The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 18, 1954 · Page 19
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 19

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 18, 1954
Page 19
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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 18, 1954 OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major Hooplt OUT OUR WAY BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) . • By J. R. Williams COURIER NEWS PAGE NINETEEN THAT'M SH0ULC? ILUE<5»uSB5r Y THEM \ IHINJK LEFT THE CAMP! A1I6HT !YOU see, if LAV 'EM ALL OUT, i| THEN WE CAN) MA30R SIlLe- TODAY, £TAY£D AT Y0UR CAMP ALL HIS J WHY . P)DWT { AFI=>H MARKET THINKS THEY'RE WHY MOTHERS SET <5RAV BULL'S-EYE/ CONTEOL YOURSELF, CALM, CALM — A LITTLE JU66UMQ • KIDS 6O FOR THIS STUFF/ ACCORDW6 TO THIS &ABV-SITTER'S % GUIDE, YOU'VE 60TTA INSPIRE CONFIDENCE J-V*'^l BY TRYIMG To ^ p. £*. AMn<^l=7UFU "We got the TV set just for baby sitters—now heiVt on« who wantt air conditioning'." "I suggest we put her in a hospital for a week—you need the rest!" EXPERTLY 1 FITTED 2 Price K1RBY DRUGSTORES Paint Closeout HAH; TTJW MI* C»l»rt i Price Hubbard Hardware EXPERT WATER PUMP REPAIR Hubbard Hardware Pbeme 2-Ztl5 :opynghr 1954 bf Frank Grub«r. Distributed by NEA S«me«, Inc. By Frank Gruber THE 5TORY: Wc» Tancred. who killed the "Robin Hood" outlaw, Sam Older. Is an ontcaat and working: nnder the nnme ot John Bnilcy nt a stance stnTion »n Knnaa* in 1877. Three men rid« up find threaten Vtnuft, the nprent. Tancred knows th(-y intend to rob th* stagecoach, oa« the next day. * * * II JETHRO was taking his second J drink as Tancred came up. Dave ran his eyes up and down Tancred's lean figure. i "How many people does this stage usually .carry?" Tancred shrugged. "It varies. Sometimes five or six, sometimes only one or two. Once in a while there aren't any passengers at all." "Think carefully, now," said the squat man, wickedly. "Does •the stage carry a strong box?" "No." The outlaw grabbed the whis- 'key bottle from Jethro, took a great swig then passed it on to 'Dave. With a sudden spring he leaped forward and hit Tancred iin the face with the back of his (hand. < "I asked you about a strong jbox." 1 "And I told you. I The short man rocked Tan- jcred's head with a backhanded | swipe. "What about a shotgun iguard?" : "Don't do that again," Tancred said, evenly. The little man took a step back. "Why, he's got spunk," he said, mockingly. He winked at Dave. "Shall we tell him who [we are?" Dave shrugged. "He's a norse- [handler. He's probably never even heard of us." "Everybody's heard of Sam Older," chortled the squat man. !He pointed at Tancred. "Even | •you." Tancred said in an even, flat tone, "Sam Older's dead." "Sure, but Dick Small ain't." The short one tapped his chest. "Or Dave Helm." He indicated Dave- Nine years ago Dick Small had been a thin man about six inches taller than the one who now called himself Dick Small. And Dave Helm . . . this man wasn't Dave Helm, not in a thousand years. Tancred looked at Jethro. And I suppose he's ... Wes Tancred ' Jethro took that as a deadly insult "Don't you accuse me of being that dirty traitor. . . ." Tancred backed away. "How was I to know? Seems to me, I heard men talking about the Older gang and the name Tancred. . . ." 'Don't mention Older and Tancred in the same breath," cried the man who called himself Dick Small. ,_ „ „ "I'm just a horse-handler, Tancred said. Tancred started away but Dave crabbed his arm and whirled him around. "You didn't answer Dick's question—about the stage carrying a shotgun guard." "I've never seen one," said Tancred. He waited a moment "Can I go now?" "Sure," said Dave. "As long as you stay in sight." He noddec toward the stage station. "And don't mean in there." Tancred went into the corral « » * M ORNING came and Tancred came out of the shed where he had slept. The outlaws, two of thorn, were still sleeping beside the corral. Tbe third, Jethro, was His eyes went straight ahead, saw Laura on her knees, sobbinf •ver her father. seated on the ground, his back to the corral poles, cleaning his gun with a dirty rag. As filthy as the three men were about their own persons, their guns were cleaned and well-oiled. Guns were the tools of their trade. Jethro sprang to his feet. "You're going to get those horses ready for the stage, just as ^ if nothing was going to happen?" "My job is feeding and watering and taking