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The Evening Standard from Uniontown, Pennsylvania • Page 9

The Evening Standard from Uniontown, Pennsylvania • Page 9

Uniontown, Pennsylvania
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WireOffice Busy Place More Christmas-New Year greeting telegrams will be filed this year than in any period since World War II, it was stated today by Mr. J. R. Bowden, local Western Union manager. Advance of greetings to dale indicate the final total may exceed 2,000,000 messages, Mr. Bowden said. Part ol the increase is due lo (he growing nuin- of men and women in the military' service both here and abroad who send and receive a large number of greeling Western Union reports it has also noted a growing note of spirit- nalily in the texts of Chrismas- New Year messages. Two of the favorites, printed on Ihe blank as suggestions are: "May Bethlehem's message of peace and happiness be yours today and always. Our love to you all." And, "God grant you a New Year rich in blessings." Service men and ivomen abroad use Western Union's special low- rate Expeditionary Force Message service. This service also permits relatives arid friends fo send greeting telegrams to overseas military personnel for only 60 cents plus Federal lax. Santagrams, which arc telegrams of good conduct from (he North Pole signed Santa and sent to tiny lots with the aid of parents, arc also expected lo boom Western Union's, greeting total this year. Mr. Bowden estimates that 150,000 good boys and girls will receive Sanlagrams this year, a new record. The drive lo bring industry to Uniontown moved along yesler day.with Ihe filing of an application for a charter'for Ihe Greater Unionlown Industrial Fund. The application was'filed by Attorney Herman M. Buck for 30 incorprra- tors. Some 15 to 20 of Ihe would be ineorporators will be named trus Uniontown Industrial Fund Applies For Court Charter Greensboro Volunteer Firemen Name Officers Ross Wilson has been elecled chief and J. Clyde Smilh, president, of the Greensboro and Mo nongahela township volunteer fire departmenl. Other new officers are: Jerry McCullough, vice president; Noah Hartley, treasurer; Wayne Long secretary; James Stone, recording secretary; Rodney Kcrr, chap iin; Charles Smeal, second chap lin; Stephen McCann and Arleigh Ruse, trustees; Paul Smith assistant chief; George McCombs, second assistant chief; Charles 'Me Kcever, captain; W. II. Jomlit, firsl lieutenanl; and C. I. Donley, second liculenant. TODAY'S SPORTS (Continued from Page 8) in the early 30's. Back then the woods were full of 'em. Another Ihing: Wildlife authorities are of the opinion that the creation of adequate food and cover is much more important that the eradication of predators. If this were not so. liow did back in the good old days when predators ran wild stocking, of new species was unheard of? Those (rappers, who don'l already grasp the fad, must come to realize that the overall wildlife.picture, and not Ihcir own small sphere, is the important thing. SERVICES FOR HILEMAN Funeral services were held Dec. 18lh in Waynesburg for Phil E. tfileman, former Waynesburgcr who was among the group of business men who aided in revival of varsity sporls al Waynesburg college after World War I. He had published weekly Newspapers at Fredericktown, and Emmitlsbtirg, Md. THE MASTER SOUTH BFA'D, Leahy has won 71, lost nine and lied seven games in nine years as Notre Dame's head football coach. COURT TO COURT CHAPEL HILL, N. -Vic Seixas was a star on North Carolina's basketball varsity prior becoming a member of the Davis Cup tennis team. Senate Drops Haluska Case HARRISBURG, Dec. 2 2 special Senate investigating committee last night gave a clean bill ol health to all the senators involved by Sen. John J. Haluska in his alleged patron age bribery charges. The commillce found Hahiska's