Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on May 7, 1954 · 12
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · 12

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Friday, May 7, 1954
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j r 10 Oakland Tribune, Friday, May 7, 1954 Rose Garden Pioneer Walk' To Honor Oakland Leaders More than 100 Oaklanders, t and Julia Smith Hargrave, the many of them early day citizens j first baby born in Oakland of who have lonf since died, others Anglo American parents, presently leaders, will be hon-; THOSE HONORED ored tomorrow when a unique; walk continues with roses -Pioneer Walk" is dedicated in ; dedicated to foIiowing: 1849 the Oakland Municipal Rose Capt Mosw Q ChasCf first resi. Garden. dent; 1850 Rort F William Their names-ne or more for gnd Edward Pattn founders of each year from 1843 will be Rrnklv Prfn F Adm founder of Oakland; 1851, superintendent of public instruction and vice president of the American Medical Association; 1876, Mrs. William Keith, secretary of Oakland Suffragettes and Dr. E. H. Pardee, mayor; 1877, Mrs. William M. Snook and Mrs. William C. Little, founders of Fabiola Hospital; 1878, Ina Donna Coolbrith, first librarian and poet laurette of California; 1879, inscribed on plaques to be set bv each of the 125 "Peace" roses " Frederick M. Campbell, State which line the walk. The plants Zl.'.n, flu!- I; superintendent of Public Educa ..... c r ouii.ii, iimwuti vm. .. - 'the original board of trustees were a sift to the city from C. C Tomorrow i dedication, to be-,-, J . . . . J. . , . . , , . . , Durant, founder of Contra Costa nn at 3:30 pm is but one of a . . . . . . . v , , . Academy, president University enes of events planned by the . ..' , w J fL-, -'of California and mayor; Mrs. commemorate both Rose Weekj and the 20th anniversary of the garden's founding at the head of Jean St near Grand Ave. At another dedicatory ceremony, iet for 1:30 pm. Sunday,! the garden will be named for' City Councilman Fred W. Mor- com, mayor from 1931-33. MOTHER OF YEAR Edson F. Adams (Hannah J. Jayne) first school teacher and the Rev. Samuel B. Bell, pastor First Presbyterian Church. The year 1854, Horace W. Car-pentier, first mayor; 1855, George M. Blake, superintendent of! tion. Continuing are 1880, Thomas Hill, artist; 1881, Mrs. Jane Sather, philanthropist; 1882, Phillip M. Fisher, county superintendent of schools and principal of Polytechnic and Technical High Schools; 1883, Charles J. Burckhalter, astronomer; 1884, Mrs. Isaac Requa, philanthropist; 1885, Ily Welding Playter, maryor; 1886. Mrs. Henry Wetherbee, . maw. superimenaem oi jla ist 1888 j. w. Mc county schools and Thomas Ga -,g d Pd suprintendent of lagher, proprietor of Oakland s ' ... 1floQ m-s R. . McWade. 0.ll - - 1889, Mrs. R.. McWade, founder West Oakland Home; M. C. Chapman, mayor; first department store: 1856, T' am V. . . 1 t t o r (Ka Tnmnr - TT : . i . i , ti 1 0 J 1 . r"", .""n s .1: """" a!1892. Frank B. Ogden, superior ' iDuuuKii, president, college oi . . ,OQ- p.rHM troiir DaVlanH- "Mother o T,Hfni,. ie- -n, -. r rourijuuSc,iU, .6v..-". ww.-. - - vdiiiut ilia, auvib a iiuuicu lc if ri - the Year" as part of a two-hour ; first 8Upervisor from Brooklyn; Ly0I" r r" ' H.fth.r- rav nrncram T r T u. U.S. oenaiur, -"J V4W1 J m-riMJ wO" liKJ Urrity of CaUfornia regent headed a committee wrucn sei-; founder of Oakland Seminary for j i7 rd.rirk s. stratton. n-ected community leaders to be Young Ladies; 1860, H. A. Higley, 'tor and collector of the Port of sn honored on "Pioneer Walk " The survevor. I 'JrwtShW Others are 1861, Francis K. i'rJ'iSM. supervisor and Civic Mry K. Srfhth. philanthropist; 1901. list is not yet complete, and he is till soliciting suggestions for honorees for several dozen years. Beginning the unique walk is a plaque for the year 1843 on which are listed members of the Peralta family Ignacio. An- tionio Maria, Vicente and Jose Academy and Dr. J. Mora Moss, ! Hams Uommgo original Spanish philanthropist. grantees of Rancho San Antonio, PcT ciXIC IFABERS Vnc ' Melvln A Henry, attorney "Ti "1 Morse, )ude; 1902. Benjamin H Pendle- B. Wals- ton. clty'counc.lm.n "dthw,'f1TornH; Waste, chief ju.tice of the California :.