The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 17, 1943
Page 3
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BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS VOLUME i—NO. 209." THE 13LVT1IEV1L-LU AKMY AH! COlil'S NKWS Published daily except Suiidnys in the Interest of Ihc personnel of the Army Air l-'orces Advanced Two Engine Hying School of Blytheville, by the Blythevltle Courier News. It contains the news of the Air Base. Inter-Squadron Boxing Tourney Planned At Post Gym May 20-21 All hilcr-sf]iiiidron boxing tournament will be held May 20 and 21, under the rules and regulations of Golden Gloves Tournaments. ' Teams will be former, by the squadrons and will meet each other ill the scheduled time in a ring which has been conslruclcd at Hie .side of the I'ost Gym. There is no limit to lhc number of entries In each weight division mid am 1 of amateur status is eligible. \Vinncrs in the' various weight divisions will be declared champions of (he f'ost and will be awarded individual medals. The squadron whose members win tlie most first places will receive- a trophy. A tournament for negro soldiers probably will be held later. Members of the 1'osl Uuxing Team will enter the lists, which means lhat fans may have an opportunity of seeiii!; Corp, Hobert Morgan, Arkansas AAA m uniiiul champion and Pvt. Joe Ui Hcalla, ]»st champion in his class, renew their" friendly feud. These two men have faced each other in Uic ring twice, with La Scalla winning the post championship from Morgan in a match at lhc Legion Arena, and with Morgan winning (he AAU title by defeating La Scalla in the finals at Little Rock re- c£ntly. Perfectly matched, liicse boxers thrill ringsiciers whenever Ihey go into action against each' 1 other, and both are anxious to selilc (he <|iiesliun of which is [ho better man. Such buxi'is as Sergl. A. J. Cherokee" Hrndiicks, Serfji: Don Brandon. Pv ( . Jo |, n Wond| ,, [c i-ri-d SiienjjiT, Corp. Koiman Nou- incytT. and olher membci's of lhc post loam will vie against the dark nurses entered by Ihe various squadrons. These alhlclcs have (leiuoiistraU-il itiolr wares in almosl every lournaim-nt the team lias |>artlci|;:iied m (his year and have shown ability, but tiiey will have no easy lime of it in' (lie inler- .squadron mail-lies. There are a number of lalemcd boxci-s on lhc field whose duties have been such that they could not occupy a place on the boxing sipiad and they may be able to deal the more experienced Ic-iiiJii-r lossers some unpleasant moment.-;. All entries must bo in al Ihe Athletic Department or to Staff Si-rat. Clements, boxing instructor, by May 17. Weighlng-in ceremonies and a physical examination of each contestant will be held between to and 2 o'clock May 20. Pairings will be drawn at 2:30 p. m., and the bracket of lights will be posted at the gym at Qp. in. Sergeant Clements and his assistants, Sergt. Gordon Donahue and I'vt. Don llnrton, will be in charge of (lie tournament. Teams from olher fields will not participate. Lieutenant Tolusso Commands Squadron. First Lieut. Henry li. Toiusso has been assigned as commanding of- licer of the 70Dih Plying Training Squadron by Col. Kurt M. 