The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 24, 1937 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 24, 1937
Page 7
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FRIDAY, |)ECEMBRR>i, •1D3V. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rale per Une lor Uvc liisertloiis: v " •• . •'> One tim« IKI line ,— r«'o tiiiioi i>er Une i-..«8c Three limes per line...per (Uy ..06c Jix times Vfl Jlne ptr day .V.1.05C Konth rate : pf;r line .....'./...6uc tards of Thankc........ I,iSOc & 75o Minimum charge ,50c Ads ordered for, tJjrc'c or six limes and stepped bclorc cxplrii- tlon will be charged tor the imni- 6cr of Units the'adil appeared and HJustmtnt of bill mnrio. All Classified Advertising cojiy <tibmltled by jwrsons residing out- ilile of the ' city must; be accompanied by 'cash/ Rates ' may be /aslly computed irorn : above \ table. Adverlklng ordered for irregular fcserttons taked the one thue rate. No responsibility will be taken for more than one Incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. For Sale {Wedding Riitf Surety —,| 32 Years For 75 CeoU (AKK.) COIIK1M NEWS PAGE SEVEN Boys' leather coat & boys' 28" bicycle. Clmrles Bright, phone 121. • 22-CK-23 Weber pinna for 'sale. Hnv.c :.:\a • place to keep it and' wiil-nelli for $75.00. Call Mr. Thomas ill .527. I'lant. cnrly Iteming nccan Iviilt trees now. Catalog free.. Pecmi Co., Liimkwfoi), Ml&s. SYU.VESTEB, Ga. (UP)^A wed- ring served as surety for a 5-ccnt loan for 32 years ami lieii: was returned to Us owner without any demand for Interest. Use of the ring for so loiijj a icrltxt, said R. B. Pollard of Byl- •rstcr, \vhosc wlfo has worn the bund since 1905, Is payment lough for Ihe original loan. 11 all begun when Pollard, work- IB as (i ticket atjent in Waycross, On., was approached by » woiiiilii vho lucked 15 cenls of (ho price for a ticket to her destination. She left her wedding ring as security. Recently Pollard received u Ict- er from Mrs. Lois Day Franklin of. Klssimmeo, Fla., dHugUter of he ring's owner, who asked that hci iiiother's ring be returned. Complete 10 volume Ml of Slan- diird Reference Books with loosa leaf binder. Call 239 or 792, 10,-fa-fn Dining roohi suite. Davenport Chair. Mra. C. W. Aflllck. 3clc-tf Business Directory )93C Dodge Pjinel delivery truck, A-l condition, $275. Phono J10. HOME MADE WINE 40c Qt. Mall, orders to H. (3. Me HJifTey. fit. 3, Blythcville. MULES FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. Visit Harry Bailey's CURVE IN CAFE On Highway 61 at Holland Make one stop Tor Beer, Wine, Whiskey, Fresh Crappie, Good Foods. COAL Delivered in Blythcvillc (or $!.?!> »"d up. All Coal Guaranteed.— I'hone 5-F-4 & 878 Furniture BARGAINS IN New & Used Furniture We Buy &- Sell WADE FURNITURE CO. 112 W: Main 1'hone 155 Tailors TRADE TOUR OLD SUIT IN. « A NEW O\E GEOKQE : L. MUIB- "Blythevllle's Only Tailor" We Allow S4 to $15. On Railroad, soiilb ol Main St. Streamline COAL $«no & up l»r TON. Washed and Picked. Kim Tranlliam Phono 4'l WALLPAPER >'cir 1938 patterns. Close prices. ARK-MO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 For Rent room unfurnished anarlmenl Very reasonable. 701 W. Asli or call 1008. 23-ck-t A modern .l-rooin furnished apail incnl. Phone 280 20-ck-t /KHONK FREE CHRISTMAS GIFTS " Gets'ttur voniiitvta white »u(o uo e rts ami XKJiK OlFI'S. . 