The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 10, 1955 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 10, 1955
Page 7
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SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 195» BLYTmYlLLE .(ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN OUR IOARDIN6 HOUSI — with M.jor H~pl« OUT OUR WAY UM£L6 50LSY HAS YSArt, AMD ALL HE HAS ________________ *O *O WEU.TD6ETH6IW WEL I HERE'S A BATH TOWEL •ACH-6SPECIAU.V I jRS/ 7 ^~*S IDEA HOVl TO THAT 86 (se . HOME HJA 0F THE FOOTgALLS ,TO HA-JE Trie/ CH/W66D THE — Trie COACH IS 6NINS HIM A POLAR , 86MZ tve.' GbOTBALU ISNT WHW IT s-e = ,,BOP-CATS/ I .-.- ( ^ PEMEAR5IM6 FOR A ME™ SCAT COM£O- BUr WOT IM MY STORE/ T«l«vi$ion — Tonight, Tomorrow — WMCT Chonnel 5, & WHBQ Channel 13 WMCT Chsune] i 6 00 K!cfco:f 1555 6 30 Dunr.inger Show 7:00 Musical Chslrs 7.30 Donald O'Connor B.OO And Here's The Eho-K 5:30 Hi: Parade B.OO City Detective 9:30 Hollywood Half Hour 10.00 Father Knows B»v 10:30 The Vise 13:00 Mystery TheaUa 11.30 Drama Theatre 12-00 Sign Oil Sunday. Sept- 11 10.95 Ncwft A: Meditation 10.10 Our World Today 10:30 Youth Wante To Know 11.00 Th? Christophers 3.30 Gallant 4:00 Men The Press 5 GO People Are Funny 5 30 Color .Spread— "The Skin Of Our S 3,1 sc, c r.c.lon Theatre 9 ro RoMlen o: Fortune « Ifi rnrl'.s A'rhe- lS«l«°vl-er S n M "-te,tern H.yrlde 1C 35 News 10:40 Hollywood Movie Theatre 11:45 Sign Off Monday, Sept. 12 fi;M) Meditation 7.90 Today 7-25 News—Memphis firei 7:30 Today 7.55 Weather— Memphis area B.OO Ding Dong School 8:30 Parents* Time 8:45 jptorylimd 9:00 Home Show—color fcginent 10:00 T«;nncs4ee Ernie Ford 10.30 Feather Tour Nest 1J;00 Sheppine at Home II :15 Home incite rs' Program 11:45 Charm with Cfithy 12:00 JS'pws 12:15 Farm Ncum 1.30 I: Pays To Be 1;00 Way of the World 1 15 First Lovp 1:30 World of Mr. Sweeney I 45 Modern Romance 3 no pinky i*e Show i 30 Ho-»-rty Dondy Time ! AO Movip Time S 00 Cartoon OrnKs! S 22 W"7ft*tllr.c Interrlp*' Presents 8:30 Boston Blackie fi 00 TV Reader's Digest 9:30 Ne*-s Reporter 9:45 Big Playback 10:00 Wrestling 10.30 Weather A: News HeadJJnes 10:35 Tonight ll:0t> Mvstcry Theatre 11:30 Sign Off WUBO 11 Wr rma 0 Tony Martin SNfws Ca;avan C ae™r present. M,-d,c 1 Bobert Montgomery 6:00 America's Greatest Bands 7:00 Two for the Money 7:30 Mlillon Dollar Movie 8 30 Mlis America Psgeant 10:00 Lair Show Sunday- Sept. 11 1:15 For 1'our 4:00 Sunday Lucy Show 4'30 Rtn Tin Tin 5 00 Hollyvoort Backstage 5-30 Private Secretary 6:00 Toast of the Town 7.M G. E. Theatre 7:30 Stacp Seven 8.00 Appointment with Atlv^r.iure E 30 wijut's M" Line P.00 Thr Whistler 9 30 Pnti! P»j?e 9 -J5 News 9:50 Wer-thPr 10:00 Break the Bank 10:30 Sunday Evening Thcaier Monday, Sept. 12 6:55 Farm News 7.00 Morning Show . 7:25 Mid South News 7:30 Morning Show 7:55 Memphis News 5:00 Garry Moore 8:30 Arthur Godfrey 9:30 Stjlke It Rich 10:00 Valiant Lady 10:15 Love of Llffi Z0:30 Search for Tomorrow 10:45 Guldlnc Light 11 00 Jack Parr 11:30 Welcome Traveler 12.00 News 12.05 Lunchltme Theater 12:30 House Party 1.00 Bis Payoff 1:30 Lady of the House 1 45 Bob Crosby 2'00 Brighter Day 2:15 Secret Storm 5:00 5,15 5.20 5:30 5:45 6:00 6:30 6:00 9:00 9.30 fl 3S 10:05 10 15 10:20 11:30 Johnson Grass Killer M°l Pmre Sodium Chlorite 700 Ib S Drum | *JSO § ^ ithway 61 At Stale Line Phone OSborne X-S4U DC KIT Ktll 1 MOVIE CAMERAS FLASH CAMERAS Complete Selection of Flash Bulbs, Polaroid Film, Color Film, Movie Film BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main THE STOHYi V.KUO «nn,l. \h» irrmurp »rrkln« criilie which hnn nrnuxc.J rurlr>*ft« nt nritUh [NCrlllKcncr. Rrr'rntu l.jnrh. nn oprr.if Ivc, pour* n* n prlvnir <lr~ tf<-U^ r artlne n» Snnd'» hod j- ^u.ird. \VI(h him f« Rnbrrt Ilcanr, \mrrloitn rrlmfnnlpplitt. They irv fo rnn»nrk Snnd'» olllrp bnt nrr norprUcd I>T MrlttlK. llir trndn to Ilrltrlc ivlih « blnrk- below the average In both height i toned, "go back and have another crack at Heitzig?" "Nonsense." Lynch turned upon me an Impersonal but baleful stare. "Someone aboard this yacht, Robert, is making use of me!" "The word 1 had in mind was 'monkey. 1 " Lynch nodded "I accept it -^^^^•r^ !co™ w,th ™ we'li waK'th, All of them It may at least tell us who needs wak- ' ing We'll tell 'em to assemble in the lounge. Something may come HEITZIG was badly hart Clotted blood marked a break in th". skin just above the right temple. It had rim down his check and dried. That xvholc side of his forehead was beginning to discolor Heitr.ig's eyes were partly open but he had not recovered consciousness. He was breathing jerkily. It I hadn't entirely lost my memory, I had struck the watchman on the back of the head. That injured right temple had been turned away from me. Had he struck something in falling? There was nothing on the floor, no piece of furniture within two yards of him. Dr. Sven Lund's small hands, which looked as i! they had been \vashed a million times, were gently fingering an ugly-looking soft spot just above Heitzig's temple. • "A hard blow," Dr. Lund said softly. "If the man's skull were nol so thick I would say his condition might be serious. As it is, 1 anticipate no great danger." ' "Will you trepan, Doctor?" Lynch asked. Lund regarded him with the slight distaste medical men always display at professional talk by laymen. "If it should prove necessary." Dr. Lund lowered Heitilg's head and shoulders quickly to the carpet and stood up. For a Nirwo-'inn—for, at »ny rate, I imagined to be the Norwegian typ*—Or. Lund WM «•* When he had finished. Lynch, ..,„-_„,_ who had remained on his knees • passeneere peering at the injured spoke again. "Would you agree. Dr. Lund, , .. „ from your observation that this { man was struck with something' My stateroom was first. Next in the nature of—say—a small "me that of Dr. Lund. The N'or- hammer? A metallic objecl of, wegian, unexpectedly, was not some sort with 8 clearly defined I w 'th his patient but at home. point of impact of perhaps a ' He was fully dressed, even to i centimeter and a half in diam- ' dull-looking little brown bow ue, eter?" ! anc * was sitting in the armchair. Dr Lund smiled. "You are; "Doctor." said Lynch sharply, very observant, Mr Lynch It is|" if you Will be so good. Please : possible, of course Perhaps when come to the lounge in 10 minutes. { . r . >i :. ...;ii i . i ii have made a more thorough pxn mi nation I may be able to confirm your opinion." I looked at the sale The mahogany board with the brass j plaque still swung wide as Lynch But the safe itself 1 am sure you will understand. Dr. Lund smiled politely and inclined his head. "Certainly." The next cabin was Lily Wyndham's Cabin D. I- raised my hand to knock but Lynch forestalled me. Again he ihad left it ... was not at all as Lynch had Beached for the knob and again left it, j found that Lily, too, had trust- Lynch had merejy tapped and ingly left her door unlocked, scratched at it. Someone else— unless, as I did for a moment think—Lynch had come back