Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 13, 1897 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 13, 1897
Page 24
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HAIR HUMORS f . irriuted, »c»1y, cnuted ! : lcalp», dry, thin, a*d frlllDi Hair, clesmed, pnril ed, and beantl- *«d by -wM-m ohampoon with COTICCEA SOAP, and Occwilonil dressing or CBT;CVB.», purest of , the grtnttce: skin cares. (pticura Treatment will produce & clean, bealihy urine •with luxnrlant, lastrons hair, when all e)»- 'aiN. •old throachont the -world. Pomtfi D&to AMJ Cncif. Co«r., Snl« Prop*., Hoftton. •^•"iiow to produce I.uxnritnt Hiir," mailed frte. CVIUO flM CIDC with Eczema IniUnlly rc.'ievcd 0&INO UN rlttt b ON MONEY MINNESOTA CONGRESSMAN MAKES A SPEECH. E« AddruiM the XiMsachuMtt* Dem*- amtlc Club on the Imue of the Day— frlbnte to the Partj'* Patron Saint— Th« Tm« Democracy. by Cmcou for <jouorrho;a, l-leot, 3 pcrmatorrho-'U, Whiten, urinftiurul <li«charge*, _or any iiillamnm- tion, irritation or ulcera- Cion Of III U c O II .1 Hlt'Hl- br "" J «- Non-utftriBgent. *old by JlrnMrtaU, or Hf^nt in plain wrnpix'r, l.y cxpre«H, prepaid, for 11.ttl. or 3 boltlim, (J.75. Circular ueut ou reyuetit For sale by C. M. Hanna & Co FRENCH TANSY WAFERS. These we the genuine FRENCH TANSY WAFERS, imported direct from Paris. Ladies can depend upon securing relief from and cure of PAINFUL AOT> IRREGULAR PERIODS regardless of Drug Co,, Importers and cause. Emerson Agents for the United States. San Jose Cal. B. F. KEESLING, 304 Fourth St. Logansport, Ind. PM!.-. Kim by Central A9 ^OLLOWH . » Daily, ttjoept Sonrtfty. CDICACIO DIVISION DAILY. Leave Tor ChiC8jro*S:15 a m;*5:30 a m ;*1 :25 p m *2:00pm;*4:80p m. Arrive from Chicago «1 :00 a m ;*12 :SO p m ,*1 :00 p m: *1:4Q p m; *8:15 p m. BRADFORD AND COLUMBUS. K«Te for Bradford*!. -15 H m; t7:40nni; -1:45 p m- t4:30p m. Arrive from Bradford *S:OOa»: tlO:20 am: *l:20pm; t4:15pm. IFFNEH DIVISION. Letye lorKflner t8:00 a m: t9:08 a m: t2:05 p m 5 D m Sunday only. Arrive from Kffner 17:35 a m. -MiOSpm: ^2:45 pm: 8:30 am Sunday only. RICHMOND AND CINCINNATI. Leave for Richmond tl :20 a m : t5 :SO a m ; •! :10 pm: +2:20p m. Arrive from Klohmond *2:55am: «1:00 am *l:50pm,-ttl:20pm. ISDIASAPOLtS AND LOHISV1LIJ. L«ave for Loulgvllle *13:55 a m; "1:05 p m. Arrive from Goulrrtlle *S:OS a m; *1:S6 p m. J. A. MoCHLLOUGH, Affent, Lognnsport, lad. "Jefferson day" was celebrated in Boston by a grand banquet given by the Massachusetts Democratic Club, Ihe free silver offshoot of the Young Men's Democratic Club of Massachusetts. Over 500 members sat down to the banquet. Philip Doherty presided, and after a speech introduced Congressman Charles A. Towne of Miune iota as the guest, of honor. Mr. Town* Strength of fommsulon. spoke in part as follows: The strength of the gold standard to-day in the i»^» non-pouonons United States rests on the fact that it la in possession. Every presumption is indulged in its favor, and those who *re benefited by it, or who have been persuaded by those that they are benefited by it, have shrewdly possessed themselves of a strong weapon in the ridicule which they hurl upon their as- jailants. It has come tc be taken for granted that the supporter of bimetallism is an en«my to the good order of aociety; that IB religion he must be an atheist; in philosophy, an imbecile; in politics, a traitor, no wonder therefore that it has been the custom in the East to bav nothing to do Tvith such a fellow. When ill 'the misunderstanding and misrepre sentation have been swept away, thi truth will appear that it is not we who propose an experiment, but that the fold standard is itself on trial; that we do mot bring forward a novel proposition born of discontent and appealing to nothing but brute members and prejudice, but that we ground our contention upon accepted doctrines of political economy, many of them 2,000 years old. We who to-day appeal to your reason are the true frienda of peace and progress. We are the rea! conservatives. We