The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 1, 1949 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1949
Page 15
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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 1, 1949 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NTTTVS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams PAOE I TOID HIM HE WAS srrnM' UP TOO LATE--NOW HELL HAVE TO WAIT TILL! SEE TH' REST OF THAT TELEWSIOM SHOW MVSELFj .. ".u.!ic — "THE WORRY WART Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople LET'S RutlTHW REELOMeR ASAIkl SLOVJ, MA3OR VOU'Re 6WINS M6 trilS C8ISP TAK£ OUT »I'/.SO YOU OV06 ME ?-~WHAT MAKES IHfe PlCTOR£ A BLUCRV is Twf<r BORRDVJeD BUS X 9 IS MOST 6tfTeRTAnJiWG,TWl<3<5S OLD gOY/"—*)eU., Z'LL LST You JM CM A-secRsr-—--! SOLD STATUE OF /MAYOR. FATaeTc*i "fc> A FAMOUS WHO, WHERE, wuw, „ S- HOW MUCH? Notice LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up .tree ul charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, GM2. BlyUie- ville, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL CO. -BAZAAR-Beautiful handwork, reasonable prices! Buy your Christmas gifts at our annual bazaar at the Legion Hut, Wednesday, Dec. 7. Sponsored by the ladies of the Catholic Church. 11-15 ck 1 Female Help Wonted I Two young ladles, under 26. travel with mannfacUiriiiH concern-. Beta of diameter and free to travel essential. *I60 four wcoks' training; alter tralii- 1ns, 565 weekly and \ij>. Travel cx- ptnses pa til. Apply in pprson. Mr. B. L. Phillips. Jlotel Noble. This Is not a house-to-house or magazine selling, 30 pk 2 Young Jndp to do light BtenoRiRp work A: bookkeeping. Must be poort on teleiihone. Write box 538 for interview. ll[30 ck U Like the microphone of radio which has been abbreviated to "mike," the Iconoscope of television has been shortened to "ike." ^ "^^ i^f mm Bv Virginia Teale , mr HU iiivict. IKC T1IK STIIIIVi U.irlfn Kill IP r h*» hrrn /uurili-ri.>il nnil Ihr niollvc In rnniiocicii tvlih n vnlunhlc rniiica K:ir It I nir. j;lft Ahrtp o\vn<-r. found th<- in:, ,i iMOrilirt-il rniil her »»»[*«- (int. Sif |'i"infi> Snill li. rcnnt-M on the « XIMMI nffrnviiriU. XVhrn Itir; no let IlfiKnr'x buimr. ll.i-y h:i>. rrriMnn.<i ff>r \i mil Mi ^ the nils II K- Complete Paint Service On the Finest Line Available Snerwin Williams BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., Inc. W. H. "Hill" I'case J. Wilson Henry Highway 61 South ri>inmlM«-rt tlic or hue, Mr:in»liitr. Turn ft'X HI I, ivlinjie vHO. -Veil. oivitnl th* rnineo, rcpurln thr murder to police. Thr O'Nt-Mln *rr nar-t- lluiiril by Chief J'effr* nnrt <"hnrll* Hfdfl... n yminr lavryrr whn U ihc r]if<-r« tiif,l,.iniii. Tom nnil .linn in T:.l(or h.i.l hnO nn nrKUitirnl in VubJic Ihe dny XV AS Tom and Nell O'Neill left the police station, they almost collided with a tall man in a gray suit who was wailing to enter. They exchanged apologies and the newcomer strolled up to Ihe chief's desk. j "Chief Peters? My name is Trotter, Lansing Trotter." He took o slim black leather folder from his inside pocket, opened it and extended it to Peters. Chief Peters inspected the (older and shook hands. • "What brings you to our littla town, Inspector Trotter?" The visitor brought out his pipe and filled it while he answered. "Just between us," he specified, lighting his pipe with one match and four short puffs. "1 was sent up from San Diego lo dig around OD a little matter that has connections here. Enjoying myself al the same