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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 25

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 25

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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a 1 1 OAKLAND'S LOCALLY OWNED AND LOCALLY CONTROLLED DAILY NEWSPAPER WANT ADS MAIN. OFFICE, 13TH AT FRANKLIN PHONE TE MPLEBAR 2-6000 IN BERKELEY, 2040 ADDISON ST. KNAVE ASSOCIATED PRESS TIREPHOTO fTB PRESS All returns now In that reported "secret" anent the; Oakland political YUU V.LYIII OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, FRIDAY, JANUARY 23, 1953 25DDD NO. 23 Women Lose Move to Get Board Posts Seidel's Trip To Lobby in Capital Okrd The two founcilmen who attended Howard Rilea and Mrs. Florence Fletchercomplete the testimony with the statement it was a purely social visit, wrth r.o political significance whatever.

So what loomed as a hush-hush conference to plot a City Council hansel now simmers down to an entirely innocent affair. It all started when Mrs. Fletcher and Rilea walked out cf a meeting of the League of California Cities. Word got around that they and three other members of the council had been invited to 4 secret conclave. The other three promptly dis-f laimed; participation.

Mrs. Vtrhr nH PUs rl3rH tin Charter Amendment Fails to Get Enough-Votes for Spot on Ballot SJ A Til u- Kl TpsSM conjecture yesterday. A charter amendment requlr- They report that they left municipal boards and com- School Boss Will Seek U.S. Funds For Oakland Plants Vaughn Seidel, superintendent of Alameda County Schools, today won the right to make a three-week trip east for Washington lobbying and i educational conferences. j' The Board of Supervisors approved the trip by a vote of 3-1, with Supervisor Kent D.

Pursel objecting. Supervisor Harry Bartell was absent in Los Angeles for a state horse board meeting' on county fair racing dates. i 1 Pursel, a critic of official travel, said he didn't think it necessary to confer on legislation with Alameda County Congressional dele League meeting to attend a missions to have at lealt one meeting of the Highland Inf- woman member failed to 'win a provement CJub 'where Mrs. l4 Fletcher on her proposal i flafce he pn21 to requir, appointment of 1Vrg A w' mJri womento city boards and com-lf th 'Oakland ty Council missions. favored the proposition.

I After the Improvement Club! The actual vote was 4 to 3 affair, they visited a private with Mayor Clifford E. Rishell home in Est Oakland. It vote but while this ther both declare, on a personal carries a motion City Atty. John W. Collier ruled that five at matter, with no political impli cations.

frrmative votes are required before the council can take offi- Mrs. Fletcher particularly em phasized tfeat in her four years action. I -i tt ii-nvi Sit. 'fihrrMnfff ii Trlban phata Trlban abet gates "when they are as near ac your didn't approve Two San Leandxo encjineer. W.

R. McLean (left) and J. W. Trahern, received the Luther Halsey Gulick National Award for outstanding service to the Oakland Council of Camp Flr Girls last night. The award was presented by Mrs.

Bestor Robinson (right) the organization's regional representative, while Camp Fire Girl Barbara Menletti watches. of service on the council, she has In order for the amendment never attended or been invited to be included on the sprirtgbal-to attend a secret political meet- lot it would have had to4 have ir.g. been approved by the council Rilea said his political life is i last night. an open book, but he passed) xhe motion was brought by along rumors of secret conclaves Mrs. Florence I.

involving ether members of the I Letcher, who said she proposed council which will be checked the idea at the request of various and reported if confirmed. women's organizations and other Lyle Dennis Worden, whose 'legs" were stolen by a car thief and then recovered, appears momentarily petulant as he waits for his legs to be attached so he can take a trial spin on his new tricycle, a gift from cm Alameda man. NO STUNTS BUT of lobby 'pressure by school superintendents "in swooping down as they plan" on Washington on TV and money measures; doubted if the public had given official sanction to TV education; and questioned the repeated absence ii couia pe, oi course, mai iney groups. MacLeod Ends Service As Oakland Councilman are only social gatherings, too OLD AMENDMENT NOTED In arguing for her motion Mrs. Only four of the predecessors! 2 Rewarded for Camp Fire Aid Two San Leandro men, neither of whom has a daughter, last night received Luther Halsey Gulick national awards for sig- cf President Dwight Eisenhower jj1" Poised out that one have been able to drive an auto.

board' recreation, already has a Boy Tests His 'Legs' On New Gift Tricycle City, Councilman Dr. Grover woman member in it because of MacLeod attended his last meet a 1935 charter amendment No ing as a member of the Oakland and I feel the same today." "It is no more fitting for me to vote for my successor than it would be for me to vote for my own appointment." He said he others have that qualification. City Council last night prior to Joining with Mrs. Fletcher By HAL VEJBY 23. Little itoD to bottom for a few moments.