invoke the judgment and the patriotism of the American peopla, and we say that this grand republic is great enough and rich enough, has a sufficiently diversified and extensive commerce to attempt and achieve the restoration of bimetallism in the world. When we are speaking of tariffs, v/e declare that we will regulate our own concerns in spite -»£ all .other nations and are most boM and confident in ourselves; but whwi we •ome to a consideration of the money luestion the tmtae men who before Taunted their Country's prowess seem to consider the United States as a Teas and puny and inconsequent state. Let us once assert our independence and we shall have help enough. The advan- age of commerce with the silver-using nations, for which the peoples of Bn- •ope are now competing, would instant- V become so largely ours that OUT rivals would not stand upon the order of their coming, but would hasten to put themselves on the "sams ?lane oj competition with ourselves. ' ABMARKABLE ASSASSINATIONS Michael, Prince of Servia, June 10 V 186S. Abdul Aziz, Sultan of Turkey, June 4, 1876. Daniel, Prince of Montenegro, AU- HUBt 13, 1860. Denis Affre, Archiishop ot Paris, June 27, 1S4S. Paul, Czar of Russia, by nobles, March 24, 1901. Mehemet Ali, Pasha, by Albanians, September 7, 1878. Ferdinand Charles III., Duke of Param, March 27, 1854. Capo d'Istria, Greek statesman (torture), October 9, 1831. Prim, Marshal of Spain, December 28, died December 30, 1870. George Darboy, Archbishop of Paris, by communists, May 24, 1871. Rossi, Comte Pellegrino, Roman statesman, November 35, 184S. Spencer Percival, Premier of England, by Bellingham, May 11, 1812. Charles, Due de Berri (father of the Comte de Chambord), February 13, 1820. August Kotzebue,-German dramatist, for political motives, by Karl Sand, March 23, 1819. Hussein, Avni, and other Turkish Ministers, by Hassan, a Circassian officer, June 15, 1876. Stanislaus Stambuloff, ex-Premier of Bulgaria, by four persons, armed with revolvers and knives, July 25, 1895. Richard, Earl of Mayo, Governor- General of India, by Shere All, a convict, in Andaman Islands, February 8 1872. Alexander II. of Russia, killed by plosion of a bomb thrown by a man who was himself killed, St. Petersburg 2 p. m., March 13, 1881. Marie Francois Sadi Carnot, Presl dent of France, stabbed mortally a Lyons by Cesare Santo, an Anarchist Sunday, June 24, 1S94. LAND MONEY CANNOT BUY. Trlmlty Corporation and &>•» ot th* •*o»dway FYop«rtj Which it Roltift. The Rev. Dr. Morgan Dix, rector oi Trinity parish, New York city, tells the Church Economist that many offers had betn made to the Trinity corporation to purchase the old St. Paul's churchyard on Broadway, between Fulton and Vesey sti-eets, for business purposes. Several yoars ago the stock exchange tried to buy it, and niore recently a great railroad corporation made advances for the property. "But it will not be sold," said Dr. Dix, "at least not while the persons now in control of Trinity's affairs are alive. No valuation of dollars and cents has ever been placed on this property. It is prized and guarded from a sentiment of reverence and love." This remark of the distinguished rector of Trinity, says the Church Investor, is significant, in view of the suggestion advanced at a recent assembling of clergymen in this city that "if Trinity would dispose of some of its valuable unproductive property it would be enabled to enlarge its field of usefulness," especially in ::he matter of helping other churches. More than sixty Protestant Episcopal churches in GOJxD DUST WASHING POWDER of the world's best cleanser el. >-tilt c:v;iu>r'-Conor!! y in-I-pound All groivrs. Ma,!i- only by THE X. K. FAIKI5AXK CO3IP.VXT, Chicago. Si. I^ouis. >"«»• York, Boston. fol-OY. JJtffeld'f 9pe*ch, Gov. Altgeld has sounded the In his Labor Day speech. He points out the way to the promised land—govern- eluding mines, telegraphs and railroads. He tells us how we may acquire these tbis country have received financial meat ownership of all monopolies la- aid from Trinity corporation, and it. has become to be regarded as quite the proper thing that whenever a church ', monopolies. His plan is v«ry elaborat* of that denomination runs into debt!" 111 yet it is entirely comprehensive. it shall turn to Trinity for help. Trin-j Thero is DO oratory, no idle claptrapg; ity's income is believed to be ?500,000 I ev ' J ry word is meat. We hope that a year and a. large portion of that j this speech, will have the wide circula.