Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on December 3, 1953 · 3
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · 3

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 3, 1953
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1500 Longshoremen Mass Oakland Tribune, Thursday, Dec. 3, 1953 E B At Velde j Hearing n S.F. -J. Ui 4 v f,-xi : - - r 1 if Cargoes in Eastbay Hit By-'Protest Cargo-handling slowed to a near-standstill along the Bay area waterfroit today as more than 1500 longshoremen massed at the San Francisco City Hall in what was billed as a "protest" against the House Committee on Un-American Activities hearings under way there. But it was in a holiday atmosphere, with no disorder. The longshoremen, dressed in Sunday best, smoking cigars, and appar- to union leaders who spoke overr""N, a public address system. The j meeting lasted about an hour, j and the crowd then dispersed. Among these were Germain j Bujcke, vice-presiden of the ILWU; Charles (Chili) Duarte, president of Warehouse Local 6;' and Paul Johns, field represent- ative of the United Electrical! Workers. They drew applause and som cheers as they denounced the Velde Committee. GATHER IN PLAZA The longshoremen gathered in the City Hall plaza, across the street from the City Hall. There 7 Dickson P. HilL 40, Oak land radio shop owner. who gave the Velde committee a report as a red undercover agent 30 Listed as lAlameda Reds Continued from Page 1 Club; Lehman, and his vife, Mrs Fannie Lehman. Blodgett said one of his close ited FBI Aide Tells Oakland Red Infiltration A mild - mannered Oakland radio-television technician, who in 1944 went into the communist underground on Federal Bureau of Investigation directions, yesterday documented the red conspiracy's infiltration into Oakland and Alameda County as he saw it. Appearing before the House Un-American Activities Committee hearing in San Francisco, Dickson (Dick) Hill, of 6549 Snake Road, told how he and his wife, Sylvia, joined the. party and remained for nearly four years as FBI observers. And he named names backing them up with recollections of their activities within the party and his issuance, as membership director of the 16th Assembly Distriet communist club 'in the Montclair district, of party i cards to many of them. FIRST CONTACT Hill, 49, father of three children, testified they made their first party contact my writing to its county headquarters and asking for literature. Instead of the literature being mailed, however, they were vis- bv two party workers he was no massing in the street or associates in the party was identified as Katrina Manley and Tribane ( David Blodgett told the Un-American . Activities Committee today of communist clubs in Alameda. he did not belong to the Mont- ion the City Hall steps. Bulcke ;said plans to set up a picket line his classmate a Chief i later headed Marie Phillips who with Jacklclair group. When he inquired Manlev. Katrina's husband, even- ; as to why Chown did not attend college and who dually recruited tnem into com-! the meetings. Hill said he was Wayne Hultgrcn. who had been a council of the munism. ;were called off i San Francisco Police jMichael Gaffey assigned 50 uni- j Alameda clubs. He testified that! Their first assignment was to 'formed policemen, 30 inspectors j he recruited Clarence Davis, a! the North Oakland communist land 50 reserves to the City Hall: member of the AFL Laborers'; club, he said. Officers of that imeetine. Union, into the party, and said organization during his allilia PLANNED FOR WEEK j Davis succeeded him as chair man ol the t,ncinai uiud. He said that wives of those i two men, Ruth Hultgren and Arrangements for the mass , meeting were completed a week Trikaa As the Velde committee Iiitened to testimony of communist party members and their cctivities tn the Ray area today. ILWU Longshoremen and others massed outside the San Francisco City Kail In a "protest" demonstration against the hearing. Eight Witnesses Refuse to Testify at Senate Committee Un-American Quiz Chellie Davis, also were club members. ago, on the claim the ILWU had I advance information that the ihe union. Righwing member BLODGETT WELL KNOWN j of the union claimed the demon- Blodgett was well known in ,'stration decision was fostered bv Oakland in 1947 when he cov-UriH nf Harrv RriHpp Wt- ered City Hall activities for the i.,, n wii PeoDle's World, communist line : The stop-work order was invoked after Lo is Rosser. former communist and first witness before the committee Tuesday, had named Louis Goldblatt, secre- .A Ur-Arr.r:car Arw; ir trt t's'.ify dur:r.c a fir. that brujht - h"rp W'T'i ard t-wie r,jp"'wi in c- "rr r -'.Tk-Lrrj f:T. .h suItc Rp Dr--.'