RICHMOND, Jan. uouncilmen Lester M. Only five of them rode in an auto for their inaugural parade. The first President to ride in a motor vehicle did so under tragic circumstances. He was William McKinley, who was taken to a hospital in a aolid-tired, chain-drive, tiller-steeTed, windshield-less ambulance after intended to keep, up with the of a department head from his local desk.

i MORE TIME OX JOB "How can a business run unless we spend more time on the job?" Pursel concluded. Seidel answered by saying that he had written Pursel a number of letters on his work and received no answers, although conceding there had been a number of personal discussions. The school chief said he believed in backing up legislators by briefing them on the arguments and "being on the spot" when school money is passed around. He added that he is "fighting tooth and nail" to get money from out received Lyle Dennis Worden city's affairs during his absence. service to the Oakland a tricycle yesterday.

council of Girls. 1 LuuilLll, ciuiucta ouu Grant, Dr. Grover MacLeod and Howard E. Rilea. Opposed we re Councilmen Paul W.

Heisey, Fred Maggiora and Frank J. YouelL Although Mayor Rishell ex leaving for two years service in the U.S. Air Force. The council formally approved a resolution granting MacLeod a leave of absence effective February 2. A major, MacLeod will serve as a dentist, first for a brief training course at Gunter Air Force Base in Alabama, then at Kelly Air Force Base in Texas.

He did not resign from the council and an interim or "sub Lifted into the driver seat, his smile switched to an impatient pout. His "legs" still were on the chair and his mom, Mrs. Barbara Jean Worden, was not fast enough getting them attached so he could make a test spin. Mrs. Worden was "not sure" Lyle Dennis would be able to operate the trike.

The braces are cused himself from voting he And he reciprocated with a "thank vpu' smile that spread from here to there. The 3-year-old Richmond boy with hardly no legs at all and "legs" that were in recent possession of a car thief fpr four days received his cherished present from George Webb of 1514 persons present at the meeting all expressed their thinks to Dr. MacLeod for his-service and gave him their best wishes. MacLeod said he intended to leave Oakland, next Tuesday. His leave of absence granted by the council is indefinite and he may resume his council duties when he is out of the service provided that occurs before Jupe being fatally wounded by an assassin a( Buffalo September 6.

1901. Information on the automotive activity cf our Presidents is provided by Automobile Facts, a publication of the Automobile Manufacturers Association. Only nine Presidents have( argued against the motion. He said all the city boards with the exception of the City Planning Commission and the two three-man boards, parks and civil service, have women members There are; the Oakland Hous stitute" councilman must be ap side sources for county schools. His office operates full force while he is' in the: field, Seidel rigid.

With the flexible artificial pointed by the council. Mayor legs jyie wm gei irom me invy this summer, the little, guy will Clifford E. Rishell said the council may act to replace MacLeod The men are J. R. Trahern, 444 Haas Avenue, and Walter R.

McLean, 391 Begier Avenue. Both are engineers for the East Bay Municipal Utility District. The awards, only twice before given in this area since the Oakland council was chartered 30 years ago, were presented at the council's annual dinner meeting at the Foothill Masonic Temple by Mrs. Bestor Robinson, regional representative of the Camp Fire Girls. Named in honor of the organization's founder, the Gulick Award is conferred by its national committee in New York on members of local councils who have given at least five years outstanding service.

i 30, 1955. sirved the United States during! concluded. ITINERARY MAPPED Seidel plans to: MacLeod and his wife, Lucele, ing Authority, one woman; Charities Commission, three wo'men; at next Tuesday's 12:30 p.m. meeting. He said the council had Encinal Avenue, Alameda.

Webb telephoned he had a tricycle his daughter, Carolyn Sue, 7, had "I planned to sell it," he went on, "but after reading of the little guy's wish for a trike when Library Board, two women, and 1 Depart from San Francisco February 7 for Washington where be able to pump the pedals to heart's content, however, i Nonetheless, George Webb's (or rather, Lyle Dennis') tricycle will not go into storage until then. Mrs. Worden says the little guy the Recreation Commission, twb women. MAYOR STATES POSITldN he got his I knew I didn't want to sell it. 'It's his now, I Rishell said he wasn't quarrel the automotive era, with Eisenhower becoming the tenth.

rover Cleveland was Presi-j dent when the first American-made ga-soline-powered motor vehicle wis operated by Frank Duryea back in 1893. That feat didn't Impress Cleveland. He refused to even sit in one of those new-fangled contraptions. Theodore Roosevelt, who succeeded McKinley, was an ardent horsemanj but he realized the Seidel is to confer with Sen. William F.