- _ _ „ ___ L ____ •_ ___ -j.'.. j. _ « _i ___ * l-i^n •f'ri o +• f4- rloc-OT-voe TVi Ar>ck IB «rn"w i-Art that It deserves. There is re«.- LOOANBPOHT •6. EAST aocxc. I V I and Beaton Urn (MUr)« S:S3 a, a fait mall (dally) 9:48 a,» Atlantic Ex.daily except Sun- 4:55 p. IB WIST BOUND. Pacific Ibc., dally except 8undar-U>:19 a. m Kanuu City Kipre«j (dally) 2:40 p. m 1 fait Mall (dally) 8:13 p,m I It. Louli Limited (dally) 10:SM p. rx IIL BIYM Drrriion, miSTinn, njwuxx LOOAHiroBt xiro CHILI, WIST 10CKD. Ko. tf. ~....ArriTe«-,»m., _ 8:30 t. n Mo-8T „ ....Arrlrea- S:30 p. tt lAtT lOUMD. S O. M....>........ I«*ret. 9:06 ». m O.M L««VM.. 1:46 p. IE VANDALIA LINE. Time Tmblc, In effect Sept. 2S, 1887. FOR THS NORTH M«. 8... — —,10:88 ». m. N».I ™ S:36 p. m, FOR THE SOUTH. No. 21 .- .7:05 a. B. Ko. S ,....2:25 p. m, for complete Time Card, giving all train* and itatlona, and for full information M to rate*, through oar*, etc., addreai J. C. BDOBWORTH, agent, Loganiport, or • *.. FORD, General Paiiengvr Agent, 8t. Loula. Mo. Policy of Creditor Nation*. The great creditor nations of the world, who to-day are holding up tha Cold standard for the very reason that we, who have products, are compelled to give to them, who have money, more and more of what we raise in payinmt of the same nominal amount of indebtedness, would instantly take occasion to negative and falsify the assertipn, now currently made, that our debt* were to be paid in discredited dollars. They would have every motive for Joining- us in maintaining- the absolute parity of every kind of dollars. We ought speedily to reform a money system wb.ich_. by constantly taking from tha avails of* the enterprise of the middla or producing classes and adding to the already swollen hoards of the hoarders, rs slowly and with absolute certainty tending to (destroy the yeomanry and the free burghers of our country and to stratify our society into the verj rich above and the very poor below, And then we must, by legitimate discussion, inquiry, investigation, aad all those raethcKls which when used by tie gold standard advocate? are denomi. KN1CKNAMES OF CITIES New York—Gotham. Louisville—Fall City. Aberdeen—Granite City. Keokuk—The Gate City. Pittsburg—The Iron City. Hannibal—The Bluff City. Chicago—The Garden City. Rochester—The Flour City. Pittsburg—The Smoky City. * St. Louis—The Mound City. Loneon—The Modern Babylon. New Haven—The City of £)ims. Detroit--The City of the Straits. Indianapolis—The Railroad City. Raleigh, N. C.—The City of Oaka. Brooklyn—The City of Churches. Baltimore—The Monumental City. Nashville—The City of the Rocks. Springfield, 111.—The Flower City. Cinciiinati—The Queen City of the West. Cleveland and Portland—The Foreet iities. Buffalo—The Queen City of th» Lakes. Ancient Rome—The Mistress of th. PEN POINTS. Unless a man is open to conviction you can't shut him up with your arguments. The man who fools with cravats or matrimonial ties is bound to get it in the neck. The fond lover presses the buttons on his best gift'* waist— and her papa •does the rest. More things will come to the man •w-ho labors tJjan to the on« who sits mortgage on the property without interest. For illustration, a small Epis- amount goes in annuities to other | churches and in educational institu- i ion why th« people should not, at once tions. It has always been the custom ! begin to follow up the idea outlined. of Trinity to extend a helping hand to • Municipalities may acquire street car struggling churches by carrying a j lighting, heating and water privilege" without any change in the laws of any state or federal statutes. It is not un copalian congregation buys or builds likely that Chicago will soon lead th a church worth $30,000. The members | procession of American cities in thi are able perhaps to pay two-thirds o respect.