charges involving Sens. John H. Dent (D-Wcstmoreland), M. Harvey Taylor (R-Dauphin) and Samuel G. Neff (D-Lawrence) uncorroborated, incredible, inconsistent and in some instances ridiculous." Haluska told Ihe commiltcc last week that Dent, the Senate minority leader, with the aid of Taylor, Senate president and Republican slale chairman, offered him pat- and insurance business if ie (Haluska) would vole for (he slate income lax. He said Neff aler tried fo get him to tell a false slory about the alleged bribe. Summarizing committee's findings, Sen. James S. Bcrger R- Potter), its chairman, told the Senate: 1. Haluska was not offered insurance, jobs or anything-else to vote for any legislation. 2. Haluska, himself, a ah- solved the state administration with any connection in the charge. 3. The charge that Ncff had Incd (o get Haluska lo change his slory "is not true." Although refraining from outright condemnation, Ihe committee report criticized Haluska for the effecls of his charges. SAUSAGE PATTIES fork sausage patlies served with mashed potatoes, sauerkraut and apples, and a green vegetable makes a hearty winter dinner. SEASON'S 'GREETINGS tees of the industrial fund under I a i a i of I. N. Hagan. An organizalion meeting is planned next monlh. The Rockwell a a i company already has said it will have a plant here and other business is reportedly considering Unionlown as'an industrial site. The following a luncheon meeting yesterday in Ihe While Swan Hold, are: I. N. Hagen, E. Milton Cohen, C. V. Lee, Herman M. Buck, Chauncey I). Harader, Jay C. Leff, S. C. Robinson, a a Kaufman, Joseph C- Burwell, William J. Melzlcr, James H. Hawkins, R. C. Tcnncy, Charles E. Borlz, G. Carl Arcford, M. Bowman Shipley, M. T. Balling, D. K. Sweeney, Lawrence Parshall, Frank It. Crow, J. Edward Enany, Allen J. Parkc, Orvillc Eberly, Edward W. Ilamer, Alson C- Eggers, Gilber! L. Alorrow, Pan W. MacBonald, Earl E. Keller Harry H. Esbcnshade, Bruce Hoyt and John. Cluss. Kettle Bells To Ring Today Ringing the bells at the Salvation Army Christmas kellles today were members of Unionlown Post, No. 47,, VFW, from noon lo 1 p. Order of Rainbow! Girls will man the bells from 6:30 lo 7:30 p. Unionlown Chapter 26, Order of the Easlern Star from to 9 p. m. Following are (he. members of Ihe Order of Ihe Eastern Star who will man (he bells: Murphy's--Jane Moorhouse, Kay' H'einer, Kuth Romesburg, Eleanor' Smith, Lucille Mosscr, a a YMCA News TODAY 5:00, Father i Son Swim Class. Junior League Basketball 5:00, St. Therese vs. St. Peter's 6:00, Christ Melh vs. Christian. 7:00, Calvary vs. Asbury 8:00, SI. George vs, New' Salem Pres. 9:00, Third Pres. vs. Jewish Center. MONDAY, December 21 12:00. Volleyball for men. Gvm. 2:30, North Union Basketball Praclice. 4:15, Jr. Tumbling Boys- Gym. Retirement Total Set The Retirement Fund Board yesterday recommended to the Fay- etle commissioners thai Ihe county pay $54.885 to its employes retirement fund for (he present year. The commissioner will act later on the matler. The board is composed of the county commissioners and the heads of each court house office. vtii ji 1IU143U UlllLU. llllIVS The retirement fund is similar placed Ihcre. social security in that employes I The line will parallel (he "Big and the counly both contribute, Inch" petroleum product line noiv Some $30,000 was conlribuled by owned by Texas Eastern for irans- belh Oallagher, Virginia Burriss ITM 1 D'Stnei Listed Lcola Forsylhe; Woolworlhs-Rulh'; -Eberly, Beatrice Waltz, Bernicc Several district people are in- Sapper, Bertha Saxman, in Ihe latest list of driving. Rose Lehman; Second NV license suspensions announced bv lonal Bank-Esther Veller, A i a i state, covering Ihe period Oclo- Werner, Mildred Bierer, Clover 8-19. They are" Legislators To Gel Kaise In Sular'v A I Dec. (I'P)--Members of the nexl state Icgislalurc will gel a 67 percent salary