'Ltmtlon, commanding officer of the Blylhe- yille Army Air Field. He replaces Maj. Frederick W. Hutchinson, who has been transferred from this station with orders to report at Fort Lrawmvortli, Kits. Lieutenant Tolusso has been on duly here since September, originally ~as .adjutant and' llieii commaml- Commissioned in the Infantry Ue- ;:crvc in 19,'iS, lie was ordered to active duly with the Army Air Forces and assigneri to Ihe Blyllic- ville Field, flis home is in Baton Rouge, La. The lieulcmnu and Mrs. Tolusso livo at 22!) Dugtm St. They have a one-year old daughter, Carolyn Ann Major Ilutchiii.son has duty at this field -since July. He ii'.'is commissioned in flic Cavalr Reserve in 1032 and called to ac live dulv with the Army Air Force in February, 1941. lj c and Mrs Km'HKVlU,K. AUKANSAg^A'nJKDAY. AI'Ull, 17. "Victory Was Never Won At Bargain Rates!" f*fAMBP VJir • •** ~.-mmr--^m^l- .>.-.-•» O Offensives Abroad Must Start At Home-With More Money, Materials, Says Supply Chief ... - — - - - -.... ... *. t,,ji u<i*j , iiiti, m; HI It Ing officer of the lOCfith Guard Hiilchiason have made their horn Squadron, and recently as adjutant !at 425 Cast Kentucky St. They hav of the 309th Aviation Squadron, a daughter, Gail, 2 years old F Get Along, Little Quisling ."-r- ••• (/Ulfciuo Russian .Vcwsrecl From NEA) Boys \yill bo boys, even in Russia. This Soviet youth lakes a jab at a civilian who co-operated with Nazis during occupation of n ; Ukraine village as Russian soldier herds Ihe Quisling down strecl " f >the recaptured town. By LIEUT. Gi:N. IIKUIION SO.MEUVKLI, Chief of Army Services Forces Tile offensives launched at the [rout originate in the factories and foundries and on the nssemblv hies. The planes and tanks lha't intler the Axis today, the bombs lhat blast Berlin and send Jar ships to the bottom, come from Ihe lome front. It's something to nember. Remembering It, ive look at the current Second war Loan as an offensive, an intensifying of our iltack on the Mauls' and Japs. I Success on Ihe financing and production fronts are vital elements of success on the battlefield. No war was ever K-OII at a bargain. The kind of victory we have determined to win bears no price _ for un- TCiieler. This is truer today than ever before. We are fighting ihe most highly mechanized war in history. The task of arming and equipping our forces is without parallel. H requires twice as much productive effort lo equip a motorized division as to equip a foot division, and five limes as much to equip an armored division. To the fixed items of equipment, "spot items" must be added — special equipment for special op:rations. The port and dock families and railway equipment rc- liiircd in North Africa me ex-. been on tag. There is no cut rale I conditional sm ainpli'S. Ou lop of this, there must be steady stieum of replacements lo take care of day-to-day wear anil losses. When armored forces clash, the wastage is tremendous. A week of heavy fighting may mean losses of more ihiin one-half the combat vehicles. To make certain that replacements will be at the front when needed, tremendous quantities of material must keep moving endlessly from factory lo battlefield. Shipping depots, (rains, embarkation ports and overseas depots all must lie well slocked, and behind these lines of transportation four lo six weeks of supplies must be maintained lo insure n steudy flow. We call the process "Keeping