.A. Jar"i (R Calif -:. a rh;'r-.- i. the ; - r but p- r. t - rf t p '. p - Y. ' '-r. cr-m- tion included one George Edwards, a party organizer; Eugene Toopeekoff, a draftsman; William Creaque and his wife, Rosalie; a Frances Tandy; and Bill Rutter, organizer of a railroad workers cell in Alameda County. JOINS SECOND CLUB Later, he said, the party re- PeoDle's World, communist line orcanized in the county for newspaper. '"security reasons" and he trans- He told the committee today jferred to the 16th Assembly that he was born at Northfield, j District club. Minn., and attended schools and j Persons active ln that group Carlton College there. While m,whose membership rons fluc tuated from five to ?5 persons according to Hill were college, he said. ganue a Drancn he of helped or-the Young (R. l: . the iy.rr ir.i p'-. f-r Jaricj- ql-1 h ! h c7Ti 5 '. s d ri ar rauruJ Iach'T. bv tn have pfr.- rp ir.'jved by pix. Six r th "r.- ta ap7arel during the r.on s'-'sior.. QCESTTON POSED The f.rst ri th"-n Van Frederick. pri:el by his a?V r Gladj'.e.r. He ws r R-bert K-r.2:g. a tary-treasurer of the ILWU; . - - . 1 y- t i v j'" i i : t- a. ' J a. 1 . :-5 ! Bradhear. read by K u n r i g , ' ment. Kunzig commentea.i L-naries inin j uuane, presiaeni ; Communist League and was a -itiee r-n which named Frederick as a "Those who used it went to jail." j of Warehousemen's Local 6; merriber from 1941 to 1943. communist, the witness replied: He again asked Wood about party 1 Richard Lyndon, secretary-treas-1 "i was interested in social "Ij the commttee going to an-, membership. urer of Local 6; Paul Heide, 'problems and I thought I saw in i a - a. ' A IT 1 j 1 . . . i .L !-cr my questions on causing v,ooa declines to answer. Me Dusmess agent; ana jacK vjison, .communism tne answer to mem., T.e to loe rr.y job' Are there refused again when asked if Hill former publicity man for the! I wanted to make over the two !a. one for congressmen was correct in naming him a union, as communists. I world." ' T- H rr t f r.r rrmmn fif!7nO" -i w-t . . mAmkAr alcn , . o t- . - . i jl i u i After Koirc in tKp servirfl frnm i He a:d h. dIir.rd to answer dismissed from the stand. j Honolulu, have been sub- 1943 to 1946. Blodgett said hewha. n ifc'-on m thp Hnoiit.on I r.,A r..-;o a rt onnsr Kofnra tH came to me tsav area ana en- : rolled in the cainornia- L.aDor,JO"" . v., Srhnol in San Francisco under Janei Mcnarg. a universuy 01 j the GI Bill of Rights educational California student who was a 'stop-, leader of "party songs." was a la'ie ar.d ,:j.'r.ir 2 r.:r'e rc- ia'e alicr- :c q ;e;!ion in me aeposumn.i Eugene Toopeekoff, Russian penaed to appear a-.d wer.t cn to add that a'ter born, now livine at 1050 Moun- committee. Duarte and Heide are i three ear as a draftsman with tain Boulevard. Oakland, another Oakland residents the Rochtc! Corporation, he had draftsman, with the C. C. Moore Technically it ...vw " tnuineers or san trannsco. was work meeting " called next He was accompanied Local 10, Representative D v!e replied by Atty. Lawrence Speiser, members. that th fact a man is subpenaed American Civil Liberties Union staff, counsel. ; that dock workers would be institute at Moscow Katrina Manley; James Wood; Emma Stanley, "a commie functionary" who also was the party's county treasurer; Bill Clifford, a plasterer; Dr. Eugene Eagle, a San Francisco optometrist, and his wife, Godine; Al Stanley, "The CTnmitt'e regrets employer di: er-.plvef because pnad " INSISTS ON ANSWER c Longshore; T-r1 he taurhi' George Bratoff. a merchant which has some 5500 by Hon'and 'Roberts, 'whom he who ran a store next to the CIO 'said was a communist, and Jules Hall on Grand Avenue and who ILWU hadauarters promised rarnn a rradnate of the Lenin dealt with AMTORG. the Rus trading company in Jack Burris. a cousin of sian trading company in xne : " -y Ail ! a. A 1 Dl I ! T T C . Tl Durrir ea --M icm .1 a ' a auauic niuc r.