time. Just when everything was getting along nicely, one of my characters up and gets himself murdered, which means my dawdling days are over." Charlie Reddy leaned for ware attentively: "You mean Martin Palter, of course, sir?" "Martin Falter, of course." He blew a rounded puff of fragrant smoke, "Ladies' man, confidence mrm, blackmailer and self-styled .iitist." Peters and Elcddy tensed, the r ord en me from both: "Blackmailer?" Trotter passed his briar back ind forth under his nose: "Served time for it early in his career. Specialty was rich old adies who longed for the rejuvenating eftecl of one last fling." Peters' fat face crumpled humorously, "Now that you mention I, I've heard a few stories." He ;urned to Heddy: "Remember the whirl he gave that old dame al he Inn—tbe one from Minneapolis?" "He had a pretty good modus operandi." explained T r o t l e r. 'He'd gel the affair going nt white lieat, then lake oft on a 'short 3iisiness trip,' While he was gone, ic'd receive purple letters from the lady. Then he'd save the li?t- Lcrs until such time as it would be profitable to wave them Ihreal- entngly t]nder the poor crcaiure's nose. He made quite a good living that way." Reddy looked puxzled, "Hope this isn't out of order, sir, but 1 didn't know the bureau concerned itself with blackmail, as such." "As such, we don't. But one of Faltcr's little coups — he was known as Michael Frazier, then, by the way—almost became an international incident. The lady in the play was the wife of a South American consul who eventually got wind of the routine and made a big to-do al the State Department. That happened 13 years ago." He paused to re-light his pipe, "And, under the. heading of History Repeats Itself, this current affair seems to have a foreign root or two. The country involved is one with which we want the least possible trouble at the present time." "I don't need to tell you," the cbief pronounced, "that all our facilities are at your disposal." Hie moment (s to proceed sop- atritt'ty. I'll amhle around, pick up what I c;m, sub rosa. U'e'H exchange information — okay. Chief Peters?" "Fine with me." the clm*l agreed. "Roddy and I nlremly have started interviewing suspects. We began with Nell and Torn O'Neill, Tom found the body Ibis morning. This after noon, Reddy and I'll see what we can find out from H;ij;ar Blnir — a sharp old character who runs a shop in town. We'll also question a Miss Smith who lives with her and helps out in the store. Miss Smith ts a hot one—in connection with the murder. I mean. Cab driver in (own left her at Walter's place about 8 o'clock," Trotter raised his eyebrows: 'Miss Smith, eh? Mind if 1 follow hat up. too, Peters?" "Not at all. Shop where she works is around on Ocean Highway, across the, alley from Ihe Globe Garage, Three Wishes Gift Shop, it's called. Watch your step with Blnir, thou^. 'pROTTRR - 1 - tion. "I bowed his apprecia- think the best tack al bnlky smart." us a mule and twice as "Thanks." Trotter shook hands 'I'm al the inn, if yon as he left. want to reach me." • * • r PHKRE was a lengthy silence In ^ the police chief's office ns tbe Lwo occupants mulled over (lie liappcmngs of the last few hours. Reddy brought out a smnll notebook, scribbled in it and returned it Eo his coat. The chief drummed his fat fingers on his desk: "Any opinions, Reddy?" Reddy replied: "I've started a list of suspects; it starts with Stephanie Smith's name and Ihe O'Neills. None of Ibem sounds like n hot prospect to me, though." "Me, either," the chief admitted. "Way I look at it, Tom hasn't got the guts, and bis wife wouldn't give enough of a damn about anything, flesh, fish or fowl, to kill it. And the Smith girl's unlikely, because Falter didn't fool around with young stuff." Heddy folded his notebook. "How about going back up to f'ni- ter's right now, and taking another look around?" (To Be Continued) Wonted to Rent 4(10-000 ncrcs sandy lonm soil. No sh required. Fh. 4326. 