the pipe line full." H Is a gigantic operation. The Army deals in more than a luilf n million ilems. In lu-ia it accepted more than 5<i,COO eomliul vehicles 000,000 machine guns and M.UOli guns of .larger caliber. Plane onl- pilt Inst year increased 18(1 .percent over 1041. Small-caliber ammunition Is now produced at a rate of roughly a billion rounds a month. Yet matching weapons with me Axis is not easy. We must produce a tremendous volume of shipping a Navy to protect this shipping and additional equipment to re- )lficc losses. of rcqtilrc- ncnls of our maritime program ve can put perhaps one-third of our while vou.' l the Into Axis ground weapons can probnbly dc- of theirs to this Softball League Will Beam Monday Six officers' teams have entered be inter-squadron softball league vhlcli will gel underway at this ost Monday. Among these teams Is me from Group 1 derations, one rom Group 2, one composed of fficcrs from the Medical Corixs nncl rom the Quartermasters Ucpart- icnt, a squad of post admlnistra- ive officers, and a team of flying •Hlminislrative officers who have lamed Ihe aggregation "The Lazy- ones." Boss of the flyers' team is Cnpt. Lewis Partridge. His players are •laj. William llall, Maj. Gene D. Lr.ngen. Capts. Edward D. Maddox lartin B. Biles, Earl L. Johnson •rertcricfc yolkcr, Prank llailey, ewls J. Wright, David I. Licbman Jichanl M. Latshaw, and John T. iiishlon OI-l'EN.siVKS C-O.ST N'cverlheless ihe .supeilorllv In cdiilpmcnl which Ims rcsled 'willi he Axis. Is passlnu i n i 0 ,„„. ], Iin( | s ue hnve nltnined volume and we i «vc iitliiineil it without, siierilie- jns minllty. The Atncrlciin soldier lins never Jx'en better eriutniied. Ihe untied Notions lire lmnln l{ out more urn! bcller wenpons mid iminlllons loclny Hum the Axis nil- lions. Anil our iinxliiellon' Is still rising. Thiil 1ms nuiiirnll.v influenced tin.' .511111)6 of our strategy beyond tnlculnllon. it is behind the [net llml Ihc United Nations loduy arc on Ihc oltenslve. Offensives cost nionev. A sinoli 155 nun. field g mi t osis $fiD,CGO A hcnvy liomher costs S'150,000 A fleel of 10,000 of bomuers woiild cost every mini, woiniui iiiul child In America $3'1 if., hh- () cr- soniil share In Ihese plnnes idone Multiply this, slnyle mill by Hit needs of ihc great .slrlklnn forces we iiiusl hnve on Imid. at sen inn in Ihc nir mirt you tnn see whin I will cast to deliver the knockout blow. Yon ran sc c why the Second iir txmii is u ninjor offensive. Yon cnn sec why every penny of every dollar every Amcrlcun ciui S-lbly spare must uo In war. UATESON REQUEST' Members Dcclica Cenlcr nan I'oi- 0( New USO HOM-O Crnfton was iii:|iolnled i-hiiinnan of „ ptojirum comioUli-o (or l ho (iedlciiilon of Ihu new USO Center ut a nn-i'tlnn .VeMeniay of Ihe USO Com li i lit !".• of Miitmijciiieut 01 MnilutieiiU'iU by llyron Muisc. IHTH! chiih'niun, <•'<• W. IJaiilc'lMiii, UKO dh'eclor; said iho new ciiiiuim, on West Miiin Sliwt would be rcndy for occuimiicy about Ihe middle uf Mny ami tlmt Ihe enliinu'd facllllli-s \vmild pi'iinli a ten-fold Increiisc of Ihe present progrnin for sen-Ice mini. Ollinis on the pmuraiii eoininll- U'<- an- MI-.S. C'oiiH-lhis Modlnuer, Mrs. W. I, Homer, Mrs. 1'iiul Pryor, iMr.s. J. ,\. i x . c ch, J. r. lluuiies, Louis Aiiplebiuiin and A. II, Taylor A