—National Democrat. that amount down. Trinity comes t their relief by advancing the neces sary $10,000 and taking a mortgage, on which, however, the rich corporatio never exacts interest. The lien is re corded only in order to preserve Trin Ity's equity in the property in case it use for church purposes ceases. Th fact that there are so many poo churches needing financial aid is prob ably responsible for the renewal of th euggestion that Trinity might greatly increase Its revenues by putting the historic and valuable block occupied by St. Paul's to some commercial use The cit}' assessors, in placing a pro forma valuation upon that particular piece of property, made an estimate o $1,750,000. It would probably bring much more than that at an open sale Trinity church and churchyard, opposite the head of Wall street, on Broadway, is valued by the city officials a: $4,000,000. That makes nearly $6,000,000 of unproductive property in financial ca.itsr of the metroDolja- La. K. & W. Time Table, Peru, Ind. 9olM umln( between Peoria and Sandiuky aad IndlanapoUi and Michigan. Direct connection! to and from all point* in the United Itatee and Canada. SOUTH BOTJSIj DIPART No U Indianapolis £xp daily 7:10 a m (dap./ eicept Sunday) Ko B Indpl'i Kxp ex Sun.... 1:25 p m »:lt » m Ko W Paaiencer ezeept Son Ko 151 HoobMter local arrive M p m uoept Sunday, MOKTB BODTTD. m Ho U Utoal«n City «aur\ BiNoM Detroit Bip Xx Boa No UO Aroon uoept Bun... l;45am l not nu» »ortk o •» P»ni on BuBftay. nated enlig-htenment, and -a-heii used by us are denounced as "agitation," educate not what are called the poorer classes, not what are called the middle classes, but what are called the upper classes. Educate them to a comprehension of the principles of this science. Educate them to an understanding of the significance of this question at bearing upon the very life of the na> Uon and the endurance of its institutions. Even from a selfish standpoint, this system if urged too far will react in destruction upon its operator, either by killing the capacity of his victim ta respond to his exactions, or by goading the tuilerer into violent resistance, whereby tihey and the government and society itself may possibly go down together. If we shall do our duty in our day and generation, a great crisii In the history of the world may happily be passed. If we shall prove unequal to that duty, awful as the catastrophe appears, it may be ours to be chargeable with the very failure ot »elfg-overnrnent. Tfc* G*org« Qwjld Inherited aofiethln* •ke fcpom kls. lather besides money. institutions of learning and char- tty are not eipecting much from him. Selfishness is «n the throne, and every *rcp of blood is beneath the scepter. A. man may have money and be lee* •elfish titan the man -without a farti- tng. But to bo the child at the selfish riot is. not a bletsins, but a ourse. It U not the money a man leaves hit oWldren, hut the purity ot blood, -which l> tb«ir real patrimony. — Rev. CorU bad Myen. do-wn and Some men ars like phonographs;' they ta.lk a ffreaj deal, but never say anything original. Hope springs eternal in the human breast. That's why the pool of disappointment is always slopping -over. Don't expect your ulstdr to look clean and fresh this fall, just because you kdve had it in. soak all summer. An optimist is a man who is happy when he is miserable; a pessimist is a man who is miserable when he is happy. Glory seldom troublw & man while :he lives, but sJter tfce funeral it cornea iirouud and keeps the flies off his memory. General ILabor and Industrial* New York city has 10,000 vacant stores. Monstrous cruelty and immorality have been discovered in the convlot •samps of Georgia. The long continued