The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 25, 1943 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 25, 1943
Page 6
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"71 mom* BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, MAY 25, 1M3 BETIER HOMES HomeMs Where the Job-Is The Brotherstns team up to erect a. class block and wood strip partition for the big livmr room of (heir apartment. 'OETTING the pace for many a *^ young couple constantly on- the move as a result of wartime conditions, the Eric Brothersens have mastered the art of. making even temporary lodgings seem like home. Eric and his wife are nomads even in peacetime as he is the bright young actor who plays opposite Gertrude Lawrence in "Lady in the Dark", a show that has interspersed long runs on Broadway \\ith cioss-cpuntiy tours and is soon to open in San Francisco. The. Brothersens love to entertain informally* before • and after the theater, but they like furnishings that fit in anywhere and can j»o into storage at the drop of a hat. That's why they're partial to big one room apartments and rm'e invested in a low partition of glass blocks and prefabricated wood strips that can readily be dismantled. In their 'New York apartment they set the partition Up to separate the dining end of their huge one room from the end that serves as a living room. And a drop leaf/table set against the glistening blocks provides an attractive setting for simple bullet suppers ami aftcrithe theater refreshments. Cooking is a gay cooperative venture in the Broihersen'.s maid- less household, and Eric is espe cially proud, of the icings he whips Helen pours—whtn-the guests, lock into their.home (or after-, (heater refreshments. , ', ip for his wife's cakes. They've also trained their seven-month- old daughter Barbara to love a opsy-turvy routine of crowds nnd changes. Barbara goes along whenever they set out with the company of "Lady in the Dark" and sleeps like a log on overnight train trips. She bubbles with hospitable pleasure when guests • werfloW the family quarters, and s only unhappy if she's left out of things. j Like the wife of many a serv« iceman and transplanted war worker, Helen Brolherson' -believes in keeping the family to-' getlier and always having a home, even though that home may be on one coast in December and the ot- ther in May. And wherever the Brothersens do settle they put out the welcome mat for friends and felloiv actors who keep their household humming wilh good times. Burdette News Sergt and Mis Conwny Duncan visited his parents at Bnrdelte. Sergeant, Duncan is stationed at the Army Dnse tit, Amnrlllo, Texas. Gerald Chafm stationed nt Tmkei Field, okl-i hns been pio moled to Staff Sergeant Sergtant Chifm is the son of Mi nnd airs R Chatfn of Bmdctte Excuse My Smoke LOS ANGELES (U P)—When traffic police officers irmtcl nt the scene of-nn. auto accident lo check up on the details and make a report, the. nuto. was gone and even th e • innocent • bystanders. They v>eie able to iscerlnm hov,e\cr that it hid been an ambulance going at full speed, \\ilh a patient I Inside, which had turned over. The tv,o Intelnes jumped out, called 01 bystanders lo help right (h e nlito look a glnnce at the patient am were oir gain at slron-screamlut speed without die patient Iravliiir missed a heartbeat. SEES E .Jacobs Slums Oratory MONTREAL, U.I'.)—;ll, 0 - mnstcr at a sports dinner noted Promoter Mike Jacobs among tlie Ritcsls nnd said he wouldn't call on the boxing man because Uncle Mike disliked making speeches 'Where did you hear llmt?" queried Mike, and he spoke for 15 Suburbanites Will Rush For Aerial Bus Or Ride Own Helicopter" Cities nnd suburbs of the post•ar era will be planned nnd built ilong nerlnl highways, distend of jelng dependent upon enrlh-boimd rnnsportnllon n.s in the pnst. The ubuilmnitc who now dashes breath- cssly lo cnlch the 5:15 train for ionic at night will find his future ounlerpnrt in the man hurrying 0 catch an nerlnl bun or (o take )lf for home in his own private icllcopter. Cities mny be spread iver n rndius of 75 or 100 miles; These and other Interesting pre- licllons by Ilror Dahlbefg, ! prest- Icnl of The Celolex Corporation, vere conlalnrjil in n speech de- Ivered Tuesday, Mny /IB, before he American Society of Planning' Officials nt its annual meeting in New York City. Low cost homes within Income each of nearly nil of the Ainerl- nn people will be ti reality after he war, Dnhlbcrg believes. For ho building Industry is now . on ho threshold of a now frontier—, mriEs production—nnd lins for the irst lime the technological skill o build homes at prices nearly, everyone cnn afford. Shorter Work Week . A shorter work week Ls another mportant factor In city mid home Manning. In Djihlbeig's opinion, if las generally been taken for grant- id that people must work live or six days a wceK. but this Is not leccssarlly so. Wilh complete pro-' luctlon employment of all nble American manpower It will be possible to sntlsfy nil our requirements with 40, :i(l nnd eventually even less hours per week. Pnsler transportation, fewer but more productive hours of labor arid lower housing