coinnillire lo meet ivilli Ihc direelor on ueiiei-al hou.sekeopliiu mill Inspection of ilm new loea- lion was iippolnleil, comiw.scd ot Mrs. J. A, I.i'ceh, Mrs. Ullon KIlby mill A. II. Taylor. On a pi-ourum coimnlllcc Mr ii|>|)i)ln! (l | Koscci G'nifloii, J. T. 1 Inches, I/mis Applebainn, Mrs. Cornelius Modlnger und Mrs Hilsscll PhlllliMi. A women's conmiillce was a|i- lioinlcrt wllh Mrs, W . ,, }l(mm . ' lls chuirinan. and with Ihc milowlni; inenibcr.,: Mrs. J. rt. Leech. Mrs. I'.Hon Khby, MLS. I'hllllps and Mrs, Cornelius Moilln|>iir. Miss Winnie 'lurncr, supcrvL-ior or the Bi-ndcd school Bystem, wa.s "inwlnled by Mr. Morse lo aet as he UHO rvDi-esciHiillvi! hi lh c n f. fiius of Iho NeiiKi (.ISO. The Com", 1 ' l ' (;c " r , Miinagcincnt of Iho Nc«ro Uhp will meet wllh Miss Turner anil Mr. Uunlel.',im at aililj o'clock biiiidiiy. ut thu cenlcr on West Orchestra To For Mess Each Noon .Soldiers of Ihc Illyihevllle Army Air Field will have innate wllii tuclr niX)ii-day chow tafilmilni; Monday. Tho' 10-|ile«t orclicslrn of Ihu JOIsl Aniiy Ah' 1'orees liaiul will piny nl inws hulls ilui-lng Hie noon hour eaeh day next week, and from llu-n on. Tiiey win piayu the lulest popiiliir SOIIB.S iiixl will iiller- nulo between mess hulls, funilshlin; music al Consollilate<l AU-SS No l one day, ut Cadet mess the next, nnil so on iiiitJi Diey hnve enlci'- liilnctl wllh music at each eallnij lihico on tliu past. ."It Solves.llic_\vomuiii>o\Yer sliorlafie for iis!" leavy Hitting Defeats Softballers Of 326th The Athletic Department team Icfcated the 32Glh squad 18-3 in a oflball game played at lhc alh- ctic area yesterday afternoon. The ;ame was tharactcriiced by the icavy hiUiujj of the victors. Athletic Department Keeps Batting Marks Members of lhc Athletic Dcpart- ncnt soltball learn decided to kef]) balliiit; averages so they could determine (heir best and Ihelr weak- .•st Inttrrs. This, they believed, would encourage each player to do his best when he stepped in the bailer's box, and it would be n lot of fun. H was n lot of fill)—tli.ii is / O r everyone except Lieut. Allen Hurley liniior physical director, who has Bone hilless in lhc two days since his leam started keeping averages. Hitting percentages of the team aflcr Iwo games arc: Lieut. Bill Adams—875. Staff Sergt, Alfred stabler— 55(i I'iciit. M J. Anyell—.500. Sergl. Robert 'I1iblxv-.-l'28 Scrgl. Mack MeWliorlcr—.420 Corp. Conrad DIeiicr—.-128 Lieut. Cecil Garrison—.3M Sergt.. A'eil Oivens—.333. Corp. Ilan-cU Morrison—333. Lieut. Allen Hurley—.000. noslonians prefer brown-shelled c BSs; ^fcw Yorkers white. Athletic Dcpt. Aiiaell 2nd Tubbs ss Adams c McWhorti-r 1st Stabler 3rd Owens ef Morrison If Garrison sf Hurley rf Dicner p 32Glh Kcddick c Plarcs p Fcrrario ss Daniel 2nd . Schrciber 1st Mowery sf Labior 3rd Armow rf Waraskowsky, cf Janscii'lf Ryburn ss Zadcr 3rd and n H five persons buy S'25 war bonds at only $18.75 each, the total sum collected will buy n Garand rifle for a U. S. soldier. PRESCRIPTIONS [•'reshcst Stock (•narantccd Best Pricea Kirby Drug Stores Complete Stock SI eel and Elastic TRUSSES Save 50% STEWART'S Drug St»r« Main & Uke Phone 2822 Track Equipment Ready For Athletes New Inicfe cqiilpnicnl, Inehitlinu 10 high und low hurdles mid n broad and high Jiini|ilny pit, have been constructed In the athletic; urea of (he Air Uasc. The erinip- men will lie used by the Post truck tram and by all physical training clauses. 