-iiuai inn- I iinpr inSirilClOrs. WIIUITI D H 'U - U .J. . O r uuins. f -vuowi 1 dl tifv he was a communist but . i , iciijr t.oi.'-"..?, m vwvaw , if, riM 1 1 1 j ill i in mi 1 1 ii l v .if-iiiir irwu . ii"' . .j . ' w , , u.. anv rrrn over nurnarff nr invi.i . t . .. - " - ... r-- -- " " ' iciaimra ine nnvnere 01 reiute onH mail ne Was SUO- U-V,, J V ci,iir.T ivhAn SSKed 11 ne nad ever Deen a :,-. nntifieH umrlmrt urnnlH rrnvnti rr'Tnc nTiimc I iGTrn quit Degmning at a.m. tooay ..nn Vf... th. Federal F.liraheth Aueustine Mavhewi as communists, were Jean Alex- The Pacific Maritime Associa-lander and Isobelle Cerney. j Oakland carpenter, and his wife, Hilda. for the ie-'.:'-r. ' Have vr. the ' Fr x i Ge-irce . , 3 rr m- . Richard rr by rt'1 c A:h the r rf h-eer. c rrrrur.it party member, or whether he Jackson insisted on an answer! was a member now or had been an(j be off for a full day's shift l a r At J 4 v to the question of whether he;in me past live years, or ine uaie an cHIPe Iv jt-v informed that Chown belonged! to a "special group" and had other party assignments. Another married couple in the club, Hill declared, was Gene and Jean Lein. They were transferred in from Southern California and Gene Lein "had something to do with the U.C. atomic energy laboratory." Also in the group was Earl Phillips, husband of Marie Phillips who first visited the Hills on behalf of the party. Phillips, the witness stated, worked for Shell Development Company in Emeryville where he was a party organizer. HIGHER ECHELON Hill said he also attended several higher eehelon meetings of section and county membership directors and state party functionaries. A speaker at one of those sessions he identified as a Frank Parsons while others he met included Bill Lowe, affiliated with a Berkeley communist group, and Lela Thompson, a county functionary. County communist officials while he was in the party Hill named as Steve Nelson, a top national communist who was subsequently convicted under the Smith Act largely on the testimony of Hill's wife, Sylvia; Clarence Tobey, and Lloyd Lehman, all of whom were county chairman at various times. Others were Mary Sherwood. membership director; Carol Barnes, People's World director; Ray Thompson, security commission member; and Wayne Hultgren and Bodkin, functionaries. ADDITIONAL NAMES Ex-Red Tells of Divine 'Smear' A communist-inspired attack on Oakland Police Chief Lester Divine, and a phony "lynching" story both of which he was induced to write helped to turn Charles David Blodgett, former Oakland newspaperman, from communism, he tqld the House Committee on Un-American Activities today. Blodgett was recounting his experiences while he was a reporter for the People's World, covering Oakland, in 1947 to 1949. The newspaper had been featuring stories about police brutality, he said. Every incident was played up, and some were made up, he declared. DIVINE BLAMED There were some instances of brutality, Blodgett declared, but they were all due to inexperience the part of young officers. on The communist line was to blame them on Divine. He said he went to interview the chief. "I was impressed. He was a young, intelligent, very efficient, well-trained police administrator. He told me his plans and discussed what he could do and what he could not do. I was convinced, even as a reporter for the People's World, that he was sincere." Blodgett said he reported his impressions to Lloyd Lehman, Wesley; then Alameda County chairman lor tne communist party. He said Lehman, not the newspaper when he left the party. 'NO TO ONE QUERY Asked if he was a party mem- jber on December 2. 1948, he an- dcf:ck be- :ca! :dca. He started a rre . t?r p-artV" "Mr C--u fn. "I fee are rrv wr. r ::r;e-. t." etpla-.n 'ha! he r-.rar.t when app'aue br-e out :r. the audience He wv directed by Jack-i"r. to a.-'-AT the qje-stiop. "I de-'. .-r to te'.l th: cinTit- a.-th.rz rf -. p !:t;c. ar. t:v;;es bawd the A.