costs may establish nn entirely new pattern of life according to Dnhlberg, Our cities nnd their suburbs may spread out fnuwlso over Inrgc areas. Families rimy even have two homes in many instances—city living quarters lo be occupied four days n week nnd n country residence where they cnn live more fully and freely for three days out of every seven. Wilh the helicopter nnd othei Improvements In air transport, tin location o( municipal air terml lulls will become as much of n con corn us the pslnbllshmeiit of mil road stations hnve been in Hit pnst. cities like New York nnd Chicago will probably require u' great number of nlr denot-,. Government Can H»l|) In carrying out plans for Improving ciltcs nnd homes, assistance from the Kovemment is needed for overcoming only two obstacles, according to Dahlberg. These nre: antiquated building codes which 1 prevent (he use of new materials' nnd construction methods und inadequate flnnnclni;. Government t home lonn insurance Is needed to 1 nnnm. ~' ~ f striking pnlli'nis and designs fom which lo mnke your seloc- lons, but procrastination may menu the loss of some parUciilnr wallpaper you like, but had Just nil off buying. Stylisls of inilllned wnllpnpei-.s iwnre of the plans for pattorn' lurtnllmcnt, hnve skillfully created telgns which would entry J.QII hrough for scvcrn) years if Decen- ary. Working hnnd-ln-hnnd with wnllm-c nnd fabric designers, they inve coordlnnled the coming wall- mpcr styles with the trends In oilier furnishings of the home to issni-c n unified and harmonious whole, Among the ninny .satisfying iml- lerns of this, the last new line for the duration, nre n number of lively all-over floral designs: which may be used singly or In comblnn- Wallpaper Styles Co-ordinated With Styles In Furnishings h matching unltlzed stripes; ncdnllion designs, ™ suitable lor your downstairs rooms; nnd liitereMlng scenic papers, which nre becoming more and more popular to (lie dining room, halls and slnlrwiiy. As for color, there Is n growing Interest in the new warm grays nnd talipes, which have definitely replaced the once popular yellow- Inn shndes. With more open spacing In design and new methods of applying colors on wallpaper, the favorite reds nnd blues and greens and dusty pinks nre still ns abundant ns ever. Allliough patterns mny be limited, the cpinnllly of paper nvnil- nble Is still nmple. You 'will be able to get unltlzed wallpaper whenever you wish, for an Indefinite (line lo come. And as long as you stick to minimi styles you will "ever grow weary of your walls Uuilcl A Basement Sumige For Your Home-Canned Food Victory gardens nnd point ration- lug nre creating n new need in the modern Amerlcnn home—n food storage room to protect Hie output of the home cnnner. It really isn't difficult to bullci Midi a room. All that Is necessary I* to inu-lltfoii all one corner of the basement. Any home owner with n knack for using tools can do the job himself, using materials available at any lumber yard. A room five or six feet wide and six to eight feet long probably will be ample for ordinary needs. The first step is to creel n framework of 2x2-lncli or 2x4-lnch lumber. Run Hie studs from floor to celling, spaclnif (hem 24 inches on coiilc-r. Then to the outside of the studs nail sheets of Insulating board 4 feel wide nnd (lie height of (lie Cracked Walls And Ceilings Mar Effects' Of Good Furnishing Wnlls and ceilings nre the backgrounds for furniture am! furnishings, so It is essential Hint they |> C in good condition.-No matler how laslEtully a room iniiy lie decorated it cannot make n good Impression If (he wall surfaces arc cracked, broken or marred. An excellent remedy for deteriorated interior walls nnd ceilings is the application of decorative Insulating board. The result Is n permanent and attractive surface which will never crack or fall. The Insulating board b easy to apply for It goes on right over the old plaster wnlls nnd ceilings. As nil added vnhie especially desirable in these days of limited fuel supplles-n room thus refinlshed Is Insulated. It Is. therefore, easier (o neat and more comfortable In both whits r nnd summer. Coast Leads In Contract!! SAN FHANCISCO (UP.)—California now tops all tils states in the nation in the volume of war contracts. These now amount, lo $10,865,088.000, or more limn 10 pel- cent, of the national totnl. Contracts are mostly for ships nnd alr- crnft. best between (lie ages of H and 14, according to an eminent London doctor. Read Courier News wimt fids, ""^•^"•"•••™—•*•«, HOUSE Repair Needs A few noilj, some lumber and a little paint lave larger repair bills that'll' make you faint. caver all housing In order lo provide n free flow of capital if the nation Is to build the 1,500,000 homes n j-enr that will be needed nfter the wnr. The home lonn, according to Dnhltiertr, should be the safest private Investment In existence— nnd the net Interest return should not exceed the yield for a government bond. nnlilliei-B believes Hint the re- Do the littfe fobs yourself Call in a skilled mechanic for the big ones. Dial 551 For FRIENDLY Building Service. Eberson- Lindsley PAINTS For Every Purpose