for another try after I had gone to my room — had made a much Lily was asleep. She was wearing the filmiest and costliest of pale blue nightgowns. Nylon, 1 believe. She was sleeping on her back, her pretty, blondest of more exhaustive attempt had also failed. And blond heads nestled in a pillow. i She had thrown all the covers WHEN Heitzig had been carried off under Dr. Lund's supervision on a short-legged canvas stretcher. Lynch closed the door aftct them. We then both set about examining the study .By some diligent crawling, consitfertbly Impeded by floppy bedroom slippers and our hastily donned bathrobes, we found one stain of what must be Heitzig's blood. Tho brass plaque, the. mahogany board and the painted safe door showed no fresh fingerprints whatever. "You didn't, 1 suppose, go back ! on the floor. It was a pleasure. « « • LILY was one of those rare people who when she woke, with no jarring transition, was wide awake. To discover us staring at her from the door disconcerted her not >t all. "What," inquired Lily »miably, "is this, a raid? Or are you Just looking? Having fun?" "Yes." I summoned what dignity I could. "But that isn't the purpose of this visit." Ljly nodded on her pillow. "Not at alll What we cime to sty was that there had b««n tti- other, well, another incident—* and have another crack st Vig- ; Lily propped herself happily go's mfe?" |on her elbows. "More crim«? Quick, hide your marbles! Here come* Surs-ihor Simoson!" "Two half-price, pltaid—for me and my date! ONE WAV TO SAM \ WOW MANX FRANCISCO. A- SIR? ' VTOW7 TOW, F YOU BRIMS IF THE, \OUTH CEKITK AS AN EXCUSE AQAJN.I'LL SCHEMA .SVW DON'T K>U COME I WilST FW BACK TO >i= COAST TU£SOAV,TDM. SUN ME OWN TO THE SS OFFICE? SUSS SO MUCH FUN AND IT'S AH , LAND OFOTPOTTUNfTY.' NO, I MEAN IN NOT CHOOSING- THE SKATES) YOU MEAN IN BOWISJG THE THIRD OH.BOV!) PLAY • SOMETHING-, HOLLYHOCK MY FATHER LET ME CHOOSE BETWEEN THIS AND SKATES PO(5 MY BIRTHDAY. 1 SACK TO TH6 LEE HOU56 JUST IN me FOR AKJOTHEB FIRE... ANO IM TIME TO HOLD A ROLL CALL OF YOUVe SOLD ME.AWO J CAW DLy Wk I'LL 8E THBZt AS S00W AS i CAN HMO / WHAT A SHMAE TO MAKE fHEW SUFFER. FOR. I THE DEEP Of OTKE/tSl THe/ HAP A TKVIWS I DM, TOO; A SUITCASE WSHEP FKOW THBK \__CA,R TRUNK NEAR LAS CftlC&Si AND— HEV DESCRIBE THOSE CON- TESTAWT5 TOME; TEIUY WSdRIMWfl 5U& WITH HER BIS BKOWU EXES OF A LI5P...AMO 6LUE-6VeP SAt&i WITH HgfZ 8LONO HAIR PILEP HIGH— :,.so MOOD TO INTERVIEW SIRLS.MISS ALL IV6 BEEW THRU, I UlfiHT UOT 56 FAIR OH. BUT, CAPTAIW EASX! TUB SIRLS WILL BE BROKEN HEARTED! HERE. 1 DONTJU5T STAND THECE! THE CONTROLS- JUMP TO rr, LUNKHEAD* 1 WHERE'S HER FWFA AND WHAT A GUY! I ALL MB LAZY, ONE LOOK AT \ NO GOOD BRUNNEHILDE \ WARRIORS? AMD BAM.' HE'S I THIS IS TERRIFIC.' / TERRIBLE.' { X-CAJKbt I AM.' l/Yft SOSH, COCA THINK I'D LEAVE "rOU'RE NOT \ HER TO TH' MERCY GONG TO MIX) OF THAT MORONIC IN THAT, Av BRUTE? AREVOU? _I1L HAVE TDTAKE A HAND IN THIS MYSELF/ 1 1 WON'T CHASSS VA FEEJ TH DUSTEe...JUSr BSIMS IT 9ACK WITH TH'COSTUME,' THERE AIN'T ANV! THAT'S WHY I'M LETTIN'VAUENT TH' OUTFIT SO CHEAP! 1 DONfT WANT IT1 LEAVE US'KIOT'BE HASTY! I JUST SSVVEP UP AN IDEA! THIS \ INDIAN I SUIT'S 0-OKAY, BUT WHERE'S TH' PSATHEIfSD H-HEAD 11 - OVJvV $!&' fc 6U\Ot TO TU - Mi' ft IOOM& VXVCt Hurtoonttme Wpo-.ber News Do-vlplas Edwards Julius LnRosa Burns and Alien Talent Scout* T!;c*e \Vlunnu Girls Mrdira'. Hori7-on* Pall Mall Theater Do You Knov why TEA News Wealher Late Show- Weather Ph. 3-3647

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