The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 22, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 22, 1950
Page 9
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THURSDAY, JUNE 22, 11)50 BLYT1IEV1M.R (AUK.1 COURIER NEWS PAGE NINE HAL DOYLE'S COLUMN Or, Chose Him into the Roundhouse Nellie, Ke Can't Comer You There Nl'W YORK (!>>)—Cuf! notes on I Never believe that staying In » lite by a pavement Plato: lowly ]ita will Riiarantee you a sells hnrtl to so on paddling your cure future. Even ashtrays BCI out own canoe wlK'n you're married to of style, a yirl who yearns for a yartit. ruptcy isn't for steady s dofl The greatest test of tlic art -if irmvmailon tlie-c days Is to fill In that lliree-mlmitc Interval at. cocktail parly between the time the lirinor runs out—ami (he time the Riiests start to. | A wife can forgive her husband j m-ryllihig except Ills iibility to have fun without her. ! The balci man's philosnpliy: "Oh. well, hair loday—(tone tomorrow." The bny who learned aljosit women by studying the old Police Gn- 7oUe now has a son who leers at the cartel ads In the fashion magazines, Raisim; children wouldn't be so rxpensh-e If they'd just make a ) of slices last as tons; as they do castor oil bottle. If tiie caves ever dropped on nil the world's eavesdroppers, who'd have a roof over his head? Continued from Page 8 Iran the arc:', jusl to acquaint llicm with Hie nroblciiLS ol inauaue- incnl, Out Wllh Tln-lr Own Slate But Ihfi connection Is even closet limn In the recent indUua primary, .seven nunnUers of ttie 111- pcoplc at lasicim netunlly Dear thcidiana Mamilncturers' Assn. were iliining — bore-1 rllaloRUc on movie screens. Hie real uominaiccl for Die Icslsla'.urc. l\vo criticism of Hollywood is beginning, won nominations for (lie .-ciuuc. the knvcr Our next door neighbor, who trlctl to lift a Sunday newspaper last mnth, is out of i!'e hospital. The Mif heaviest Since we got silent popcorn and Arkansas Hospital Is Selected As one of Nine In U.S. Contest Hollywood doctor called it just a simple case of backstraln. Von never can c-onvinrc mother that Stalin's overtures to Germany as important :is the designs the girl next door has on Junior. One five f«r the lower house. One of the senate candk!:(le.s and two of the house candidates were Democrats, (he others Republicans. The fceline seems lo be Hint since it is the businessmen who are afik- cd lo make the campaign contri- Uuiioiu dial support the two ix>lil- ical parties, same people should have some say in who the d'.ndiiiali-s shall be that seek public office. While the Mamifr.elurers' As.--oc.i- kind nf experience qivi man character. The other kind just ation has thus been working at the puts circles uildf.r his c.ycs. V/hste County Shows Increase kip levels of political influence, tne Indiana State Chamber of Commerce hit.s embarked on a campaign of much broader appeal. Under Clarence A. Jackson. f'S- onutivo vke pic-ident of the Indiana Chamber, an amIjitiGm pro- '.'r:un ol political education has BATKSVILLE Ark., June 22. (,1'l— i b -<-'» niappld out. Jackson Ls rex At least two White Counly cities I istered as a Democrat ami LS a for have had population Increases in /ciiship Participation." It is one of the most complete collections of political data ever assembled in any stale, it presents election statisl'.cs, comity liy county. It analyzes platforms, issues, taxation, labor legislation and legislative proposals. It plvcs Die records of all officeholders. H Is intended primarily for political or<ranizers. At a lower level, the Indiana Chamber has published n more popular textbook, "Here Is Your Indiana Government.'