Yorker for a similar, count in he seventh. CHICKASAW West Main Near 21st SI. Jut. stalls !2:45; Sun. starts 1:15 NifiM sliows 5:15 fcxrrpl Monday, opens C:15 Continuous shows Sat. ami Sun. Tuesday HUDDY NITK Two llrkcts for (he price of one. "imiTISH INTKI.LlGHNCli" with lloris KltrlolT & Margaret Lindsay Selected Sluirls California. Craig has some plans, he revealed yesterday. Clly officials at Tor- rcnce, Calif., near Los Angeles, have encouraged him lo promote matches that city and he probably will o|x?n his own athletic arena when he returns. lie will develop amateur talent, 'probably with a view of .llding a .liable of fighters. Byrd 1! headline many of his cards, icncvcr suitable opponents arc ailable. Gomez To Senators WASHINGTON. May 25 (U.P.) — One of baseball's greatest southpaws, Vcrnon "Lefty" Gomez, has joined the Washington Senators. El Goolo, r\s Gome/, is called because of his .screwball tactics, was Ihe Bellwether of Ihe New York Yanke; pitching staff for years. The American 'League champions released him parly tills year and he was picked up by the Boston Braves, who likewise cut llic veteran adrift. It is expected that the "A's" will use Gomez principally in relief roles. Goliath Troys have bodies 1 inches long, exclusive of Ihcir lung legs. ; ..«• The Lehman Caves National Monument of Nevada had 4943 visitors during 1040. if--.' HIGHWAY AT WORK for Victory Ihe nation's highways; too,- ore doing their part for victory. In addition to the large volume of military traffic, the buslines carried nioro than 650 million putengeri in 1942 —nearly six timft the population of the U.S. And »till more are riding this year, i 'Iheie millions *re not traveling for tctnery or pleasure. Most of them are »el«tees; mililary prrlonncl, »nd war workers. Othcri are farmer); nuriei; tcachcn—people in nearly every walk of life whose trips in tori* way or other «re esxntial to th« national welfare. Greyhound is putting til it* efforts, experience and resource* inlo helping perform the biggest transportation job of ill time. That it why our service to you now cannot alwayi be what we would like to give, or what, you have come to expect of Greyhound. We appreciate your patriotic consideration of these conditions created by the war. But when victory is won, travelers will be rewardci. Trien you can look to Greyhound for a brand-new chapter in comfortable; convenient; enjoyabls highway transportation. GREYHOUND WOMfM, TOO, NAVY ilur-jom THI WAVII THIS IS THE BRAND! PRINCE ALBERT SMOKES RICH WITHOUT SITE. ITS MILDER. FAST,EASV ROLLIN;TOO, FIRM, NEAT- IT'S CRIMP CUT. • A-l IN PIPES, TOO! '"""" THE NATIONAL JOY SMOKE Wednesday & Thursday Double Feature "UFK WITH HKNKY ALDKICII" with Jackie Cooper and "I,AS VKGAS NIGHTS" with Tnniitiy Horsey & I'hil Selected Shnrls Oj«m V.15 Show Starls 1:45 Adm, Always lie and 25c TUESDAY PAL NITE Z Tickets for 25c 'Remember Pearl Harbor 1 with Dnnahl M. Barry & Fay McKcnzIc Selected Shorts Wednesday & Thursday 'Flight Lieutenant 1 with 1'iif O'Brien S; Evelyn Reyes I'liranio'unt News Comedy : .'-.•, Save your tires, sure-but SAVE YOUR WHOLE CAR AS WELL! N O matter how you nurse your tires along, they won't do you a bit of good if you neglect the car they're mounted on. Not that we're trying to minimi?* the importance of proper tire care. We ourselves offer as complete a tire-saving program as you could find anywhere—including wheel alignment, wheel balancing and scientific brake equalizing. No, we don't want to talk down the importance of your tires—we want to talk up the importance of your whole automobile. Remember, no neiv cars are fcei'ng built at nil. Yourprcscnl car must last. That means you need a program of complete, all-'round maintenance service. Not just tire inspection. Not just lubrication. But these things plus nil the other vital services so necessary to counteract the possible "ill effects" of today's low speeds and limited driving. We offer just such a complete, up-to-date service program. Why not see us today I RUBBER IS VITAL BUT- Many other m»tefi*Ii in your cir ire *£(•!, too. UnneceMiry replacement! of these should he i voided. NEGLECT OTHER VITAL PARTS LIKE THESE ! itca ttecl, mutibcVept • djuited to prolong lift. piston nnjr* will | t »t longer if afeguarded pfoper Lubrication. YOUR OLDSMOBILE DEALER ALL-'ROUND, ALL-QUALITY, ALL-CAR SERVICE ^ LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. Ulyllieviltc, Ark.

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