increase if fiov. Fine approves a hill which cleared (he 1951 assembly late yes- Icrday. The measure would raise Ihe pay of senators and representatives for each regular session from (he currenl $3,000 (o $5,000. The raise would be effective even if biennial sessions were replaced by annual legislative meetings as proviiled in a consiidilional amendment now pending. However, (he S150 a month expense account given lawmakers at present woulrt he cut to $100 per monlh if a a sessions became the rule. Ttt'O HURT IN CRASH A one ear accident near Farm- uglon caused Charles Livingston, 6, Hopwood, lo receive forehead accrations and Norman Zinn, 16, Jniontown lo suffer facial lacera- ions which required treatment at he Unionlown hospital last night. Slate police are investigating the cause of Ihe accident. nicnt al the Manos Christmas Day and Wednesday. Mary Margaret Byers, MarlnaTou'l Reckl i i Allen Perry, Taylor. i VFW bell ringers included: Speeding, defense submitted -Joe Vicites, A. E. Varnak, Wil-iGrindella Barked, Keystone Ham Loll, Joseph E. Kovach, C. B.jslreet, Unionlown. Wilkins, John W. a i Burton E. Tarr, A. E. Applehv, J. p. Sloan, Tom William Grimm, M. John. i Yesterday, the Elks and Redmeni added $269.05 to bring the tola! contributions lo $2,486.67, reports Captain Robert Shannon. Failure yield half the --Ivory Lee Hairston, Belle Vernon. Joseph THE EVENING SIANDARC, S4TUKDAV, DICtWIK 22, 19S1--MOB I Pipe Arrives For Gas Line Construction of the Texas Eastern -Transmission company's new 30-inch gas line through this district moved a step nearer completion this week with arrival of an initial shipment of 11 cars of pipe in Waynesburg. Additional shipmenls of len cars per day will arrive until a total of 20 miles of pipe have been Ihe employes annually and the same amount was given by the county. The county also has been giving another 520,000 yearly lo pay em- ployes who were working prior lo 1946 when the fund was first set assels are about $20,000 cash and $278,853.61 In bonds. Interest on bonds is about 55,000 a year. lloye said' $1,036.94 is currently paid each month to retired em- ployes. up. Fund HE DIDN'T Johnny Abraham, formci BURKED THEIR CORN Television wrestling fans who get over the antics ''I of the video professionals nothing on a couple Waynesburg college undergraduates who jell': popcorn at honi3 matches 'of (he Yellow Jacket grapplers. The pair became so excited as Waynesburg's star team was beating famed In- diana Wednesday evening that they left a svhole batch of the toothsome treat burn up while they watched the Jackets forge ahead of Ihe Hoosiers. MERKY CHRISTMAS mission' of natural gas from the southwest lo this area and a seaboard markets. It will greatly increase the carrying capacity of the original trans-, mission system and also provide alternate Jjnes case of any in-' terruplion on the original syslem. The line cntends from Louisiana to the company's new storage field al Oakford, near Grecusburg. Much of Ihe Fayelte counly portion of the line has been completed, SANTA CLAUS NEW YORK, Dec. 22--(UP)-New York i a vice president Chub Feeney broke a a from nesburg eollegn varsity wrestler group of i a Ihrew his' trom Canonsburg, was a around Buzzy Bavasi, co-gcn-i t- a hospital Wednesday, Dec.jeval manager of Ihe Brooklyn when stricken with a sudden I Dodgers, last night when the lal-1 attack of appendicitis. He had ter showed up at the Gaints' mas office nartv. "Sanin i 9 i S. Porada Hiies Will Be Held Monday Requiem High Mass for John S. Porada, 52, Lcmont Furnace, will be sung in St. Mary's R. C. church following prayer services in the home at 8:30 a. Monday. Rev. John Blazic will be celebranl. Burial will be in Ihe church cemetery under -Ihe direction of (he Haky Funeral home. Mr. Porada died yesterday in Unionlown hospital following an extended illness. He was a mem- St. Cecilia's