The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 24, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 24, 1937
Page 8
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PAGE BIGHT Marches Toward Modern "Imperial Rome" In Year Marked By Crises "Y STEWART BROWN United Press staff Correspondent HOME.—Exalted by Italy's growing Importance in European affairs as a result of his conquest of Ethiopia and active participation in the Snanlsh civil war. Premier Bcnilo Mussolini, as the year draws to a troubled close, continues to steer his country grimly toward new and greater glories for "Imperial Rome." The past year, the 15th or the fascist Era and second of tl - ? "New Roman Empire" in the Pas- cist calendar, has not, however. jt been free of major worries for 1 Mussolini and his followers. But despite many diplomatic aiul economic anxieties II Duce remains firm in Ills belief that tltc present century will go down In history as "The Century of Fascism." , The year, he believes, 1ms loft neiv milestones to mark the triumphal progress or Fascism. Italy, Germany, and Jhpan; the Ihree largest Fascist nations, have united themselves in an niili-Commuiibt front. Poland, Portugal, Brazil and a large part of Spain have moved "nearer to Fascism, It Is only n matter of time, he thinks, until all democracies will disappear under the force of Fascism. Moments of Great Anxiety The milestones, however, were n-'put into place without great risk and many moments of anxiety. Several times during the past year Mussolini thought he would be obliged to go to war or surrender his program. He has done neither and he believes his hick Is Inex- haustable. The year oranifi with Muswllnl deeply involved In Spain and i|i virtual possession oi the Balearic islands. After anexchange of assurances that .neither party intended to modify the "status-quo" in the Mediterranean. Italy tmi'l England, on Jan. 2 of the present year, signed a "gentleman's agreement." It appeared for a moment that th« animosity and distrust engendered between England and ilalv by the Ethiopian and, Soanlsh wars would disappear with the conclusion of this agreement. But hardly had the tnfc dried on the ••locnnitta before new suspicions, new Irrit.i- tipns arose and the accord remained, still-born. England feared lhat Mussolini would not leave the Ba- learlcs after the cmwlmlon nf n<ii war and : 11 Duce feared that Britain was only playing for lime before taking "revenge" on him for threatening England's Imperial no- stttaY in the Mediterranean, Africa and the Near East, Mussolini Looks Eastward Mussolini sulked and refused to rf.nd a delegation to the Montreaux Conference which ended the Straits question! instead he sent more soldiers _to Spain and despatched his son-in-law and foreign minister, Count Clano, to Milan to talk with Rustu Aras, foreign ' minister of Turkey, about-on Italo-Tnrk understanding. To protect another exposed flank, Muisollnl came to terms with Jugo- slavia .which reduced the possibility of England using Jugoslavia's Adriatic naval bases against Italv'. Tills treaty, signed In Belgrade In March, also made it easier for Italy In time of war to get wheat and oil frosi Rumania without using the Mediterranean. England continued its refusal to recognize Italy's annexation o f Ethiopia, so Mussolini staged n triumphal visit to Libya in March, probably with the Idea of stirring up tile Arabs against Great Brit- am ind demonstrating to the world that In case of war Libya could serve as an excellent base for land, air and naval operations against Egypt or British shipping passing through the narrow Mediterranean straits between Sicily and North Africa. In Ubya Mussolini inaugurated BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Slick Way to Do Xnias Shopping "V"!" i 3 T T""rtH*$*V»'*M*.*» ^ «*, M-M y'toTHlw «»>f v *wIK.