4RMN AUTO PARTS HKATHUS 507 \V»rtl Carulhrrsvlllc MUTOIt Oil, DKl'HDSTIiHS MATTKttlh'N 128 1>. Miiln Klytlivvllln J. C. EVANS ' Dux (JO* HlyUicvlllu. Ark. District MIUMJJIT HAMILTON TKUST iipoiiKuix'd Jly HiiinlHon OcixwUoi'K Coi-ji. Fingerprints limy be ncntly obllLorntcd only by liaviug [he swcnl ducts destroyed. Tills is a very painful operation. Sliulcnl's 15-nnl Trumpet. Phone 845. 23-ck-2fl .Shoe Repairing '.Quafity Shoe 'Shop Todaj' the only bargain In sftoc ..a • worJcmarisji 1 ip;; > jiubber . Heels. 25c up> Soles .50c up. .Dyes, .'Polishes, laces. 'AttVv. shoe's dyed black. 3Sc. . . Free Delivery H. B. Campbell Plioue 120 Batteries BATTERT SERVICE J. Ben Clune •Phnne 8 »t Tom Jacfcron't 3. room apartment downstairs. 10! \V. Kentucky, phono 083. 11-pk-l-ll 3 or 4 room furnisher! apartment. 20D W. Kentucky. Mrs. Slsk. 11-ck-l-ll 1 comfortable bedrooms, private bath. Gentlemen preferred, phone 7CM-W or 1G1, 7-ck-tf. 7 room residence. Imniediatc pos. session. ,,412, N. 9th: ; Piione 245. '••• ; •"".•- : -'••• S-ck-tf ..Nicehuliimlshed - bedrooms.. Steam , heat. ;.Iimerspnii£. mattress, (ill W. Main,'Photic 280. "; 1-ckxtf 5 furnished roomsi 2 .upstairs or Z downstairs. 314 Heara. 30-pk-12-30 FiirnLshcd on Holly. Cal Mrs. S. S. Stcrnberg at 984. 12-cfc-tf Washing Washing,.rough-dry & finished, rte llvercd. 6 quills or blankets SI Maytas washer. I wash curtains ««• Willy Bell Green behind 30-pk-12-30 Brown's Ice Plant. Radio RADIO SERVICE WADE FURNITURE CO. PHONE 155 Announcement We Giro EAGLE STAMPS PICKARDS GROCERY INI ChlckasawSa I'honc 673 Lost Woman's " yellow poltl wrist watch Brown leather Imiid. Liberal re ward. Mlldrrd Lou Hubbnnl. II:! W. Main, phone C97. 23-ck-:t Glass AUTO GLASS Expert Workmanship We Deliver Hlyfhcville Paint & Wallpaper ..Co. Wo put & Inslnll Persona] Kirby's Active Liver Pills Arouse Sluggish Livers Kfilipvcfl biliousness, conpillp&t'.on i,.- hvsdachen. Active.Liv&r Pilln Ret »t the rej\l CAiiRD of- your ulugglKbneel and oiRhe you ,'eel like A new person. Rid •imp RyKtem of • anriilcm uoiaoni will Aclive Liver Pills. TlnrmleBs, gentlfl "old at ill Klrhy Drug Slorei. Wanted Partner Immediately cash. Write Box Mews. with $1000 "H" Cou 22-pk-2D Fifty Fi r 's lo enroll now for State Ajjjirovcd Bcnnly School to open Jamiary 1st, Cooper Bide., Blylhc- vi!)e." Write Tester Fisher- Olpson 515 Kvcwson Avc., Jouesboro, Ark inr full devils. Repairing Gun rcpaire. Guaranteed work. M. Damon. 315 E. Main. flione BSD Tho tasted cheese sanclwlcl was Invented by Alfred the Great of England, who had accidentally dropped a niece of hrcid \vltl cheese Into the fireplace. Rctricv -iioM.i. • inp ji i ic t^icd and liked the IU S. Second' melted mass. CRESCENT KIGHT CLUB r —PRESENTS— KIIICEGENOVESEolS?. AN All, STAR ATTRAfl-lON WEDNESDAY NIGHT DEC 22nd ALAR GREEN SIS, THURSDAY, DEC. 23 THROUGH SUN. JAN, 2 Flow Show Christmas and New Years HOT I'lT BARUECUfc-ELECTRiC COOKED STEAKS-FRIKI) CIMCKEN HIGUWAY 6l/H01^ANDrJVfid»;.PHONE 17 Harvey Stewart Dr. K. A. Robinson STKWART-ROBINSON Suc«eds cily Itiag Stot« We Specialize in 1'UESOBH'TIONS Medicinal wino & Liciuors 2014 W. Main Phone 20 FREE INSTRUCTIONS In Latest Styles Knitting "BERNAT" KNITTING YARNS Mrs. Leslie Hooper 1108 Chickasawba Phone 192 ANNOUNCING! 