-P"der t. he replied. "Are 'a e u'Ta'C fe; rrerrbT5h;p :r t.-e c rr -rrur.si party ; .ere'v a political rr.aUer' " Kur.. .z a T by!: eve ; m t:"- :rr the Taws of th.M c- u-.tr-. u can be a jr. err. be r ri ary r ':'..cai organ-iratin w:th-ut b-e.r-g interrogated or ir.urr. dated. Frederick shct hack W.en akd aS-ut a d'rfi was or was not a member oi tne communist party, after Frederick "invited" Jackson to talk to Bechtel to pel his job back. He aid he needed work tor his swercd "no." But when asked if daucht-r and his pregnant wife. was a member on November 30. He held steadfast in rm reiusai 1943 ne a(-ain claimed "privi- today. and was dismissed from the " j other sources indicated as party by Lehman, and got a job chair He said he was a natural-' many as a dozen commercial reporting for the People's World. Ja-ix Fenton Wood. 35. of 975 ized citizen, giving May, 1934, as ships could be delayed for eight j He said he became chairman Grove Street. San Francisco, was the date. But he claimed "privi- hours. jof the Encinal Club late in 1946. called next. He aDDeared with leee" on Questions on party mem- One ship arrived tnis morning, i was merany appointed oy Attv Julius M. Keller. He also bership for each of the years at the Port of Oakland's Grove aid he was a draftsman with from 1944 to 1947. But he readily Street Pier. This was the Rafael Rechtel and had been laid off answered all Questions on his Semmes. No personnel was on when subpenaed. "You heard Dickson Hill tes rifth tifv you were a member of the the time he came to rotminit rvartv " Kunntr said. 1928. that "Have vou ever been a member t it a i m m -m. i- 1 i a i : 1 1 iif i s ri m rTi i n v Mill a c rm . I tunds, provided Dy xne taxpay-: MCMunin, a legai becreidry aim, --- --- - ! paper. ers, were used under the GI bill former wife of Arthur Mayhew,:unsts he had known or heard i Lehman brushed aside Blod- At the present time, there areito educate you in communism?" : another member; her present;0 inro"gn nis Pny activities gett-s opinions the witness said, some 80 commercial vessels mSasked Chairman Howard H. husband, Louis McMullin, an;included: ;and tod nim tne story musi say the Bay area either working , Velde. lOakland radiator repair man; None Lafferty, county mem-!tnat Divine "had not acceded to , . i i i . t - - ri-.j i i nir i ifAHf..n;H Tn..I ffl. hpr:nin rhairmnn' nornqatfa' . . .. cargo or aDOUl io worK ll. ine ies, mi, diiwcn t Diuugeti. ana marina mimuimi, uuuw '-- r. wc.wn. demands. employer group estimated about; Blodgett said that after 20 would need stevedore gangs graduated from the school chairman; neiMullin's first wile and a iormer siaie memoersnip direc- He said Lehman told him he j Oakland Veterans Administra-tor; Florence Tobey, section Divine must he lahpfleri as "nartv was recruited into ine communist, tion ciencat woreer. jtndn mejn ana wiie oi Clarence to the murdpr of innocent neo- Pete Matamami, an auto Tobey; Jim McFadden, section pie." worker at the East Oakland chairman; Frances Capele, sec- f T ASM WITU rnvcnrwrr Chevrolet plant; Emmett Teague.i tion membership director; her lUfMaiifciNii!, a sign painter recruited into the: husband, Rogert Capele: Annai was, Blodgett declared sim- party by its county chairman, Mcintosh, organizer: Florence p,y a clasn wUn my Lehman to that post, Blodgett! Clarence Tobey; : Rosalind Lind- Hutchinson, a functionary. con- Doris (Dobie) Roberson, an science. He related another story the attorney Elizabeth and organizer; Mary Bradshear; Robert of the communist party?" CITES AMENDMENTS testified. k. I smith, an Oakland public health Blodgett said he became disil-: nurse who was active in an at- i ...;.u ; ;. hand to care for carco. lusioned with communism earlv! tempt to recruit other city-em- in the East and on the coast from Most of the warehousemen em- iin 1948 and left the Bay area. He; ployed nurses into communism; jTreuhaft, Oakland attorney, and!whn reused the girl's father of America in,P10ea oy ine werc rcpjneudiu ne wen i iu i-nicdiio wnere ne;xi. - b" a ;nis wile, Uecca, a branch and. V m 1 u Vil j hnr.!i. rxnxv mninvi ae a caiocman i risen parmpnt worker : Sis? Hesse. ! ... r w . i , ; I talked