! This has been placed as a textbook in some 300 Indiana high school history and. civics classes. The rc.'iults of .ill this effort arc perhaps measured by Indiana primary election returns. In 1918. bout 30 per cent ol Ihe 2,000.030 Indiana resistcrcci voter.' turned nit to cast ballots. In 1950 they got it np to 41 per cent. The increase was analysed ny the Indianapolis Times .which inadi several surveys to check its owl (hidings, as due lo people wh( "didn't like the way things were t;oiriR ami wanted a change." The te.-,t on this, of course, wit come in November. Continued from Page 8 siamtiuas timl Mrcal-firaudmas who box office to sec the picture me UK jsanie moviegoers who once went •* IjlTTLK ROCK. June 'U. i,l The Arkansas State Hospital is one of nine selected for the finals of will plunk clown Him coins at the the American Hospital A.sswiation's hospital contest. Or. GeorKe \V. Jael^on. slate hospital superintendent, s:iid yi'sterday he has been notified that Ihe hospital's program of psvchoioi;ic;il tests of personnel prior to etuploy- enl has been selected us one uf e nine best operating tJiocedurcs. More than 100 hospital; c.iUured double, i:lmuffoiir uud I-'i'kl^y on lUc set oC Tlwi l tn-ui MHk- ic contest, coverini; nil plwes of N OW he's .limmy Duraiue's stand-In, ospital opt'iation, general [id psychiatric, he ?uid. 'I'he nine hospitals chi:i:-en will recent their programs at I lie as- ocialion's convention In Allnntic ity Sept. 21, und Ilierc Hie' firsl, ccoii:] and lliinl place winners will c selected. the pasl 10 yeiirs. N'ared Trevathan, Balc.sviHe district supervisor for the 1050 federal census, said loday Scarcy me: I'aul V. McNult assistant on social security adminislration, Jack;.on is also an official of National Tax ICciuality, which has be fightins; the co-ops in particular Mankind would be bettor off if ace would leave the atom alone nd a way to cross-breed happiness and the seven-year llch. Isn't It about time to put the international crisis on a five-day week? People arc beginning to worry about It on their days off. about 3.0CO residents since the lasl and high taxes in general. official count in 1550. The population of Searcy noiv is reported at 6,002. The 1340 count was 3,610. Bald Knob's increase was from 1,445 in 1040 to 2,007 this year. Trevathan said the total count for White County in the 1050 census « - as 3",428. The 1040 census figure was 37,176. I/.ist January the state Chamber brought out a handbook on "Citi- l They say money talks, and maybe j lhat explains why a dollar bill jusl whispers nowadays. An optimist is a fellowwho hands • dime to a nightclub hatcheck sir! —and waits for a smile. Two young honeymooners spread their picnic lunch In a bed of poison Ivy. Well, that's one way of starting from scratch. Thn difference between marriage mid a good eircns is two rings. St. Francis Has $15,359 Surplus UTTLE ROCK. June 22. fAP) — Arkansas CornpLroller U:c Roy Heasley said yesterday St, Francis County completed the year 1949 \ with a fitirplnj; of 515,359. j The county rcix>rt.s outstanding' iinhilities at S28.5DQ; incumberances j aoain-st future revenues, $13,332. \ NilSKOii on Uie Six years ago l>rpsi(tenl of n I Hill Stacker was coL-tJiti^ , company j nml glinted with piklo Lo a $75,000 hnilcHiiK HP inillt l» house his en- icriirisi' in tlic hcnit uf Hollywood. Political Announcement The Courlci News has been author zccl to anntilincc tile following car dictates, subject to the Democratic mmarics July 25 and August 8 FOIt COUNTY JUDGE E?oland Green K STATE KES'KESENTATIVE I* H Alltry Re-election Pa-5l No I John ,1 cownn Kennelli S Snlcer Post No 2 Albei-t A. Bantu Post No. 2 E. C. "Gene" Plecman (far re-election Post No. «) W P. Wells fur Stale Senator W R Nicholson J. Lee Bearden The Africa]! elcphuiil- fnvjirinhly ctps standing up. 'I'lit; imliau >haJU Iti'.s cloun. 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