Monthly Payments Arranged E. C Robinson Lumber Co. We Clote Wednesday Afternoons '319 W. Ash spmisibillly nml llic power of aclilevlns our iwst-wnr eonls rests' not with government, nor liuliistry, nor Inljoi-, but wilh nil the people, who must get out or their minds once and torevcr the Id™ Hint iniiii is H slnvlsh work bcnst. Mnn cnn hnve wlmlevor he wiiuls in the way of housing nnd living conditions. If he wmiUi'il enough. Tills convlclion. he believes, has already tnken shape. The Amerl- cnn people hnve seen our industrial system surge forward undt>r full production nnd full employment to satisfy wnrtlnic needs, and they will (lemiind that ottr indn.sliy nnd our economic system function ecpmlly well nilcr the return of pence. Hitf/hcs Residence //fl.s Improvements The Ross D. Hughes residence at 020 West Main lias a second garage, u new servants' house and :i real- fence, all of which are In brick finish for an attractive effect. A frame building moved to (he rear of the lot was remodeled for the double use, n small entry porch lidded for the servants- house and the ornamental fence built to the West side. N () T I C K Notice Is hereby given that the limlcr.s'lgiied i v ||| wlthiti (he time fixed by law apply to the Cmmnki- Honer of He venues of the Slate of ylrkiiiism for n permit to sell beer at retail at Broadway & Walnut, Hlvlhcvllle, Mississippi County. The undersigned stales that he Is n citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude: that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within live years last past; and that the under.vlgned h.-is never been ecnvicted of violating the laws of this slate, or any other state, re- la I Ing (o (lie snle of alcoholic liquors. C. M. NOBLE. Subscribed nnd sworn to before me this 25 day of May, 1043. <Seal) Oscar Alexander Notary Public. My commission expires 3-14-1945. room. The celling should be covered with the same materials as the walls. A door to bo filled Into one of (he partition walls can be obtained ready-made from a lumber dealer, or it can be made by nailing insulating board to a wooden framework. Usually a half-Inch thickness of Insulating board will provide ample. 1 protection. If .the basement is unusually warm It may be advisable to use a one-Inch thickness. The storeroom preferably should be built around an outside window, .so that air circulation nnd ventilation can be controlled lo some ox- t;nt. J'ajicr Komlts in Chicago OH1CAGO <tJP.)-Pa|,cr bombs weighing seven-eighths of an ounce fell on Chicago recently in a mock air raid. Made of newspaper nnd crepe paper, 250,000 of the "bombs" produced for the event In 04 park flEldhcuses by 1,500 child and adult workers. PETE IS THE 'LUMBEI COVERS OLD WALLPAPER PLASTER, WALLBOARD, BRICK, ETC. • This peinl offers j 1. $»« TIKE. Think of it- now redecorate a room in 3 hours. Two hours to apply Pittsburgh Tfechide-nnd only one hour for it to dry! 2. SMI HESS. No need to scrap* off, shabby old wallpaper. Techide give» a smooth, ligbt-diffusing surfac* over wallpaper, plaster, etc. 3. SMI WNEY-becnu«e one coat oj Pittsburgh Techide is usually suffl- ( cient... nnd one gallon of Techids is enough for the average room On Ml* at We Have a Complete Line Of PITTSBURGH PAINTS An occoitonul woiWnj with f*op end wattr r«iror*« a "niw IlKiV" la T«chid« wollt. On« jallon of PlHib«nn t.chld. mok.i IK ga(l <n , ,f paint b)r oddina wattr 4 4 HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. ... ro* A roof of RU-BEI1-OID Tox-Tab Shin. glefl looks a lol more expensive than ll really la. These coloilul shraqlos am charmingly textured with wooiMilra graining. Tho naluratcolored mineral granules mako them safely iiie-ie3i«. tanl. Tile heavy asphalt coaling over. j^ t lough fell provides durable wealherp.oof piotecHon with minimum maintenance cost. Tho comparatively small taba malte RU-BKH-OID Tex-Tab Shingles practically wimlpioof: Hero's a lol ol roof (or litllo money. In- tpoct our samples and .l.carn how Icm our prices aio. RU-BER-OID TEX-TAB Asphalt Shingles ! DELTA LUMBER CO. Blylheville's Only Home Owned Lumber Company 204 N - Secor "' Phone 4«J7 EVERY HOUR of EVERY WEEK of EVERY MONTH >Vater Works Employees Are on the Job lo Assure Your Celling . . , PURE and ADEQUATE WATER At All Times BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. nrriKiril Allen. Mj;r. "Water Is Your <!beaiicst TRUE-TAGG loo; Pure House Paint 'There's None Better' "WE'VE USED IT OVER FORTY YEARS" Many people over the entire South have used TRUE'S 100'' ; PURE PAIN I time after time whenever their home needs painting ... We have the most complete stocks of paints in town—Knamels, Semi-glass Paints, Varnishes, Floor Enamels, etc. Specials On Better Grades of WALLPAPER Decorate with the better papers to last for the duration. Complete new stocks now on display. Beautiful new pastel shades of all colors direct from the factory in the heavy types of papers. 25 0 patterns to select from! AUTO GLASS HEADQUARTERS- ARKANSAS PAINT, GLASS & WALLPAPER CO. "Ulythcvillc's Only Exclusive Paint, Glass and-Wallpaper. Store" 105 E. Main Phone 2272

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