-x f '- :::. : 1 . ' : '-i, ;:-x-.x- T .-;,-' Fred Anderson oi the Oakland Junior Chamber of Commerce won't even let Miss Bemice Estabrook, JC secretary, read 'paper on which is written the name of Oakland's Mother of the Year, to be introduced at the Rose Garden Sunday. Fairyland Program Will Honor Mothers With Floral Tribute Fairyland will honor Mother Sunday . , . Children's Fairyland, that is. The first 1,000 mothers who visit the famed Oakland park with their children Sunday will be given gardenia corsages. A Mother's Day program will be presented at 2:15 p.m. by 50 young musicians who make up the citywide orchestra of the Oakland Public Schools. Known as the East Oakland Little Symphony Orchestra, it will present a half hour program directed by Haskell Heckart, mu sical instrument instructor for the schools. The soloists will be Lynda Olsten, vocalist, and Regina Gem-inez, dancer. The East Oakland Little Symphony which is two years old, has members from the following schools: Whittier, Sherman, John Swett, Markham and Maxwell Park. Children's Fairyland, which is open from 10 a.m. until 5:30 p.m., is situated on Grand Avenue at the Park View Terrace entrance to Lakeside Park. . ! Coroner to Speak At Club Luncheon ''' "Duties and Responsibilities-' of A Coroner" is the topic of V! talk to "be given by Alameda County Coroner Bernard D..' Bungarz at a noon luncheon Monday of the American Legioi Service Club in Milani's Re": taurant. Telegraph and West -Grand Avenues. A member of the coroner's office in Alameda County for the ' past 29 years, Bungarz has been. coroner for five years. He will- be introduced by Superior Judge-1 Richard Chamberlain. Municipal- Judge James S. Blaine will pre-i side. These fine Casuals lead the "fit parade FREEMAN xw Brown or Black, $1 195 hand-sewn Vamp Shattuck. supervisor and leader: 1862, Henry N. sheriff; 1864. the Rev. E . V 11 worm, iounaer. remaie wiiei!e'cnm, rOUrt. of the Pacific; 1865, the Rev. I 1903. Jack London, 1!,.thojr;linlJ9 David McClure. founder Oakland ?,.rge tvor 'and , Thom wirtiam Harris superior court juur, - , m , , i i 1 j , ciVy Harrison. Alameda County ux coi- Oder, business and civic leader, : local leadership A. Lee Oder Heads Berkeley Area Crusade Fund Drive BERKELEY, May 7. A. Lee centrate its entire effort under The walk continues with 1866, H. P. Watkins, first police chief; 1867, John B. Felton, attorney and A. C. Henry, civic leader; 1868, Dr. Samuel P. Merritt, physician and mayor, the Rev. Father Michael King, founder of College of Holy Names and J. Ross Browne, ambassador to China and humorist; 1869. James lwr ma .r" - - " m j,t i J ,1.. All n 1 committee for San I rancisco ' : Will neaa Uie AlUdny-Dcmeiej- ..,.. 1 k virtims: ana me itv. R. rrmnit C. Haven, and his wtfe. Lila. civic leaders: 1008. Victor Mctcalf reUnr of the Navy; 1909. Francis Maripr 'Smith humanitarian ana jam es r. -leader; 1B10. Dr. Susan J. Fenton. civic leader; 1911. Annie Florence Brown, founder of the Oakland Forum and the Rev. Charles R. Brown, Congregational minister who became dean of Divinity School: 1911. Dr. Oliver D. Hamlin, surf eon and Walter J. Peterson, chief of police. ion William H. Donahue, district attorney and later Judge of the superior! ,,,-t .nri I.lnvd N. CooDlealCK, civic leader: 1914. Kensington area volunteer units for the 1954 campaign of the East Bay United Crusade. Oder's appointment was reported by Clarence A. Bullwinkel, chairman of an area Crusade advisory committee. Batchelder, engineer on the first lupenntendent of schools and Abraham , . 