'Ihc luirdle.<i and the jinnplnu pit are necessary additions lo the physical training program as (rack cvciils ])l:.y « big part In Ihe Htli- Iclic ilcvclopmcnt of soldiers. It builds wind, supple mn.a-lcs, and endurance. Any Shoe Can Jlc REPAIRED If Uic uppers arc slill good. ISrhiR (hem lo us for quality ! ivork. HALTER'S Quality Sho« W. Main Shop Th. 2732 i Public Relations Men Visit Office At Post The Public IfelcKlon.s sliKf of the , lllylhevllle Army Air Held Is P wised lo learn Hint theirs Is one » Ihe finest departments ,,f Us kind that Corp, W. A. Slrcckcr and I'vl, |.'cmlnll Lyon have found In Arkansas 'I'he two soWlers, members of tho pulillc relations stuff of Ihe Miilrien Army Alr.-Flold, expressed Ihelr Approval of ll, c PRO nl thb, , K wL ycslc-rduy aflernoon when they vlsllcil here for the purpose of sccltiu llu- syslem that has been »cl iip in (he iltuarlinenl here. \vevc learned a lot," they said as tliey inncle ihelr ilepurtiirc "We ho]io we can set up « s KOM ft syK . '"' " Clllnslllo Knlls 15 Sweaters- ST. MARYS, O. 'U.|..)_Thc arm- rm.''?f C ' OJ ' 1 " 1 '") 1 would like Mrs. t-dlth Lloyd, who say s ., hc kn | ts only n spare rnomenl.s, holil.s ihi; • H:on lor Jmmin B ror the West AlUjlal/c llctl Crow chiiplcr. Slit; "is comnlclcd -15 sweaters, six hcl- mels and a ]„,],. Df B | ovcs An Army (iursnl.1 plane itosts Si:t7,000 — the ciinlvalenl ot Ifion SIW; war lionds cosllny only S7S MCh - FLOWERS K:iy it Best At Easter I! wouldn't lie Kaslcr without Floivcr.v. IMarc your Kastrr nnlcrs early tar rata-Agcn lit Orchids, llo.srs, Ourdrnias, Spring 1 lowers and I'lanls. \Vc arn tin-pared to serve you in Blyllicvillc or distant ci'lic.s —»« telegraph Flowcis any- vvlicre. BEATON'S GREENHOUSES AND FLOWER SHOP 200 Davis Avc. Yes--Mr Farmer I We Do All Kinds Of | WELDING And Do 11 Riff M! Ilfinji Us Your lirukcn ('arm Tools & Alacliincry. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Phone 453 5th & Walnut Hlyfhevillc, Ark. IHRIFIJIPLt Private Firs! Class Decides To Invcsi $37.10Month- ly In Bonds We Lemuel K, McCllmiLs luis signed up for a $5(1 bond each month In Ihe War Bond sales campaign by which Ihe men who are prepar- "IB (o fight the war also will do Ihclr sluiru hi financing It Kvcrybod.v UmiiKli .McCllimls must lie of Irish extraction It didn't "ccnr lo anyone lo BUMS he inl H lil lin of &coldi descent. As a private llrst class he gels $54 a month For WT.IO lie Is ncf|Ulrliig a $50 bond ; monthly. McQIimk libciit.s- (the big bivw drum in Ihe band and Mvums tho Riillnr In Ihu band's dunce orolnw- Ira. | llu> Mcainnl.v example of thrift foresight and palrlollsm Is hard lo (tail but the members of the Mcdl- iWl Dslnchtncnt hint broadly that Hlieyve got some pretty smart boys ;over at Ihe liaso liosjilinl, ntid (hut I hey re likely lo equal or boiler |llielr record of the campaign S0 ino months ago In which every man In tho oiiirll signed up for 10 per cent or more of tliclr pay. Mandrake's Trh-ks Sliilei, SAN FltANClSCO, Clll. <UP)- Mandniko Ihc maBlelnii had the mliiorlMnu white performing In this city to loss .some of his occult IXHveiw. They were in a sullcnsi' In an antomobltc and an uniegoneratc