strike in the slate quarries of Lord Penrhyn, ia Wales, has ended with a complete victory for the strikers. During the first six months of the present calendar year Great Britain imported from the United States 28,516 tons of pig iron and 17.335 tons of un- wmcght steel. Japan has given notice that she will soon draw on London for the gold awarded her by the treaty of peac. with China.and the effect on the money market is the chief topic discussed in leading English papers. Organized labor on the Pacific coast is hot over the actioa of jm Oregon penitentiary, which, U is alleged, has contracted for 5,000 tons of foreign coil and Is shipping stoves to various western states and underselling tie prodnct of free labor. An American firm ha* -Mcelved the contract for the equipment of a new electric railroad for London, England, amounting to about $1.000,000. The rwaon is that the greater exp«ri«aM of American manufacturers in coa- •trwrtlng electrical machinery make* j pushing a fcalf •ooaterMt lat* oar machinery bettor u4 ch"*p«r. * tlni ITMi'i MISSING LINKS. Chicago harbors about sixty thousand Hebrews. A cattle dealer of Maitland, Mo., Is named Goodpasture. Jefferson City, Mo., has come to tihe front in season with a Court-Houso Watermelon club. The number of recorded suicides in. he United States last year was 6,520, of whom 1,442 were females. The returns of the dog taxes show that there are 2,900,000 dogs in Franc*. The taxes yield 8,800,000 francs a year. Sweden is too cold for grapevines, tat much wine is made there from 'arious kinds of berries, including ranberries. Verdi, according to the London Daily Chronicle, is amusing himself at rtonteeatini by writing the requiem for his own funeral. The Passamaquoddy (Me.) Indians are leaving for the summer resorts, where they make large money selling their baskets, chairs, etc. Two Chicago women have recently opened an agency for furnishing to literary clubs, schools or private individuals If-^t" on any subject desirvd. Individuality.—When numan oelngs desire to attract people to themselves, they make use of a power which may '^e termed the power of fascination, the power of their visible presence. Their Individuality draws others.— Father J. t Lawlor, Catholic, St. Paul, Misn, A California woman has patented a cover for milk cans which is perforated around its sides near the bottom, so it can be closed tight to prevent spilling of the milk and can be pulled up a short distance in the can to allow ventilation without insects getting inside. Horseshoe* which can be attached to the hoof without the use of nail* hare a broad steel band attached to the front and sides of the shoe, ending in screw sockets at the rear to draw band tight over the hoof by means of jcrews inserted in the rear oC th« shoe. The Blm«t>lllo Farce. In commenting on the British gov rnment's marble iheart toward the bi metallic envoys, the Westminster Ga zette, on Saturday, remarked: "Every body knows that 'ihe mission of the sll ver envoys is a. farce of 'the baldes kind." What has made it so, we won der? Is it because th« bona fides o President McKinley in sending out a bimetallic commission to please Silver Republicans ?nd then sending in greenback-destroyilng currency commission message to please Gold Republicans is open to question? We hope not Of course, It is fairly conceivable that, while Mr. McKinley supposedly would like to "do something for silver,' he might be willing to do a good dea! for gold. Most people are.—Washington Times. "The Poor." Last fall during the campaign many ;laimed to be opposed to 'the gold stan> dard, but feared to antagonize it because they were "so poor." it ie to be loped that the "return of prosperity" not made them so rich that they are still unable to act independently and according- to their honest conric- ions. If real prosperity has come, hey can certainly afford to assert their manhood. If they are still subservient o others, the "prosperity" (for them rt least) must be very unsubstantial.