Knowland and Rep. George Miller on getting the Atomic Emergency Commission to let land aside for the Liver-more Elementary i School District, i ling with the qualifications of said to myself." A reporter walked through the women to serve on the boards apartment door at 700 Ohio is adept at overcoming obstacles, like getting about at normal pace, getting into a chair or opening the front door. "It'll not surprise me," she assured, "if he starts pumping that but felt they were already well Trahern and McLean, both of Street with the gift. whom have served more than On the floor without his I 2 Push legislative action 'to extend Public Law 874 by which braces, the little guy let out a 10 years as members of the coun cil's board of- directors and camp live with their three children, Douglas, 14. Kathy," 11, and Kristi, 5, at 6091 Rockridge Boulevard.

I New Hospital Is Named 'Brookside' RICHMOND, Jan. 23. A name finally has been chosen for the new $4,000,000 hospital being built on the southern fringe of San Pablo. It will be called "Brookside Hospital" because Wild Cat Creek runs adjacent to the site. The selection was made last night by the board of directors of the West Contra Costa Hospital District, which has been mulling over some 50 different shriek of glee that sounded like: trike up and down the sidewalk in short time not like other children, but he'll have it usefulness; of the motor car and ine committees, were cited for not discussed the replacement as yet Elected in 1951, MacLeod's term expires June, 1955.

In leaving MacLeod expressed his gratitude to the "people who voted for me for this experience. I have enjoyed serving on the council and wish more citizens had the opportunity." "While my fellow councilmen and I have had our differences," he said, "I feel friendly and warm to each of them and I wish to say that each of them is doing a conscientious job." MacLeod said he was proud of the city employees and members of city boards and commissions. In regard to- his successor, MacLeod said that when he had announced his intention to enter the service several persons had told him they would like to take his place. "I told them," he said, "I didn't feel it proper for me to have an influence in their behalf "E-e-e, trike, trike, my trike! With sparkling blue eyes, he surveyed it from stem to stern. frequently Tode in them.

William Howard Taft was al their work at the group's camps at Lake Vera where they surveyed the site, superyised building and repair work and ready an enthusiastic motorist when he became President, and represented. 1 At first the council discussed the matter in the pre-council session and reached the 4 to 3 vote. Mrs. Fletcher brought it up again in the regular session but the vote was the same. Groups Mrs.

Fletcher said had urged the charter amendment were: Highland District Improvement Club, Oakland Unit of the California Federation of Republican Women's Clubs, California Federation of Women's Clubs, CFWC of Alameda Business ad Professional Women's and the Zonta he replaced the White House High Octane Gasoline Spilled In Truck Wreck Blocks Traffic horses and carriages with auto mobiles. established a water purification system. Only other local residents to receive the award since the Oakland council was chartered were Mrs. J. Williams, retiring council president, and James De-Fremery, chairman of Region of the Camp Fire Girls.

Traditiop died hard, however, and both Woodrow Wilson and WarTen Harding rode behind horses in their inaugural parades. This in spite of the fact that Ropsevelt and Wilson had both used autos while" campaigning In 1912. while Harding was the first President who could The 165-bed hospital is due for completion in the spring of 1954. Club of Oakland U.S. pays school districts in lieu of local taxes in defense areas.

3 Confer with Bay Area Educational Television Association attorney on amendment of application for Channel 9 with the Federal Communications Commission. MEET WITH EXPERTS 4 Meet, in Philadelphia on February 10 with detention school educational expert; in Boston February 11 and 12 with Boston University expert in this field; in New York on February 13 and 14 with Youth House authorities. 5 Attend and chairman section of convention of American Association of School Administrators at Atlantic City, N.J.,1 February 14-19. I 6 Return to Washington Feb-1 ruary 20 for joint Senate-House Rules Committee hearing on Public Law 874 "and further planning with National Education Association." 7 Negotiate in Chicago on February 21 to 23 with Ford Foundation for educational films "at no cost to us." 8 -Attend a visual aid meeting in St. Louis, February 24-27.

drive a car himself. Calvin Coolidge was the first WALNUT CREEK, Jan. 23. A truck load of high octane gasoline, 5215 gallons, was spilled into a ditch this morning when a tractor-trailer rig was forced off of Highway 24, two miles north of here, at the Oak Park Boulevard intersection. Fearful of a possible explosion, firemen from the Pleasant Hills Fire Department stopped all motorists on the busy highway to warn them against smoking or tossing out matches until they had passed the scene.