11129 p'A 12jl3 Wanted to Buy prlco paid (or CH1UK.EN3- tit red Grocery & Market Lost Lost spectuclrp, Pink Iramra, lost noftr Moultrle Court or Plckaid's Gro. RLWAHD. Ph. 3260. Mrs RnrnArrt THE GRAVES CDMRXNX I\E.\LTOE(S Real Estate - Mortqaqe Loam - insurance SCEOH - JJLYTHEVIL" 521 Phone 3075 | Historic Tavern Gets j Its Door Returned ALEXANDRIA, Vn. —(>?) toric Garisby's Tavern, His, where George Washington used to spend r -some of his spare time, Is getting j its door back. ' The door was sold 50 years ago to tbe Metropolitan Museum of Art, in New York, Col. and Mrs, Charles Bnttcy Moor have bought it back a.s a contribution to restore the old Inn. "Oh, you'll pay for it all right! And if you haven't the cash, you can get a loan on your truck from GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION." -Master Plumber- JORDAN PLUMBING COMPANY, Inc. All Work Guaranteed For 12 iMimllis 5.31 N'nrlh fOl IMinnc BUD] ca LU * < CO UJ Q D H S TUDEBAKER- Reconditioned Used Trucks • ALL ARE GUARANTEED • Ifllil Sludebakcr '/j-Tori Pickup—This one looks and runs like new. . .don't miss il. 1017 Sludcliaker I 1 /;-Ton Truck—good (ires, motor, and cab. ]917 Ford '/j-Ton Pickup—-^ond body with tarpaulin cover. . .runs and drives perfectly. 1!)I6 Dodge I-Tun Pickup—lires, motor and body Hre all excellenl. All il needs is a driver. ]fll6 Chevrolet Mi-Ton Truck—excellent condition and really a bargain price. FINE SELECTION OF USED CARS Chamblin Sales Co. Railroad and Ash Phone 888 -H3>ivaian is- "I couldn't arouse the baby-sitter, but everything must be okay—the polico and fire department haven't had any calls!" FllECKLJSS AND HIS FHIENDS BY MEKRILL BLOHSU Your Doom Is Sealed 'TAKE-CARE Of THE Um£ BLISTERS ) JUST Ktff 1MM AMD GET A REWARD,' POP SAYS ' ' T^T-.'^F" BET "B-'ATS \ AWW WHAT IHty \ (IE ONLY B OANIEt I JUMPED A WHEN THEY I FOOT THREW HIM /ruATTlM TO THE LIONS/ / , fft H, „' ~ ~ Ut I => H-AY I'UISCIM.A'S POP BY AL VBRMERR PRISCILLA! WHAT DID MOTHER TELL THIS MORNING? SHE TOLD ME NOT \ TO TAKE OFF MY ) SHOES AND SOCKS! ) _^S VIC FLINT Loses Again A IOT OF THESE RICH MAM CALIED V PEOPLE rtKE NUTS, UB8Y. AWJTE SEEMING-1 I'll MEET YOU UPSTAIRS WHEN I'VE StltD MY COAT. BY MICHAEL O'MALUiY and RALPH LANK CAPTAliN EASY IHE LUCK OF MONTE DE CARLO/ t LOSE AGAIN. Uproar »Y LESLIE TURNER NOTHIUO LIKE ft GOOD FIRE TO CREATE CONFUSION THE GAS FROM THE TRUCKS IWOMlR EASV THEM OXOK S. LIGHTED WATCH. lUIOS HIINNY IK That n 8ui;gc.slion? THIS 5USSESTION BOX WAS ANOTHER OF MY TERRIFIC ! IDEAS / l I WONDER WHAT TH' *— CUSTOMERS AKE SAVIN' ^ABOUT MY STOgE •? HEY, GLUTZIE/ j^ UAY OFF r-r .THAT BOX'J GET VER BIG AMTTS OUTA THERE/ HUKT] ' THAT'S WHGRE I K£EP , .LUNCH/ WHATCHA T OP PO... SWIPE rTT A 1.1.ICY 001' Si-ienlific Support HY V. T. HAM1.IN / LKD1ES AND GENTLEMEN. / <NS A. SCIENTIST WHO HNS I KNOW) AND WORKED WITH S THIS INCREDIBLE Y0i I MAN FDR- YEA15S, I ; V WISH -fO SW... THAT WHATEVER HE CHOOSES TO TELL VCU TONIGHT WILL BE THE ABSOLUTE BOOTS AND HER KUDU IKS So Simple I!Y KDGAR MARTIN

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