with the man ana iedhavinKbeenincon-'-hoj 1' ipnman, inn rnmm n si nanv , svuucni . - v. v. jyAt-.... i irt uiiiiM tit l 4 : - o--- - ' 1 . . -- tuv.. jtt 1111c OV.1 1 Lr I . case of a Vallejo man who was charged with attempted rape and He d , tact its to with the Soviet Union or doring contractors. A c-Msi -1 1 mAAfinff aHen4a V... ; ..u : i u:- . : 1 rtalf lanH hranrh frnm II 1 . A ln X tw CfntT- and in 'about half of San Francisco Di- oon the People's World, who di- Los Angeles: Jean Headley, a the United bntea, and in , . , L ..a.j . i hmnewife- and Tda and Dorothv vision meinutjs ui Liutdi d was reeled nis wruing oi siuries in l would never hqt.ii Knowinj; u..i,.h,r Mr H:l!." Wood began. "It would had ever encaged in a disloval ' marked last niSht bv an epres-. which the party was interested, be most decradine There he df- ! ... . ,f.; Ision of support for union officers, He said the People's World Ion tatmnt that included this " rctu aa,u paragraph: "I have never been a spy nor chr.ed to anjwer further, refer ring to both the First and Fifth Amendments. "The Supreme Court settled pretends that it is not an official j A meeting of the local's Oak-.organ of the communist party, 'land Division is to be held at but "it was obvious to me that tier, f.ven by a Ma.-y Elizabeth the question of the First Amend- 1 8 p.m. today Cob tinned Pare 3, CoL 1 Auditorium. at the Oakland the party considers the newspaper as its own." housewife; and Ida and Dorothy Wood. SPECIAL GROUP MENTIONED Another member of that group, Hill testified, was a housewife named Miriam Chown. He said that her husband, Paul Chown, was also a communist but that Nat Vanish, People's World of- wrote blazing stories about the THESE SIX HAD NOTHING TO SAY AT INQUIRY "iT (I t- v II ZZT I II " I! Ik?. r . r - v ' near lynching, even made up some facts. I went overboard." Then came the trial. "I lis- t-Miay4 o. 4Ua fi 1 1 c- 4trf I nevMW J spoke before a communist panel; jr hppan ln havp douhts R,0dtt said. "She told a story that he ficial, and his wife, Ann; Doris Fogerty, of the North Oakland branch; Bimbo Brown, who Aubrey Grossman, attorney who spoke at a San Francisco party session; Gordon Williams; Edward and Elizabeth Barlow. Jessie Pedrick; John Hughes of Richmond; Buddy Green; Lily Bell; George Van Frederick, functionary at 1 Cordonices Village in Berkeley; Paul Heide, Eastbay Longshore Union offi- could not have made up." He said the Civil Rights Congress packed the courtroom in an effort to influence Jhe jury. His stories of the testimony were colored to help the defense. The case went through two 'jury disagreements and was fi nally dismissed. .u n,s wire nuoy; Herb ;;t was praised highly," Blod ana oerneice ivaiman; David ett reported. "They told me I ivinncau , juiui ijinasmiin. iu.j 7;iu.i:.. t . . . ; naa "iiiieiimna iaugnery. a party ithe worker; Joseph Melia, an Inde pendent Progressive party organizer in the communist party; Rudy Lambert, member of the county security commission; and Loretta Starvis and - Celeste Stack, members of the communist state board. Trlbaaa Rahxiin? to tlfy bior tha Houm Un-Axnicmi acfdilti commitrt In U San Fran-dco sioa wr Uft lo right Roy Hadfton ol SJ"-,Cor7 Van Frederick of ScrosaUte oxid Iaza F. Wood of San Fraztdaco. van? Among tha rfaictant witntitM bsion til Vld commItt wer Qefl to right) Dan Kw Man of FrMno: Eugn A. Toopkoil Russian-born Oakland draftsman, and Eugene Eagle, San Francisco optometrist They all took a constitutional. 4 Hurt in Raid on Longshore Office NEWARK, NJ., Dec. 3. (1P Waterfront violence broke out today in? Port Newark as 75 men in New? York autos raided the headquarters of Local 1235, International Longshoremen's Association (Ind.). Four men were injured in the melee, which brought 100 Newark and Port of New York Authority policemen to the scene. scored a great victory ior communist party and the Civil Rights Congress." The accused man then filed assault charges against the girl's father. When the case was called for trial, he did not even appear. "There was nothing iri the People's World about this," Blodgett said. SHOPPING DAYS TO CHRISTMAS

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