1 j . u r 1 1 j Jona president, Hebrew Society; 1913. cndirmen, e overland train to reach Oakland ; Hon, Pc,pweif merchant and civic1 ... . and Anthonv Chabot, Creator of leader'; 191. Harry W Pulclfer. munt..pieiea Dy Lloyd N. CobbledlcR, civic ..f n;j- nnJ ,k-nmmifipP fniir nthr mainr nartifir.ar.tc 17 William t. worn, siaie , k"'' uw .......v.v. j - - on which Oakland was built. Other honorees for that year are Volney D. Moody, owner of Oakland's sawmill at what is now Park Blvd. and Mountain Ave., Library Lists Three Lectures Three more programs remain In the Oakland Public Library's r- j m a i n 1 111 j-i iitiiiHi v v-, nniM'L. t.iraLW l. i-i.. - - . ,, -. rriaav series OI lectures ana . . - , cloal court Judge and Dr. Aurena "enry . th r tv s watpr sudd v: 1870. f.,.,w. J-r.dent of Mills College montn, films prepared for the Lifelong Hi Tnhhs civic lead'er hotel ' i9i6-i; ' 1917. Dr. Margaret Wythe rnent of 1,400 volunteers for the portion . - . . ' mertirAi director. 11 Luvir.g iuo. me programs are buiider and originator of the E. : Education. u l : mil 192n Franklin K. Ua rte lin oi. nurse -r iintr, 10 1 1, .,BI,- nd Ethel Moore, philan Cyrus and Susan Mills, founders thropist; 1923. Arthur Powell Davis. Vfill- -ll. ,07-) r- Ta I general manager East Bay Municipal Of Mills College; 1872, Dr. Ben-1 fjtlllty District; 1930. John L. Davie. iamin AVrPrlv rpctnr St John's ; mayor 1895-9 and 1915-30; 1939. Dr. jamin AKejiy, rector OI JOnns, A Dukes, surgeon: IMS, Henry Episcopal Church; 1873, Dr. T. H. J. Kaiser, industrialist; 194T. James H. . .... rohhlerltck. .arden club leader; 1948. fmKenon. Iirst neaim Ollicer,?., Arthur Brewer, civic leader: 1949 "The return to personal, rather than group responsibility, will be a stimulus. For example, people living or working in Berkeley and Albany will respond to the challenge to finance health and welfare services in which- they are interested." In addition to Red Cross and open to persons of any age who are interested in questions relating to the years of later maturity. Klasina Mathilda Keessen, a Oder s first task will be to Cobbledick, llliam C. Wood xpected to be com- local and five county'wide agen-the middle of the cies serving Berkeley, Kensing- prepare lor recruit- ton ana Aioany win receive a of their 1955 annual fall campaign for funds to sup- operating budgets from the Cru- secreury of . port local services. Red Cross, sade, Oder explained. USO, national cancer, heatr and ! Oder, head trader of the Berke-arthritis organizations. iley Trade Club and vice presi- Brown, Hand-sewn amp $1395 nauve or Aaismeer, tne largest and nresident California Meoical , wmie obom. business ana civic jeaaer. , . . . . r: .. . , . 1950. Joseph K. Knowiana. r.orucajxurai center oi me nein- Associanon ana 101 Aiwiu Gill, nurseryman. Others are 1875, William Ed- "Fof the first time since crea- j dent of the Chamber of Com-tion of the United Crusade, merce, is also active in patriotic, Berkeley, Albany and Kensing-! fraternal and community organ-ton will have a substantial goal izations. For the past two years figure toward which to strive," he has been associated with the Oder said. "The new plan of! public relations division of the Crusade and has been Col. i fkhnm husine ana civil lublisher, i-tnmin and historian: 1951. Charles P Howard, civic leader: 1952. Alfred Lund- ruroid enfver Tgenerai chairman of the placing full responsibility on the, United erlands, will talk of tulips and other products of the Dutch bulb riarri oostmaster and ! 