care of these horses." Tancred went into the corraL When he came put the outlaws were all up and in the stage station, eating their breakfast. He went into the shed and with a i quick look over his shoulder, moved far in to the manger that was used by the horses during [bad weather. It was hall-filled with hay. Tancred moved aside some of he hay and exposed a weathered arpetbag. He stared at it for _a ong moment, then shook his head and covered it again with hay. When he went outside, Dave vas coming out of the stage sta- ion. "Your breakfast's ready." He smacked his lips. "That girl cooks all right." Tancred crossed the yard and entered the station. Dick and Jethro were just finishing their breakfast, but Vesser sat at the plain table, his corncak« barely ;ouched. Tancred sat down opposite him and Laura Drought him cakes and coffee. He ate and spoke no word to her or to her father and when he finished eating he went outside. He curried the horses in the corral until their coats glistened. He rubbed them down with wisps of hay and curried them again. But at last he could work in the corral no longer and he came out. Th* man who called himself Dave Helm looked at Tancred and said, "It's eating out your insides. isn't it? I don't know why it should. You're only a horse wrangler and the stage line shouldn't mean a thing to you." "It doesn't." "They can afford to lose ^anything we take from them." He looked thoughtfully toward the stag* station. * * * T HE outlaws had their dinner at 12, but Tancred went without his. At 1 o'clock he got out the harness and got his six-horse team ready. A cloud of dust to the north told him that the stage \va? on time. The outlaws saddled up their mounts, tied them to the top pole of the corral. Jothro climbed to the top of the corral and studied the approaching stage. He climbed to the ground. "Ten minutes." Vesser came out of the stage station. His revolver was in his j hand. "Look;" said the squat man. Tancred cried out, "Throw down the gun . . . please!" Vesser came toward the corral. ; Jethro edged over to the right, Dave to the left and Dick re' mained in the middle. Vesser j was still 70 or 75 feet away and i he thrust out his gun as he walked and fired. The bullet missed Dick by three feet Dick's first bullet didn't miss. Nor did Jethro's or Dave's. Vesser's gun went oft* once more but the.bullet went toward the sky. Laura was rushing out of the house, screaming and sobbing. By that time, Tancred was in the shed. He swept aside the hay from the manger, scooped out the carpetbag and tore it open. He plunged in his hand and brought out a holster wrapped about a gun. He did not bother with the holster. Uncoiling it, he gripped the naked Navy model and stepped to the door of the shed. His eye* went straight ahead, saw Laura on her knees, sobbing over her father. "T)AVE was the first to see him. J - / Shock hit him as he saw the gun in Tancred's hand. Dick, looking at Dave's face, wheeled. Tancred fired at Dave. The distance was 75 feet, but Tancred's bullet caught Dave square in the forehead. Then Tancred pivoted and fired at Dick, once. Jethro let out a scream of sheer terror. He fired, but the thing he had just seen, deprived him of everything. His bullet went completely wild. Tancred shot him down. He did not look at the fallen men again. He went forward to Laura, who had rocked back to her heels. Her tear-stained face was taut, her eyes wild. "I shouldn't have waited," he said. "But I ... I couldn't . . . I couldn't nre the gun." "Who are you?" whispered Laura in awe. "My name." said Tancred, "is Wes Tancred. . . ." "Tancred!" cried Laura, fc shock, "The man who . . ." "The man who killed Sam Older, ."ow. you know. . . ." (To Be Continued) FOR RADIO AND TV REPAIR Call 3-4596 Jimmy Gean, repairman • All work guaranteed .* Prompt Service ROSE SALES CO. oovou UNFKItNDW CKA2*CrEKlS? (YIPES! ^ TUAT THEY SAID IT'S ^ (? TIME I TAKE SWiMMlNIG I WENT TO BET YOUR FOLKS WERE BEACH AND STAVED UNDER WATER FOR THREE MINUTES WHAT DID YOU DO WHILE I ON /AC AT ION WE BUY USED FURNITURE PHONE 3-3122 Wade Furn. Co THE SISNJAI>JG THAT TH£ ELEVATOR 15 WHILE W£'£E FO* THE ELEVATOR, SUPPOSE 1 6ET ACQUWNJTE17 WfTH MY MJKPBZEPS/VbS MUST HAVE A PEW MUTUAL FRIEKJPS... BELLE W1LPE? OK-- WHEKE, PLASHES CN// ATTRACTING VlG'5 Bicycle Parts Complete Stock Parts & Accessories I', (y^^ V i b-St-r^J/ , i General Hardware And Appliance Co. 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