R. C. church, Morgan Station; Holy Name Society; First Catholic Slovak Union Branch 214 and Maxwell Local 4701, UMWA, Survivors include his widow, Mrs. Mary Horchar Porada; three children, Eleanor and Patricia, all at riome; a sister, Mrs Sophia Muha, Munhall. ARIZONA TOPS HAWAII HONOLULU T. University of Arizona overcame, an eight-point halflime deficit with touchdowns in Ihe third period and another in Ihe fourth tonight to defeat Ihe University "of Hawaii, 32 to 21, before al Honolulu Stadium Failure lo file proof Kosco, Brownsville. Driving privileges were restored! to the following: Phillip Fcrretli Lemonl R. D. David Kozlovich, Easl Millsboro R. D. John G. Prichard, Grindstone; a Hager, Star Junction; Richard Butcrbaugh, 91 Morgantown street' Unionlown; Theodore K. Thomas' Dunbar. been scheduled to referee a sity mat a that evening. mas office party. "Sanla Fccncy yelled. That's The Way God Made Him LOS ANGELES, Dec. the Gorf made me," SZ-yearold Forest Rollins explained to, police today. They jusl coulrin'l see eye- to-eye with him. Rollins was ar- reslcri yesterday when, completely nude, he strolled out in the nippy nighl air (o buy a pack of cigarcts from wide-eyed clerk police said. Officers Vincent Fallen and F. J. Murphy caughl up with (he unclothed shopper after several bartly shaken women pedeclrians Phoned for police. He was booked on suspicion of indecent exposure. ''WhaVs wrong wilh this?" Rollins demanded indignantly. "This is the way Gort made me. He wanted me with clothes on, He would have made me with clothes on." SO THEY SAY-Not so long ago, I used lo (hink of golf as an old man's game. Well, maybe it is, but now T'm -tfrf rpel a i UicilleBall and John Agar" ilaying golf. Lauris Norstad, 41-year- Allied air commander of 1HAPE. Within, (he next fifty years, nan should regularly live to the ige of 100. -Dr. Marlin Gumpert, American ld age specialist. A woman has Ihe right lo quar- el with her husband in the after- loon because it is so much a in the evening. --Zsa Zsa Gahor, actress. MAKE VOUR RESERVATIONS OUR AT THE VILLAGE BARN Horns N'olse Makers Streamers and TWO FINE BANDS The Royal Vagabonds--Skyliners Featuring Joe Franks Arnold Rye Pino Koisl Mario Dc'lcon featuring BlUMoskr YJSS Bob BUckford Jess Tantlinscr Uortgers I REPUBLIC A MOMUV John DereK Donni seti --in-- "SATLiRDAV'S HERO" --Plus-- Scoity Bcrkrlt Jim Lydon or A I ALLEY" LASP riAv and "COSGOLAISE' 1 Will Be At The VILLAGE BARN Hop wood TONIGHT "EDDIE 1 CONNECTfCUT YANKEE' us COLOR CARTOON LAST TIMES TODAY "PITTSBURGH" Plus "SPKCJAl, AfiBXT" TWO DANCES Saturday Night THE ROMANTIC MUSIC OF XMAS DANCE TUES. EYE, DEC. 25 FRANKIE BARR and His Great Band JESSIE WILSON and THE A I SOON LEE BARRETT and His Broadcasting Band I A Between Brownsville and Carmlchaels on Route S8 A Memorable Occasion Good Food, Fine Drinks ond Lots of Entertainment. So, Join in with the Crowd ol the Laurel Lounge. If your not dining ol home on Christmas, come to the Moin Dining Room AT THE WHITE SWAN HOTEL Christmas Skating Party WHITE-SATURDAY CHILDREN 2-4 P.M. ADULTS, i i i I i COLORED SKATING MONDAY, A Grand Treat For All MISS MARNELL ado featuring at the Hammond Contolct a Adminion MELODY ROLLER RINK and SHOWS: 1:52 3-51 5:56 10:00 LAST "THE 1'AV A CLOAK" GREATEST LAUGH SHOW EVER! PLUS 2X1) HOWL-A-MlMm: HILARIOUS HIT! WUOMHIir? XMAS (MOY.E, TO ALL KIDS Sponsored By The LIONS CLUB A I A.M. STATE THEATRE i Boys and Girls! here Is your chance to help the poor hojs and girls al Xmas lime! All you have to dp bring a can of food as your admission to this parly. HUE'S WHAT YOU'LL SEE! I' i. ROY ROGERS 2..3 STOOGE COMEDY 3. KARTOON A I A TWO SHOWS ON ONE BIG PROGRAM! 3000 FREE GIFTS 1. CANDY 2. APPLES 3. ORANGES 4. COMIC BOOKS 5. TOYS A I SHOW AND HELP THE NEEDYS DON'T FORGET STATE THEATRE A.MJ I MOM or POP!

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