*. „ ,. , i, „ *... ,-jn „ „ *.,*,„, _,, Marlbel Vliison, nine times American and twice North American women's liguro-skaling champion gives a couple of iimrooned pedestrians a cue '-0 safe footing on ice-covered sidewalks of Cleveland! where the slender Boston inks co-starred with Karl Schaefcr In a loiirlnij skating bullet Holds Christ Child's Image Tenderly Annette holds the Image of the Christ Child, for the Christmas story has much Impressed llic little Dlonnes. Wide-eyed Uu children heard how.they "wrapped Him In .swaddling clothes' and laid him In a manger," and Annette's reverence Is plainly to be sesn here, as she holds the liny njure of that other Babe of so manv years ago. * ' Italy went to Hungary to repay Admiral Horthy's visit and to rc- cousolldatc Itnlo-Hiiiiearlan fdeiKl- •»t» Mussolini, tii April, went to Venice to see chancellor Kurt Schusclmlgg ami explain to htm that Italy had not lost its in Austria. Schusclmtgg was not too convinced nml his trip only confirmed his fairs thnt Italy luitl abandoned Austria to Germany us a price for Hitler's friendship and support first In Ethiopia mid then in Spain. Aid Promised Albania To keep tiny Albania from "el- thig- restive us n result of the Halo-Jugoslav treaty, Count clano went to Tii-ana at the end of Auril mid promised fresh Italian aid to King Zog. The failure of the An°lo-Uallfin "gentleman's agreement" obliged Mussolini in April to get, the cabinet's approval lo the establishment of a full army corps (50.000 men) in Libya and the creation of a permanent supreme comman;! for Die air, naval and land forces in Tripoli. The campaign lo attain economic self-sufficiency was speeded arid, to exploit Ethiopia's potential resources, the cabinet voted n large appioprlatlon to be,spent on construction of roads "with an additional credit to cover other colonial expenses. Companies were organized to develop the country even before the troops of Cien. rjudnlfo Qrazlunl had succeeded In pacifying It.'Sporadic rebellions in various regions of the empire cost the livea of several hundred Itallau'sol- diers. A bomb attempt against/ the Viceroy almost cost his life., ,.. More Submarines Built , . The production of firms and munitions also was stepped . up, although considerable difficulty was experienced In finding raw materials. Italy's first 3fl.afm-tou bit- tleshlps, the Vlttorlo Vencto and an 1100 mile military highway slretchiug from Timlsln ( 0 E^.gt and proclaimed himself "Protee'tor of Islam." This gesture was designed to attract Moslem sympathy throughout the British possessions toward .llaly. While he was In Tripoli, Mussolini received discouraging news that his Italian legionnaires had been routed at GutulaUjara. He hurried back to Rome and answered those foreigners who Insinuated that Guadalajara would be "lhc grave of Fascism." He Increased his supiJbrt to Franco and Italian newspapers fiercely boasted of Italy's vindication when Malaga. Santander and Balboa fell Into TO EACH and EVERY ONE TOM JACKSON SERVICE STATION nationalist hands. I" llir; mentlme the Kin* of ed In July, submarine construction wus Increased anil nlllioujli no figures have been published It Is e.s- llmated Italy now lias more Uuin 100 submarines. Italy's military preparedness and defiance of England was, demon- Flnilcd In eltjanllc rnniicuvers held In Sicily at the close of August. The purpose of the ivnr games was obvious to the British. After the maneuvers,, truojis '(even move Uuin originally Intended for tlie one army corps) began leaving for In September a new crisis loomed H'lien England and FIMIICO decided to take measures against, the "mysterious" Kinking of iner- t'liiiul vessels In the Mediterranean by unidentified submarines. Thrust at Kovitl Italy was Invited lo Hie conference but refused because It dad consldeixMl Itself insulted by Soviet Kiissm's allegations that Italian : ubm;!i Im-.s were responsible for Ihe "mysterious" torpcdcdngs. Mucli lo Mussolini's surprise, England nml France refused lo be,stampeded by Italy's absence and proceeded to sign an anti-piracy pact which threatened to Increase Italy's lsol.i- lloi), Mussolini (|tilekly saw that the N > o n Agreement provided the framework for an An;lo-prench nnval alliance In the Mediterranean nnd he hastened to make conciliatory gestures toward botli psw- ers. In the meanllme piracy In the Mediterranean virtually had ceased and new eftorts were being made to revive an elllclent system of nonintervention coupled with the withdrawal of foreign volunteers in Spain. i' Sept"">ber Mussolini made his long delayed visit to Germany to see Adolf Hitler. He was wined, dined and entertained but he could not get Hitler to promise him more support In Spain. Tlie fuehrer gave Mussolini to understand thai it was was not " l " e f01 ' Ita1 ^ to slart repaying Irlii niv Germany for many favors during Ilnlv "m?i I lhc Etl ' io l )llu ' ""HI Spanisli war. He demanded Italy's public support of Oerinnny's demand for return of IILM- colonies and