'i'll« 'OlK'Uinir Of BLYTHEVILLE'S NEWEST ENTERPRISE A Modern Community Pork House —KKATUHlN(i_ I'Vcsh C'winlry Style PORK SAUSAGE AI,KO— llrad Chccsr. lillis, Hacliboiio, Tcnili-ilutn, Shauldcis (llulf or Wliufu), Side Tmli nmi FARM LOANS mid Alsu iilly (iro 1>ON II. KASSiiKMAN, llldlllilH IXtllll C'O. OfflllO P. o. BOX m, piiono t>yi. Kicsli Hunts 1'iiin, GUAItAN'l'KKn ()UAMTV JUKAT AN!) HTHICTI.V — Prcimrcd liy— 'An Expert German Ktilchcr and hispfdril al n| paswd by Fiirnjrr (Jiilliiil Stiiti'u I'iuklni; Inspector. Get a. comfed turkey fur Unjilnuiii, raised on our «wii Satin. KI.H'TICU; « ~ACKTVMtr)l'i~ WELDING A'l 1 J1KST ITllCJKH t'KOMI'T BKUV10B Barksdaie Mfg. Co. \Vo 8pc!cin!i/,o In fc PRESCRIPTIONS * Phone 141 i'WLi-R DRUG STORE We Stwcialize In Body oi K«iMler,lt».paJrs Cuiiw III, Uld', btt Ui Lcc Motor Sales, Inc. r«'s««no ' Ovir Jot' INMIC*' -H'K MAKK 'KM SKV Phono 544 ' Wanted Pecans Highest I'rk-cs I'nid WOLF AIUAN , I2H K. Muln ' fhtiae 1'noNM PHONE 244 , L. 1. RICE COAL! WILL SELL MY $600 EQUITY In. a, !'.W7 (J.M»t!. IviniK- W.IJ. l»ickii|i, Tuit'lt for $75. On 'I'riMlt! Ainoimiin^ J.D Saini 1 . Apply ;il>7 W. Ash At Bargain PRICES Lee Motor Sales, INC. Bsed Trucks &Cars lU.'fli f'licv Pii |.ii[i. UoOti Tile $375 lOIM. l!i .ton Chisv. 1D5" W. U. Slnkc body In A-1 coiullllon , $2VD 103fl Internatloiml cfckuii VJ75 1931 Clicv. 105" VV. S. I'lnUorm body, good llrc.i jjiii. AlJj TKUC'KH -GUARANTEED TO I'AH.'J HTA'I'K INSPECTION. Delta Implements, Inc. N,nw' TtMTitcil at JOI NOtUi Second ' ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITE* SERVICE BUREAU DON KDWAKDH, PreprlcWr » All M»\r, at Kebulll Tyiwwrlt«», Addltitc M»chln« « )'nn.>_nibb<m» Want to contact 50 girls interested in increasing their incomes and willing to devote six months lime, to lenrnine highly paid profession of Benuly Ciiltiirc. Ke« School to open in Blythcville January 1st, Write for full details to Lester Fisher Gipson, 515 Krewson _ Ave., Joncsuoro, Ark. DHV KIND1.INO KOU ANY KIND OK HIGH GRADE COAL CALL, K. If. I'ltY AT --477 Wonder City Coal Co. I Stilt Make GOOD HARNESS "MADDUX Harness Shop Turn HouUi nlT Jlifihimy 18 lo sravrl mini liclivccn J.asl Coy Grocery and Unliiiisiin Mllinc Stiiliini, Ilicn l«o liliiclis COBB FUNERAL HOME B I'lincnil Insurance TlWI5),y JN'DfcJRVKNTION > VEAHrWELl;, WHW IiDOWE; 1 WAWTA <\' v ' u OAWGED CRITTER IS TI-IAWK. >/OU\ ClOWK|A ' CHEM ME OUTA \--OK.... / LAMByASTlKJ'SOUR HIPE .~- 1M7 py HU SEHVICE. /MO. f, M. »EO. U. S. WJ..OFF BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES OM WELL . UMOER. ,^000 VOATCrt o\o vou •••• 1 StB VOO Tooi ,TOO WEV.V ,1 MOW <a>ooo' LXBEKTV H'VT ?OR. H'l MEEO1M6 VOO'O BE 60ME ^•«. t,. ,^*f"f" « |, i r . | - i II* .i»3T»v»ii* mr:on WASH TURKS 8MAUT (JAL AM S.OS. CAUL,SIR.. PRATES HAVE LOOTED HE OCEAN PLATONIC? STOLE *3,OOOflOO (N GOLD, S1R. DtS(V6LEO THE BWG1MES, KIDNAPED A GIRL GREAT SCOTT! ITS (JN- FULL SPEED, DOUBLE LOOK- , EVERY PORT, EVERY THOSE RASCALS/ ) THE WEST IKIDIES IS LOOKING FOR THE KISS MET THE PIRATE QUEEN, 15 NO DUMMY. FfPHE ILL-GOTTEN L <X)T HAS' BEEN • TRMlSFERREO-.TO ANOTHER BOAT AMP THe v W«NE' 1 SUNK.' ND HIS FRIENDS GEE, ITS TOUGH FOR A POOR LITTLE BABY, BEWG KICKED! LIKE A I AROUND f REAL. < .IKE THAT SO ( HOME,ARE ) EARLY LIPE .' I GUESS MOT, WUTTY.' 3 PRETTY SMALL? HOW MUCH DOES ME WEIGH ~? SEND MiM BACK THS EXPRESS COMPA^-T/. OR ELSE PUT HIM A FOUNDLPJG I (OME .' WE DOMT WHERE HIS MOTHER IS T GUESS FOUMDLIWG HOMES CAWT FPECK' HE'LL OF CARE.AWD AWAY SO MUCH MR.WIDMCTrER/THE BUTCHER, WEIGHED HIM FDR MS AND SAYS HE'S EXACTLY -SIXTEEN OS IMCLUDlSJG

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