thief carried them oil Thc v Included some of his best tricks Try our "Own Made Ice Cream Die Hickory Inn Acron from High School 24-HOUR SERVICE Expert,Repair Work on General Motors Cars. IANGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY B'dxij & Walnut • Ph. IS] The ttliiiirrti kc Ilux COOJ.KRATOR Fur Kconiiiny und Service. Tom Little Hwde. Co. Wionr S15 SMALL LOANS OB ABTttlof tl Eatt Main Loin Co. H< K. Main - Fh»« Z«4» I'TITKD I5Y Owctnn J. L tnrf J. C. GUARD OI'TOWKTRISTS IN BLYTIIEVII.I.G SINCE 1922 •iPTICDLSTDRf 209 W. Main SI, Phone 2912 Docs Your Car NEED THESE? ) — Scat Covers Oilfiller— Itadio I"o K l.ljjhls— Lock Gas Cap A complete line of Polishes Flowers! I'lacc Telegraph Orders Now. Corsaecs of emj dOcrlplioo. THE FLOWER SHOP DKIIVEKY ANYWHERK <iI.F.Nf;OF. IIOTEI, BI.DO. I'hnnc 491 _ Nile Thont Z610 Wrestler Rcprcseiils Bly- thcvillo Field In Litlle Rock Mcei I'vl. Joe MCDanlels, avlalldn nic- elinulc, Is rcprcscntliiB this station In tin 12f1-i>oiitid division of the AAU Wrr/itllnir Toiiniiinieiil which iH'uan yesterday at Little Hock. Ihe yoiiiiR ijnipiilei- l s Hie only man from this Ik-Id entered In thu Inuriminuiu. Although It W ns planned to enter n (cam, lliis was found Inadvisable due lo the absence of Si'i-Kl. C'hrl.'i Dclkiis, wfc.sllliiff In- sliuetor who Is home on cmerecncy rlmiijh, and lieeniisu of Ihe tle- niKh ot Army duties. I'rlvnlo MeDaniels should have lit(l« (llCficulty in winning Ihe title In his division al LHIIe Hock, llo look Hiii-cl (ilni'o In the Nnnoimi AAU Tflurnnincnt at New York April 0 "ml 10, In spile of the fuel that ho has hud little opportunity to irnlu I'rcvlously he won (ho nnlloiml mie four times while u sludcnl nl OklalHiiiin A mill M aim conned the tiUcnuitlonal ntlo ilirfc limes. Three Transferred Three enllfiltd men of tin; niy- ii!*'llle Army Air Hold hnvi' been Irimsferred this week to Maxwell Held, Alii., whero.they will lake u spceln) iin<l lie usslEtiecl to Ihc Sixth Statistical Ccmlrol Unit, 'lliey ate: Sorut. Uany S. Slb- fon, VOlsl Scprndron; Corp. War- rai U. Sluvurti, 101st .Squadron, mill I'vl. Charles K licnton, Hc|iiiuhon. Rend Courier.News wnnl arts. Just 4 Miles To The State Line Service Station •SAVi: im I'hlllljis Qnnllly Gasu- Unc * Oil. rruiniit, Cou'rleims Service: Operated liy Mrs. ||. i, Itcyiinlds. OPERATING HOURS I''or A-ll-C Coupon Holders SUNDAYS: i) A.M. to !) ' I'.iM. AM, WUKIC DAYS . !) A.AJ. lo 12 NiMtri I I'.M. lo S P.M. C.S.Webb Cities Service Station / (Hwy. Dl al Cation Belt' Tracks) 1'lionc 1)21 Wo Fix .'Mills' -- ,_ Washing ft r.rca.slns Our Specially WE flu. AU. DOCTORS' PRESCRIPTIONS vo<j STEWART'S DrujStore Main ,t Luke I'lione !282i AIRWAYS BUS LINE IMPORTANT NOTICE TO OUR .CUSTOMERS OITIciiils ff "" B '" "'" |[,at 1)ur bus " nearest s HUDSON CLEANERS Special care taken in.cleanihjf uniforms. Hiiltona carefully handled— I'lcais and creases hand finished — 2 day service. Garrison Caps — Accessories — Insignia SOUTHEAST AIR COIU'S INSIGNIA ROBINSON'S "THE RELIABLE DRUG STORE" Mr ni° ih' d '-n sc '' cUon of sl l* vln « necds ' cosmetics, noieltlea, etc., In Blylheville than at Roblruwn's. Latest Magazlt es-Foun- lain service— sandwlchesl • Service Men! Meet Yonr Friends at Robin ion'*!,-/:

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