Italy's adhernnce to the Tokio-Bei-ltn miti-commn- nlst, pad. Hacks Germany's Dnii.imls Mussolini agreed to both those coiiditicns. On Oct. 28, lhc 15th tfimivt'isary- of the I'ascisl Mnrcli on nomc. Mussolini publicly sup- portcd Germany's clemnnd for colonies. On Nov. tl he signed the anti-Communist pad. tlius bringing Tokio within the orbit of liie Heine-Berlin axis. The year closes with (be banner of the Iri-corneri'cl Fascist Fronl flying defiantly in Home, Berlin and 'rokio. But diplomats, who i-einnln convinced that Mussolini not abandoned hopes of nn with F-iglnm refused lo lake the umlerstandhi" f Vance, have _________ „ ,_ ....... ^ anti-Communist pact too seriously. They feel that both Hitler and Mufsolini wish to maintain a ,:er- lala liberty of action nml neither wishes to go to war it he can gain what he wants without flght- mji. Hie new year may bring some important developments' in this regard. Italy's economic year has been no less troubled than the political year. The cost of e.xplolliii" Ethiopia, Increasing Us armaments and fiuanciinj its participation in the Spanish has caused a heavy stialn on the public treasury. In October Ihe government resorted to a 10 per cent levy uii the capital and reserves of L,von.jy.i, LUI: vlLtulkvr vull^UJ ttnul 11". Vilpnuj null ILiCIVLS O] Hli l-ittorla were Irlumphanlly launch- .sources of revenue arc being FOR CHRISTMAS He will appreciate » quality girt from our whiskey shop . Whiskeys, Wines, Gins and Cordials CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division * HOLIDAY * GREETINGS Every member of our organization wishes to ex- lend to you Christmas greetings and good will, and' may boundless Holiday cheer be over yours. To our ever-widening eirde of friends we are especially grateful this year. We are anxious to continue serving you in 1938. Weis Butane Gas Co. 418 W. Main St. ' p hoilc 737 f=IR.STFll_M CARTOON IN KIP i/5 weekly WAGES TO TWO GIRL'S FOR- FlUL- IMG- IN SKETCHES* , UlLLIAN BOUNDS, BE- Mfts. DISNEY- TH TWO CHILPREN • nwev (-IVE SIMPLY, our . WHJRI. , POSE NOW WHITE AND THE 7 -HIS V\GGEST P(?OOuCT)°r^ lapped. The Italian public, ho'.v- tvtr, dce.s not complain because it believes with Mussolini nt the helm that Italy Is "going places." Yarbro News Demonstration Club News IS T otes The Dogwood Homo Demoiisd-,1- lion club has a party at the Wo- iKnn's club Tuesday night when Ihe members entertained llieir husbands. They sang Christmas carols with Mrs. C. T. Siuimlin accompany- iug them on the piano. After the installation of officers and clmriinen Christmas gifis were exchanged. Refreshments of samhviclies. coffee and homemade candies were served. 'Ibe next meeting: will be held nt the home of Mrs. Henry Lutes on Jmi. |->. ,.\ii members are urged to be present for Ibis business meeting. J. \V. Kretch has returned home from the Memphis Baptist hos- .pilal. He is much Improved. OleUa French has returned I from Prenchtown, Ark., where she DECEMBER 24, 1937 visited her 'grandmother,' Mrs. J. 1C. Hackwork. The schcools here close t o d«v for Ihe holidays. They will mi;, f ''li. 3. , \ / Harold Bunch has returned to his home in Rockford, 111., to fin- Ish this term of school. Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Roberts of Detroit, Mleli., are visiting Mr. ai'.d Mrs. C. E. Parker. Mrs. Rob- sits and Mrs. Parker are sisters. Announcement i •Tim Breeden Is Now Back In Charge of Our Service Station He hopes that his friends will palroni/e him at his new location as they have done in the Past. See Him For Ford Anti-Freeze Prestone Winter Lubricants FREE TESTING OF Brakes, Lights, Battery, Anti-Freeze 'Wheel Alignment PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th & Walnut Phone 810 Read Courier Mews Want Ads. SENTRY 'COAL/ try our NEW SENTRY COAL GAY & BILLINGS PHONE 7fi FOR A MERRY AND A HAPPY We Wish to Thank All Our Friends Who Have Used Shibley's Best) Flour and Express Our Hope That They Will Do So In the Coming Year. . \ NOTICE THIS TICKET fS GOOD FOR EC ON' ANY SIZE HAG OF - - - 3 Shibley's Best Flour Mr. Merchant: Will yon please allow EC on any size bag of Shibley's Best Flour when this ticket Is presented to you, with the customer's signature. CUSTOMER'S NASH; AND ADDRESS MERCHANT'S NAME (Attention, Merchant)-. The above must be filled out In order for you lo get your remittance. AND COMPANY *NgN$iW#K^m^

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