— National BimetalHst.. When Odette Tyler and R. D. Sbep- wd, or R. D. McLean, as he was known in the stage were married so£x tlm» ago they retired to Wild Goost farm, Virgiuia, with the announcement that either would return to the stag*. Ther lave changed their minds, for Mr. Ihepard is looking for a play which will gtve his wife a chance to star. H« will play leading male parts and man. the company. FIGS AND THISTLES. It is doubtful honor 'to to fondled by curs. Good humor makes yMth blooxa L* •Id age. If the h«art is converted tb« para* •'ill be in reach. Build hijher, foolish man, earth is too low for safety. He that cannot control »itn«+if b*j a, bad master already. The best quality of man-hood blo»- ioma in the nursery. Scolding a abild i» Ilk* currying- » •olt with a pttchtork. When hMor talks loader than fcahit, Pnttioc «nr ben fo«t f. FIGHTING WOLVES This is only one of the exciting experiences the two young Americans had who were victims of a vile conspiracy. They were "exiled to Siberia." Exiled •? To Siberia Is the title of the story in which Wm. Murray Graydon tells all about it. We ha,ve purchased the serial rights for this story and the first chapters will soon be printed. We know our enjoy it. readers will Milk, m* to Allultc. Milk is an opaque •whitish fluid, hm.r« ine an opalescent, bluish tint is thi* layers, and «. specific gravity a?era(iBg betveem 1028 and 1034. It U a natural emulsion, consisting of little global** of fat inyeetod with coatings sjid c«a«- in and su«p«iided in a solution of albu* men, milk sugar, and salts. The reaction of milk is variable, wouaxt milk and that, of the vegetable acting animals being normally alkaline but that of tee meat eating is aoidt •with tha former, however, it IB ofton possible to obtain a double reaction, both acid aad alkaline, owing to tha; presence of an acid sodic phosphate aa(J of an alkaline diaodic phoephate. Milk becomes acid on standing, owing to the conversion of port of ita Bujmr lot* lactic acid; and at the same lime tk« fatty globulee riso to 'the »urface, form' ing a layer of rt-ewn, some ot theM globules tlio being freed from the*l protein envelopee. If a milk upo« at&nding in a warm place for a f*w hours is alkaline, look upon It as picjous for tuberculosis, «tc. If you have bog holes in the putnr* •where the cows can go aad drink th« •tagnant water, have them either flll»4 05 or drained. Deatji.—Tie old Greek philospher* wrote many beautiful things about death, but did aot themselves de»ir« Aeath, which to them was ailed with, darkness and shadows.—Father William J. Clark, Catholic, Philadelphia, Flu 1897 OCTOBER, Su. Mo. Tu. We. 3 4 10 17 24 31 11 18 25 12 19 26 6 13 20 27 ASK THEM, If You want Information About Home-Seekers' Excursion. Ticket Agents of the ^Pennsylvania tine* will furnish information regarding- Hotne- Seekers' Excursions to various points In the Northwest. West, Southwcsi and South. It 1)1 pay to Investigate if you contemplate a rip. Apply to neareit Pennsylvania Line Ticket Agent, or addre«8 W. W. Blcfaardaon. District PagjeDger Agent, Indianapolis, Ind. to te LOW BATES FOB Tennessee Centennial The TenneiKe Oenienninl and International Exposition will be in progreat at KathTfll*. Teniu trnrn May untfl. October Incliuire. Ipecial low rate round trip ticket! will be void iaPenniylTmiilaLtoe* for thi* erect Foil partfculan concerning- fare, date* of Mia. ime of train*, etc., aar be obtained T«pon application tc oecrert Pennsylvania- Ite* Ticket Agent, ortyy iddrtMlnr Oeo.K. Bockwell, Dlstriot;P««teDger Acent Indianapo J ndtana. — THE — WABASH ft********** "CaJifomi^Flyer." Quickest and beet Mtrioe to CALTrCBlTLA i now o*ei»d by the Wabajh KaflrMd, H eon- oected with the AtoWeotUTopeka * Bum M Bullway. Ve«ttra)ed atoeplnc oan tkvMftb to at Amreiw without chan«*, nftktaff twiBlr- <»e houri better time f ran M. laait tba> tmr other line, and oorrefpODdlDfttiBe fro* othv M«ot,ortoC. B. Ot«M.|OecM tut ItakM A<W «t Loo*, Mo.

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