The driver of the truck, Henry A. Peth, 36, of 313 Colusa Avenue, Berkeley, en route from Oakland to Pittsburg, said he was forced off the highway by a car that turned widely into to ride in, an auto for his inaugural. With characteristic he p'jeked out a good used car from the White House fleet and bought it for his personal ue when ie left the presidency. The auto was firmly established when Herbert Hoover be came President, with more than Mtvll i HM.IHim-MnBrTHH II I III i 7i fj ly rX. 20.0OO.0OC; can in use in the United States.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt had a specially- the road, then kept going. He swerved and put on the brakes to avoid a head-on collision and the truck hit the soft shoulder As the shoulder gave way, Peth jumped clear and the rig overturned in a five-foot ditch. Peth was unhurt. He valued the gasoline at between $1200 and $1500. Commuter traffic was stalled both by the accident and a heavy fog- 2 Dairies United In Oakland Deal Formation of Shuey-Diamond Dairy Incorporated, following purchase of the R.

A. Shuey Creamery by Diamond Dairy, was reported today by O. M. Anwyi, president of the ncv corporation. Diamond Dairy has closed its facilities at 4706 Grove Street, and the new firm will operate from the former Shuey headquarters at 5976 Telegraph Avenue.

The new corporation will become official next Wednesday, Anwyl said. Purchase price for the R. A. Shuey Creamery was not disclosed. A.

E. Schwatka, partner with Anwyl in the Diamond Dairy, is vice-president of the new corporation. R. A. Shuey, who founded Shuey Creamery 52 years ago, and his son, E.

G. Shuey, will remain in executive positions. equipped car for his personal driving. Harry Truman learned to drive in 1912. 18 Girl Nursing Students Win Eisenhower learned to operate motor vehicles in-the Army and headed the greatest motorized fighting force of all time, but he not beccme an auto owner Diplomas at Laney School Rites Cabral, Marie Corriveau, Ruby Eighteen Laney! Trade and Technical Institute vocational until February 7, 1943.

It's just possible that I have nursing students last night were awarded diplomas in graduation exercises at the school. misjudged the value of one of the outstabdiag development! of Presiding over the ceremonies was Paul Thomas, principal, assisted by H. Neil Wright, eve Griggs, Beverly Hammer, Dorothy Hunt, Ann Kalway, Ellen Kerr, Louise Kramer, Madeline McMahon, Dorothy Maatz, Ruth Motta, Mabel Pichett, Virginia Ray, Effie Raymond, Beatrice Skipworth and Myrtle Taylor. Also featured on the program was the capping of 19 vocational nursing students who have completed one semester of training. Students who were capped included: Georgia Allen, June Balch, Selma Benson, Mattie Billing.

Lillie Brown, Clara ning school principal; Mrs. Grace Palmer Dunn and Mrs. Ruth L. Swanson, instructors, and Miss 'Y Doris Watson, student. A '9, 1 K.

Other participants in the program included: Mrs. Alice E. Ingmire, associate professor of nursing at the University of California School i of Nursing cur modern civilization. I have always had, an extremely dim viewjof bubble gum. However, my antipathy toward the foul stuff is lessened by reports the Army Quartermaster Corps ships 2,000,000 pieces of it overseas each month.

report it is great stuff for getting kids' to run errands in Korea, but that's only minor. Bubble gum reportedly takes the place of eigaretj in relieving nervous tension in the front lines and on bjacked-out ships where the glow of a smoke might be disastrous. And an" Air Force tail gunner retwrU he used rum to seal a TrikM ku Feather River Death and Mrs. Ruth Marshal, R. a representative of the vocational struct or Huth wanson; (second row) Ruby Griggs, Beverly Hammer.

Dorothy Hunt and Ann Kalway; (third row) Ellen Kerr, Louis Zramer, Madeline McMahon, Dorothy Maatz; (fourth row) Beatrice Skrpworth. Myrtle Taylor, Ruth Motta, Mabel Pickett Virginia Ray, Effie Raymond. Parti cipemis ta cnxrduatiort last night oi rocational nursing students oi Lane- Trad arid Technical Instirute included: (first row, left to right) Instructor Grace Dunn, Alberta Banks, Celeste Be lion, Barbara CabraL Marls Ckxrrtrecra, Mrs. Alice Ingmlre. nursing professor University of California; In- OROVILLE, Jan.

23. 0PI Chester V. Sass, 38, of Redding was swept to his death in the rough waters of the. Feather River yesterday. beth Hua jard, Johnnie Jagkson, Novella Lee, Albertine Means, Lois Mills, Melva Smith Doris Watson, Dora Williams, Clementine Wilson and Addie Wong.

nursing advisory committee. The graduates are: Alberta Banks, Celeste Belton, Barbara hole in the tube bringing him his STARTS MONDAY, JAN. 26 IN THE TRI A SOLUTION TO PROBLEMS OF EVERY DAY LIVING Read MomAM IpEALE "THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING' vital oxyjen supply. It all joes to prove the old saying about there being some ond in the worst of us, I suppose. i THE KNAVE,.

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