5r"?cM "pil, fUJZ'r local committee will strengthen! chairman of Red Cross blood i j,,e, f s i m tt U aru uargie, postmaster aIlu E jt Bay and 1954. Earl Warren, former . , ,, . , . j nnp-timp nuDiisner oi ine Ari0-,--.... ,-".;--,-. - o COlOreu 1 . . ernor. ana now mri ui.n.c une, ana ur. tzra o. tarr, state united states. will be lides illustrated with lmmeasur- iaDiy Because eacn area win con- cer arives. Freeman always manages to lead not only the "fit parade" but the sryU parade as well. You won't see smarter looking Casuals anywhere noir find anything to beat th downright comfort of Freeman's genuine Moccasins. . .with hand-sewn vamps. HASTINGS Brown, Maple, or Black, band-sewn Vamp :95 On May 28, Holly Mankiewicz, Bay Area repre5entative of the American Foundation for Political Education, will lead a discussion of United States foreign rxIicv. And on June 11, a color film is v scheduled on the life and work cf Grandma Moses. Paul Mills, curator of the Oakland Art primitive painting, Parolee Sentenced For Check Forgery Kenneth Martz, 45, a San Quentin paro'.ee. went back to state's prison today for forgery. He was sentenced to 5 to 14 years by Superior Judge Donald K. Quayle for passing a worthless $100 check on an Oakland merchant. Martz, who gives his address as 112 Sixth St . pleaded guilty to the charge and admitted serving a term in a Lewisburg, Pa., federal prison in 1933 for counterfeiting, and in San Quentin in 1950 for worthless checks. fed HASTINGS: San Francisco 135 Post St. and the St. Francis Hotel : Oakland 1530 Broadway Shop Monday & Thursday Nights 'til 9 other days shop from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. itii!!i;!iii;:ii:iwi!i!:iii!iiiiii!if:i;:i.;; IHmm furnishrn v-ce ItiS 1 ONE HOUR FREE PARKINS kthiii Brmir's. Far 2 hairt in Brniir ttehtd Chirji-Plit. Try BEFORE you buy fp'uS ) pir month RENT a new Hammond Chord Organ from Breuner't with option to buy later! Gel (&m pi t 4 dttmlt, uou! fUi.k, Vtnur, S'ory & CLmk, Hohmrt M. C.bU U th Hmm9d Chord Orgm i BREUNER'S I road w 17 HI 4-4343 Hom4wmjbn time 1856 eggs drop from Breuner's roof Saturday in the egg fall "resiliency test." Actual eggs will drop 9 floors to the street below. Be on Broadway to see the test. Saturday, May 8, also Monday, May 10, at 11 :30 a.m. and at 1 :30 p.m. Will the eggs, falling on the Englander mattress, break? SEE steam roller "torture test" on mattress this Saturday! when actual steam roller furnished by J. Henry Harris, contractor, passes over Koylon mattresses on the street, in front of Breuner's. Saturday, May 8, at 1 1 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday, May 10, at 2 p.m. through 8 p.m. Don't miss this! features of Breuner's Better Be Hint Month mm off esbnidioiise Foot File "1 ' "i I --lJ Ll -I rnnrnrtrnisworinsiri I Fill - Mr)pmML i Irqi nothing $ m 1 hteilNks ! Down! rniLJ- H,j " ' "' 1 "" ' 1 I S,Ci - .j-j Ill" . . ti IfpTrrl gerator provides special place and special cold for each and every type of food Giant freezer, holds 56 lbs. frozen foods in safe zero-cold. Beverage keeper, exclusively designed to keep beverages extra cold. 18-lb. meat keeper keeps meat fresh. Removable egg keepers hold 2 dozen eggs. Roll-out shelves, brings food out front, in sight. Butter keeper keeps butter just right for easy spreading. 2 big humidrawers keep fruits and vegetables garden fresh. Frost-Free, of course. No defrosting ever! Cheese file & snack keeper, moist cold for cheese, dry cold for snacks. 24 Monthly! Model illustrated 478.77 !.:i!l,.;!;:!;l(i:;;illl!iilii!illii;ll';l!:;iiiJ!ili:il Come to Breuner's Second Floor . where you can SEE, COMPARE and SELECT from America's Famous Names in modern appliances Save 8362 Westinghouse Refrigerator Regularly 369.95 Sore 83.62 28(33 Mm. tra.-in on your old refrigerator Nothlnj down! $15 monthly! "Frost Free" for automatic defrosting! Only 28" wide, yet big enough to meet every food-keeping need Huge 42-lb." freezer and roast-size meat keeper 5-year warranty! 1953 model a I I i 8 i D J 2201 tit Taboo Area Dclivcriss Dado tnico a Vcch Ion! hmn twi trieks Tlsrsiiy Frliiy .sllvtrlM wl all si-iatr Isif. wiiu iiiwtuwi u laibuuifi win wwiuiibuiu. PnxM aboit what ft tit far Mttkirs Day? Lit sir tilict hir twi jift, filvt (iff etrflfleats, far aiy asst yti wish. Trado in yoar OLD Fumituro for tho HEIVI Trait isitf ctttfs ftr tbt itw, tf tkt sans tyis, tr iifftrtif trehaiilsa. m SSXSS UK3B 1 .K.J-t--l .-o,

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